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He's Like That



Title: He's Like That Author: XS Gravity (


He's Like That

She was called down from her room where she had been preparing herself
for a day of horseback riding with her Master. She had combed her short
blonde hair cut in page boy bangs which framed her oval face. The red jodhpurs and black riding shirt looked like they had been painted on her
form, standing five foot five with high firm C cup breasts and meaty but
shapely behind firmed up even more by the shapely riding pants.

The silk pants also pressed firmly against her belly and groin,
outlining her protuberant and well shaved mons that her Master liked to
fondle and finger at his whim. He's like that. He liked his possessions
shown off in their most flattering light and she was the latest in his
stable of four.

She had arrived only a three months before and was still trying to
acclimate to the constant mix of pain and pleasure that was ever present at
his estate. It had taken her awhile to learn to give and take pleasure
from another woman. She had never experienced that in all her 19 years,
having grown up mostly around boys.

In the past few weeks her master had been introducing her to anal sex.
She had still not learned to let herself go and relax with it like the
other slaves seemed to do, and even enjoy. But she kept tensing up and
that would earn her a solid paddling from Clara, the Master's overseer.
She was afraid of Clara. Once a month, she would belong to Clara for a
day. Being that there were 4 girls total, Clara had one of them in turn
each week. Except if the Master had a whim and wanted to use Clara, that
was all the sexual activity Clara was allowed. Sessions with her were
intense and degrading and Clara never seemed to be satisfied.

"Come," Clara said when she reached the edge of the patio where the
Master was having breakfast with two guests. She knew he was holding a
conference for the next few days with some of his business associates.
Clara took her hand and led her to the table which was set with fine linen
and china, and on which there were a host of breakfast treats prepared by
the cook.. "So this is the new one," a beautiful red-haired woman spoke
softly when she approached. She noted that this woman had full lips and an
aquiline nose which led upward to piercing black eyes. She wore a light
summer dress which showed off her cleavage with good effect. She looked
down and saw expensive leather sandals. The woman's male companion had
similar strong features with salt and pepper hair and an easy smile. He
was dressed casually in black dress pants and loafers with a black knit
shirt. Her Master was in his usual morning white cotton robe. She knew he
would be naked underneath and often hard. She tried to strain to see but
could not quite make out his form.

Her master looked up and said nonchalantly before peering back down at
the papers in front of him. "Please undress Kimmy, and show our guests
your wonderful charms." She was suddenly struck dumb and paralyzed. She
had been trained these last months to obey him, but she had never undressed
before strangers like this. Her mind began reeling and she went to begin
to unbutton her top, but froze again.

"It looks like she is not that well trained," the red-haired woman said
with a sharp tongue.

Her Master looked up. "No, I gather not." She opened her mouth to
protest but Clara immediately grabbed her by the neck and marched her over
the grass to a low stone bench which she knew from experience had gleaming
steel chains attached at various points.

"Poor Kitty Kat, how many times do we have to teach you?" Clara said
softly but with great malice in her voice. She practically pushed her down
into a kneeling position, bent over the length of the stone bench. She
knew enough not to protest at this point, and to meekly accept her fate.
Clara worked quickly and attached leather neck and hand restraints and then
secured each to the steel chains. Her arms were now fastened to the legs
of the bench, and her head to her belly pressed against its flat seat with
her lower half unsupported except by her trembling knees pushing her bum
high in the air. She whimpered as Clara practically tore her beautiful
Jodhpurs from her waist, leaving them collected at the foot of her thighs
and her naked bum lifted up in the breeze for all to see. She strained her
neck to turn and see as Clara set a long black riding crop beside her.
Clara walked away after patting her on the behind. "Poor little Kitty

She tried to keep her mind off what was to come. She had only been
cropped a few times. Her master preferred to use a leather paddle on her.
The crop meant that he was annoyed and the beating would not be given with
love, but with the object of making her lose her dignity completely and
break down. Sweat rolled down her face and dropped from her chin onto the
cool stone. Her mind began to wonder that she may not even be punished,
that maybe they would forget about her, when she heard laughter approaching
her from behind. She felt almost relieved that the waiting would be over.

"Kimmy, why are you being punished," she heard him ask in his calm

"Be..because I did not take off my clothes fast enough," she replied
with a quaver in her voice.

"That's right. Your false modesty is charming but silly since by the
end of their stay here my 2 associates will know you so very intimately
that you will not have a shred of modesty left." She knew then that she
would be given over to them. The other girls had told her this may happen,
but nothing had prepared her for her first time and a knot formed in the
pit of her stomach. She did not have time to concentrate on this new
feeling because she then heard a whoosh and felt a searing pain bloom in
the middle of her bum. She practically lifted herself off the stone bench
but was restrained by the collar and cuffs; her lifting her bum, only left
it a more tempting target.

Whoosh. Thwack.. Whoosh. Thwack. Whoosh. Thwack. Was all she could
hear as the cropping continued relentlessly criss crossing her bum with
searing waves of pain. Her jodhpurs bunched below her knees kept them
together and for that she was thankful. She would not experience the same
pain between her thighs as she knew Clara was wont to do when she was
wielding the crop. Whoosh. Thwack. Whoosh. Thwack. Whoosh. Thwack.
Whoosh. Thwack. She tried to keep back her tears but they started to flow
profusely and she began sobbing uncontrollably.

"Oh Master, I'm so sorry," she wailed, "I'll be be be good." The
cropping suddenly stopped which brought some relief. She thought she was
being shown mercy but her pleas had fallen on deaf ears. She realized the
red-haired woman was curious as to whether she got wet when punished. Her
Master replied that she indeed got very wet despite the pain and she then
suddenly felt a woman's fingers with scratchy fingernails probe into her

"Oh yes, very wet," she heard the silky voice of this strange woman.
The woman's finger was then brought to her mouth and Kim knew that she
needed to lick it voraciously, which she did without even being asked.

"Good girl," she heard her Master say. "Now let us seal your judgement"
And with that and a series of more Whoosh Thwack Whoosh Thwack Whoosh
Thwack. The cropping continued across her thighs which hurt far worse than
on her bum and she could not hold back her screams any longer...

In the distance she heard laughing and realized when she finally caught
her breath that they had walked off, leaving her alone with her throbbing
behind and thighs. She noticed the bright sunlight all around her and felt
some relief that the tree beside the bench afforded her some relief from
the morning sun, since she had not bothered to put suntan lotion on the
parts of her that normally would remain clothed. It seemed liked hours had
passed and occasionally she would hear the drifting sounds of laughter or
the clink of glasses. She wondered if they were going to come back for
more. She didn't think her throbbing rear areas could stand it. She knew
it would not be above her Master to have her splayed out on her back so he
could mark the front of her thighs, belly, and breasts.

"Poor little Kitty Kat." She startled and would have jumped if not
restrained. She had forgotten all about Clara and had just assumed she had
walked off with her Master's group. She tried to recall if she had
actually talked to herself or had just been thinking. "Poor little Kitty
Kat. Don't you know that you could have saved yourself so much pain. You
will make a very delicious meal for our guests. They are going to see all
your charms anyway." With that she undid the rings that held her arms and
neck to the stone bench. Clara then pulled her by the collar to her feet.
She looked quite the sight with her red pants punched around her calves and
the still intact black riding top framing her red quivering behind and
thighs. She looked over at the breakfast table but they did not even
afford her a brief glimpse. They were absorbed in their own world, and she
felt crestfallen that to them she was an afterthought, a little trifle to
be enjoyed. At least Clara understood and she focused her whole attention
on her.

Without a word Clara then undid the buttons on her top and
unceremoniously removed it leaving her breasts with their hardened nipples
exposed to the warm breezes of the morning. Clara then told her to step
out of the riding pants and she dutifully obeyed, leaving her completely
naked. Clara then took her wrist cuffed arms and linked them in the back
leaving her front entirely exposed and defenseless. Clara ran her hand up
and down her front tweaking her nipples, causing her to moan, then lightly
brushing her outer mons, eliciting an even louder moan. She then turned
her around and ran her hands up and down Kim's back which had a coating of
sweat, cupping her aching bottom, giving her cheeks a firm squeeze.
Usually the Master would have Clara or one of the girls rub salve over her
bum after a whipping, but as if reading her mind Clara said, "No ointment
for you today until you earn it little Kitty Kat, and knowing our guests
you will have to work for it very hard." This last statement sent shivers
up and down Kim's spine and Clara turned her around again and quickly
planted a very wet kiss on her lips. She then attached a leash to the
collar and began walking her toward the breakfasting group. She could
hardly bring herself to walk, she ached so, but knew the consequences of
not cooperating would far outweigh the pain she had already experienced.

Clara brought her to within a few feet of the table and directed her to
stand perfectly still, reminding her as always to never come without
permission. They didn't even look up to acknowledge her presence. They
were absorbed in talk among themselves. She just stood there with downcast
eyes while Clara held her leash and the warm wind blew. She began to
fidget and Clara minded her with a sharp slap on the behind. All three at
the breakfast table briefly looked up then returned to their conversation.
Finally her Master acknowledged her presence without even looking up as the
other two did. He's like that.

"Clara, bend her over the back of the chair so our guests can truly
appreciate her charms. And Kimmy, I expect you to comport yourself well."
She was first brought in front of the woman who commented again on the
plumpness of her outer lips and how nice and smooth they were. She wasn't
even sure what "comport" meant, but she knew she had better lose all her
shame at that instant. And she did. When Clara bent her over the back of
the reversed cloth and aluminum chair, she immediately separated her legs
and thrust her bum out for all to see in its beet red glory. It was not
that she felt any the less ashamed, but that she knew she had better please
completely, if she hoped to escape with less pain and to buy relief for the
pressure building up deep in her loins.

She then felt both the man's and woman's hand reach over and probe deep
into her cunt and asshole. She could not tell whose hand was where. She
became lost in pleasure and strained not to come as Clara had instructed.
They would let up and stop then go back to their conversation ignoring her,
and then she would feel an occasional hand again as she moaned. She heard
her Master as if off in the distance tell the woman to remember to make
liberal use of her asshole.

"Oh" the woman laughed, "We don't need any encouragement on that front."
She lost track of time again as she tried to keep her bum thrust out and
anticipate the random probings and the occasional slaps.

Without a word, Clara lifted her by the leash and turned her around so
she was facing the group, bracing her from behind. "Kimmy," her Master
finally looked up and spoke to her, "I am giving to our guests for the
afternoon. I expect full and complete submission as you would for me." She
knew better than to speak unless asked a direct question. She had fallen
into that trap too many times before.

"Oh don't worry," the red-haired woman spoke while running her hand over
Kim's flat belly and down between her lips moistening her fingers then up
to wet her impossibly hard nipples. Kim couldn't help but moan, a moan
which turned to a yelp as the cruel woman attached firm clamps which
squeezed her nipples. She then affixed a chain between the clamps which
was joined to the leash supplied by Clara.

"Oh don't worry," the woman repeated, "After a little session over my
knee, we won't have the slightest bit of trouble." She wondered how her
poor behind could possibly take any more than it had already and how she
would live without the salve that her throbbing bum cried out for, but she
knew that by the end of the afternoon she would certainly find out. The
man and woman then got up abruptly after wishing their host well and
telling them they would see him at the lavish dinner he had arranged for
the business conference. Her Master looked back down at the newspapers in
front of him as the red-haired woman led Kim away by the leash tugging on
her fiery nipples. She hobbled along the best she could, a curious site
with a fire engine red bum and thighs, nipple clamps and chains leading to
a leash, and her arms securely bound behind her back. When they were half
way down the lawn, she looked back to see if her Master would even glance
at her. But all she could see was him absorbed in the morning newspaper.
She thought to herself, "He's like that."


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