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Hot for Neighbor


>>> Adults Only <<<

If you are under 18 or if reading erotica is illegal in your locality please exit from this screen NOW.

That said, this story may be printed by individual users of ASSTR by my permission so long as those printed pages are for the personal use of an adult and minors will not have access to the story. This story may be posted to free websites with my permission or to the free section(s) of pay websites with my permission.

Disclaimer: This is just a story! I like murder mysteries yet I've never killed anyone and I also like Tom Clancys' work even though I've never nuked Denver, crashed a 747 into the United States Capitol, sunk a chinese missile submarine, or tried to wipe out the entire human race with biological weapons. I'm trying to say that I would NEVER do any of the things portrayed in this story nor did I write this story to compel or inspire someone else to do such a thing.

I also love to hear from my readers so feel free to write to me with comments, compliments, suggestions, or criticisms - it's all welcomed.

Mf nc impreg

Hot for Neighbor - copyright 2000 by Patrick Flanagan

Josh & Jolie were both 24 year-old newlyweds who had moved in next to my
house this last summer. They were a welcome change from the previous
owners (assholes!) and I went out of my way to make them feel welcomed to
the neighborhood. I helped Josh work on his car and Josh rewarded me with
tales of his times with his scandalously beautiful, red-haired wife. Josh
was even my size and benefited from helping himself to my old wardrobe to
save money on clothes.

It wasn't long before I fell in love with Jolie and spent many long
hours lusting after her lovely body. I went out of my to be helpful to the
two of them and they thought that I was just the greatest neighbor that
ever lived!

Well, one Thursday Josh and I were working on the old Chevy Malibu and
he tells me about how he'd come home from trips and find Jolie in the
shower and he'd shut off the bathroom lights, slip into the shower, and
then make love to her without saying a word. It was their own little
fetish. And then he tells me how he's looking forward to Monday when he
gets back from his next trip.


I just about went nuts watching their house to see when he'd leave and
then he left on Friday and my heart about pounded out of my chest as I
anticipated what I had in mind.

Could I?

Should I?

All day Saturday I helped Jolie clean up their backyard and she made a
nice dinner for me around five and, after a little conversation, I excused
myself just after six and went home out the backdoor - leaving it unlocked.
After all the heavy, sweaty yard work I knew that a shower would be in mind
and I waited by the bathroom window until I heard the shower go on just
after eight.

(Yeah, I WAS desperate enough to stand there for two hours!)

I slipped in the back door, horny as hell, and made my way to the
bathroom. I stripped naked in the hallway and was lightheaded from both my
arousal and my fear of being caught. I could hear my heart beating in my
ears as I opened the door and let my finger hover over the light switch.

This was my moment of truth. Could I really do this?

The bathroom was drenched in a stealthy darkness as I felt my way to the
shower curtain. Until the lights had gone off I'd heard Jolie humming in
the shower, all I could hear now was the water running. I closed the
shower curtain behind me as I stepped into the stall and blindly and
timidly reached out my hand ahead of me.

I felt her spine shudder as I made contact and realized that she had her
back to me. I guess this was part of the game that they played, so I went
along with it.

Jolie seemed to melt as I let my hands massage her supple shoulders and
her long, elegant neck. Her hair was up in a bun and I had to take
advantage of that little fact with a long, leisurely kiss of her wettened
neck. I tasted her salt and knew that a good soaping down would help set
the mood. Feeling around, I found the soapdish and was soon happily
enjoying my perfect excuse to feel every inch of Jolie's perfect body.
After I had her lathered up I luxuriated in holding her close to me while
my eager hands explored her neck, her perfect tits, her taut belly, and her
surprisingly thick bush.

My every nerve was wide open and overloading my fried brain with
pleasure...I'd never imagined that Jolie could be so damned great!

I took amazing pleasure in turning her around under the shower head to
thoroughly rinse all of the lather off of her, and then I stepped into the
stream to rinse my own soapy body. I heard her open a bottle and felt a
cool liquid sprayed on my chest and then I heard her spray the liquid on
her own body before closing the bottle and putting it away. I recognized
the familiar smell to be baby oil and was immediately blown away by the
feeling of two of the most exquisite hands caressing the oil into my skin.
She didn't miss an inch, she even made me lift my feet up so she could do
the soles - I felt like I had violated her even more than I had planned
when I knew that this was an intimate thing that she must do for her

My guilt was promptly forgotten when I felt her oiled fingers rake over
my balls just before she took hold of my cock with both hands. I caught my
breath wanting to say something, but knowing better. I let her stroke me
just a couple of times before the need for her body overtook me.

I took her by the shoulders and turned her around and then guided her
hands to the tiled wall of the shower. She understood what I wanted to do
and I felt her butt push back at my cock.

I reached an eager hand between her legs and heard a little gasp from
her as I ran a finger right into her heavily oiled pussy lips.

This was just too much.

I took her by the waist and then eased my well-oiled cock up to her
pussy and let it slip all the way into her delicious body in one slow and
deliberate stroke. She instantly answered my thrust with her own and the
two of us started to fuck each other with a silent, passionate fury. I
loved the way she drew in a sharp breath every time I bottomed out in her
pussy, it had to be a little uncomfortable, but she humped me harder every
time I did it to her as if asking for more. I finally managed to calm down
enough to get into a slow and steady rhythm of pumping all the way in and
then almost al the way out. She was everything I knew she would be and I
was just in heaven.

Her pussy tightened like a vise when I reached around to finger her clit
and she bucked her hips at me as if demanding more of my cock into her
heaving body. Jolie's breath came more and more quickly and I soon heard a
faint moaning as her orgasm broke over her amazing body. I was entralled
just listening to the pleasure I had managed to wring out of her tight,
young pussy.

I was just beginning to compliment myself for not having lost my touch
when I felt that old familiar boiling in my balls. I drove my cock in nice
and deep as I let loose with the most intense orgasm since I was a twenty
year old stud. Jolie's pussy clenched my cock with each pulse of my sperm
into her depths, she knew exactly how to milk every last drop of cum out of
my cock and I had to resist telling her just how great she was.

I just stood there for what seemed to be an eternity with my cock buried
up to the hilt in Jolie's sperm soaked pussy. I didn't have the sense
about me to do much of anything else.

It was Jolie who finally moved off my cock and I heard an audible 'plop'
as it fell out of her pussy and slapped my thigh. She very gently turned
around and then carefully washed off my cock and startled me when she said,
"Okay, get out. I've got to do my hair."

Not like I was in any position to argue with her, so I took my leave and
dried off with a handy towel and then turned the light back on as I left.

I was making my way out the back door when I heard the familiar
rumblings of a certain Chevy Malibu! Josh was home???!!!

I'm not sure if it was a death wish or just a voyeuristic curiosity, but
I lingered by the bathroom window listening to the sound of car doors, the
shower, house doors, and then a bathroom door. Then the light went off.

It was maybe five minutes later when I heard Jolie's passion being
released for the second time that evening.

Amazingly, neither Josh nor Jolie ever compared notes about that night
so I managed to get away with my little stunt. I decided not to push my
luck by trying that again and was soon content just to be the good neighbor

I guess it was early fall when I heard Josh and Jolie having a rather
intense conversation in their backyard...

"Josh, what happened to the vasectomy? How could this have happened?"

"Honey, I guess one of the little buggers got through somehow and did
the trick, that's all I can think of. It doesn't matter, sweetie, we have
plenty of room for the baby and maybe, if we get lucky, we just might have
another baby someday."

Yeah, Josh, you just might.


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