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Archived Sex Stories

Hannah's Final Tease


Warning: This story contains the explicit description of a young teenaged
girl who goes around teasing men at the local mall and pays for it. Oh,
and I should quickly mention that this story is something of a favor to a
dear friend... If you can think of a reason not to read it, then don't.
If you can't, then long live free speech!;)

PS: I really appreciate feed back in regards to my work as I thrive on
attention and the more good feed-back I get, the faster I'll write more

stories By Amy K. ( "Mall Rat"(fm, Ff, teen, reluc,
bond, spank, revenge etc...)

It was a swelteringly hot Summer's day in mid June, so as always, the
climate controlled comfort of the local mall drew bored teenagers and
actual shoppers alike in droves. Unfortunately for one girl, though, it
was also the week that most of the people she usually hung around with were
out of town with their parents, leaving her with next to nothing to do.

Her name was Hannah. A girl of sixteen years, with long silky auburn
hair that fell past her shoulders, and pale green eyes, she was of average
height, with a fairly firm body from two years of cheerleading. She always
came across as being somewhat sweet at first, but those who knew her knew
that Hannah had a tendency of being somewhat manipulative. Those who
disliked her said that she had no conscience. Those with lower marks in
English called her other things.

It was both due to her boredom, and her lack any real concern for the
feelings of others, as well as the intolerable heat, that lead Hannah to
the mall almost every day that week.

She thought her plan through one morning as she sat in the food court,
bored out of her tree. It came to Hannah as she noticed a few of the
geekier guys at her school meandering aimlessly past the various stores,
even more alone and bored than she was. Hannah smiled to herself as she
contemplated her little game, which was all it was to her, and quickly
rushed home to change her clothes.

The teenager returned two hours later wearing a flimsy white tank top,
thin black mini skirt with high heals. Hannah did herself up as sluttily
as she could, adding a near ridiculous to her usual amount of makeup and
actually neglecting to wear any panties.

Hannah couldn't help but smile to herself as she re-entered the mall,
and all eyes turned to her for at least a moment. Most of the women gave
the girl a quick contemptuous glance, but well over three-quarters of the
males seemed incapable of controlling their salivary glands.

This was how Hannah liked it. As she walked past the crowds near the
enterance, the girl took special care to accidentally bump into at least
three older men. Making certain that she brushed her bare skin against at
least one of their hands, and looking over her shoulder to give them a
sultry smile as she departed.

Hannah giggled as at least one man's wife hit him soundly in the arm and
dragged him outside. This was what the girl lived for. The undivided
attention, the leering stares of men who knew that they could never have
her, the looks of envious contempt upon the faces of their wives and
girlfriends. To Hannah it was nothing. She knew how frustrating it was
for them, their penises bulging in their pants, straining against their
zippers. Their eyes nearly popping out of their heads when she
"accidentally" dropped something on the floor and had to retrieve it...


For the better part of four days Hannah went to the mall, each time
wearing sluttier and more outrageous clothing then the last. On the third
say that she went, though, she noticed a boy from her school. He was one
of the computer whizzes that her high school seemed to attract, and was
mostly beneath Hannah's notice, except that every day he'd stare at her
quite intently. He seemed to be desperately looking to build up the
courage to talk to her, but his shyness held him back better than any
deterrent ever could.

Before her fifth excursion, Hannah toyed with the thought of extending
the parameters of her little game, and struggled to recall what the boy was
even called. He was actually somewhat average looking, not at all like the
usual "computer geek" stereotype. But the mere fact that he dared to have
an IQ over a hundred and ten was enough for him to have been long since
ostracized by Hannah's group.

When she saw him the next day, Hannah smiled seductively from across the
room at him, licking her lips in such a way as to cause the poor boy to
almost spit out his drink when he made eye contact.

"Hey, you're Dave, right?" Hannah asked a little breathlessly as she
sauntered up to him.

Dave nodded slowly. His eyes wide as the girl leaned down on the table
he was sitting at, giving him a clear view of her cleavage. "Y-yes," he
responded, slowly nodding.

"Mmm, I'm just sooo bored!" replied Hannah, standing back up and
stretching her arms above her head, causing her pert breasts to stand out
as they strained against her tank-top.

"Um, ya. I know the feeling," said Dave, trying to hide the fact that
he was staring.

"Well then, Davie," offered Hannah in her most sultry of voices, "Why
don't we solve that little problem of ours?"

"Oh..? How?" he inquired nervously, glancing around as if expecting
people cameras to burst out of some fake wall and announce that he'd had.

"Trust me," she giggled, grabbing Dave's hand and dragging him to his
feet, "It'll be fun!"

Dave gulped and nodded as he allowed himself to be lead across the food
court to one of the thick metal doors that lead to the lower-level parking
garage. Hannah smiled the entire time, excited by the prospect of what she
was about to do.

"Where are we going?" Dave inquired as the girl lead him down a dimly
lit, grungy hallway that intersected the path that lead to the garage.

"You'll see," purred Hannah, having been one of several girls who'd
spent the night in the mall last summer on a dare. She now knew most of
the secret halls and rooms between stores that the cleaning people and
stock clerks used to travel unseen, and generally do their jobs.

She quickly led Dave through a door, and down several flights of stairs.
Once there, Hannah took him underneath the bottom staircase, and leaned him
up against the wall.

"Now, just relax, and enjoy this," giggled the teenager as she knelt
down in front of her amazed victim.

"W-What are you doing?!" he gasped as Hannah pulled down his zipper and
undid his pants.

"Hmm, you'll see..." the girl assured him seductively, and yanked down
his pants and underwear with one motion.

"OH!" gasped Dave as he erect penis was exposed to both the cool air and
to Hannah.

"Oh my," she replied sarcastically, taking his hard cock in her hand and
stroking it gently, "It's sooo big."

'And so average!' the girl thought, inwardly chuckling to herself at
Dave's expense.

The guy moaned softly as he leaned back against the wall and exhaled
loudly as Hannah began running the tip of her tongue down the underside of
his shaft, while holding his balls in her hand.

"Do you like it?" she inquired insincerely, giggling as she placed the
head of his cock against her lips, "Do you want me to suck it?"

Dave could only nod, as he dick seemed to undulate in Hannah's hand.
The girl smiled as she continued, her eyes meeting his as her lips parted
ever so slightly, causing Dave nearly loose it as he felt her soft tongue
tease the end of his cock.

Hannah paused for a moment, holding Dave's dick against her lips, just
on the verge of penetrating her mouth. She waited for his adolescent body
to stop shaking, and his dick to stop threatening to flood her mouth with
his thick hot cum.

Once satisfied that she was once again in control, Hannah pushed her
head forward, allowing Dave to ever so slowly enter her mouth. With great
care, she slid her tongue along the hard throbbing shaft as her mouth
suckled firmly against it. Dave's body tensed again, and Hannah felt him
grab the sides of her head for support, so once again she stopped all
movement until he had calmed down somewhat.

Hannah moaned softly, teasing Dave even more as she increased her
suction, and began carefully playing with his balls as he moved his body
back and forth, drawing his cock in and out of Hannah's small mouth.

All too soon though, Dave felt himself on the verge of coming again.
Hannah glanced up at him and was pleased to see the look of intense
concentration upon his face as he tried to hold himself back. She once
again stopped, and he seemed content to let himself calm down, but this
time she slid his cock out of her mouth.

"What are you-?!" gasped Dave, staggering as Hannah stood up, wiping his
precum from his mouth.

"I think that that'll do for now," she laughed, spitting out the taste
upon the concrete floor, and turning to walk away.

"Wha-! You-! You can't!" Dave stammered, his cock bobbing up and down
as it dripped his frustrated pre-cum onto the cold concrete floor.

"Sure I can!" chuckled Hannah as she began her ascent back up the
stairs, "Who're you gonna tell that'll believe you! Like as if!"

Hannah left him there to fume as she made her way back up to the mall
proper to find a security guard to send after him, full of
self-gratification and satisfaction...


The next day, Hannah once again made her way to the mall. And, as she
had suspected, Dave was nowhere to be found. He had either been arrested
for masturbating at the mall, or was too embarrassed to come back. Either
way, it made Hannah feel good.

Brimming over with satisfaction, she went about the mall, doing some
idle shopping for things that she didn't really need, but knew that her
parent's charge card would pay for. To her it was like icing on a cake,
just another of life's simple pleasures.

After a few hours, though, Hannah found herself getting hungry and
bored. She went back to the food court where she'd met her victim
previously, in hopes of perhaps finding another hapless boy from school
with which to toy, but was disappointed when she found none. The best
there were, were some older men, possibly in their late twenties or

Hannah thought about for a few minutes as she ate meal, but decided
against it. They were all much larger than the girl, and probably quite
capable of turning her little game against her. After all, Hannah was
saving herself for whatever singer guy was popular that month.

The teenaged tease was not wholly disappointed, however. She still
managed to get some small sense of satisfaction out of the way the older men looked at her. Most just peered longingly out of the corner of their
eye at her young, slender, supple proportions, and some would occasionally
make up some excuse to look in her direction as they talked to their
girlfriends, stealing a few quick glimpses of something that they could
never have. A few even out right stared, their mouths gaping as they were
paralyzed with cheeseburgers and sub-sandwiches just inches from their
mouths as Hannah absently spread her young legs to reveal to all her
complete lack of panties.

But this game eventually grew tiresome, as Hannah found the pressure on
her bladder too much to take. The teenager stood straight up, giggling
girlishly as she realized that static cling had caused her skirt to bunch
up. As she stood there, trying to appear innocently embarrassed, several
men found themselves choking at the sight of so much of her firm, lovely
legs. Not to mention the fact that the skirt was very much in danger of
revealing her shaved virgin pussy to all present.

With much melodrama, Hannah pulled down her skirt one side at a time,
smiling seductively at several men as she swayed her hips to assist her
tugging motions. Finally, though, she turned to leave, and took special
care to sway her hips as she walked towards the washrooms. Behind her,
Hannah could almost feel the men staring at her ass through her tight


Once she was done, and was standing in the small cubical rearranging her
clothes so that they were just perfect, Hannah heard a peculiar sound. It
was something of loud click, but she thought little of it, and picked up
her things to leave.

However, as she pulled the flimsy metal door towards her, it was
forcefully pushed inward. Hannah shrieked as she almost fell backwards,
but managed to grab the sides of the stall and catch herself before falling
in the toilet.

"Hey!" she exclaimed angrily, "Can't you wait two freakin' seconds-!"

But before she could continue, the girl was grabbed by the arm and
pulled to her feet before being grabbed by the shoulder by a very firm
grip. Hannah yelped as she was turned forcibly around, and grabbed around
the waist by the same pair of accosting hands.

"Hey, you slut!" Hannah exclaimed angrily, as her small perky breasts were roughly grabbed, and a pair of hips was thrust against her perfectly
rounded ass.

"Shut up!" ordered a harsh, but distinctively female voice in her ear,
"Besides, you're the only slut here, little girl!"

"I-! Oh! Stop that!" demanded Hannah, as the woman fondled her young bosom with an expert's touch.

"Why?" the woman inquired softly, "Doesn't it feel good?"

Hannah found that her breathing was strangely shallow, but she reasoned
that it was only adrenaline. "No," she said firmly, and grabbed the
woman's wrists, trying to pull them off as her nipples were rubbed to
erectness though the flimsy material, "Stop or I'll scream for security!"

"I've-! Already taken care of that, you little cunt!" the woman grunted
as she struggled with Hannah, "There's nowhere for you to run, and no one
will hear your screams."

"What?!" demanded the teenager, suddenly feeling quite frightened,
eventhough she wasn't completely sure what the woman wanted.

"Oh come on!" the woman ordered, reversing the grip on her wrists, with
a simple trick, and forcing Hannah to knees in front of the toilet,
"There's no sense struggling, little girl. I could break your arm without
even thinking about it, but fortunately I want you in one piece."

"Ah! Stop it!" cried Hannah, feeling almost as angry as she was afraid,
as the woman knelt upon the backs of her calves, and leaned over her.
Effectively pinning the struggling teenager.

"Don't worry," the woman assured her with a laugh, as she handcuffed
Hannah to the pipes, "This won't hurt a bit!"

"Er, fuck..." muttered Hannah pulling against her binds as the woman
stood up.

"Good idea," her captor snickered as she began tying a blindfold over
the girl's eyes, "but don't worry, I'm not here to steal your cherry,
little one."

"Then why am I here?!" demanded Hannah, tears starting to wet the dark
silken blindfold.

"I'm here to punish you!" the woman announced with a wide grin.

The teenager's eyes went wide beneath the blindfold as she looked over
her shoulder and tried to see through it. All that she could make out,
however, was the tall dark shape of the woman. Whomever she was, Hannah's
captor was several inches taller, and significantly more muscular than her.

"H-how..?" the girl stammered, now trying to act pitiful in hopes of
getting some sympathy.

"You'll see," the woman snickered, licking her lips as she ran two
fingers from Hannah's spine, down over her skirt, and between the twin
hemispheres of her ass cheeks.

"Ah-!" the girl exclaimed, her body shivering at the touch as she
strained against the handcuffs, "Don't!"

"Why ever not?" the woman's chuckling voice inquired, "Does it feel

"Mmph! No-!" Hannah managed as the woman reached underneath and traced
a line along the girl's bare stomach, up under her tank top to her small
breasts. The girl shivered again as the woman's fingernails brushed over
her erect nipples, and pushed herself closer to the toilet to avoid them.

"Naughty, naughty," her captor laughed, as Hannah defiantly lifted her
dangling tits over the rim of the bowl and rested herself a little more
comfortably on the seat, "Don't you like having your titties played with,
little one?"

"Not by another girl!" exclaimed Hannah, as though the woman had just
suggested she go skydiving without a parachute, "I ain't no dyke!"

"Oh! Such language!" the woman scolded her, "And after I've been so
nice to you. Oh well, you brought it upon yourself."

Hannah remained indignantly silent as the woman contemplated her ass
through the dark blue material of her mini-skirt before hooking her fingers
under the waistband.

"Wha-?!" the girl began, too shocked to speak as the woman ran her
fingers along until she found the zipper at the back and started slowly
undoing it.

The teenager's captor merely chuckled to herself as the zipper hit the
bottom, and she slowly began pulling the impossibly tight skirt down over
the girl's firm bottom.

"Hey!" cried Hanna, resuming her struggle by kicking her legs violently
at the woman, loosing one of her high heals in the process, "What do ya
think you're doing?!"

"Oh my!" the woman replied, grabbing Hannah by the calves and pinning
her firmly to the cold floor, "You're not wearing an panties, Hannah!"

"Wha-!? How do you know my name?!" the girl demanded angrily, tears
soaking through her blindfold and running down her pretty face.

"Oh, I know many things," the woman said matter-of-factually as she
knelt on one of Hannah's legs to keep it from moving as she pulled the
skirt the rest of the way down, "Mmm, you shave too! How very naughty!"

"What business is it yours?" the girl responded, squirming as best she
could under the woman's firm hold, but only succeed in waving her ass
provocatively in her captor's face.

"Mmm, you are my business, Hannah dear," the woman said appreciatively,
"My, my, my, but you do have a beautiful bottom for a girl your age. So
wonderfully spankable!"

"Uh-! I-!" the girl stammered, taken back by her captor's comment, but
had little time to reply as she felt a hard snap cut across her ass causing
her to shriek.

"Oh yes!" the woman laughed, smacking Hannah's ass once more, "That's
it, Hannah! Take it like a good little girl!"

"No! Ah-! OW!" she cried as the woman's hand fell again and again
against the tender skin of her ass cheeks in an unrelenting assault, "Stop
it! I'm too old to be spanked!"

The woman laughed sincerely, and slammed both hands down upon the girl's
ass cheeks. "You're NEVER too old for this!" she laughed, grabbing the
girl's sore cheeks firmly in her hands and roughly massaging the
welt-ridden flesh, "It's good for you!"

"I-! Ohh-!" exclaimed Hannah, feeling both angry and humiliated by the
situation the woman had forced her into, "Look, whatever it is you want
from me, just take it and leave me alone!"

"Hm, if only it were that simple, my dear," the woman replied
thoughtfully, "But unfortunately, it's not!"

There came another loud snack and a shriek as the woman slapped the girl once again, before roughly grabbing both ass cheeks and forcing them apart.
She chuckled to herself as Hannah gasped and let out a little whine as
began giving into the woman's touch.

"Wha-? What are you doing?" the girl sobbed, her body shaking as the
woman's grip on her ass cheeks intensified the stinging sensation caused by
her spanking.

"Just checking," her captor chuckled, sliding both thumbs up along
Hannah's labia, causing the teenager to shiver as goosebumps rose along her
reddened bottom.

Hannah whimpered, desperately trying to shut out the sudden tingling
that began to mercilessly fill her pussy as the woman adjusted her grip,
and spread the girl's labia apart.

There was a moan of deep satisfaction from her captor as the woman's
tongue began to caress the girl's outer lips, causing Hannah to cry out

"Nooo!" she begged, her whole body shaking with a mixture of fear and
denial at what she was beginning to feel, "Stop it! I'm not a lesbian!
I'd don't like girls!"

"Mmm, but you must be!" the woman chuckled as she began licking her
tongue deeper and deeper into Hannah's pussy, "'Cause from what I hear, you
always leave the boys unsatisfied. Could it be that you've just been
looking for something a little more interesting? Or are you just frigid?"

"No!" cried Hannah defiantly, continuing to squirm as the woman's tongue
caressed her most sensitive and private places, "I'm just saving myself!
That's all!"

"Oh, ya right!" laughed her captor, bringing her head up as Hannah
glanced over her shoulder, "For one of those silly little boys in one of
those silly little bands, I take it?"

Hannah blushed profusely, partially because it was her secret truth, and
partly due to the clear liquid that was clearly visible, smeared across the
older woman's face.

"Ugh! Yuck!" she exclaimed, feeling her stomach clench, "That's so

"What? Don't you like the sight of cum? Not even your own?" the woman
inquired seductively in a condescending manner, "Don't you want to taste

"What?! NO!" cried Hannah, turning away as the woman wiped her face
with fingers, and offered them to the girl, "Stop it! That's disgusting!"

"Actually, it's quite delicious," the woman purred, reaching around to
Hannah's mouth, and smearing the teenager's own juices across her unwilling
lips, "Now come on. Be a good girl and lick it up!"

"Mm-um!" the girl mumbled, clenching her jaw tightly and pursing her
lips as her own juices were liberally smeared all over her mouth.

"Fine," the woman said in mock defeat, "then I guess I'll just have to
take more drastic measures."

"Mm?!" came Hannah's questioning response, but was quickly changed to a
yelp as the woman drove her middle finger up inside Hannah's tight virgin
pussy, and began moving it in a scooping motion.

"Feel good?" the woman inquired, giving Hannah's sore ass a gentle kiss
and a nibble as she smiled down at her handiwork, "I'll bet it does,
judging by how lubricated you are!"

"Mm! Mm-um! Mmmm!" Hannah exclaimed as loudly as she could, still
refusing to risk tasting herself.

The woman sighed, enjoying herself despite Hannah's complete lack of
cooperation. She continued fingering the little girl's pussy until she
could hear her almost grunting as she was pushed back and forth against the
toilet. The woman knew that it would only be a matter of time before the
sensation caused the girl's breathing to become difficult. Then Hannah
would be force to open her mouth. But the girl's captor wasn't feeling
particularly patient.

She took her finger out, and replaced it with the index finger of her
left hand. The woman then held the girl's chin firmly in her hand, and
pressed her wetted finger against Hannah's lips.

"I think you might like this..." she murmured, listening to the sound of
the girl's breathing as she was finger fucked for several moments before
making her next move.

At first, Hannah thought she was imagining it. She'd never felt
anything like it before, and so her eyes went wide, and she gasped out loud
as the girl felt the woman's long wet finger pressing against her asshole
for several seconds before pushing past the membrane and penetrating. Her
own lubrication aloud the woman's entire finger to slide up inside, as her
middle finger was pushed mercilessly into her pussy to replace the one that
was now in her ass.

"Nooo! Ummm!" the girl gasped, feeling her inner walls being forced
apart in unison as the woman forced a wetted finger into her mouth.

Hannah almost gagged as the woman's finger entwined with her tongue,
spreading her own juices across her taste buds for the first time.
"There!" the woman laughed, isn't that better? Don't you taste good,
little one?"

"Ugh! No way!" managed Hannah, desperately trying to spit out the
flavor, denying it's wonderful flavor as the woman double penetrated her
from behind with her fingers.

"Such a shame," the woman replied retrieving her right hand, shivering a
little in her own excitement as she watched her index and middle fingers
slide in and out of the girl, "You taste sooo good! And I just love the
way that little ass of yours looks with my finger up it! You're a natural,

Hannah gritted her teeth, trying not to cry as she realized that she'd
been inadvertently moving her hips in time with her violator's fingers.
She hated to admit even to herself that the woman's unrelenting and
rhythmic movements were bringing her ever closer to orgasm.

"And it's also too bad that you're not more willing," the woman said
thoughtfully, "I'd love to have the chance to suckle those perky little
titties of yours!"

"Shu-! Shut up!" cried Hannah, desperately trying to force the euphoria
from her mind.

"Oh, just give in!" the woman chuckled, brining a third finger into play
by using it to rub against Hannah's clit in time with everything else, "I
can see that you like it. You're all flushed, and you can barely contain
yourself. You're breathing kinda heavily, and I'll bet those little
nipples of yours are sooo hard! I'll bet you'd just about explode if
anyone came near them right now!"

Hannah closed her eyes tightly, trying to ignore the fact that she'd
breathing through her mouth in quick ragged breaths since the woman had
stuck her finger up her ass. And now, with her hard little clit being
rubbed against, Hannah knew that it was only a matter of time.

"Please! Oh please-!" she stammered, the cloth of her flimsy tank top
rubbing against her nipples, "I don't want to! Please don't make me..!"

"Make you what?" the woman inquired calmly, "Tell me, little girl."

"C-Cum!" exclaimed Hannah, stammering out the word, and blushing at
having to actually say it, "Please! Do-Don't make me..!"

"Why not?" the woman inquired, twisting her fingers, and causing
Hannah's body to jerk violently as she hit a sensitive spot.

"Because!" cried Hannah, "I-! I'm not into girls!"

"Well, I am," confessed her tormentor with a grin, "especially young,
innocent ones. But I occasionally like teaching little pretentious sluts
like you a thing or two as well! But fear not, I know exactly how to make
this last as long as I want. By the time I'm done, you'll be begging for
more, you little slut!"

"No! I-! I'm not a slut!" denied Hannah, shaking her head violently,
"I'm not! I'm not!"

"Oh, that's right," the woman corrected herself, "You never put out,
therefore you can't be a slut. Just a little tease!"

"No!" the teenager said meekly, "I just don't like the taste of it!"

"If I could, I'd teach you to love it!" laughed the woman in response,
"But instead, I'll show you what you've been missing out on!"

She removed her finger from Hannah's pussy, and pressed it against her
asshole, pushing hard against it in order to slide it in deeply. Hannah
protested with a mournful groan, but quickly changed her tune as the woman
began lapping up the wetness of her pussy once more.

"Oh! Ye-! NO!" she exclaimed, tears running down her pretty little
face, "It's not fair!"

"Mm! That it feels so good? Or that you can't reciprocate?" the woman
inquired condescendingly as her victim moaned out a little cry.

"Oh, please..." she sighed, her voice taking on a defeated tone as the
woman sucked at her pussy while her tongue wove its way inside, "please...
Please... Please..."

"Mmm, please what?" her captor inquired between slurping sounds.

"Don't..." she whispered in reply, "Don't stop..."

The woman's face showed a wide grin of satisfaction as the humiliated
girl gave in completely to her body's desire. She reached between Hannah's
legs with her free hand, took her clit between two fingers, and began
squeezing the little nub.

"Do you like it?" the woman inquired with a giggle, giving Hannah's ass
cheek a playful nibble and a kiss before sliding her tongue back inside the
young teenager's pussy.

"Y-yes..." replied Hannah defeatedly, panting and moaning in her sweet
torment, so close to coming she almost taste it.

"Good!" her captor laughed, twisting her finger inside the girl's
asshole one more time before wrenching it free, causing Hannah to cry out
in surprise, "Because that's all your getting!"

"What?!" demanded Hannah, her body jerking back inadvertently at the
sudden lack of penetration, her clit amost burning with need as the woman
stood back up.

"You heard me," the woman replied with a smirk as she readjusted her
clothes and fixed her hair, "I told you I was going to teach you a lesson.
And I hope that it won't be forgotten."

"No..." pleaded Hannah pitifully as her captor stepped out of the stall,
leaving the girl still handcuffed on her knees, her juices dribbling down
her legs, "You can't just..."

"Leave you there like that?" the woman chuckled as she wiped her mouth
and licked her fingers clean, "Why not? You did it to my brother, now I'm
doing to you. Bye!"

"Nooo!" exclaimed Hannah at the top of her lungs, suddenly fearing what
security would do when they found her.

"Oh, do be quiet," the woman laughed from somewhere else in the
washroom, "They're trick handcuffs. They don't actually need a key, you
can just move the lever a few times to release yourself. It shouldn't take
any more than five or ten minutes... Depending on just how much of an act
that 'bimbo routine' is! Bye-bye, Hannah dear!"

With that, Hannah could hear the washroom door unlock, open and then
close, leaving her alone to finish what the woman had started...

The End

Written by Amy K. ( Copyright 1998, although
permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so long as everyone who
wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone wanting a copy
of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice enough to


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