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This 500 word story was an entry into Celeste's 1997 contest.
-- DG (dionysian1@hotmail.com)
"The Houseguest"
by DG
I live with the Browns, in their nice house in the suburbs. I
have a great setup here, better than I could have hoped for, and some of
my friends who still live on the streets think it's better than I deserve.
They're jealous, of course, but they may be right, considering that I
almost threw it all away on a crazy stunt. And why? Simple, animal
I was Steve's roommate when he met Cindy, and I watched
them fall in love. I was happy for him, of course, but I had to think of
myself, too. Steve had let me move in with him when I had fallen on
tough times, and we quickly became best buddies. But Cindy didn't
like me much at first, and it didn't take a genius to see that I was in
danger of falling right off the gravy train. After all, Steve paid the rent.
My only chance was to change Cindy's mind about me. Pretty
unlikely, you might say - a scruffy freeloader like me ingratiating myself
with a beautiful, classy woman like Cindy - but the truth is, I can be
pretty damn charming when I want to be, especially with the ladies. It
was a tough assignment, winning over Cindy without stepping on
Steve's toes, but I'm proud to say that by the time they set the wedding
date, Cindy and I were fast friends. I was in, like Flynn, but there was
a problem. I had the hots for Cindy, and I mean bad.
I sunk so low that I would just follow her around the house,
staring at her like a drooling idiot. She must have known how I felt, but
she didn't let on. In fact, she went out of her way to be nice, which just
made me love her more. Nights were the worst. I have sharp hearing,
and I could hear their lovemaking with painful clarity; the coos and
sighs of foreplay, the urgent squeaking of the mattress, and the moans
and cries of passion at the end. It was killing me.
One hot summer night I just couldn't take it anymore. I waited
until they were asleep, and then I crept into their bedroom, moving as
quietly as a cat. The heady aroma of sex lingered in the air, and my
head started to swim. They were sleeping on top of the covers, and
Cindy was wearing nothing but a long T-shirt which let me see right up
her smooth, tanned legs to her crotch. Before I knew it, I was on the
bed, poking my head between Cindy's legs and inhaling her delicious,
musky scent. Who knows what would have happened if Steve hadn't
woken up and seen me just then.
Naturally, all hell broke loose, and I was lucky that my only
punishment was sleeping in the basement. I'll be watching myself
carefully from now on, but I haven't given up hope. After all, every
dog has his day.

The End, "The Houseguest"

1997 by DG. All rights reserved.

1) As always, I'd enjoy hearing what you thought of the
story - my email is dionysian1@hotmail.com.

2) Thanks to Baird Allen, I have a nice web page with all my
stories on it. Please drop by and check it out some time:

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