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Harriet Hotter SB3


Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone Ch.3
by Couture

(Ff, humil, etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2001 Couture


"Hurry Hari, I heard Mom's car pull up. Come on,
arms up, so I can get you dressed." Chloe said.

'I can do it myself,' thought Harriet. However, Chloe
was standing there holding the dress over Harriet's
head. Just wanting to something to cover her
nakedness, Harriet obeyed her cousin.

"Hari, go ahead and put some shoes on," Chloe said, as
she slid her jeans up her legs.

Harriet fidgeted with the hem of the short summer
dress. "I-I need something on underneath, Chloe."
Harriet thought about the old saying of being naked
underneath your clothes. She never really understood
what it meant until now, but she really did feel
naked, standing there in the light cotton dress with
nothing on underneath.

"Don't be silly Hari. You're not gonna be able to
wear anything like that in your condition." Chloe
heard the front door close down stairs, then shouted,
"Mom, come upstairs, Harriet's sick!"

Chloe's mother came into the room. "Hello, sweetie,"
she said to her daughter, then turned to look at her
niece. "What is it *this* time?" she asked.

"My-my-my-" Harriet stuttered.

"Harriet's got female problems," Chloe finished for
her cousin.

"Hari, lay back on the bed, so mom can see."

Harriet lay back on the bed, thankful for once to let
her cousin take charge. This feeling was short-lived,
however, when her cousin squatted over her and lifted
her legs up and pressed them firmly against her chest.
Harriet could see anything except the firm cheeks of
Chloe's denim covered ass, but she could only imagine
what she looked like in this shameful position. She
tried to think of something else to keep from getting
more turned on than she already was, but it was

"See Mom, it's all red and swollen. And she said it
was itching something awful." Chloe pulled Harriet's
legs back even further.

Chloe kept a straight face, but inside she was
laughing with delight. She could only imagine what
her cousin must be feeling right now with her pussy
and little rosebud exposed. "Mom, is it normal for
the little hole to spasm like that?" she asked

Poor Harriet had been doing her best to clench her
ass, to try to protect her remaining modesty, but
found she wasn't even to be allowed this modesty. She
reluctantly relaxed ass and was sure they could see
her every dirty bit.

"You haven't been doing anything you aren't supposed
to *have you*?" her aunt asked.

"N-no," Harriet lied and prayed Chloe would keep her

"You don't sound very convinced," said her aunt.
"Well, get in the car and let's get you to the

Harriet got into the backseat of the car and was
surprised when Chloe sat next to her. Usually, Chloe
always sat in the front seat with her mother.

Mrs. Hotter noticed, and even said something about it.
"Why are you riding back there Chloe?"

"I thought I would ride back here with Hari, since she
isn't feeling good."

"That is so sweet honey. Isn't that nice of Chloe,

'Nice? I'm being taken to the emergency room and all
you care about is how nice Chloe is being?' Harriet
thought to herself. "Yes, auntie," she grudgingly

However, Harriet thought Chloe wasn't being very nice
at all. The moment they pulled out of the drive,
Chloe was pulling Harriet's skirt up. The small girl
struggled against her cousin, drawing her aunt's

"Sit still back there or I'll give you something to
squirm about!" Her aunt threatened, looking
disapprovingly from the rearview mirror.

"Mom, the poor thing must be itching half to death,"
Chloe said. "Hari, just close your eyes and lean back
and try to think of something else."

"But-but-" Harriet sputtered, still struggling.

"No buts, you little brat, do as your sister says."

'Damn it!' thought Harriet. 'That bitch is the reason
I got in trouble in the first place. Not even my
sister, anyway.' She glared at Chloe with contempt.

Chloe ignored Harriet's blistering look and grinned
with her victory. "You heard mom, lean back."

Harriet pulled the skirt out of Chloe's grasp and
pulled it tight underneath her thighs. Reluctantly,
she leaned back in the seat.

"Now close your eyes." Chloe soothed.

Harriet closed her eyes and almost immediately she
felt Chloe's hand dash up her skirt. Harriet grasped
Chloe's wrist and tried to pull her hand away, but her
cousin had grabbed a handful of her curly pubes.
Pulling on Chloe's hand meant pulling her sensitive
hairs out by the root. She had been defeated, and she
knew it.

Harriet kept waiting for Chloe to do something mean
and spiteful, but it seemed her cousin was still being
nice for some odd reason. Now, she didn't like the
fact that Chloe presumed to put a hand on her privates
without regard to Harriet's thoughts or feelings.
'After all, they are *my* privates,' thought Hari.

However, the slight tugging on her pubic hair and the
gentle scratching of her moist nether lips was
pleasing - quite pleasing. All too soon, Harriet's
body overruled her mind, and the young girl's legs
spread wide, as her narrow hips pumped imperceptibly.

Chloe's mother looked back in the rear view mirror and
was very pleased with the results. Her daughter
lovingly patted her calm and quite niece on the head,
in a matronly manner. Chloe caught her mother's
reflection in the mirror and smile cheerfully.
Harriet was just doing her best not to moan.

When Chloe's fingers were finally removed, Harriet
actually mourned the loss. Eyes still closed, she
unconsciously pulled up her skirt and spread her legs
wider. "Please," she breathed.

"We're here, Hari," Chloe said, startling Harriet out
of her sexual daze.

"Wha-where?" Harriet's head popped up and her groggy
eyes blinked and then focused. Her gaze was met by
the wide open stare of the older man in the ticket
booth. Harriet followed his gaze to her own very
aroused and uncovered sex. "Oh God!" she exclaimed,
as she pulled her skirt down and clamped her legs
shut. He had seen her lewd display, but not what
Chloe had been doing to her. 'What must he think of
me?' she thought, blushing furiously.

Chloe sat poker faced next to her, while her mother
parked the car. Harriet wondered if the Chloe had
tried to embarrass her intentionally or if it was
accidental. She had tried to warn her after all.

When Harriet got out of car, she found her legs were
weak from the teasing.

"Easy there Hari," Chloe said, as she put an arm
around the smaller girl, to steady her.

Harriet actually found herself welcoming the touch.
She had always felt like an outsider in the family.
Chloe's mother Ann showed little affection except when
it came to Chloe. Chloe had always treated Harriet as
a nuisance at best and an enemy at worst, but lately
Chloe seemed to be trying to get a little closer to

Inside the hospital, Harriet was signed in and they
had a seat. Shortly, her name was called and she was
escorted to one of the small examination rooms.

"Mother, do you mind if I keep Harriet company?" Chloe

"Not at all, *nurse Chloe*," her mother beamed. She
was so proud of her daughter at times like this; yet
sad the girl was growing up so fast.

Harriet was waiting in the examination room with
dread. The nurse had insisted she strip and put on
the small backless gown. She had tried to get out of
it, but the nurse insisted. So Harriet stood crying,
afraid to sit down on the paper covered bed, for fear
of leaving a wet spot on the paper.

"Are you okay?" Chloe asked as she entered the room
without knocking.

<sniff> "No. Oh God, Chloe, I-I don't know what to
do. <sniff> I-I can't sit down. I-I'm . . . wet . .
. down there."

"It'll be okay Harriet," Chloe said, taking charge of
the situation. She grabbed a swath of cotton bandage
and ordered Harriet on the examination bed.

"Thank you Chloe," Harriet said, trying to take the
bandage from Chloe's hand.

Chloe snatched it back. "No," she said firmly. "Let
me see."

Harriet blushed and spread her legs slightly.


Harriet's legs spread as wide as she could get them.
Her tendons trembled from the strain and her growing
arousal. Swollen lips parted exposing the pink folds
of her flower. She was wet . . . very wet . . . and
very embarrassed as her cousin stooped down to inspect
her sex.

"Naughty - naughty," Chloe chided. She moved behind
Harriet and blotted her sex with the cotton bandage.
"What do you think that pretty little nurse will think
when she sees this? Ewwwww, maybe she will think she
is turning you on?" Chloe whispered in Harriet's ear
while she pressed the cotton cloth against her swollen

Harriet struggled to think of something else to take
her mind off what was going on down below. Chloe was
trying to help, but everything her cousin said and
did, seemed to be turning her on even more. Harriet
tried counting down from one hundred by threes. '100-
97-94-91-88' she counted, as she tried to take her
mind off her situation.

"You've almost soaked the cotton you little slut.
You're not going to cum are you? You know the doctor
is going to touch you, don't you? God, I sure hope
you don't make a spectacle out of yourself. What if
you came? What if you came for the doctor? How
embarrassing." Chloe continued to whisper, while
Harriet's narrow hips started to roll in response.

There was a gentle knocking on the door. Luckily,
Chloe had the presence of mind to pull Harriet's gown
down and press her cousin's legs together.

A young nurse entered the room. She walked over to
Harriet and took the young girl's blood pressure. "So
what seems to be the problem today?" she asked.

"I-I-I have a rash . . . down there," Harriet
stuttered, nodding her head down to her sex.

"Well, I'm sure everything will be alright. The
doctor will be in, in just a second." The nurse
turned to Chloe and said, "You may want to go back to
the waiting room."

"Harriet's scared of hospitals, so our mom asked me to
come in here for moral support," Chloe said.

Harriet was actually thankful her cousin was going to
stay, especially with the hot feeling occurring in her

There was another knock on the door and the doctor
walked in. She had short black hair, a white jacket,
and a stethoscope around her neck. She read Harriet's
chart, stuck something in her ear to look inside, and
did the same in her mouth. Things quickly went
downhill from there.

"I need you to take off your gown now Harriet," stated
the Doctor.

Harriet slipped the gown off of her shoulders, and the
nurse took it from her.

The doctor slid the stirrups out from under the
examination table. "Just lean back now Harriet, and
put your legs up here."

Harriet eased back onto the paper-covered table. It
was cold and chill bumps covered her body. She was
glad of it; at least it gave her an excuse for her
hardened nipples. She tried to keep her legs tightly
closed, but when the doctor spread the stirrups, she
was displayed in front of everyone.

Harriet felt the doctor's glove covered hands probing
her nether tissues. The doctor was bringing her to
the brink of orgasm and she didn't even know it.

"How long has it been like this?" asked the doctor.

"Ugh, I-it's been about an ah-day," Harriet replied

"Have you used a different soap or douche?"

"Mm-no." Harriet could feel the doctor spreading her
lower lips. The young girl was mortified, when she
felt her secretions leak from her sex. She remembered
Chloe's last words. What if she came? What if the
doctor made her cum in front of everyone? Harriet
tried to take her mind of the sensations coming from
her sex, but the doctor kept drawing her back with her
incessant questions.

"You're a young girl Harriet and this time of your
life is full of discovery. Ah - have you by chance
discovered something recently?"

"Ugh, disc- discovered what?"

"Masturbation, Harriet." The doctor felt the young
girl jerk and tense up. "It's okay. Every girl
discovers it. It's a magical time of your life."

"No," Harriet moaned, trying to squirm away from the
doctor's fingers. She wasn't even answering the
question; she just wanted the doctor to leave her
alone for a minute, because she was dangerously close
to orgasm.

"Doctor, I ah- I sort of ah- caught Harriet doing
something today," Chloe said shyly.

"Really? Now, Harriet, would you care to tell me-"
the doctor began.

"Ugh - no-no-no," Harriet moaned.

The doctor wasn't aware of it, but when she talked,
she moved her fingers. Not usually a problem, unless
your fingers happen to be on the engorged sex of a
very aroused girl. "Young lady, how can I help you,
when you will not cooperate?"

Though the doctor had no clue, both the nurse and
Chloe saw what was about to happen. From her ragged
breath, dilated eyes, and heaving flushed chest, it
was obvious the curly haired geek was going to cum.

"Doctor, I think maybe you shouldn't-" began the
nurse, but it was too late. It was at that moment,
the doctor decided to examine the swollen clitoris and
one tiny touch was all it took to send the frustrated
girl over the edge.

"No-no-no-oh-oh-oh-eeeeeeohhhhhh!" moaned Harriet,
thrusting her narrow hips in time with contractions of
pleasure within her cunt.

"Oh dear," said the doctor and that was when all hell
broke loose. The fluorescent lights flickered and
then a shrill alarm went off. The doctor and nurse
rushed from the room in a panic, leaving the door

When Harriet finally came down from her climax, she
blushed with the knowledge of what she had done. 'Oh
God, I just came in front of the doctor!' she thought.
Then she lifted her head and caught sight of her
audience leering at her from the waiting room. 'Oh
God!' she thought, as she remembered she was naked and
spread wide. "Eeeeeeeekkkkk! Chloe, the door!" she

Chloe held the doorknob. "Say please."

"Please Chloe. Oh-please-please-please-" Harriet
begged. She was extremely grateful when Chloe closed
the door.

Chloe walked back over to Harriet and peered down at
her cousin. Poor Harriet never felt so helpless and
naked in all her life.

"I can't believe you just did that." Chloe whispered;
her face animated with delight. "That was so bad - so
wicked the way you came on her fingers like that. You
should have seen the look on her face."

Harriet had never seen her cousin like this. It was
almost as if she was proud of what Harriet had done.
The embarrassed teen couldn't find anything to be
proud of. Shame and total mortification was all she

"Wow, you looked like such a slut thrusting your hips
and moaning oh-oh-oh-eeeeoohhh," Chloe mimicked,
thrusting her hips and grabbing her breasts. "Tell me,
how did it feel?"

Harriet blushed and shrugged her shoulders. 'Oh God,
did I really do that? Is that the way I looked?' she
thought in horror.

A few minutes later, the nurse poked her head in the
door and told Harriet to get dressed, and that the
doctor would be back in a few minutes.

Much to Harriet's dismay, when the doctor entered, she
entered with her aunt in tow.

"Ms. Hotter, I need to talk with you briefly about
your daughter."

"Niece. She's my niece." Anne corrected.

"Niece, yes - well, young girls are naturally curious
about their bodies and though Harriet's a little older
than most at that stage; it seems she has discovered a
certain part of her body . . . if you know what I

Anne Hotter nodded, and blushed at the implications of
what the doctor said. Her face was almost as red as
Harriet's, who seemed suddenly extremely fascinated by
the patterns in the tile floor at that moment.

"So I think it might be a good idea for you to explain
some things to her at home. I'm also prescribing a
cream to be applied to the irritated membranes twice a
day. I also think it would probably be a good idea
for Harriet to refrain from ah- touching herself down
there for two weeks. After that maybe she should
limit herself to once a day. Okay?"

"Okay . . . thank you doctor." Anne wasn't used to
this talk of sex and of things sexual. It appeared
her niece was a pervert; she only prayed the whole
town wouldn't find out. 'A masturbator. I wonder how
much she had to masturbate to do this to herself?'
Anne thought, as they walked out the door. 'Well,
we'll see about that won't we.'

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