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This story has sex in it. How's that for a warning? It has sex
between three people and they are in a relationship together. Still
there? Ok, this story is copyrighted by me, Shon Richards so please
don't make money from my work.

I also adore e-mail about my stories, so send me a comment at

"What's Yours"
By Shon Richards

"Do you think Claire been acting strange?" Diana asked as I washed

"Well, I wouldn't say strange," I said with a lazy smile.
"Claire gave me a memorable homecoming when I got back from the grocery
store. She wore that black teddy you bought her for Christmas, and
she sucked me as I stood against the refrigerator. It was unexpected,
but I wouldn't call it strange."

Diana smacked me on the arm. "That explains why you've been smug
all afternoon, braggart."

"Why do you ask?" I said.

"This morning, Claire was waiting for me after my shower. She
insisted on drying me and even did my hair. Afterwards, she went down
on me and wouldn't let me return the favor before I had to go
to work."

I shrugged. "So she's feeling affectionate. Maybe she just
can't keep her mouth off of us. We are terribly sexy after all."

That got me another smack on the arm. "I can't deal with you
after you've had a blowjob," Diana laughed. I loved the way her thin
lips disappeared when she was amused but unwilling to laugh.

"Honestly, Diana, if there is something odd going on, just ask
her," I told her.

"That's not everything," Diana said. "I went looking through the
garbage today."

"Okay," I said. "May I ask why?"

"Just a hunch, and I found this," she said. It was two pieces of
toast, untouched except for one bite.

"She's not eating," I said, stating the obvious. "Which means
she's been anxious about something. That doesn't excuse the fact
that you searched the garbage. Should we search her room too?"

Diana shook her head. "I only checked the garbage because I knew
if she had stopped eating, she would try to hide it. If Claire has a
problem with me uncovering her deception, we'll settle it between us.
In the meanwhile, we need to find out why she's anxious and why she's
giving us one-sided sex."

"Obviously it's a form of supplication," I said, drying my hands.
"Maybe she's hiding some sort of stress, and she's giving us great sex
to bond closer to us. It's a good thing she has two lovers instead of
one; one of us might not have noticed her odd behavior."

That earned me another smack on the arm, but at least Diana was
smiling now. As much as I needle Diana in order to lighten her mood, I
have to admit that I just love watching her get mock angry. My Diana
is a gorgeous blonde Valkrie when she's pissed.

We found Claire in her room, lifelessly clicking away websites on
her computer. When she saw us at the door, she quickly closed the
window on her browser. Her face said "busted," and I knew Diana was
right. Something was upsetting our lover, and that was not acceptable.

"Ok, spill it," I said. "What's bothering you, and why haven't
you told us?"

"So much for asking gently," Diana snorted. I didn't take it
personally. Her temper always deteriorated when she was worried about
a loved one.

Claire just looked at us. Her red hair was in a tight ponytail;
an errant strand was hanging over her forehead, and somehow it made
her look all the more guilty. It was like the single strand was a chink
in her armor of composure. Diana and I didn't say anything more to
prompt her. We had her cornered, and she knew it.

"Promise not to get mad?" Claire asked.

"Did you kill a person?" Diana asked.

"No," Claire said. "But you might want to kill me."

I waved that away. "We'll waive the right to kill you today if
it makes you feel better. Just tell us what is wrong, please."

"Remember I was reading 'Lady Slings the Booze'?" Claire asked.

I smiled involuntary. That was one of the first books Diana and
I had read on the subject of love without jealousy. We were stuck at
Diana's grandparents for a week and dying for something to read. That
book was all we had, and it was an eye-opener. Later, we grew out of
the writer, but we both treasured the memories of the discussions that
book prompted.

"Did you like it?" Diana asked.

"I did," Claire said hesitantly. "But then I left it in my car
with the window rolled down yesterday."

Claire pulled a dirty dark bundle of paper out from under a
folded sweater. It took me a second to realize the dirty bundle was the
book. I remembered then that it had rained yesterday.

"Shit," Diana said as she took the book. It was completely,
thoroughly, and totally ruined.

"I am so sorry I ruined your guys' book," Claire said. "I've
been looking online to replace it, but it's out of print. I swear I'll
replace it somehow."

Diana and I looked at each other. Her big round eyes said what I
was thinking. Our lips began to twitch into a smile, and finally we had
to say what was on our minds.

"Awwww," we said simultaneously.

Claire was just confused. She wasn't sure if we were mocking her,
or if we were genuinely touched. Diana cleared that up in a second.

"Claire, you are so sweet, but you just don't get it," Diana
said. "It wasn't our book anymore."

"I know, it's ruined and I'll buy you another one," Claire
repeated. The poor girl wasn't thinking straight.

"Claire, think for a moment," I told her. I pulled off my shirt,
and held it out. "See this Ghost shirt? Who does it belong to?"

"You. You won it in a contest," Claire said slowly.

I shook my head and wound the shirt up quickly in my hands. I
snapped the tip of it towards Claire's knee, and she squealed as I just
missed her.

"Wrong! Try again," I said with a smile.

"Diana's?" Claire said, a bit jumpy. At least she was smiling.

I growled at her answer. Diana saw where I was going and took
her shirt off too. I choked back a wolf whistle when I saw her orange
bra. I love that orange bra and the treasures it held, but now was not
the time.

"Whose shirt is this?" Diana asked.

"Umm, yours?" Claire said with no conviction.

Diana wound her shirt in her hands and snapped it at Claire's
other thigh. She hit, but Diana was so bad at it, it barely tapped
Claire's skin. It made the redhead jump anyway.

"Wrong!" Diana snapped. "Try again."

"I don't get it!" Claire snapped back. Good, she wasn't being
meek anymore.

I sighed and took her hand. I stood Claire up and pulled her
shirt over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, but her breasts were
just as attractive. Again I had to resist my urges and keep my mind on
the lesson at hand.

"Whose shirt is this?" I asked, holding the shirt in front of

"That's mine," she said with more confidence.

"Son of a bitch," Diana said with a laugh. People who are slow
on the uptake both amused and frustrated her. She stepped behind
Claire and unbuttoned Claire's pants. Claire squealed again as Diana
ripped the pants down. I liked where this was going.

"Whose pants are these?" Diana asked from around Claire's ankles.

"I don't know!" Claire laughed.

"They're mine," I said taking her into a gentle hug. I looked
down on her face and gave her my warmest smile. "They're Diana's as
well, and they are yours. They belong to us."

Realization dawned on her face. "But the book belonged to you
and Diana before you met me," Claire insisted.

"Ouch!" Claire said a split second after I heard a smack on her
ass. I looked over Claire's shoulder to see Diana squatting behind
Claire and rubbing her hand on Claire's freshly spanked bottom. Diana
had pulled Claire's green panties down to just under the curve of her

"If you are going to keep acting like a child, I'm going to treat
you like one," Diana said. I knew better. Diana just couldn't resist
smacking an ass when she saw one.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Claire said laughing. "But it did belong
to you guys first. Ouch!"

"Say that again, I dare you," Diana warned. I was hoping Claire
would. I liked the way she felt in my arms when Diana spanked her.
The quivering was addictive.

"I won't!" Claire said. "But I don't understand."

"It's simple," I told the poor woman in my arms. "You are not
something Diana and I picked up. You're not someone we allowed into
our marriage that we can let go when we get tired of you. You are not
in our lives on a whim or a because of a phase. We consider you to be
part of us. We've married you in our hearts."

"There isn't a division between us," Diana added. "We are three
equal parts, not a couple and a third."

"Understand?" I asked. She nodded, and I looked her in the eye
until I was sure she understood. She blushed under my scrutiny and I
felt her grind slightly against my pants, but I was convinced of her

"Let's review," Diana said and I felt Claire shiver in my arms.
Apparently Diana did something Claire liked. "Is this ass yours?"

I looked over Claire's shoulder to see Diana pinching a good
portion of Claire's buttock.

"No, it's ours," Claire breathed.

Diana bit her ass and I felt Claire tense as her arms tightened
around me. I locked my arms around her, knowing she would need my
support for what was coming. Diana had that look again in her eye.

"What about this thigh?" Diana asked. She stroked the inside of
Claire's thigh in that way that always made her melt.

"It's ours," Claire answered and then moaned as Diana bit down on
the spot she had been stroking.

I had to get in on it. "What about these lips I'm looking at?" I

"They're ours," she said smiling. She was still smiling as I
bent down to kiss her. She kissed me passionately as her tension from
today melted away. As Diana kissed her thighs I kissed her lips, and
we set her body aflame with our affection.

"What about this?" Diana asked, and Claire could only moan.

I guessed what the answer was. "I think that's ours too," I

"I don't know," Diana said in her teasing voice. "I'm not doing
anything else until Claire confirms it."

"It's yours, it's yours," Claire said quickly.

"You better lie down then," I suggested as I stepped towards her
bed. Claire didn't need further urging. She sat down on the side of
her bed and reclined as Diana and I knelt between her legs.

We started by each taking a thigh; Diana took her left while I
took the right. It's funny how we take a side the same way we
take our places in a bed. It's nothing we've ever discussed; it's just
the way it is. Claire reached down and took our heads in her
hands. I loved the way her fingers massaged my scalp as I kissed her
hard thighs.

"More," Claire moaned, her hips lifting. The poor girl had given
us so much today but received nothing till now. That had to be

Diana reached Claire's sex delta first, taking one long lick the
length of Claire's shaved lips. Claire trembled and then moaned as my
mouth repeated the lick that Diana gave her. It became a simple game.
Diana leading the way as we seduced Claire. As she licked across
Claire's lips; so would I. If she nibbled one pink fold and let it slip
from her lips as she pulled away, then so would I. It was a good game
for all of us.

Eventually, Claire's hands began to involuntarily pull at our hair.
She needed us, and the teasing was becoming too much. I
gave Diana a quick kiss on the lips and tasted Claire's desire there.
Diana took that as her invitation and went down on Claire in the manner
she desired. She delved into Claire's sex while I bit playfully on
Claire's thigh.

The moans Claire gave us were sharp and erotic in their
desperation. Diana's hips kept shifting and I placed my hand on the
crotch of her jeans. She pushed back into my hand and I massaged her
gently. I also kissed up and down Claire's thigh, relishing the
goosebumps that rose in my mouth's wake. Diana continued to perform
her special oral magic on Claire, causing our lover to twist and arch
on her bed.

"Anthony," Diana gasped, and I knew that it was time. I left
Claire's thigh and joined Diana at Claire's delta. Our lips merged
with Claire's nether lips in an intimate three-way kiss of moisture,
tongues, and clit. Our mouths sought her clitoris, and we flicked her
swollen bud between our tongues as Claire nearly screamed with delight.

Forcefully, Claire's hands pushed down on our heads, and we
obeyed. I sank into her wet lips while Diana sucked Claire's clit
completely into her mouth. My tongue felt Claire's climax moments
before her spoke to Diana. Together Diana and I rode Claire's hips
as she merged into another climax and then into another. We traded places
for the next climax, allowing me to lap at Claire's button as Diana
explored the twitching of Claire's sex.

When Claire was finished, we crawled up beside her on the
bed. She kissed us both and laughed at how wet our lips were. After
the laughter, she had something to tell us.

"You two are mine," she said, and we didn't disagree.


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