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Happy New Year pt1


Happy New Year pt1


The room reverberated from the chorus. Bulbs flashed and glitter fell.
Suddenly I felt arms encircling me, tugging me closer and I felt lips press
to mine, soft then parting as our tongues met and danced. It seemed like
an eternity, but that was probably the Champaign. Slowly we parted, and
the lights glittered in her moist eyes. Strands of confetti lay atop her
long auburn hair.

"Well, that was certainly new." I held her close, and we slowly swayed
to the music. It had been a long time since we had kissed like that, and I
was enjoying the sensations, the faint taste of her lipstick, the slight
tingling that comes from having your lips sucked on.

"So, I take it you enjoyed that?" She inquired. "Of course, I`ve missed

"Well, I've missed you too. A lot." And with a sly smile she gently ran
her hand up the inside of my thigh and gave my package a squeeze. As she
smiled up at me, her deep green eye's twinkling from the lights, my cock
began to tingle, and I reached around her, pulling her to me by the ass and
mashed myself into her, gently spreading her cheeks through her tight black
dress. She nuzzled into my chest, and I thought I detected a slight purr.

"Hey you two, c'mon! We're gonna open another bottle of bubbly!" Again
I felt myself being tugged at, but this time, my hand was full of hers. At
the table people were laughing and cheering, but I could only think of the
way her ass had felt in my hand, taught and soft all at once, and how I had
just felt the seam of her thong riding between those two amber cheeks. She
had always worn her thong in the backyard by the pool, and the jogging had
kept her ass firm, despite our lives.

I shook my head to clear it as my cock was now more than tingling, it
was at full chubby mode, and if it weren't dim in the room, it would have
been downright embarrassing. Somehow she had joined my friends across from
me and was holding the fresh bottle herself, one hand on top of the cork,
the other hand's thumb pressing at the edge of the cork. With a POP, it
shot out the bottle and into her waiting hand, and again my thoughts
wandered, this time back to her bedroom many years ago, and her look of awe
as I came for her the first time, each jet mesmerizing her as it erupted
from the head of my cock

"Hey captain Kirk, you still hear?"

"Huh? Oh Yeah, sorry. Wandered off for a minute there. What did you

"Oh, nothing except that your lady just headed off to the bathroom, and
was trying to catch your attention, but you were `not here' you might say."

"Oh. Well, I guess I better pay more attention. I was a little lost."

"You better do more than pay more attention. I think you better go see
what she wants." And quickly punched me in the arm with a knowing grin.
Foolishly I grinned back and turned toward the restrooms. As I made my way
across the room, threading between tables, "La Vida De Loca" came on and a
small roar went up, as all the women jumped from their seats and started
dragging their men towards the dance floor. I had to actually stop in
order to let the crowd go.

After a few seconds the seating area was literally empty, and I made my
way with ease to hallway. The deep red carpeting felt wonderful to my
feet, which were quite unhappy about being in dress shoes for several
hours. God I hate these things. Formal doesn't have to mean uncomfortable
does it?

The lighted sign over the doorway to my left told me where she had gone.
Being a country club, there was a large room adorned with a couple couches
and easy chairs, I guess so the female members can sit and chat by
themselves without interruption from the men. Off to the right, was the
door to the actually working part of the ladies room. I made my way to it
and gently knocked.

"Hello?" She called; not sounding at all surprised, but rather inviting.
I turned the knob and entered, closing the door and deftly pushing the lock
as I did. She was at the counter, leaning towards the mirror applying
lipstick from her purse next to her. I guess I had taken a little bit with
me a few minutes ago. I moved behind her and peered over the top of her
head at her reflection.

"I didn't think you had noticed me leaving."

"I didn't, but someone was kind enough to point it out to me."

"Oh? That was nice of him." She stood straight and capped her lipstick.
As she started to turn towards me, her behind brushed against my crotch,
which was now very alive. Mid-turn she stopped, her right cheek pressing
against my cock, which responded by straining to its max and trying to
escape the confines of my pants. I reached to her, and gently raised her
chin with the edge of my hand. I leaned down and again our lips met, and
mashed against each other's. She responded by pushing her ass against my
cock and slowly rubbing back and forth against it. My hand left her chin
and made its way to her chest, gently cupping her right breast with my
hand. This elicited a soft moan as I gently massaged the supple globe of
her tit. After a few seconds of this her hand joined my mine, and moved it
to her stomach. I felt her reach up and pull the strap of her dress off
her shoulder, letting her dress fall to below her now bra covered breast.
Her other hand joined the first and unclasped the hook between the 34c
tits, letting the right one now spring unencumbered into the air. I needed
no directions to move my hand back her now naked breast, and begin playing
with the rock hard nipple. God it was big, thick and long, standing
proudly out to my hand. I rolled it slightly between my thumb and index

She had to pull away at this point, as her breathing had become shallow
and rapid. I could see her arousal in her eyes, as they peered up at me.
Her hand crept between her ass and my cock and began to slide along its
length as I tweaked her nipple and stroked her soft hair. Wordlessly she,
turned all the way to me, and began to undo my pants, staring at me the
whole time. Both buttons of the tuxedo pants came undone, and the zipper
slid down, reliving some of the pressure. Her hand slipped into the slit
of my boxers and cupped my balls, picking them up slightly.

Again she murmured, and pressed her cheek against my chest. "They feel
heavy, or maybe just full?" Her hand was squeezing my balls, just enough to
be pleasurable. I was not idle at this point either, having again placed
my hands on her ass, and begun pulling her dress up. When I could see her
ass fully exposed save for the cobalt blue fabric disappearing into the
cleft of the her cheeks, I slid my right hand further down, between her
legs and slid the tips of my fingers along her covered pussy. I was
rewarded in a few seconds with a damp spot in the middle. I have always
loved how wet she gets, practically running down her legs at times.

I felt her beginning to pull my pants and boxers down, dropping herself
at the same time. I caught her, again raising her face to mine. "We don't
have time. This stupid song is half over." My hands found her narrow waist
and I turned her away from me. When I could again see her reflection in
front of mine in the mirror, I took a half step back, pulling her with me
and pushing her shoulders down. Her hands rested on the tiled counter top
and she smiled. Letting go of her, I fumbled to pull my cock out of the
slit in my boxers, mesmerized as her hand slid flat across her ass and
under the thong, pulling it out her crack and exposing her tight puckered
asshole and swollen glistening inner lips. Both were pink, and hairless.
She took pride in her shaving, never forgetting the few hairs in her ass
crack. I had managed to get my cock out, the head of which had been
trapped between the elastic of my boxers and my stomach. Now with it
firmly in hand, I moved toward her, a faint scent of woman now in the air.
She watched in the mirror as I moved closer, her mouth slightly agape and
her breaths rapid.

The head of my cock found her delicate inner lips and I rubbed it up and
down, just touching, until she whimpered a little and stuck her ass higher
in the air, causing them to fall open slightly. I aimed and thrust,
sinking entirely into her at once. She let out a gasp and bucked against
me, striving to take all that she could. I didn't move for a second,
simply savoring the sensation that only a pussy can give, a moist heat that
seemed charged with a small current, and the delicate flutterings that the
vagina muscles make when first penetrated.

I began to move, pulling out to the head, then returning to fully impale
her on my shaft. She stared into the mirror, her eyes half closed and
breathing in an almost pant. As I sped up, she collapsed to her chest on
the counter, opening herself to me that much more and I began to thrust
into her, forcefully and fully. I didn't go into hyper drive, but instead
gave her rapid full strokes, pulling almost all the way out and driving
home. Unable to remain quiet, she began to grunt softly each time I rammed
home. I watched as her hands made clawing motions on the counter top.
There is nothing more beautiful than watching a woman lost in the throws of
a good fucking, oblivious to everything but the feeling of a cock sliding
in and out of her.

Between my own heavy breathing and her moans, the squish-squish of her
pussy and my cock meeting were audible. That was all I could take, looking
down at her pink asshole and her lips spread wide engulfing my cock,
hearing her moan with each thrust and her pussy slurp at me I gave a final
thrust, mashing my pubic bone into her ass, driving her against the edge of
the counter and let go. Shot after shot sprang from my cock, each long and
heavy. I was dimly aware of her softly cooing at me over her shoulder, no
longer splayed face first on the counter. My cock felt tight, solid and
huge inside her tight moist hole. After what seemed like an hour of
shooting, my cock stop spasming, and I came back to earth. She was
grinning at me over her shoulder, a small sheen of perspiration on her
skin. I grinned back at her, spent. One thing I have always loved about
her was this point, after cumming inside her; she milked me with her pussy,
as she was doing now. She flexed her internal muscles, squeezing my now
semi-rigid cock and making sure every last drop was out.

I could tell she was tired as well, since her pussy stopped its
squeezing on my cock after only a few contractions. I began to withdraw
myself from her, but she grabbed my hand. I stopped, and she whispered,

She reached for her purse, on the counter next to her, and stuck a hand
inside. Withdrawing it, her hand was a fist, obviously clutching
something. "Grab my hips and press into me, then back up slowly." I was
getting a little nervous, the song, although an extended remix, was almost
over, and people would be coming to use the facilities soon.

Doing as I was told, I placed my hands on her narrow waist, just on the
flare of her hips, and pressed into her. I shuffled back a step, then two,
until I felt her stop. Now clear of the counter top, she bent all the way
over, so that her head was between her knees. Her ass was spread WIDE
below me, her puckered little asshole almost strained to opening.

"Okay, now pull out slowly." I let go of her hips and began to pull
away, watching my cock slide out, glistening from her juices in the soft
light. Slowly, I withdrew, until my cock popped out and bobbed slightly,
pointing straight at her ass. Oh, to be young again I thought. I watched
transfixed as her hand moved up between her legs from her head, towards her
sopping pussy. Again, she stared at me the entire time, her eyes never
leaving my face as I started raptly at her bottom. In her hand was the
cork from the Champaign bottle she had opened. My eyes must have almost
fallen out of my head as she aimed to mushroom shaped cork at her stretched
wet hole, and inserted the narrow end into herself, twisting it back and
forth as she pushed. Once the flared end made contact with her protruding
lips, she let go, pulled her panties back into place, adjusting them so
that the thin fabric rested neatly between her ass cheeks and covered her
pussy, despite the obvious bulge of the cork, and stood up. Too fast I
guess, as she almost toppled over. I caught her, and she giggled. "I
don't know if it was the booze, the fucking, or being practically upside
down!" I squeezed her, but she pulled away. "Hold on, we gotta get you
cleaned up." She then dropped to her knees, and using only her mouth,
licked my cock up the underside, then both sides, finally taking the whole
thing deep in her mouth, resting, then slowly sliding it back out.

Devilishly, she grinned at me and licked her lips. "I always loved the
taste of your cum." Standing, she began putting me away. Feeling guilty, I
tried to help, but she stopped me. "But you didn't cum, and I just had the
most amazing orgasm." I protested.

"Its okay. Why do you think I just put a cork in myself, cause its
comfortable? No, it's not. But I want you to think of it everytime you
see me for the rest of the night. I want you to think of the fact that I
have a huge, and I mean HUGE by the way, load of your cum in my pussy, and
it can't leak out. I love the way it feels when you cum in me, I love to
feel it hitting against my insides, and I can feel it, and I love to feel
full the way I do after you have cum in me. So I am satisfied." Grinning,
she turned to the door, placing her breasts back in her bra and
straightening her dress. "Besides, we might need it later."


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