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Harriet Hotter SB6


Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone Ch.6
by Couture


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


Chloe nudged her unmoving cousin. "Wakie-wakie, we've
got to go to school."

Harriet groaned and got out of bed, while Chloe sat up
and stretched, dangling her pretty feet off the bed.

"You forgot to thank me for the gift," said Chloe.

"Thanks Chloe." Harriet walked back to her cousin and
hugged her.

"It's too late for that now. I think you should say
you're sorry."

Harriet didn't know what to make of her cousin.
Sometimes Chloe acted as if Harriet were her wife and
other times she acted as if Harriet were a toy or doll
of some sort. "I'm sorry Chloe," Harriet said.

"I don't believe you. Kiss my foot to make it up to
me." Chloe lifted her foot up slightly and flexed her
painted toenails.

Harriet couldn't believe the nerve of her cousin. Nor
could she believe how tingly her body felt, when she
knelt down on all fours to give her cousin's foot a
little peck.

"Not like that. *Kiss it*," Chloe breathed.

Harriet's lips parted and she imagined she was kissing
her cousin's mouth. She sucked and nibbled at each
tiny toe. A low whimper escaped her mouth. She was
getting aroused again. However, something under the
bed caught her attention. Could it be? Her eyes
focused. Yes, it was! A present!

She kissed Chloe's foot in gratitude. "Is it mine?
Is it mine?" Harriet's eyes got big as she pulled the
nicely wrapped present out from under the bed and
clutched it to her bare chest.

"Is there another birthday girl here?" Chloe asked her
starry-eyed cousin. "Have you been cheating on me you
little slut?"

Harriet turned red and shook her head in response.

"Go ahead silly, open it." Chloe said.

Harriet fingered the wrapping, suddenly very nervous.
'What if I don't like it,' she worried. She thought
back to the Christmas presents she had received in the
past from Chloe's mom: The vacuum cleaner, the mop
and bucket, the air conditioner that went into Chloe's
room. What if it was a present like that?

"Open it. Open it." Chloe urged. She moved her foot
so that her toe touched Harriet's sex. She stroked it
up and down.

Almost reluctantly Harriet removed the wrapping and
took hold of the lid. She closed her eyes and opened
it. Then, she peeked and there inside was an outfit.
*A new outfit*. Her *first* new outfit.

"Thank you. Thank you so much!" Harriet beamed. As
much as she liked the new outfit, Chloe's toe was
doing things down below that demanded her full
attention. Her thighs parted and she leaned back on
her hands.

"You're welcome Hari. You can wear it to school today
if you want, but I thought you might like to wear it
tonight. For the rest of your present, I'm taking you
out wherever you want to go. Well, wherever you want
that costs twenty dollars. Your outfit set my
allowance back, you little bitch."

"Ugh," Chloe grunted, as the toe continued to tease
her sex. "This is the best birthday ever, Chloe."

Chloe arched her eyebrows slyly. "I was just joking
with you before, but you liked kissing my foot, didn't

Harriet blushed and nodded her head.

"And you like fucking my foot, don't you, nasty girl?"
Chloe's toe disappeared into Harriet's tight tunnel,
causing her to gasp.

Chloe withdrew her now shiny digit and placed it to
Harriet's lips. Harriet opened her mouth and sucked
her juices from the toe.

"Too bad, cause no more cumming until tonight. Get
dressed for school, we've already missed a couple of


All day long Harriet had daydreamed of her morning
activities with Chloe and she imagined what they would
do that night. Her cunt ached, but it was a good ache
... a reminder of things to come.

But even though her attention was diverted with
thoughts of sex, some pretty strange things started to
catch her eye. First, there was the crow; a large
black one that would have made Mr. Poe proud. Harriet
caught sight of it peering into the classroom as if
looking for something.

This wasn't so strange in itself, but then she saw a
large white ball of fur that was sitting on the window
sill. 'What the hell is a Persian cat doing in the
window?" Harriet thought. She had a funny feeling in
her stomach. 'Why am I afraid of a stupid cat?'

Harriet was glad when class ended, so she could get
away from the strange animals in the window. However,
when she walked into her English class, she saw the
dammed bird again. It was too much to be a
coincidence. Harriet quickly turned and walked the
other way, stopping in the bathroom where there were
no windows.

While she was in the bathroom, she peed and then
touched herself. She was moist and her nether lips
were puffy with arousal. She inserted a digit in her
sex. It slipped in easily. 'It's gone now and
forever,' she thought about her lost virginity.

She removed her finger and pressed her legs tightly
together. 'I better save it for Chloe.'

Harriet flushed the toilet and then straightened up
her clothes. She washed her face at the sink. The
cool water felt nice against her hot flushed skin.


Harriet jumped at the distinctly male voice that
sounded like Joe Pesci. "Whoever you are, you
shouldn't be in here," she said backing away.

"Down heh toots."

Harriet turned and saw a large black cat sitting on
the floor. "Aigh!" she screamed and jumped away,
landing rump first in the sink.

"Hey, you don't need to be afraid o' me. I ain't wit
nobody but me. I was just mindin my own business and
then I seen all de familias runnin around in *my*
neighborhood. Just got a little curious what they was
lookin for." The cat said. "and it seems they was
lookin for you witchie."

"Look . . . you stay away from me . . . you-you . . .
cat. I'm ain't no witch and no one is looking for me.
J-just leave me alone," Harriet stuttered.

"Hey, I don' mean no disrespect, but I tink I can tell
when somebody's lookin for somebody and who that
somebody is. *And* if you ain't no witchie, then
whatcha' doin' talkin' to a cat?" the cat said, before
something seemed to catch his interest on his front

"I'm not talking to a-a-a-" Harriet took a self-
inventory. She was talking to a cat and cats don't
talk, therefore, she must be losing her mind or she
needed to get the hell out of dodge.

Harriet choose the latter. She sprung up and dashed
out of the bathroom, leaving an unconcerned black cat
in her wake.

The black cat sat unconcerned and cleaned his paw for
a minute. "Something strange is goin' on around here.
I tink I'm goin' to be keep an eye on you witchie."
He walked into the bathroom stall and walked straight
up to the tile wall. He passed right through, without
even pausing.

Harriet was crouched down behind a bookshelf shaking
in fear. She went to the only other place in school
without windows she could think of. The library. And
that's where she remained without incidence, until the
last bell rang.

Harriet ran for Chloe's car. She was eager to get
away from the strange birds and talking cats. It
seemed like it was forever before Chloe finally
emerged from the school and walked calmly to her car
and unlocked it. "My, you're eager today, aren't you
little slut." Chloe winked slyly at her cousin, as
she got in the car.

"Please hurry," urged Harriet, tapping on the window.

Chloe started the car, but didn't unlock the door.
Then, Harriet's window slid down a few inches. "Are
you wet?" asked Chloe.

Harriet blushed in answer. 'How can she be thinking
of sex right now? How can I be thinking about it?'
she wondered, because she could feel her sex gush at
the very sight of her cousin.

"Show me." Chloe said.

Harriet's eyes darted about as she watched students
walking to their cars in the crowded lot. She lowered
her book bag, so that her pelvis was hid from everyone
except Chloe. Chloe watched as the outline of
Harriet's hand moved up and down. She showed her the
wet finger and Chloe unlocked the door.

"Let me see your pussy slut," Chloe demanded as the
car pulled off.

Harriet's blush deepened, as she pulled down her
panties and slid her skirt up to her hips. She spread
her legs. She was wet and obviously aroused.

"What a wet and nasty little hole you have, Hari.
What do you think I should do with it when I get you
home? Should I fuck it, hmmm? Spread those lips, if
that's what you want, you little whore."

Harriet moaned. Her fingers traveled down and spread
her swollen nether lips in response.

"I think I'm going to dress you in your pretty new
dress and fuck your brains out. Is that what you
want, my cute little cunt?" Chloe said.

"Oh God, yes," moaned Harriet. "More than anything."

"Oh shit, get up Harriet! Get up and get your self
together," Chloe said, in a very worried tone. "Cause
something's up."

Harriet pulled her dress down quickly and peered out
the window of the car.

Yes, something was up. Not only was her aunt's car in
the drive, but a black minivan as well. She pulled up
her panties and smoothed the wrinkles out of her skirt
as best she could.

As she followed Chloe to the door, the she had a bad
feeling in her gut. It was the same feeling she had
when she saw the strange animals looking in the window
of the school.

Inside, she saw a woman she had never seen before
seated on the couch. She was dressed in white and the
Persian cat in her lap made the hairs on the back of
Harriet's neck stand up. It was the same one from

The feeling didn't get any better when her aunt turned
and pointed to Harriet. "There she is now."

"What's going on?" Chloe said, immediately taking

"Nothing for you to worry about, pumpkin. These two
nice ladies are going to be taking Harriet to a
special school. They say your cousin is some sort of
witch and needs to be someplace where she can't hurt
anyone," Ann said. "Good riddance, I say."

"But-but, I don't want to go anywhere," Harriet
stuttered. She was finally happy and now this
happened. What there no justice in the world.

"There isn't a choice dear. Even for a Wilding,
you're much too powerful to be allowed to run loose."

Harriet jumped when she heard the voice behind her. It
was from a woman dressed totally in red. Harriet was
grateful for the comforting presence of Chloe's hand
grasping hers.

"You can't take her, you bitches," Chloe said. "Mom,
you *can't* let them take her."

"Oh my, I think the little monster has witched my
daughter. Let Chloe, you evil witch!" Chloe's mother
pointed accusingly at Harriet.

"Run Harriet!" Chloe shouted, pushing Harriet and
grabbing the woman behind her.

The woman pointed a wand at Chloe and said,
"Grezelspetz!" Then she turned to Harriet and
repeated the procedure.

Chloe felt as if her arms were tied firmly to her
sides. She couldn't see anything holding her, but no
matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't budge
them. She looked and Harriet was seemed to be having
the same problem.

"Help me. Help me . . . anybody!" Harriet shouted.

The woman calmly pointed the wand again.

Suddenly, Harriet could no longer hear her own
screams. She could feel the air rush from her mouth,
but no sound came out. For once in her life, she was
truly afraid.

"Come along Harriet. Your stuff is already in the
van," the woman said as she forced Harriet out the
door and in to the van.

The two women helped Harriet into van. Harriet only
saw one suitcase. 'My present,' she thought and then,

She looked out the window as the van drove off. There
in the window of the house was Chloe. Harriet watched
her lips and she thought Chloe said, "Come back."

Harriet mouthed, "I love you," as the house faded
away. She prayed that Chloe had seen her.

The woman in white, turned back to Harriet and swabbed
away the girl's tears with a tissue. "Don't worry
little girl. It's always scary at first, but you'll
like it at Frogwart's. I promise."


Harriet looked out at the mountainside as it passed by
her window. It felt like she had just left her house,
but the sun was setting, which obviously meant they
she had been in the car for several hours. However,
for the life of her, she couldn't remember but brief
images of the trip. She remembered small turning
roads that didn't resemble any she had ever seen
before and vehicles that looked like they were out of
another time.

"We're almost there Harriet," said the woman dressed
in red.

Harriet leaned forward in between the two front seats
and looked out the window of the car. She gasped as
she realized the car had changed and now looked like a
model made fifty years ago, even though it looked
brand new.

"Shit! What happened to the car?" she asked.

"We have to travel the ways in order to get to
Frogwart's. That means we travel to other when's, not
just other where's," said the woman in white. "So
don't get any ideas of jumping out of the car and
going back home, because even if you made it back to
*where* you were, you would be long since dead before
you arrived to when *you* left. Although, I'm not
even sure why we are bothering to take you anyway.
After all, you are only a wilding."

"Now Hilda, I can't believe you would say such a
thing, after feeling the results her power today. She
will be tested and trained just like all the other

"We should have just bound her and been done with it.
She's much too old to learn to control it at this
point anyway."

"Shush, enough of that talk in front of the girl."
Morganna pointed out the window, as the car slowed.
"You'll do just fine at Frogwart's, Harriet and
speaking of Frogwart's, here we are," she said with
her voice filled with awe. "I know it doesn't look
like much right now, but just you wait."

'You're damn right it doesn't look like much,' thought
Harriet. In front of the stopped car was a rusty gate
leading to an old beat up shack. A sign on the gate
warned, Trespasers will be kilt! Somewhere in the
back of Harriet's mind, she was certain she would be
squealing like a pig before the day was up.

"What? You aren't impressed?" Morganna pointed her
wand at the gate and murmured an incantation. The
wand glowed briefly and the gate swung open with a
screeching groan.

Harriet rubbed her eyes, as the image in front of her
eyes began to dissolve and then reform. The deserted
shack was replaced by a gigantic stone castle,
standing in stark contrast to the surrounding fog.
Harriet stared open mouthed, as she watched a figure
on a broom circle the castle and then dart into a
window in one of the uppermost rooms.

"Holy shit!" Harriet managed to mutter, when her
speech returned.

The woman in red smiled and winked at the woman in
white. "It's always nice to know that we can still
compete with technology, isn't it?"

To be continued . . .

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