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Hot Post Hurricane Sex


This is written for someone who inspired me. You know
who you are!

If you like it, please email me! :)
Hot (Post) Hurricane Sex by Pami (
It was the eerie calm after the storm. He had just
made it through the "storm of the century", which
wasn't really THAT bad, although the hurricane had
flooded out so many friends and relatives, and power
had gone out for two days.

His own house was miraculously unscathed. It sat on a
small rise about a quarter of a mile from the river, so
that even when the river had spilled over its banks,
the only damage had been some basement flooding. He
had been king of his own private island for about a day
and a half. Now, the waters had receded, and his
neighbors were returning. They grumbled and moaned,
and he saw with his own eyes the terrible damage to
their homes that had resulted from the flood. Power
was restored, although they had been warned that it
might go out again, so he could cook and see, and use
his computer. The biggest dilemma he was facing was
the plumbing.

The waste treatment plants were flooded and
overwhelmed. It sounded like they were going to all be
using bottled water for months until things got back to
normal. He just wanted to flush his toilet. Oh, he
could. It was just that it seemed like there was
something blocking the pipes and every once in a while,
it came perilously close to overflowing. On the grand
scale of the disaster, it was pretty minute, but he
placed the call to the plumber instead.

The plumber that he usually used told him flat out that
there was no way he would get out there within the new
few days. He was working around the clock as it was,
and while he loved the extra money, he was exhausted
and there were people with far worse problems. He did,
however, recommend an up and coming plumbing company.
They hadn't been around very long, he was told, but the
master plumber had been apprenticed to his regular guy
and he would vouch for their good work and reliability.

So he had called them. The secretary had answered the
phone, and she assured him that someone would be out
within 24 hours to take a look at his problem.

That was yesterday morning. It was now going on 7 pm
and it was getting dark. And he hated to complain, but
they shouldn't have guaranteed 24hour service unless
they could deliver.

He turned to go back inside his house and he heard a
truck pull up. He looked, and it was actually a van.
The plumber's van. Thank God. Tonight, at least, he
wouldn't have to worry about a backed up line.

He waved, and watched the plumber grab their box and
walk up the slope towards his house. In fact, he
stared. He stared at the generous hips that swayed
back and forth, and the bosom that threatened to split
the front of her steel gray coveralls wide open. Her
honey-brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and
he noticed the dark pink of her lips.

He shut his mouth as he realized he was gaping, and the
vision began to speak. "I'm so sorry I am late, but a
job this morning took a lot longer than I thought. I
hope you don't mind my working in the evening. It
seems like there is so much to do these past few days.
I don't think I have sat down, other than in my van in
a day and a half."

Her voice was low and musical, and wonderfully
expressive. He could hear slightly suppressed laughter
at herself as she continued to tell him about some of
the problems she had confronted in the storm's

He collected himself as he realized that she had
stopped speaking, and good God, had she asked him a
question? "Umm..." he stammered, "Why don't you come
on inside and I'll show you the... The..."

"Commode?" she finished for him with just a hint of a

He blushed. He couldn't believe it, but he did. "Yes.
The commode."

She followed him down the hallway to the downstairs
powder room, and he explained the problem. He didn't
look her in the eye. How do you tell one of the most
sensuous women that you have ever encountered that you
were having a problem with taking a... well... he
didn't finish that mental picture.

She asked if she could see the basement, and he took
her to the door and opened it for her.

"You don't have to hang around," she told him. "I have
a pretty good idea of what I am looking for, so don't
worry about me. If I have any questions, I'll holler.
I hate to keep you from doing whatever it is that you
were doing."

He wanted to stay and watch her curvy body move, and
see her hair bounce as she shook her head, but he
didn't want to look desperate. So he assented, and he
went back to his study. He logged on to the computer
and started surfing. He chatted with a few friends,
and half listened to her walking back and forth and up
and down the stairs. She poked her head into the room,
and told him that she needed some tools from her van,
and she'd be right back in. He just smiled at her,
taken aback again by her wholesome sensuality.

He fell into a chat with a woman online that he had
talked with before. They played games online together.
Occasionally even did the cybersex thing, but he wasn't
really into that. Still, he could tell she was in a
playful mood tonight as she offered him some
tantalizing descriptions of what she was wearing. Or
NOT wearing, as it turned out.

He was getting into it, but he was imagining HER... his
plumber... half naked, and doing those wild things
instead. His cock was hard now, and pulsing against his
jeans, but he didn't dare take it out for some relief
while she was still there.

He heard her calling from the hallway, and he cursed.
He signed off the computer, thought about baseball and
football, untucked his shirt to hide what was now his
half-hard dick, and walked out to the powder room.

She smiled at him. "There was just a small blockage in
the line. All I had to do was snake it, and you should
be fine. You can't believe how lucky you are that that
is ALL that you had happen with this storm."

He agreed, and then surprised himself by asking her if
she would like some coffee. His subconscious obviously
wanted to keep his eyes happy by allowing them to keep
gazing at her.

"Sure. I don't think I had better go to the next job
tonight, anyway," she told him as she glanced at the
clock on the wall. He noticed with some surprise that
it was almost 10:00.

"Sorry that this took you so long," he began, but she
interrupted him.

"Nah, I don't mind. This was the perfect ending to my
day. A nice easy job. I should be thanking YOU for
not yelling at me for being so late."

They started walking down the hall towards the kitchen.
He pushed the door open and indicated that she should
precede him through.

"Such a gentleman," she teased, and he felt his heart,
and other regions south, jump just a bit.

He put the coffeepot on and they sat at the kitchen
table. She set her toolbox down next to her and rolled
her shoulders.

"I know I should be happy about all of this work, but I
am just whipped," she said. "I am definitely going to
sleep like a baby tonight."

His mind raced. He heard...."happy.....whipped....." and he envisioned her, curves bared
to his gaze, smile on her face. In a split second he
saw her tied to his bed, nipple clamps attached to what
he KNEW were gorgeous tits.

He cleared his throat. Baseball.... gotta think about
baseball.... "How about that Sammy Sosa?" he asked

She gave him a quizzical look. "Well, he did just hit
his 60th home run, I think. Isn't he the first to do
that in back to back seasons? I don't think he's going
to make it to 70, though. But I am more of a football
fan. Can you believe that the Redskins are actually
kind of good this year?"

Holy Toledo! She was his wet dream come to life.
Boobs, hair, smile, laughter, AND sports?! He shook
his head. The coffeepot hissed, and he got up to pour.
When he turned around, he stopped suddenly. She had
taken her hair out of its confining ponytail, and it
cascaded in waves over her shoulders. The coffee
spilled over the brim of one of the cups and scalded

"SHIT!" he yelled and he dropped both mugs quickly onto
the counter. He practically leapt for the sink, and
turned the cold water on, thrusting his burned hand
under it. The cool water felt good against the burn,
and she was suddenly there, making clucking noises and
looking at his hand under the water. She snapped off a
small part of the aloe plant that he kept on the
windowsill above the sink, and pulled his hand slowly
out of the water. She gently towelled it off, and then
lightly spread the aloe gel over the fiery looking

"No blisters or anything," she said as she ministered
to him. "I think you will live." And she looked up
into his face.

Brownies. That's what her eyes looked like. Yummy
chocolate brownies. And suddenly his hand didn't hurt
at all.

He leaned down and he kissed her. Her lips were
slightly parted and oh-so-soft. She tasted great.
Even after working all day, she didn't have that icky
breath that some people get. She didn't taste like
mouthwash or toothpaste either. She just tasted.

She pressed against him, and he felt her breasts push
against his chest. He thought he heard.... No. Wait.
As he deepened the kiss, he heard it again. He pulled

She looked up at him with a melty look on her face.
"Did you.... PURR?" he asked, feeling somewhat stupid.

She smiled, and half-grimaced. "Well, I do that when
something feels good. Sorry. I didn't mean to."

He ran his good hand through his hair. "No, don't
apologize. I am just glad to know that I didn't
imagine it. I thought I was going crazy."

"Hmmmm..." she hummed with a slightly disconsolate look
on her face.

"Hum, what?"

"You know, when I say something felt good, it kind of
means that I don't want it to stop. But you did," she

He laughed. A deep belly laugh that almost echoed.
"Jesus... if you don't want me to stop, all you have to
do is tell me."

She smiled up at him, and got an almost predatory look
in her chocolate eyes. "I don't want you to stop.
Kiss me. Touch me. Now."

"Don't have to tell ME twice. Nosirree. Nope. All
you have to do is ask," he taunted her with a joking

And then he shut up as she practically lunged at him.
She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him. Her
tongue darted out and circled his lips, and he opened
his mouth and sucked it in. There was no room for
humor in the sudden hunger that erupted between them.

He wrapped his arms around her and twined his fingers
through her hair. As she purred again, he pulled
gently but firmly on it, tilting her head back and
further exposing her neck to his gaze. He pulled his
mouth away from hers, only to reach down and nip her on
the neck. He bit lightly, and then licked back and
forth over the same spot as if in apology for the hurt
he inflicted. He reveled in the feeling of her body
squirming against his as he did so over and over. Each
time he found a different spot on her neck and sank his
teeth into it. He heard her small moans and her
panting breaths just turned him on even more.

He almost choked himself as he felt her hand snake
between them and firmly grasp his hard-on through his
jeans. He groaned as she lightly massaged the
throbbing head of his cock, and he pulled his hips away
from her. He was wildly excited and he didn't want to
come in his pants. Not with her. Oh no. There were
too many places on and in her that he would rather
christen with his load.

He pulled away from her altogether and looked down.
Her creamy skin was flushed and her eyes were dilated.
Her hair was a wild tangled cloud and her lips were a
dark red and slightly swollen. Her neck was marked
with red marks that his rational side hoped weren't
going to linger, but secretly he thought it would be
kind of cool to mark her.

He reached out to the zipper on her coveralls, and
pulled it down. The material clung to her shoulders,
but as he unzipped it past her tits, it sprang open
from the tension. He guessed it was hard to find
coveralls that were designed for a woman's body. As he
reached the end of the zipper, right between her hips,
she shrugged, and the entire garment fell to her feet.
She definitely had a woman's body. Her breasts were
confined in a lacy off-white bra that fastened in the
front, and her panties were hi-thigh briefs that were
the same material.

She laughed at the awe-struck look on his face. "You
know, I DO have leather at home," she told him. "It
just doesn't fit right for work."

The thought of her wearing leather was a hot one, but
it couldn't compete with the live image of her standing
here before him in her lace. He reached out and
touched the dusky colored nipples he could just glimpse
underneath the material. They were hard. And they
felt wonderful. He plucked them between his fingers,
pulling on them, and twisting just a bit. Feeling them
swell even more from his attentions. He watched her
face as she closed her eyes and moaned with the
feelings he was creating in her. He couldn't stand it
anymore, and reached for the clasp. He quickly
unfastened the lacy garment, and the cups bounced back,
showing him her glorious tits in all their splendor.

He couldn't control himself, and fell to his knees
before her, bringing his face on level with her
breasts. He buried his face in her abundant cleavage,
and felt her on either side of his face. The softness
against the scratchiness of his razor stubble felt
wonderful. He pulled back and latched his mouth onto
one of her nipples. He sucked at it, pulling it
between his teeth and worrying it back and forth,
ignoring her rising wails. He looked up and saw her,
head thrown back, neck arched, hair falling almost to
her hips, and he was amazed that he had roused such
passion in her already. He switched to the other
nipple, but raising his hand to the one he abandoned,
to keep it sensitive and erect. He licked around and
around this one, delicately flicking at the bud, until
he felt her hands in his hair, pulling him onto her.
He opened his mouth as wide as he could and sucked as
much of her breast into his mouth as possible. Her
areola was huge, at least as big as a silver dollar,
and he could feel the entire area was puckered, not
just the nipple. He sucked and licked, and pulled and
twisted, until he felt her entire body freeze up and
then she almost screamed as her hips twitched. He
stayed on his knees before her, watching her face as
she orgasmed, and he used his fingers on her nipples to
milk and pull and stretch them as she rode the climax

Her breathing slowed and evened, and her eyes opened
and she looked down at him with wonder in her eyes. "I
never came just from that before. You are amazing,"
she told him in a small voice.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet, sweetheart," he told her
in his best Bogie-style accent.

She smiled at him. "I can't even begin to imagine what
else you have in mind," she told him. "But I sure am
looking forward to finding out."

He got to his feet and he extended his hand to her.
The aroma of her pussy was heavy in the air, and his
cock was throbbing and he could feel the wet spot from
the pre-come on the inside of his jeans. "I think for
the next act, we need to go upstairs," he told her as
they walked down the hall. He watched her hips swaying
and saw the juices running down her thighs. As they
ascended the stairs to his bedroom, he thought about
the restraints attached to the four corners of his bed,
and imagined feeling her pussy contract around his
They paused at the door to the bedroom, and they kissed
passionately. She ground her hips against his cock.
"As long as I get to feel this guy inside me, I don't
care what you do with me," she told him, provocatively.

He laughed as he directed her onto the bed, on her
back, spread-eagled. He lay on top of her and kissed
her as his hands reached for the first restraint. She
giggled, and as he attached all four to her, rendering
her almost immobile, he reached out and ripped the lacy
panties off of her. "Remember you said that, my dear,
remember you said that," he teased her as he looked up
at her flushed face from his position between her
spread open pussy. As he took his first long lick of
her juices, he knew that this was a taste he wanted to
enjoy over and over again.


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