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Harriet Hotter SB9


Harriet Hotter and the Sorcerer's Bone Ch.9
by Couture

(Ff, humil, etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture


Harriet felt something touching her sex, while she
slept. She opened her eyes to see a familiar looking
tuft of blond hair and a very aroused cunt. She could
recognize that body anywhere. It was Chloe's.

"Do the nasty . . ." Chloe whispered.

"Chloe, wait." Harriet pushed her cousin's hips to
keep them from descending. "I need to see your face."

"You've gone off to school and forgotten what you're
supposed to call me already."

"I'm sorry Mistress. Please, I need to see your

"Kiss me first. I've missed you. I've missed your

Harriet inhaled her cousin's musky aroma and kissed
her sex lovingly. Her tongue slid out and sought out
her cousin's sweet essence. Chloe lifted up slightly
and tilted her hips.

"Now the other mouth, my nasty girl."

'Oh God, I'm losing control,' Harriet thought. She
traced her tongue along her cousin's pucker, teasing
her. Then she parted her lips and pushed it home,
causing Chloe to gasp.

Chloe lifted up again. "Sweet little kisses all
over," she said, and Harriet obliged.

"Do you love me, Harriet?"

"Uh-hum," Harriet said between kisses.

"And you wouldn't cheat on me would you?"

"Nu-never, Mistress."

Chloe lifted up and turned around. "Then kiss me
lover," she said.

Harriet parted her lips and accepted Chloe's probing
tongue. Chloe shook her by her shoulders. "You're
going to be late for class, whore."

"What?" Harriet felt a stab of pleasure. She opened
her sleepy eyes, not to be greeted by her lover. But,
instead the leering eyes of her horrible roommate.

"I said you're going to be late for class, whore."

Harriet felt a stab of pleasure deep in her cunt.
"Ah," she gasped, spreading her legs involuntarily.
She felt chill bumps from the cold of the morning and
realized she was naked. Her legs snapped together,
while her hands sought to preserve her modesty. She
jumped out of bed and opened her lingerie drawer.

It was empty.

"Where are my things?"

"Whores don't cover their cunts."

Harriet doubled over as she was overwhelmed by
pleasure, upon hearing the word cunt. She needed to
orgasm - desperately. She could feel her juices
cooling as they dried on her thighs. Harriet couldn't
help herself; her fingers found her aching sex,
regardless of Heather's presence.

"Stop it you little finger fucker," Heather said,
pulling Harriet hands away from her crotch and above
her head. "Hold them right there now."

Harriet obeyed, while Heather slid the robe over her
arms and down her body. Heather walked around and
smirked at seeing Harriet's hard nipples standing at

She gave them a playful thump. "Your headlights are
shining, but that should be pretty common for a slut
like you."

Harriet looked down at her nipples in dismay. "Please
Mistress, I need a bra."

Heather smiled a big crocodile grin. "Mistress huh?
Yes, I think I like the sound of that. Say it again."

Harriet bit her tongue. It just slipped out and it
was a word that was reserved for Chloe, not this stuck
up bitch. She refused to answer. Instead, she glared
in hatred at Heather.

"Stubborn, huh?" Heather leaned in close to Harriet
ear and whispered. "Slut . . ."

"Whore . . ."

"Bitch . . ."

"Cunt . . ."

Every foul invective sent Harriet closer to the edge
of orgasm, yet stopped just short of culmination. It
was torture by pleasure.

"Ah," Harriet gasped, surrendering to the horrible
girl. "Mistress--"

It was obvious that Harriet was turned on. However,
Heather found herself getting aroused as well. She
couldn't help but wonder what was happening to her.
She was the normal one, while Harriet was the freak.

She handed Harriet her book bag. "Go on, get out of
here," she said, suddenly angry and eager for Harriet
to leave.

Harriet was just as eager to be away from her
roommate. She took the bag and ran to class.

Harriet walked into class. She was late and it felt
like every eye followed her and her jiggling breasts
until she sat down.

Thankfully, it was her Unlearning class. It was the
only class where she was able to keep up with the
other girls even though she had no magical ability.
The only ability she needed for this class was the
ability to think outside the box; to think of things
in a newer and more magical way.


"You see class," lectured Madam Morganna. "Things can
exist in many different forms. Even the Mundane world
is aware of this. For instance, they believe that
atoms are both a wave and a particle. While it can be
both, it can only behave according to one version of
the reality. In other words, it can't be *both* a
wave and a particle at the same time. Nor can it be
either of these and behave as its magical equivalent
of earth, binding, and life."

"Today class, we are going to talk - not about the
world that most people know, but the magical world.
Morganna pointed her pointer at the chalkboard and
piece of chalk drew a map of the world on the board.
Only this world looked slightly different than the
world Harriet was familiar with. This world had an
extra continent smack dab in the middle of the

Harriet raised her hand. "Madame Morganna, something
is wrong with that map. There's no such place."

There were snickers of laughter around the room.
Harriet wished she had kept her big mouth shut.

"Quiet class. Harriet here doesn't have magical
parents and doesn't know about Avalon." She handed
Harriet a piece of paper with the map drawn on it.

"Tell me Harriet, if you wanted to hide the land that
you've never seen on the world, what would you do?"

Harriet looked closely at the map. She had no idea
what to do. There was nothing to do; it just wasn't
supposed to be there.

There was more snickering. Someone behind her
whispered, "Mud bitch."

Again she was hit by a throb of pleasure in her sex,
at the filthy words that were uttered. "Ugh," Harriet
gasped, bucking her hips, and crumpling the map
between her hands in the process.

"Very good Harriet. Yes, you would just fold the map
to hide Avalon. This is very much what was done
thousands of years ago." Madame Hilda took the map
from Harriet and held it up to the class. "Well, it
looks like you hid California and Japan as well as
Avalon, but the result is the same." She folded the
map more carefully, until only Avalon was hid.

"Why was this necessary? Well around the time of Adam
and Eve a very important event happened. Back then,
humans lived together with the magical world according
to God's plan. I'm not going to pretend it was a
Garden of Eden, but it was a stable world - a world
that evolved naturally over millions of years."

Madame Hilda motioned at the chalkboard and a scene
began to unfold on the chalkboard.

"It was then that a man named Adam was born. Adam had
the very bright idea that instead of eating the fruits
and plants that grew in the forest, he would help
along the process a bit, and plant his own.

He planted his own garden. He discovered that the
trees growing nearby were shading his garden. He cut
them down and made a house for his family. Then,
there were weeds to be pulled and animals to kill in
order to protect his garden. In the bible it says
that it was Eve who at from the tree of knowledge.
Well, it was Adam who fed it to her. So I guess it
would be accurate to say that Eve was seduced by the
snake - Adam's snake to be exact."

There were a few giggles and blushing faces in the
class at the implications of Hilda's lesson.

"Later on, it was discovered what Adam and Eve had
done and word was passed to the Elders of nearby
clans. They assembled a council of both humans and
other magical creatures then went to visit Adam and
Eve. They saw what Adam had done and told him to pull
up his garden and cease doing this new thing for it
was not the knowledge of man to decide what lives and
what dies. That knowledge belonged to the gods.

Adam said, look, my family is well fed. Everyone
should do this new thing and no one will be hungry or
want for anything.

The council was unfazed. If this new thing is such a
good thing, then why do not the bees do it? Why do
not the birds do it? Everyone knows the wisdom of the
Centaurs and they do not do it. We do not think this
new thing is a good thing. Will you not stop?

Adam's family had grown quite large and fat from his
garden and Eve was even ripe with a new child. Would
the god's promise his family would be okay? If they
would not, then he would continue to grow his garden.

The council decided to not to kill Adam and Eve, but
to exile them. It was a big land and only one small
family. They took tore up the garden, and stripped
the family of all their clothing and possessions.

The council passed down the knowledge of what happened
to Adam and Eve who ate from the tree of knowledge as
a lesson to others who may get the idea. They had no
way of knowing that their decision not to kill Adam
and Eve would come back to haunt them. For Adam and
Eve's decedents would multiply and come to own much of
the world -- maybe even destroy it."

Madame Hilda waved her wand and the scene on the
blackboard faded.

"We'll go over how the first modern witch has
attempted to save the world at our next class. Have a
good day girls."


While Harriet was having difficulties, Heather was
enjoying one of the best days at Frogwart's ever. Not
only had she made the desk float perfectly, but
everything else she had attempted magically went off
without a hitch. Maybe it was getting a good nights
rest or maybe it was the fact that she had performed
an extremely difficult spell on her roommate.
Whatever, it was, she was just glad that it happened.
She was sure to get a robe at the next Robing ceremony
- hopefully a white one.

After class, instead of going to Macrosse practice,
she headed up to her room for a little magical
practice. She opened her spell book and turned
several chapters ahead to work on a new spell. She
placed a pillow on the wall and performed a series of
motions and pointed her wand. "Affix," she commanded.
However when she let it go, it dropped to the floor.

She was practicing this spell when Harriet walked in.

"Affix." This time when Heather removed her hand the
pillow remained on the wall.

"You didn't show up for Macrosse practice today,

"Can't you see I was bus-wait what did you call me?"

Harriet blushed and murmured, "Heather."

"What was that *slut*, I didn't hear you?" The word
slut slid off of Heather's tongue like a snake. It
was insidious - alive - and commanding. It possessed
Harriet's cunt like a searching tongue.

Harriet struggled to resist the effects, but it was

"Whore," Heather breathed.


Heather's eyes lit up at the sight of her roommate's
arousal, but she was growing increasingly disturbed.
She found herself unable to stop the domination of the
mud witch. She never imagined she could get aroused
so much by another girl. She couldn't bear the
thought of being a lesbian. She came up with a quick

"Kneel down, slut."

Harriet dropped down to her knees, while Heather
rummaged through a drawer. When she came back, it was
with a pair of scissors.

"You know what I think the problem it Mud-Witch? I'm
in the prime of my life and it isn't natural for me to
be stuck in with a school full of girls. So maybe
what I need . . . is to have my own little boy-a boy

With that, Heather began to cut Harriet's long curly

Harriet watched in horror as large hunks of her curly
black hair fell to the floor. Heather kept snipping,
all the while commenting as she worked. "Oh yes, you
are going to make a very pretty boy. My very own
gigolo. My pretty little boy whore."

Soon Harriet possessed a short page boy cut - a curly
mop that Heather tousled when she was finished. Next
she picked up Harriet's magic wand, running her
fingers over the gnarled surface.

"It's about time you got some use of this thing and we
both know what it's for, don't we?"

Heather placed the bulbous head of the wand to
Harriet's lips. Harriet instinctively parted her
lips, sucking on it.

"Yes, you know too, don't you slut? You're nothing
but a huge joke at school, and your wand is the punch
line." Heather removed the wand from Harriet's mouth
and lifted the hem of her short gray skirt. She saw
Harriet's panties and her gaze turned cold.

"What did I say about panties bitch?" Heather roughly
jerked the thin white garment down to Harriet's feet,
and spanked the brunette's ass for good measure.

"Y-you said that-t-that . . ." Harriet paused at the
word. She knew its effect on her sex.

Heather smacked her ass again to encourage her.

"whore's-oh-god," Harriet felt her pussy contract at
her own words, her wet secretions running down her
thighs. "don't cover their c-c-cunts-ahhhh."

"That's right." Heather took Harriet's phallic-shaped
wand and placed it base first against her roommate's
sex. "Since you can't seem to get any use out of this
thing, maybe I can."

"Affix," she murmured, tracing a design in the air.
When she removed her hand, the wand remained attached
and outthrust obscenely from Harriet's crotch. She
rubbed her hand up and down the shaft in appreciation.
"Oh yes - very nice," she sighed. She got up and led
Harriet to the bed by her phallus.

Heather raised her arms in the air. "Take off my
gown, Hari."

Harriet grabbed the hem of the gown with trembling
fingers, lifting it slowly, she exposed inch after
inch of Heather's pale white skin.

"Now fold it up for me."

While Harriet folded the gown, Heather crawled up on
the bed with feline grace. She circled once, and then
lay down on her back, spreading her plump thighs.

"It's time for your first trick, whore. You better
get it right the first time."

Harriet climbed between Heather's thighs and lined up
the head of the phallus with the opening of Heather's

"Stop!" Heather commanded. "Typical male. A girl
needs foreplay, dummy. Kiss me, caress me, tell me
I'm beautiful."

'What is happening to me?' Harriet thought, as she
kissed her roommate with light fluttery kisses,
trailing her neck, down to her high-set breasts,
before finally suckling on hardened nipples. "You're
beautiful Mistress Heather."

"Use a deeper voice. Beg me for it."

Harriet deepened her voice as best she could. "Please
Heather, I want you. Let me have you. Let me have
your. . ." Harriet groaned out the word "pussy". It
seemed she couldn't go for a minute without hearing a
word that sent her spiraling toward an orgasm that
dissipated. She traveled down and tongued the girl's
naval. She could smell her roommate's arousal.

Heather grabbed her hair and pulled her up before she
reached her sex. "Fuck me now. Fuck my pussy."

Harriet placed the head of her phallus between the
plump wet lips of her roommate's matted sex and flexed
her hips.

"Ahhh-" Heather gasped. "Gentle-please be gentle.
You're the first . . . boy."

Harriet took Heather gently at first. Soon the blond-
haired girl's legs were wrapped firmly around
Harriet's back, driving her forward. "That's it
whore. Fuck that pussy. Fuck it good. Oh yes, whose
whore are you?"

Harriet silently prayed Heather would stop saying
those filthy words -- words that tormented her with
pleasure. "Yours . . .your whore."

'I'm sorry Chloe,' Harriet thought as she surrendered
to her roommate.

"Tell me again, and call me Mistress."

"I'm your whore, Mistress."

"Say it again -- keep saying it until I cum bitch."

Harriet repeated it endlessly as she thrust her hips
into Heather. Heather spanked her ass, providing
extra encouragement when Harriet slowed.

"That's it-that's it-oh god cumming!" Heather cried,
hugging Harriet tightly.

Harriet kept driving into the blonde, seeking her own
orgasm. It never came.

Instead, Heather grew tired and pushed Harriet off.
"Ugh-get off."

Harriet rolled over and Heather promptly fell to

'What a spoiled bitch,' Harriet thought, squeezing her
thighs together in an attempt to relieve her need.
She reached down and gave an experimental tug at the
wand sticking out obscenely form her cunt, but it was
thoroughly attached. She groaned and tried to
masturbate, but she still couldn't cum or remember
Chloe's face.

'God, this is even worse than when I had to wait for
two weeks to cum. This time I don't even know if I'll
ever be able to cum again.' Harriet broke down in
tears, her sobs echoed with Heather's light snores on
the rock walls of the castle. For the second night in
a row, Harriet cried herself to sleep.

To be continued . . .

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