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Home Alone2


Keywords: FF
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Home Alone 2

(c) Knave of Hearts 2000 FF

Tuesday, 13 May

The thrill of giving Hector a slutty blowjob wore off quickly.
Eva found herself distracted. Things were bad enough at work -co-
workers having to repeat themselves, losing the thread of
conversations - but during aerobics class her preoccupation
became disastrous. Several times during the class Eva zigged when
she should have zagged, colliding with the people around her or
being obviously out of step.

After all, how does one recover from seducing one's yard boy?

Mercifully, the class ended and Eva headed toward the showers. As
she walked down the hallway into the locker room, her friend Sara
fell into step beside her. Sara started chatting about the
weekend's events and mutual friends, topics that didn't dent
Eva's mood. Standing in the locker room Eva found herself
watching Sara undress.

Sara was almost completely different from Eva. Where Eva was
short and petite, Sara was tall and broadly built. Eva's breasts
were pert apples that sat high on her chest topped by small rose
colored nipples. Sara's were large, like cantaloupes, and had
aureole the size of half dollars. From her position behind Sara,
Eva could tell that the other woman's backside was larger, but
still as firm, as her own small rounded ass.

Before Eva's inspection could go any farther, Sara turned around.
Eva averted her eyes quickly but Sara's knowing glance said that
she had caught Eva checking her out. She handed Eva a towel and
they walked together into the shower. Sharing a stall, Sara
resumed her chatting while soaping up. Eva washed, managing to
place herself where she could watch Sara rub her sponge across
her stomach. Eva found herself mesmerized by the sudsy trail
across the larger woman's torso, a trail that lead across her
firm body to her completely shaven pussy. Letting her gaze
continue past Sara's pouty labia to her muscular thighs.

When Sara turned around, Eva collected herself. She had no idea
why she was so consumed with another woman's body. She wasn't a
lesbian. She hadn't even thought about being with another woman.
This incident with Hector had her all screwed up. Eva was almost
done with her shower when Sara asked for help scrubbing her back.

Eva stuttered her acknowledgment and set to work slowly rubbing
the soapy sponge across Sara's muscular back. Eva must have
looked as if she liked what she was enjoying bathing Sara because
several women walked past and left in a hurry, tittering behind
their hands and looking over their shoulders.

Before long, Eva had finished and the pair left the locker room.

"Come on over for a light lunch?" Sara's question sounded like a
cliché pick up line but Eva felt she needed someone to talk to.


Over a light salad accompanied by a crisp white wine, Sara
skillfully led Eva through the conversation. As the wine relaxed
them, Eva became more and more forthcoming about what had her
distracted and preoccupied. Things had progressed well but then
Eva had remembered why she had come and grew silent.

"So what's been going on with you?" Sara tried restarting the

"Oh, I don't know. Things have been so quiet while Joe's been
gone." Eva took a large drink of her wine. "I guess I've been a
little lonely recently."

"Has everything else been going all right?" Eva nodded in
response. Sara pressed her question. "You looked a little out of
it at the gym."

"Well. . . I'm afraid I might have made a big mistake yesterday."

"I'm sure it's not as bad as all that."

"Does giving the yard boy a blowjob qualify as all that?" Eva
asked bitterly. Sensing her own pique, Eva took a large gulp of
wine to keep from saying any more.

Sara sat on the front edge of her seat. Her face showed that this
wasn't what she had expected Eva to be upset about. She put her
hand on Eva's knee. Eva looked wounded and vulnerable.

"Tell me about it."

Sigh. "I'm not sure how it started. I was frustrated and horny.
I'd just finished taking a shower when Hector spilled some
gasoline on himself. I went to help. We rinsed out his pants."

"You mean you took his pants off?"

It all came spilling out. Eva couldn't have stopped stalking if
she'd tried. First the size of the bulge in his tight briefs,
then the arousal at finding him looking down her robe. All
leading up to pulling his shorts down in the hallway and sucking
his cock until he came on her tits.

While she talked Eva's nipples become more and more pronounced,
until they poked through her thin dress like pencil erasers.
Sara, as turned on by the story as Eva was, had been stroking her
friend's knee during the whole story. Sara had slipped her hand
above Eva's hemline. Unaware that she was being seduced, Eva had
opened her knees and let Sara fondle her thighs. When Eva got to
the climax of the story (pun intended) she was flushed.

Before Eva could recover her senses Sara knelt between her knees,
leaned forward, and kissed her on the lips. Eva hesitated for
only a second before returning the kiss. The softness of Sara's
lips surprised her but not as much as Sara's tongue sliding into
her mouth.

Eva brought her hands up to Sara's shoulders trying to push the
larger woman back but Sara pressed forward, pulling Eva's hips
forward. Sara's large breasts pressed against Eva's stomach as
their tongues fenced. One of Sara's strong hands held Eva in
place. The other pulled the strap of Eva's dress and bra off her

Sara tugged Eva's dress downward, exposing her erect rose colored
nipples. Releasing Eva's lips from her greedy kiss, Sara mouth
sought the smaller woman's firm breasts. Sara sucked a nipple
into her mouth, flicking the erect nub with her tongue.

"Nooooo." Eva's moan wasn't convincing Sara to stop her assault
on Eva's breast. To make matters worse, Sara's lower hand - the
one Eva had almost forgotten, was rubbing Eva's pussy through her
rapidly moistening panties. Lifting her mouth from the swollen
nipple, Sara pushed Eva back onto the bed. Too aroused to
protest, Eva lifted her hips to let Sara remove her panties, her
dress now bunched around her waist.

The smell of Eva's hot, wet pussy filled the room. Sara's
nostrils flared, she drank in the scent of the other woman's
arousal like a fine wine. She traced the outline of Eva's cunt
with her finger, spiraling around the swelling, fleshy labia.
Finally she dipped her fingertip into Eva's hole, raising it to
her lips to taste the other woman.

"Sweet." Sara put her finger on Eva's twat, drawing a line from
Eva's hole to her clit. Eva responded with a sharp intake of
breath and an arching back, pressing her clit against the source
of her pleasure. "I'm going to eat you up, little Eva. Then
you're going to do the same for me." Without waiting for an
answer, Sara lowered her face to Eva's shaven cunt and licked it
from top to bottom.

Eva's resistance crumbled. Arching her back to press her clit
against Sara's seeking tongue, Eva ran her hands through Sara's
long blonde hair. Pleasure built up inside Eva like a volcano.
Sara sucked her clit, playing a fast, hard staccato against the
hard nub.

"Sara. . . Jesus, Sara. . Lick me. Lick me good."

Eva felt her muscles flutter, her stomach jump and shake, as Sara
drove her relentlessly toward orgasm. Eva's hips drove upwards,
fucking Sara's mouth.

Eva's orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. Her stomach mucles
contracted and her cunt spasmed.

"Unnnngghhhhh. Fuck. . . Oh fuck..I'm cumminnngg."

Eva lay on the bed, wrung out like an old dish rag. Her head
lolled to one side as she watched Sara stand at the foot of the
bed. The shine of Eva's juices was still on the large blonde's
face. Sara looked at Eva with a haughty, almost predatory, look.
Dropping her clothes in a puddle around her ankles, Sara climbed
onto the bed beside Eva.

"Now its your turn."


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