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Happy New Year pt2


Happy New Year pt2

She was right. For the rest of the night and well into the morning
hours we danced, and drank some, and partied like we hadn't in years. But
also not like we had those years. We stayed near to one another, instead
of making the rounds. And the whole time, I kept picturing that Champaign
cork nestled between her delicate inner lips. I couldn't get the image of
her panties with its new bulge out of head.

But I had to stop thinking about it. There were other people around,
and my cock seemed to have found energy long ago lost. She didn't help
things either. During the more upbeat songs, she would turn away from me
and stick her ass out towards me slightly. I could almost see her dress
bulging as it hugged the contours of her body, and its new toy.

By 4 am, I was ready to leave, as were most others. I don't know when 4
became late, but it was. After making my way around and saying goodbye, I
headed for the front doors, and the awaiting valet. Relinquishing the
ticket stub, I was left to wait on the steps alone. This time I sensed
her, rather than being shocked by her touch first.

"Weren't you going to say goodbye?" Her mouth held the slightly pouty
smile that drives me crazy.

"You were busy, and I still don't know what this means."

"Well, I told my ride that I had made other arrangements. Care to give
a lady a lift? Besides, I believe I still have something of yours." Oh,
that mischievous smile.

"Of course. But I have to ask where our destination is."

"I have a confession to make. I came prepared. To stay at your place."
Confussion again filled my head as I looked at her, lacking anything but
her purse and jacket.

"Well, shall we go have a nightcap then?"

"Oh, I think so." Again there was that gleam in her eyes. This wasn't
like her at all. Well, at least in recent history. In the beginning, she
had been everything I could ask for, playful, beautiful and secure. Time
had overrun those things though, and landed us here.

The valet had arrived by now, and I was opening the door for her. I
confess, I was not without my own mistakes, and my car was a glaring
example. But what the hell, I worked hard, and a man must have his toys.
Besides a Ferrari Spyder wasn't that impractical.

The ride to my house was quite, though she kept shifting in her seat,
uncomfortably I thought. "Well, getting in this car in a short dress is a
challenge," She answered, "let alone with a pussy full of cum that will run
down your leg if you dislodge the Champaign cork holding it in."

I looked at her, and we laughed. What a thing to say! But even more,
what a thing to be true. The smiles stayed on our faces for the rest of
the drive, and were still there when I opened the door and held out my hand
to assist her up. As she began to swing her leg out, I couldn't help but
move my gaze to her crotch, and as if she knew that would happen, (which
she probably did), she swung her leg quite farther then necessary, causing
her dress to ride all the way to her hips. I now had a full view of her
blue panties, bulging in the middle at the unnatural visitor. She paused,
giving me a long glance, then swung her other leg out and stood.

She again looked at me with laughter in her eyes and walked to the door.
I felt like a puppy trailing behind, practically panting and trying to
shift my cock to a comfortable position in my pants, which for the second
time tonight were straining at their seams.

By the time I had made it through the landing door, her shoes were
kicked into the corner next to my boots, and her jacket was dropping off
her shoulders into a puddle in the entrance to the living room. I followed
dutifully behind, removing my bowtie and loosening the top button.

"Umm. I see somethings haven't changed." As she settled into the corner
of the couch, drawing her legs up under her so she sat propped against two
pillows at an angle, and her feet under her ass.

"How about that nightcap?" I inquired, making my way to the small wet
bar in the corner by the fireplace. I knew the answer and began to pour.
Champaign is nice, but nothing is quite like a glass of fine Tequila. Yes
Tequila; call it a holdover of my misspent youth. No longer whatever they
mopped off the floor, but $100 a bottle export now. Times change.

Returning to the couch, I sat with her, sipping my drink as she held
hers between her hands, gently rolling the glass between sips. The lights
were dimmed and the room, although quite cavernous alone, felt comfortable
with two.

"I have another confession. I only was there to find you. I don't know
what I would have done if you hadn't gone. I saw you at 11, but wanted to
surprise you. I hope, that doesn't upset you."

"No, of course not. And I was surprised, but in a way I haven't been in
long time. Listen, there's a few things."

"Shhhh. I don't want to talk about it. I'm here now, and I'm here for
a reason. I'm only going to say this once, I was wrong. I've thought
about this so long, and looked for words to describe how I feel, but there
aren't any. So I want to show you." Setting her glass on the table, strewn
with building info and magazines, she walked behind the couch and headed to
the kitchen, running her hand through my hair as she walked past me.

I sat in silence, nursing my fiery drink, and savoring both the burning
in my throat and the sudden relief in my heart. I hadn't expected this,
the whole night to be such a shock. Being who I am, I adapt quickly, and
felt at ease with having her here. Seeing her was one thing, fucking her
another, but to hear her apologize and admit to being wrong, when I still
felt responsible, was something I wasn't ready for. She returned from the
kitchen, with a hand towel from the pantry. She set it on the coffee
table, turned her back to me and made a production of arranging the
pillows, mostly to give a good long look at her ass as she did so.

Once comfortably seated again, she returned to her drink and stared at
me. And stared. As I said, I wasn't ready for this, so I had nothing to
say, but simply returned her stare. Finally, she put down her drink, and
began to crawl over to me. Once she was sitting next to me, leaning over
so that her upper body was in front me, she leaned in and pressed her lips
to mine.

I reached to her, my hands coming to rest on the small of her back,
pulling her closer, until I felt her breasts against my chest. She wrapped
her arms around my neck and stroked the back of my head. I couldn't
resist, and slid my hands down to her ass, kneading it, savoring its feel
as I did. Our tongues began to dart back and forth between our mouths, and
I felt her again begin to jump a little, as she does when excited.

Her arms came from around my neck and I felt hands on top of mine on her
ass. She held them there, feeling me squeeze her cheeks, and gently
squeezing with me. By now we were in a somewhat uncomfortable position, so
I leaned forward and turned so that we both sat facing each other. Her
hands grabbed mine and pulled them away from her ass, placing them instead
on her breasts, which was fine with me. As I began to give her two full
mounds the same attention I had been giving her ass, she shifted, and I
felt her raising her dress.

Our kissing broke, and my hands were forced to release their new
treasures as she pulled the black garment off over head. I watch
transfixed as she shook her head, throwing her hair back out of her face,
and dropping the dress behind the couch. I leaned to her to begin a kiss,
but she shook her head, and reached to my chest, slowly beginning to
unbutton my shirt. Left with nothing to do as she undressed me, I slid my
hands across her belly, up and under her bra. Her nipples were again
solid, and hot. They seemed to be straining, so I unhooked her clasp, and
let them spring forth, settling only a little. By now my shirt was undone,
and she was pulling it from the waist of my pants.

Pinching her nipples was no longer enough, so I moved my head to the
right one, and began to suck. Feeling her shift, I knew that her head was
now thrown back, still frantically trying to pull out my shirt, but being
bent over as I was, having no luck.

Pushing against my forehead, I was forced away from her chest. I looked
up in protest and was almost hit by her bra as it came flying off, and
deposited on the floor. Forcefully, she pushed me back and attacked my
zipper, almost tearing it open until my cock sprang out against my boxers.
Reaching behind me, she pulled my shirt over my head and off, followed by
my T-shirt, and then stood. Twisting me around she bent and grabbed my
feet, yanking off first one sock, then the other then my pants. I heard a
tear as she did, not surprised and not caring since I had been still
sitting in them. Now down to our underwear, she sat heavily into the
corner of the couch and spread her legs. The bulge of the cork was
prominent, looking almost obscene. She smiled at me, and slid a hand
underneath her panties, and began to rub her clit. Watching a woman
masturbate in front of you is unlike anything else, possibly the most
erotic sight there is. But I was far too excited to let her go on alone. I
moved to her, and again started sucking on her right nipple. I could feel
her hand moving under me, under her panties, rubbing her clit, and moaning
softly. I began to kiss my way down her stomach, until I hit her arm with
my chin.

She pushed me away and raised her hips, and began rolling her panties down her legs. At her knees, she stopped, her thighs now pressed tightly
together, obscuring my view of her pussy, only the little patch she let
grow above the lips showing. Nodding me back, I complied and moved out of
her way, no longer in between them. She raised her legs together, straight
up, then back towards her head, giving me a full view of her lips and
protruding little clit. The cork was still there, nestled in-between her
folds, a contrasting brown the bright pink of the rest of her enflamed

Once her panties were gone, she again lowered her legs, and spread them
invitingly, Needing no second invitation, I leapt towards her, my eyes only
on her clit, popping out from its hood. Inches from my destination, her
hand on my head stopped me. Disgruntled and breathing heavy, I looked up
and she smiled.

"Oh, I want you to lick me. But you can't pull out the cork, ok?" I
nodded, ok with me. I don't know how ready I was to eat my own cum, at
least in quantity, but under the circumstances, I probably would at this
point. But if she said no, that was fine by me.

I laid my cheek against her inner thigh, and darted my tongue out to
just flick the tip of her clit. I was going to tease her little for all
the stoppages, but was rewarded not with a groan, but a moan, and her legs
raising. So much for teasing. I moved closer and gave her a full lick,
from just above the cork, up, settling squarely on her clit. My mouth
formed a seal on her skin and I sucked, trying to inhale her clit. Once
her clit was as extended into my mouth as far as it would reach, I began to
work on it in earnest. Alternately, I would lash at it with my tongue, up
and down, back and forth until I had to breath, when I would nibble on it
gently with my teeth as I exhaled, only to again suck it back into my
mouth, and return my tongue to action.

This had an affect. From the moment my tongue made its first solid on
her button, she had yelped, her whole body tensing and writhing beneath me.
Her legs had come flying up, opening herself to me, inviting me deeper, and
moaning in ecstasy. She was wet, but not soaked, as I think the cork was
bottling her own juices now as well as my own. Her clit was huge in my
mouth and almost pulsing from its tension.

I felt her hand under me and paused, looking up at her face, but not
removing my mouth form her pussy. She must have understood my question and
tried to tell me between gasps as I returned to work." UNNNNHH I-I-I'm so
w-w-wet I `m sc-scared, OHHHHHHH, it'll UNNNNHHHHHHH, f-fall out. W-wait,
unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh, stop a sec-second." I did as she said and pulled away
slightly. Regaining some sense of composer she grabbed a pillow off the
back of the couch and slid it under her ass, elevating her pussy towards
me. Still gasping, and her eye's moist, she beckoned to get back to work. I
looked at my goal, and was rewarded with an incredible view, her pussy raised towards me, the lips spread form its intruder, and a moist trail
leading down from the cork to her puckered little asshole. "I'll have to
hold it in, especially when I cum, or We're gonna have a mess." She

I dove back in, with renewed excitement, as if I needed it! Her pussy was now at a good level for my neck, so I attacked it, nibbling on each of
her delicate folds and assaulting her clit with my tongue, twirling circles
around it, sucking it and biting at it. She moaned and yelped and
shuddered, each driving me further, until I felt her tense, her breaths
come as short gasps. I knew this was it, and brought a hand from her thigh
to under my chin, placing a finger directly on her anus, pushing just
slightly, as she had always liked.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And shuddered, then bucked, and
spasmed and twisted and rolled, so much that I had a hard time keeping my
mouth planted on her pussy and my tongue flicking her clit. Bucking and
groaning, she writhed on the couch under me, until she tensed again,
literally screaming "OH MY GOD! AGAIN!"

I was afraid she was going to fall off the couch. Her spasms were
violent, back arching, convulsing and whimpering. Her legs had clamped
tightly against the sides of my head, her heels on my back, and as she
twisted, I was forced to twist with her. And still I felt her hand with a
death-grip on the cork protruding from her quaking pussy. My finger in the
meantime, had slipped into the tight ring of her ass, and was imbedded up
to the first knuckle. Her anal muscles squeezed as she came, and each
contraction grabbed at my finger, as if to pull it further in, but I
resisted. We had had one bad experience with that before.

Finally, her free hand shoved my head hard, away from her pussy. She
began to calm as I retreated to her knees and watched as her spasms died.
Finally, her twitching ceased and only her breathing was rapid. I just lay
still, my head against her knee, and waited. Somewhere towards the end, my
finger had slipped from her ass, so now only her hand was at her pussy,
still firmly holding the cork in place.

I don't know how long we stayed like that; probably close to 10 minutes,
with nothing said, her eye's closed, my cock throbbing into the cushions,
watching her recovering. Finally, her eyes opened, and she looked at me,
somewhat dazed. "Jesus. That was new. I haven't ever cum twice before
like that. But my god, what were you doing down there?" I stared at her
for a minute, then we both laughed. "Hand me my panties, would you?" She
must have seen the look of disappointment in my eyes. "Don't you worry. I
just need something to keep me full for a few minutes. I'll come uncorked
easily now, and we can't have that now can we?"

I untangled myself from her and peered at the floor. The now familiar
blue panties were in a pile next on the floor. Picking them up so she
could put them on, again she raised her legs, one at a time, since one hand
was busy holding her plug in place, and slid them back into position.

"Now, I need to finish what I tried to start at the club." She sat me
back on the couch and slid a hand through the front of my boxers. Getting
a firm grip she began to squeeze my aching cock, staring right at me. I
leaned my head back and exhaled, it was so good to finally having her
touching me. Her mouth found its way to the tip of my cock, still covered
by my boxers and blew, the heat of her breath on my head causing a shiver.
She kept her mouth planted there, blowing gently, while I tried to think
about sports or work. I was close, and didn't want to blow just yet.

Pulling away, her hand slid back out of my boxers, and she stood, bent,
and tugged at my underwear, until I raised up and she slid them off.
Dropping back down to her knees on the carpet in front of me, she again
grabbed hold of my dick, at the base and stared at it. She looked at it
and moved closer, as if examining it, first one side then the other. I
started to squirm, and she grinned wickedly. In one fell swoop, she sucked me in to her mouth, to her hand, moved her hand, and went all the way down
to the base. Seven inches is pretty good sized, and she took it all at
once. Slowly, oh so slowly, she started back up, sucking, until just the
head was still in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip, then
plunged back down to the base again. Now I was in ecstasy. Her head began
to bob, not going as deep, but still sucking. She grabbed the base again,
and started sliding her hand along my shaft in time with her mouth. God I
was close already, and she had only been at it for a minute. Suddenly, she
pulled off and just stroked me with her hand. "You're close aren't you?"
"Yeah." I stammered. "Can you stand to wait a minute, or do you need to
cum right now." "I can wait a minute." She let me go unceremoniously and
grabbed my hand. She pulled me, so I was standing, then turned to the
coffee table. I don't know why but standing up with your cock at full
attention, unused, is really strange. Turning back, she laid her purse on
the couch, and spread the hand towel from the kitchen where I was sitting.
I sat back down and waited. Looking puzzled, she stood me up again, and
grabbed the towel, now placing it off to the side. Again I sat, this time
with her following me, onto the towel. I looked at her, and she smiled,
then laid back. "I really want you to cum as hard as I just did. Be
patient, this should be good." With that, she draped her legs over my lap,
bumping my hard cock. Raising her butt off the towel, she slid her panties off and looked at me again. "Ready? Here's a little show before the main
event." She spread her legs wide, stopped and grabbed the pillow. The cork
from hours ago, was still lodged nicely in-between her lips, and I was
dying to see what was going on. Slipping the pillow under the towel, so
that her ass and pussy were now elevated, she reached for the cork. Once
removed, it was a flood, my cum oozing out, flowing like a river, down
towards her ass. I was having a hard time believing that I had cum that
much. Before it could run out of the crack of her ass, she reached between
her legs and using two fingers scooped up what had run out so far.
Carefully, so as not to spill it, she brought her hand to her mouth and
popped the two gooey finger in. "MMMMMMM, a good year." Ok, so she was a
little corny at times, but for this, I'll put up with it. Once she was
sure that she had gotten it all off her fingers, she returned her hand to
her crotch. By now the flow had ebbed a little, so there was no danger of
my cum running out of her ass onto the towel anymore, but she scooped it up
again, the entire trail, and paused. "I need your help for this. Hold my
legs up, and bend them back towards my head." Who was I to argue? Grasping
her now raised legs on the back of her thighs, I pushed, practically
bending her in half. She then took her two cum and pussy covered fingers
and aimed at her pink asshole. Smearing a little of the mess around, she
pushed, winced and pushed again, this time getting both fingers into her
ass. Wiggling them around, she pulled them out again, scooped up more of
the mess dripping out of her pussy and stuck them back in her ass. She
repeated this a few times until her tight little hole was glistening and
there was no more goo oozing form her. "You ready?" I could only nod.
"Now, I promise you won't be disappointed, but I don't think I can handle
you in my ass. Let me get on top and you'll see what I have in store."

I let go of her legs and sat back. She righted herself, then giggled,
as a last stream of my cum from 5 hours ago dribbled out. She managed to
catch it with her hand and licked it off. "Can't let any go to waste now
can we?"

Finally, she straddled me, grabbed hold of my cock, aimed and sank
herself onto to me, moaning at the same time. Again, I was amazed at how
tight her pussy was. I certainly had put it to good use over the years,
but it was still like a glove. Once fully impaled she began to rotate
herself against me, rubbing her clit. I bucked into her, and sensing my
urgency, she began to piston herself up and down, my cock sliding in and
out of the tight, moist hole between her legs. She paused, and pulled
back, bringing me with her closer to the edge of the couch. I lay back,
and she leaned forward, starting to thrust with abandon, shoving herself
mercilessly down on my cock buried deep inside her. I was close. I
grabbed hold of her waist and started helping her along. Then she stopped,
again. Now frustrated I started pumping up into her. She reached over and
opened her purse. Sticking her hand inside, she turned to me. "Do you
want to cum?" I nodded. "Stop for a second then." I stopped.

Out of her purse, she pulled a smallish vibrator, skinny but long.
Looking at me, she grinned and put it behind her back. "Just wait till I
say, ok?" I gulped. Sitting fully impaled on my cock, she leaned forward
against my chest. I felt the vibrator bump against my balls and gulped
again. She seemed to be fumbling, then tensed, and relaxed. I had the
strangest sensation of my life. I could feel it moving up her ass. I
could feel something hard pressing against my cock, INSIDE her. It moved
back and forth, going deeper with each thrust. After a few seconds, I felt
the tip of the vibrator pressing against the tip of my cock, and the whole
length pushed against me, inside her. She was breathing heavily again, but
sat up and smiled. "You're cum makes the best lube. I've been practicing,
and that was the easiest yet." I just nodded. Slowly she began to pump
herself up and down on me again, the sensation wonderful and new. I wasn't
gonna last. My hands still gripping her waist I began to speed her up. As
I did, my cock got another shock. She had turned the vibrator on. Now, my
whole cock was buzzing, especially the sensitive spot under the head. Not
only was it warm, moist, tight, but also now electrified. She began to ram
herself down on me, and I matched her thrust for thrust, until I erupted.

Even though I had cum a few hours before, it felt like I had never cum before. My legs quivered, my stomach tightened and I groaned. My cock
spasmed, unleashing a torrent that didn't feel like jets, but rather a
constant stream of cum like urine. And it just went on. For eternity I
erupted, buried inside her pussy which was grasping me and buzzing like
nothing ever before. Finally, it stopped, and I became aware of the
surrounding again. My cock was no longer buzzing, but felt very tired. I
was still inside her, but going limp rapidly. She was laying on me, her
head on my shoulder. I stirred, and she responded, by guiding me around so
I could lie down on the couch. Sitting up she raised herself off me and
allowed the flood to escape. My cum literally poured from her gaping
pussy. It fell onto my stomach into a pool, unlike anything I had ever
seen, including in porno's.

After waiting to make sure it was all out. She moved, bent and began
licking the mess off my stomach, which jerked at the touch of her tongue.
Once all had disappeared down her throat, she climbed on top of me again,
laid her head on my shoulder, her body warm on mine, and I drifted into


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