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Mad with my boyfriend I had stormed out that night. he was away a lot and I
had a feeling he was seeing other girls. He didn't even bother denying it,
not seriously. So I picked up my bag and walked out slamming the door. I
crossed a few streets and headed for the main road. On the corner, throwing
caution to the wind in my anger, I tried hitching a lift. The first big lorry
to pass stopped. The door opened, it was way up high. I climbed up and looked
in, there were two guys there. The driver, and his mate I guessed. They
grinned at me. I hesitated a moment. The nearest guy was huge, with a shaved
head and tattoos all over his arms.
'Want to go to London?' asked the driver, a smaller guy.
I nodded and swung myself up on the high seat, next to tatoo guy.
We set off and for a good while travelled in silence. I was still fuming
inwardly, but began to become aware of how I was looking to these guys. It
was hot, damp hot. I was wearing a short tight skirt, a boob tube and a
cardigan tied round my bare midriff. I had sandals on my bare feet.

I had fixed my eyes on the oncoming traffics lights, flashing by in a regular
hypnotic pulse. Suddenly I was jolted into full consciousness, tattoo guy had
put his hand on my knee. I froze. he gazed ahead while he moved his hand
upwards, up to my skirt, which had ridden to my thighs as I sat, he slipped
his hand under my skirt then stroked back down to my knee....then he repeated
it, stroking me up and down. I was surprised how the strangers touch excited
I didn't react ; I didn't do anything to stop it. His hand was exploring
higher. Every now and then the driver would look quickly at us with a smirk.
The thick fingers reached into my inner thighs and explored the edges of my
panties. I felt myself breathing faster. Should try to get out and run ?
I thought of my boyfriend. It would serve him right if I fucked this guy.
Tattoo guy was massaging my pussy thru my panties now. I couldn't believe how
turned on I was. I spread my legs for him and he stopped staring at the road
and turned to kiss my neck as he rubbed. The lorry slowed down and swerved.
It had left the road and moved to an empty layby - where it halted. The
driver opened the door and jumped out- leaving us alone, as the door slammed
tattoo guy had hooked his arm around my legs and swung me onto the seat. It
was narrow but I fitted.He pulled my panties down, over a leg and off
completely, then he spread my legs and moved between them. My heart was
thumping wildly. I braced my legs, one against the dashboard, one against the
back of the seat. Tattoo man thrust three thick fingers into my pussy, making
me yell. He unbuttoned himself and his pushed down his pants, his prick
popped out, thick and heavy like his fingers.This guy was tattoed all over!
He pulled down my boob tube and my boobs appeared- I need no bra ; my breasts
being small.The top of the boob tube pushed them up, making them seem larger
the nipples pink and hard.
Tattoo man's eyes were glinting, he moved in close between my legs, trying to
get in a good position in the cramped space.With his eyes on my tits, he
supported himself with his arms of the dashboard and seat. Centering all his
thrust into his pelvis, he felt around with his prick for my slit, moistened
with all the rubbing and rammed it in as far as he could. I groaned deeply as
he impaled me, he was a heavy man, too big for the seat, his thighs
flattenned my legs even wider, I was clamped between him and the seat, his
cock felt massive. My legs and pussy were stretched wide, his heavy groin
crushed my mound. He withdrew and then lunged again, he was ramming me as
hard as he could and I could hardly breathe. I heard the breath escape my
lips in a gutteral groan. Again he rammed , and again. he didn't speak, but
he made grunting noises with the effort of his fucking. My body was riding up
and down the seat as he thrust and caried me upwards. I didn't have enough
breath to moan, cry or scream. He got faster, and his grunting loader.With a
final lunge which felt like it went through me, I felt him pump deep inside.
He collapsed on top of me and I struggled for breath, but it was only
momentarily. He sat up again, and struggled to pull up his trousers. I slowly
and painfully moved my stiff legs from their spread eagled position. I had
just managed to sit normally again, when suddenly the door next to me opened.
It was the driver.
'Good was it?' I wasn't sure to whom he directed the question.
'My turn now' and with that he pulled me suddenly down from the cab into the
cold night air of the deserted layby.
This guy had seemed small compared to the tattoo man, but I realised quickly
how strong he was. He pushed me up against the side of the vehicle, my face
and body pressed against the cold steel.. His face was at my neck and I head
him whispering directly into my ear.
'You're a little slut. You know what you want, don't you?'
One hand and arm held me up against the truck, the otherwas grabbing at my
bare arse. I felt fingers probing my hole.Then I realised he had plans for
more than just his fingers to gain access. I tried to struggle free, but he
held me like a vice. He was immensely strong. What was this, some kind of
body builder? I tried to shift my arse about. It wasn't that I had never had
anal sex before- but I knew it needed time and plenty of lube if it wasn't
going to hurt like hell.
I was held fast and couldn't get away. I yelled and screamed but the wind
whipped my voice away and the traffic swept by unheeding, unaware that we
were hidden behind the lorry. The guy was persistent, and stood behind me,
holding me fast - his pants must be down because I felt his cock digging into
my side and buttocks as I wriggled.His hand gripped my butt cheek in a cruel
pinch, he pushed his thumb into my arsehole and holding me still painfully,
he pushed himself agaisnt me and I felt the head of his dick pushing hard
against my hole.I was clenched tightly, there seemd no way he was going to
enter me that way, although his hard prick dug in forcefully. Suddenly his
knee came up under my knee, knocking me off balance and opening my legs. He
gave a massive thrustand his cock wedged itself a couple of inches into me.
My muscles contracted sharply against the hard invader and I screamed loudly.
Still held in place he continued to force me, his his thrusts inching him
further in bit by bit. I was sobbing and crying out, but unheard. His prick
was so tight in me that my body slammed the side of the truck as he rammed
me, moved in and out with him. I tried to stop struggling and relax, to make
it more bearable - he continued to bang me against the side faster and faster
until he was finished. I don't really remeber him coming, Just that he
slipped out of me, and let me collapse on the ground. Minutes later there was
a thundering roar in my ears. The lorry drovew away, leaving me alone in the
empty layby.


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