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House Party


House Party (mc, nc, MF, FF, FD, MD, viol)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at The people and events in this story come from
my brain, not the real world. Regardless of what that tells you about my
brain, it means that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or
your friends' friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is the fourth part of the tale of Grace & Gina. You should
probably read the "Play Day" series, followed by "Ob-e-diens", "Afterparty"
and "Remix" before tackling this. Trust me. Thanks once again to the
readers who poked and prodded me to stick with this storyline.

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

Faye is taking the blonde chick into that room, the one Grace doesn't
like. She shuts the door and Grace feels sorry for the girl, wishing she
could place her face. She blinks hard because the spots on the edges of
her vision - the blue and silver ones - won't fade. All of a sudden she
regrets using the little box on the other girl, even though it's what Erik
told her to do when she got downstairs. She's just standing in front of
the door, wondering what to do next, when she realizes Erik is doing the
same thing. Grace looks up at him and she can tell he wants to go in
there. Real bad. He's staring at the door like he can will it open, or
like he wants to see through it, but then he notices that Grace is watching
him. He looks like he's about to say something to her, but instead he
slips his hands around her waist and moves them up to the bare skin above
her skirt. She warms up to that immediately, moving in closer, nuzzling.
"Come on," he tells her.

She lets him guide her down the hall, into the master bedroom. She
stops just where he lets go of her and he closes the door. It's a little
cold, because the air conditioner is blasting and Erik's not touching her
anymore. He sits down on the bed and scoots to the middle, lying back
against the headboard. Grace stands there and lets him look at her because
it's turning her on. She feels really hot in this schoolgirl getup,
something she's never worn, but she's fantasized about it. About being
scolded by the professor after school for being naughty. She remembers
posing in the fantasy, so she puts her hands on her hips and pouts a
little. Erik doesn't seem to care very much about that. "Take off your
clothes," he says.

Grace is a little disappointed to be jarred out of her fantasy, as well
as disoriented. She thinks she's supposed to make a little show out of
getting undressed, but her fingers fumble quickly with the buttons of her
white shirt. The clothes become an obstacle, a job to be performed for a
reward, and Grace is trying to hurry to the reward. She lets the plaid
skirt drop to the floor around her ankles, slips her underwear down her
hips and steps out of them. She wants to leave the vest and unbuttoned
dress shirt on and get to work on Erik, but that's not what her told her to
do, so she shrugs out of them as she drops to her knees on the bed.

Erik just looks at her, and she knows what to do next. Moving quickly,
she gets him out of his clothes. He wants it fast, so she leans over his
groin and lets her pigtails brush his hipbones. She breathes on his prick
efficiently, and she hears his head bump against the wall. He's already
stiffening as she takes him into her mouth, all the way. Grace makes a
long, soft sound, and by the time she's out of breath he's huge in her
mouth. She raises up and sits between his legs, stretching out her calves
to plant her feet against the headboard. Lying back between his feet, she
says, "Use me, baby," like she's supposed to.

"Fuck you." Gina has just replied to Faye's inquiry about her comfort.
Her wrists are numb. She's tied to a chair with smelly fabric that's rough
against her back. There are sheets hanging all around them, very close by,
and they smell too. In fact, the whole room reeks of musty sex.

Faye is standing over her, smiling. She won't stop looking at her, up
and down, like she's used to ogling people without them minding. Only Gina
knows for a fact that Faye isn't into her - she's trying to decide what
part to hurt first. Gina moves around to stretch out the kinks in her
muscles and just stares back at her.

"What are you looking at?" Faye threatens.

"White trash hosebag," Gina informs.

Faye breathes deeply. "I don't want to mark up that pretty face, much
as I'd like to. If we have to send you home we don't want any questions."

"You mean questions like 'Where have you been?'" Gina is still looking
Faye in the eye.

"Oh, you'll tell whatever story we put in your head."

"Think so?" A challenge - not a great idea, but Gina can't help it.
She's very angry.

Faye closes the gap between them. "I'm going to enjoy adjusting your
attitude, little runt."

"What's Erik think about that?" Gina's compulsion to obey Erik doesn't
extend to Faye, which interests her. And it's pretty clear that Faye
doesn't entirely approve of Erik's newest hobby.

"Mind your business." Suspicion confirmed.

"Mind your business," Gina parrots back, making fun of Faye's accent.
"I'll bet he doesn't want you to get too carried away with me." She's
reaching, but she has a hunch.

Faye gets in Gina's face. "If it comes down to me or Erik..." She gives
a contemptuous little laugh. "It's gonna be me. If it comes down to me or
you..." She wraps her fingers around Gina's throat. "I'll cut you. I'll
carry you out of here in a bag." After staring into her eyes for a long
minute, Faye turns around and ducks behind a sheet. Gina's glad because
she doesn't want Faye to see her shaking.

Grace is in heaven. Erik has let her take a bath, and she's marinating
in peach scented bubbles. She's almost forgotten about her sore wrists,
ankles and groin, and she slips down against the porcelain to dunk her
head. Underwater, she almost loses sight of the blue and silver patterns
behind her eyelids. Almost. She comes up for a joyous gulp of air, and
the first thing she hears as the suds leak out of her ears is voices in the

"...long are these kids going to be in my house?" It's Faye, and she's

"Who bought you this house?" Erik challenges.

"Don't go there with me, Erik. Just don't."

Erik doesn't. "Baby... Think of everything we can do."

"I didn't mind when it was just about you slipping mickeys to high
school girls at parties. Shit, I've done it myself a dozen times. But
this is different. You're being reckless. And the older one..."

Erik cuts her off. "We have these new machines. When we get tired of
Grace and Gina, we can send them on their way. They won't remember
anything, and the cops won't know shit. If we need to, we just move. I've
got properties all over this state under all kinds of assumed names. Next
rave that happens downtown, you can take home any boy that strikes your
fancy. Think about it..."

"I don't need a full-time fuckslave, Erik!" Faye is undeterred and Grace
is fascinated, although she doesn't know this Gina chick they're talking
about. She splashes merrily in the tub as Faye plows on. "And I don't
think that's what you're after, either. I've seen you look at them."

"You think I'm falling in love with them?" Erik is incredulous.

"Look. This has been about you and me having our fun and not judging
each other. Together. I didn't judge you when you tried the shit on me."

"No, but you sure as fuck hold it over my head every chance you get!"
Erik's volume is rising to match Faye's. Grace stops splashing. There is
an ominous pause.

Faye's tone changes. "Fucker... You stupid fucker." She's pacing -
Grace can hear her voice move around the room. She sinks a little bit into
the bubbles. "You better not forget how tight I am with your dear old dad."

"Faye..." Erik is pacing too.

"Shut up! If you fuck with me, if you try to leave me, I'll tell him
all about what you do. What you did to me. That won't sit too well with
Rich old Dad. Will it?"

"Faye, calm down."

There's another pause. Then Faye laughs. "I know about your new
girlfriend. I told her. I told her I'd cut her." She laughs again, and
Grace is trying to remember if Faye told her she'd cut her. "I'm going to
put out that fire in her eyes."

Erik is livid. "Faye, what are you talking about? You saw what
happened to Grace the first time we used that thing! She only just started
talking again a few hours ago. We agreed to be more careful. If something
happens, if we damage her..."

"You should've thought of that when you took these little ones home with
you last week!" Faye says triumphantly, and slams the door as she leaves
the room.

There's a sickening warmth flooding Gina's stomach. She licks her lips
and blinks, trying to stay focused, but the drug is strong. Her halter
strap is digging into her neck - she's been in this chair for a couple of
hours. She's freaked because it looks like Faye is calling the shots, and
Erik is arguing with her. She's straining to follow the conversation
before she gets too high, because they're arguing her fucking fate right in
front of her.

"I warned you," Faye is saying to Erik. "You had to push me. It's not
my fault. I'm going to fry her."

"Baby, come off it!" It sounds to Gina like Erik lost this one before he
came into the room. "We almost made Grace into a vegetable! Where's the
fun in that?"

"The fun is in teaching this little bitch not to look at me when I talk
to her. The fun is in turning your sweet new piece of ass into a drooling

Gina clears her throat. "Um. Guys?" She's about thirty seconds from
passing out, but she makes a go of it. It looks like she has their
attention. "There are people out looking for us. The cops already know
about Erik, they just haven't I.D.'d him yet. They took DNA samples from
our clothes last week. We gave descriptions." She swallows. "It's only a
matter of time before they find us here." If I'm still in town and he
didn't make me drive to the next county, Gina prays. "If you hurt us,
you'll only make it worse for yourselves."

Faye laughs. "Listen to her beg. I wish you hadn't shot her full of
dope. I want to hear her beg some more." Gina hears a sound like a camera flash charging. She feels something slip onto her head.

Erik takes Faye's hand, and the weird thing is, she lets him. "Faye.
Just please bump that setting down. Just a little. That's more than we
used on Grace."

A little! Gina's pits are slick with sweat. Her neck is numb from the
halter strap. She wants to say something to Faye, but her head droops
forward. It's all over - she's fading.

"Okay shug. A little."


Gina's dream world savagely expands into a pink and lime mandala. Her
nose starts to run. She shudders violently as the static eats into her

They've left her alone. The bubbles are long gone and Grace doesn't
quite know what to do with herself. She's still in the bathtub and
everyone else is in that other room and she doesn't want to think about
that. She decides they're going to have to come into this bathroom and get
her when they want her, because she's way too comfortable in this hot,
fragrant water.

She's rubbing her temples, then dropping her hands into the water, then
rubbing them again, trying to keep her fingers hot against her face. It's
helping her headache, so she feels lots better even though she can still
hear this very high tone and there are spots on her peripheral vision. And
sometimes when she reaches for the washcloth her fingers bang clumsily
against the tub. But her coordination seems to be improving. At least she
was able to get the rubber bands out of her hair, shake out those pigtails,
then pile the whole wet blonde mess on top of her head.

She scoots forward to turn on the hot water again, and when she leans
back she hears something faint through the walls. She's at least two rooms
away from the others, so she knows it must be a pretty loud noise to reach
her in here, over the sound of the faucet. It's fairly constant, changing
in pitch or pausing occasionally. Grace is torn; she wants to dunk her
head underwater and get away from the sound, but she also feels that it's
important to pay attention. She turns off the hot water, rotates herself
sideways in the tub and rests her chin on the side. Now she knows that the
sound is a human voice, or rather, a human body is making sound
automatically - there's no intelligence to it. Grace hugs herself tightly,
but she keeps listening. The wailing reaches a different pitch, lower.
She realizes that she has heard this voice her whole life. It's a voice
that has chastised her and lectured her. Is it Mom? No, that's not right.
It's a voice that's teased and taunted her. A voice that shared a bedroom
with her until she was seven.

Grace knows that it's Gina, and she's glad she only forgot her for a
little while.

"Stop trying to bite me." Faye is trying to lower Gina onto the
plastic-covered floor, and Gina is feebly snapping at her fingers to keep
her away. She can't open her eyes and her ears are ringing like she's been
at the loudest band practice ever. She can't think in words, let alone
speak, and her consciousness is meandering freely on its own, like that
layer of drowse just before you fall asleep. She knows she wants Faye to
get away from her, but she doesn't know where she is or what's been
happening for the last few hours. Now she's sweating all over the grimy
plastic, weakly trying to blow her soaked bangs away from her forehead,

Faye is peeling off Gina's damp clothes and then she feels cooler. A
hint of a breeze blows across her sex and she realizes that it's a part of
her she's keenly aware of. She wonders grimly what's been going on down
there, because she's superheated - primed and wet. She moves her slick
thighs together, then freezes because the urge to touch herself is
unbearable and she can't use her hands well enough right now to do the job.
Faye laughs softly and lights up a smoke, somewhere nearby on the floor.

"Yeah, Erik worked on you for a little while. He thinks you're quite a
piece. I don't see it myself." She exhales and Gina sniffs at the smoke
hungrily. "You wanna drag?" Gina nods, then sucks greedily at the Winston
that's put to her lips. She coughs a little, causing brilliant little
white stars to arc across her eyelids. Then she wants to throw up, but she
passes out instead. When she wakes up again, the lights are out and she's
alone. The air conditioner is on, though, and the comforting sound and
cool air send her quickly back to sleep.

It's been a busy night for Grace. Erik pulled her from the tub just as
she was dozing off and made her put her schoolgirl clothes back on. Then
he had her all over the house, vacuuming the floors, doing laundry,
scrubbing this and that. Every so often he'd do something to her, like
surprise her in the laundry room with a chloroform-soaked rag. Or he'd
give her a spiked glass of water and watch as she passed out. The most
annoying part of this little game, Grace remembers now, was that each time
she came to, he told her to forget what had just happened. So each time he
pounced on her she was surprised all over again. Eventually Faye
materialized and told him to knock it off and let her clean the house.
Grace was vaguely relieved to spend an uninterrupted hour conscious.

While she was cleaning in the bathroom she heard Faye and Erik arguing
about Gina some more. Though she seems to like Grace well enough, Faye
strikes her as more than a little unstable, and Gina appears to set her
off. At the time it sounded like Erik was trying to let Faye work out her
demons without killing Gina or turning her into a retard. They shouted at
each other for quite awhile, so Grace was glad when they cooled out.

They tried to get her to fix dinner, but they couldn't hypnotize her
into a good cook - Grace sucks major ass in the kitchen. So they bailed on
that idea and Faye stepped in. "You must get by on looks alone, cutie
pie," she said as she chopped vegetables. "While you're here that's fine,
but when we get sick of your ass and send you home, you're gonna learn that
you need what's called a 'skill set'."

Erik seemed very entertained. "Look at you, mothering her. How sweet."
Faye reddened and continued to chop. Grace had a remark on the tip of
her tongue, but she kept quiet. She couldn't figure out if they knew that
their power over her was fading (and she wasn't completely sure of that
herself), so she just played dumb. After a moment, Faye turned to Erik.
"That was just a little advice. girl to girl. Doesn't really matter
because after dinner I'm gonna have her on the floor munching my rug."

It was true. Grace did the dishes and then serviced Faye in the living
room for a solid hour. When Faye's orgasms were occurring faster than the
rate she was flipping through channels on the television, Erik tapped Grace
on the shoulder, bent her over the coffee table and fucked her brains out.

Now she's tucked into the guest bed, marveling at her evening as an
appliance, stretching out her sore tongue. She wants to see Gina, but Erik
has given her a sedative while acting out some sort of "sneak into the
co-ed's dorm room" fantasy, and now he's probably playing even more fucked
up games with her sister. She occupies herself by fighting the relatively
mild narcotic as long as she can, while thinking about how to get out of

The door creaks open and Gina lumbers to consciousness. Her first
instinct is to push herself away from the doorway, but her feet slide
uselessly on the plastic. The lights come on and she groans because she
can't lift her hand to shield her eyes. Erik leans down in front of her,
cutting some of the glare. She just lies there and looks at him stupidly,
working her jaw while she tries to remember how speech works. She shivers
as the air conditioner comes on, and Erik picks up her clothes and starts
to dress her. It's an awkward process because Gina can't really do
anything to help him. She wishes she had her nightgown, but the minimal
pink clothes do warm her up a little. Erik ties her strap behind her neck
and scoops her up off the floor. As he carries her down a hallway that she
doesn't remember, she tries to figure out where she is.

They reach a door, which Erik bumps open with Gina's feet. It's dark in
here, and the next thing she knows she's being lowered onto a bed. As Erik
tucks her in and turns to leave, she senses someone next to her, stirring.
She feels her sister's arms wrap around her, feels Grace's head slip onto
her shoulder. Gina feels better.

This maid shit is getting really old. Her mom doesn't even make her do
this much housework. Grace has spent the whole day cleaning, and today
she's decked out in some of Faye's trashy clothes, which don't quite fit
right. She's sure Erik loves watching her struggle to keep her tits secured in this ridiculous tube top as she scrubs floors on her hands and
knees. Grace is completely over him and this love slave trip that he's on,
and she's pretty sure that she's no longer under his influence. She's
basing this on her total lack of arousal when Erik puts his mitts on her.
In fact, she feels strongly that Erik is a dork - she doesn't know what she
first saw in him at the rave, all those days ago. But she acts like she
still digs on him so he won't suspect.

Faye is out of the house and Grace is trying to figure out how to slip
away with Gina, but Big sister is going to be hard to handle. After
fucking her and fussing over her all morning, Erik has left her on the
couch in the living room to recuperate from the brain blasting that Faye
gave her last night. Gina's as clumsy as a newborn and she can't seem to
sit up. She hasn't said a word all day, although Grace can tell that she's
somewhat lucid. From her own experience, she bets that Gina will be better
in a few more hours, but she needs her to be mobile now, while Erik is
piddling around the house.

While he's upstairs, she quietly tries the front door. It's locked with
a deadbolt that you need a key for. Before he comes back downstairs, she
tries the door to the big garage. It creaks open for her. Peeking in, she
sees Gina's car as well as the button for the garage door on the wall.
Aha! The stairs creak overhead, so Grace quickly shuts the door and grabs
her broom. Erik is moving quietly and she hopes that he's not going to
spend the afternoon knocking her out over and over again. She wishes that
she knew where he kept all those drugs, so she could get some of her own
back. She wanders into the living room and is relieved to see Erik bending
over Gina, taking her pulse.

"Have you finished sweeping?" He doesn't turn around to look at her.


"Bring me a glass of water."

Use the legs God gave you, she thinks at him, but she complies. Grace
hopes that he's not going to put more knockout drops in the glass and make
her drink it. She holds it out to him. Erik takes it and lifts up Gina's
head to let her sip slowly. He has his back to her, and Grace wants to hit
him with something, but she's sure she'll fuck that up. If he'll just get
away from them again then she can get Gina out to the garage.

Erik feels Gina's forehead, then waves his hand in front of her face,
making her blink. Smiling at Grace, he says, "I'm going upstairs to get
some medicine. Make me something to eat. You can make a sandwich, right?"
I got your sandwich. "Of course," she smiles sweetly. He pats her on
the ass and walks off. Grace heads to the kitchen, but circles back to
Gina when she hears Erik reach the top of the stairs. She spots Gina's
little purse on the coffee table and checks inside. The keys are indeed
there. Slipping the purse onto her wrist, she bends over Big Sis and tries
to lift her. This is hard for Grace to do, since they're about the same
size. Gina is as helpful as possible, awkwardly hooking her arms around
Grace's neck, but Grace's heart is pounding and she's starting to have a
panic attack. She starts toward the garage, trying not to dump her sister on the floor.

She's precisely halfway down the hall when she hears the faint sound of
the garage door closing. Faye is back. Every curse word Grace knows leaps
to mind as she spins around and tries to get Gina back to the couch as
quickly as she can. She rounds the corner to the living room just as Faye
comes in from the garage, and she almost drops Gina on the coffee table
while darting around the furniture. Grace puts her sister down as quietly
as possible, then starts to head for the kitchen, but she freezes. Faye is
standing in the hallway with half a dozen shopping bags, watching Grace
coolly. Her eyes flick down and Grace curses herself because she still has
Gina's purse on her arm. They stand there, silently regarding each other
as Erik descends the stairs. "Where's my sandwich?" he asks.

The big bed feels nice. Gina and Grace are lying in opposite
directions, listening to Eriks' soothing voice. Gina is also listening to
Grace's slow, deep breathing. She seems to be a lot calmer now. After
Faye wrestled her to the floor and Erik gave her a sedative, she stopped
yelling and screaming, which was fine with Gina because the noise was
making her head hurt.

"I want both of you to keep relaxing, melting into the bed." The metal
choker is cool against Gina's neck, and she sighs. "That's it. My voice
and Faye's, these are the only voices you care about. Not your sister's,
not anyone else who'll be here tonight."

There's going to be a little soirée tonight. Some people are coming
over and Gina and Grace are supposed to be good little cocktail waitresses.
They're also going to provide some entertainment. Gina frowns a little
from time to time, because she thinks she's supposed to be doing something
else tonight - somewhere else - but this sounds like more fun.

"Don't do anything any of the guests tell you to do unless Faye or I
tell you it's okay. Smile, be the charming little hotties you are, but
only follow orders from us. Got it?"

Gina licks her lips. "All right." These are the first words she's
spoken in nearly a day.

"Be good girls, and you get a nice reward at the end of the night." Gina
smiles, squeezing her legs together. "Try to pull any shit, and you get to
visit the room down the hall. Okay?"

"Okay," Gina says quickly.

"Good. Your clothes are hanging on the door. Time to get ready."

Grace is having a blast, getting dressed with her sister. It's just
like before Gina moved out, when she'd let Grace tag along with her to one
of her gigs. She's letting Gina brush her hair and do her braids, watching
herself in the mirror. Their matching red dresses are to die for, and the
red pumps dangling from her toes are very expensive. She picks out a shade
of silver glitter and holds the bottle up to Gina in the mirror.

"Outstanding," Gina confirms. "Turn your head. This way." She's almost
finished with Grace's hair. Gina has tied her own hair up with a red lacquered chopstick, leaving some of it hanging down in front to frame her
face. She looks very elegant, and Grace is a little envious. "All done."
Giving herself a second look, Grace decides that she looks fairly
mouth-watering as well.

"Here," Grace says, rising up from her seat. Gina plops down in front
of the mirror and Grace shakes up the glitter. Her sister closes her eyes
as Grace moves a shimmering finger to her face. She dabs carefully around
her eyes until Gina begins to sparkle to her satisfaction. Then she taps
more glitter out onto her palm, smiling, and traces a little onto Gina's
collarbone. They evaluate the result together in the mirror. "Ooh girl,"
Grace marvels, as Gina bats her lashes demurely.

Gina does the glitter routine with Grace, and they're just starting to
put Faye's makeup away when Erik calls them on the intercom. "Come on down
and make your entrance, ladies."

Arm in arm, they step into the hall. Even from here things sound fun
downstairs. Clinking glasses and animated conversation waft over the
jump-up jungle that pulses through the walls. Smiling to each other in
anticipation of the effect they're about to have, they sashay down the
stairs in step. Erik's waiting at the bottom, a Prada poster boy. They
halt in front of him and the conversation in the living room stops.

"Everybody, this is rhonda and rachel," Erik announces. Grace, who's
playing rachel this evening, looks from face to face in the small crowd,
drinking in the blatant lust vibes she's getting from both sexes. She
curtsies, and they all stop gawking at her and smile back. Erik leans in
to her ear. "Drinks."

Grace slips her arm out of Gina's and takes her hand, pulls her into the
kitchen. Here they load up trays full of Faye's off-the-wall but clever
cocktails. Grace spends the next hour moving around the living room,
serving drinks and exchanging small talk with the guests. Gina seems to be
doing well, she notes as she watches her sister smoothly slip out of the
embrace of a tall, red-haired man.

Now that they're lubricated, people are trying to corner Grace as she
collects empty glasses. They're asking her questions, like where's she
from, and she follows Erik's instructions and gives elliptical answers.
She walks by Erik and the red-haired guy, who reaches out to hinder her
progress. "Erik. My man. You have to tell me where you found these
pretty young submissives." He's creepy, but Grace gives him a thousand-watt

"They're friends of Faye's niece," Erik lies. "From Atlanta. You go to
school with Hunter, don't you, rachel?" He's arching an eyebrow at Grace.


"Really?" the guy asks. "So Hunter's a junior this year, right?"

"Yeah, she's halfway there!" Grace enthuses, looking at his drink. "Can
I get you a refill?"

"Please." He hands her his glass. Erik looks relieved.

Faye greets them in the kitchen. Grace is stunned: Faye cleans up well.
She's transformed herself from Trailer Park Queen into Dragon Lady, and
Grace wonders what the hell Erik is doing fooling around with her and her
sister. She gives Grace and Gina the rundown on the schedule. "In about
thirty minutes, you'll do your thing. After that, you can go upstairs. In
the meantime," she says, glancing out into the living room, "try not to
talk to anybody for too long. These folks know you're up to some kinky
slave shit with me and Erik, but they don't know who you are. Keep it that
way." This is fine with Grace. Faye and Erik are showing off to friends
that are a weird mix of rich, deviant and creepy. Some of them are doing
blow, and she hates being around coked up assholes.

She works the room for awhile longer, smiling, serving and always
moving. She's getting pretty good at fending off advances from both the men and the women, and she's just escaped a tall, goth-looking asian woman when
she feels a hand at her elbow. It's the redhead again, and he's half in
the bag.

"Say, rachel." He says into her ear. "You're not a very good liar.
Hunter's not a junior. She's in the Master's program for chemical
engineering. Why the mysterious cover story?" His breath reeks of vodka.
Grace blinks at him, trying to free her elbow. "Do you have a colorful
past, at age eighteen?" Normally, this guy would be wheezing and clutching
his balls by now, as Grace strutted off in search of more pleasant company,
but she's not sure what Erik wants her to do here. Then she has this
strange feeling that telling him her real name would help her somehow, but
when she opens her mouth she remembers Faye and the room upstairs with the

"rachel, it's show time," Faye says, pulling Grace's elbow free for her.
She steps between Grace and the guy and puts her hand on his arm, oozing
Southern charm. "Michael, I think you'll find this interesting."

Grace sneaks away to a spot in the front of the living room. Gina joins
her as a Photek track starts to rev itself up. A little spotlight bursts
into life, freezing her where she stands, next to her sister. The metal
around her neck starts to tingle, and she slowly turns to face Gina as the
beat drops. At that moment, there's no one else in the room but Gina, who
busts a move. Grace feels herself sink deeper into something, and she
starts to move as well. She's captivated by her sister - she dances almost
as well as Grace does - and she notices that their movements are oddly
synchronized. This tune is getting her hot, and she remembers that she's
not wearing underwear beneath this tight red dress.

She moves a little closer to Gina as they both throw their arms over
their heads and wiggle their hips. They circle around each other, eyes
locked, and bring their hands down to brush fingers along their flanks.
Gina does a neat little spin and dances to the edge of the spotlight while
Grace wonders what she's doing. The song crossfades into the next, an
Aphrodite jam that Grace absolutely adores. She misses her sister's heat,
and she's just about to move over to her when Gina spins again and skips
back to her, head lowered, eyes smoldering. Before she registers it, her
sister is kissing her on the mouth, grabbing her tightly and writhing to
the bassline. Grace recovers her composure and eagerly returns the kiss,
slipping her hands around her sister's tiny waist. Then Gina is turning
her around, slipping the straps of her dress down around her shoulders,
leaving wet kisses on the back of her neck.

Grace starts to lose track of things after that. She sort of checks out
of her head and floats around in the harsh white light and the music.
Periodically, she revisits herself to find that she's undressing Gina,
pushing her to the floor, grinding her hips into hers. She's dimly aware
of Gina pulling her dress down to her waist, grabbing Grace's ass and
pulling her hipbone into her clit in time to the music. They're rocking
back and forth on the floor as the song peaks. Then she hears Gina keen
into her left ear, and that causes her to flood, spasm, and finally return
to herself. She hears applause, the music changes back to the CD that was
playing before, and she knows to get up off of Gina, pull her to her feet
and lead her, breathless and giggling, up the stairs.


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