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HUNTED camera and several rolls film


Title: Hunted
Keywords: inc, mF, teen, mom, son
Author: Caesar
"Have you heard of those trollops of Birmingham
And the scandal that's currently concerning 'em?
How they lift the frock
And tickle the cock
Of the Bishop while he was confirming 'em?"
-author unknown

A short tale about two incestuous lovers on the run, and what happens
when they finally got caught!

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail welcome.

The Hunted

by Caesar, copyright (c) 1996-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $

The helicopter lowered close enough to the surface that the blades
caused the salt water to soon cover the woman completely. The cool
water soaked through her light summer dress and hair as she ignored
the water and looked up into the glass canopy. The pilot hovered
close enough that his mirrored glasses could easily be seen, and the
attractive woman shivered in fright.

From the vantage point of the pilot, she never moved. Sarah forced
her fingernails into the palms of her hand to still her fear and her
body. She could see that the male pilot spoke into the microphone
attached to his bright yellow helmet and then seemed to wait.

Time flowed incredibly slowly as the fearful mother felt her patience
disintegrate. Just when she thought she could no longer control her
fear, the twin Huey suddenly rose and then rushed over her head. The
deep thumps of its rotors loud until it rounded the peak of the low
mountain and fell then behind it. The echoing sound soon faded away.

Sarah fell into the foot of water about her ankles, her body now
trembling violently and she allowed the tears to come. A half full
bucket of clams sat a foot from her, forgotten. It wasn't long until
a distant voice yelled out to her - the shrill sound obviously scared
for her.

Minutes later, strong youthful arms wrapped about her shoulders and a
head was placed next to hers. "Thank God, mom!" The tide was slowing
coming in and the sand bar that she sat upon appeared to be slowly
sinking beneath her. Her son moved his arms beneath her shoulders and
lifted her. "Come on, mom. Let's get back to the Sarah Jane." Years
ago, her husband had named his sailboat in honour of his wife.

That had been before.

Sarah tried to help her son and wrapped an arm about his shoulder, yet
fear disabled her almost completely. It had been much like this for
the last few weeks; her fifteen year-old son had cared for her more
than the reverse. She felt proud that he was turning into a man, yet
she also felt humble when her young son took the pinnacle position
within their relationship. It was supposed to be the reverse, she

"We should move the sailboat, mom, before the helicopter comes back."
They reached warm dry sand and continued up the short rise and over
the drift wood. "I don't think he saw her but he'll know she's
about," he said, referring to the boat.

The young man rushed the two of them through the very dense forest and
suddenly the forty-six foot craft sat before them. It had been the
pride of her successful husband, and the dread of hers. Sarah hated
the ocean, but found refuge on it when she most needed it. Her son
grew up on the ship with his father and knew how to sail the Sarah
Jane better than even Mike, her husband, though her son's youthful
impatience often showed through in his sailing, as it did in his life.

Wading out, David helped his mother up onto the stern and waited for
her to safely gain the cockpit. He knew of his mother's fear of the
water and respected that emotion. In fact, he respected and admired
everything about her. Climbing aboard, he untied the two lines from
overhanging branches and then started the engine to back out of the
tight confines of the overgrown forest. Usually Sarah helped with
crewing the ship, but David correctly assumed she needed time to
collect herself.

Within the hour, the craft drove forward under full sail as the sleek
craft sliced through the water. Sarah had disappeared below long
before the craft had reached open water. David shouted at the wind
and spray as he joyfully drove his ship with the wind. It had been
like this for several weeks, but it was the first time someone had
found them.

North of Gibbons David knew it would take much to find them again. It
was simply luck that his mother had been several hundred feet from the
shore when the search helicopter had found her, far away from the
nearest cover. He had seen his mother's paralysis as she stood
bravely before the hovering 'copter. Soon he would be able to anchor
the Sarah Jane in another remote and concealed spot while the search
continued. David hoped another incident like today would never happen
to his mother again.

Sarah woke hours later, her face itchy with the dried tears and her
still-wet salty body cold in the chill night air. In the stern main
cabin, she lay lonely and wondering if the path her son and she had
embarked on had been the right one. She often thought she was doing
something wrong, something immoral and even illegal. Yet love made
her do things that she would never have thought about.

She sat up in the firm twin bed and shook out her long, straight dark
hair before realizing the Sarah Jane was again at anchor. The sound
of gentle waves washing against the metal hull and the easy movement
of the sailboat told the tale. She may dislike the water, but she had
learned a few things in the last few years with her husband.

With easy movements, the thirty-six-year-old woman slid out of bed and
stood in the only open spot in the cabin to remove her damp clothing.
She pulled off all her coverings then, shivering, she quickly pulled
on a huge wool sweater and plain white panties. The boat was quiet,
so unnatural since her son liked to listen to his music rather loudly
at all hours of the day. Sarah opened the thin wooden door to find
the rest of the small ship dark. The only light was from the
three-quarter moon coming through the port holes along the starboard
side of the lounge.

For only a second the earlier fear touched her and she shivered with
fear. Then she heard her son's familiar snore from forward. He must
be asleep in the fore cabin. It was very much like him to allow her
to calm herself and take control of the situation to find another spot
to anchor. Stealing through the rest of the ship, the attractive
mother slowly opened the door to her son's small triangular-shaped

She took a moment to admire his sleeping form, so youthful so calming
to her soul. At moments like this she knew why she had left her
husband, why they lived like renegades. With cat- like grace she
crawled into bed next to her son. He normally slept very soundly and
never even realized someone was working the thick quilt down his body.
Sarah smiled when she saw he hadn't worn anything to bed but she
simply tore her eyes away and slid her body down along his before
covering the both of them up.

Laying her head onto his shoulder, the woman closed her eyes and felt
love for the only man who hadn't treated her as an object. Soon, she
also slept soundly.

David felt the smooth warm skin of his mothers legs along his own
strong limbs. She was curled up next to him, sleeping. He was
surprised that she had crawled into his bed rather than sleep the
night through. She wore her favourite thick wool sweater that could
easily cover the two of them.

He loved his mother with a passion that had started the first night
she had crawled half-naked into his bed. That was when it had started
and they had not turned back from the path they both now enjoyed.

They were lovers.

As she slept, he moved his hand down to rest it against her panty-
covered bottom. David lifted the edge of her wool sweater to her
waist and then moved his hand on top of the cotton briefs. Ever since
he could remember, he had been obsessed with her round firm bottom.
As a kid he used to hug her leg and press his head into her ass just
to be close to it, though he never realized why at the time. And
later, when he started to discover his own maturity and temperament he
often stole glances at his mother's shapely ass, and though guilty
feelings often accompanied these voyeuristic moments, he found his
desire more powerful than his guilt. The last few weeks together she
had come to realize his enjoyment of her bottom and not once hindered
him in any way.

Gently, the young man rolled his mother away from him and onto her
back. Her sleep was disrupted momentarily before her breathing again
became slow. David rolled onto his side and pushed the quilt down
their bodies. The darkness covered her effectively, yet his desire
easily pierced it to place his hand again upon her, this time above
her pubic mound.

Sarah awoke slowly with the realization that a hand was gently
touching her. The manly scent of her son was easily distinguishable
and she feigned sleep to discover what else he would do with her. Her
legs were slightly apart, enough for him to slide two fingers along
her mound down far between her legs. She felt the hand expertly move
her clean white cotton panty to the side and the fingers again
travelled the same course. This time, they slipped between her outer
lips and slid down the length of her sensitive inner pink folds. She
could not control the gentle lifting of her pelvis, but continued to
feign sleep.

David smiled in the dark as his mother's body reacted to his touches.
Besides her buttocks, he had always been attracted to her long smooth
firm legs. Not until he was older did he appreciate how youthful they
had remained, compared to other older ladies his mother's age. His
fingers, now sporting a light coating of her sexual lubricant, gently
strolled down her inner thigh to just above her knees. She moaned in
her sleep and moved her knees a few more inches apart. Quickly
squirming down the bed, David placed a single passionate kiss on the
inside of his mother's thigh about half way from her crotch to her

Hands came down and entwined into his long unkempt hair. "Well, dear,
couldn't sleep?" She was teasing her son, and her voice told him so.

Kissing again, an inch higher, he continued, "I had this dream, mom."
Before she could say anything, he continued, "About a sexy woman who
loved hard cock so much she couldn't get enough."

Sarah giggled to her son's amusement. It rarely pleased her when he
used vulgar language with regard to their relationship. It made her
feel cheap. And the only time he did use it was when he was horny,
which was more often than not since they chose not to live a lie.
Another part of her was worried that what he said was the truth, that
she could not physically imagine living without her son's cock. So
Sarah pulled her son's hair upwards towards her sex. Mostly to
silence him, but partially to give her body the attention it needed.

Yet David was learning that he could have anything when it came to
this sexy older woman. Holding his face a few inches from her moist
and musky-smelling sex, he toyed with her. "Do you know any women
that fit that description, mother?" So he played the verbal game with
her, something she didn't relish but understood.

She was also experienced enough to know that he would only continue to
push until he got his way. It was a trait he had got from his father,
something that Sarah loathed. She used a voice that often worked on
him, her girlish pleading voice, as she attempted to again distract
her only son. "Please, baby!" The renewed tug towards her sex and
its message could not be interpreted in any other way.

In the dark, she felt his hand move up to the junction between her
legs and a finger surprised her when it wormed its way easily up her
vagina. Sarah gasped out and arched her back in pleasure; it wasn't
the tongue she had been craving but for the last few years any sexual
attention was enjoyed immensely. The finger pumped within her folds
several times before being easily extracted. She groaned out, feeling
her resolve disintegrate and she whined for more attention.

David smiled and knew how to get his mother to become a desirable
sexual slave to her own desires. She often played the dominant
maternal role until he suddenly showed any interest in her sexually.
Then it was simply a matter of deciding how he wanted her, and he did
indeed want her. Right now he wanted her to beg for him. Slowly,
reaching up her body, he moved his hand to her face and slide the
finger into her mouth.

She knew what he had planned before he did it - her own strong scent
preceded the digit and she allowed the finger to enter fully into her
mouth. It wasn't the first time she tasted her own bodily fluids,
most often upon the skin of her young son and lover, and it excited
her realizing where her son's finger had just come from. In fact, she
realized she became excited with almost anything her son did to her or
around her. Sarah remembered, when she had recently watched her son
masturbate, how strong her own orgasm was and the hours of pleasure
David enjoyed with her afterwards. She could not say no to her son,
or to their incestuous relationship, for when she felt the familiar
rush of warmth and electricity flow through her veins, she was a
submissive to her desire.

David felt her lips enclose his finger and suck upon it firmly. She
pulled his paw from her mouth to moan, "Mommy needs your cock, baby."
She resumed her fanatic sucking.

He pulled his hand down again towards the juncture of her legs.
Before his hand reached her sparsely-furred mound, he placed a single
kiss directly upon her clitoris. As he knew it would, she gasped
loudly and squealed with delight. His mother had a hair- trigger
clit. "Mommy needs to ask properly!" Her legs had earlier been moved
widely apart, so that he now knelt directly below her. The hand again
strolled down her sloppy wet vaginal lips to stop against the hard
wrinkled hole between the cheeks of her ass.

Sarah tried to relax her anus as the finger firmly pressed into her.
She gasped out loudly in surprise and painful pleasure. It was too
much, he could have her any way he wished, and they both knew it. He
simply wanted to hear those words from her. "Fuck me, David!"

He passed the second knuckle and stopped to enjoy the firm pressure of
her spincter muscle about her index finger. Using a surprised
analytical voice, he asked, "Where, dearest mother? Where would you
like me to fuck you?"

It was simply too much, the game had gone far enough. Sarah needed
his cock immediately. She didn't care anymore. "Fuck me anywhere,
David!" She was practically shouting within the small triangular fore
cabin. Her son rotated his finger within her ass hole and she quickly
added, "Fuck my ass baby, is that what you want? Fuck my tight ass
hole and make me scream."

Calmly, with the smile which could almost be heard in his voice, David
asked, "But what is it you want, mother dearest?"

"All I want is your cock!" She groaned out when he took a long lick
from the edge of his invading finger to her clitoris. Even this far
gone within her excitement, she knew what her son liked. "And your
come, baby! mommy wants you to come inside me, on my face, in my ass!
Anywhere you want to, baby." The sound of her own nasty words also
excited the middle-aged woman, and she knew her son may indeed do the
things she begged him for, if not this time together, then maybe next
time. Everything she asked him for he had delivered at least once
since they ran away to be lovers of the flesh. Sarah knew what it
felt like to have her son's sperm and his eyes upon the smooth skin of
her face.

This time David groaned. Sarah felt his unbalanced movements in the
dark and knew what he was doing and shivered in excitement. Her son
straddled her head with his knees before bending over his mother, his
breath blowing upon her hot sex. His own hard phallus pressed into
the side of her face and she moved her head enough so her hungry mouth
could engulfed him. It was one of the most degrading things she could
do, and the most exciting - to suck upon her son's hard penis.

His body lay over hers, inverted perfectly to allow his mouth access
to her sex and her mouth to his. A finger again pressed into her
anus, while a tongue was flicking the hard enlarged excited clitoris.
Whenever she moaned, the sound caused his penis to reverberate within
her mouth, which then caused a moan of enjoyment to escape from his
lips. Her son moved his pelvis back and forth, his cock pumping in
and out of his mother's hungry mouth.

David knew if he slowed, his mother would not reach the orgasm which
she so strongly needed. She would also be the slut he now desired;
nothing was forbidden when she was in this mood. "Mom?" He spoke
from between each flick of her clitoris. "Stick your tongue in my
ass, mom."

Sarah didn't motion in any way that she had heard him, and his words
took a few seconds to filter through her excitement. She withdrew her
mouth and stuck out her tongue, which came in contact with his hairy
balls. This was something new, something they had not yet tried and
she rushed to do it, anxious to please her young man, and the nasty
realization of what she was doing excited her immensely. Her tongue
slid between the cheeks of his buttocks and navigated through the fine
hairs surrounding his anus before she felt the wrinkled hard muscle of
his spincter. The mother felt the finger inside her bottom press
deeper into her as she forced a centimetre of her tongue into the ass
hole above her.

Time slowed for the two lovers as they grunted and groaned under the
intense pleasure they both found with each other. Sarah felt the
orgasm quickly approach and squealed out as the powerful energy
exploded from her vagina. David, his head held firmly between her
strong smooth thighs, could do little but wait for her to finish. His
own orgasm not yet close to finishing.

Sarah barely felt her son's movement above her, as was often the case
after one of her stronger orgasms. She felt her body being turned
onto its side and her upper leg being bent upwards towards her chest.
Then she felt the blunt hard object enter into her still wet sensitive

Though he could not see at all in the cramped space, he had watched
his mother's body enough to picture her lazy movements and her lovely
tanned skin. David straddled her lower leg and aimed his cock into
her. She moaned slightly as he slid himself all the way into her.

So often it was like this after his mother's initial orgasm. She was
so exhausted that she was useless for several minutes, while he was
ready for more. The first time be began to use her limp body he was
worried she would be angry with him, but she had found it exciting
that he could not control himself and still wanted her. Every time
she became exhausted and limp, his erotic attentions caused her body
to quickly recuperate.

Kneeling over his mother's body gave the young man a great angle to
begin to earnestly jack-rabbit his cock in and out of her sloppy hot
hole. She simply moaned softly for a few moments before the lustful
sounds she made became stronger and louder. The young man felt his
mother's hand and between her own legs, and whenever she could reach
him, she fondled his pendulum-like balls.

David lifted her upper leg until it was pointed straight up, her foot
next to his ear. This gave him something to hold onto while his hips
began to speed up. The erotic sloppy sounds as their bodies slapped
together was always exciting to the teenager, as was the way his
mother encouraged him with her bodies movements. She often tried to
time her orgasms with his own, and this time it seemed like they were
both climbing towards the pinnacle of sexual enjoyment mutually.

The bow of the sailboat was rocking slightly and perhaps the muted
noise of lustful enjoyment could be heard outside. Mike saw the
movement of his craft and imagined the rest. It was only weeks ago
that he had walked in on his wife and son to witness the sodomy David
gave her even while his mother verbally urged him on. It was
paralysing and a definite blow to the rich and powerful businessman.
He simply walked out of the house and returned to his deserted office
to think. When anger replaced his astonishment and he wanted action
instead of answers, he returned to his house to find the bed still in
a mess and his family gone. It wasn't long until he also discovered
the Sarah Jane missing; a hypothesis was easy after that.

What he would do with them when he finally caught up with them, he
wasn't sure. Sometimes he thought of murder, other times of exposing
them for what they were doing and let public scrutiny deal with them.
In fact Mike hadn't a clue what he was going to do. That is, until he
came upon his lovingly-tended sloop anchored well out of normal
travelled zones.

It wasn't so hard to find them after the helicopter pilot radioed that
he had discovered his wife upon the beach. He made a few calls to
associates that owed him favours and who had the resources to help
find his wife and their only child. The satellite followed the Sarah
Jane as his son was seen piloting the craft through the rough seas.
Before the satellite had passed beyond sight, the craft was seen
heading towards an inlet with only a few possible anchorages. The
rest was easy.

The zodiac bumped gently against the stern of the Sarah Jane and the
seaman held it to the side while Mike expertly climbed up over the
side. He waved off the small single engine craft and threw a small
bag he had been carrying into the cockpit. They had come only a mile
from another craft Mike owned but had only used it for social
occasions, an executive sixty foot motor yacht. He had been living in
its spacious interior while coordinating the search through satellite
hook-up and by cellular phone. Technology made his job much easier
than it would have been otherwise.

When the night was again quiet and dark, Mike realized it had not just
been his imagination when he heard the sounds of love making. As
well, the Sarah Jane was definitely rocking slightly. These long
weeks of holding in his anger boiled to the surface and the rage gave
him strength. Opening the cockpit hatch he slowly descended into the
large lounge. The familiar squeals of his wife were loud within his
sailboat, and the grunts of his son were also recognizable. They were
definitely in the bow of the ship.

Sarah violently shoved her cunt up to the root of her son's cock to
meet his own down thrust. The effect was loud and sent small electric
sexual energy currents through her middle-aged body with each thrust.
Sarah's passion became vocalized and she realized she was breathing
loud and fast while squealing with each slap of skin. Her son kissed
and fondled her calf and ankle as his grunts became louder and she
felt his penis expand momentarily, knowing his orgasm was fast
approaching. Her voice sounded distant to her as she heard herself
plead for his come - knowing her own orgasm would begin when she felt
the super-hot sperm flood her womb.

Several things happened within the space of seconds; David growled
loudly and let fly, flooding the inside of his mother with incestuous
sperm. Sarah, as she had predicted, suddenly squealed long and hard
as her body suddenly spasmed with the delight of the flooding her body
endured, her orgasm exploding within her body and mind in almost
perfect time with her loving son. Mike opened the door and allowed
the dim light of the lounge to spotlight the two lovers, and he
scowled and ground his teeth watching the two sweaty bodies convulse
under mutual orgasm.

David noticed his father first before the old man began to clap his
hands together. The teenager jumped back, out of breath from his
orgasm but with enough energy to throw himself into the wedge of the
prow. His mother lay at his feet watching her son, without noticing
the open door and her husband above her head.

It was the look on David's face that startled her, that and she
realized there was a dim light that was enough to see within the tiny
cabin. She turned her face upside down and gasped out when she saw
her husband standing sneering at her. Sarah still didn't hear a sound
but saw his hands clapping together. It was obvious he had been there
long enough to witness enough of her sinful lust.

Sarah turned quickly about and used one hand to move her large sweater
over her sweaty buttocks, effectively hiding her nakedness. "Oh God,
Mike!" Her stretched white cotton panties were pulled almost all they
way off her bottom and were effectively ruined by her son's exertions.

David echoed his mother horror: "Dad!"

Mike clapped a few more times before stopping. "Well, I finally found
you." He was looking down at his wife. "And basically doing the same
thing as when I last saw you. Had I known you were such a fiery slut
I would have rented you out so at least you would have been of some
use." His words were not spoken in jest but in anger, the bitterness
biting her with each word.

She hadn't moved, but started to speak, "Look Mike, I'll give you
whatever you want, okay? I'll..."

He cut in, "You'll do nothing, slut!" He was practically shouting,
and David could see his father's hands trembling with barely-contained
anger. He knew when not to interfere and didn't say a word. "In
fact, you will only do what I ask or everyone will know that you're
fucking your own son."

Sarah bit her lip. This was the one thing that she feared most, to be
discovered by her friends and peers. She would certainly become an
outcast and she wondered if the law could harm her. She was again
under her husband's desire, just like all the years of their marriage.
But this was worse.

Mike took several seconds to collect his anger, to use it for the plan
he had formulated when he saw the satellite pictures of the Sarah Jane
aimed towards this very spot. The thought of murder was replaced with
new thoughts.

"David." His eyes finally focused on his only son. In truth he
barely blamed the boy, knowing the urges of a young man can be
all-controlling. It was his slutty wife that deserved most of the
blame. "Get to the bow and wait for your mother." Yet, he would
never trust David again, either.

His voice didn't leave much room for argument, but the boy found nerve
enough to speak up. "Dad, please!? It wasn't mom's fault..."

"Shut up, David. Do as I say." The boy jumped to comply, even
forgetting his nakedness in fear of the man who raised him. The boy practically ran through the lounge and into the master bedroom.

Sarah wondered if her husband was going to hurt her, the one thing she
had not worried too much about. Physical pain was easier to deal with
than any mental pain he distributed. "Take that sweater off, Sarah."
His voice was surprisingly calm after the last few moments of
quivering anger. She sat up onto her ankles and pulled the huge wool
garment off her body. "You slut..." He paused to take a deep breath,
calming the sudden rush of rage he felt. "Sarah, you're going to go
back to the rear cabin and fuck our young son one last time." She
frowned in surprise. "In fact, you're going to do every nasty kinky
thing that you had ever done. You're going to get him to come all
over your face and tits. You're going to scream when he fucks your
ass hole again." He said "again" with much venom, remembering the
last time he interrupted them. "You're going to be the slut with him
that you never were with me. Do you understand, bitch?"

She shook her head. Sarah understood what he wanted her to do, but
not why.

"You're going to go back there and fuck your lover, my son, while I
take pictures of the whole thing." She started shake her head more
vigorously. It was, of course, ignored. "I'm going to get full
colour pictures of the two of you as you fuck for the last time. And
it will be the last time, slut, or the pictures will be distributed to
every possible person you or I know. You will ruin your own life as
well as David's if the pictures get out." She felt the blood drain
from her face, and the cold words of her husband scared her more than
his fists would have.

"I'm not going to live with a slut who fucks her own son, so you will
not contest the divorce, nor will you ever knowingly see your son
again. Do you understand, Sarah?" He was again cold, the consummate

She nodded then answered quietly, "Yes, Mike."

The slap surprised her - he had never touched her in anger nor did he
give any indication that he was about to. Sarah had expected him to
beat her but after his speech, she had no more reason to fear a
physical beating.

"Never say my name again, bitch. You will only call me 'sir' or so
help me I'll crack you one again, slut!" He was waving his fist in her
face while she contemplated on baiting her husband to anger him enough
to hurt her. The abuse of being hit was preferable to being
blackmailed into giving up the only thing in her life that she truly
loved and desired.

"Get up there." He moved aside and motioned for her to go aft. She
started to move but his hand grabbed her upper arm and he moved his
mouth close to her ear. "When we get back to Vancouver and before the
divorce comes through, you're mine, Sarah. You will do everything you
have with David for me, right, slut?"

It was the last straw, the ultimate blow to her frail emotional mind.
Sarah nodded affirmative to his demand, hearing the malicious pleasure
of her husband's voice and could only imagine the horrible things she
would have to do for him. She saw no way out of the trap she found
herself in.

Mike let go of his wife's arm and watched as she moved to the rear of
the craft, her spirit broken, her shoulders slumped and her body tiny
before she entered the rear cabin and was hidden from his sight. The
man suddenly felt better - his anger was gone and replaced with
eagerness to start his plan.

Retrieving and opening the bag he had brought on board with him, he
pulled out the expensive camera and several rolls of film. Soon these
same rolls would contain enough evidence to put his wife again under
his control and place his son as far away from the both of them as
possible. Mike even laughed slightly when he thought of the sudden
addition to the plan, having his wife as his own slut until the
divorce finalized things. Seeing her kneeling naked upon the bed, she
had looked sexier than she had in years. Fucking seemed to agree with
her, he thought.

Mike opened the door to the master bedroom and turned on the light.
David was sitting on the bed holding his mother while they silently
watched him. The older man nodded to his wife and she shivered
violently before pulling away from her son's grasp and moving her face
down towards his youthful cock.

It was hard to figure out if David was more surprised at his mother's
lips sucking his tired cock while with her husband in the room, or at
his father who held a camera up to his face and captured the moment
for all time on film.




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