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Hard Promise 7 9


-------------------------------- Welcome to the Church of The Right
Reverend Cotton Mather. This story is the sole property of the author, and
may not be copied or downloaded for the intent of profit. Permission is
freely given for anyone to download or copy for their personal pleasure or
use, as long as there is no intent to charge money or barter for the
privilege of acquiring this material.

( 2001, Rev. Cotton Mather

HARD PROMISE Rev. Cotton Mather

- 7 On the night of the Snowflake Dance, we were meeting three other
couples at a seafood restaurant called Chesapeake Bay for dinner before the
dance. I drove over to Missy's house to pick her up at 5:00. Mrs.
Samuelson opened the door after I rang the bell, and ushered me into the
living room to wait for Melissa to finish getting ready. Mr. Samuelson
joined us, a camera in his hand, and Megan was with him.

"Well," she said, "if it isn't the jock with a brain. Ray, isn't it?"

"Hello, Megan," I said politely. "How's your indoor soccer team doing?"

"I'm on two teams, and both of them are winning more than we're losing,"
she replied. "Which is more than you can say about your football team this

She was trying to get under my skin, I could tell, but I wasn't going to
fall for her trap.

"You are absolutely right about that," I said. "We did kind of suck,
didn't we?"

She looked surprised that I would admit it, and it shut her up for a few
minutes. Just then, we heard Melissa come down the stairs, so we all went
out to the entryway.

She was so lovely she took my breath away. Her long blonde hair was
piled elaborately on her head in swirls and curls, with just a few strands
artfully escaping along the back of her neck. Her dress was a low-cut
powder blue spaghetti strap number that accentuated her narrow waist and
revealed just a hint of cleavage. She was wearing her pearl pendant on its
gold chain, and it was resting on the flawless skin below her throat. It
was a tossup whether the pendant enhanced the throat, or the throat
enhanced the pearl.

"Humma humma," was all that would come out of my mouth. I was in awe
that this extraordinary creature had consented to go out with me.

Even Megan seemed to be standing there with her mouth open, as if in
shock. Mrs. Samuelson went up a few steps to meet Melissa and fussed with
her skirt a little, then stepped back to admire her oldest daughter.

"Okay, kids, let's get some pictures here," cried Mr. Samuelson,
breaking the spell. He lined us up and took practically a whole roll of
photos of Melissa alone, Melissa and me, Melissa and Megan, Melissa and her
mom, Melissa and Megan and me, then handed the camera to me and instructed
me to take a couple of family photos.

By the time we finally were able to get out the front door I was seeing
spots before my eyes from all the flashes from the camera. We were both
relieved to be out of the house and on our way.

We walked into the restaurant, already crowded with the usual Saturday
night crowd compounded by quite a few tables filled with kids heading to
the dance, and found Brad and Lindsey already at the table, along with
Jared with his date Mattie. As we sat down, the fourth couple in our
party, Marcus and Katie, spotted us and made their way to our table.

"Boy," said Jared, 'I thought Mattie's parents would never get done
taking pictures."

"I know what you mean," said Marcus as we all nodded our heads in
agreement. "You should have seen us. Katie had to have her picture taken
with every one of her brothers and sisters, plus a couple of cousins, then
the aunts and uncles and moms and dads. I'm half surprised they even
remembered that I was there."

"Oh, it wasn't that bad," said Katie. 'Just because I have a big family doesn't mean it took any longer than anyone else. Right, girls?"

"Too true," said Lindsey. "If you want to get dressed up, you've got to
put up with the pictures. Deal with it, guys. It'll be even worse at your

"Provided, of course, you can find any girls desperate enough to want to
marry you guys," added Mattie with a laugh.

"What, we're good enough to dance with at school, but not good enough to
marry?" asked Brad. "That's a hell of a note."

"Hey, lover boy, I'm just using you for a good time," said Lindsey as
she leaned over and wrapped her arms around Brad's arm. She looked up at
him coyly. "But that's all right too, isn't it?" She exaggeratedly batted
her eyes at him.

"Yeah, I can see it now, written on the bathroom walls in girl's johns
from here to Pittsburgh: 'for a good time call Brad'," he said with a grin.

"In your dreams, pal, in your dreams," I said, laughing.

The dance was everything you'd expect a high school dance to be. The
girls all looked gorgeous, the boys were dressed to the nines and acting oh
so sophisticated. There were the few complete losers there, guys who still
thought a white T-shirt painted to look like a tuxedo was a cool look, and
there were some teachers and a few parents acting as chaperones, standing
around trying not to look at the kids dancing too closely and kissing too
intently during the slow songs. We all put in our time there, but we knew
that the real party began sometime after the dance ended.

Toward the end of the dance, quite a few couples were starting to drift
out. The group of us said our goodbyes to our friends and we headed out to
our cars, anxious to get to the hotel. Jared and Mattie had reserved a
suite, where we would all congregate for our party. There were about 10
other couples who had reserved rooms at the same hotel, and about 15
couples who were invited to the post-dance party. We all arrived at pretty
much the same time, entering the room in an excess of swirling taffeta and
silk and velvet. Jared already had a bar set up in one corner, with beer,
wine, liquor, and soft drinks, and snacks were set up around the sitting
room. I grabbed a glass of wine for Missy, and a beer for me, and we
started chatting with some of our friends. There was quite a bit of noise
in the room as 30 people jostled around in their finery, getting drinks and
wandering from group to group. As we were talking with Marcus and Katie,
Brad and Lindsey joined us. I felt Brad touch my arm to get my attention,
and he slipped his room key into my hand. I looked over at him, startled.
He opened his other hand and glanced down, silently telling me to take a
look. I looked down, and saw he was holding a second key in his hand. He
gave me a quick wink, and he and Lindsey wandered off.

Just holding that key in my hand made my blood start to rush. I could
feel my temperature rising, and I started to perspire from nervousness. I
was losing track of the conversation as my mind raced around the
possibilities that the room key represented. Fortunately, we were joined
by two other couples, and Missy and I made our excuses and wandered back
toward the bar.

"Is everything okay?" Missy asked as we walked away.

"Oh, yeah," I said quietly. I showed her the key. "It's Brad and
Lindsey's room," I said.

"Why do you have the key?" she asked. As soon as she asked the
question, I could see the answer come to her. She gave me a look I had
never seen on her face before, and she leaned in to me to whisper in my
ear. Her voice was suddenly huskier than normal as she said, "What did you
have in mind?"

That was all it took. The blood rushed immediately from my brain
directly to my cock, and the testosterone took over. I refilled her wine
glass, grabbed another beer, then took her hand and led her away toward the
door. Fortunately, there was a fair amount of activity by the door, with
people coming and going from their rooms to the party room, so nobody
thought anything of us walking out, hand in hand. I could feel her hand
was sweating just as much as mine was, and I could see the nervousness in
her eyes. We found the elevator, and punched the button to go up to the
floor that Brad's room was on. As soon as the elevator door shut, I
slipped my arms around her and pulled her in to me. She raised her head,
closed her eyes, and gave me a strong, heated kiss that caused me to moan
involuntarily. The doors opened, and we took turns pulling each other
toward Brad's room. I fumbled with the key, and finally got it to work.
We opened the door and turned on the light, then stepped into the room.

As the door shut, we were faced with the reality of our rush to be
together. It was a small room, with two double beds side by side, made up
with green floral bedspreads. There were reading lights over each bed, a
dresser with a television on top of it, and a small closet with no door.
There was a doorway leading to a small bathroom. I glanced at the alarm
clock on the nightstand between the beds and saw that it was 11:30. There
was plenty of time for us before Missy had to be home.

We turned to each other. I could see she was even more nervous than she
had been before, and I felt like my stomach held an entire extended family of butterflies. My knees felt a little watery, and I was afraid I was
sweating right through my shirt and tuxedo jacket. As she gazed at me, she
reached back behind her and turned off the light. The curtains were open,
giving off a soft glow from the city lights outside, 10 floors below us.
It was a comforting amount of light for both of us, and I could feel myself
calm down as I slipped my arms around her waist and gathered her to me.

Her arms went around my neck, her fingers playing in my hair, as we
kissed while standing there. Her lipstick tasted of strawberries, her
breath was sweetened by the wine, and her tongue slipped out and touched
the tip of mine lightly, playfully. I hugged her tightly to me, running my
hands up from her waist to her shoulder blades and back.

A small, low sound came from her, and she broke our kiss. She gazed up
into my eyes, and I felt like I was being measured. I tried to stand up
taller and straighter as she studied me. I could see in her eyes as she
made her decision, and she tugged me into the room, toward the farther bed.
She pushed me back until the edge of the bed caught me behind my knees, and
I sat down. She slipped into my lap, then pushed me back so I was laying
down with her on top of me. She took my head between her hands and kissed
me again, long and deep, as I lay there, trapped in a tangle of arms and
legs. I reached behind her and found the top button of her dress and
fumbled around until it popped open, then slid my hands down to the next
button. I managed to undo four buttons when she sat up, reached behind
her, and unbuttoned the rest. She stood up to remove her dress, and walked
over to hang it up in the closet. I sat up and took off my jacket and
cummerbund, throwing them onto the other bed, then untied my shoes and
kicked them off. I looked over as Melissa finished hanging up her dress.
She was still wearing a half-slip with a strapless bra, and the silken
material clung to her hips enticingly, falling in folds around her knees.
Her soft blonde hair piled above her pale neck, along with the light peach
color of her slip, gleamed palely in the gloom. In the dim light she
looked like a goddess rising out of the mist, beautiful and terrible in her
power. At that moment, gazing at her, I knew I was lost.

She looked over at me and smiled shyly, breaking the spell. I scooted
back on the bed, leaning against the headboard, and patted the mattress
next to me. She walked around the bed and lay down next to me, her head on
my chest, her arm draped across me. I held her to me, resting my head on
the top of hers, her hair soft and smelling faintly of some sort of flowery
rinse. My fingers drifted across her cheek to beneath her chin, and I
raised her face up to mine for a soft, lingering kiss. I slipped down to
lie next to her, and wrapped her up in my arms. The heat of our kiss
flared, and our mouths opened against each other. Our tongues battled for
supremacy, snaking and writhing, tasting and flavoring. I think I moaned,
and I felt more than heard her purr and moan in unison. I reached around
her, dragging my hand up from her waist across the satin smoothness of her
skin, and cupped her covered breast. She moaned louder, thrust her tongue
deep into my mouth, and pressed her chest harder into my hand. I squeezed
and explored first one, then the other breast through the flimsy material
of her bra. I abandoned her breasts for a moment to reach around behind
her, searching for the clasp. She helped by twisting in my direction, and
I found the clasp and managed to release it with one hand. I slipped under
the material, back around her body to her breast, my fingertips exulting in
the roundness of her body, the feel of her hard ribs overlaid by the soft,
pliant flesh of her small breast. Her nipple expanded as my palm rested on
her, and I pressed and squeezed as she encouraged me with the force of her

I grasped her loose bra and pulled it off her and dropped it beside us.
Melissa brought her hands around and began to unbutton my shirt. When she
reached my pants, she pulled the shirt out and ran her hands back up my
chest and up my shoulders to get the shirt off. I sat up momentarily to
remove my cufflinks and pull the shirt off my arms, then lay back down and
pressed myself to her, for the first time reveling in the feel of skin on
skin as our upper bodies molded together. I kissed and sucked her soft
skin behind her earlobe, then left moist trails with my tongue and lips
down her neck to her throat. She drew her head back to expose more of her
throat to my attentions as she ran her hands up and down my bare back. I
used my fingertips to play with her turgid nipples, one to the other,
running the flat of my hand down one breast, across her chest, and up to
the other breast, teasingly drawing out the play of my fingers across her
responsive flesh.

I kissed and licked my way down from her throat to her chest and licked
the salt from her skin around her soft mounds. Down and around, first one
breast and then the other, licking and kissing the undersides, the shallow
valley between, then over the tops, moving in slow concentric circles
around her swelling breasts as she arched up, anxious to feel my lips upon
her tips. As my mouth was making its slow, agonizing way around her boobs,
my right arm slipped down her back, under her half-slip, under her silken
panties, to caress the smooth, soft globes of her ass. As my hand moved
down, her leg cocked, opening herself to my caresses. I felt my fingertips
trace down the crack of her butt, glide over the puckered flower of her
asshole, and find the downy, moist presence of her pussy lips.

As my tongue and lips teased her swelling breasts, riding the rise and
fall of her heavy breathing, she twisted her torso slightly, trying to move
her swollen nipples into my mouth. In her excitement, she clutched the
back of my head with one hand, while the other was clenched against my ass.
As much for my own pleasure as for hers, I finally relented and took her
rigid nipple into my mouth. I licked and lapped at her nipple, then opened
my mouth wider and tried to suck her whole breast into my mouth. As I felt
her turgid nipple on the back of my tongue, I heard her groan and felt her
shudder. I clenched her soft butt and tried to pull her against my crotch
in my excitement, and her reaction was to pull me in toward her in
response. I released her breast and licked and nuzzled between her boobs to
her other neglected nipple and repeated my suckling. My hand moved from
her butt around her hip to her tummy, underneath her elastic waistband,
then moved slowly down until I could feel the beginnings of her soft pubic
hair on my fingertips. She hunched her hips up into my hand, and my
fingers slipped into her slit. My fingertips parted her moist lips,
releasing a flood of her nectar. I pushed my fingers deeper into her
pussy, feeling the petals and folds yielding before me, until I came to the
ridge of her virginal hole. I dipped my middle finger into her to the
first knuckle, marveling at the heat and the tightness, and dragged some of
her oils back up her slit until I felt the fleshy ball-bearing of her
clitoris. I rolled her clit between my fingers as she huffed and huffed
and nearly bucked off the bed. I released her breast from my lips and she
pulled me up to her for a fierce kiss, and began to struggle with the snaps
of my trousers. She was practically in a panic to get my pants off,
snatching at the top snap and trying to lower the zipper. Finally she
broke our kiss and concentrated on her task. I stopped all my
ministrations to help her, and together we managed to push my pants and
underwear down to my ankles, where I could kick them off onto the floor.
She instantly grabbed my stone hard cock with her small hands, one
exploring the shaft and the other caressing my balls, eliciting a storm of
pleasure careering up from my center. She pushed me onto my back and bent
down to examine me in the dim light, using her thumb to spread the moisture
leaking out around the mushroom head of my aching cock as she manipulated
my balls and scratched with her fingernails at the underside of my scrotum.
I watched as her tongue snaked out and licked softly at the head, creating
a twitching in my muscles from thigh to stomach, then licked down the
length of my cock and up the underside as if it were a fleshy popsicle.
She then opened her mouth and took the entire head into her hot mouth,
pressed her lips tight, and sucked hard.

I lost it. With no warning at all, my cock pulsed and the cum streamed
out into her mouth. The first spurt caught us both by surprise, and her
eyes opened wide as she jerked up, instinctively swallowing the first
mouthful. My cock popped out of her mouth just as the second spurt sprayed
out, catching her in the cheek, as her hand continued to milk me. By the
seventh feeble spurt, I was feeling spent and out of breath, and Melissa
was still gazing with bright eyes, fascinated, at the aftermath of my

"Oh my God," she exclaimed as she wiped off her face with a corner of
the bedspread. "Does that always happen like that?"

"You caught me by surprise," I sighed as I lay there catching my breath.
"I don't think anything quite like that has ever happened to anybody
before. Missy, you are incredible!"

She relinquished her hold on my dick and scooted up the bed to lie
beside me. "I didn't do hardly anything," she said shyly.

"Boy, now I feel really bad," I said. "I haven't done anything for

She snuggled up next to me. "Not true," she replied. "I feel really
happy right now, Ray. I don't think I've ever felt this close to anyone
ever before." She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a squeeze. I
kissed the top of her head, my arms around her, and she lifted up to give
me a soft kiss.

As she turned in my arms to kiss me, she slipped one leg between mine. I
could feel the heat and the moisture from her drooling pussy against my
leg, causing my prick to twitch back to life. I crushed her to me,
suddenly anxious to make her cum as hard as I had, and pushed her back
until she was laying on her back and I was over her, my leg insinuating
itself between hers. Our tongues battled once again as I ran my hand up
her body to her swollen breast. I roughly squeezed and pulled at her
breast and nipple, creating an undulation in her hips against me. She
emitted a soft, high whining sound, breathing hard into my mouth as her
internal temperature climbed nearly to a flash point. I rubbed my knee
against the crotch of her panties, which were now completely soaked
through. My hand moved from her breast down her stomach, under the
waistband of her panties and half-slip, and directly onto her engorged
clit, while at the same time I broke our kiss and bent down to take her
enlarged nipple between my lips and teeth. I bit down lightly on the
fleshy nub as I twirled her clit between my two fingers. As soon as I
started stroking it, she tensed up, eyes shut tight, and bit her lip to
keep from crying out. I watched her face as her orgasm washed over her,
all the while flicking and rubbing her tiny nub. As she climaxed, she
grabbed my hand to stop its manipulation, squeezing my wrist hard and
unconsciously digging her nails into my skin, whining and moaning the whole

After she came down from her sexual high, she opened her eyes and stared
at me. I whispered to her, "Boy, that was quick. You were really ready."

"Shut up and get in me," she said intensely.

I looked at her, surprised. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I don't have any

"I don't care, I just know I need you right now." She convinced me by
reaching up and giving me the hardest, hottest, wettest kiss of my life.
"Now, Ray, before I change my mind. I want you."

She reached down and fondled my cock. I was surprised to find that it
was as hard as it had ever been in my life. When did that happen? It
certainly was a convincing element. I sat up and began pulling off her
slip and panties. She reached down to help me, finally flinging them off
onto the floor. . She sat up, reached up to pull clips out of her hair,
and ran her fingers through her long blonde tresses. She lay back, legs
bent and spread, arms out beckoning to me, her hair spread out around her
head like a yellow halo.

I was powerless to resist. Not that I wanted to resist, understand, but
even if I had not been completely smitten by her, I would not have been
able to keep from doing what she was expecting. I slipped into her arms
and she wrapped her legs around me. My stiff cock was resting against her
pubis and tummy, and she rubbed herself against me in anticipation as we
melded together for another open-mouthed kiss. She reached down between
our bodies and grabbed my shaft, positioning the head at the entrance to
her opening. She rubbed my tip up and down her slit, gathering moisture,
and then pressed herself up against me. I felt the tip enter her as she
let go and crushed me to her once again. She spread her legs even further
apart and tried to hunch herself onto more of my cock. She was
unbelievably tight, and the drooling moisture from her cunt and from my
cock created a hot, wet, completely desirable environment, unlike anything
I had ever felt or even imagined before. Slowly, agonizingly, more of my
cock slipped into her. She moaned into my mouth, working her hips back and
forth, trying to fit more into her. There was no resistance except for her
virginal tightness, and I slowly entered her deeper and deeper. Her heels
moved up to below my ass, and she was pulling me into her with her legs.
She broke our kiss and threw her head back as if she were in agony, her
mouth open, her breathing ragged, her eyes wide and unseeing. I bent down
and sucked and bit her earlobe, and she screeched and jerked upwards with
her hips. The final inches of my iron cock slipped into her. I could feel
her pubic hair tickling me, my balls resting against her upturned ass.

"Do me," she chanted, "do me, do me, do me."

I began moving. Out, then in, then out nearly all the way, until just
the helmeted head was still buried in her. I plunged back in hard and
deep, and her hips crashed up to meet mine. She was unbelievably wet,
unbearably hot, crushingly tight, and I was in a place I never wanted to
leave. She met each stroke with an equally powerful one of her own,
pushing with hips and pulling with her legs simultaneously. I was lost in
my own haze of intense pleasure, but I could still hear her ragged
breathing on my neck as I chewed on her ear and nuzzled her throat. It was
a good thing I had cum once already, as the heat and the wetness and the
constriction of her virgin walls were combining to toss me over the edge
into oblivion. I had never felt anything even remotely like this, and even
the fevered imaginings of a hormonally charged teenaged boy could not
conceive of the actual sensation of the skin of a rigid cock sliding
against the slick walls of a willing, young pussy.

It has been said that everyone remembers the first time. It was Missy's
first time, and it was my first time, and I couldn't think that anything
could be as memorable as this. I couldn't imagine a better feeling with
anybody else, a better fit than the way our bodies molded together. Her
breasts were mashed against my chest, her nipples still engorged and
rubbing against my own. I arched up and gazed down at her, watching her
breasts sway with our movement like a sponge in a tidal current.
Supporting myself on my arms, I reached down and caught one of her nipples
between my teeth, then suckled at her breast. She arched up toward me in
an unconscious response, pushing her chest at me as she moaned in pleasure.
When she did this, she used her heels against my ass as her leverage, which
pushed my cock further into her until I bumped against her cervix, my balls
pressed against her butt.

Her whole body contracted, and she began to screech breathlessly as her
orgasm took her. I grunted, pushed, and surrendered to my own climax. I
was in her as far as I could go when my balls contracted and pulsed,
filling her cavity to overflowing with my seed. The intense pleasure
streaked along every nerve fiber of my body, from the tip of my cock to the
center of my brain, tidal waves crashing against granite cliffs. Her
nipple popped out of my mouth in my convulsion as the waves crashed,
receded, then crashed again. I could feel the muscles of her cunt squeeze
and release around the full length of my cock, milking the last dregs from
me and keeping me hard within her.

At last, entirely spent, I collapsed on top of her. I felt her body
relax, her legs falling back to the bed, her arms around my neck. She
covered my neck, my face with little kisses, and as I rested cheek to cheek
I could feel the intermingling of our sweat with fresh tears tracking down
from her eyes. As I recovered, my cock shriveling inside her, I looked at
her face in concern.

"Are you all right?" I asked. Her tears worried me.

"More than all right." She squeezed me tight, and gave me a soft, tender
kiss. "This is the best night of my life."

"But you were crying. Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh, God, no! Nothing could be righter! You are sensational,
fantastic, stupendous, wonderful. Should I go on?"

"No. Well, yes, if you insist. No, wait, if everything is good, why
were you crying?" I asked, confused.

"You dope, I'm happy. girls cry when they're happy sometimes. It's one
of those girl things that guys claim they don't understand, I think.
Anyway," she continued, hugging me to her, "I am delirious, ecstatic, madly
happy, and it's all your fault, Ray my love, my first love, my onlyest

I moved to take my weight off her, and my shriveled cock popped out of
her vagina as I rolled off to the side. I could feel our combined juices
on my dick and balls cooling as we lay there. I put my arm around her, and
she snuggled back up to me, pulling her legs up to rest her thighs against

"I really didn't expect this to happen, Missy. I'm sorry I didn't pull
out in time. I'll bring some protection with me from now on," I promised.

"I was expecting this to happen, Ray, so don't worry. This is a fairly
safe time for me, and I wanted our first time to be free, just us, if
possible. But, God, we did make a mess, didn't we?" And she started
giggling as she felt down between her legs.

"You know what I always say, Missy girl, the messier the better. Hah!"

"You DON'T always say that, and you know it!" she laughed. "Come on, we
have to get cleaned up and get back down to the party before Lindsey and
Brad decide they need the room. Get up out of bed, lazy boy, and get
dressed. I need to use the bathroom." With that, she pushed me right off
the edge of the bed onto the floor, then laughed out loud.

"Hey!" I landed on my ass with a grunt. "Sure, use me and then kick me
out of bed. My life as a high-school gigolo."

"You don't even know what that means, sport." She stretched in
satisfaction, then sat up and looked around. "Where is my underwear?"

I held up her panties and half-slip for her to see. "Here, Milady. And
what will you give for these?"

She looked at me for a moment, and said seriously, "I've already given
you the only truly precious gift I can give."

I looked at her. Her mood had changed abruptly. "I know you have,
Melissa. And I have given you my gift, also. I know it's not supposed to
be as important to guys as it is to girls, but it's important to me. It's
you I choose to give this gift to, because..." I paused, suddenly hesitant
to continue. "Because I love you," I finished.

She looked at me in shock. Tears welled up in her eyes as she
whispered, "Don't toy with me, Ray. Just because we've made love doesn't
mean you are IN love. Don't say it unless you mean it, Ray."

I felt almost insulted. "Don't you think I know the difference? I'm
not just the dumb jock that your sister thinks I am, am I? When have I
ever lied to you? And why do you think I would be lying now? Come on,
Missy, give me a break!"

She threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Oh, God,
you're right, Ray, I'm so sorry! I know I shouldn't doubt you, but what
we've done here tonight can never be taken back, and it makes me nervous.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I believe you, I love you, I love you, I love you!"
She was fierce in her commitment as she squeezed my neck with all her

I hugged her hard, and then pressed my closed lips to hers. "And I love
you," I said against her mouth. She opened her lips and we kissed each
other to seal our words.

Suddenly she jumped up, grabbed her clothes out of my hand, and ran into
the bathroom. "I'm leaking all over the place!" she wailed, and laughed
delightedly as she closed the door.

I collapsed against the wall, exhausted from our exertions and the
emotional intensity of the past few minutes. I looked across the bed at
the alarm clock on the nightstand, and saw that it was almost 1:00 AM. I
dragged my sorry ass up and retrieved my clothes from the floor and got
dressed. I tried to brush the wrinkles out of my tuxedo trousers, with
little luck. Oh, well, I thought, they'll just look like I slept in them.

Missy came out of the bathroom wearing just her half-slip. She started
to put her arms up to cover her breasts, then put them down again, blushing
slightly, as she came up to me. She stood up on tiptoe and gave me a soft
kiss, then handed me her soaked panties.

"A little memento for you to carry around for awhile," she said with a
small smirk.

She found her bra and put it back on, and slid the dress over her head.
I helped her button it back up, it being the gentlemanly thing to do since
it was I who helped to unbutton it in the first place. She looked in the
mirror at her hair, and got her brush out to work on it.

"Wait," I said, taking the brush from her hand. "I'll do that."

I began to brush her long hair while she reapplied her makeup and
lipstick. After a few minutes she took the brush back and said, "Good
enough, Ray my love. Thank you, but I guess I'll just have to walk into
that party wearing my 'just-fucked' look, won't I?" There was a twinkle in
her eye as she said it.

"I wouldn't mind if you always walked around with that look," I murmured
half to myself, "as long as it was me who caused it."

She laughed delightedly, and turned around to give me one more sweet
kiss. The strawberry taste was back on her lips.

- 8 So, from that evening on, none of our friends could mention one of
our names without saying the other. It was always "Ray-and-Melissa", as if
we were one person instead of two.

And perhaps we were. The "I" had almost automatically become the "We",
with no regrets on Missy's part or on mine. We were in love, and it seemed
like the entire school knew about it almost as soon as we did. Her parents had accepted the fact that I was important to Missy, and treated me with
cautious respect. I, in turn, grew to really like both her mother and her
father, and even Megan lost interest in being adversarial after awhile.

We went to a New Year's Eve party at Brad's house a few weeks after the
Snowflake Dance, and we sneaked up into Brad's room and were making love at
the stroke of midnight, for only the second time in our lives. By then I
had bought some condoms (that first time at the drug store is always a
nerve-wracking adventure for a teenager), and we were looking forward to
using them all up. Missy discovered a taste for sex, and her limber body
served us both very well over the rest of the school year.

For her birthday in May, her parents invited me to the family party.
There were about 20 people there, all members of her extended family. I
lost track of all the names, having only eyes for Missy. I got her a
little gold locket on a golden chain, and gave her my class ring to wear on
the chain. Then I brought out a boombox and slipped in a karaoke tape of
Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen" and sang loudly and badly to her, in
front of her family and God and everybody. She claimed she was mortified,
but she still couldn't hide the absolutely delighted smile on her face as I
made a fool of myself for her.

All that summer, we were hanging out together. We would go to the beach
with Brad and Lindsey, or head down to Fabrice's in the evening to meet up
with a bunch of friends. She ate dinner at my house nearly as often as I
ate over at hers, and we spent hours on the telephone when we weren't
together, talking about whatever came into our heads.

Football practice and cheer practice started about the same time later
in the summer, and by then I had bought my own beater to drive around, so I
picked Missy up every day and drove her to the high school for our
practices, then drove her home, usually via the Dairy Queen or McDonald's,
afterward. We inaugurated the back seat of my car on the first weekend I
owned it, crawling into the back with a blanket and a box of rubbers at the
start of the triple-feature, and crawling back to the front, tired and
sated, by the middle of the third movie. By the end of summer, for my
birthday, she got me a couple of CD's and wrote a note on a small slip of
paper and put it inside the card she had gotten me. The note said that she
had visited her doctor, and had convinced her to write a prescription for
birth-control pills, which she had been taking for a month. That night we
experienced, for the first time since THE first time, the closeness of
intimacy without latex intervening. It was the best birthday present I
have ever gotten.

But then the hard truth of the old expression "No Good Deed Ever Goes
Unpunished" revealed itself. It was Labor Day weekend, and Missy's family was taking advantage of the long weekend to visit relatives out of town. A
big group of us new seniors, mostly guys on the football team with their
girlfriends and a few other friends, headed down to the beach at one of the
lakes nearby to picnic and take advantage of the hot weather before school
really kicked in for the year. There were maybe thirty of us scattered
along the large beach and camping area. Kids started arriving by
midmorning on Saturday, and a lot of us were planning on staying at least
until Sunday evening, as long as the weather held. Marcus Delaney's older brothers, both in college, joined us with a bunch of their friends, and
they picked up a couple of half-barrels of beer for everyone to enjoy.

Brad, Jared, Marcus and I all pitched our tents around a fire pit near
the edge of the park. Lindsey was coming up Saturday afternoon with Mattie
to spend the night. Marcus and I were bachelors for the weekend, so we
made sure our tents were a little separated from Jared's and Brad's, so
they would have a little more privacy. After setting up our campsite, the
four of us ran down to the beach and into the water, tossing a football
back and forth. Pretty soon we had enough boys and girls to organize a
touch football game, so we moved up to a grassy field and played until we
were all exhausted, hot and thirsty. On our way past our campsite, I
stopped and picked up some Gatorade for the four of us to chug down before
we started in on the beer.

We ran down to the beach and jumped in the water to cool off. Most of
the guys were wearing either swimming trunks or cutoffs, and we had shed
our shirts during the game. The girls usually had on a tank top and shorts
or a bikini, and they didn't hesitate before hitting the water either.
There was an extravagant amount of tempting female flesh exposed, and most
of the unattached guys were hovering around the girls with their tongues
hanging out, like hound dogs in heat. Even some of the attached guys couldn't help looking, me included. Most of the girls were there with a
guy or with a group, but that didn't stop the guys from acting like they
had never seen a female before. It was kind of funny to watch.

There was a fire going and hot dogs on the grill, so we all loaded up on
hot dogs, chips, cookies and beer after cooling off in the lake. Some of
the kids were starting to get a little sloshed, not being used to drinking
beer in quantity, or the heat and the sun, or not eating enough. I saw a
couple of girls flirting pretty heavily with some of the college guys, but
didn't think much of it at the time. One of the girls was Micki, a tiny
sophomore who made the varsity cheerleading team, a very cute little thing
with big, pouty lips that almost seemed to beg for a cock to suck. I
personally knew of about 10 guys who had, indeed, had those lips wrapped
around their dicks, as she tried to fuck her way onto the cheerleading
squad as a freshman. She was hanging onto the arm of one of the older guys, looking like she was never going to let go. He sat there by the fire
next to her, feeding her sips of beer from his cup and letting her
demonstrate her talents by holding a hot dog up to her mouth for her to
eat, with a shit-eating grin on his face. For some reason, it bothered me.
I wasn't too concerned about Micki. She was experienced enough, I
reasoned, to take care of herself under most circumstances. But these
college guys that came with Jerry and Ev, Marcus's brothers, were unknown
to us. Just because they brought the beer did not make them part of our
circle of friends, after all.

Just at that moment, Lindsey and Mattie showed up. They had also
brought three other girls from school, Bridget, Natalie, and Allie. They
gathered up Brad, Jared, Marcus, me, and Antonio to help them set up their
gear, so I forgot about Micki and the college kids and walked back to the
parking area with the rest of the group.

By the time we got done rearranging our campsite to accommodate three
more tents, the sun was on its way down toward the horizon, and it was
starting to cool off. We each paired up with one of the girls and walked
through the woods, gathering sticks and small logs for our own campfire
later that evening. Allie and I took the area by the parking lot, and we
chatted and laughed as we gathered wood. Allie was one of the starters on
our girl's basketball team, a senior, and had always been a jock. She had
never ever shown any interest in dating, and in fact had turned down every
invitation she had gotten, but she was an open and friendly kid, tall and
attractive with long dark, almost black hair. I'd known her since about
the third grade, and we were pals through and through. She knew Missy
well, and she had told me early on in our relationship that she thought we
made the perfect couple. Allie and I could sit next to one another, hold
hands, and talk of the deepest personal things, and there would still be
absolutely no hint of any sexual attraction between us. It was very weird,
believe me, having a girl friend who wasn't a girlfriend, if you know what
I mean.

Around sundown, Jared and Mattie hopped in Jared's car and trekked back
into town to pick up some pizzas for our dinner. When they returned, they
jumped out of the car, triumphantly holding up their prizes: they had
brought back with them marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars
for making S'mores, along with more chips and popcorn and sodas and beer.
We all gathered around and feasted in a junk-food frenzy until we were too
full to move. Of course, with the beer, this brought on a burping contest
among us guys, to the disgust and giggles of the girls. Allie outdid us
all, however, with a monumental burst that must have started in her legs,
coming out deep and sonorous and resonating throughout our campsite.
Marcus suggested a farting contest, but we all declined. We weren't THAT

We could see that a lot of the other campsites were starting to quiet
down also, though there was still a big, raucous crowd around the college campsite. One half-barrel was empty and lying on its side like a giant's
discarded beer can, and the second one had been tapped. Brad and Lindsey
said their good-nights and headed for their tent, and Jared and Mattie
followed shortly after. Marcus, Allie, Bridget, Natalie and I sat around
our campfire, adding wood occasionally, and swapped scary stories and urban
legends. Finally, the activity combined with the sun and the beer caught
up with all of us, and we said good night to each other and headed for our
respective tents.

Sometime later, I'm guessing about 2 hours after I had fallen asleep, I
woke up desperate to take a piss. I crawled out of my sleeping bag and
unzipped the tent, slipped into my tennis shoes, and padded softly through
our silent campsite toward the woods. I entered into the trees and started
to relieve myself, when I heard some voices in a nearby clearing. As I was
finishing, I suddenly heard a female voice cry out in fear or pain,
followed immediately by a sharp male voice. I headed toward the sound of
the voices, crouching down and moving as quietly through the pine needles
and deadfall as I could, until I got to the edge of the clearing. There
was about a 3/4 moon out, and it was a clear night, so I could see my
surroundings very well.

In the clearing were three of the college guys, standing around a
moaning, limp form on the ground. One of the guys knelt down and slapped
the body on the ground, and growled, "Keep your mouth shut, bitch, until we
tell you to open it."

The body on the ground rolled over into a fetal position, covering her
head with her hands to try to ward off any more slaps, but she was in no
shape to be effective in her defense. Her elbow moved out of the way for a
moment, and I could see it was Micki on the ground. She sounded hurt, and
her movements looked like she was either passing-out drunk, or she was
injured. Her tank top was torn, and her bra gleamed whitely through the
torn fabric. The kneeling kid reached for her shoulders and pulled her
roughly around and onto her back, and then rudely shoved his hand down her

"I'll get her lubed up for us," he said with a smile as he looked up at
his friends. "Man, she's been asking for it all night long. It's time she
got what she deserves. She'll be walking sore tomorrow, right, guys?" he
said with a laugh.

"Oh, yeah, I can't wait to get into that tight little ass," said one of
his friends. "And those lips! I'll bet she can suck the chrome off a

The third guy looked hesitant. "Uh, guys, this isn't right. Jimbo, let
her go. She's practically passed out. Just let it alone."

Jimbo looked up at him, his hand still buried in her pants. "Hey, Carl,
if you don't want any of this, just walk away. Nobody's stopping you. But
I'm going to enjoy myself here. This bitch has been hanging all over me
all night, getting me all worked up, and I'm going to give her what she's
been asking for. If you want to pass on it, that's up to you."

"It isn't right, Jimbo, and you know it. Steve, what about you? Do you
think this is right? It's rape, man. Look at her, she doesn't know what
she's doing," pleaded Carl.

Steve just looked at him, cigarette dangling from the corner of his
mouth, without saying anything.

"Okay, man, if that's how it's going to be played, count me out." Carl
turned and walked out.

"Aw, fuck him," said Jimbo. "Come on, Steve, give me a hand here.
She's squirming around too much to get these clothes off her by myself."

Steve crushed out his cigarette and bent down to help his friend. I
stepped into the clearing, about 10 feet away from them, but they were to
engrossed in their task to notice me.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I said quietly. My blood was
raging, and the adrenaline was pumping into me until I thought I would

Jimbo looked up, surprised. 'Who the fuck are you?" he asked. "Either
turn around and walk away, or else give us a hand here with this bitch."

Steve looked at me fearfully as he knelt there. He was closest to me,
and his hands were still on Micki's shorts, trying to unbutton them. He
was small and skinny with bad skin, and I could see the sudden panic in his

I lashed out and kicked him in the face. His mouth snapped shut with
the contact, and blood spurted from his mouth and nose. He went down hard
and didn't move. I jumped over Micki as Jimbo started standing up. He was
shorter than me by about 4 inches, and I outweighed him by at least 30
pounds. He had medium-long dirty hair, and he had three small gold hoops
in each ear. He had been drinking heavily, which seemed to give him an
inclination to fight, but he was outmatched. I was bigger than him, plus I
had been working out for football. He was still rising when I backhanded
him across his cheek. He staggered, but did not go down. He stood,
bellowed, and charged me. His head was down, so he couldn't see me very
well, and I sidestepped him and gave him a shove to help him on his way.
He fell in a heap, and I jumped onto him and snapped his head back with a
fist to his nose. I felt the cartilage of his nose crunch on impact, and
his head hit the ground hard. I grabbed him by the hair to hold him, and
then slipped my index finger through each of his earrings, one at a time,
and yanked them out. As each earring tore through the flesh of his ear, he
gave out a scream of pain and tried to buck me off. By the time I was
finished with him, blood was streaming down both sides of his neck, and the
fight had gone out of him.

His screams drew attention, though. Marcus's brothers, Jerry and Ev,
came running up, with Carl on their heels, and stopped short just as I was
climbing off Jimbo.

"What the hell happened here?" demanded Jerry.

"Your buddies were only trying to rape Micki," I said heatedly. "I got
here just as they were getting warmed up."

"He's right, Jerry," said Carl. "I was coming back to get you guys to
try to talk some sense into Jimbo before he made a big mistake. This kid
must have gotten here right after I left."

"I saw you leave. I thought you were just going to let it happen," I
said to Carl. "I wasn't going to just stand by and watch."

Jimbo was sitting on the ground, moaning and pressing his hands to his
damaged ears. Ev walked over to Steve, who was just beginning to groan in
pain and roll around. Micki, meanwhile, had managed to sit up and lean
against a log, looking wide-eyed at the scene around her.

Jerry looked at me, and then extended his hand. "Thanks, man, for
intervening. These guys were friends of friends. I really didn't know
them. I apologize for this. Don't worry, Ev and Carl and I will take care
of these pieces of shit now. Ev? Grab that sorry motherfucker and haul
him back to the campsite. Carl, give Jimbo a hand. Hey, Jimbo, it looks
like your nose is broken. Does it hurt, man?"

Jimbo just nodded his head.

"Good," said Jerry disgustedly. "You will need a reminder of just how
fucking stupid you are."

Jimbo hung his head as Carl reached out to help him stand. Steve was on
his feet by now, but he was still pretty unsteady, and Ev was hanging on to
him. They all walked slowly back to their campsite.

Jerry stopped and turned back around. 'I owe you, Ray. You did great.
Do you need a hand with her?" He nodded in Micki's direction.

"No, thanks, I'll take care of her," I said. I walked over to her and
put my hand out for her to grab, then pulled her up. She stood and moved
in to give me a tight hug, wrapping her arms around my waist. She was
shaking and starting to cry, a delayed reaction brought on, no doubt, by
the alcohol in her system and the shock. I put my arm around her shoulder
and guided her back toward my own campsite.

She didn't say a word as we walked slowly over to my tent, holding on
all the way. Her head was down, resting against my chest as I helped her

"Where's your tent, Micki?" I asked.

She just shook her head. I reached down and lifted up her chin to look
at her, and saw her tears tracking down her dirty cheeks.

"Where's your tent?" I asked again.

'I don't have one," she said. "I wasn't going to stay, but then the
girls I came up here with wanted to leave, and I didn't, so they left and I

A dilemma. But, once you begin an action as a Good Samaritan, you can't
quit halfway through, so I mentally sighed and resigned myself to finishing

"Okay," I said. You'll stay here. Here's a towel and some water. Why
don't you clean yourself up a little, then crawl into my sleeping bag.
I'll wait out here until you're comfortable." I gently guided her toward
the flap of my tent, then let her stoop down and go in by herself.

As soon as the flap closed, I heard her call out. 'Ray? Are you still

"I'm here, Micki. I'm not going anywhere. Just let me know when you're
ready, and I'll come in."

I heard her rustling around for a few minutes, until she finally called
out softly, "Okay, Ray. I'm ready."

She was bundled up in my sleeping bag as if she were intensely cold,
with only her head showing. Her eyes were wide and she still had a
frightened look in them as she watched me crawl in. I lay down on top of
the ground sheet next to her.

"I don't know how to thank you, Ray," she said quietly. Tears started
leaking from her eyes again, though she wasn't sobbing.

"Hey," I said. You just got caught up in a situation. I'm just glad I
came along when I did."

'Me, too," she said. "God, how could I be so stupid?" she suddenly
wailed, turning away from me.

"Micki, don't beat yourself up over this," I said, putting my hand on
her shoulder. "Those guys should have known better than to try to take
advantage of you. You may have been careless, but they were the ones
creating the problem."

She turned back around and wiped her eyes with the palms of her hands.
"Thanks," she said. "But you really laid into them, didn't you?"

It was my turn to feel embarrassed. "Yeah, I did, I guess," I said.
"Go to sleep, Micki, and we'll talk about it in the morning, okay?"

I could see her eyes were drooping even as I said it. She nodded, then
sat up quickly, still clutching the sleeping back tightly to her, and gave
me a kiss on my cheek. She lay back down and was asleep in minutes.

I was cold, and the aftermath of the fight contributed to my shivers. I
got out a sweatshirt and put it on, then lay down again and huddled against
the side of the tent and tried to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I was cold and stiff. I rolled over and
looked over at Micki. She was looking back at me, watching me quietly.

"Good morning," I said. "How do you feel?"

"Like shit," she said. 'I've got a headache, and I'm sore all over."

"I'm not surprised," I said. "You were not in good shape last night.
Let's see if we can get you something to eat. It'll make you feel much

"Um....I don't have a top to wear. Mine got all torn up. I'm not
wearing anything right now," she said.

"Oh," I said. I had forgotten about her ripped tank top. "Well, you
can wear one of my t-shirts. Here," I said as I rummaged around looking
for a shirt for her, "try this one on."

She took it and disappeared into the sleeping bag. There were
mysterious movements and bulges, then her arms appeared, and she pushed the
sleeping bag down as she wriggled out.

"Thanks, Ray," she said, eyes downcast. The t-shirt was huge on her.

'Come on, let's find some food," I said, grabbing her hand.

She pulled me back before I could move and looked pleadingly at me.

"Please don't say anything to anybody about what happened last night,"
she implored. "I don't want anybody to know about this. Please?"

"Okay, Micki," I said. "Anything you say."

"Do you promise? I mean it, Ray, no one. I feel stupid enough without
everyone pointing and snickering at me for the rest of my life."

"Micki, I don't think it will be as bad as that, but if you insist,
okay. I promise." I had no clue at the time just what keeping that promise
would cost me shortly.

I opened the flap of the tent, still holding her hand, and we stepped
out into the sunshine.

Everybody else was already up and around the campsite, tending the fire
or getting ready to cook breakfast. It was like somebody yelled "Freeze!"
All seven of them stopped what they were doing and stared at Micki and me.

I heard Brad say, "Oh, shit," almost at the same time as Allie whispered
to herself, "What is she doing here?" I mentally kicked myself. Fuck me
with a baseball bat, I thought, how is this going to go?

Micki stopped short, still holding on to me, and looked around

"Uh," I stammered, "this isn't what it looks like..."

"No?" said Lindsey coldly. "And just what is it, if it isn't what it
looks like?"

"Ray?" Micki said quietly behind me. "Maybe I should just go."

"Come on, Lindz, you know me better than that," I pleaded. 'Micki

"I thought I knew you, Ray," said Lindsey. "I think I know HER, too."
Her stare in Micki's direction was decidedly unfriendly.

'Ray?" Micki said, a tremor in her voice.

"Come on, Micki, I'll give you a ride back home," I said roughly. "
Brad, do me a favor, pack up my stuff? I'll pick it up from you later." I
whirled and practically pulled Micki off her feet as I headed for my car.

"Sure, buddy," I heard him call after me. "I'll call you when I get
back home."

I unlocked the car and opened the door for Micki, then walked around and
got in. I started it up and spun out of the parking lot onto the dirt
road, fishtailing slightly until the tires gained traction. I willed my
hands to relax on the wheel, and slowed the car down, and took a couple of
deep breaths to calm down. I glanced over at Micki, sitting against the
door looking at me with sad eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Ray," she said dejectedly. "I've really messed this
whole weekend up."

I took one more deep breath. "Not your fault, Micki. Don't worry about
it. It's their problem if they read more into a situation than what's

We drove on for a few more minutes in silence.

"So," she said with a rueful smile, "how's your day going so far?"

I goggled at her in shock until the absurdity of the situation struck
me. I laughed out loud, and so did Micki. We drove down the dirt road,
weaving back and forth, laughing until we cried.

- 9 Late that night, I was up in my room reading when I heard the
telephone ring. My mom called up the stairs to me.

"Ray! Telephone!"

"Okay, Mom, I'll get it up here!"

I picked up the phone and said hello, but there was only the phantom
clicks and hums of an open telephone line traveling a long way.

I was just about to hang up when I heard Missy's voice.

"Why, Ray?"

"What? Is that you, Missy?"

"Why, Ray? And why with her?"

My heart sank. Someone, probably Lindsey, had called her and told her
about seeing Micki and me coming out of my tent.

"Missy, you've got it wrong. I need to talk to you, but I want to see
you face to face."

I heard her sob. "Why with that CHEAP SLUT!" she screamed as she
slammed the telephone down.

My knees would no longer hold my weight. I dropped to the chair and dug
out my wallet, frantically looking for her aunt's number so I could call
her back. Finally I found the number and dialed.

No answer. Goddamned Caller ID, I cursed. I was well and truly fucked,
and deep in my heart I knew it.

Missy was scheduled to get home on Monday evening, and beginning about
6:00 I tried calling her house, but I never got anything but the answering
machine. I tried calling Brad, and he at least agreed to come over and
drop off my camping gear, but he was clearly unhappy about having to make a
choice between his girlfriend and me. I tried to explain without going
into detail, as Micki had requested, but nothing I said was explanation

The next day at school, I saw Missy in the hallway between classes, but
she avoided any contact with me. I felt like I had leprosy or something.
Even Micki was very subdued, but at least she talked to me.

"Ray," she said as we met up between 3rd and 4th period, "I'm so sorry
about what's happening. I tried to talk to Missy myself, to explain to her
what happened, but she won't even talk to me. I don't know what to do
anymore," she added sadly.

"I don't know, either. The damage is already done, I guess. Christ,
what a mess!" I said sourly.

"Listen," she said, "can you ditch football practice tonight? I was
going to skip cheer practice, so let's go somewhere and try to figure this
out, okay?"

Reluctantly, I agreed to meet her right after school. Maybe we could
come up with a solution if we talked it out some more, I thought.

At the end of the day I asked Brad to cover for me at practice. He
agreed to tell Coach that I was feeling sick and had gone home. Micki met
me in the parking lot, and we got into my car and pulled out of the lot.

"Where should we go?" I asked.

"Let's go to my house. We should be able to talk there," she suggested.

I parked in the street in front of her house, and we walked around to
the back door and entered. There didn't seem to be anybody else home,
which suited me just fine. The fewer people who knew I was here the better
I liked it.

"My parents both work," she said apologetically. "I don't have any
brothers or sisters, so I've been kind of a latchkey kid my whole life. Do
you want a Coke or something?" she asked, turning toward the refrigerator.

"Sure," I said.

"The family room's through that door over there," she said, pointing
toward the far door. "Make yourself at home, and I'll be right there."

I went into the family room and flopped down on the couch. I was
staring at the blank television screen, my mind switched off, when she came
in carrying two sodas. She put the drinks on the coffee table in front of
us, and then knelt down on the couch next to me. She put both her hands on
my right shoulder to get my attention.

"Ray," she said quietly, "How can we fix this, without letting everyone
know how insanely stupid I was?"

"I don't know, Micki," I said dejectedly. "I'm not sure it's even
fixable at this point. It looks like she's gone, and she isn't coming

"In that case," she said softly, "I can thank you better than I have so

With that, she took my head in her hands and fell across my lap. I
stiffened in surprise as she pulled herself up to my face and planted those
big, tempting lips on mine, parting hers slightly to reach out with her
tongue to lick across my mouth. Almost instinctively I opened up, and her
tongue lashed into my mouth to taste and explore. My arms went around her
involuntarily as she kissed me harder, and I pressed her to me. As our
kiss got more intense, she twisted slightly in my arms, moving her tiny
breast into my hand. I squeezed her roughly, and she groaned in arousal
into my mouth. My own temperature was rising, and the blood was flowing
from my brain into my suddenly rising cock. A moan escaped me at the
sudden barrage of sensations. My last semi-coherent thought before my
brain shut down was that I might as well enjoy it, since everything worth
losing was already lost anyway. With that, I surrendered to the lust.

There was very little tenderness in our actions. It was sex, mind
numbing and powerful. I sat her up and pulled her shirt up and off her,
and then pulled my own shirt off and tossed it aside. She unsnapped her
bra and threw it down on the floor, and then renewed her attack on my
mouth. We tried to suck each other up, alternately biting and licking at
each other's lips between hard, wet, open-mouthed kisses. I grabbed at her
breasts, roughly kneading the small mounds, and used my fingertips to work
her nipples back and forth. While her boobs were very small, her nipples
were quite large and very responsive, puffing out like pencil erasers.
While I was squeezing her breasts and nipples, she was running her
fingernails up and down my chest, pausing occasionally to scratch at my
belly button and the waistband of my jeans.

Finally she gave up all pretenses and broke our kiss, bending to
concentrate on loosening my belt and unsnapping my jeans. She pulled the
snap apart with such force the zipper slid most of the way down. She
grabbed the tab and unzipped my pants the rest of the way down, and then
reached right in and grabbed my erect cock with one hand while she
struggled to push my pants down my legs with the other. I lifted up off my
ass and helped her push them down, kicking off my shoes at the same time.
With my cock sticking up and my balls accessible, she stroked me up and
down with one hand and explored my balls with the other. I knew I wouldn't
last long this way, but I really didn't care. Let it come, I thought. She
licked her lips, and looked up at me. Looking directly into my eyes, she
opened those bruised-looking lips and slowly, seductively rested them on
the crown of my hard cock. She rubbed her closed lips around, and I could
see my leaking pre-cum being spread around my cock and coating her lips.
She licked around the helmet of my cock, and then she opened her mouth and
slowly, agonizingly wrapped her lips around the entire head of my inflamed
prick, all the while watching me watching her. She dropped her eyes and
started concentrating on her task. She sucked on my head hard, and then
let a dribble of saliva leak out and run down my cock. She was still
stroking me with one small hand below her mouth, and the added moisture
created a delicious slipperiness between her fingers and my stony erection.
She continued sucking as she dropped further and further onto my cock,
until she had taken the entire length into her mouth and throat. It was
the first time I had ever felt a mouth around my whole cock at one time,
and it nearly caused me to spurt right then. She pulled back all the way
to the tip, and ran her tongue around the underside without letting up on
the pressure of her lips. I reached down and played with her breasts and
nipples while she blew me, creating a dangerous pressure deep inside me
that threatened to overwhelm me at any second. She dropped back down onto
my cock once again, taking me deep, until I was on the verge of exploding.
She sensed that my climax was near, and lifted her mouth off me and
squeezed me with her hand just below the head, applying steady pressure to
stave off my ejaculation.

When she felt my muscles relax a little, she let go and stood,
unsnapping her own jeans and peeling them off, taking her tiny panties with
them. When she was completely naked, I grabbed her around her waist. I
remotely noticed that my hands went nearly all the way around her when I
held her by the waist, and was vaguely surprised at how small she really
was. I wondered briefly if I would be able to fit inside her, but then
remembered that she had no trouble taking me with her mouth, so she
probably could take me with her other lips, too. I picked her up, and set
her down on her back on the couch. She settled back with her legs spread
and bent at the knee, offering herself up to me. There was a gleam of lust
in her eyes, and she was breathing deeply, her small chest rising and
falling. I could clearly count her ribs, and her breasts had practically
disappeared, augmented by those incredible, red nipples. I bent down and
took one of those turgid nubs between my teeth, biting down lightly. I ran
my tongue across her chest to the other distended nipple, and gave it the
same rough treatment with my lips and teeth, before descending down her
body. I felt her sparse pubic hair against my chin, and I could smell her
excitement. I dragged my tongue through her dark hair to the top of her
puffy slit, and delved into her folds to uncover the well of oily essence
within. I reached up and ran my finger down, opening her pussy lips wide,
my tongue following my finger. I flicked the tip of my tongue against her
erect clit as I pushed my middle finger up to the knuckle into her steamy
hole, and then I tasted her all the way down to her flooded opening. As I
dipped my tongue as deeply as I could into her, I could hear her panting
raggedly. I felt her grab the back of my head and pull me closer to her.
Her hips were moving of their own volition, rubbing her slippery lips
around my chin as I tongued her hole. She shrieked suddenly, cumming hard,
and her cunt contracted and squirted into my mouth as her legs clamped
around my head. I thought disjointedly that she tasted a lot different
than Melissa, but I liked it just the same.

Her legs relaxed, and she pulled me up to hold me tightly, whispering
breathlessly, "No more, no more. Wait just a minute."

I lay down by her on the couch while she caught her breath, holding her
and running my hands up and down her sides. After a few minutes I felt her
reach down toward my cock and wrap her small hand around its girth.

"Are you ready for a ride?" she said with a smile.

She gave me a couple of quick tugs before releasing her hold. She
pushed me off the couch, and got up and turned around to face the couch,
motioning me to move behind her.

"This is my favorite position," she said with a smile, leaning over and
draping herself across the seat. Her tight, flawless ass stuck up in the
air, her pussy lips swollen and inviting between her legs. I sidled up to
her, my cock stiffly erect at an angle and my balls swollen and swinging
below, and put my hands right on the slight flare of her narrow hips. I
rubbed the head of my aching cock up and down her sopping cunt, spreading
the moisture around the tip, then bent my legs and grabbed my shaft. Her
rubbery cunt lips parted, curling around my stem as I searched for the
opening to her vagina. I felt the tip enter her, and she moaned in delight
and pushed back at me, trying to impale herself on me. I put my hand back
on her hip as I flexed, and as my steely cock slowly entered her, I
caressed the silky skin of her ass cheeks from her hips to her crack. When
I was about halfway in, I paused to get used to the pressure and the heat
coming from her tight cunt. I slid back out until just the tip was inside
her, then shafted back into her, this time bottoming out just as my balls
slapped against her. I stopped again, engrossed in the feeling of her cunt around my hard cock. She wiggled her ass to get me going, and I started
pumping out, then all the way in, then out again.

There was no finesse, no romance, nothing but raw sex. In and out,
faster and faster, I knew I would not last long, but I was beyond caring if
she was coming with me. Our combined moistures were creating a squishing
sound as I moved in and out of her. I leaned over her, resting on her
back, and reached around to her chest and grabbed her slightly dangling
breasts and squeezed them, hanging on as she started jerking and moving
hard against me as I stroked into her. I felt her orgasm hit her, and felt
her cunt muscles clamp down on my cock as she came, crying out in her
exquisite anguish. She collapsed down a little onto the couch, trapping my
hands, in the aftermath of her climax, breathing hard again. I stood back
up, still buried balls deep inside her, and paused for a moment until she
could gather herself for one more onslaught. After a few seconds, I felt
her wiggle her ass again in a signal for me to continue, and I started
slowly once again, building up speed as I fucked her.

I was close, and she knew it. Suddenly she reached down between her
legs, just as I was at my deepest in her, and grabbed my balls. She
squeezed them like I had squeezed her boobs, and that was all it took. I
tensed up, my head rearing back, and pushed as far as I could into her as I
exploded. My cock expanded, pulsed out a stream, then expanded and pulsed,
on and on until I thought I had turned inside out. All the while she was
holding and massaging my balls, milking me for every drop. Distantly, the
thought crossed my mind that maybe Melissa would like doing it doggie-style
like this, and with that thought, reality came crashing in on me. I
collapsed on top of Micki, my cock shriveling inside her. I felt
completely defeated. All my muscles turned to water, and Micki had to
wriggle her way out from underneath me.

I just lay there, knowing now, finally, that Missy and the others were
right. It seemed that it was just me who didn't realize it until now. And
now it was too late. I'd fucked up again.


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