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Highway 2


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All the characters and events in this story are fictional, any
resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental. The names
of any persons which appear in my stories are completely fictional.
---------------------- Highway 2 in Southern California ("Angeles Crest
Highway") runs from La Canada-Flintridge through the mountains to
Wrightwood. Its about a 70 mile drive on a relatively flat, 2 lane paved
road. The speed limit is set at 55 MPH, but your average car driver won't
go above 40 due to the blind curves on the twisting roadway. As you can
guess, this road is a big haven for the sports car and racing motorcycle
crowd. Today was no exception...

I started my drive wearing a pair of shorts and a bikini top underneath
a sweat shirt and pants made out of that silky 'windbreaker' materiel. I
had on my Oakley sunglasses and had my hair tucked up underneath a baseball

I had been driving about an hour to get to the start of Highway 2.
Before I merged onto the highway, I found a safe place to pull over so I
could take the convertible top off my car. The air was cool and crisp at
6,000 feet; the sky was clear and the sun shone brightly. I got out of my
car to put the top down and I heard the loud rumblings of several
motorcycles coming up the road. I was hoping it wasn't a huge mob of 20
"Hell's Angels" types and I was relieved to see it was only a group of 4
men on those Japanese 'crotch rocket' racing bikes. They were wearing full
face helmets and were covered head to toe in form fitting leather racing
suits. I had taken off my windbreaker clothes and was getting back into
the driver's seat when the foursome buzzed by at 60 MPH.<BR>

I got in my car and eased back onto the highway. For some reason, there
was very little traffic. I'd see only 1 or 2 cars every 3 miles or so. I
guess everyone who was going to the mountains to go camping were already
set up in their campgrounds. I enjoyed this drive alone... the clean
air... the sun on my face... the fresh scent of pine in the wind. I
noticed the 4 motorcycle guys pulled over in a turnout/view point about 8
miles from where they had passed me on the side of the road earlier. They
had their helmets and the tops of their leather suits off. All of them
looked pretty handsome. I saw their heads turn to look at me as I drove by
at about 35 MPH.

I had been driving for another 15 minutes when I saw them come up in my
rear view mirror. One by one, they filed by me - riding the center line of
the highway - but still getting very close to my car... even though I
pulled over and slowed down as much as possible. I couldn't see their
faces, let alone their eyes.. but I felt like they were staring at me in
my bikini top. Which was fine by me... I was staring at their tight asses
in the leather race suits. One by one, as they went past and sped around
the next curve in the road - they hugged the center line - leaning FAR over
- extending their hands down about 5 inches off of the ground to wave back
to me. I tried to keep up with them, but they were way to fast for me, and
they soon disappeared around the next bend in the road.

I pulled over and got out of my car at the next turn out/view point. I
had packed a light picnic lunch for myself - a small bit of french bread,
mustard, sausage and brie. There was a patch of overgrown ferns 20 or so
feet off the turn out. I found a large rock in the midst of the ferns and
sat down to eat my lunch. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts, because
the next thing I knew, the 4 motorcycle guys were down by my car. They had
parked the bikes around my car in such a way that if I were to run down
there and try to drive off, I'd have to drive over a bike.

They took off their helmets, gloves, and leather jackets and laid them
on my car. They all were white, had short military-type haircuts, and
looked strong and muscular. From where I was sitting, I could only tell
them apart by the color of their leather pants - yellow, blue, red, and

The green one stayed by my car as the other 3 tentatively made their way
up to where I was sitting in the ferns. They introduced themselves and
asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride. I hesitated for a second...
trying to analyze how I wanted to play this. I decided to go for it and
declined the BIKE ride... but said I'd gladly take THEM for a ride.

Suddenly, I became the aggressor in this scenario. The men weren't
expecting this reaction from me and I could see a full range of emotions
run across their faces. They didn't think I was for real and then I looked
them in the eyes and asked, "Who's gonna be first"?

The 3 men stood there looking as dumb as cows and didn't move except to
look at each other in shock. I stood up and went over to the man in red. I
cupped my tits in my hands and traced my finger along his taught abs. He
tentatively touched me on the shoulder and I put my hand in his waist band
and led him up the hill, deeper into the ferns. The remaining two, the
ones in yellow and blue, started to retrace their steps back down the hill.
"Stop", I said and pointed to the man in blue, "Stay here, this wont take
long and you're next".

I turned to the man in red and asked him what he wanted... a BJ, to
fuck me in the ass, fuck my pussy, etc. He stammered for a minute and I
made his mind up for him. I grabbed his pants, undid his fly, and got on
my knees. His cock was semi hard already and I took it deep into my mouth.
I felt it swell between my lips and become fully erect. He felt a little
uncomfortable in front of his buddy, so I turned him around so his back was
to his friend. If there is one thing I know how to do, its give a good
blow job. I finished him off quickly and his cum was still dripping off my
chin when I called up for the man in blue.

red gave some sort of signal to Blue. I assume it meant that I knew
what I was doing because Blue's cock was as hard as a rock by the time he
reached me in the ferns. I asked him that he wanted, and he said, "Well,
you said you wanted to take me for a ride... so I wanna fuck you doggie
style". He peeled down his leather pants and I got on my hands and knees,
my ass facing him. Luckily, I was already wet because he thrust into me
deep and hard. I didn't get a look at his cock beforehand and it felt like
it was at least 8 inches. I actually let out a little gasp when he got it
all the way in and I even bit my lip. Blue grabbed me by my hips and
pumped me as fast as a jack rabbit. My boobs bounced out of my bikini top
and hung loose in the mountain air. Blue began a slow rhythmic pumping
that drove me wild... I told him I was gonna cum, and he said, "Oh no... I
am not gonna let you. You have to do my other 2 friends still". Blue
thrust deeply and picked me up by my waist and had me bending over while
standing on my feet. He moaned loudly and pulled out of my pussy. I felt
him shoot his cum on my ass cheek. I turned around to look at him and
before I had a chance to ask, he said, "Because I like my friends too much
to leave 'sloppy seconds'". He slapped the wet spot on my ass cheek and
started walking back down the hill.

Yellow was the next one to come up. I could tell red and Blue told him
everything that I could deliver, because as soon as Yellow got up to me, he
laid down on the ground and pulled me down on top of him. I practically
ripped his leather pants off of him and pulled his cock out. Yellow eased
me down on his cock and held on to my hips. I worked his cock up and down,
grinding my hips into him. I had him in deep, and then I'd ease up and
tease him by just having the tip of the head inside me. It only took 2 or
3 times of me doing this before he grabbed my hips and forced me down on
him. His cock exploded inside me and then pulled me down to kiss him hard.

Yellow got up and Green took his place next to me. Green was a little
shy and wasn't sure what to do. He didn't know if this were the right
situation for him to be in. He was younger than the others. Green looked
to be about 25, while the others were at least 35. I didn't want to scare
him by being too aggressive. His mind had to be blown a little by me being
willing to do him and his 3 friends. I lightly massaged his rock hard
stomach, letting my hand drift down over the bulge in the front of his
pants on occasion. He began to relax as I lifted his shirt and kissed his
belly. I undid his pants and took his cock in my mouth. His entire body
shuddered and he shot his cum unexpectedly into the back of my throat. I
swallowed it all and suckled on his cock until it was completely flaccid.
Green was embarrassed by cumming so fast.... and as he got up and went
back down the hill, he said he'd make it up to me someday.

I turned my head and rolled my eyes.... if I'd gotten a dime for every
time I'd heard that promise, I'd be a millionaire by now. I got up and
straightened my clothes and went down the hill to my car. The guys had
already sped off down the highway and disappeared around a curve in the
road by the time I got to my car. I could hear their engine roars fading
as they put more and more distance between me and them.

I noticed a pair of green leather gloves laying on the passenger seat...
and there were 3 business cards stuck under one of my windshield wipers.
The business cards were actually torn in half - the parts I received showed
a small printed drawing of a badge and each man's handwritten name and
pager number below it. The guys were all cops. That's why they looked so
similar; law enforcement agencies being paramilitary organizations and all.
I put the cards and gloves in a safe place and drove down the highway
and then back home. I never called the pager numbers on the cards I was
given. I figured that if they wanted me, they would come looking for
me.... after all, they had my license plate information. Sometimes I'd
drive up to Angeles Crest and pull over at the same place and hope one of
the 4 men would stop by, but no one ever did. Sometimes, I'd sit in my car
and try on the green leather gloves - smelling the leather scent mingled
with the scent of his old sweat on the inside.

I always wondered why Green didn't leave his card and left his gloves
instead. Then, one night I got caught in a Sobriety Check Point - the kind
where they section off the road and give a once-over for every car. One of
the officers walked across the street and waved me over to him with his
flashlight. I eased my car out of line and drove to where he was. It
looked like I was the "lucky" one and was going to have my car completely
torn apart and even given a field sobriety test. I rolled down my window
before he had a chance to knock on it. It was Green... with a wicked
little smile on his face. "Ummm, Ma'am... I believe you have some
property that belongs to me. And if you wouldn't mind pulling you car
around the corner over there, I need to give you a special breathalyzer
test of my own".

I rolled up my window and drove around the corner.


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