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Title: Heaven or Hell
Keywords: Mf, inc, fF, teen, fant, dad, mom, son, daughter, sister Author: Caesar
"There was a young woman of Sydney
Who could take it clear up to the kidney
But the thrust of Alphonse
Barely reached to her mons
So he left her unsatisfied, didney?"
-author unknown

Its starts out like heaven - but is it?

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters and situation are a figment of my overactive
imagination and should not be interpreted as factual.
Heaven Or Hell? - Intro

by Caesar, copyright 1996-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $

"Where am I? How did I get here?" Jacob's eyes were filled with a
stark whiteness. He lifted a hand up to his eyes, confirming its
existence. Below, above, and to all sides the bright whiteness filled
his vision. There was no seams, gaps, or form to his surroundings.
It was almost like he floated in this white world.

Next, the middle-aged man looked down upon his body. It was the same
as he remembered it. He was wearing the pyjama's bottoms he put on as
he was getting ready for bed. His feet were bare, as was his chest.

The last thing the handsome man remembered was going down the stairs
to get some water. It had been night and he had awoke thirsty, his
wife Jen, lay sound asleep next to him. Then something happened. He
remembered the sight of the stairs coming quickly towards his face,
his son's skateboard falling past his vision.

"Am I in a hospital?" He spun around to, again, confirm his
surroundings. "Hello?!" A suspicion cut through him, "Was I hurt?"
The question was not directed towards anyone - though Jacob was
looking for some type of answer.

Louder, "Was I hurt?!" He rubbed his face and head, and was thankful
to find nothing wrong.

"My god, am I alive?" This was spoken in almost a whisper.

"Actually, no your not."

Quickly, Jacob spun about and was startled to find a strikingly
beautiful woman standing only a foot from him. She looked to be in
her late twenties and had long blonde hair, pale skin, fine boned, and
was very thin.

"Your son's skateboard caused your fall and you broke your neck on the
stairs." He quickly reached up and grabbed his neck, which felt fine.
"You died very quick."

Her voice was angelic and the woman spoke in a gentle soothing tone.
The man noticed the woman before him was wearing a simple silk robe,
completely see-through. Her long blonde hair was covering one of her
full breasts, but the other was easily seen. She was beautiful.

She had to be an angel.

Jacob fell to his knees before the woman, barely noting the blonde bush now at his eye level. "I'm in heaven?"

The laugh she returned was light and heartening, "Where else would you

Jacob, was never religious, and was never inside a church. His
wedding was performed by a Justice of the Peace, and his kids were
never baptized. Yet, the man quickly pressed his palms together and
looked up into the beautiful woman's eyes. He had tears within them.

"Oh Jacob," she reached out and gently brushed his hair from his
forehead. The hand warm and soft. "You will be fine. You are dead,
nothing can hurt you now." She smiled softly. As his tears turned to
sobs, the angelic woman encircled his head with her slim arms and
pressed him to her bosom.

He cried to himself, almost as a baby would. The loss of his family and friends; the fact that he would miss his eldest daughter's
university graduation; his son's hockey games; and his wife's kisses.
Everything that the man had known is gone.

Though, the hard pointy nipple pressing into his cheek could not be
ignored. The woman that held him gently like a baby was the most
beautiful woman Jacob had even seen. The dead man had been a powerful
corporate executive in a holding company, and the pleasures of
beautiful woman were an indulgence that he had often enjoyed.

The gentle hand brushed his hair and soothed his heart. Almost as if
she was reading his mind, "You find me beautiful Jacob?"

A rhetorical question. Jacob only lifted his head to, again, looking
into the deep blue pupils of this "angel". As he would begin to call

She held onto his head with both hands, "In the after life, here you
can have anything you desire. You will never eat or sleep, though you
may if you wish. Any earthy desire that you had held can be easily
fulfilled." She gently guided his face to her bosom, his lips pressed
against her small pointy nipple. "As well as your desires in the
after-life." She smiled down at him when his mouth opened and he
tentatively took her nipple into his mouth, the silk gown quickly
becoming drenched with saliva.

Some desperate need in him welled up and took possession of his
passion, he needed this woman, this angel. Frantically, almost as if
he was afraid that she would stop him, he sucked and kissed her brown

In this uncertain state that Jacob was in, the passionate pleasure of
a woman seemed to be god- sent. He needed to be with her, it felt
therapeutic and healed his broken heart.

With rough desperate hands, Jacob reached up and grasped the neckline
of the gown before ripping downwards. The silk easily parted and the
gown fell to the woman's feet. Now his lips suckled her naked breast even while she still smiled down at him. "Oh my darling man, I am to
help you however I may. Suck me to your hearts content Jacob."

Her melodic and soothing voice only enraged his passion, his manhood
proudly pressing outwards from his pyjamas.

Panting with desire, the middle-aged man forgot everything about him,
even his situation. And found his animal urge paramount.

Quickly, desperately, Jacob pulled his angel downwards, her knees on
either side of his lap. Without any guidance, his manhood sunk into
the blonde woman's sexual furnace with ease.

"Is this what you want Jacob?" His strong hands reached around to
hold onto her perfect ass, to begin to guide her movements in time to
his own.

With her hands on his shoulders, the woman began to moved up and down
upon the man's sex. Her super wet hot sex making loud sexy noises in
the wide white expanse that surrounded them. Very sensuously she
asked, "Is this how you would like to spend eternity Jacob?"

Almost without thinking he responded with an affirmative grunt. His
body sweating and quivering with desire. Her body reacting similar
yet her face never showed the passion that was expected.

She tried again, "Tell me Jacob, tell me how you would like to spend

The flood of his energy drained from his cock, along with a generous
amount of sperm. He screamed out in unison, "Fucking!".

Heaven Or Hell? - Chapter I

by Caesar, copyright 1996

Jacob awoke, refresh and clean, upon a huge silk covered bed. When he
opened his eyes, he knew he hadn't dreamed the incredible woman or the
mind- blowing orgasm he experienced. And the white expanse about him
still engulfed his vision to all sides, all except the bed.

The man sat up and found that he still wore the pyjama bottoms that he
passed away in. Hoping to find his angel nearby, nothing could be
seen of her.

Laying his head back down, he took a deep breath and relaxed.

"This is not near as bad as I thought." He chuckled to himself,
reliving the enjoyable experience from before.

Time hadn't any meaning any longer, and Jacob found that his mind
wandered across many topics of interest. Though it almost always
returned back to interesting ladies in his life. His thoughts may
have drifted for minutes or days. He had no measure of time, nor did
he even think about it.

Along after an immeasurable moment, Jacob sat back up and realized he
wasn't alone. His wife lay within the bed, her back to him. It
appeared she was sleeping.

"My god! Jen?" He reached out to touch her warm shoulder, to see if
she was real. His touch woke her.

The middle-aged woman moaned in her sleep then rolled over towards her
husband, "Hum...hello darling." She yawned and stretched. The covers
fell from her shoulders and he saw she wore the light blue silk teddy
that he had purchased for their fifteenth wedding anniversary. She
had never worn it.

"Are you dead too Jen?"

"No silly." She smiled at her husband. Her hand reached out to grasp
his pyjama covered cock. "Would you like me to go?" She smiled sexy,
knowing the answer and her husband all too well.

Jacob nodded no. But was puzzled at his wife's actions. Never before
had she been so foreword. "Then you are just part of my imagination?"
He was striving for some answer.

Smiling softly, his wife took his hand and moved it to her chest,
beneath the silk bed sheet. His strong palm rubbed down her warm skin
and then beneath the teddy until it stopped above her small soft
breast. "You tell me, do I feel real enough for you?"

He pulled his hand away still uncertain. Jen would never, not since
he knew her, act this brazen. Seeing his puzzlement, she pressed on,
"The husband I knew would have put his cock into me by now?"

Startled, "What?!"

She smiled and didn't bother repeating herself. "Relax Jacob, I'm
here for your enjoyment."

He suddenly realized the last thing he had said to his angel, and that
his wife being here was just a part of his eternity of enjoyment. "So
I can do anything I want with you?"

Without hesitation, "Of course."

Anything? "Then ask me to fuck you nicely." He waited, his cock
already hardening, for his wife to fulfil his request.

The seductive smile returned. "Jacob, darling, please fuck me." She
again lay back, but pushed the silk bed sheet down to her knees.
Since he didn't say anything right away she continued, "You tease, you
just want me to beg don't you?" She kicked the covers all the way off
the bed, revealing her soft curves beneath the light blue garment.

That was it, Jacob was convinced. "No. At least not right now. I
would like you to spread your legs and show me how you play with
yourself?" He shifted slightly and pulled off his cotton bottoms.

Jen smiled knowingly. Then slowly, seductively, the woman who had
shared over half his life spread her legs. Those long slim legs that
he so often envied and enjoyed. She had been a swimmer in college and
the legs hardly deteriorated since. They were still long, smooth and

Then her hands rolled down the front of her body to press the silk
fabric into her crotch. His almost-forty year-old wife moaned loudly
then rotated her hips against her palm. When finally she pulled her
hand from between her legs, the fabric had a definite wet spot from
her excitement. Partially for her husbands enjoyment, and partly for
her own, Jen closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she began to
enjoy her own ministrations. There was a snap for the lingerie, that
Jen took advantage of, which allowed easy access to her overheated

Jacob could not take his eyes off his wife, this persona was
completely different from the one he married. Yet, he would not trade
this episode in for any amount of money. It was obvious his wife was
fast approaching an orgasm, something he had not even been sure she
has ever experienced. A part of him snapped, he was jealous of his
wife's enjoyment, and his own excitement provoked his actions.

Pulling her hands roughly from her body, his wife groaned when she
felt her husbands weight upon her body. He held both her wrists in a
single hand above her head and the other balanced his perched body.
His cock easily aimed and sunk into his wife's hot wet sex.

She screamed out in pleasure, "Fuck me Jacob darling!" As her body
rocked by the powerful thrusts of her husbands penis, she repeated
over and over, "yes". Jen locked her ankles behind her husbands back,
her pelvis moving up to meet his.

It happened to be the best sex Jacob has had with his wife in years.
She was extremely excited, her body almost out of control, nothing
impeded his enjoyment. If this is what heaven was like, "Fuck I love
it here!"

She replied, thinking he had spoken to her, "I like you here too
baby!" Jen was breathing so hard it was difficult for her to speak.
"Come inside me baby! Full my wet hole."

With a single grunt, his orgasm flowed out the head of his cock to
flood the inside of his wife's love channel. She screamed out and
clenched her body, including the inner muscles of her sex, as her own
orgasm exploded.

Collapsing upon his wife's sweaty body, he felt her lips gently
kissing his neck and ear. "God that was great."

She giggled, again, almost girlishly. "We can do it whenever you want

Jacob simply smiled into her cheek as he dozed off.

Heaven Or Hell? - Chapter II

by Caesar, copyright 1996

When next he woke, he felt gentle fingers rubbing up and down the
length of his cock, as he lay spread upon his back. The gentle
fingers became lips and the tip of a tongue, still moving gently so
not to awake him. Up and down the tongue went, licking his semi-hard
penis like a Popsicle. The technique was slow and relentless, and
perhaps that his why Jacob stole a look down his body.

It wasn't his wife, but Judy, his secretary from a previous job. Her
eyes met his and they conveyed her joy before again closing so she
could continue to work upon his prick. Now that he knew who it was,
he realized that Judy worked upon his organ differently than his wife Jen ever had. Judy was more patient, more gentle, almost as if she
loved to suck and lick his cock.

Three years before his death, this was exactly the way Judy used to
suck his cock. Anytime, anyplace he wanted. Their office romance
lasted four months and had to end when Jacob fired her. Thinking
back, he knew he was being an ass hole, but this fine looking woman
was beginning to feel guilty for cheating on her husband and Jacob
over reacted. Firing her was his answer. Though his dick missed the
hour-long blow jobs Judy often did behind the closed doors of his
large private corner office.

When finally he felt ready to spend, Judy took her warm wet mouth from
his organ and applied pressure to a spot beneath his balls. This
effectively stopped the anticipated release of his sperm. A few
seconds later, she again resumed her oral worship upon his still hard
throbbing cock.

Jacob groaned out with pleasure. His memory returning about those
fantastic blow jobs before he fired Judy. She could literally keep
his orgasm pent up, like the finger in the dike, for long almost
painful minutes. Almost hours. When his orgasm did come, and it
always came eventually, there was no experience like it.

"God I wish I could suck you like that!" Jen exclaimed in admiration,
probably to herself.

Jacob was startled when he saw his wife kneeling next to him upon the
huge bed. Appearing almost from thin air, since he was sure she had
not been there moments before. He also realized she showed no anger
that her husband was receiving a tongue- lashing the likes she could
never deliver. In fact, he thought he saw desire behind those warm
familiar eyes.

Reaching down, Jen pulled the long brunette hair from Judy's face and
held it back. Giving a better view of the action between her husbands
legs. "Who is this sexy cock-sucker babe?"

He felt the fingers pressing, holding back the flood of sperm. "My
ex-secretary, Judy." She nodded, as if remembering the younger woman,
though Jacob did not think they had ever met. They may have spoken on
the phone though.

Jen was completely naked, and her nipples were obviously hard and the
smell of her excitement becoming readably apparent. She crawled about
on the bed to find herself behind the kneeling young lady. Jen knelt
behind the raised buttocks and rubbed her hands along the blouse
covered back and down to the skirt covered ass. After a few moments
of this, Jen began to gather the conservative skirt up the legs and
past the bottom to collect about the waist. Judy wasn't wearing any
undergarments, she never did.

"Has your cock ever been in this pretty cunt?" She smiled warmly to
her husband while a hand disappeared behind the bottom.

Judy reacted positively by groaning into the cock, his wife's fingers
obviously inserted into the ex- secretaries sex. Jacob sat up onto
his elbows to get a better view of the action at the other end of the
bed. "Yes. Several times." He finally answered tentatively.

The youthful looking woman was now rocking back and forth, while the
sound of sloppily manipulated cunt became apparent. "You should have
told me babe! I would love to watch this slut fuck you." She bent
forward slightly to bring her face closer to the moving raised ass,
seemingly to get a better view of her working fingers. Jacob watched
excitedly. "What did you enjoy the most, her cunt or her mouth?"

Long moments ago, Jacob had subconsciously decided to be honest with
this woman, his wife. Though the wife he knew when alive, would never
act or say these things, he still found himself attracted in many ways
to the woman he married. "Her mouth and then her ass was always fun.
I find her pussy too loose."

His wife looked up in surprise, "Her ass? That sounds fun! Why
didn't you ever try fucking my ass babe?" She looked closely at her
husband then turned her eyes to the puckered anus a few inches from
her face. "Its so small."

He groaned out in enjoyment, then finally answered. "I always thought
you didn't like sex."

She giggled at that. "Did you never wonder why I had all those
candles in our bedroom?"

Jacob saw his wife press her index finger, from the other hand, into
Judy's tiny anus. He felt heated desire run through his body and
collect at his balls. God what a sight! "You mean you used those
candles to play with yourself?!" He sounded as he felt, surprised.

"Some of them yes." Judy groaned louder, while Jen changed the
subject. "Your secretary sure loves being fingered." Both, man and
wife, watched as the puckered anus stretched with every motion of the
tiny feminine finger. Jen smiled lovingly up at her husband, almost
as if they were alone. "I would love to feel your fingers inside me
right now darling?"

"God yes!" His rash words were caused by the experienced mouth
bobbing up and down his throbbing cock, and partially by his wife's
words. Jen took it selfishly and pulled her fingers from the
secretary, who moaned from the loss, then she crawled about the bed.

Jen lay perpendicular to her husbands head and shoulders, on her back
with legs spread and knees bend. When he turned his face towards her,
he looked straight up between her thighs at her pulsating wet vagina.
"God I love you like this Jen!"

Playfully, "I love you to darling. Like what dear?" She wiggled her
bottom forwards until her sex was a single foot from her husbands

"Like a slut." He gasped as the experienced tongue teased the tiny
hole at the head of his cock.

"Am I a slut", Jen looked about for her husbands free hands, "for
wanting to get finger fucked by you?" He grinned hugely then brought
the far arm about and aimed two fingers into his wife's overheated
sex. "Thank you Jacob. Yes!" She was actually screaming out in
pleasure - a sound her husband had never heard her make before.

"Yes your a slut. My slut Jenny!" He enjoyed the intimate view of
his fingers within his wife's sexy. Jacob didn't so much fuck her
with his digits as simply play with her, enjoying something he had
never had this much pleasure with before.

His wife was pumping her hips in rhythm attempting to get her husband
to fuck her with his two fingers rather than simply manipulate her
folds. The middle-aged woman tried another tactic and brought her
gorgeous legs up. She pulled her knees almost to her shoulders, which
curled her body into a ball. Then she spoke in tiny girl's voice,
"Put a finger in my bum darling! Fuck me in both places at the same
time baby." She wiggled about, her anus now exposed to her husbands
desiring eyes.

With the first two fingers in her vagina, he simply straightened the
third and allowed it to press against the hard muscle of her ass hole.
The natural lubrication from her dripping pussy had coated her anus
enough to allow her husband to press past the tough outer ring to the
second knuckle.

The long lasting stimulation of the mouth and now the feel and sight
of his sexy "new" wife was bringing him to the brink of a powerful,
almost painful, explosion. Greedily, Judy was able to drink all of
his nectar while his wife began to thrash and convulse in her own
Heaven Or Hell? - Chapter III

by Caesar, copyright 1996

What was happening was simply too good to be true. The woman that he
had been married for almost two decades, was the perfect sexual
partner. He knew it wasn't really his wife, yet wondered if the
enjoyment the woman laying next to him expressed was mirrored in his
still-living wife. Did she really use some of those candles that had
constantly been in their bedroom, as a imitation cock, to fuck herself
with? How often did she masturbate?

Jacob lay awake long after the explosion of his orgasm. His wife slept beneath the silk sheets next to him. While Judy had simply
disappeared, for one second he had turned his head and when he turned
back, she was gone. That quick that silent.

He was lost in his thoughts when a small warm hand grasped his naked
flaccid penis. It didn't surprise him, but he had imagined his wife had woke and desired more sex. Jen had made it readably apparent that
she was willing and ready to fuck him at a seconds notice - he never
doubted it. Jacob looked down and jumped back when he saw his
youngest daughters happy face looking up at his.

It was Anne, his thirteen year old daughter and youngest child. She
put a finger to her lips and nodded to the sleeping form of her
mother. Then she whispered, "I've always wondered what you looked
like naked daddy." Jacob was simply too startled to say a word and
simply stared in amazement.

The young teenager wore her usual bedroom attire, an oversized
tee-shirt and panties. He could see that she wore panties, white
plain cotton briefs, because she had pulled up the shirt to her waist
and was rubbing the outside of her covered sex mound with her free
hand. Jacob looked down at his soft penis and saw that it still
looked huge in his daughters small hand, even as she tried to stoke it
with unfamiliar movements.

It was a stunning sight, one that he was completely unprepared for,
even after the appearance of the other two woman in his life. Anne
leaned over and kissed the soft smooth head of his circumcised cock,
which jerked in response. "I have wanted to do this for so long
daddy!" She kissed him again, her mouth opening up enough to leave a
drop of saliva on the pink surface. "I think about you when I touch
myself." She stuck out her tongue and daintily touched his cock then
giggled to herself at the new unfamiliar feeling of a mans prick upon
her tongue.

She was very amateurish with the male organ, and stared intensely.
Her hand familiarized with the width and ridges of the shaft as it
squeezed and stroked upon it. Anne licked again and Jacob could see
his youngest, savour the taste of him upon her tongue. It was too
much, especially when his cock began to harden. "Stop baby." He
tried to keep his voice down, else he may wake Jen beside him.

Looking up from beneath his cock, the quickly thickening organ pressed
to her sweet young face, as she asked, "Don't you love me daddy?" Her
eyes looked like they were about to cry.

It wasn't an argument Jacob could win, and he knew it. "Yes I love
you baby but this isn't right." She never said a word. All she did
was lift her head and open her mouth wide before descending down to
engulf her fathers cock. Only half hard, she was able to get half its
length into her, while keeping her eyes upon her fathers intensely.

Jacob felt the pleasure of her small mouth and warm wet lips as his
prick slid into the forbidden body. He groaned and arched his back
involuntarily. Anne had always been his "baby", his youngest
daughter, and he had spoiled her rotten since her birth. Not once did
he think about her as a sexual person, as a young woman with thoughts
of desire and fantasies. Yet, when he saw her adolescent slim body,
just entering the beginning stages of puberty, and that look of desire
in her eyes, he wanted her. Hadn't the angel said, "anything" he

That was it, his cock jerked to full hardness when his mind finished
with its internal dilemma. Anne was surprised at the size that the
prick suddenly became and could only hold the head within her mouth.
Yet, her father had different plans.

He reached down and lifted her face from his lap and whispered, "Take
your clothes off baby." She smiled happily at her fathers wish to
allow her this fantasy fulfilled and quickly discarded her two pieces
of clothing. Anne waited until he grabbed her wrist and pulled her
towards him.

She fell onto his hard unfamiliar masculine body and hungry lips
kissed her face and neck. Jacob could feel her smooth tiny thin body
against his and her pressed his hard cock into her thigh. She giggled
and moved about, applying appealing pressure to his manhood with her
youthful body.

"Is this what you thought of baby?"

She gasped as his thick tongue slide into her wide mouth and searched
out her own. Hands gasped her firm boyish ass and manipulated it
deliciously, while fingers slide down between them. Jacob could feel
the moist heat emulate from the region of his daughters cunt, and he
could feel the moisture of her sex drip upon his stomach. It was too
much of the middle age man, to possess such a young girl, his own
daughter, and to be able to do anything with her - it was more than he
had ever dreamed about.

Jacob spun about until Anne lay pinned beneath him, her look of loving
desire had a new worried look. He enjoyed the sight of the tiny thin
body beneath him, and moved her legs to either side of his hips. "I'm
going to fuck you baby!" He touched the head of his hard cock to her
tiny wet hole. She reached up with her hands to the back of his head
trying to pull him back down her lips - but he was to incensed.
Giving up she leaned her neck forward and kissed her fathers closest
nipple with tender love.

It wasn't returned when the mature and horny man drove his cock into
the girl. She screamed out in a muffled cry as her cherry broke
beneath the harsh intrusion and the long thick cock completely filled
her tiny teenage hole. Tears rolled down the smooth cheeks of the
young girl as her idea and fantasy of loving her father was abruptly
shattered with the single plunge of a thrusting cock.

"Fuck her tight cunt Jacob!"

The hot blooded man jerked his head up and was surprised to find his
wife laying upon her side watching her husband take their youngest
daughters virginity. She had pushed the silk covering down to her
knees and raised one leg straight up into the air exposing her crotch.
One hand plunged two fingers into herself while the other grasped her
exposed hard nipple. Jen's eyes were on the junction between her
husbands hips and her daughters smooth hairless cunt. "God what a
sight. I wouldn't have guessed it would have fit."

After the surprise of his wife watching, and then enjoying the
incestuous coupling, Jacob looked down into his daughters face. She
looked very young, scared, and hurt. Anne was sobbing silently while
biting her bottom lip. Jacob realized this wasn't how she had wished
her fantasy to proceed, how her father would treat her. He pulled his
throbbing cock from her body and leaned down to kiss her tears.

Jen gasped, "Don't stop!" He ignored her words and placed tender soft
kisses upon the smooth soft skin until Anne stopped sobbing and her
mouth sought out his.

"No more pain baby." Her tongue slide out into his mouth as she tried
to imitate what she had already learned. Still with her mouth upon
his, he again spun with his tiny daughter clinging to him. He pulled
her face from his by her short brown almost boyish hair. "Put my cock
back into you." She gulped very loudly then nodded affirmatively.

Anne, his youngest daughter sat up over her fathers body and hunched
down so she could see between her legs. Her hands steadied herself
upon his chest while she rubbed her slit back and forth along the
length of his cock, unsure of what to do.

Jacob saw a new hand reach between the bodies, and Jen grasped his
cock and aimed it straight up. "Go ahead honey, it will feel great."

Anne looked embarrassed but answered, "Thank you mummy." The young teen lowered her body while her mother aimed the blunt shaft upwards.
It was easier than before, her body was able to accommodate the thick man meat with only a part of the pain that she had felt earlier. Yet,
she could only descend half ways down the cock, after that it was too

Jen withdrew her hand then leaned back to again masturbate and watch
her daughter fuck her husband.

Anne moved slowly, very cautiously, up and down. Still looking
between her legs, she seemed amazed that she was able to swallow half
that huge cock within her tiny female folds. All three people watched
that single point between the two bodies, as father and daughter began
to fuck.

After several moments of tentative movements and experimenting with
her first cock inside her body, Anne looked up into her fathers eyes
with sheer bliss. Her wide smile was enough for him, and he began to
move his hips in time to the tiny tight cunt holding his shaft.

The sound of the two females pleasure, the heavy breathing of Jen and
the gasping of his daughter, Jacob heard the groaning of his own
desire. Just when he felt the beginning of the end, his daughter started to buckle and thrash upon his cock as she orgasmed
delightfully. Jen squealed and clasped her hand between two slim
thighs as her own orgasm began. It was Jacob that was last, the sight
of both the attractive ladies, as well as the pressure of the tiny
vagina that set him off. His cock jerked and filled his daughter up
with his seed even while he groaned loudly, the sound accompanying the
other two.

It was rather good, thought Jacob, his first teenage virgin fuck. And
with his own daughter. Anne dropped down in exhaustion between her
parents, holding both their hands with her own. "I love you daddy."
He only smiled as a response and closed his eyes to enjoy the ebb of
his coupling.

Seconds passed and Anne let go of Jacob's hand and when he opened his
eyes, she was gone. Jen was looking upon his body with that new look
of desire he had come to understand, at least since his death. "You
two looked incredibly sexy."

Jacob smiled at the recent memory, "Did we?" Trying to become
accustomed to the immediate arrive or disappearance of those about

"Oh yes. I wanted so much to join you, but knew your first fuck with
her should be together." He looked over in surprise at his wife's

"Do you think it was wrong what happened?"

"What happened? That you fucked our youngest daughter?" He nodded,
looking for someone to mirror his own thoughts. Perhaps to give him
absolution. She leaned over and kissed his lips tenderly, "No dear, I
don't think what happened was wrong. Remember this isn't real, that
wasn't your daughter you fucked."

"It sure looked like her."

She laughed, "What about me?"

"What about you?"

"Do I look like the woman you married?"

"Yes, very much. Only my wife wasn't such a slut."

She laughed again, "Maybe she was and you just didn't know it." Jen
leaned over and took his closest nipple into her mouth to savour it
for a few seconds.

"Are you saying everything you are doing is what my wife would do?"
He words sounded as he felt, incredulous.

She moved further down until her face was above his soft cock. "I am
an exact mirror image of your wife Jacob, why is that so hard to
believe?" She used to fingers to hold up his droopy soft pole.

"I don't think my wife would have masturbated while I fucked Anne.
She would probably have torn my eyes out getting me off her."

Jen, or the mirror image of his wife, opened her mouth and licked his
cock from root to tip. He realized she was cleaning the juices from
his penis, the blood and dual sexual juices. It startled him only
slightly and renewed his objection to this woman being his wife.

Finally, after several lengthy licks she lifted her face from his lap
and licked his lips as Jen looked into his eyes. "Had I appeared to
you as a mirror of your wife as she was fifteen years ago, she would
have been the uptight bitch you love and who you think she is. She
continued to stroke the soft penis almost absentmindedly. "Did you
not notice that your wife was in her sexual peak? That she started to
take aerobics and take better care of the way she dressed? No, I
didn't think you did."

"I thought she was just enjoying the money I worked so hard to get?"
Could it be true, he wondered, that his wife could have been as wild
as this mirror image.

"She didn't much care for money silly, she was more interested in your
cock!" Jen laughed at his astonishment. "She. I, never knew how to
tell you."

It made sense to the sexually exhausted man. Everything seemed to
come into focus, how his wife had changed over the last few years and
how they argued about the long hours of work he did. If only he
hadn't died and know then what he knew now!

There was one last question, "What about Anne? Did she really want

Jen crawled up and snuggled into her husbands arm, her head on his
shoulder. She yawned and wiggled her body against his. "I can't be
sure, but I would think that yes, she fantasized about the most
important man in her life. You!"
Heaven Or Hell? - Chapter IV

by Caesar, copyright 1996

A moan woke him up. A low female moan of pleasure. Jacob lay upon
his side when he opened his eyes and saw the familiar naked hip of his
wife just inches away. Her hand came down to push his hair out of his
eyes, "Wake up honey." She nodded towards his feet, where another
moan originated.

He rubbed at his eyes and then sat up next to his wife, turned around
to look at what his wife had been nodding towards. It was Anne, again
naked and laying upon her back. Above her was Jacob's oldest child
and daughter, Chris. The attractive nineteen year-old was straddling
her sisters face. She wore a two piece bikini that her father would
never have allowed her to wear if he knew about it. The crotch of the
red outfit was pulled to the side and her trimmed brown pussy was

After all the encounters he had witnessed and been a part of since his
death, this startled him at how exciting it appeared to him. His two
attractive teenage daughters sexually involved before him was very
exciting. Jacob gasped out with surprise, "Chris!?"

She opened her eyes and smiled towards the head of the bed and her
father, "Hi daddy." She ground her pelvis more firmly into the young girls face between her legs almost as if she was making a point. "I
knew you would wake up soon."

Jen moved her body next to her husbands and rubbed her full bush
against his hip. "It was my idea darling. I hope you don't mind?"

He looked down into the loving face of his wife. "You thought of
this?" Chris groaned loudly and caused her father to look back
towards his two daughters.

"I knew that Chris and that girl, Samantha, were more than simply

This information had startled him, "What?" He questioned his eldest,
"Are you a lesbian Chris?"

Moaning between her words, "No daddy." He took a breath of relief.
"I'm bisexual."

He was stunned and turned back to his wife, "How did you know?"

Jen was lightly running her fingers up and down the semi-rigid cock,
attempting to tease it to its full height. "I caught Chris and
Samantha in a sixty-nine." Her husband just sat there with his mouth
open until she continued. "You would not have believe how hot that
made me dear. I never even thought of having sex with another woman.
Suddenly found that watching two girls sucking each other off really
turned me on and I wished that it was I who was licking our daughters
juicy cunt!"

"Your own daughter Jen?"

She smiled at him, "What about Anna huh? Yes, my own daughter dear.
You would not have believed the sexy fantasies I think about these
last few years." She seemed determined to continue to provoke him.
"I also knew Chris was posing for erotic photos to make some extra
money at college."

Jacob's mouth moved but nothing came out. His eyes returned to the
erotic sight at the foot of the bed. He kept telling himself that
this wasn't real, yet everything felt very much real. The startling
part was that he was very excited by all this. His wildest fantasies
come to life, or rather, the afterlife.

His mind went through various stages, and it took several minutes,
before he was resolved into his situation. If would be like this,
that the ladies in his life revealed sexual thoughts and fantasies
that they desired in real life, then he would those as well as his
own. Nothing was forbidden nor was there any way he could be
punished, as far as he knew.

Jen was grinding her pelvis into her husbands hip while watching her
two darling girls put on a show for their parents. She didn't seem to
care about her husbands moral dilemma, only for the pleasure of the
moment. Jacob spoke gently, "Join them Jen. I want to see you eat
our little girls cunt."

She looked up in surprise and then scrambled down towards the two
young teenagers. Jen whispered back over her shoulder, "Thank you

Chris was still straddling her sisters head while she groaned and
moaned with pleasure. She had her eyes closed for several minutes
until she felt her mothers hands fumbling with the knot to her string
bikini. Chris looked over her shoulder and smiled at her sexy mother,
"Mom!" The string width straps slide down the tanned shoulders and
the flimsy garment dropped off the bed. The older teenager now had
her breasts exposed for everyone's pleasure, especially her own

Jen instructed while giving a push to her shoulders, "Get down there
Chris, give your sister a taste of the pleasure your enjoying."

Giggling, a sound Jacob hadn't heard his eldest make in years, she
complied, "Yes mummy!" The sexy, well proportioned teen immediately
slide her face down between the long slim legs of her younger sister Anne. Jen lay down above Anne's head and looked right into the
exposed loins and the manoeuvring tongue of her two daughters. Jen
groaned with expectation and aimed her tongue expertly forward into
the exposed brown asterisk of Chris's anus.

"Oh mummy! " Chris exclaimed loudly, yet muffled between the slim
young legs of her sister.

"Wow!" Was the muffled comment of Anne.

Though this Jacob hadn't moved, so amazed at the sight before him. It
was the three closest women in his life sucking each others quim with
heated abandon. To get a better view of his wife and Anne's tongues,
he moved forward until his face was a mere foot from the junction.
His reward was immediate, as was the reason Chris was groaning so
loudly. Jen had her forced her tongue an inch into the tight round
rectum while Anne imitated her mothers movements and tongue fucked
Chris's vagina. The two tongues moved in unison as they fucked the
elder teenager senseless.

It was a very erotic sight, one that Jacob would never have imagined
in his wildest fantasies. The three ladies of his family enjoying a
lesbian tongue bath. He never moved any closer, afraid that they
would stop their exciting show if he interrupted them.

Jen finally lifted her face from between the raised globes and spoke
to Anne, "Lick her clit dear, I want to taste that juicy cunt of
hers." The attractive naked mother sat back and pressed two fingers
of her hand firmly into the still relaxed rear hole. They slid in
slowly, forcing the ring of muscle to stretch even more.

"Ouch, slower mom!"

"Sorry honey." She modified her movements. "Like that?"

"Oh yes, that feels wonderful. I never even thought my ass would give
me such a feeling."

Jen looked surprised, "You never had anal sex before dear?"

"Goodness no mom.... wow that really fills me up... I always thought
that area was dirty and no one ever tried."

"I have a confession dear, I have never had a cock in my ass either."

Chris looked in surprise over her shoulder, "Really mom? I thought
the way you were digging into my ass with your tongue, and how good it
felt, that you were very experienced with having your ass fucked and

Jen smiled and then answered, "I've enjoyed putting things in my ass
for years, it started with a finger and now I mostly use a small
candle." She looked over at her husband with a mischievous look,
"I've always wanted to feel your fathers cock inside my ass hole."

Another, "Wow", from below.

"That sounds so sexy mom. I think I want a cock in my ass too. I
wish you had a cock mummy!" She sounded very sincere Jacob concluded.

Jen again smiled in her husbands direction, "I think we can do better
than that baby - your father is going to take your virgin ass. Mine

Chris looked at her father in alarm, "But he's my own father mom?"

"Indeed, but who better to take your anal cherry dear? You didn't
mind my tongue inside your body I think its okay to have your fathers

Jacob thought his little girl didn't look convinced, but then Anne's
muffled cry called out, "I want daddy to fuck my ass hole!" Chris
could not deny something that her younger sister so desperately
wanted. Sibling rivalry demanded she accept.

Jen started to laugh and the eager young teenager and Chris seemed to
make a decision, "Okay mom, daddy can take my cherry."

Jen slipped two fingers from her other hand into her daughters vagina.
"Maybe you should ask him dear?" She looked at her husband with
amusement, her face telling him this game was for his benefit.

Chris turned her head to face her father. "Daddy, mom said you'd fuck
my ass hole?"

Before Jacob could reply, Jen interrupted, "That's no way to ask a man to fuck you Chris. Ask again dear, but remember your not ordering a
meal at a restaurant, your asking for a man's cock to fuck your tiny
round ass hole."

The eldest daughter gulped loudly then asked, "Please daddy, I want
you to fuck my ass hole." Jen was just about to again instruct her
daughter when the teenager continued. "I need that cock in my ass
dad, please, I'll do anything?" She had a sound of desperation in her
voice, enough to cause Jacob's cock to throb almost painfully and for
her mother to smile proudly.

Jen continued right after her daughter finished talking, "When your
finished with Chris's tight ass hole darling, I want you to take my
anal cherry too!"

Another muffled cry from below, "Mine too daddy!"

Jacob sat back upon his heels and smiled at his situation. Whom else
could say they just had such a request. "I'd be honoured too!" He
meant it. Though he knew what they had asked of him was wrong, simply
from the fact that two of the three ladies asking for his cock were
related by blood, because it was incest. Jacob had thought incest was
wrong, isn't that what the Bible said, he wondered.

Chris had removed the last part of her bikini, and the three of them
were completely naked, before kneeling with her arse facing her
father. Anne crawled around on the bed so she sat with her face a
mere inch from her sisters raised butt, the best view in the house.
Jen, on the other hand, took her husbands cock into her mouth and
savoured him for several minutes, all the while her two fingers
plunged again and again past the firm spincter muscle of her eldest

Finally she lifted her face from his lap, "Well dear, go ahead and
shove this into that," she pulled her fingers from her daughters anus,

It was almost too much for the father, yet his dick throbbed at the
submissive sight and position of his eldest daughter and he moved
forward to mount her. With the lengthy period that Jen had worked
upon the tiny hole, the head of Jacob's cock entered very smoothly
considering the smallness of the aperture.

Jacob moved his cock slowly within the tight confines that he found
himself. The two other females sat with faces near the raised bottom,
watching every detail.

Anne asked her big sister, "Does it hurt Chris?"

Between gasps, Chris replied, "No. Its different, it makes me feel so
full." It was evident by her panting breath and tiny groans that she
was indeed enjoying herself even if she would not have admitted it.

Jen sat up and spoke to her youngest, "Come here dear. Get mummy
ready for daddy's cock." Jen then knelt next to her daughter, with
her bottom raised high. Jacob watched as Anne crawled around until
she was facing her mothers ass.

His little girl spread her mothers ass cheeks with the flat of both
hands then looked up into her father's face. "Do you like this daddy?
Seeing me kiss Anne and mummy?"

What could he say, "Yes." In fact, it was a very nasty situation and
turned him on immensely.

The young teenager smiled and turned back to the clenching anus below
her. The girl did not even hesitate before she moved her face down
and speared her tongue into that tight hole. Even Chris turned her
head to watch what her younger sister did to there mother. With Jen's
loud gasps and the wiggling of her raised hips, she became the focus
of the small group and all eyes watched her anal violation.

Jacob could not wait any longer and pulled his rock hard manhood from
his eldest daughter and pulled Anne's face from the raised globes of
her mother. He aimed it quickly and pushed forward. Without all the
preparation that Chris had undergone, his cock was met with stiff
resistance. He pushed and Jen grunted in pain but didn't otherwise
stop his assault, until the head of his prick was inside the second
tiny ass hole. Jacob rested with his cock immobile within his wife,
as he waited for her to relax and loosen up.

Meanwhile, Anne could not take any more. After trying to push her
bottom in Chris's face, whom pushed her away, she knelt next to her
mother and began to use her own hands. With the abundant vaginal
juices and a generous amount of spittle, Anne began to frig her own
bottom with two fingers. All the while watching her fathers hard cock
within her mothers ass hole. "Fuck my ass daddy! Fuck my ass!" She
repeated over and over.

Seeing his little girl so amorous and excited just by watching his
actions, Jacob pulled out before giving his wife a proper anal fuck
and knelt behind Anne. "Yes daddy, put it in my ass!" He aimed his
cock and pressed forward.

Though disappointed Jen couldn't take her eyes off her husbands cock
while the erotic itch still needed scratching. It was evident that
Chris was also still excited, as she was on her back tickling her
clitoris. So Jen simply crab walked over to her eldest daughter and
placed a thigh on either side of her head and straddled her pretty
face. Then she dropped between her daughters thighs until her own
mouth came within licking distance of the overheated cunt below her.
Mother and daughter began to earnestly lick each others cunts.

Though better prepared than his wife's ass had been, Anne's small size
and firm young body caused her butt hole to be very tight. It took
three tries before he was able to even get the head into her. Though
it must have hurt, Anne was aggressive and pressed her ass back trying
to get more of her father inside her. He would have paused, as he had
done with Jen, but Anne started to rock back and forth effectively
fucking herself on her fathers shaft.

So, in the spirit of things, Jacob grasped his daughters slim hips and
began to fuck her without remorse or thought to her well being.

The stark white emptiness swallowed the hollow sounds of the three
groaning and gasping females and the grunts from the single man.

Heaven Or Hell? - Chapter V

by Caesar, copyright 1996

"Dear?" A hand was shaking his shoulder vigorously. "Wake up dear."

"Yes, hello? Jen?"

"No dear, its your mother."

That woke him very quickly and Jacob's eyes blinked open. There
seated next to him was his mother. "Mom! My god what are you doing
here?" He vainly tried to cover his crotch with his hand in

Though his mother had been still alive when he died, she had been much
older than she appeared here before him. In fact, his mother looked
exactly how she did when he was in his early teens, the style of her
hair, everything. Her clothing was a very attractive, as well as
functional, summer skirt and blouse that she often wore to picnics and
other family functions. In fact she looked the best he had ever seen

"Don't you know what I'm doing here dear?" She was smiling at her son
like they shared a secret, though Jacob did not have a clue what she
was talking about. "Jen told me you had sex with both your
daughters?" It had appeared to her son that she had changed the

He remembered falling sideways upon the bed, exhausted at the vigorous
fuck he just enjoyed. While his youngest daughter, still impaled on
his cock, was content to cuddle into her fathers arms. Sleep must
have overcame him.

He sputtered, "Mom...!"

She patted his arm, the one covering his crotch. "Now, don't you
worry dear. Nothing is forbidden here." She smiled again. "In fact
that's why I'm here."

Jacob sat up, still covering his crotch. His face showing his

His mother sighed, as she often did when he was younger, "I know that
you want to fuck me dear." It was spoken to softly that he thought he
may have missed her words, yet after all that has happened to him he
knew what he heard was true.

"Mom! I've never once thought about..."

She interrupted sternly, "Do you think I didn't notice you looking at

That startled him, "Huh?"

"Don't tell me that wasn't your eye at the keyhole when I showered? I
can't imagine it was much of a view." He only sputtered in
embarrassment, unsure what to say next. "Haven't you figured out you
can have anything you want here dear?" Her hand again patted his arm,
just above his wrist.

Jacob shook his head confused, "I don't understand mom?"

She smiled softly and moved her hand down to cup the top of his, the
one hiding his manhood from her eyes. "If you hadn't been my son I
probably would have raped you when you were a teenager." She laughed
at his astonished look. "You really didn't notice my own looks
whenever you walked around the house half naked? My dear," she pulled
his hand from his crotch exposing the flaccid manhood, "I could barely
keep my hands off my cunt during those years."

Her eyes dropped down and she openly devoured his cock with her gaze.

This fantasy reality that Jacob found himself in startled him and he
realized this too was simply a fantasy of his. Though he did believe
much of it was based on fact, did his mother really masturbate while
looking at him? If he could fuck his youngest daughter in the ass why
couldn't he also enjoy his very own mother?

Jacob was regaining his composure, "What is it your staring at

She smiled but didn't lift her gaze, "Your cock dear."

"But I thought things like that don't affect mothers, that they saw it
all before?" He was taunting her. Jacob was finally learning how the
game was played.

His mother laughed and finally lifted her eyes back to his. "Infant
penises don't count. Muscular teenage boy cocks do." She reached
over and her cool hand, she always had cold hands as long as he could
remember, wrapped his soft cock within her strong fingers.

Jacob didn't stop or helped her. No matter how much he told himself
that it wasn't real, that he could effectively do anything with
anyone, it still felt strange having his mothers hand grasping his
manhood. She didn't fondle it or manipulate it in any way, she just
held it firmly and stared at it with barely concealed lust.

"Why didn't you ever try anything mom?" He truly wanted to know the
answer to his question but Jacob was also trying to break the tension
that seemed to envelope the two of them.

She tore her eyes from her hand, "Because you are my son?"

He understood that reasoning, it was the same reasons that he felt
guilt at feeling desire for his own daughter. "What is different

"Silly. Your dead that's why? And here the wildest fantasies can
come true." She paused for just a second and then seemed resolved in
admitting something. "I know when I die, I'm going to fuck this cock
of yours as much as possible."

That stunned him, that she used words that had been forbidden in his
house. She saw the look and continued, "You didn't know that your
mother was a horny slut that fantasized about fucking her own son did
you Jacob?" She smiled, her turn to taunt him. It was obvious that
he didn't know how his mother felt about him all those years ago. "I
used to pray you would walk in when I was playing with myself just so
I could see what your reaction was. I had it planned out perfectly,
how I'd fuck my cunt with two fingers while twisting my nipples just
to show you how hot your mother gets. I even masturbated with your
dirty shorts, often on your bed when you were at school. I used to
rub your pillow over my cunt just so you would be able to sleep with
my cunt near your face. The things I did almost embarrass me. I'd
fucked my ass with a pen from your school bag once, knowing that you'd
be touching and using it often and almost had an orgasm when I once
saw you put the tip into your mouth. I left my used panties on the
top of the hamper just in case you wanted to smell me, though I never
caught you. I tried to dress nice for you. I even had to masturbate almost every morning when you kissed me before leaving for school.
God I was such a slut, horny for her own son! If only one of us had
made the first move."

"God mom, I never realized!"

Her smile slowly withered away, "I know dear, I didn't know a way to
tell you without breaking that mother-son bond." Her smile suddenly
returned. "But that is the past, now you can have your mother as your
own slut for all eternity. How does that sound Jacob?"

Jacob saw that she held her breath and could barely restrain herself
as she waited for his answer. It was obvious what it would be, what
it would have been when he was simply a young teenager with a hard
dick and nothing to do with it. "It sounds like heaven mom." He
meant it, but wasn't sure why she started to laugh strongly. It
irritated him and he wanted to try just some of what his mother was
offering, "Show me how much of a slut you are mom."

She stopped laughing immediately and then let go of his cock. The
middle aged woman stood up onto the bed, on bare feet that straddled
her son's head, and started to gyrate to an imaginary music. Jacob
relaxed and looked right up, beneath her flowing summer dress and to
the white cotton panties that covered her sex. The woman began to
slowly unbutton the garment and began to lower her body downwards
above her son's face, wiggling the voyeur image for his pleasure.

It was strangely erotic, and just a little embarrassing, seeing his
own mother dance for his enjoyment while slowly peeling her clothes
off. "I can't wait mom, I want to fuck you." Jacob's hand had begun
to stroke his cock to a rapid hardness

She stopped wiggling to the invisible tune and stood still and began
to quickly remove her clothing, as requested. She spoke while pulling
the dress from her shoulders, "I'm your slut baby, I'll do anything
you want. There is nothing I won't do for you Jacob."

"Then get naked slut", that word still sounded strange coming from
him, "I want to see your cunt."

He could see her hands quiver and she started to breath heavily as the
skirt slid down her body to cover his face. She stepped out of it and
tossed it to the foot of the huge bed and she quickly moved to the
rear clasp of her bra. "I've always wanted this Jacob, to be your
slut. I want you to us me, hurt me, make me do things I don't like!"

"Shut the fuck up and show me your cunt mom!" Was that his voice, he

"Yes dear." The white harness slide from her shoulders revealing her
average sized hanging breasts, and from below he could see that her
dark pink nipples were very swollen with excitement. Her thumbs
hooked into her panties and pushed down. It took only seconds for the
garment to join the dress out of reach and off her body.

Jacob looked up into the valley between his mothers legs even while
she looked down, biting her lips, as she watched her son's
reaction. It was a huge hairy beaver that covered the front of her
groin all the way to crack of her ass. It was dark and very curly.
But most exciting of all was the glistening dampness that was dripping
from the hair down upon her thighs. It was obvious his mother was
very excited.

"Bring it closer so I can see what I'm going to fuck."

She rushed to comply, crouching down so her cunt was only a foot above
her son's face. From that distance, Jacob could see the dark outer
labia and the pink wet inner lips though the coarse kinky hair. He
could also smell her, and it greatly heightened his excitement.

"Play with it slut. Put a finger in that wet hole of yours." She
immediately plunged her middle finger into her sex, only inches before
her son. The sound of her breathing and small moans was enough
evidence that she was greatly enjoying herself. He wanted to test
her, to push his mothers relationship to the limit. "Now push that
finger into your ass mom, show me how much of a slut you really are."

"Yes Jacob, I'll do anything for you!" That same finger withdrew
coated with a generous amount of vaginal juice before she moved her
hand lower and pressed the finger against her ass.

From his view, he could barely see her anus, but he could see that she
had problems with her own tightness. So Jacob reached up and grasped
her hand and shoved it in towards her. His mother gasped out in pain
as her own finger was forced into her. "I said to put it into your
ass slut."

She took several breaths to control her voice before saying, "Yes
dear. I want more Jacob?"

"What you want isn't important mother, you do whatever I tell you."

"Yes dear." She sounded excited again, her breathing again getting
deep from excitement.

Years ago, as a teenager he had found his fantasies had involved
images of his mother but he had fought hard to change those. Not
until he started to screw did he finally stop thinking about what it
would have been like to fuck his own mother. She had been right, he
had watched her bathe, but the tiny hole only allowed a glimpse at
skin, nothing tangible and that outlet was soon abandoned. It had
been true, he was now sure, that she had desired him. How she
insisted on dressing up whenever they were alone, how she tried to
make a kiss linger, how she could look into her son's eyes for an
eternity - Jacob knew this fantasy mirrored much of reality and it
scared him just slightly.

If his own mother had felt that way the sexual urges that Anne and his
wife had expressed were probably also true. He just realized how
little he really know about the sexuality of the ladies around him.

"Get down there and get my cock up inside your wet cunt slut, but
don't remove that finger."

"Yes Jacob." She moved her body downwards until she straddled his
hips and then used her free hand to aim his cock upwards. It sunk
easily into her. Yet, she screamed a loud pleasure release as it
finally ground against her pelvis. "Oh baby. This is what I always
wanted, what I always fantasized about!"

"Shut up and start fucking me like the slut you are mom!"

"Yes dear!" She sounded very enthusiastic and began to move up and
down upon that six inch male path with a surprising amount of energy.

Heaven Or Hell? - Chapter VI

by Caesar, copyright 1996
Grunting woke Jacob up.

It wasn't unusual that he decided to sleep after an enjoyable sexual
encounter. He realized it wasn't necessary, just that he enjoyed
dozing off with the mental bliss after an orgasm. Nor was it
surprising when he woke to be confronted by one or more of his ladies
as they reached orgasm. Sometimes he joined them sometimes he just

Jacob rolled over and opened his eyes. Laying next to him was his
lovely and sexy wife. It was her grunting that woke him. Yet, above
her, between her thighs was their son, as he pounded his pelvis
against his mothers. The two bodies met with loud wet smacks that
seemed to grind against the walls of Jacob's ears.

For only a few seconds he lay stunned at the sight before jumping up.
"My god!"

Jen turned her head and stared into her husbands eyes. He could see
the depth of her enjoyment as a cloud seemed to hide her gaze from
his. She continued to grunt and pulled her son's face down to her
bobbing breast for him to suckle.

Jacob sat in horror watching this incestuous coupling. Knowing that
he had done the same thing with Anne. Without a word, or without
breaking eye contact, he watched as Jen's ankles locked behind their
son's back and she started to pound her pelvis up meeting his. It was
a familiar position, but one that he doubted he would ever enjoy
without seeing this image in his minds eye.

Finally the forty year-old turned back to her son and pulled his lips
to hers. Jacob could see the two tongues grapple back and forth
between the gap of the open mouths. Then Jen pulled her son, Tony's
lips from hers and begged, "Please come in mammas face?"

He grinned broadly and then pulled suddenly from her very excited
sexual hole. Tony crawled up his mothers body as she reached for and
grabbed at his slimy cock. She immediately pulled it inches from her
lips and stroked it expertly.

The young man groaned out and then arched his back just a long thread
of come shot from the head of his dick. It landed right along the
side of his mothers face, from her hairline to her jaw. The cock,
half as much larger than his fathers, continued to shoot out a gallon
of come. The side of her face closest to her husband was coated white
with streams of sperm. And the teenager cock didn't stop shooting
until she seemed to be covered in it.

Jacob only sat there open mouthed, disgusted and surprised at what he
had just witnessed. His son, gasping for breath, pulled away from his
mother and lay at the foot of the bed. This gave Jen time to turn her
head back to her husband, "Kiss me Jacob!"

It was a surprising request, one that brought pangs of disgust to the
pit of his stomach and he nodded no.

She turned back to her tired son, "Come on Tony, you can usually keep
it up for mummy?" Jen spread her legs wide upon the bed, her dripping
snatch aimed right at her son. Two fingers slide into herself while
the other hand began to rub the pearl coloured come into her face and
chest. "Fuck mummies pussy again and maybe we could get daddy to fuck
my ass at the same time."

She winked at her husband.

"That is a beautiful cock that your son has Jacob." The voice made
him jump and he turned his head to see his mother seated just next to
him. "I caught Jen sucking on that monster a few weeks before you
passed away. Lucky bitch."

Jen turned her eyes back to her husband's mother, "I couldn't let you
enjoy all of it."


The older woman shrugged and then licked her son's ear, "Tony likes
older woman. Lucky for me." Jacob was almost comatose with surprise,
that his mother, then looking much older than she did now, was having
an affair with his only son, her grandson.

"Lucky for us." Added Jen.

Jacob's mother crawled the few feet to her daughter-in-law and then
started to lick at the larger drops of come.

"You've both done this before?"

The two ladies both laughed, "Once or twice." Jen added. "It was
even better when Tony began to join us."

Watching his grandmother lap at his mothers dirty face started to
raise Tony's cock once again. His son had great recovery, Jacob
thought sourly.

It was like watching three strangers as the two older ladies turned
about and crawled to the grinning teenage male. Like the sluts they
were both females opened their mouths and pressed their lips down on
either side of the thick long cock. On the shaft of the man meat, Jen
and Jacob's mother, kissed and licked with passion.

Jacob's young son gasped both heads in his wide hands to ensure they
did not pull away from this enjoyment while closing his eyes. Though,
to the stunned father, it did not look like either lady was about to
pull away. In fact they mad oral love to that thick teen meat.

"Jen! Mom!?" Gasped Jacob.

Without lifting her head, but moving her lips off the rigid pole for
only long enough to talk, Jen replied, "Join us Jacob honey."

She returned to her licking but when nothing was said she again added,
"Why don't you let Tony suck you off while we do him?" Jen turned her
head just enough so she could look into the disgusted gaze of her
husband. "Or if you rather, you can let him fuck your ass?"

The grin she gave him broke his heart and he wanted to run - but

"I thought I get whatever I want?"

Heaven Or Hell? - Chapter VII

by Caesar, copyright 1996
The soft soothing voice replied behind him, "You get everything you
want here Jacob." He spun about and looked again into the deep blue
eyes of the angelic looking woman whom he had first met.

"You also get more than you wanted." She smiled and that look she
gave him calmed his heart. "And it is for all eternity."

Back to the end of the bed he could hear his son starting to groan as
his excitement rose. It took all of his will power to keep his gaze
upon the tall naked woman standing next to the bed.

"This is not how my mother or wife would act?" He nodded over his
shoulder to the rutting threesome at the end of the bed.

"Jacob, your mother had been having intercourse with your son since he
was eleven years old."

"What?!" He practically shouted, but his voice was lost in the white
emptiness beyond his bed.

The beautiful woman ignored his cry, "In fact, eight years after your
death your wife brought Tony to your mother's hospital bed and she
passed away with his penis inside her."

If not for the startling encounter that awoke him this would have
caused him to faint with information overload and he would probably
have not believed any of it.

Ignoring his facial reactions the angelic woman continued, "Chris was
blackmailed into making pornographic movies. She dropped out of
University and now is a favourite of the adult video market." She
stepped forward and then sat sideways upon the bed, inches from Jacob,
ignoring the animal sounds of pleasure coming from the other side of
the bed. "Anne lives alone and avoids her mother and brother, after
having caught them having sex, she is a very emotionally unbalanced
young woman."

Jacob realized his head was nodding back and forth upon his shoulders,
trying not to believe what he heard. Had he been dead that long?
Could all this be true?

"After your mother died, Tony and Jen moved to the coast and live
where no one knows they are mother and son."

He managed to gasp, "How did this happen?" Jacob realized he believed
everything that was said.

She laughed, the sound almost alien to her. "Why Jacob, you died."
She made it sound like the answer had been obvious.

A tear started to form in one eye. "How could God have done this to
us? It thought I was in heaven?"

"Who said anything about heaven?"



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