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Harriet Hotter SB11


Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone Ch.11
by Couture

(Ff, humil, sci-fi)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.
(c) 2002 Couture


Stella turned a very tired Harriet over on her hands
and knees. Harriet spread her legs wide in her
eagerness to be fucked by the red-robe. She hadn't
had an orgasm since Chloe used the vibrator on her,
and she hoped that her phallus-shaped wand might be
enough to take her over the edge.

But then Harriet felt the wand poking not at her
aching hot sex, but at her tightly clenched rear.

"Ugh," Harriet grunted, moving forward and arching her
back to escape the hard wand. "Wrong hole."

Stella grabbed Harriet firmly by her athletic hips.
"That's the right hole . . . for boys like you," she
said confidently, pushing the head of the phallus that
had been previously lubricated with the secretions of
her classmates, into Harriet's tight dark tunnel.

"Fuck!" Harriet groaned in pain, but the word causing
her sex to clench. This was nothing like the time she
lost her virginity with Chloe. That was like a sharp
pain and then an amazingly pleasurable fullness. This
was like losing your virginity to every half inch of
unyielding wooden wand. Harriet reached back with her
hands to push the wicked girl away, but Stella just
grabbed her by the wrists and used them to push her
upper body to the mattress.

Harriet wished Stella had paid a little more attention
while gently divested the other red-robes of their
virginity. It was an act that needed to be savored,
not squandered or even worse - plundered.

Of course Stella didn't feel she was squandering poor
Harriet's virginity. Her family had always had money
and she had seen first hand the power that it bought.
However, nothing prepared her for this kind of power.
The wooden phallus practically thrummed with power, as
she stuffed more of its length into Harriet's tiny
hole. Stella always achieved her goals, and right now
her goal was to bury the dildo in Harriet's ass and
teach the impertinent girl a lesson in humility.

Harriet tried in vain to fight the inevitable
violation, but it only seemed to cause her more pain.
Finally, she tried to give in to it and relax, but
thinking and doing proved to be two entirely different
matters. It was only by chance that she happened on
the solution. She tried to push out as if she was
using the bathroom and when she did, the dildo slipped
in with much greater ease.

Harriet tried again and giving a long drawn out groan
until she felt the comforting feel of Stella's stomach
against her ass.

"That's good. I knew you wanted it," Stella said.
"I'm going to fuck you now my little boy bitch."

"No, wait," Harriet pleaded. "Let me get used to it
fi-ugh . . ."

Harriet gasped as it was withdrawn, leaving her
feeling empty to the core. Then too soon, Stella
pushed it home again. Nothing could have prepared
Harriet for the fucking she received by her classmate.
It hurt more than anything she had ever felt before,
totally driving away the aching need to orgasm for the
first minute or so.

Harriet knew she needed to be turned on in order to
survive her ordeal. Thankfully, Harriet knew an easy

"Bitch," she grunted. "Oh, you goddamn witchy-bitch,
ouch, you are fucking my ass."

"You like it don't you boy bitch," Stella said,
fucking her paid for captive even harder.

Suddenly, it didn't feel so bad. A pleasurable warmth
enveloped the dark-haired sorceress. Harriet wished
the girl would let go of her arms so she could push
back against her. Instead, she had to settle for
dipping her hips to meet every thrust.

"Mmmmm-yeah, I like it bitch," Harriet admitted. "But
it goddamn hurts. You'll see one day when it's your

Stella slapped Harriet's ass, leaving a red handprint.
"My turn? No way bitch-boy, I'm your daddy and it is
always daddy's turn."

Stella could feel her orgasm rising and proceeded to
fuck Harriet as fast as she could, punctuating every
thrust with a "Who's your daddy?" and a spank on the
girl's upturned ass.

It proved too much for Harriet. "You're my daddy, you
goddamned bitch," Harriet admitted. She was on the
edge and it felt like she only needed a bit more to

But before she could, Stella cried, "Oh-shit-I'm-
cumming!" and collapsed on Harriet's back, kissing her
sweat covered neck. "Worth every penny," she
whispered, hugging the girl tight.

When she could move again, Stella pulled herself off
her the collapsed form of her classmate. She nudged
the girl, but Harriet, just grunted and didn't open
her eyes.

Stella performed an incantation and took off the
wooden phallus, and noticed it had streaks of blood
and evidence of Harriet's anal deflowering. Stella
took off her locket, opened the small golden bottle
and a drop of glowing liquid dropped onto Harriet's
plundered opening. It instantly transformed from raw
gaping hole to the smooth ivory rosebud it had been

Before she left, Stella cleaned, then reattached the
wand to Harriet's crotch, tucked the long lean
brunette into bed, and placed an extra gold coin on
the pillow. She looked back one final time and closed
the door behind her.

That night Harriet dreamed, not of sex, but of
something quite different. There were three people
standing on a hill, white robe, a red, and a black.
The black was a male.

Harriet watched from the back, and they all seemed
intent on the complex incantation they were
performing. The wind began to gust, blowing leaves
around in circles, and pulling at the long robes.
Harriet watched in rapt silence as the land on the
other side of the valley seemed to fold in on itself
and disappear, leaving only a path where it once was.
'This is the Great Sealing', she realized.

The figure in black reached into his robe and pulled
out a darkly stained knife. It flicked out, faster
than Harriet's eyes could follow. Harriet didn't even
know where it ended up, until the white robe began to
turn red. The girl in the red robe caught the wounded
expression in her mother's face. Mordick's hand
flicked out again, grazing his sister's arm.

The red-robed girl cast a spell on her brother and
smoke seeped out of his robe. The girl looked down at
her arm and then fell down to her knees. She
preformed another incantation on the shimmering
halfway folded land behind her. Mists rose up, and
the path was now hidden.

Mordick turned around and looked in the direction
where Harriet was hidden. "Only two more," he said
with a voice that caused the hair on Harriet's neck to
rise. She shivered as she felt a wave of malevolence
over her such as she had never encountered before.
Finally, Mordick disappeared in a final burst of
smoke, leaving only the remains of his robe, but what
Harriet couldn't get out of her mind was the look on
his face. It wasn't the look of defeat, but of evil

On the ground, the red-robed girl clutched her white-
robed mother to her breast and cried out in agony. It
was a cry that never seemed to end and echoed in
Harriet's ears, even when she woke up.

Harriet was covered in sweat and her heart raced from
her dream. She heard the cry again. She almost
panicked when she felt something on her, thinking it
was Mordick, but then she realized it was only her
roommate Heather.

"Heather," Harriet said. "Get off me! Something's
going on."

She moved the girl over and gently pulled the phallus
free. 'She must have come in while I was asleep,'
Harriet thought. She threw on a gray robe and ran to
the direction of the scream.

It was coming from the bathroom, and it was worse than
she ever expected. Her friend Lovelle was on the
floor crying in despair. In her arms she held what at
first appeared to be a gruesome monster, but what
Harriet came to realize had once been a person. The
skin was waxy and sunken in around the bones as if it
had been mummified. So out of place on the aged body,
was the bright red hair on top of her head.

It was the hair that gave it away. As hard as it was
to believe, the gruesome looking mummified remains in
Lovelle's arms was their mutual friend Paige. Harriet
fell to the floor and held Lovelle, doing her best to
console the poor girl, just as Madam Morganna and
Madam Morose, the old divination, teacher, entered the

Madam Morganna said, pushing gawking girls away, and
examining the body. "Dear Lord, what has happened?"

Lovelle said crying, "I-I don't know. Paige was in
the bathroom for a long time. I came to check on her
and--." She looked down at the mummified corpse in
her arms, sobbed unable to continue, and began to

Madam Morose laid her hand on Lovelle's head,
performed an incantation, and the young girl fell
asleep in Harriet's arms.

Madam Morose turned to Harriet and said, "Put the
young lady to bed. She will sleep all night." To
Morganna: "Surely someone must have seen something.
It is a public bathroom for goodness sake. There are
golems all over."

Madam Morganna waved her arms, shooing the few
onlookers out of the bathroom. "Out-out. Everyone
out. Everything's under control. Go back to your
rooms. You still have class tomorrow."

Finally, the girls in the bathroom reluctantly ambled
out and returned to their rooms, whispering quietly to

"Dear God," Madam Morganna said. "What are we going
to do?"

"Well we need to investigate," said Madam Morose.
"You start with the golems and I'll see if any clues
where left on the body. Tomorrow, we'll tell the
other teachers and somehow we'll get to the bottom of

Visibly shaken, Madam Morganna replied, "Y-yes, we'll
do that. Maybe just a spell gone bad somehow."

Madam Morose said, "And where is Madam Hilda? Isn't
she supposed to be watching this floor?"

Madam Morganna said, "I don't know, but I'm damn sure
going to find out."
To be continued . . .

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