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Hold an Old Friends Hand2


Title: Hold an old Friends Hand (2/?)
Author: NeoMalfoy
Rating: for the story: NC-17 adult for graphic sex.
Pairings: Ron/Harry
Disclaimer: Not Mine wish they where but then they wouldn't have been published.
The boys are JK Rowling's and distributed in book form by Raincoast Bloomsbury
in Canada and others worldwide. The movie belongs to Warner Bros. I don't make a
Cent. Just like to have them as my slaves willing to do anything I wish... Don'
worry I'll Put them back nice and clean.
If you are under the legal age to read XXX or are easily offended by M/M Slash
fiction then piss Off! Yeh've been warned!
Feedback: OH YEAH! Send comments, questions and HOWLERS to

Crossing the bar Ron became more aware that he had drunk a lot more then he
usually did and began to waver slightly. The young wench that had been serving
him all night now approached him, "Mr. Weasley sir?" she asked the question
unspoken, but still voiced.

"Nah, Marry, I'll be fine. You know I only live two doors down," he said, he may
have been wobbly but his voice was as coherent as it had been when he entered.

"Okay, take care." The blond said. Poor man, she though to herself, what has he
been though that he had to drown his sorrows at a shithole bar like this.

The red head stepped out into the pouring rain, and turned towards his small
flat situated above a small tobacco shop down the deserted street. At the end
of the street stood a lone figure. With his view obscured by the downpour of
rain Ron drew his wand from the inside pocket of his cloak.

"Who ever you are you'd better identify yourself, I'm armed and not afraid to
use force!" Ron called out to the figure.

The figure began to walk forward, slowly as though his feet were lead. Yet the
figured made no attempt to identify itself vocally or physically. The person
became clearer to Ron but he still could not identify them, they wore a plain
black cloak its hood pulled over their head, which covered the face.

"Stop where you stand!" Warned Ron. "Identify yourself now or don't bother to
come any closer."

Yet still the figure continued to advance showing no signs of even hearing Ron's
shouts. Ron raised his wand and with a curse on the tip of his tongue opened his
mouth. Yet his mouth closed again a soon as it had opened, he tried again to
utter the curse. Again to no avail... His mouth didn't want to utter the curse,
though his brain was screaming at him to defend himself.

His brain called to him. Come on you pratt defend yourself damnit! Don't turn
coward now... Great just imagine the headlines tomorrow in The Prophet... "Hero
Fallen!" I can see it now... "Ron Weasley famed Auror, and the man who almost
single-handedly brought You-Know-Who to his demise, a man who plunged his bare
hands into the chest of the Dark Lord and ripped out then crushed his heart,
bringing the years of terror to and end. Has fallen victim to a Muggle attack.
Weasley had spent yet another night sitting in a Muggle bar Drinking himself
into an alcoholic stupor. Leaving the bar he was attacked. He was found hours
later when the Bar Keep left after closing up "He was just lying there on the
stoop bleeding it was awful, he had some sort of wand in his hand..."

One can only assume that the "some sort of wand" was the same wand that he had
used to bring You-Know-Who to his Knees before his heroic act. One can only
wonder why he had not used it? Had the Auror lost his nerve or had he just been
too drunk to utter a charm."

This ran though his head even as the dark figure approached. As his brain
finally got though to his mouth, the hooded figure stopped and still not
speaking raised his hands to his hood and revealed his face. Ron stopped midway
though raising his wand and stood there, his face went slack. He was gazing into
emerald eyes though round glasses set askew on his face. Where as Ron remembered
the person standing in front of him has having eyes vibrant and full of life and
hair thick and tousled... yet the creature that stood before him looked dead his
eyes staring straight ahead, his hair was lacklustre and thinning. Yet standing
before him was Harry Potter.

"H...Ha...Harry?" Gasped Ron. "Is it you?"

Harry didn't answer, he only stood there staring.

"Harry!" Exclaimed Ron, "Harry... Can you hear me?"

Still nothing.

Ron went to him bridging the short distance between them. He grasped Harry by
the shoulders and shook him. This seemed to jousle Harry from his stupor...
slightly, his eyes now blinked and looked at Ron, yet still held that dead look.
"R...on?" He whispered. "Is that you, I can't hardly see you."

"Oh Harry!" the red head cried, "yeah it's me. It's Ron Weasley. I'm right here
in front of you."

Harry's eyes began to focus in on the direction of Ron. And suddenly his was
back his eyes lit up... though they still held despair in them but the look of
death was gone they were shining in the downpour. Which Ron had forgotten was
falling around them.

"I've found you, I've finally found you!" cried Harry.

"Oh Harry," hiccupped Ron and the collapsed to the wet pavement of the sidewalk
sobbing uncontrollably.

Harry bent over and with strength one would have thought was absent, scooped his
lover into his arms. Cradling him in his arms he carried him the rest of the way
to the tobacco shop and some how managed to get the door to the staircase that
lead to the flat open. Harry's strength began to wan at the apex of the stairs
yet still he gripped tight not daring to set Ron down to get the door the flat
open. He fumbled and shifted Ron about to get at his pockets to search for the
keys to open the mahogany door that was the final barrier to the sanctuary of
Ron's home. Finding them he shifted Ron once more to get the key into the lock
and he pushed the door open to a single roomed flat. Which was very meagrely
furnished, a bed unmade, a table that had been cleared of its occupants, and a
small kitchenette was all that adorned the floors. Harry carried Ron to the bed
and set him atop the messed covers where he curled up into a ball.

Harry crawled into the bed beside him and held him close. "Harry... Where have
you been, everyone thinks your dead?"

"Shhhhh..." chided Harry.

Ron turned over to look at Harry again. Their lips meeting... Suddenly Harry
pulled back...

"Harry... Harry what's wrong?" Ron asked looking into Harry's eyes.

Harry's emerald eyes had go wide as though in pain. When he opened his mouth to
answer what came out were not words, a thick viscous black slime began to spill
out. Harry began to make sick gagging noises. Ron jumped from the bed not
escaping in time the black slime covering the coat that Ron still wore... and
the stench. Ron had smelled death before. He had smelled corpse who had been
rotting in enclosed tombs for months. He had smelled fresh horrid gases emitted
from deep within bellies, but this went beyond that a combination of all these
and rotten egg and things that could have only been thought of by the most
twisted of minds. Harry was now pleading with his hands out stretched to Ron in
desperation. Ron's eyes wide took in the whole of Harry his famous lightning
scar was now splitting and began leaking the same back viscous fluid. His skin
was pulling tight and shriving as a grape becoming a raisin. His skin colour
becoming green and blue as though a huge bruise becoming visible, then it
started to fall off in large black clumps. His clothes were being eaten away as
though the slime was an acid.

Ron was rooted to the spot looking on in horror mouth open is a silent scream.
Before him was the corpse of a man who had been dead for years his skeleton
turning to ash and crumbling. The only sign that the monster before him was once
Harry Potter was the vivid green eyes still staring pleadingly at him.

The blackness emitting from his now skinless lips came to an abrupt stop and the
skull opened its lipless mouth, "R-r-r-r-o-o-o-n-n-n, S-s-a-a-v-v-v-e-e
m-m-m-m-e-e-e-e" it moaned, then becoming clear voiced it said one last word,

Harry's eyes them exploded in a gush of retinal fluid and blood, and the rest of
the body caved in....
Ron woke on the stoop of the Muggle bar he had just left with Marry looking over
him screaming. He joined her their voices combining in an eerie duet.


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