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Archived Sex Stories

Head Space


Head Space (1st, FF, oral)
by DemonBound

Foreward: Okay, so I tried to write erotica instead
of my usual porn-rotica. I put it in the festival, and
no one even mentioned it, so it's sort of a failure
but it's my failure. I decided to archive it with my
other stories. What the hell, some one might like
it some time.

Warning, this story has explicit lesbian sex in it.
If you are a kid, a nut, or a fundamentalist, or
just offended by sex stories DO NOT READ IT

Note: This story was written for the Sapphic Erotica
Festival 2002, hosted by
in honor of the Greek poet Sappho, who wrote poetry
about woman to woman love. I've read some of the
few remaining fragments of her work, little of which
has withstood the destruction of entropy, but I like
what I read so I decided to try my hand at this,
though in prose because I am definitely not a poet.
My stories are usually more hardcore, involving cum
and tentacles, but this one is to honor a woman who
was into romance, and wrote about sending her young
lovers off to get married to men, so I tried for
something a bit more, not romantic I suppose, but
tender. Hell, for me, this story almost had no sex
in it, let alone tentacles. Its an experiment which
I hope you'll enjoy, but is not typical of my work.

If you are feeling adventurous, the rest of my
published stories reside at

Also, if you feel like being a patron of the arts,
please donate to ASSTR, the home of my work and the
work of many other writers. The URL to do this is
begin story

Dr. Sally Hendersen, Manager of Physical
Psychotherapy for Mining Station #347, passed the
time until her next appointment by reading up on the
latest professional journals from Earth. It had been
10 years since she'd left school to become a
practicing physical psychotherapist, so it was very
important that she keep up with the latest
developments in her field. Her intercom chimed and
the deep masculine voice of her administrative
assistant said, 'Doctor, your 14:30 appointment is

Sally put her finger near the control sensor,
"Alright, send her in." She sighed. This one would
be tricky, but company regulations, not to mention
interplanetary law, were quite specific. That was
why she was the station department head, though,
because she could handle the difficult cases.

Her patient walked in. Fresh from Earth, Molly
Ferguson was an Assay Technician, who's job was to
regulate the separation of materials coming out of
the focal point of the solar smelter to make sure
they met company standards of purity, which were
higher than interplanetary law required, Sally
thought with a bit of pride.

Molly was one of the few women who applied for
positions in space. There had been a cultural shift
on Earth in the last generation, women once more
accepted limited options in career choice because
some jobs were not thought to be 'feminine',
asteroid mining definitely being one of them.
Sally's own department, at the other extreme, was
thought of as a female job, which was why it was so
hard to find men to fill the required positions, in
fact Sally's last male Physical Psychotherapist had
just left last month. This was why Molly Ferguson's
case was a bit tricky, and why Sally had decided to
handle it herself.

Molly was a petite brunette with a pageboy haircut
of almost the maximum allowed length (it had to fit
easily and quickly into a vacuum helmet in case of
emergency). Her heart shaped face was framed by two
longer locks which curled down to the angle of her
jaw. She had big brown eyes a small straight nose
and a small yet full lipped mouth. What could be
seen of her figure through her plain tan light duty
worksuit (which could form a vacuum suit with the
addition of a helmet and gloves) was slender and
willowy, actually the preferred build in a spacer,
where physical compactness and lithe agility were
far more important than muscularity.

'Good', thought Sally, 'she's physically attractive,
that'll make it a little easier anyway.' Not that
ugliness would have prevented her from doing her
job, space miners weren't selected for physical
beauty after all, they had to be smart, they had to
able to fit into standard vacuum suits, and they had
to be psychologically well adjusted enough to work
closely with a small group of people in relative
isolation. If they had some unique skills even some
those requirements might be waived or modified. So
Sally always tried to see the inner being, and
usually found something to like in all her patients,
though it was sometimes difficult. It was a little
easier if she found them physically attractive
though, and she liked Molly Ferguson's looks very

No, Molly's problem wasn't looks, it was her psych
profile. According to her files, she had always
gone to male physical psychotherapists since
puberty, this of course was allowed by law, and on
Earth there was a high enough population base that
finding a male therapist wasn't difficult. But on
Mining Station #347, the one area that did have a
lot of women was physical psychotherapy, and by some
bad luck, that's *all* they had right now. And
company regulation required regular therapy sessions
to maintain social integration so that isolation
sickness didn't set in. It was the law, and it made
good sense too, but Molly was going to have a
problem with it.

"Ms. Ferguson, please come in and have a seat."

Sally gestured to one of the lightly padded frames
that passed for chairs in the very light gravity of
Mining Station #347. The gravity lens field that
gave the station more than micro gravity could only
do so much with the slight mass of the asteroid to
which it was anchored. While there was enough to
prevent muscle atrophy and bone degeneration, it was
still so light that all one needed in a chair was
basically an anchoring frame with enough padding to
prevent hurting yourself if you banged into it

"Thank you Dr. Hendersen."

"Please call me Sally, and may I call you Molly?"

"Of course, doctor."

Sally sighed. The poor girl was obviously very
nervous, shifting in her frame and frowning
slightly. Sally got up and bounced around her desk,
to lessen the psychological distance between them
and create a more casual atmosphere. She perched on
the edge of her desk and let Molly get used to her
being close and to take in Sally's appearance.

Sally was 34 years old, a full figured blonde with
blue eyes. Her appearance was remarkable on a
asteroid station, because her hair was much longer
than regulations normally allowed. She'd had to
prove she could get it bound up and close to her
head in less than 30 seconds even in wind tunnel
like conditions in order to get the special waiver
needed. But it meant that she could and did have an
amazing mass of luxurious blond curls floating in an
almost angelic cloud around her oval face. Her blue
eyes had smile crinkles in the corners and her
upturned nose made her look a lot younger than she
was. She wished her lips were a little fuller, but
her mouth was wide, and friendly and her face showed
that she smiled more than she frowned. (Although
she deliberately emphasized those qualities, as her
job required, she really was a friendly, happy,
often humorous person.) Also her station suit was
non-standard, although it could indeed be sealed to
make a vacuum suit, it had a custom throat closure
and was skin tight. There was a flap that could be
sealed to allow attachment of a helmet, but that
when open showed a generous cleavage, only enhanced
by the light gravity. The suit was a cheery light
blue and clung enticingly to her trim waist and
generous hips. Her hips were a little wider than
the current fashion on Earth, but Sally thought it
just gave her an Earth-Mother look, that she used
effectively to build rapport with her patients. She
also wore a pair of small gold framed oval glasses
to give her an little more intellectual authority.
Of course her vision was perfect, as required by
company regulations, but like most scholars and
computer people, she wore glasses that incorporated
heads up data interface technology. Besides, they
gave her a good prop and something to do with her
hand, which she'd used to have problems with when
she was younger.

"Relax, Molly, I just want you to know that nothing
is going to happen that you don't want to have

Sally let that hang in the air between them, waiting
for Molly to digest that, waiting for her to decide
how she wanted to react to it.

"I...I heard that this station doesn't currently
have any male therapists."

"Yes, Molly, that is unfortunately true."

"I , well, I was hoping I could get a waiver...."

Sally smiled kindly at Molly, "I'm sorry Molly, but
these regulations are some of the very few that
cannot be waived, at least in space."

She continued, "In a small, isolated social group
like a mining station, it is important that a person
not be allowed to retreat from humanity. The
regulations are designed to prevent that. I'm sure
you know they require that everyone spend a minimum
of a half hour per week with a physical
psychotherapist and that therapist has to certify
that you are reasonably stable and able to interact
successful with others without depression, or

"Yes Doctor..."

"Please, call me Sally."

"...Sally, I know, but...", Molly looked down shyly,
and continued in almost a whisper, "I-I've never
been with a woman."

Sally smiled gently, "I thought as much from your
file, all your therapists have been men."

Molly looked up at the older woman from beneath her
bangs, looking very young and earnest, "Bruce, my
last therapist, told me I should try going to a
female therapist before I left Earth, that most of
the therapists off Earth were women and I might not
have access to a male therapist on any given
assignment, but..."

Molly turned her face up to Sally, " But I just
couldn't! I tried! I did...but I well, I made an
appointment, but I never showed up. Then it was too
late, my ship lifted and I still hadn't, you know,
done it...with a woman."

Sally frowned a little, mostly for show. It seemed
a long time to her since she had been 18 and so
worried about everything. She knew it was difficult
for Molly, her psych profile indicated that her self
image was aggressively heterosexual, and Sally
wasn't surprised she'd never even experimented with
another woman. The girl was so eager to do a good
job, to do the right thing, but was obviously scared
to death. Sally thought if she just reached out and
touched her, Molly would faint.

"Molly, its ok, we'll get you through this. Now
I've set aside the next two hours just to get to
know you. I want you to relax. Contrary to what
you might think , physical psychotherapy isn't about
all about sex."

"It isn't? But I thought..."

Sally laughed, delighted, "Didn't you ever do
anything more than have sex with your therapists?"

"Well, but well...yes, but I thought it was just..."

Sally laughed again, and Molly got mad, with a
petulant look on her face she said, "It's not funny!
Matt and I went to museums and everything. And
Bruce took me to the movies--twice! They were my

Sally sobered, "Of course they were, I didn't mean
to laugh. But you know they were paid, right?
Their job was to be your friend, they were--and are-
-your friends, Matt in particular says some very
nice things about you in your file, which I'll let
you read if you like, but their job is to help you
stay connected on an emotional level with the rest
of humanity. Sex is just the base of what physical
psychotherapy is about. What it's really about is
your emotional connection to your fellow human
beings. There was a time when if you could hold a
job and pay your bills, no one cared if you were
happy. If you were depressed, if you were lonely,
if you felt alienated from all other people, but you
weren't a drain on the state, you were considered
fine. But that changed. Not everything in our
society is better now, but I think this is. It was
realized that we couldn't afford to abandon people
who didn't quite fit, and the most basic of human
drives, and the primary connector of one person to
another, is sex, even if it is only sexual tension,
as in the usually non-physical relationship between
mothers and sons, or fathers and daughters. So the
field of physical psychotherapy was born. Caring,
nurturing people with high empathy are carefully
trained to make sure their patients can connect with
other people, and they do it primarily through sex.
In extreme cases, they might even become someone's
only real connection with other people. Now your
case isn't anywhere near that, your file indicates
you make friend reasonably easily, even if you are a
bit...shall we say...firm, in some of your ideas and
you resist social pressure, but you've had several
male lovers, and there is something to be said for
not giving in to every social pressure. A certain
number of confirmed individualists is health in a
society, as long as it doesn't turn into dysfunction
or aggression."

Sally stopped for a minute, she walked over to
another frame near Molly's and adjusted its
attachment to the floor so that it faced the girl
and when Sally sat in it, was within touching
distance. Molly looked on with an unhappy face, her
hands clenched in her lap, looking very small and
very young. Sally sat down again, facing the girl.

"But we have a bit of a problem here. Station 357
doesn't have any male therapists right now, which
means you are going to have to work with a female
therapist. Now I deliberately took your case myself
because I am the most experienced therapist we have
on the station, but if you find me off putting, or
just not physically pleasing, well, we can get you
someone else. Don't worry about offending me,
either, we therapists are trained to deal with just
this kind of thing, and if you need a different
therapist, we can do that. But she'll also be
female, there just isn't any way around that, unless
you chose to go back to Earth."

Molly smiled worriedly, " isn't that,
you look very nice." Here Molly sort of scanned the
doctor visually, her eyes drawn to the bulging
cleavage, the wide hips, the beautiful, intelligent,
concerned face, then down to Sally's crotch, and the
vee formed by her legs in the skin tight vacc suit,
and then down to her own clenched hands in her lap
as she blushed in embarrassment.

"It's just...I'm not that way...I like you, I guess,
but...just not that way."

Sally smiled, "Two things, one is that sometimes in
life you have to do things, make choices, we don't
want to do, but we do them because they let us do
something else we want to. You know that already,
your school records show you study hard and do well
even in classes you didn't enjoy. This is one of
those things. You could refuse to see a therapist,
and return to Earth, but if you do, you'll probably
never get a position off Earth again. So even if
you find it, find me, distasteful, you may want to
force yourself to at least try it. You owe it to
yourself to try to hold on to your position. Then
if you truly do just find it unbearable, there is a
whole world of possible careers on Earth, and a
bright girl like yourself can still live a rewarding
life never again leaving the mother world."

Sally straightened, deliberately posing for the
girl, "The other thing is that it is alright for you
to look at me. Stare if you like, I'll even strip
for you if you want. But don't feel embarrassed
about wanting to look. I dress this way just *for*
you to look. So if you want to 'check me out' do
it. Okay?"

Sally put one hand behind her head, arched her back,
and put one leg up on the other in a classic 'cheese
cake' pose, like those old pin ups from world war
II, more than 200 years in the past, but still very
popular, and pursed her lips in a mock kiss. At
that Molly laughed, which was exactly what Sally was
hoping she'd do.

"There...see...that wasn't so bad. Now, tell me a
little bit about yourself. I've read your file, but
that doesn't really replace conversation for getting
to know someone."

Molly smiled back at Sally and visibly relaxed a
bit, still looking her over curiously, and still
trying to do it surreptitiously, but at least a
little more at easy.

"Well, I'm an Assay Technician, and..."

Sally broke in, "Why did you decide on that job?"

"Uh...I guess because its in Engineering, a foot in
the door anyway, and I want stuff."

"Didn't you get teased about it when you were in

"Well, yes, but...but I really want to do it, and
they were just...jealous or something. I actually
punched this girl once when she wouldn't leave me

"Really! Remind me not to get you mad at me." Sally

Molly blushed enchantingly, "I had to go to special
counciling every day for two weeks about that, and
apologize to the girl. She had to apologize to me
too, for provoking me, and I had to explain why I
got so mad I hit her. It was really embarrassing."

"So tell me a little bit about your love life. Have
your lovers been supportive?"

Molly nodded, "Most of them. I went out with a guy
named Ethan for a while and he gave me grief, but I
dumped him after only a couple of weeks. My main
steady, Edward, was very supportive. We still write
email everyday, even though I haven't seen him in a
couple of years. He works on a terraforming station
on Mars now."

Over the course of the next forty minutes, Sally got
molly to talk about her life and likes, the things
she hated and the things she was passionate about.
Of course Sally knew there was a lot more there, no
one completely bares their soul to a therapist the
first time they meet them. But Sally was able to
form a mental picture of the girl.

Molly was tough, she had to be to be working a
'man's' job, she was smart, confident, and
competent. She was also kinds and basically happy,
not likely to be one of Sally's problem cases,
though her sense of humor was underdeveloped, but
that was typical for these serious tech and
engineering types. Sally also thought that she
could ease Molly through her first sexual encounter
with a woman, the girl was mostly just nervous about
trying something new in so personal an area.
Molly's file had indicated that she was rarely
experimental sexually, that her therapists had
always had to take the initiative to get her to try
new things, and there was a special note that
indicated she was dangerously intolerant of fetish
scenarios, so Sally's line of very funny scat jokes
was right out. Now it was time to try move to the
next stage.

"Okay Molly, I'd like to try something here. Just
as an ice breaker. Have you been in the low gravity
shower yet?"

"No, not yet, the regulations for using make it kind
of a pain, I've just been doing sponge baths so

"Well, it is a lot of fun. You just will be amazed
at what the water does in low gravity. Lets give it
a try, okay?"

Molly tensed up a bit, but she was a good girl, and
she knew she was going to have to do something to be
able to keep her job on the station.

"S-sure, Sally" she tried to look brave and
adventurous, but only managed to look nervous and
scared though determined, "lets do it." She blushed
as she realized the double entendre, but smiled back

Sally pretended to be fooled.

The two women left the office and headed to the
recreation section. Showers were definitely not for
getting clean, and definitely not for everyday use.
People had actually died in showers by accidentally
aspirating water in the low gravity. But water was
fun, and evoked something in the human psyche that
seemed to be important, so even the budget conscious
company included money and resources for the low-g

As the two women walked, mostly glided actually,
down the station corridors, they passed many of the
other station personnel, 96 percent of whom were
male. men waved to Sally and called greetings, a
few just whistled appreciatively as she passed, one
or two actually stopped them to chat over this or
that. Sally was used to it, but Molly seemed to
fluctuate between amazement and irritation, not sure
whether to be offended in defense of women, mad
because little of it was directed her way, or
impressed with how popular and well liked her
'date' was.

When they got to the recreation area, Sally logged
on to confirm their reservation, and to make sure
the time was credited to her departmental budget and
not against Molly's entry level salary.

"Come on in here, Molly, I reserved a locker room
next to the shower too."

Molly hesitantly trailed after the older woman, more
than a little afraid of what was about to happen.
But she bucked up, and forced herself to do what had
to be done. Sally just smiled and led the way.
She'd made sure they had privacy, this was hard
enough for the girl without an audience.

Together they squeezed into the airlock leading into
the shower area, Sally could have let them go
through one at a time, since the lock was very tight
for two together, but she used this as an excuse to
touch Molly for the first time. As they waited for
the lock to cycle, they stood close enough to feel
each others body heat, Sally had her hands resting
comfortably on Molly's hips to steady her, their
legs where actually intertwined, and she made sure
her breasts brushed against molly's arm, but she
made it all seem casual, nothing sexual, just two
body's in a tight space. Molly was tense, but not
too tense, already having built up some minimal
trust that Sally wasn't going to do anything
horrible to her. The lock cycled, and they moved,
almost floated into the locker area.

Here was a moment of truth. It was time to take off
their suits so they could use the shower.

"Molly...wait a minute."

Molly had turned her back on the doctor and was
preparing to pop the air seals on her utilitarian
tan work suit.

"Yes, Doctor?"

Sally let the little slip go, correcting her to call
her Sally would only make the girl more nervous.
Besides, if Molly saw her as an authority figure, as
one to be obeyed, it might make it easier for her to
do what was required.

"I want to do an intimacy exercise. You did those
with your other therapists, right?"

Molly nodded, "Yes, we did a lot of them.
Especially me and Ravi, he was my first therapist
that I...that I ...well, he took my virginity." Then
in a rush of words, as if confessing a crime, "I was
fifteen, and all the other girls had already done
it, and I wanted to but I was scared, and Ravi kept
just letting me you know, *not*...but he insisted we
do the exercises, touching kissing, massage...he
wanted me to give him oral pleasure, but I
couldn't...and he did it to me, kissed me down
there, you I ...finally let him do
it, and it didn't hurt at all even though I thought
it know..." She ran down
suddenly, then looked at Sally as if she expected
some kind of disapproval from Sally.

Sally just smiled gently at the girl. Her file
indicated that Ravi had tried for over a year before
he was able to deflower Molly, and that he'd finally
given her a heavy dose of painkillers and mood
relaxers without her knowledge in order make sure
she had a good first encounter. He'd been so afraid
that a bad first experience would injure the girl,
he'd requested special consultations three times
during that year and had several extra therapy
sessions of his own.

"I...see." said Sally with a smile

"And did you ever...give him oral pleasure?"

"Uh, well...yes, and then I decided I really liked
that." and of course she blushed again.

In fact, the file indicated that for nearly the next
two years, she insisted on giving her therapist a
blow job every therapy session. Bruce, her last
therapist, had put a note about those two movies
they'd gone to, the first was an adventure movie,
with lots of monsters and explosions, but the second
had been a romance that Molly had picked out that
had some rather explicit scenes, and that during one
of the scenes, Molly had performed her most daring
sexual act ever. When the heroine in the move gave
her lover a blowjob, Molly had done the same for
Bruce. Bruce had noted that the theater was
darkened, but public and that she hadn't stopped
even though a boy in the next row had noticed what
was going on, and turned to watch. Molly had
finished anyway, then been so hot that Bruce had
actually manually stimulated her to orgasm, kissing
her to muffle her moans, still while the boy in the
next row watched. Sally didn't intend to show that
part of the file to Molly, she'd let her reveal that
herself in time. And the exhibitionist tendency it
showed might be a good way to broaden Molly's sexual
horizon, but for today, it was enough to get through
the shower.

"All right, so what I want to do is for you to get
used to seeing another naked woman, to actually
looking. In polite society it's considered rude to
stare at another person in a locker room, you're
expected to look away, and you expect others to give
you that same illusion of privacy. But for today, I
want you to break that rule. I want you to look at
me, and I will look at you, and it won't be rude, it
will be just an intimacy exercise your therapist
makes you do, okay?"

Sally knew that Molly cared less than most people
for social rule, social approval, but that didn't
mean she just rejected society's standards. It made
it easier to do something new and scary if she had
social permission to do it, so Sally used her
position of authority to give Molly permission to do
something she needed and wanted to do, which was to
fulfill her curiosity about a potential lover's

"Yes Do...ah, Sally. What do you want me to do?"

"I'm going to take off my cloths, and I want you to
watch, just watch, look at whatever you want, then
I'm going to ask you to take off your cloths, and
I'm going to watch you in return."

Molly nodded mutely.

Sally had thought about trying to turn it into a
strip tease, but she'd decided that Molly needed
this to be as casual as possible. She did smile but
otherwise she was very matter of fact as she opened
the seals of her worksuit to reveal her body to
Molly's blushing view. She peeled the skin tight
worksuit away from her upper body and her full
breast sprang free of confinement. They were a c
cup or maybe a little more, though she'd had a
little bio-sculpting to fill them out some, she
hadn't wanted to go to the grotesque extremes that
some women did. She skinned her arms out of the top
of the work suit and let it dangle behind her, and
slowly turned a circle so with her upper body
completely bare, letting Molly adjust.

Molly looked on wide eyed. Her eyes at first going
anywhere but to Sally. Eventually, she did look
though, and her curiosity got the better of her.
She did look at Sally's breasts, but her eyes also
noticed Sally's smooth arms with just a hint so sage
due to age but also having some muscle from working
out at the stations gym. Her body was not hard and
tight, like some athlete or body builder. It was
softer, rounder, more inviting, less intimidating,
but it was also the body of someone who cared about
appearance and health, more yoga than aerobics, but
still very fit. Molly saw that Sally's belly wasn't
absolutely flat, but was smooth and the skin was
unblemished, very white since spacers avoided
radiation, including solar radiation like sunlight
as if it were a plague, and it had a soft golden
down, as did Sally's arms. Molly looked again at
Sally's breasts, full globes standing much higher
than Earth gravity allowed, with inch wide areola
and little stub nipples which were not presently
erect. Molly herself had never had any bio-
sculpting done, so there was just a trace of envy on
her face as she looked at Sally's breasts, full and
round and ever so slightly wall-eyed.

Sally let her look a little longer then, couldn't
resist the urge to turn her backside to Molly and
subtly wiggle her bottom just a little more than
necessary to slid the tight suit over her hips, down
her legs and off in a straight legged bend at the
waist the gave Molly a quick glimpse of her pussy
from behind. Then she turned around and stood with
her legs slightly apart, just letting Molly look,
neither hiding her sex, nor making any attempt to
draw attention to it, as she might have with a man.

Sally noticed again, that while Molly did look at
her carefully shaped and trimmed mound of pubic
hair, and at her bare and slightly parted labia, she
also took in the long legs, the slightly too wide
hips and slightly saggy bottom that indicated Sally
needed to cut back just a bit on pastries in her
diet. Molly also looked for a while at Sally's
feet, neat and well formed, with high arches and log
elegant toes, and at Sally's well formed calves.

In all, Sally was a blonde, blue eyed, beauty, sexy
and sensual, without being intimidating. Sally
cultivated just exactly that look, and would have
used bio-sculpture in a second to get it, and
actually had augmented her breasts by a half a cup
size or so, but exercise and diet were enough for
the most part. Even her imperfections were useful
to put her patients at ease. She was no video porn
star, but she never had trouble arousing lust when
she needed to. Right now she was just standing,
letting Molly look without pressure. She slowly
turned letting Molly see her from every angle.

"Is there any thing else you'd like to see Molly? Do
you want me to turn, or maybe you want a closer

"N-no, this is fine."

"All right then, its your turn."

Molly was a lot less casual about taking of her
worksuit. For one thing, the suit's standard seals
were much less well designed for strip tease than
Sally's custom designed suit. Molly was extremely
conscious of Sally's eyes on her, as she slowly
broke the seals and pulled apart the upper section.
Molly, fresh from Earth was actually lightly tanned,
and showed some freckles on her body even though
there were none on her face. Sally noticed that
there were no tan lines on Molly's upper body, yet
another hint at a hidden exhibitionist tendency.
Molly stopped, looking at Sally questioningly with
parts of the fairly complex worksuit dangling
forward and back behind her.

"Just a second, Molly, let me look at you."

Molly was thin, but not muscular, though she looked
fit, and had the body of someone who perhaps
frolicked at the beach more than she worked out.
Her breasts were a b cup, pert, almost saucy, and
long nippled. Sally thought, 'I can't wait to get
at those nipples...I wonder if I can get her to
consider piercing. She'd look great with some
jewelry.' Molly's stomach was flat, with a cute
little navel. Her arms were smooth and somewhat
thin, her hands actually showing the most use,
looking strong, the nails short, though painted with
a darkish red enamel.

"Could you turn around once for me, Molly? Thank

Molly turned, not knowing what to do with her arms,
trying hard not to cross them over her breasts, but
having difficulty leaving them at her sides, and
ending up unconsciously twining them around like a
much younger girl in a most appealing manner. Sally
tried hard not to smile.

"Alright, please continue."

Removing the rest of the suit was a quick and simple
procedure, which Molly performed with a minimum of
wasted motion, leaving her slender body nude, and
now she did cover her pubic area with her hands,
shifting nervously, feet and legs together.

"Relax, Molly, I'm not going to bite, nor am I going
to make fun of you."

Molly was visibly trembling, but did relax somewhat.

"Now I want you put your hands at your sides and
stand with your feet apart, please."

Molly looked like she was thinking about being
defiant, but after a moment put her hands at her
sides and moved her feet apart slightly. She tried
to look arch, as if to say 'I dare you'. Sally
smiled to see that she actually thrust out her chest
a bit, and that her long nipples were in fact hard.
She was nervous, but apparently on some level was
enjoying being looked at. Sally noticed she wasn't
frowning, though she could hardly be said to be
smiling. Sally decided to encourage this latent
showman ship.

"You are very pretty you know. You have exquisite

"They aren't very big though."

Sally chuckled, "Now you are fishing for
compliments, they may not be big, but they are very
well formed, and I'll bet you know it. Surely at
least some of your lovers have told you so."

Molly smiled, "Well...yes, I guess."

"You could always have them bio-sculpted if you
really wanted them larger."

"No, I like them the way they are, the way I am."

"Well then." Sally gestured as if to say 'there, you
have the final answer'.

Now Sally deliberately let her eyes wonder down to
Molly's pubic area. The girl's rich brown pubic
hair was trimmed short, just as regulations
required, but was only shaped enough to conceal
pubic hair under the currently popular women's
beachwear, obviously not in some exotic pattern.
Her labia obviously had never been depilated. Her
slit was tight and as cute as a young girl's, but as
Sally watched, a hint of color appeared, just a bit
of swelling. 'Apparently little Molly likes being
looked at, even by another woman', thought Sally,
'good, this wasn't going to be as bad as I thought'.

"Now Molly, I'd like you to turn around for me. I
want to see what you l
look like from the back."

Molly must have been getting into the scenario,
because she didn't just turn around. Instead, she
turned away, then smiled back over her shoulder at
Sally an bent over slightly with her hands on her
knees, her rump thrust out at her therapist.

"Well," said Sally with a laugh in her voice, " I
did go into space to see the Moon, but this wasn't
what I had in mind."

They both laughed a little more than the joke

"Okay, lets go in."

The two women went over to the lock and took turn
blowing into the breath analyzer which checked for
any intoxicants, and also took turns solving the
small logic puzzle presented by the control screen.
The showers were a bit dangerous in low gravity, not
a real problem if one were alert, but people had
been injured, even died, while drunk, stoned, or
just sick, so access was restricted. The lock into
the inner chamber finally opened, and again Sally
made sure they both went into the small space

Molly tensed up again as they were forced to touch
and her nipples, a good indicator of her arousal
apparently, went flat. She jumped when one of
Sally's full breasts brushed against her shoulder.
Sally resisted the impulse to pinch and kiss those
nipples back to hardness. She knew it was best to
go slow.

The two women moved into the main chamber in the

"Now there are standard manual controls on the
shower heads, you can see there are four in here,
but there is also a voice activated system that I'll
demonstrate in a second, but the first thing is the
safety word."

Sally pitched her voice a little higher and spoke
clearly, "Computer, disregard next occurrence of
safety word."

She spoke in normal tones again, "I had to do that
so I can tell you the word. If you say the word,
the water is immediately turned off and high speed
fans and pumps suck out all the liquid in the room.
If you don't countermand coherently at that point,
the computer summons medical aid. Got it? Okay,
the word is 'Help'...NO don't repeat it, just
remember it."

Sally smile encouragingly at Molly, " You'll like
this. Computer--body temperature low pressure water

Molly did indeed laugh as she watched the water
spill out of all four spouts. Instead of the fine,
fast moving droplets of a Earthly shower, the water
burbled out in long, slow, twisting ropes held
together by surface tension which, while it hadn't
changed from that on Earth, was still suddenly much
more important in low gravity since the normal
acceleration of gravity was so much less. The water
splashed against the floor and the women's nude
bodies, and bounced away in great wobbling irregular
spheres. It was still warm, still wet, still made
their bodies glisten and sparkle, but now it was as
if it did everything larger and slower than on

For several minutes they watched the water splash
and bounce around in its huge bubbles, even the
steam of the hot water seemed bigger. Sally
splashed water at Molly, and Molly laughed and
splashed back. For a long time they were just kids,
playing in a faery water fountain. When Sally was
sure that Molly was relaxed again, she decided to
change the mood.

"Computer--foam." she commanded.

Molly laughed again as she realized that bubble bath
had been added. Now, in addition to huge bubbles of
water, there where even larger soap bubbles, some
floating loose, other clumping into mounds of
whitish froth. The two women played with the foam,
Molly making a big bubble beard for herself, Sally
giving herself an immense afro that would have been
impossible on Earth. Then Sally scooped up a mound
of bubbles and poofed it onto Molly's chest, not
touching her, just hitting her with the foam
equivalent of a snowball. This led to a bouncing
foam fight, and finally a slippery, laughing
wrestling match, which ended with the larger
stronger Sally lying on top of the nearly foam
buried Molly.

Molly suddenly noticed that Sally was looking down
at her seriously, and she stopped giggling and
struggling, just looking up at the older woman lying
on top of her. Sally slowly started to kiss Molly,
stopped when she saw Molly start to say something,
perhaps 'no', but continued when Molly didn't
actually object. Her lips touched Molly's lightly,
gently, demanding nothing only caressing. Molly
looked troubled but still said nothing, her arms
stretched above her head, still pinioned by Sally's

"You okay?"

"Uh huh." murmured Molly

Sally nibbled at Molly's lips and moved on to rain
little kisses along her captive's jawline, then back
to tease at her full lips. She started running the
tip of her tongue along Molly's closed mouth until
the girl finally opened it, and accepted the tip
against her own tongue.

Sally made it all seem casual, inevitable, but this
was an illusion. She'd made sure that their little
game had ended with her in control. One of her legs
was not-by-chance wedged between Molly's thigh,
pressed firmly against her outer pussy lips so she
could monitor Molly's state of arousal. Sally's
breasts pressed against Molly's so she could feel if
those marvelous long nipples became erect, which
they slowly did under the long, wet kiss. It wasn't
all cold calculation, Sally's heart was beating
faster, and she could feel her own pussy engorging
with hot blood, but she was a professional, and it
was very important that Molly respond and keep
responding, so Sally was very careful to make sure
that Molly never had a chance to cool down and also
never got scared by too aggressive a move. Sally's
own pleasure was secondary, though she rarely had to
fake her own response, and she was certainly
responding to the sweet young thing beneath her.

Molly never really had a chance to object, as Sally
lowered her arms to her sides near her shoulders,
but kept a hold of each wrist. Sally kissed her way
down the girl's soft slender throat which was
slightly flushed with passion. She kissed the
slippery upper slopes of Molly's tight young

"But...I never...with a woman..."

"Sh, sh sshhh...I'm a woman yes, but a mouth is just
a mouth after all." Sally murmured to her most
tenuously held prisoner.

Sally took Molly's right nipple between her lips and
suckled at it, lapping it with her tongue until she
was sure it was fully erect. She switched to the
left breast and did the same. Then, because she
knew from Molly's file that she liked it, Sally bite
down softly on the long nipple, then harder when
Molly moaned.

'It's really sort of unfair to have your every
sexual response listed in someone's database'
thought Sally, 'it really makes it too easy to
seduce her.'

That didn't stop her from using every trick she knew
to get the girl to respond. It was too important
for Molly's career, let alone Sally's professional
pride, that Molly be able to respond satisfactorily
to her therapist. In plain terms, she needed to be
able to have an orgasm brought on by her therapist.
Sally had every intention of making this happen.

Sally now moved Molly's hands down to her hips. She
felt Molly tense, so she rushed a bit so the girl
wouldn't have a chance to object

Sally grinned a bit, as Molly started to say "No"
but instead bit her lower lip, scrunched up her big
brown eyes, and turned that into a sort of
"N....ooooh..." as Molly felt the Doctor's tongue
massaging at her clit.

Molly made as if to move her hands, perhaps only to
pull Sally's head tighter to her pussy, but Sally
couldn't take chances, and semi-forcefully kept them
at the girl's side and under her control.

"No, baby, let Moma do her work."


Sally put all her formidable training, knowledge,
and experience into bathing young Molly's
sapphically virginal pussy with her tongue. She
parted Molly's moist inner folds, and swirled hot
saliva around her clit, and teased at Molly
clenching vaginal orifice. She varied her orgasmic
assault by kissing down the girl's inner thigh, then
stroking her breasts across the girl's pubic mound
and stomach. She even nibbled on Molly's pubic
hair, tugging slightly as if she were a goat
trimming some pubic lawn. But always se returned to
the clitoris, lapping it, ringing around it,
lipping, even sucking as if it were a nipple.

For many long minutes, the two lovers moved under
the warm jets of water and bubbles. Sally had
programmed the 'bubble bath' to be edible and to
taste slightly of mint, so that inevitably she
thought of candy as she licked at Molly's writhing
slender young body, but the taste was all Molly when
she moved back to the girl's pussy. The girl had
finally given in to her body and she obviously no
longer cared that it was a woman giving her
pleasure, all she cared about was the pleasure given
to her by another warm and caring human being. The
mouth at her puss was a human mouth, the tongue that
probed deeply within her vaginal tunnel was a human
mouth, the hands that forced her submit with only
the slightest of pressures where human hands, and if
there were breasts and another pussy attached to all
that, well, they were human too.

Molly moaned and sighed as she built toward orgasm.
Sally again smiled as she realized the girl had her
eyes closed. Sally redoubled her lashing at Molly's
core, feeling the girl tense, not with nervousness
or apprehension, but with impending orgasm. The
therapist tasted the absolute flood of lubricity the
girl gave down. It would only take just a little
bit more stimulation, which Sally provided by
tickling Molly's clit with the very tip of her
tongue, but now strongly, with a firm, steady
circling motion. Molly bucked under her.

"Oh...oh...oh, Doctor....OH, YES...oh, my god,
Sally, YES OH YES!!"

Molly collapsed under Sally, completely relaxed.
Sally finally let the girl's hands go, and she
massaged the now limp body. Molly now made no
protest as Sally's hands massaged her thighs and
belly, then sides, and breasts, and arms as Sally
moved moved back up, until she once more lay thigh
to thigh, breast to breast, and eye to eye with the

Sally kissed Molly deeply, which brought a slight
hesitation from Molly, but then she returned the
kiss. Sally thought, 'Well, we need a little more
work there, but she responded'. No need to rush,
now that the law had been satisfied. Getting rid of
that last hesitancy, last reluctance could wait.
There was one last thing she at least needed to try,
if the girl balked they could work on it, but it
would be better to do it now before post coital
remorse could set in.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No Sally, it was very good. Thank you."

"No need to thank me...just a second, we are going
to turn into prunes any moment...Computer--water
off, warm air dry gentle, add pine scent."

As the room obediently did what it was told to do,
she continued, "There is one more thing we need to
talk about. Do you know what I mean?" This was said
while she lay nestled beside the girl under warm
blasts of air.

"You mean, that you didn't come...right?"

"Yes, baby girl, that is what I mean. I know you
are new to all this, so I'm not going to insist or
anything, but part of my job as therapist is
teaching the etiquette of sex, as well as the
mechanics and emotions. When one is given pleasure,
one should return the favor. So, how do you feel
about that?"

"I don't know Sally. Do I have to, you know..." she
stalled out.

"You are going to have to at least learn to say it,
Molly," Sally chuckled, "You mean, do you have to
lick my pussy until I come?"

Molly blushed, but at an encouraging look from Sally
managed to get out, " I need out

Sally, still amused, still nestled up against the
girl's slightly shorter form, said, "Well, no, not
really...we can save that for another time. But I
have an idea for something else that shouldn't be
too hard. Are you ready to try it?"

Relieved, Molly nodded, "Sure Sally, what do you
want me to do?"

Under Sally's direction, Molly sat up, back against
the now dry wall and spread her legs, no longer
embarrassed to have Sally look at her pussy. Sally
sat down between Molly's spread legs, her back to
the girl, and snuggled back until she could feel
Molly's breasts against her back. She took the
girl's hand and placed them neutrally on her own

"Now this is gonna be easy. All you do, is do what
you normally do when you masturbate. Pretend my
body is yours, and do whatever you feel like."

"Well, I always did want bigger zoobies." Molly

"Oh, my." said Sally as Molly actually cupped her
breasts lightly. "Is that what the young people are
calling them now?"

"Nah, that's what my mother always called them. And
my pussy was always a 'Yaya'"

Sally chuckled, "Well, whatever works I guess. Now
do you want to just fool around a bit, or do you
want some directions? You are operating a very
complex piece of equipment here."

Somewhat predictably Molly gave up control in a
sexual situation, "Tell me."

"All right, well, you've made a good start, just
massage my breasts like that, yes, that feels very
nice" Molly really did have nice hand, strong yet
delicate, and not as soft as one might think of a
technician who did her job through a computer
console. Sally wondered what the girl did that made
her hands so strong.

"Now play with my nipples. No dear, don't nipples are very sensitive, just roll
them, or better yet flick them lightly with your
finger...yes, very nice."

"Now, just run your hands over my body, touching is
very important...yes, baby, that's, don't
just go for the breasts or are more than
your sex organs."

The warm air and strong young hands running over her
body were very pleasant. The thought intruded that
her hair was going to be a tangled mess from drying
without a brush. She thought shed have to go by
that client of hers that had the hair fetish. He
loved to brush her hair and would do so for hours if
she let him. He also was an absolute master at anal
intercourse. The man should give seminars. If only
he would teach it to more of her patients. Sally
liked sex with women, but she also liked the rougher
side of things as well, and some things she was
pretty sure little Molly wasn't ready for yet. If
the girl balked at returning head for head, Sally
was pretty sure she'd pass out at the idea of giving
a good anal rim job.

Still, the girl did have good hands, and if Sally
was thinking as much about a good hard cock up her
ass as much as she was thinking about Molly's hands,
well, part of sex was fantasy after all.

"All right Molly, now touch my pussy...oh baby, that
feels around my clit with your, a little faster....mmmm...good."

Sally put her hands over Molly's and showed her what
to do, and what rhythm she liked. It was like she
had four hands to play with herself, to part her
inner lips, to stroke her clit, to tease at the
opening into her vagina. She took Molly's right
hand and brought it to her own lips and suckled at
both her and Molly's middle fingers, like two small
penises, running her tongue around both, circling
the pads of the two digits as if they were two small
glans, wetting the slender lengths with her saliva.
Then she moved both right hands down to her open
pussy and directed both middle fingers to push into
her inner passage. It wasn't like the fullness of a
cock in her cunt, but was none the less an exquisite
feeling. She'd worry about feeling full later.
Sort of like going to a French restaurant and eating
delicious small portions, then having a hotdog
later, just for bulk. The two fingers moved in her
deliciously, just a little out of time with each
other. Sally set the timing for the two women, and
feeling slowly built in her body, she moved her left
hand up to play with the nipple of her left breast,
leaving three hands stroking in and around her
pussy. It only took a few minutes until Sally's own
orgasm came on.

"Oh...oh...oh Baby!!"

Sally hammed it up just a bit. The orgasm had been
fine, nothing soul shattering, but Molly's
confidence needed a bit of pumping up. Sally
shuddered pleasantly, and slowly brought the two
hands pumping into her to a halt. She just lay back
against Molly for a while, just for a bit of
afterglow, but conscious of the time. They were
just a bit over the two hours she'd set aside, and
she needed to get back to finish some documentation,
and to see if she could get her patient Jim, to do
her hair and other neglected portions of her

"That was nice Molly, thank you."

" was no problem...Sally."

"So now you've officially done *IT* with another
woman. Do you think you'll be ok with it your next

Molly tensed, and wrapped her arms around Sally in a
hug, "You...It'll be you, right? You aren't going
to make me go to someone else, Sally? Please
Doctor...I could do it with anyone else but you!"

Sally smiled, Molly's file did indicate she tended
to develop crushes on her therapists, but that was
no big deal. Sally wanted to hang on to this sweet
young girl for a bit, herself. She'd have to ease
her into a relationship with another therapist
eventually, it wasn't good to let patients get too
fixated on one doctor, but that was for the future.
For now, a little crush would do nicely to get her
through post coital remorse over sex she still
obviously didn't think of as 'normal'. Sally would
fix that, but later.

Sally got to her feet and pulled Molly up into a
firm hug again, stroking the girl's back

"Of course Molly, if that's what you want, I'd enjoy
being your therapist very much."

Sally pulled the happy girl over to the door to the
inner lock. This time when they both got in, she
kissed Molly deeply as the lock cycled and cupped
and molded the girl's finely made bottom. Sally had
plans for that bottom. Molly returned the
attention, shyly cupping Sally's more generous
behind. It was a start, a good start.

They moved back into the locker room, and Sally tied
up her hair since, as she'd feared, it looked like
wolverines nested in it. The two women got back
into their worksuit. They moved back out into the
station, ready to go their separate ways, but
walking together for a few minutes longer.

"You know Molly, regulations permit personalization
of your work suits, I know a wonderful enameler who
works the swing shift who could really brighten up
your know, maybe some darker trim work on
the fittings to match your eyes. You have great
eyes, you know. or a nice tribal pattern on the

The two women walked back into the working sections
of Mining Station #347, chatting happily about

end story


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