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Haunted House


Warning: This story contains the explicit description of weird consensual and
non-consensual sex between a young teenaged girl and a variety of other things,
including two dogs and a woman in her, well... It's impolite to ask a lady her
age!;) It was inspired by Japanese hentai among other things, so if tentacle
rape, odd occult references bother you you're in trouble!
There are also some harmless occult references, so if you find that
reprehensible, then quick! Hit the back space button!;)

If you can think of a reason not to read it, then don't. If you can't, then long
live free speech!;)

PS: I really appreciate feed back in regards to my work as I thrive on attention
and the more good feed-back I get, the faster I'll write more stories...
Basically, it's Celeste's "Blow Job Principle". But in my case, its more like

PPS: If you're used to my usual, happy, no one gets hurt stories, this may be a
bit of a shock to your system. So, if you can't handle my weirder/darker side,
please skip this story, and the next one, because I truly value my fans. But, if
you're REALLY open minded, and have a firm grasp on reality, you might just like
this one. After all, it is still one of my stories, so it does have a happy

Oh, and don't worry, nothings REALLY bad happens to anyone in this story. They
just have a lot of peculiar sex! Basically, I'm a little pervert, with many
little twisted fetishes and fantasies. And well, writing is my outlet, so lust
me for who I am!;)

Stories By Amy K. (
"Haunted House" (Ff, teen, magic, Spank, bond, beast, etc)
Haunted House

It all began on a bright and sunny day in late June, right at the end of her
last semester of High School before the summer vacation. As she walked home from
her last exam, Katie found actually herself feeling somewhat down at the
prospect of not having school and homework to occupy her mind for two months.
It had really bothered her that her parents had decided to move half way through
the school year, and transplant Katie into an unfamiliar school several thousand
miles away from her friends. Now she had only a handful of other girls at school
to whom she could talk. Mostly though, she barely knew them, and now Katie faced
the prospect of spending the summer mostly alone and bored.

There weren't even any boys at her school who so much as knew her name. Which
also meant, that at age fourteen, Katie was still quite untouched and still a
virgin. It wasn't that she was ugly. It was just that Katie was usually quite
shy, so friends and boyfriends never came easily to the teenager. Infact, Katie
had quite a body, being 5'2", with long auburn hair and big beautiful blue eyes,
set upon a pretty face, with a pair of small but perky breasts and a gently
curving ass. All of which gave her a look that said "sweet and innocent", at the
same time as oozing untapped sexuality.

She wasn't terribly athletic, though, and her somewhat pale skin gave her small
frame a look of fragility, that often inspired one's maternal/paternal instincts
as well as one's lust. Katie was also very soft spoken, and never raised her
voice, even when someone made her angry. Which was a rare occurrence for the
little adolescent. She was also kind and caring to anyone who needed help, but
still, few people paid her much attention, and so Katie became quite studious.
Learning everything she could, and being known as one of the more intelligent
girls at her school.

However, it was these very qualities that made little Katie unwittingly feel the
strange compulsion to take the long way home that day. Little knowing of the
unforeseen dark forces that had taken an interest in her enchanting sweetness,
and irresistible aura of innocence. As she walked down an unfamiliar street, she
had now idea of the destiny that awaited her, a destiny that would change
Katie's life forever...


As she wandered down the quiet, deserted street, little noticing the breeze that
ruffled her dark hair, and threatened to blow up the skirt of her school
uniform, a peculiar sound caught her attention.

Katie looked up from her sullen contemplation of the sidewalk, and spotted a
small white kitten. It looked up at her with large, imploring green eyes, and
meowed sadly as it sat before the black iron gates that guarded a large old

Katie stopped, smiling down at the little kitten before stooping down and
holding out her hand. "Oh, hello there," she said sweetly, as the kitten brushed
against her fingers and meowed more imploringly before taking a few steps up the
drive way of the mansion.

"Are you lost?" inquired Katie, standing up, and experimentally pushing against
the gate, as the kitten meowed again, "Can't you get in the house? Gee, someone
must be so worried about you..."

The girl was surprised as the gate gave way and swung open just enough for her
to slip inside. And Katie, feeling sorry for the little creature, did so. "Hold
on," she assured it, "I'll knock on the door for you and get them to let you
back in little one."

Once Katie had squeezed her way through the wrought iron gates, she gave the old
house the once over. She could see curtains in most of the windows, an old
clothesline just behind the house, and a gentle trail of smoke rising from the
chimney. The lawn was going to need mowing in a day or two, and the large
imposing elm tree in the front yard bore the scars of Dutch elm disease.

But other than that, the old gray stone mansion seemed unassuming. It was three
stories tall, with a front porch that seemed to be of recent construction, and a
green house had been attached to the south side of the building. There were no
cars in the driveway, and no visible lights on, but Katie felt that it was worth
taking the chance, for the kitten's sake.

"Poor thing," Katie commented, as much about the kitten as for the loneliness
that the house seemed to radiate.

So she shouldered her backpack, and started up the driveway, with the little
white kitten running excitedly just ahead of her. As she went, though, Katie
barely noticed the dark clouds that were quickly forming over head, or the way
the gentle breeze had grown cold, and was picking up speed.

But, Katie's attention was focused on the helpless little kitten, as it stopped
before the large front door, and turned back to meow pleadingly at the girl. But
soon it began purring contentedly, as Katie climbed up the wooden steps, and
bent down to pick the cat up.

"Don't worry," she soothed, rubbing her face against the kitten's soft white fur
affectionately, "it's okay, I'll get you back in. One way or another."

The kitten went limp in her arms, and purred even more loudly as Katie rang the
doorbell. Inside the house she heard a buzzing sound, but no other signs of
life. She politely waited several moments, as the cold wind caused goosebumps to
rise along the skin of her bare legs as he skirt was blown up scandalously high.

Katie tried once more as the kitten meowed again, but still no one came to the
door. "I'm sorry, kitty," apologized Katie, giving the kitten a gentle hug, "but
there doesn't seem to be anyone home."

The kitten gave her another imploring look with its sad green eyes, meowing
pitifully, and pawing ineffectually at the heavy wooden door. "Oh, alright,
then," conceded Katie, and took hold of the door knob, "I'll try."

To her surprise, the door pushed easily open. "Oh!" she exclaimed, feeling a
little startled, "Well, I guess you're in luck, little one."

Katie put the kitten down and pushed the door open enough for it to pass
through. "There you go," Katie replied, smiling at the kitten as it took several
steps inside, before turning back to the girl, "You're home now."

Katie waved good bye and stood up straight, but the kitten meowed sadly once
again. "What is it now?" the girl inquired as the cat looked at her insistently.

"Oh, now I don't know about that..." Katie commented skeptically, as the sound
of falling rain against the porch's tin roof caught her attention.

"Oh, dear!" she exclaimed, turning around to face the pouring rain, "Now how
ever am I going to get home?!"

Behind her, the kitten meowed again, and Katie shrugged. "Well I guess you're
right then, kitty," she replied, turning back and opening the door completely
before stepping over the threshold as the wind blew rain against her back.
"Hello? Anyone home?" she inquired loudly, but received no reply.

But, as the young teenager stepped into the house, the heavy oak door slammed
shut behind her. "Eeek!" she exclaimed, jumping with fright before calming down
and turning to face the door, "Oh, it must have been the wind..."

Cautiously she turned back to face the kitten, but found it missing. "Kitty!"
she called, but there was no response except for the sound of the howling wind
just outside the door. Katie sighed heavily, and took in her surroundings.

She stood in a spacious front foyer, done in a very Victorian style, with a
wide, winding staircase, carpeted with a thick red carpet, and bordered by a
dark wooden banister. The floor on which she stood was made of white marble, and
an impressive glass chandelier hung far above her head.

Katie shivered, as she looked around nervously, not spying any evidence of any
life in the still, quiet mansion. "This is too weird," she commented, "But I
guess I'm stuck here until the rain stops."

She looked beside the door, found an old carved wooden chair, and took a seat.
Katie sat in silence, as the dark gloom closed in around her, and felt quite
unnerved as the only sounds she could hear was the rain, her breathing, and
almost her own nervous heartbeat.

But then the near silence and gloom was shattered by a loud crash of thunder,
and the blinding light of the lightning. Katie jumped in her seat, and threw her
hand against the wall, desperately searching for a light switch.

Much to her surprise, the girl found one, and within seconds, the chandelier was
giving off a dim, eerie warm glow. "That's better!" the frightened teenager
exclaimed, hugging herself against the chill as she attempted to wait out the


Two hours later, after finishing off the novel she had brought with her in her
backpack, Katie decided that it might be okay to explore her surroundings a bit
more. Especially considering the fact that the owners of the house had
apparently left it abandoned for quite sometime, and the fact that the storm
outside gave no sign of letting up.

Fortunately, the first room she encountered, after going through the archway to
her left, was a huge library/study. Katie tried the light-switch, that was just
inside the room, and stood in awe at the hundreds of leather bound books she
encountered. The shelves they were placed upon reached the third floor,
separated by circular balconies, and many books were only accessible via an old
wooden ladders on wheals.

The floor of the perfectly circular room was made wood, but in the very center,
there was thick plush carpeting with two overstuffed couches, a low oak coffee
table and two desks with old library style lamps set upon them. Katie sighed,
shaking her head as she entered the huge room, silently wishing that she had
access to such a wonder.

The girl walked to the very center of the room, and took a deep breath, taking
in the scent of dust and old books, just as a crash of thunder sounded outside.
But this time she did not jump, she could almost feel the old tombs calling out
to her, drawing her to them by pulling at the adolescent girl's thirst for

Katie soon gave in, though, and walked boldly over to the endless rows of books.
She pulled a random book off the shelf, and walked back to one of the couches.
The girl carefully sat down, finding the old sofa to be reasonably comfortable,
and carefully examined the ancient volume.

It was similar to most old books that one might find in such a place, bound in
hardback leather, with crisp yellowing pages, and a few words in Latin for its
prologue, but this book seemed different somehow. More compelling. Katie tired
to read the title, but found her knowledge of Latin to be far too limited to
make much sense of the words, and the arcane symbol etched in gold just beneath
it was a mystery as well.

"Oh well," she commented to herself, "so long as the owner doesn't mind, I guess
I can always look at the pictures..."

Katie opened the book to a random location, and was instantly shocked,
horrified, and repulsed by what she saw. "Eww! Yuck-!" she exclaimed, her young,
innocent mind reeling from the picture she found, "That's just gross!"

The picture depicted on the page was hand drawn, but looked remarkably real,
almost as if a picture had been taken with a modern camera and had somehow been
added in when the book was made. It depicted a very young girl, no more than
thirteen years old, her wrists, and ankles bound by ropes in such a way as to
leave the poor adolescent spread-eagled standing upright. The ropes that held
her were in turn tied to two trees, leaving the poor helpless girl a foot off
the ground and quite vundrable. Although the truly disturbing thing was that
there was an impossibly long and fat earthworm, which seemed to have had crawled
out from the ground beneath her, and was now trying to burrow its way into the
teenager's pussy. Also, judging by the look of horror, and revulsion on her
young pretty face marred only by her tears, the girl was not enjoying the

Katie immediately dropped the book onto the table and glanced around guiltily as
the sound echoed loudly throughout the mostly empty mansion. She shivered as a
cold chill went through her, and decided to put some distance between her and
the lewd book.

Katie left the room and headed up the winding staircase towards the upper
levels, deciding to continue her exploration before returning to the library.
"That picture was just TOO real!" she muttered, shivering as the draft from a
partially open window blew at her skirt...


After another half an hour of careful exploration, Katie confirmed her suspicion
that the house was quite unoccupied, and had been for quite some time. The
strange thing, though, was that the electricity in most of the rooms still
worked, as did the water in the three bathrooms. Infact, there was still quite a
bit of furniture left, that was strangely free of dust. But the one thing that
Katie did not find, though, was a phone with which to call her parents.

"I guess it's not too bad here," she commented entering the master bedroom on
the third floor, and walking over to the window to watch the storm, "It could be
much worse here, I suppose..."

Katie gave a worried look as the rain pounded against the window, as if it were
trying to get in at her, and noticed something quite distressing. The little
teenager squinted her eyes, and pressed as close to the window as she could, but
still, Katie couldn't see past the front gates the raging storm. She sighed
heavily, and resigned herself to staying a lot longer, and turned to see what
treasures the room had to show her.

The room was lavishly decorated with candles upon silver candlestick holders,
ancient portraits of Victorian design, and a simply huge solid oak wardrobe
against one wall. In the corner sat a queen sized four poster canopy bed, a
standing full length mirror, and a dozen or so other little things that catered
to the needs of a nineteenth century woman with money.

Katie smiled, feeling suitably impressed by her surroundings, and feeling
tempted to try out the numerous personal effects left by the previous owner, but
at the same time, feeling almost guilty, as though she were intruding.

But still, she was currently the only occupant, and it was unlikely that anyone
was going to show up before the storm passed, so Katie decided to make the best
of it. She carefully moved the silky curtain that partially concealed the bed
out of her way, and sat down.

"Actually," mused Katie, bouncing lightly on the old feather filled mattress,
"It's not so bad here... Oh!"

She looked down at the nightstand and noticed something she hadn't seen
previously. It was a small leather bound book, similar to the ones from the
library, but with an old locking mechanism on it. Katie cautiously reached for
it, and picking it up, noticed that the lock had long since become too corroded
to be of any use.

Katie opened the book somewhat pensively, half expecting another scene form the
book downstairs, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it merely the diary
of mansion's previous owner. Julia Brooks.

Katie swung her legs up onto the bed, and propped herself up against several of
the ample pillows before settling in to read. "I sure hope that Ms. Brooks
doesn't mind!" she giggled, feeling just a little bit naughty for reading
someone else's diary, even if that person had died long before she was even

The diary was hand written in an easy to read style of hand writing, with
careful attention to proper spelling and grammar, showing that the author was
quite learned and paid attention to detail.

It seemed to be the third volume of a set, detailing Julia Brooks' life. The
book that Katie held was the book concerning her adult life, and started with
the death of her parents, shortly after her eighteenth birthday. They had died
while horseback riding on her Aunt Beatrice's farm. Apparently, the two horses
were suddenly spooked by something unknown, and they were both thrown to the
ground before being trampled to death by their mounts fled.

The police thought it suspicious, seeing as most horses avoided trampling their
riders, but in the end it was deemed an accident, seeing as no proof of actual
fowl play could be found. Only one police investigator continued the
investigation after the fact, but he died late one night when snooping around
the farm. He was found lying on the ground, his eyes staring blankly forward in
utter horror, and his hair completely white. The coroner claimed that the
officer died of a massive heart attack, but everyone knew that he's died of
shear fright...


However, after the death of her parents, Julia inherited their entire fortune,
including the mansion in which she had lived since childhood. And under her Aunt
Beatrice's tutelage, Julia learned how to hold on to her estate, casting off
many foolish suitors who only desired her for her wealth.

After some time, there came threats against her person if she did not marry and
advocate her fortune to her husband. Feeling a little rattled, Julia purchased
two large guard dogs. A Doberman which named Jonathan, after her Father, and a
German shepherd which she named Maximillian, after her late Uncle.

Strangely, a month after the mysterious and threatening letters started
arriving, one every two or three days or so, the perpetrator turned himself into
the police. He was barely sane when he did so. All that he could do was babble
incoherently about the "shadows" coming to get him. He was locked away in an
asylum and never heard from again...


Julia's diary went on for a while longer, describing a failed love affair with a
German ambassador, and a few other small romances that Julia had while traveling
Europe one year. But on her 23rd birthday, her aging Aunt Beatrice approached
Julia. The woman began teaching her about more than just affairs of state. She
began teaching Julia how to out right manipulate men with her sexuality. At
first Julia was shocked, but soon grew to enjoy the promise of power over men,
and after a year of further tutelage, Beatrice informed Julia of her families
darkest of secrets...

Beatrice, it seemed, was quite adept at the mystic arts, and wanted to pass the
knowledge on to Julia before she herself passed on. Intrigued, Julia agreed to
stay on and learn more, soon finding that the sorcery that her Aunt practiced
was known as "Tantric Magic", which apparently would work well with Julia's
previous training.

Her Aunt was quite mysterious about the whole matter for quite sometime, only
giving Julia small bits of tantalizing knowledge, before revealing her ultimate
goal. Beatrice, and her Grandmother before her, had sought the cure for her own
mortality. They had wanted to live forever, but each successive generation made
only a little more progress than the previous, so Beatrice required an heir to
continue her work.

"Don't let our lives be in vane, little one..." her Aunt had said, "Take up the
torch upon my death, and do all you can. Find what we could not..."


But, by this time, Katie was growing wary. So, after crawling out of bed, the
girl went over to the huge wardrobe and pulled open the wooden doors. She gasped
to herself, awed by the spectacular array of almost perfectly preserved vintage
clothing, before reaching in and sorting through it like a little girl in a
candy story.

"This is like a museum!" commented Katie, pulling out an old, flimsy nightgown
that was about her size, and holding it against herself, "I'll have to remember
to call my parents in the morning, but for now it should be fun to pay dress up
for a little while."

Katie smiled down at the old silky nightgown and walked over to the full-length
mirror with it. "I hope it fits," she commented, carefully placing the garment
on a chair before disrobing.

As she unbuttoned the skirt of her school uniform, letting it fall to floor to
collect around her ankles, Katie suddenly felt a little self-conscious. She
glanced at the mirror before her, and blushed, as she couldn't help noticing how
cute she looked, only wearing her white blouse and panties. Katie smiled
demurely, staring down at her feet, trying to ignore the slight tingle from her
pussy, as she undid her tie, and began unbuttoning her blouse.

But as the girl let the garment fall off her shoulders, Katie suddenly felt a
deep sense of insecurity, as though someone were watching her. In response,
Katie turned around suddenly, her arms covering her small breasts, in hopes of
catching sight of who or what was there. She found the room exactly as it had
been before, devoid of all other life, yet, the thought of someone watching her
undress did cause the little teenager's nipples to harden.

"Must be the storm making me nervous," Katie commented, turning to pick up the
nightgown once again before pulling it over her head, and finding the garment to
be a perfect fit.

"It's like it was made for me..." the girl replied, as she looked at herself in
the mirror from several different perspectives, and blushing at the way the
almost translucent fabric clung to her young body in just the right ways, "Oh,
well. Off to bed I guess..."

That accomplished, the little teenager yawned and walked over to the dresser,
where she lit a candle before shutting off the light. Katie then crawled back
into bed, this time taking advantage of the thick blankets and picked up Julia's
diary once again once she'd placed the candle on the nightstand...


The book went on, describing in vague terms Julia's tutelage in the mystic arts,
and how she put her new found knowledge to good use. She had several "flings"
with important men, and women, in high places, using her tantric magics to
control and manipulate them.

Katie was then shocked to discover two things; the first was that tantric
basically equated to "sex magic", allowing Julia to affect the lives of those
she bedded. The second astonishing and shocking fact was that Julia's confession
that her preferred lovers were all females between the ages of thirteen and
seventeen. Julia also eluded to the fact that each little girl she was with
brought her and her Aunt another step closer to immortality. But, alas, her Aunt
Beatrice died at the age of eighty-nine, shortly after Julia's twenty seventh

At that point, Katie yawned, and put the book down on the nightstand before
blowing out the candle. She sighed contentedly as the warm blankets kept out the
chill that somehow seeped in through the closed window, and snuggled in under
them as the sounds of the storm lulled her to sleep...


Katie was drawn from her dreamless sleep sometime later by the sensation of
something touching her. In her state of drowsiness, Katie didn't quite notice
that it was the blanket moving down to the foot of bed, as the sheets somehow
rearranged themselves. After a few minutes they stopped, and Katie, disregarding
it as a dream, fell back asleep.

But several moments later, the little teenager was jarred awake by the sudden
shaking of the bed. The girl opened her eyes and looked around, feeling terribly
startled, as she realized that the bed was moving by itself, shaking violently,
and banging its wooden legs against the floor.

"What the-?" Katie exclaimed, moving to sit up, and finding herself tied to the
bed by the sheets. Infact, both her wrists and ankles had somehow become
securely bound to the four tall bed posts, and that no matter how much she
struggled, the little adolescent was trapped.

"This has to be a dream! It can't be real!" she exclaimed, her pulse racing with
fear as the bed shook and jumped, moving partially away form the wall as it
moved. Almost as though something beneath it were trapped and trying to break

Soon, frightened tears streamed down Katie's pretty face as she cried out in
panic, hoping desperately that someone would hear her screams. But then, the
crashing and banging abruptly stopped, leaving Katie time to catch her breath.

"Please!" she sobbed, her pretty blue eyes full of tears, "Let this be just a

Then, as if in answer, Katie suddenly caught sight of movement. Looking around,
the young teenager's eyes went wide with fright at what saw. From all around
her, and presumably from underneath the bed, several long, black, serpentine
tentacles loomed over her.

"AH! Nooo!" she screamed, shaking her head in denial, and struggling against her
binds as the tentacles stared down at her with great interest, "This CAN'T be
real! Please! Somebody! Anybody! Help meee!!!"

But little Katie's cries and pleas fell upon deaf ears, as the ends of the long
black tentacles began to alter themselves. One became thin, flat, and razor
sharp, gleaming menacingly down at the little bound fourteen-year-old. Three
others became thinner, their ends opening up until they resembled long hoses or
tubes, each dribbling a near constant supply of white sticky goo.

"Ow! No!" pleaded Katie as some of the ooze dribbled onto her tender young
thighs as she kicked her young little legs, and she found the viscous liquid to
be quite hot, yet not to the point of scalding her soft flesh.

Finally, though, the remaining two tentacles morphed only slightly, their ends
thickening and widening until they resembled impossibly long, thick, black
penises. Katie's eyes went wide with fright when she saw this, immediately
speculating as to her fate, and not liking her hypothesis at all.

"Noooo!" the girl screamed helplessly as the bladed tentacle swooped down
towards her throat, only to veer off at the last possible second, and cut a long
line down through the fabric of her nightgown.

The garment was then pushed and pulled open by the other tentacles, leaving
little trails of hot, sticky white goo across the adolescent's body and leaving
her small bra and panties exposed.

"Nooo! Please don't!" Katie cried as the bladed tentacle struck again, halving
her bra with a quick slice between the small twin A-cups.

It then withdrew for a moment, almost seeming to watch as the little teenager's
struggling caused her bra to fall open, causing Katie's sweet, young perky
little tits to come free of their confines. Her little pink nipples hardening
against the cool dry air in the room, as outside the storm became louder with
more and more crashes of thunder and bursts of lightning.

After a moment of struggling against her binds and staring helplessly up at the
watching tentacles, Katie relaxed a little, and ceased her thrashing about.
"What... What do you want from me..?" she asked, with tears rolling down her

As if in answer, the bladed tentacle swooped down again, and made short work of
her panties, revealing Katie's nearly hairless virgin pussy for all to see. But
then, ten more tentacles rose up from all around the bed and descended upon the

"Nooo!" she cried as the slimy, black tentacles began wrapping themselves around

The first two rubbed against her sensitive inner thighs, smearing their warm,
slime across her pale skin before wrapping around them, and squeezing firmly.
The next two each secured an ankle, wrapping themselves around three times and
pulling in opposite directions, as if trying to spread Katie's legs as far apart
as possible.

Katie could only watch helplessly as two more bound her wrists, just below where
the bed sheets were tied, while two others rubbed against her little tits,
before wrapping themselves part way around the small mounds of flesh, and
forcing Katie's nipples to stick straight out.

"Oww! Stop!" pleaded the little teenager, "You're hurting me!"

But it was to no avail, as the last two new tentacles took their places. One
sliming its way over Katie's stomach, encircling a portion of her torso, and
lifting her body just off the mattress, while the other wrapped around her neck,
stopping her from shaking her head around quite so much. Then, to finish its
work, the bladed tentacle cut away the bed sheets from Katie's wrists and ankles
before retreating back under the bed.

"Ah! What are you doing?!" she cried helplessly, as the three tubular tentacles
slowly descended upon her. The first two each covering one of Katie's little
pink nipples, and the third running between Katie's labia teasingly before
taking hold of her untouched clit. Then as one, the three clamped down hard upon
the three sensitive areas and began sucking hard against them, causing Katie to
scream once again.

"Nooo! Ah! It hurts!" she cried helplessly as the three little maws cruelly
constricted, squeezing her nipples and clit painfully as they sucked. Still,
though, they somehow managed to drool their hot sticky fluid out from around
their maws, sending their white goo running in little rivulets down and over
Katie's painfully squeezed breasts as well as down between her pussy lips, and
over her tight little asshole.

"OH! Oh no!" Katie gasped as her young little legs where suddenly violently
forced as far apart as they could go, and were then bent at the knees, "Please!
Make it stop! Someone! Please... Help me!!!"

But the fourteen-year-old could only look on in horror as the two fat ended
tentacles came down to have their fun. The larger, fatter one touched her first.
Its thick head pushing against the opening of her tight, virgin pussy, as the
smaller on wedged itself between her firmly clenched ass cheeks and began to
push hard against Katie's tight little asshole.

"Noooo!" was all she could desperately scream as both tentacles began pushing
against her, determined to violate both aspects of her virginity, "They're too
big! They won't fit!!!"

But, as though to prove the little teen wrong, the smaller tentacle somehow
managed to force its way painfully into Katie's tight asshole, lubricating its
way by suddenly squirting something hot and slimy up inside of her.

They then seemed to pause, as Katie thrashed about, desperately trying to
dislodge the tentacle from her asshole, and hoping to dissuade the other from
violating her completely. "I won't let you...!" she stated loudly, tears
streaming down her pretty face as the pain in her ass began to subside, and the
tentacle that had claimed it began to squirm and wriggle inside of her as it
began fucking her unceasingly.

"Oh! No! Stop!" she gasped, her eyes going wide, as she tried to deny the pangs
of pleasure it began sending through her body, "That's not right..!"

Finally, though, as the tentacle in her ass wedged itself deeper and deeper into
her with every stroke, its twin began to push harder against Katie's pussy lips.
She gritted her teeth and gasped as she felt her body begin to give in.

"NO!" she pleaded, trying to tense up her muscles as much as possible against
the inevitable, "Please! Not there! Anywhere but there! You can't! I'm still a

But it was to no avail, as the tentacles on her nipples and clit each twisted to
the right in unison. Causing Katie to cry out as she arched her back, the
tentacle shot out its own load of hot sticky ooze in order to lubricate its way
into Katie's tight teenaged pussy. Slowly, and methodically it applied pressure
against her, until Katie shrieked as the thick head slipped passed her labia and
pressed painfully up against her hymen.

As it progressed, Katie squirmed and thrashed about even harder than before,
forcing the tentacles holding her to take a firmer grip, and inadvertently
giving the final violating tentacle to chance to steal her precious virginity.
Katie screamed loudly, closing her eyes and shaking her head in denial as the
thick, undulating tentacle pushed its way deeper, painfully breaking Katie's
hymen, and at last taking from her what it wanted.

Once inside of the little fourteen-year-old, the tentacle expanded slightly,
filling Katie's pussy to its up most limit, and stretching the tight walls
farther apart to accommodate the its mass. As it happened, though, the one in
Katie's little asshole followed suit, and expanded as it wriggled, pumping in
and out of her in time with the other tentacle that was lodged in her tight

"Ohhh..." Katie moaned defeatedly, as both tentacles thrusted their way in and
out of her young body, harder and harder with each passing moment, "I'll do
anything! Anything! Just please... Stop..!"

As if in answer, the tentacles that held Katie in place, lifted her high off the
mattress, and flipped her over so that she was on her hands and knees a foot or
so off the bed. They then lowered her as the other tentacles stretched out
longer to accommodate the change, as Katie's nipples and clit began becoming
numb from the constant suction.

"No... No more..." she sobbed, shaking her head and inadvertently glancing to
one side where the full-length mirror stood across from her, catching a glimpse
of herself in its reflection. What Katie saw, though, made her scream...

Instead of seeing herself reflected in the mirror being horribly violated by
some twisted monster from under the bed, Katie saw something far worse. Her own
reflection stood, completely naked, as though she was standing before the
mirror, watching the scene with intense interest. There was a cruel look in the
eyes of Katie's reflection, as they mirrored an obvious enjoyment of the scene.
Her face had upon it a cruel, condescending smile as her right hand fondled her
breast, and her left shoved three of her dainty fingers deep inside of her own
pussy while manipulating her clit with her thumb. There was also a look of
intense satisfaction on her lovely face, as Katie's cruel reflection
sadistically watched with utter delight as she was brutally raped on her hands
and knees by the nightmarish tentacles.

"Noooo!" Katie cried out in denial, turning away and closing eyes, not noticing
the new tentacle that rose up from under the bed and oriented on her, "This
can't be happening... It HAS to be a dream... I-Oh! Mmf!"

The tentacle that loomed before her face, pushed itself against Katie's lips,
smearing them with more of the strange liquid, and causing her to move her head
out of the way so she could spit out the awful taste.

"Ugh! Its so gross!" she exclaimed, moving her head up to avoid the tentacle's
second attempt at entering her mouth, "Take it away! Please!"

Undaunted, the long black tentacle, who's end had widened so that it resembled a
huge black cock, drew up like a snake, and spit the same hot white goo that the
others had filled Katie with into the girl's hair. She cried out as the viscous
fluid began running down between her eyes, over her cute little nose, and down
to her not so waiting lips, causing her to gag at the flavor.

"No-! I refuse!" she shrieked, as the tentacle came across her tits before
hitting sliming its way across her cheek in an attempt it enter Katie's small
young mouth, "It tastes disgusting! Please don't make me do this..!"

But the tentacle paid no heed, and pursued Katie's mouth for several minutes as
the others fucked, and sucked her sweet young body, soon covering her pretty
face with the sticky ooze it was capable of producing until Katie found herself
quite exhausted and sore from the repeated abuse.

Finally, after trying to counter Katie's defensive movements for so long, the
tentacle pushed its end against the teenager's soft young lips, and into her
mouth. Katie sobbed mournfully as the warm, gooey surface of the phallic
tentacle pushed its way into her mouth, past her lips and teeth. Her tears had
long since run out, and she found herself mostly resigned to complete violation
by the cruel tentacles, as the latest one began thrusting in and out of her
mouth as it expanded.

Katie panicked as it grew, trying desperately to spit out, and get its awful
taste out of her mouth, but only succeeded in causing herself to drool the
tentacle's ooze out of her mouth and over her chin. Her gag reflex also gave it
the opportunity to force its way to the back of her throat, where it repeatedly
caused Katie almost choke and cough on it.

Soon, Katie found it easier just to suck on it, drawing the constant flow of
icky fluid down her throat where she could barely taste it. She also found that
sucking, twisting, and pulling at her nipples and clit wasn't as bad as it had
been before, as though the tentacles where easing up on her a little, but Katie
quickly reasoned that her body was just going numb. Even the tentacles in her
pussy and asshole weren't half as painful as they had been. Infact, Katie had
remind herself that this was being done against her will, as a peculiar tingling
began filling her.

"Mmmph!" she groaned, relaxing completely so that the tentacles had to literally
hold her up, and glanced back at the mirror.

Her reflection was still masturbating, but had picked up the pace. She had a
look that said she was very close to a quite vulgarly induced orgasm. The
reflection seemed to laugh noiselessly at Katie as clear liquid ran from between
her little fingers, and down her shaking legs to puddle at her feet.

Katie shook her head, trying to deny the image, and hold onto the belief that
this was a dream. Eventhough it all felt so real. She now hung limply in the
air, no longer struggling supported only by the grasping tentacles that now
seemed to be pulsing with some kind of internal undulation.

Katie gave the tentacle in her mouth a curious look, trying to discern what was
about happen, when it unexpectantly pulled free of her grasping mouth and
erupted with a blast of even more hot white goo, covering the little girl's face
almost completely. The ooze quickly slid down, though, making its way down over
the tentacle that was around her neck, and covering her chest with its wet

"Oh! I-! Ugh..." Katie gasped, sucking in as much air as she could, and hoping
that the torment would soon end.

Shortly after, all of the other tentacles began shooting off great gobs of white
sticky goo, filling her asshole and pussy with the sticky, viscous fluid to the
point of overflowing down Katie's legs. As well as covering the vast majority of
her adolescent body in hot white tentacle cum, that dripped and oozed off of

"Oh...! This is so gross!" was Katie's last exclamation, as she tried to deny
the orgasm that the experience wrought, her body convulsing almost painfully for
several moments before she passed out from exhaustion...


Katie awoke with a start, sitting up and panting heavily as she broke out into a
cold sweat. The unnerved girl glanced around the dark room nervously, holding
her arms across her chest defensively as she got her bearings.

"Oh, good!" she panted, glancing down and seeing that she still wore the
nightgown, and that the blankets had barely moved, "It WAS just a dream..!"

Katie relaxed somewhat, and noticed a peculiar wetness between her legs. She
moved the blanket out of the way and sighed heavily. "I guess my period came
early this month," she replied a little forlornly, "I hope the water isn't
polluted or anything here..."

Katie shook her head and got to her feet, grabbing Julia's diary before making
her way to the master bedroom's private bathroom. She staggered a little as she
flicked on the light switch, feeling a bit of a dull ache in her pussy as she
made her way to the bathtub.

"Definitely my period..." she muttered as drew her bath, and began to disrobe,
"I'll have to change the sheets before I leave I guess."

Katie hung the nightgown on a convenient hook, and undid her bra before
venturing to pull her panties down. "Ah!" she gasped, as her sensitive pussy
reacted painfully to having the undergarment removed so swiftly.
"I must have been playing with myself in my sleep," remarked Katie, realizing
that her panties had been pushed up inside of her slightly, and that her labia
were swollen and sensitive, "That might explain the dream..."

The girl reached over turned on the water, waiting until the tub was nearing its
full mark before shutting it off. "They don't make these like they used to," she
commented, noticing the fact that the tub was actually sitting on the floor upon
four short stubby legs with little clawed feet as opposed to being bolted into
the floor and nearest wall. And that it was considerably more spacious than
Katie was used to.

"Ah! Ow..!" she exclaimed as she stepped carefully into the warm water and
immersed her aching pussy, "Oh... That's better!" Katie smiled contentedly as
she stretched out in the comfortably shaped tub and picked up Julia's diary...


The story continued by going into great detail into Julia's descent into
depravity. It explained how Julia's taste for young girls became quite an
obsession, and how she would lure them into her mansion under false pretenses
and either seduce them, or simply "take" them. Julia would then force or coheres
them into performing almost impossible sexual acts that would drain them of most
of their will. Then, they would become her temporary slaves which she would have
perform for her amusement, as well as further Julia's attempts at immortality.
Apparently, when certain rituals were observed, Julia was able to somehow steal
some kind of psychic resonance from her victims when she took their virginity,
and was able to continue the process until the girls had no inhibitions
remaining, and therefore no more "innocence" to steal.

Eventually, Julia had collected enough sexual psychic resonance, or simply
sexual energy as she called it, to attempt to cast the spell that would grant
immortality. But, not being completely foolish, Julia decided to try the spell
out on her two dogs first.

Unfortunately, though, the spell only half worked. The two dogs did infact gain
immortality, but at a price. It seemed that they now needed to feed from the
same sexual energy that had helped to create them. Furthermore, they had been
converted from physical beings into creatures of almost pure thought. They were
now comprised of little more that focused sexual energy, wrapped around a

Julia, though, who had just had her thirtieth birthday, decided that their
condition was better than growing old and dying. She made preparations to cast
the same spell upon herself, and making sure that her current stable of young
girls were all very sweet and innocent, Julia made her final entry into her
diary. Promising that if it were possible, she would continue her research, and
hopefully one-day, find a worthy heir.

But, no further entries followed, leading Katie to think that perhaps Julia had
killed herself in some strange mystic rite, believing that she would find


As Katie read, she bent her little legs at the knees and sank farther under the
water, enjoying the soothing effect. But the teenager failed to notice the
subtle movements of the water, as something stirred. Her innocent blue eyes were
shielded from the truth by Julia's diary, and so she failed to notice the long
black tentacle as it rose up out of the water.

The tentacle's end bulged slightly for a moment, before opening into a large
reptilian eye, which immediately focused on Katie. It looked the girl up and
down, seemingly appreciative of the view from between Katie's legs, before
diving under the water.

A second later it jabbed and thrusted its way past Katie's labia, until it was
firmly lodged deep inside the girl's teenaged pussy. "AHHH!" she screamed, the
sudden violent penetration catching her off guard, and causing her to toss the
book across the room, "No! Please! Not again!"

Katie wriggled as she reached down to grab the tentacle, only to find that her
small hands were unable to get a firm grip on its slimy surface. And as Katie
struggled to dislodge the pulsating tentacle that was savagely violating her
young pussy, it began pushing up against her, forcing the girl to her feet to
avoid deeper penetration.

"OW!" she cried as it forced her up against the wall as it began sliding in and
out of her tight cunt, until Katie fell forward, and landed bent over the rim of
the tub, supporting herself on her hands and feet, "No! Please, no more..!"

From her precarious position, Katie was able to look up at large mirror over the
sink and watch herself as the tentacle took advantage of the situation, jabbing
harder and farther into her sore pussy with each violent thrust. Katie stared up
at her reflection with almost morbid fascination as the black tentacle raped
her. For several seconds she was unable to speak, only pant loudly, and move her
body back and forth in time with the tentacle's fucking, until suddenly, a
sinister grin crossed her reflection's face.

"NOOOO!" cried Katie, crawling forward, and half falling out of the tub with the
long phallic tentacle still shoved deep inside her fourteen-year-old pussy,
"This can't be happening!"

Katie quickly began scrambling forward, the tentacle gaining length as she
crawled across the bathroom floor, dripping water everywhere. Finally, though,
as Katie reached the open door, the tentacle began pulling back, sucking against
the inner walls of Katie's pussy as she clung onto the sides of doorway. She
gritted her teeth, as tears streamed down her face, pulling back and trying to
force the thrusting tentacle to pry loose from her abused little pussy. "Oh! Ah!
Owww!" she shrieked as it began to give way.

Katie could feel it shooting load after load of hot, sticky tentacle cum deep
inside of her as a parting gift, before it broke free of her tight tunnel with a
loud "pop!" and a spray of juices that covered her ass.

"Ah! This is so gross!" she cried, crawling quickly across the floor, and into
the bed room as the tentacle shot another hot load across Katie's back.

"Oh! It's so hot!" she screamed, as the sticky goo ran down over her young legs
and between her firm ass cheeks before puddling just inside her fourteen year
old asshole, as more of it drooled from her freshly fucked cunt. At the same
time, glob on her back oozed to the sides and down over her breasts where it
dripped off her erect nipples.

Katie squealed girlishly, as she scrambled to her feet, clutching her pussy and
ass protectively before running off into the dark hallway without thinking. She
looked around for more tentacles, but found none, and so paused to catch her
breath. "I have to get out of here..!" the girl panted, leaning forwards with
her hands on her knees, panting and gasping for breath as she tried to calm her

But, as she stood there, watching the bedroom for signs of tentacle movement,
Katie didn't see the dark shadow that was looming up behind her. And as she
stood up, to bravely go back for her school uniform, the being behind her
grabbed the little teenager, bending back to lift her off the floor.

"Hey! OW! Stop! It hurts!" Katie cried out hoarsely, her throat becoming raw
with so much yelling and screaming, as her breasts were suddenly grabbed, and
her nipples were squeezed between the fingers of her new captor.

Glancing down, Katie saw a pair of jet-black hands grasping her small breasts,
as well as feeling something hard, cold and clammy pushing between her little
ass cheeks and pressing against her tight little asshole.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, as she felt hot breath against her ear, while her little
pink nipples were twisted and pulled, "No! Please, just stop! I'll do anything!
I promise!"

"Oh really, Katie?" whispered a familiar voice in her ear with a bit of a
chuckle, "Well then, we'll just have to see about that, now won't we?"

The girl glanced over her shoulder, and to her shock, and horror, saw an exact
duplicate of herself, only it was comprised completely of a pitch black
substance with an cool, almost clammy feeling to its skin. The only colour it
bore were its eerie green eyes that glowed from the darkness sinisterly. The
other noticeable differences, though, were the little claws on the ends of her
fingers, not to mention the hard shaft that wedged between the adolescent's ass
cheeks, on the verge of sodomizing poor little Katie.

"Ah!" the teenager gasped in surprise, "Who-?! Or what, are you?!"

The shadow Katie smiled cruelly, chuckling at the real Katie's little
exclamation as she shoved the phallic object a single inch into the girl's tight
asshole. "Who do you think I am?!" the shadow demanded, drawing its shadow cock
out half an inch as Katie tried not to cry out, "I'm a being of pure sexual
energy... I am the realization of your darkest desires, little one... I AM

Katie's pretty blue eyes went wide as she screamed, feeling Julia shove her
shadow dick five painful inches into her little, inexperienced asshole all at
once. "Now move! Down the stairs!" ordered Julia, grinning with satisfaction at
Katie's little yelp of protest when the phallic object was pulled back two
inches, "Or this goes ALL the way in... ALL at once!"

"I-! Uh! Okay..." stammered Katie, feeling horribly frightened, and almost
unable to stand properly with Julia's shadow dick so firmly lodged in her tight
little asshole.

The teenager did the best she should to comply, slowly shuffling towards the
dark stairs, while outside several crashes of thunder and lightning hit in rapid
succession, more or less lighting her way. All the while, Julia shuffled along
just behind her, grabbing roughly at Katie's tits, and painfully pinching her
little pink nipples to an unwilling hardness. While making sure to shove her
shadow phallus in another quarter inch with each step, each time soliciting a
little yelp or sob from the frightened teenager.

Finally, though, when they had at last reached the hard marble floor of the
first level of the mansion, Julia maneuvered Katie back into the library. Once
the girl was in about the center of the circular room, her little feet upon the
plush white carpeting, Julia threw Katie down on her hands on hands and knees.

The girl cried out in surprise, feeling the long black shaft slide quickly free
of her grasping little asshole. "Ow!" she exclaimed, as the impact with the hard
wood floor beneath the carpet sent sparks of pain up through her knees.

Katie gave her head a shake, and opened her eyes. "Oh no!" she cried, averting
her gaze from the book that lied open before her on the oak coffee table. It was
the same vulgar book that she had found when she first arrived. The picture of
the little thirteen-year-old girl being vaginally raped by an over sized earth
worm once again staring up at Katie.

"Nooo!" pleaded Katie, crying once again as she shook her head from side to side
in denial, "No more! Not again! Noooo!"

Katie tried to scramble to her feet, but found that the plush carpeting had
reached out somehow with its long white strands and bound her wrists and ankles
when she wasn't paying attention. The girl pulled back on her arms as hard as
she could, but to no avail, she was once again, bound in place.

From somewhere behind her, Julia was chuckling to herself as the sound of small
scurrying feet entered from the foyer. "Wha-? What are you doing?!" Katie
exclaimed in a sudden panic, glancing fearfully over her shoulder, as she
struggled to get free.

"You'll see, little girl!" laughed Julia, "When I'm through with you, you'll be
a cock hungry cunt! Just like me..."

"NO!" denied Katie, shaking her head again, "I'll never be like you! You're...
You're sick!"

There was a moment's pause, before the sound of a loud slap filled the air, and
Katie shrieked as her little ass was struck hard by Julia's merciless hand.
"Owww!" the girl cried, glancing inadvertently at the book again. This time,
though, the picture had changed slightly... It seemed to move, as though Katie
was watching a movie instead of just looking at a picture. The worm that was
penetrating the young girl seemed to be wriggling inside of her while she
struggled and squirmed against her bonds.

"Oh no! Not THAT!" she pleaded.

"Oh! Please!" laughed Julia's mocking tone, "That was years ago! I've had lots
of time to think of all sorts of perverse and depraved things to do this time. I
have some something much more interesting planned for you, my naughty little

With that, Julia whacked Katie's adolescent ass once again, leaving a large red
welt on her right cheek. "OW! Stop it! It hurts!" the young teenager whined, as
Julia began mercilessly, and repeatedly slapping Katie's sore ass, again and
again until the girl began screaming and crying.

After several long moments, Julia ceased her assault, and stood back to admire
the redness of Katie's normally alabaster behind. She then made a sinisterly
happy noise as the sound of ragged rasping breathing came closer.

"What's that?!" demanded Katie in surprise as something cold and wet was placed
against her swollen cunt lips.

"You'll see!" chuckled Julia a little breathlessly, obviously beginning to

The cold wet thing was then replaced by something long, warm, and wet. It nimbly
plunged itself deep inside of Katie, causing the girl to giggle as the long thin
object explored around inside the warm wetness of her pussy.

"Ah! No! That tickles!" the fourteen-year-old squealed, as a pleasant tingling
filled her pussy.

The sensation continued for quite some time, as the girl's pussy juices were
expertly scooped out, and presumably devoured. Soon, the object was even licking
her still tight asshole clean of tentacle cum, and Katie could barely contain
her perverse excitement as it flicked across her inner thighs and finally her
hardened little clit.

"Does it feel good, little girl?" inquired Julia with a hint of amusement to go
along with her satisfied smirk, "Does it feel good to have your cunt licked?"

"I... Uh-! No..." Katie panted, biting her lower lip and desperately trying to
deny the glorious feeling of slowly building orgasm, "Please... Make it stop..."

"Ya right!" laughed Julia, "This is just about to get interesting!"

But before Katie could protest further, her sweet, young little adolescent body
was wracked by her very first orgasm ever. Katie gasped, trying not to cry out
as her whole body quivered, and she felt a great pressure release inside of her.

"I-! I-! Ohhhh! Yesssss!!!" the teenager squealed was her tight little pussy
filled with hot wet juices, only to be almost in instantly emptied by the
probing object that had brought on the sensual spasm.

Finally, though, as Katie was left panting, stuck on her hands and knees with
her cute little ass in the air, unable to collapse as she gasped for breath, she
felt something rather odd. The teenager was grabbed around the waist by a pair
of thin, but very strong, hairy arms. She could also feel two warm blunt objects
poking and prodding at her ravaged asshole and pussy at the same time.

"Hey-! Ow! What are you doing to me now?!" the girl exclaimed, and looked over
her shoulder. What she saw made her cry in dismay and revulsion.

"Nooo..." Katie whined, no longer shocked to find a large black dog with glowing
green eyes attempting to mount her.

"I'm not doing anything," chuckled Julia, seemingly amused at Katie's
dismay, "Jonathan, on the other hand... Is going to fuck your pretty little
brains out until he blows his hot, sticky, doggy load deep inside of you little

"Ohhh..." came Katie's pleading response, "Please... I'll do whatever you
want... Just please don't make me do this..."

"Oh! It's only fair," explained Julia, as the Doberman pincher growled when
Katie tried to squirm away, "He gave you a little orgasm with his talented
tongue, now you have to pleasure him!"

The dog thrusted forward and poor little Katie then realized that the dog
actually had two dicks. Which, when combined with the fact that it was comprised
of the same solid shadow that Julia was, was really quite plausible. So, she
gritted her teeth, and closed her eyes tightly, trying unsuccessfully as both
phalluses forced their way into her abused little holes. The dog seemed almost
aroused by the girl's sudden shrieking yelp as it penetrated her, and began
pumping in and out of both of Katie's holes at once with increasing speed.

"Owww! They're too big! Make it stop!" The fourteen-year-old screamed, as the
relentless thrusting caused painful friction within both her tight little holes
at the same time.

But the sudden dryness of Katie's little cunt did nothing to dissuade Jonathan
the Doberman's idea that the little teenager was his own personal fuck toy.
"What's the matter, Katie, dear?" inquired Julia sarcastically, as she fingered
herself with four fingers, obviously getting off on watching her dog fuck Katie,
"Don't you like it? This IS what you've always wanted isn't it? To be wanted? To
be needed? To be desired..? To get FUCKED?!"

"NOOOO!!!" Katie cried as the dog pushed his twin shafts as far as they go into
the girl in one hard thrust, before pulling back out half way, and shoving them
back in even farther, "Not like this..."

Julia merely smiled as the Doberman fucked the little girl for all she was
worth. His two long hard cocks shoving and pushing their way deeper and deeper
inside of Katie's body with every new thrust. In response the girl screamed and
cried, trying desperately to run away, but finding the carpet still holding her
quite firmly in place as her pussy and asshole were stretched painfully wider
and wider. But then, Jonathan's body tensed up suddenly. His panting and
growling suddenly becoming a long grunting whine as his twin cocks suddenly
expanded to twice their width, and felt as though they were two burning hot
metal shafts pounding in and out of her. The dog was about to cum...

"Ohhhh!!! Nooooo!!!" pleaded Katie, knowing what was about to happen, and
dreading the consequences, "Please! Make him take them out! I don't want more of
that disgusting stuff inside of meeee!!!"

"Oh, but you do!" taunted Julia as the dog's remorseless rapid thrusting became
several slow, well timed jabs, "Deep down, you're just like ME!"

Katie gasped loudly as the dog grunted and howled as his twin cocks blew their
mutual loads deep inside of her. The girl began crying again as she felt the
intensely hot, sticky gobs of dog jism shoot simultaneously from both cocks,
filling both her cunt and asshole to the limit, until it began oozing out around
the sides of the shafts, and running viscously down her tired legs.

Jonathan then began picking up speed yet again, his cocks making lewd squishing
noises as his own cum lubricated his unrelenting thrusting in and out of Katie's
exhausted little body. Thus causing large sticky clumps of dog cum mixed with
what little pussy juices the teenaged girl's pussy had provided, to drip down
from his shaft and land on the floor.

As the blob hit the thick white carpet, a glowing white light shined up from the
floor. Katie closed her eyes tightly as the light expanded all around her,
unwilling to face what new horror that Julia had chosen to throw at her.

"Open your eyes, cunt!" ordered Julia, suddenly pulling Katie's hair painfully,
"I can't have you passing out on me!"

"Owww!" shrieked Katie, opening her eyes as she felt the floor go from plush
carpeting to cold white marble.

As the brilliant white glare faded, Katie gulped at the sight of her shadowy
double. Julia now stood on her knees before the girl, her legs spread wide
apart, bringing Katie face to face with her own sweet little pussy. She then
noticed that the carpet and furniture had somehow disappeared, leaving only the
round row of bookshelves, the hard wood floor stopping where the carpet had
started. The same marble floor as that in front foyer now replaced the carpet,
except that it was carved into a perfect circle. Just within the boundaries of
the marble circle, was a second circle, shallowly carved in the white marble.
Within that, was a plethora of other carved runes and symbols, as well as
several lines dividing the circle into eight equal segments. At the center of it
all, was a double dicked dog, fucking Katie on her knees as her exact double
stood before her, pulling at her hair.

"Lick it!" ordered Julia, bringing Katie back to reality, "Lick my cunt!"

"What?!" exclaimed Katie with a touch of revulsion, as she could feel the hot
doggy cum running down her inner thighs.

"Lick your own sweet little pussy," continued Julia as more of Jonathan's cum,
and Katie's pussy juices hit the floor, causing the runes to glow slightly with
an eerie green colour. "Just like you've always wanted too..."

"No..." sobbed Katie, suddenly fearing for her life and in no mood further her

"I said lick my cunt, you little whore!" commanded Julia, pulling Katie by the
hair, and forcing her young mouth against her cunt, as the dog finally slid off
of Katie, dragging its twin cocks out of her sweet little holes.

The girl could only gasp, drawing in the scent of her own young cunt as her
pussy and asshole reacted to the sudden loss by squeezing tightly closed once
again. Unfortunately, though, the emptiness that the little teen felt was only
temporary as yet another set of twin cocks entered her from behind.

"Oh! NO More!" gasped Katie's pleading tone as Julia rubbed her pussy and clit
against Katie's pretty face while she laughed at the girl's plight.

"Oh, come on now, Katie!" the woman taunted, "That's just my German shepherd,
Maximillian. I can't just please one of my loyal puppies, now can I? And can you
honestly tell me that you don't like it? Can you say to me that you have no
interest in immortality? It can be yours you know. You can be what I couldn't...
I was too old when I cast the ritual... But you, Katie! You're just right! You
can become a being of pure sexual energy, and still retain your human form. All
that you need do is submit... And we can become one happy little family! Of
course... You WILL still have to acquire us some fresh victims from time to

Katie fell silent for a moment, as the second dog panted and let out little
yelps of pleasure as he fucked the girl's pussy and asshole. The German
shepherd, though, found the procedure much easier than the Doberman did, as the
previous dog's cum lubricated his way into the little girl's fuck-holes.

The girl stared at the glowing runes on the floor thoughtfully for several long
moments, her body moving back and forth in time with the hard fucking that she
was receiving. Finally, though, Katie glanced up at Julia, finding that her body
was finally betraying her by accepting the pleasure that the dog was giving her.
She could actually feel her pussy slowly fill with her own sweet juices in
response to the violation.

Without a word of protest, Katie touched her tongue against Julia's clit. It
felt warm to the touch and tasted much the same as any clit should. "Ahh! I knew
you'd come around!" laughed Julia, moving Katie's head with slow movements so
that the girl would know where to lick. All the while the little adolescent was
panting and moaning softly under her breath, truly beginning to enjoy the
sensation of having her young tight holes doubly penetrated. Although she still
tried to deny it, the sensation of a hard, long, thick, hot cock buried inside
of her, thrusting in and out, rubbing against her inner walls was truly turning
her on.

Julia's eyes were soon rolling back, as Katie's inexperienced little tongue
flicked at her hardened clit. The woman tossed her head back, moaning
uncontrollably as the fourteen-year-old's tongue finally slid up inside her
pussy. All the while her pet German shepherd continued his frenzied fucking of
the girl's body, thrusting his twin phalluses in and out of her unrelentingly,
and rapidly approaching orgasm.

"OH! Oh yes!" exclaimed Julia, pulling at Katie's hair with both hands forcing,
the captive girl to tongue-fuck her cunt as the girl moaned and grunted

"Do you-! OH! Agh! Like it?!" gasped Katie once Julia pulled her head up to lick
her clit once again, as the girl's poor young body began to threaten her with a
second orgasm.

"Ohhh yessss!!!" purred Julia, as Katie suddenly reached up and took hold of her
double's firm round ass cheeks with both hands for support, "And I see that your
right into it as well, aren't you, my dear? Oooooh! You're so good for a little
girl! Why, if you wanted to, you could get away at any moment... Or do you like
being fucked by a dog while licking another girl's pussy?"

"Oh, no!" the girl moaned, "I do like it! I... AH!!! I like it A LOT!

"What do you like, little girl?" Julia asked slyly, as Katie nipped gently at
her clit.

"I-! I-! Oh my...! I like being... Fucked!" the girl exclaimed, as her whole
body quivered, seemingly stuck just on the brink of orgasm, "And I like licking
other girl's pussies!"

"Fucked by what?" inquired Julia, making soft little gasps in time with the
girl's movements on her clit.

"DOGS!" Katie exclaimed as she came, "I liked being fucked by dogs! Ohhhh! Ahhh!
Julia-! I-! Oooh! I love it!!!"

"Mmmm... So then, are you going to fetch us some of your young little high
school chums?" chuckled Julia, smearing her juices all over Katie's innocent,
looking face with grinding hip movements. "Are you willing to acquire more young
little girls to play with, my dearest little Katie?"

Oh! YES!" Katie gasped, "Anything!!!"

"Anything to stay young and beautiful forever?" asked Julia, smiling as she
noticed the dog's muscles all tense up, "Because that's what'll happen if you
stay... That's what'll happen if you cum, little girl. Your being fucked right
on top of the ritual circle, and if anymore of your pussy juices hit the floor
it'll activate fully... And then, it's just a matter of you accepting the gift!"

"That's what... What I want!" Katie panted, her whole body shivering, her pale
skin becoming flushed as she found herself unable to cum, "I'll do anything! Oh!
Mmmm... Yessss!!! Oh, Julia..! Please just let me cum!"

"Not yet, little girl," teased Julia, whose body was shaking as well, "Not until
you make me and my little puppy cum first! Then you can taste immortality! Ohhh!
Oooh! Katie, you little slut..! You're making meeee-! OH! YES!!! Ahhh!"

Katie gripped Julia's ass cheeks as firmly as her delicate little hands could
manage as the woman's juices exploded across her little face. She quickly and
franticly lapped it up as the sweet juices ran freely from her double's tight
cunt, soon finding her own body beginning to finally react fully to her constant

Katie literally screamed into Julia's pussy as her fourteen-year-old body was
wracked with orgasm. Tears of joy ran down Katie's face as she gave in
completely to the sudden release, her mind clouding over almost completely,
while she bucked back against Maximillian, trying to get as much of his huge
twin black cocks inside of her as possible.

The dog howled, just as thunder crashed outside and Katie almost laughed as she
cried out against the wonderful, ecstatic feeling of having her cunt and asshole
simultaneously filled with hot spewing dog cum.

"Ahhh! Oooh! Yesss!!!" she cried, digging her nails into Julia's ass cheeks as
almost collapsed as the dog pressed down on her harder, pumping her young holes
so full of his jism that it spewed out the sides, and splattered everywhere.

The runes reacted instantly, and little Katie could feel their power as she
struggled not to come down form her orgasm. "I accept! I accept!" she cried,
"Oh! Yes-! Take me, Max! Take meeee!!!"

Katie's pussy juices flooded the dog's cock, and every thrust he made sent the
fourteen-year-old girl's juices spraying out in all directions, to wash over
everything. The mixture of dog cum and the juices from Katie's pussy completing
the ritual, and causing the circle to flow power into her young body. The girl
could feel the energy course through her veins, as she just kept cumming, and
cumming. The girl soon half wondered if she'd ever stop, but at that moment
Katie just didn't care.

Soon she became vaguely aware that the dog had stopped fucking her, but was
pleased to notice that both dogs had begun licking her cunt and asshole clean of
their mutual messes.

"Welcome, Katie..." she heard Julia's soft, caring voice purr, as if from far
away, "You're immortal now. You can have all the cock and cunt you can handle.
And trust me, you'll find yourself to be quite insatiable... Your clit and
nipples will always be hard from now on. And your pussy will become wet at the
mere sight of some one that your attracted you."

Katie sighed, and smiled up at Julia, wiping the sweat from her brow. "I think I
rather like that idea," she replied thoughtfully, "But I feel... 'Hungry'..."

"Then you will need to lure someone into your clutches," replied Julia, running
her fingers through the girl's hair as she idly licked her pussy, "My preference
is for young teenaged school girls, of course, preferably form some upper class
private school... But that's just me. You can have anyone or anything you want.
Nothing's too good for my little girl... My beautiful little daughter..."

Katie smiled mischievously and replied, "Mmmm... I think I know how I can
accommodate you though, mommy."

"Oh, really?!" chuckled Julia, shifting her form to resemble her own mortal
vistage, "And just what do you have in mind, little one? Just how are you going
to make your 'mommy' happy? Hmmm..?

Katie gave Julia's clit a deep kiss. "Oh... I was thinking of arranging a sleep
over, a slumber party actually," the girl explained, "Sort of a way to get to
know some of the girl's at my school a little bit better... With my mommy's
permission of course..."

Julia sighed contentedly, and dropped to her knees, where she gave Katie a deep,
passionate kiss. "Of course, my lovely dearest, child," she replied, "You may do
as you please... Especially when it involves bringing fresh, young little virgin
pussies into the house!"

"Thank you, mommy..." Katie replied hugging the woman as her pretty blue eyes
glowed an eerie green...

Written by Amy K. (
Copyright 1998, although permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so
long as everyone who wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone
wanting a copy of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice
enough to share!;)


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