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House Guest


Keywords: MFF
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: House Guest

House Guest

"I'm soo horny it's all I can do to
keep from jumping you right here." Lucy
stretched out her long tan legs and
provocatively stared at me.

As I shifted to try and hide the
growing bulge in my crotch, I took a swig of
beer while thinking up something witty to
say. "I wouldn't mind," I said with a self-
confidant air, "but I'd have to share you
with Alice."

Lucy's breath caught for a second.
Just long enough for me to catch it before
she also used the beer camouflage trick and
then changed the subject. For the rest of
the conversation, however, I noticed Lucy
looking at me in a different way.

Now, to give everyone some background,
here's the way this happened. Lucy was, and
is, an old friend of ours. She'd just moved
into town and, since we were also relative
newcomers, my wife and I invited her to stay
with use while she found a place. She was
our age and shared a lot of the same
interests, so it seemed at the time to be a
harmless, good deed kind of gesture to a

Lucy had been with use for about a week
when we had been sitting around the living
room, drinking beer and shooting the shit,
waiting for my wife Alice to come home from
work. It was a hot summer afternoon, so
both of us were wearing shorts and Tshirts.
After my "share you with my wife" comment,
Lucy seemed a bit distracted. I might have
been imagining things, but I could have
sworn her nipples were poking out through
her Tshirt.

When Alice finally came home, one of
the first things that struck me was how
different the two women looked. Lucy was
the taller and more buxom of the two. She
also had a tan that nicely complemented her
dark hair and eyes. Alice was more petite,
with auburn hair and fair skin that freckles
in the sun. The other thing I noticed was
Lucy smirking at me. The rest of the
afternoon progressed as usual - dinner, TV,
and then going to bed.

That night, as we got ready for bed, I
saw Alice bending over the sink brushing her
teeth. Waiting for the right moment (i.e.,
when she'd spit out the toothpaste) I
approached her from behind and put my arms
around her waist.

Rubbing my cock against her soft ass, I
leaned over her back and whispered, "I'm
afraid I'm gong to have to fuck your brains
out tonight, lady."

Alice lightly tapped my hand, her
signal that she was still busy, but pushed
her ass back against my groin. "And what
was it that you had in mind?" She wasn't
ready to do it on the floor but she was
interested. I got her out of the bathroom
and over to the bed, my hands roaming across
her soft thighs and hips.

We flopped onto the bed, our bodies
entangled. Our lips hungrily sought each
other's kiss. I marveled at how I could
have been so lucky as to find a woman like
this - horny, beautiful, and sensible. We
wrestled around for a few minutes while I
got her nightgown over her hips and she
pulled my underwear off. Laying my rapidly
hardening cock against her smooth shaven
pussy, I laid out a story for her. We'd
often used erotic stories as foreplay, only
this time I was actually planning to make it
come true.

"What would you do if there was another
woman in bed with us?" Alice ground her
hips against mine. I continued. "Sucking
your pussy while I fucked you from behind."
Her tongue dove deep into my mouth while her
hand roughly grasped my cock, stroking it
with an urgent need.

Once my cock was stiff and throbbing
Alice rolled over, thrusting her ass into my
hips and lifting her leg. When I didn't
immediately react, she reached down and
rubbed the head of my cock against her moist

"Impatient?" "Hmmm, shut up and fuck
me." Horny bitch." "You started this."

I rubbed my cock against her wet cunt,
smearing her juices around her twat. Slowly
pushing the fat head of my cock in between
her swelling labia, I decided to continue
our verbal foreplay.

"I'm going to bring in some hot bitch
and she's going to lick your cunt. Get you
wet for my cock. Would you like that?"
Alice pressed her hips against mine trying
to get more cock inside her. As difficult
as it was I resisted, teasing her more and
more with every second I denied her my dick.

I put my hand on her pubic bone,
lightly tickling her clit with my
fingertips. "I think you'd like her tongue
on your clit. sucking your hot little nub
until you cum."

Alice's response was to press her twat
down onto my rod. I decided not to tease
her anymore and slid myself into her. She
was so wet it only took two or three strokes
to get my long, thick cock into her hot
depths. Holding her hips, I drove my
throbbing meat into Alice's pussy in deep,
long strokes.

Alice threw her hand back, grabbing my
hips and urging me deeper inside her.
Roughly seizing her tit, I lock the eraser
sized nipple between my fingers and kneaded
it. She gasped and groaned from the
manhandling but it made her hotter. Using
my grasp on her breast for leverage it
increased the speed of my thrusts, my shaven
balls smacked against her bald pussy.

I fucked her hard from behind, long and
deep they way she liked it but she was so
hot she wanted more. Alice rolled over and
lay on her back, pulling her knees up to her

"Fuck me hard."

My cock got steel hard at seeing her
this hot. I got up on my knees and wasted
no time in sinking my sword hilt deep into
her steaming wet love tunnel. Placing her
feet against my chest, I lifted her ass
slightly for a better angle. Once situated
I savagely fucked her. The force of my
thrusts made her tits bounce and the bed
shake. Our hips met at the bottom of each
stroke like a hammer on an anvil. My cock
seemed to swell in her buttery smooth cunt.
She craned her head forward to watch my cock
ride smoothly into her widely stretched
pussy. Her look begged me to give her a
climax. I thrust faster and deeper, jack
hammering my cock into my wife like an
animal in heat. Alice seemed like she was
lost in another world. Her eyes and mouth
were wide with a faraway look as her orgasm
rolled through her like a tidal wave. I
came as I felt her cunt quake with the force
of it, spurting jets into her womb until I
collapsed on top of her.


The next day I was a man with a
mission. Alice had seemingly accepted, in
fact been extremely turned on, by the
suggestion of bringing another woman into
our bed. Now I had to confirm Lucy's part
in the experiment. I also started to think
about what might happen after I managed to
fulfill my fantasy. After all, it's one
thing to get my wife all hot and nasty in a
bi-sexual suck fest. It's another to wake
up the next morning and continue life

Despite any ghost of a fear that I
might have had, the oldest rule in the world
won out - "A stiff dick has no conscience."
I made sure I left work a little early,
betting on having another beer and a chat
session with Lucy before Alice came home. I
caught Lucy coming out of the shower. She'd
had a rough day and gladly accepted my offer
of a beer and a shoulder to cry on.

We talked for a while about her new job
and the difficulties of getting settled. I
was a good listener, trying at the same time
not to get caught looking at her long tan
legs as she stretched out on the couch.
When she put her beer down on the floor, I
got a good look at her tan line. Her tan,
cantaloupe sized tits were topped with small
triangles of pale flesh. Her nipples looked
small, but I only got a glance.

Unfortunately I glanced a bit too long
and she got me staring down her gaping robe.
She straightened up, seemingly flustered
that I had been boorish enough to ogle her
tits. She sat back in the couch and I tried
to recover from this embarrassing situation.

"Remember when you mentioned that you
were in need of some physical company?" I
was trying to subtly ask her to fuck and I
ended up sounding like a virgin trying to
get a hooker.

She quickly realized where the
situation was heading. "I thought you were
going to have to share with Alice?"

We were dancing around a subject that
both of us realized had lots of explosive
implications. "I think she's very excited
about the prospect." I shifted to make
myself more comfortable as my dick started
swelling at the thought of what I was
planning. "I just wanted to make sure that
we were talking about the same thing." The
little devil in the back of my head started
saying 'Get on with it!"

"What did you have in mind?" She was
interested but still wary of what I might be
driving at.

"Well, it's like I said. I'm more than
interested in helping you out, but I need to
include Alice."

"How?" Now we were getting down to
brass tacks.

"Well that would really be up to you."
She slipped a hand into her robe. "I mean I
wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable. Or

She looked thoughtful for a moment.
"You see, I've had this fantasy for some
time. . . And you and Alice are such good
friends that I thought. . ."

"That you could explore the fantasy of
a threesome in a safe setting?" I held my
breath, hoping for the right answer.

Lucy looked into my eyes with
understanding. She nodded silently.

"Would you be willing to join Alice and
me in bed?" Lucy nodded again. I noticed a
flush creeping up her neck. "Would you be
willing to help Alice experiment in her

"Yes. I want to eat her pussy. That's
part of my dream too."

I don't know which part made me dizzy -
all the blood rushing to my dick or the
answer to my dreams. She didn't stop there.

"And I want to help you get over any
concerns you might have." She stood up and
let the belt of her robe loose. Her breasts
pushed the terry cloth open. Holding it
open by the lapels, she struck a provocative
pose. "Let me show you what I mean."

She dropped the robe to the floor and
posed for me. I didn't want to say
anything, afraid of breaking the spell of
the moment, but she was as hot as I had
fantasized her to be. Deep tan lines
erotically set off her private parts from
her bronze skin. Her small brown nipples
stood erect from her quarter sized aureoles.

She glanced knowingly at my swollen
crotch. She knelt in front of me and placed
a hand against the throbbing bulge. "I know
how to take care of this."

Without another word, she unbuckled my
pants and lovingly fished my stiff rod out
of my underwear. Pushing my pants down to
my ankles, Lucy whorishly bathed my cock
with her tongue. She started by sucking the
purple knob into her mouth, playing her
tongue around it like a lollipop. My knees
trembled when she flicked the slit with her
tongue, opening my cock to taste the thin
pre-cum that had started to seep from it.

Seeing that she was having the desired
effect, Lucy held my cock straight and tried
to swallow its length. I smiled cruelly,
not many women can swallow my cock all the
way but its always nice to see them try.
She got about three quarters of my nine inch
sword into her mouth before it hit the back
of her throat. Rather than continue on this
avenue, Lucy tantalized my by running her
tongue wickedly along the sensitive seam
underneath my shaft.

"You're a good cocksucker, aren't you
Lucy?" She mumbled something, but I used my
hand to hold her head onto my cock.

Lucy shifted her hands to hold my ass,
slowly fucking her mouth with my cock. Her
head bobbed up and back along the length of
my dick, stopping every so often to swirl
her tongue around my cock. It was a scene
straight from a porno movie. I couldn't
believe I was getting an expert blowjob from
my wife's best friend. . . in the living
room. . . with my wife due home from work
any minute. The thought of Alice standing
in front of us, her hand inside her panties
as she diddled herself while watching Lucy
suck my cock, sent me over the edge. I
exploded into Lucy's hot mouth. My knees
buckled and I leaned against the wall for

Lucy looked up into my eyes and smiled.
A thick pearl of my jism slid down her jaw
and onto her firm breasts. Still not saying
a word, she scampered back down the hallway
to the bathroom to clean up before Alice
came home.

I knew I'd have to act on this
opportunity quickly. As Alice changed out
of her work clothes, I thought quickly on a
plan of action. After dinner, I waited for
Alice to start her bedtime preparations
before padding out to the kitchen to
conspire with Lucy. With the plan set, I
returned to my bedroom. It was show time.

Alice came out of the bathroom and
climbed into bed. I waited for her to get
settled before rolling over and cuddling
against her spoon-fashion. She felt my
throbbing cock nestle into the crack of her
ass and she chuckled.

"What has got you all fired up?" She
reached behind her and started to massage
the hardening staff. She rubbed the palm of
her hand around the throbbing knob, feeling
my cock jump at her touch.

I told her that I had a surprise for
her. I was going to fuck her brains out but
first I was going to tie her up. We'd
played around a little with teasing and
light bondage, so my request wasn't totally
out of the blue. I had all ready positioned
some of my old neckties at the four corners
of the bed and used them to secure her
spread-eagled across the bed.

My cock started aching as I tied her
ankles. I could smell her pussy as it
heated up, getting ready for the pounding I
was going to give her. My prick stood out
from my loins like a steel rod, bouncing
painfully as I crawled around the bed.

As my next surprise, I blindfolded her.
Alice started at this, since we'd never
blindfolded each other before, but she
quieted down as I started kissing and
nibbling at her neck.

I licked and nibbled my way across her
body, finally teasing her clit with my
tongue. Before she can get too worked up, I
got off the bed and whispered something
about going to get her last surprise. She
begged me to keep eating her pussy so that
she could cum but I just laughed at her
cruelly and told her that she would have to

The warm-ups completed. I silently
crossed the room and went to Lucy's bedroom,
where she was eagerly awaiting her cue.
Seeing me enter the room preceded by my
huge, throbbing cock, she smiled and said
that she saw that the plan was working out.

We quickly returned to the bedroom.
Lucy had to bit her lip to keep from gasping
when she saw Alice splayed in front of her,
hot and ready for sex. They both climb onto
the bed. Joe kissed his wife's lips and
thrust his tongue into her mouth. Lucy
glided over Alice's body, letting her
nipples lightly drag across my wife's pale
skin. Alice moaned in excitement.

I took off Alice's blindfold and held
her head so that she could see Lucy, who was
wrapping her tongue around Alice's left
nipple. Lucy lightly nipped at the engorged
nubbin, tugging it softly to arouse Alice.
The women stared into each other's eyes.
Lucy sat up, letting Alice see her aroused

Trailing one hand up from her damp
pussy, Lucy drew lazy circles in the moist
curls at the top of her pussy. "I'm going
to eat you until you cum." Alice's only
response was a sharp intake of breath as
Lucy lowered her head to Alice's hips and
started making good on her promise.

Positioning myself so that I could
watch Lucy, I kissed Alice's neck and
breasts. Lucy attention to Alice's clit had
my wife thrashing and moaning incoherent

Releasing Alice's tit, I maneuvered
behind Lucy's upturned bottom. I can't
postpone my own satisfaction any longer.
Holding Lucy's hips still with one hand, I
use the other to guide my swollen tool into
her red hot box. I kept my strokes slow and
deep, not wanting to interfere with Lucy's
muff munching.

Even though I was trying to hold back
the exquisite friction of her cunt made it
hard for me to keep from cumming too soon.
I concentrated on watching my wife thrash
around, tied to our bed with our best friend
eating her to orgasm. I couldn't tell if
she was cumming over and over or in just one
long spell but Alice was screaming and
moaning as Lucy's tongue and fingers
attacked her sweet twat.

Lucy was also starting to reach her
peak, shoving back against my thrusts and
making my shaven balls slap wetly on her
labia. Three or four thrusts later and we
came together. Lucy pitched forward onto
Alice's body, clamping her legs together to
intensify the spasms she felt rippling
through her core. Her rapid movement had
pulled my cock from her slick sheath and I
shot a thick white stream of jism over her
shapely ass.

While I wiped my cum on the crack of
Lucy's ass the women kissed and nuzzled,
sharing the most intimate moment of the
first time. Alice tasted herself on Lucy's
mouth, wondering at the musky sweetness that
had come from her cunt. Watching them kiss,
I untied Alice's ankles. She and Lucy began
to slowly rub their cunts together. It was
definitely having its effect on Alice
because I saw her spread her legs to
properly position Lucy's clit onto her own.

As I untied Alice's wrists, I leaned
over and kissed first Alice and then Lucy.
Each woman's tongue fenced with mine in
turn. Despite their cataclysmic orgasms,
they were warming up for the second round.
Once freed, Alice told Lucy that they have
to make sure I'm ready for action.

She and Lucy rolled over and sucked me
hard. Alice, knowing how I like my balls
licked, positioned herself underneath me so
that her tongue would have free range on my
sensitive scrotum. Lucy, meanwhile,
lavished her oral attention on the round,
plum-colored knob of my cock. Squirming
from Alice's ticklish tongue, I wrapped my
hand around the back of Lucy's head and
forced her mouth down on my cock. She
gagged slightly as my long pole reached the
back of her throat, so I eased off and let
her suck and lick as much as she could.

Before much longer, I was as hard and
long as a flagpole, more than ready to
satisfy my two horny bedmates. Alice was
quick to claim her turn, crawling around in
front of me and guiding my cock into her
steaming love tunnel from behind. She
groaned loudly as I sank myself hilt-deep
into her snatch on a single thrust. I
grabbed her hips with both hands and
pistoned my rod into her, roughly slamming
my cock into her depths.

Lucy, not to be left out, crawled
underneath Alice and licked both cock and
pussy as we fucked. My cock stuffed her
pussy, stretching its elastic lips around my
shaft's girth. Lucy sucked and kissed
Alice's clit while my balls rubbed against
her face.

Faced with Lucy's sopping wet snatch,
Alice hesitated. Seeing this, I urged her
to taste Lucy, just as Lucy had dipped her
tongue into Alice's own honey pot just a few
minutes ago. Lucy supplemented my
encouragement by running her tongue the
length of Alice's slit and then swirling
around her love button. Lucy spread her
thighs as wide as they could go, opening her
cunt like a coral flower, glistening with

Alice smelled the other woman's
excitement, musky and thick as honey.
Slowly, she stuck out her tongue and, like a
child tasting a new lollipop, tentatively
tasted Lucy's pussy. Gradually growing more
bold, Alice licked and sucked the top of
Lucy's cunt, making our friend writhe and
push her hips upwards to meet Alice's
searching lips. Within moments Lucy
shudders, cumming all over Alice's tongue.

Lucy's cries heralded our joint orgasm.
I felt Alice's cunt clamp down on my cock
like a velvet vise, rippling along its
length in spasms. My cum spurted deep in
her womb, my orgasm felt as if it had rushed
up from my toes and burst out of the head of
my penis like molten lava.

I rolled onto the bed, careful not to
crush Lucy, who still lay beneath Alice's
trembling body. I held Alice close to my
heaving chest as I tried to catch my breath.
Lucy, her face still coated with our
combined juices, looked up at us from her
position between Alice's legs and smiled.
Softly cupping my spent balls in her hand,
she slid my cock out of my wife's tight
twat. My tired soldier exited Alice's
tunnel with a pop.

Lucy inhaled the powerful smell of our
sex, drawing it into herself like a wine
connoisseur, before guiding my cock into her
mouth and sucking it clean. Despite my
exhaustion, I felt a tremor in the base of
my groin as Lucy's tongue laved the thick
juices off my dick and balls. Once I was
clean, she shifted her attention to Alice's
sopping snatch. Lowering her entire face
into my wife's cunt, Lucy slurped and sucked
my cum from Alice's cunt.

Alice rolled back onto the bed, her
eyes closed in ecstasy. Not wanting to be
outdone in the cunnilingus department, I
moved around my wife and devoted my
attention to Lucy's twat. Spreading her
cunt lips with my fingers I dove directly on
her sensitive clit, lashing it with my
tongue until it stood out of its sheath,
proud and swollen. Lucy hips started
undulating, fucking herself with my face.

Sensing that she needed only a little
more encouragement to tumble over the edge,
I thrust two fingers deep inside her. Then,
I brought out the final trick in the bag. I
sucked her clit into my mouth and hummed.
The vibration on her most sensitive spot
made her shriek. Lucy ground her hips
against my face, threatening to smother me
with her wet snatch. I rode her bucking
body while the force of her orgasm took her
tasting her sweet cum in reward.

Finally spent, we all lay on our sweat
soaked sheets like corpses. The smell of
sex was heavy in the air and each of us lay
panting like a runner at the end of a race.
Within moments we had all fallen asleep in
that jumble of limbs.


The next day I sat at my desk,
distracted by thoughts of the sight of Lucy
and Alice still naked and entangled under
the sheets. I was thinking seriously about
taking some sick leave and going home at
lunch when my phone rang, interrupting my

"Hello." No response. "Hello."

I got ready to hang up, thinking it was
a wrong number. Before I moved the handset
away from my ear, I heard a guttural moan.

Speaking breathlessly, Alice finally
spoke. "I want you to come home and stick
your cock in my hungry pussy."

My cock immediately swelled
uncomfortably. Holding on to the telephone
for dear life, I shifted in my chair to
reposition my eager penis.

"What have you been doing all morning?"
I asked in a chiding tone. From the sound
of her voice, she and Lucy had been
experimenting with each other.

"I've been eating Lucy's pussy." She
moaned softly. "Now she's eating mine."
Speaking to Lucy, she said, "Softer. . .
Yessss, that's it."

Returning her attention to me, Alice
continued. "But now I want a stiff dick."

"I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"If you're not we're not waiting."

I've never driven home faster in my


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