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Home Alone

Keywords: mF, cheat
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Home Alone

Home Alone
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

Eva Devers is lonely. Her husband, Joe, is away on an extended
business trip and, even though they call frequently and exchange
email daily, she misses his physical presence. He's due back in
to weeks..

Monday, 12 May.

The after work commute...Twenty minutes of mind numbing boredom,
punctuated every-so often with a split second of gut wrenching
terror as some impatient bastard abruptly switches lanes and cuts
you off..

This is the Wildman, helping you on your way home.. Next is the
latest hit to sweep the charts - When I'm in your arms.
The song started, a slow love ballad, and all Eva Devers could
think about was her husband. He'd only been gone for a few days
and all ready she ached when she thought about him.. They'd been
listening to this song in the kitchen, when he had snuck up
behind her. His hands had traveled around her waist, smooth and
strong, cupping her breasts and pulling her back against him. She
remembered wiggling her hips as his long thick cock ground into
her ass. She leaned her head back and he captured her lips in
his. He lightly squeezed her breasts. He tasted like coffee and
milk and she could feel his cock swell and stiffen. . .

Honnk!!! Eva snapped out of her reverie just in time to avoid
rear-ending an expensive sportscar. Its owner flashed her the
Universal Symbol and continued on his way - still stuck in
traffic but now that always important car length ahead of someone
else. This is the way it had been for the last two weeks. She'd
daydream often enough and long enough to get horny and then have
to rush home, or to the bathroom, or to her car to masturbate.

The echo of the slamming door reinforced how alone she was in the
small house. Undressing as she walked to the bathroom, Eva left a
trail of clothes behind her. It was the kind of thing that would
have driven Joe nuts, but now it just reminded her of his
absence. She stood in front of the bedroom mirror. breasts - -
still firm; Ass - a little more than there use to be, but still
able to turn heads. Eva lay back on the bed and brushed her hand
across the smooth lips of her pussy. She was still damp from her
daydream in the car.

Pulling a pillow under her head, Eva positioned herself on the
bed so that she could watch herself in the mirror. She spread her
labia with her fingers, lightly teasing the hood of her clit. She
could see the wet, pink inside of her cunt, the sheen of her
pussy juices all ready starting to flow.

Still working softly on her clit, Eva teased herself with the
other hand. She closed her eyes and arched her back, as if to
press her hips into the mouth of her imaginary lover. Running her
fingertips around her swelling cunt lips, she felt her breathing
become more and more ragged. Through half open lids, Eva watched
her pussy swallow first one, then another of her fingers. Without
conscious thought, her hips pressed down on her hand, helping the
fingers ease their way deeper into her womb.

Eva could feel the beginnings of her orgasm in the pit of her
stomach. Her pussy started to tremble, clutching at the invading
fingers. "Too fast," she murmured.

She took her fingers out of herself but continued to massage her
clit. Looking at the glistening nectar that covered her fingers
she hesitantly touched her finger tips to her lips, tasting her
own juices. It tasted different, sweeter, than when she had
sucked Joe's cock after he'd fucked her on those wild nights when
they would fuck forever. She rolled her tongue around the
fingers, wishing that they were his hot, pulsing cock.

Sliding her hand from her mouth, she pinched her nipple. The
sharp nip drove her over the edge. Eva clamped her legs together,
intensifying the feeling of her greedy pussy spasm. Her breath
was slowing. She eased herself down, slowly kneading her breasts
and stroking the bottom of her stomach.

The orgasm had been good. She'd felt it build from the bottom of
her stomach and wash over her like a warm tropical wave - a good
feeling. But now it just made her want more. Rolling onto her
side, Eva looked at herself in the mirror. Her pale skin was
flushed, her nipples and pussy lips still swollen with
excitement. Wisps of auburn hair were plastered to her face with
a light dew of bed sweat.

'If Joe could see me now, he'd laugh," she thought as she stood
and made her way to the shower. The room smelled of sex. "Or jump
in and fuck me silly."
The doorbell was ringing as Eva climbed out of the shower.
Without waiting to grab a towel she ran naked down the hall to
the kitchen, punching the intercom.

"Yes?" She was out of breath and dripping all over the tile

"Meesus Deefers. Ees just me, Hector. I just wanted you to know I
was out back." Hector's Hispanic accent brought Eva out of her
daze. It was Monday and the yard boy was out back mowing and

"Thanks, Hector."

Releasing the intercom, Eva went back into the bedroom to get her
robe. Returning to the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of
wine. Her first sip reminded her of Joe and the evenings they had
spent in the kitchen, sipping wine and discussing the day's
events. Telling herself that she would not become morose this
early in the evening, Eva looked in the refrigerator for ideas
for dinner. It was so hard to cook for one.

Suddenly, Eva heard a loud shout from the garage. Clasping her
robe shut, she ran to the garage. She opened the door to find
Hector jumping around the garage, cursing in Spanish.

"Hector, what's wrong?"

"I have spilled gasoline on to my self." Eva could see where the
old gas can spout had broken off, spilling the gas and oil mix
all over Hector's pants.

"Quick, take them off. We can rinse them in the sink."

Eva took charge without thinking but then almost reconsidered
when she saw the slim, muscular Latino loosen his belt and drop
his jeans onto the garage floor. She forced herself to look away
from the yard boy's slim, smooth chest and his muscular legs.
Instead she went over to the utility sink in the corner and began
running water. Taking his pants from him Eva leaned over the sink
and rinsed them out, trying hard not to look at Hector.

Glancing up, she realized that her robe had fallen open and
Hector's eyes were locked on her rose colored nipples.
Straightening quickly, she felt herself blush.

Throwing his jeans into the dryer, Eva tried to regain control of
the situation. Tying her robe tightly around herself, she didn't
know what to make of the situation - a half naked young man in
the house; she was half dressed and horny. Taking advantage of
Hector would be wrong but, from the size of the bulge in his
briefs, would go a long way to giving her some relief.

"Let's get you cleaned up. The gas will start to burn if we don't
rinse it off soon."

"Si, senora." Hector followed Eva inside. She could feel the heat
of his stare on her back. Once inside, she found a towel and
showed him into the guest bathroom. Eva could feel the heat of
her flush creeping up her neck. and the tingling of her nipples
as they swelled slightly. It was decision time.

Holding the towel out between them, Eva looked first at the
sizable bulge in Hector's briefs and then at his large brown
eyes. She could feel her robe sagging open but made no effort to
pull it shut. Hector looked like a rabbit caught by a spotlight -
frozen in anticipation.

"Hector," Eva's voice held a ring of command. "Hector drop your
underwear. We need to make sure that the gasoline didn't soak
through your pants."

Hector complied without making a sound. Eva's nostrils flared as
she watched Hector straighten. He stood like a boxer - feet
spread apart, shoulders back, head erect. His head wasn't the
only thing erect, Eva noticed. Hector's cock was swelling
rapidly, a nice firm six inches or so topped by a plum colored
knob. He looked at her expectantly, waiting for the older woman
to take the lead.

Eva slowly drew her robe open, revealing herself to Hector's wide

"Hector. I'm going to suck your cock. I'm not going to let you
fuck me. This time. If you can follow my instructions and promise
never, ever to tell anyone else about this, I think that we can
make a mutually beneficial arrangement."

Without waiting for him to move or comment, Eva knelt in front of
Hector. Looking up into his face, she placed her hands on his
thighs. Without breaking eye contact, she leaned forward and
deeply kissed the tip of his cock, sucking his knob into her
mouth. Swirling her tongue around his salty tasting cock head,
Eva saw Hector close his eyes and bite his lip.

Satisfied that she was having a positive effect on her yard boy,
Eva cradled his balls in her hands, guiding his stiff rod into
her mouth. She placed her finger underneath his scrotum, lightly
massaging the sensitive spot between his balls and his asshole.
Hector's knees buckled slightly, he leaned against the hallway
wall for support. Eva bobbed her head, swallowing more and more
of his cock each time.

She could taste the salty pre-cum on his cock head. Pulling her
head off his straining cock, she looked up at his face. Hector's
head was thrown back, his eyes screwed shut in incredible
pleasure. Maintaining her pressure by slowly stroking his spit-
slicked cock, Eva ran her hand over his tight ass. Pulling him
closer to her, she ran her tongue along the bottom of his balls.
Sucking one of his balls into her mouth she swirled her tongue
around it, making Hector moan with pleasure.

"I want you to cum on my tits."


"Jets of salty cum on my tits." "Unngh"

Before Hector could finish his inarticulate moan, Eva sank her
head onto his cock. She felt the meaty knob of his cock fill her
mouth and throat. sucking hard as she pulled away, Eva knew that
he was going to explode soon. Slipping her hand underneath his
balls, she tickled his sensitive asshole. Pulling her mouth away
at the last second, she directed his spurting cock at her pale

"Yessss. cum for me baby."

Hector's legs shook from the strain of cumming and standing. The
milky white jets erupted over her throat, coating her tits in his
seed. Her hand milked his slick, hard cock. His hips jerked and
strained, thrusting his cock towards her tight grasp. Eva
stretched out her tongue and tasted the last drop of his jism.
It's salty taste was like a Beaujolais Nouveau, strong and

Sated for the moment, Eva stood. Hector's cum slid between her
tits and dripped from her nipples. She absently caressed her
swollen pussy, rubbing his cum around her belly like lotion.
Hector remained slouched against the wall struggling to catch his

"Remember. You can tell no one about this. If anyone does hear
about our little afternoon, I'll call the police and have you
locked up for rape. Do you understand me?" Hector nodded. "Good.
Now next week, when you come back to paint the shed, you need to
bring some rubbers."

With the mention of their next meeting, Hector realized that he
wasn't going to go to jail. Indeed, he was being invited back! He
struggled into a more dignified sitting position but his cock was
still leaking cum on his thighs. Hector looked at Eva, astonished
at her raw beauty and sensuality. Even with thick, white rivulets
of his cum seeping across her belly he wanted her. In fact, he
wanted her more now than he had ever imagined. He knew then that
he'd agree to anything that offered the remotest chance of being
with her like this again.

Eva bent over and picked her robe off the floor. Shrugging it on,
she gestured toward Hector's pants, folded forgotten across the
back of a chair. "Go on. Just remember what I've said. I'll see
you on Wednesday."

Without another word, she went into the bathroom to shower.
Hector left the same way. Without a word.


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