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Title: How My Dominance Started
Keywords: fF, fdom, teen, inc, mF, nc, voy, mom, daughter Author: Caesar
The mouse on the Mobius strip;
The strip revolved,
The mouse dissolved
In a chronodimensional skip.

How My Dominance Started

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $

I knew when I saw the defeat in my mothers eyes that it was all true.
All that Sheryl had foretold and even bragged for the last couple of
weeks was true. mother strode over to our dining room table and
leaned over it, with her hands and elbows pressed flat against its
hard-wood surface. Her face starred at its dull clean surface as she
waited silently.

Sheryl has been my best friend for nearly ten of our sixteen years.
And in those years I have learnt plenty about my friend, including her
in-your-face attitude that never seemed to work with me, but worked on
nearly anyone else we have known. Meaning she was able to bully... or
dominant nearly any person or situation except me. It was why we were
such good close friends, that she could not intimidate me as she was
able to do with most others.

My best friend walked confidently up to my mother, directly behind
her, and leaned down to grab the hem of her calf-length skirt.

My jaw hung open as Sheryl lifted up the woollen skirt and threw it up
on mothers back. All the while my dear old mother head was hung low,
staring between her forearms.

"She loves it Linda!"

I was seated in the living room stunned at what had just happened.
Sheryl had been bragging that my mother was her 'tongue-slave' as she
laughingly called her, her lover. It was impossible right - my mother and my friend who was my own age? mom wasn't even into girls, she was
dating some lawyer from across town for the last ten months - I even
heard them screwing one night in their room a couple of weekends ago!
Thirty minutes ago I had finally blown up at my friend and told her to
shut up - what she as bragging about was impossible. Well, Sheryl got
that look in her eye that I know about - and when mother got home a
few minutes later from work, Sheryl had simply barked out, 'come here

To my amazement - mother came over to stand silently before my friend.
Her face red but her demeanour almost alien in its submission.

Sheryl hooked both thumbs into the white cotton panty that covered
mothers behind, "Your mom will do anything I tell her
Linda... anything!" The panty was roughly pushed down to mothers
knees - her panty hose along with it. My friend wasn't even looking
at the silent still body that she dominated, she was looking at me in

I looked at the naked flesh of my own mother as it was revealed to me
for the first time. Sheryl had won, I now believed her incredible
claims... did she really need to push this further?

Hard to believe is it? That a daughter has never seen her mothers
buttocks before? Well mother never believed in all that liberal
'crap' as she called it - in fact she was a very conservative and
strict parent.

Perhaps that is why this is all so incredible!

I've never had a lesbian bone in my body before today. Oh sure
Sheryl, whom I would classify as 'bi-sexual' as she didn't care who or
what gave her pleasure, had made blatant overtures before - but I had
turned them all down. Yet, when the pale white flesh of my mothers
ass was revealed I felt a familiar itch between my legs and knew my
mouth was hanging open.

Perhaps I'm as fucking nuts as Sheryl obviously is - to find pleasure
in my own parents aged body?

"Pull your ass cheeks apart Beth!" My mother paused for only a second
before pressing her sweater covered chest down upon the table to reach
around her own body and pry apart her skinny ass. Sheryl waved at
what was revealed proudly, while waiting for a comment from me.

My response was simply to swing my head back and forth, mouth open, in
shock. This was just not happening... but it was!

My own panties were becoming noticeably damp.

"Face it baby - your mother is a submissive slut!" She said it loudly
like it was a big joke - but this has gone way past joking.

My friend waved me over and like a drone I stood up on shaky legs and
strode over to the two of them.

"Touch her Linda." She placed her own hand low down on mothers white
smooth buttock, the tip of one finger touching my own parents rectum.
It clenched at the touch.

My cunt twitched in response.

What else could I do - I slipped my trembling hand forwards laid it,
palm open, on the back of mothers closest thigh, on the inside. Her
skin was very warm to the touch - smooth as well.

Mother tensed when her daughter touched her. So did I. My strict and
conservative parent was bent bare-assed before her daughter and
friend, their hands upon her back-side.

Sheryl was watching me closely, "Can you smell it?" She inhaled
deeply for effect - so I followed suit. "The bitch gets so fucking
hot when I treat her like the cunt she is!" The order was strong,
indescribable, but I knew immediately what it was - my mothers sexual
musk. It had a certain quality to the smell that reminded me of my

At first it was seeing my mothers flesh, then touching her warm skin
and this, smelling her private sexual scent.

My cunt was a river.

"Didn't I tell you Linda... months ago that your mom was hot? You
didn't believe me but I started way back then, making the moves on
her." While she talked, Sheryl's hand had slipped down and into the
groove of mothers spread ass.

Mother suddenly sighed deeply and I watched as two of Sheryl's fingers
disappeared into mothers vagina.

"It wasn't long until she was licking me off, though my dog was better
than she was back then." I wouldn't put it past my friend to have her
dog lick her to orgasm - as I said, anything goes for her selfish

The fingers started to move in and out, the sound of super-wet cunt obvious, as it echoed about the tiny dining room. Sheryl laughed
suddenly bringing me back to her warped reality, "She was like a
virgin back then - wanting to please me but having no idea what to do
till I told her. And don't forget the guilt!"

Two more fingers slipped into mothers body as I felt her moving
slightly beneath my hand. I looked up and saw mother's tongue as it
licked the hard-wood table top - all the while moaning and sighing at
the pleasure my best friend was giving her. Her hands still held the
cheeks of her thin ass apart - even now not forgetting the command by

"There is really one negative about this cunt...", Sheryl motioned
with her chin so I looked down where four fingers were inside mother -
as I watched the whole of her small hand pressed into mothers body,
"... is that its too loose!" She broke out into a loud obnoxious
laugh as I watched simply amazed as her fist fucked my parent.
Mothers response was much more positive, she was hissing and gasping
with pleasure!

Sheryl's free hand reached out for my own and before I knew it had
thrust it beneath her long hanging tee-shirt. My hand came into
contact with female fur between her strong soft thighs, the hot
moisture was obvious. When had she pushed her jeans and panties down
to mid-thigh?

Sheryl hissed at me, "Rub me please Linda?" She was almost begging,
her eyes pleading with me suddenly.

My hand absentmindedly began to move up and down, the heel of my palm
pressing against the hard nub at the top of the female slit. In the
full scheme of things - touching my friend so intimately did not seem
to really matter. Sheryl, on the other hand, seemed to love it, she
groaned, then through back her head and squatted lewdly.

Mother was becoming loud with her pleasure - her sex making obscene
noises by being violated from my best friends hand. Several degrees
quieter, Sheryl was moaning and groaning with pleasure at my own hand
between her legs.

"Put your finger in Beth's ass!"

It wasn't a request, and at any other time I would have rebelled.
Yet, I was numb inside - numb and horny. The hand that held my
mothers trembling flesh slipped up and over my parents hand - she
didn't seem to nice - and I touched one finger against the pink
wrinkled skin of her anus.

For the first time in several minutes Sheryl opened her eyes to watch
my hand as I gently pressed inward into my parents body. mother seemed to be holding her breath while the invading hand inside her was

"Go on finger her... the slut loves it!"

I pressed harder and my finger seemed to suddenly slip into the donut
clenching hole - to the third knuckle. I looked at my hand, amazed
and stunned. I swear I could feel the knuckles of Sheryl's hand in
mother's vagina between the thin barrier separating us.

Mother pushed her ass back against the two of us - and it seemed to
trigger something inside of me. My mom was getting off on this - she
wanted to be ordered to submit and even humiliate herself. Sheryl's
response was more aggressive, she began to drive her hand in and out
of mom with such a passion that it was roughly bouncing my mother's
body against the edge of the hard wood table.

I began to also frig my mother, my finger moving roughly in and out of
her ass hole.

My other hand also became more active, and I felt two of my fingers
slip into my best friends body via her very wet sex. When I did this,
she seemed to go crazy and began to clench her body and began a squeal
of delight that quickly reverberated about the room.

Mother suddenly did the same; clench every muscle in her body and
suddenly I felt the walls of her anus ripple and clench with such
pressure that I could no longer feel the tip of my invading finger.
Both ladies hissed, screamed, gasped and moaned as their orgasms
overtook them. I watched it amazed, horny and numb.

It finally all slowed down - the temperature in the room seemed to
return to normal, the erotic female sounds ceased.

I pulled my hand from both bodies, embarrassed at the proximity to
their pleasure. What I had done was wrong... hadn't it? I have
always been able to say 'no' to Sheryl in the past, why had I suddenly
found myself willing to do these things she now asked - things that
never interested me before today?

Because I enjoyed it - I'm fearful to admit.

Sheryl removed her dripping soiled hand from inside mother; smiling at
me deamingly.

"That's baby." She tried to lean forwards to kiss me but I turned my
head and she kissed my cheek instead. Sheryl seemed only a little
hurt by my denial.

Mother this whole time had not moved - was still holding the cheeks of
her ass apart. Though she looked exhausted, her head was on the table
and her chest rose and fell deeply.

Sheryl put her face right before my own, her nose nearly touching
mine, as we looked into each others eyes. "Do you believe me now
baby?" She had called me 'baby' for years - it was her private pet
name for me.

I simply nodded. Crazy question. mother was my best friends
lover... or 'slave' would be a closer description. Without a doubt.

Forever more, my mother and my relationship would never be the same.
How could it - I had fingered her ass as my best friend fist fucked
her to orgasm? I knew my mother, how tough she can be, if she did not
want to submit to Sheryl, she would not have done this.

Mother wanted all this... she wanted to be fist fucked and finger

Though a part of me wondered if it was more complicated than that -
and wished I had time to contemplate it more when Sheryl tugged my
mother off the table.

What happened next was very rapid, and in my stunned state I never
stopped them.

Sheryl suddenly tripped me so that I fell back onto my elbows and ass
- dropping down next to me she suddenly began to tug my cotton pants
and French-cut panties from my body. I simply watched amazed, my
voice bare whispering, "No Sheryl... stop...?"

Then my best friend moved my legs apart and other than a hungry look
at my now exposed full red-haired pussy, moved out of the way to give
mother room. She pressed on the back of my parents head, not very
hard I noticed, and mothers face descended between my thighs.

Mother had her eyes closed the whole time, as if she did not want to
face the reality of what she was about to do. Sheryl watched my face
expectantly when mother took that first lick along the crack of my

It was like lightening - and the skies opened up and the downpour

I have never felt a tongue between my legs and it was the most
incredible thing in my short life. mother licked me gently for a
minute before pulling apart my outer labia so that she may suck and
nibble at my inner lips. I had let my body fall back so that my head
banged against the carpeted floor as I felt that wonderful tongue slip
into my virgin cunt - licking around before moving in and out like a
small cock.

Then there was a mouth on my own and I felt a tongue enter past my
lips and I sucked it with relish. It tasted delicious and I cared not
where it came from.

The tongue between my legs moved even lower, and rimmed my anus and I
was in heaven, surprised at my response to that virgin part of me. It
then moved back to my vaginal hole and tongue-fucked me for what
seemed like forever.

Hands were squeezing my small breasts through my sweater and bra, my
nipples suddenly needing attention. I yanked up my sweater and ripped
at the front clasp of my bra... then sighed with content pleasure when
I felt a warm damp hand suddenly grab me.

I knew it was not long; the liquid fire between my legs flowing
generously, reminding me of the impending orgasm.

I have only had an orgasm by my own hand before this day - the
attention from two people that I loved was incredible, amazing and the
most erotic moment in my sixteen year life. I felt the familiar
twitches deep inside my body and gasped out, "Oh yes!"

Suddenly my own mother removed her wonderful tongue from the depths of
my cunt and suddenly began to ground it against my hard very sensitive
clitoris. That was enough to force the end and I began to twist and
claw upon the carpet.

I screamed into Sheryl's mouth, her tongue still searching and sparing
with my own.

Time stood still and my body underwent waves of pleasure as I was
metamorphosed into a new being. Introduced into a new life by an
orgasm to rival anything in my previous life. I shuddered and
screamed as my orgasm killed the innocence of my life.

I could not say how long I lay like a dead thing - but when I cracked
opened my eyes I saw my mothers embarrassed red face as she watched
me. When she saw my look she turned away - she knew of the enormity
of what she had done. What she had drawn out of me - could I be that
young woman I always thought I would end up to be? A mother, wife perhaps a successful business woman? Did it all matter after you have
had the most incredible moment of your life.

Sheryl and mother were dressed and when my friend saw that I was back
to reality, at least this form of it, she ran over to me and kissed me
on the lips. I didn't give her my cheek this time - and kissed her
gently back. We shared a long look as my mother hung in the shadows

I had to ask, "What now?"

Sheryl whispered, "I'm going to take your mother up to her room and
enjoy myself for the next couple of hours." I felt a pang of jealousy
that I bottled up. "Then I'm going to help you turn my mother into
your slave!"

She laughed when I digested what she said - I watched the two of them
depart. mother watching me over her shoulder as they disappeared
through the doorway.


"That skirt looks great on you Violet?"

Sheryl was upstairs, collecting her books for school - and giving me
time alone with her mom before we had to run to grab the bus.

As planned.

Sheryl's mother Violet was forty two, five years older than my own
mother. And where my mom was tall and thin, Violet was short and
voluptuous. On some women, her wide hips and big breasts would make
her look fat, but on her it looked very fine - rubenesque my art
teacher would have called her.

The married woman turned to me with tea cup in hand and frowned, I've
known her and her daughter for ten years and in that time I doubt I
had ever given her a compliment.

Let alone used her first name.

"Thank you Linda." It did look good, it was two inches above the knee
and showed the smoke coloured nylon covered strong shapely legs
perfectly. My best friends mom always dressed professionally, today
was no different, as she had a high position in a local company and
took her career very seriously.

I leaned over with my face coming closer to her, my eyes locking onto
her own. "You look wonderful Violet, have you been working out?"

She took a sip of her tea and didn't say anything.

I let my gaze move down to her very generous chest, the silk blouse
transparent enough to see the lace patterned bra beneath.
"Wonderful." The overflowing cleavage heaved with every breath.

I doubt she knew how to handle this situation, just as Sheryl had
anticipated, so she changed the subject, "Are you girls going to be on
time after school today?"

My eyes returned to hers and I saw her nervous amusement. Violet
could read my lesbian hunger but it puzzled and scared her just a
little - all according to plan.

"Have you ever been with another woman Violet... a younger woman?"

Violet's jaw dropped open in amazement at the question and was about
to say something when her daughter came quickly into the room. "We'll
be late Linda, lets get going."

As we had arranged.

I followed my best friend from her house, my gaze lingering on
Violet's amazed and embarrassed face till the door cut us off.

The bus could be seen three blocks off, stopped and picking up a
couple of other teenagers. Sheryl laughed suddenly and admitted, "I
was just down the hall and heard it all!"

I smiled but was picturing the sight of Violet's amazement at my stark
question. Could Sheryl's promise to help mold her mom to willingly
submit to me like mine did with her become reality? For the first
time since Sheryl had spoken suggested such a thing, I suddenly wanted
it to be true. I wanted to see where those thick thighs lead - what
her breasts looked like encumbered and then wondered how well Violet

I remembered as mother's tongue brought me to a tremendous orgasm not
so long ago - and god help me but I wanted more. Sheryl may not know
it but her mother was a pale reflection of my desire of my own parent.

Daily now, I have sat in my house while my mother and Sheryl made loud
sexy sounds from my parents room. Secrecy from me was no longer
needed evidently. I never asked and it was not offered, for me to
join them. Secretly I wanted to be a trio as we had days before but I
would never admit it. Now I found that my boiling erotic nature could
be vented toward Violet rather than be the third wheel with my own

Would it be enough?


I sat outside on the hill in our backyard, right next to Sheryl. She
hissed at me to be quiet as we sat watching into the lighted bedroom
room of my own mother. It was all planned, Sheryl explained, another
example how my mother was fully under the control of my best friend.

Sheryl giggled into her hand when the door to the bedroom finally
opened and in strode a teenage boy, mother following behind. It was a
black night and there was no fear of being seen by the occupants in
the lighted house. I recognized the boy as a local teenager that
delivered our papers - probably thirteen years old... 'Billy' I think
his name was.

My best friend had arranged this for her pleasure, inviting me to
witness her control over my parent. Promising me the same for Violet.

He looked incredibly nervous and mother spun him around before the
window to talk softly to him. Nothing could be heard through the
glass, but Billy replied twice positively and the third with an
embarrassed negative.

I felt Sheryl's hand slip onto my thigh. I didn't stop her. Though I
was more interested in watching the drama before me than to experiment
with my secret lesbianism just now.

Standing two feet from the teenager, mother began to remove her
clothing as he watched amazed. Though our encounter previously had
revealed mothers intimate parts, I have never seen her fully naked
before. Like myself, mother was tall and thin - with thin hips and a
very tiny waist, flat stomach and small breasts. She also had bright
red hair on her head and between her legs, short where as my own was
long and curly. It was part of our Scottish heritage she always joked

When her clothing was finally removed she stood before the trembling
wide-eyed teenager for his viewing pleasure. I also looked upon her
with pleasure - she was an attractive woman, and felt my desire
radiate from me in a more physical way. My sex tingled and my satin
panties could not contain my seeping dampness.

Sheryl must have noticed my appraisal of my parent, "Looks good
doesn't she?"

I simply nodded.

Mother moved forwards and then expertly and quickly removed the
teenage boy's clothing. He simply watched her hungrily.

When it was done, mother knelt before him and said a few words which
his response was to adamantly bob his head up and down in overwhelming
approval. mother smiled and leaned in to engulf is hard four inch

Sheryl gasped beside me and her hand suddenly moved up to cup my sex
through my clothing. Unlike myself, Sheryl was not a virgin - and
though she has had sex with numerous boys in the last couple of years,
she claimed sex with a woman was much better.

Though I still have my cherry, as Sheryl called it, I have done what
mother was doing. Once, with my last boyfriend. I hated ever second
of it, as he had roughly grabbed at my head in the heat of the moment
and forced me to ride his cock till it shot its load filling my mouth
while I choked. I had done it to placate him - as we had both gotten
so hot by our kissing and petting that it was that or let him take my
virginity. Something I had not been ready to surrender as yet.

The teenager grabbed at mothers short hair and began to thrust his
skinny hips forwards, driving his small pole in and out of mothers
mouth. I doubt it was a full minute before he tensed up and mother forced her lips to his base - obviously swallowing it all. The boy was smiling hugely at the pleasure he was enduring.

Lips kissed the nape of my neck and Sheryl whispered, "She'll do
anyone I tell her too... anything." The hand was now petting expertly
at the crotch of my jeans. It all felt so wonderful and a sigh
escaped my lips. I hoped she did not put on this show for me, her
control of my mom was without a doubt in my mind.

Mother stood up and smiled softly at the embarrassed but happy boy,
before climbing onto her bed and spreading her legs. The teen, his
prick still thrusting boldly before him, scrambled up between her

My mom motioned for the skinny short early-teen between her thin
thighs and guided him until his prick was inside his first woman.

"I'm doing this for you Linda", Sheryl whispered into my ear.

The teen boy began to jackhammer his dick in and out of my mothers
sex, his tiny hard ass clenching comically to the motions of mothers
thrusting loins. It was lewd... and sexy in a voyeur naughty sort of

Without taking my eyes from the exhibitionist pair, "What do you

Rather than explain Sheryl continued, "I would be like Beth for you

That surprised me and I wasn't sure I understood and turned my face to
look into the glowing eyes of my best friend, "My 'slave'?" Sheryl
had gotten bolder since my first introduction to mothers submission,
and she was now known as my best friend's 'slave' between the three of
us. Since that first moment when my friend had proved her mastery
over my parent she had continually revealed her power over my parent.

Sheryl seemed to be embarrassed and nodded affirmatively.

I turned back to watch the boy pound himself in and out of my mothers
body. "What about your mom... our plan to get her to be my slave?" I
wondered if this was another selfish attempt on her part to change our
friendship to something more. Yet, hadn't she done that already?

"I wanted to make you happy... to show you how much fun it can be to
control another woman... so you would want me...?"

When I didn't reply, Sheryl returned to kissing my neck, her free hand
coming up to grasp my tiny breast to tweak the nipple expertly. I
ignored it and returned to the show.

My mother said something to the boy and he looked surprised but
eventually nodded acceptance. He pulled from my mothers body, his
short hard cock dripping with her juices, and climbed up her thin body
till his cock was directly above her face. She reached up with two
hands and began to jack him off, her tongue licking the underside of
his tiny cock.

I gasped at her intent, the blatant reason for this action. Sheryl
felt me tense and placed her cheek on my shoulder to watch as the boy suddenly jerked his body before small white shots came out the head of
his dick to land upon mothers face and in her hair. He was looking
down and smiling at the older woman's lewdness, while mother was
looking out the window and seemingly right at her daughter. I had
little doubt this had all be scripted by my best friend.

Of course mother had known we were out here.

Sheryl had given me power by admitting her desire to be my slave. Yet
she was right, I needed to understand how to seduce a woman to the
level that my own mother found herself in. To do this, Violet was the
perfect choice - though a tougher nut than my mother had been I would
guess. After that... who knows. A month before I would have outright
rejected any inappropriate suggestion by my friend. Now I wanted to
learn to dominate a woman, an older woman that I could care less for,
so that I may then master the one person that I truly desired.

I turned my head toward my best friend and our lips met, I drove my
tongue roughly past her lips.

Sheryl must think its her that I desire and not that submissive slut
covered in teenage boy come. But she must have seen something in my
eyes, perhaps saw me steal a look at my mom's bawdy sight and a
sadness overcame her.

It was known but not spoken, I wanted mom more than Sheryl.


"I'd like to be your girlfriend Violet?" Our noses were mere inches
apart as I leaned across the counter in her kitchen.

The forty two year old woman gasped at my bluntness then her surprise
turned to anger. "Linda I want you to stop this right now." Violet
turned away and stood before the stove as if she was too embarrassed
to look at me.

I came around the counter and stood behind her, my nose in her long
thick blonde hair. "I'm a virgin Violet." I leaned in and pressed my
lips against her ear, nuzzling gently. "I want... I need you to teach
me how to be a woman." One of my hands was placed gently upon
Sheryl's mother's great big round ass and I was surprised at how firm
it was.

She leaned over the stove so that her head pulled away from my warm
lips but this left her ass in the palm of my hand. Sheryl had told me
that she guessed her mother was very 'anal' - or in plain words, her
ass was her prime erogenous zone.

"Its impossible...! If you like girls Linda there must be others that

Did I like girls?

A month ago I would have vehemently said 'no'. Yet, the one person I
most desired was a woman, an older sexy woman - my own mother actually. And when I watched mother and that teenage boy fuck like
rabbits, it wasn't his cock that I was watching.

"Like Sheryl?"

Violet gasped and pulled out of my gasp and retreated backwards to the
sink. Horror filled her eyes. "Sheryl likes boys." I think she said
it more for her benefit than mine. Her daughter had told me that her
mother thought homosexuality was wrong - a sin - it was that much more
information that I needed to accomplish my task.

I eventually shrugged as an answer, "I want you Violet." She shook
her head side to side silently. "If I can't have you, then... Sheryl
looks like a younger version of you...?" True after all - the
daughter looked very much like a younger version of the mother.

Violet's mouth opened as her horror caused her shoulders to slump.

"I'm married." She whispered as if the obvious was enough to stop my
verbal advances.

"Sheryl says you and her father haven't fucked for months." The older woman frowned, wondering how her own daughter knew this. Sheryl loved
all forms of sex, even voyeurism - she seemed to know a lot about her
mothers sexual habits.

I sighed as if resigning my position, "If you don't want to be my
girlfriend... can you help me please?"

Some of her stiff Prussian blood straightened out her posture - she
thought I was retreating. "I am not a lesbian dear, but you are like
a daughter to me and I will do anything to help you."

I sniffled and threw myself against her. My arms encircled her and I
sobbed against her for several dramatic minutes before turning about
and running out of there and back to my house.

Mother was wearing black stockings, heels and was making Sheryl lunch.
She tried to ignore me as I stood enjoying the sight of her for nearly
a minute.

I found my best friend wearing mothers bathrobe seated in our living
room, she was obviously naked beneath. Her face lit up when she saw

I sat in the chair across from her, noticing that I could see straight
up the bathrobe and right to that pink hairless pussy between her soft
white thighs. She opened her legs wider when she saw my look. I've
seen her sex before but never without her curly blonde pubics' upon

"Tell me how it went?" She meant my few minutes over at her house, my
eyes returned to hers as I hid nothing of my visit.


Violet frowned when I got in her Mercedes without her daughter, she
must be very nervous to be alone with me I surmised. "Wheres Sheryl

I put my school bag down at my feet and reached for the seat belt.
"She went over to a friends house." Mine actually, but it was too
early for Violet to learn just how kinky her daughter was.

The middle aged woman did not look pleased but she resigned herself to
my appearance.

"I wanted to be alone with you anyway." I slipped my hand upon her
thigh, squeezing for emphasis.

Sternly she hissed, "Take your hand from me this minute young lady!"

I looked down at the slacks of her professional suit, where my hand
held her without fear. I smirked, "I will if you kiss me?"

Here we sat in her car, in the parking lot of my school, asking for
kiss from my best friends mom. Her anger turned to furious surprise
and she put the car into first gear and sped out of the parking lot.
My hand gently squeezing her thigh all the while.

After a few blocks I broke the thick silence, "You said you would help
me Violet?" I could tell she hated my use of her first name, that is
why I continued to use it.

My hand slipped back to my own lap eventually.

She seemed surprised at the question, as if she didn't remember
offering it a week before. "How could I possibly help you Linda?"

"I want to know what its like to feel... to have a woman lick me?"

Violet hit the brakes of her car and pulled to the side of the street.
She then turned toward me on the leather seat and pointed her index
finger at me threateningly. At first she was at a loss for words but
then they finally came to her, "Listen here - I told you I am no
lesbian and that I'm happily married...!"

I blurted, "You never said 'happily'."

That stunned her again to silence, mouth open and finger pointing.

I threw my trump card into the game, "Sheryl offered to help me."

The middle aged woman faced forwards again in her chair, both hands
held the steering wheel in a death grip. "My god!"

"I told you I wanted you... and I don't want to ruin my friendship
with Sheryl, but I really need this." I feigned a sob of despair.

"My daughter would never do such a thing!"

"I can prove it to you?" Her eyes returned to me, and they were
clouded with tears, daring me in our private game of 'chicken'.

I reached over and took Violets purse and quickly rummaged inside it.
I found a lipstick, rouge, and held it up threateningly as she had
done with her finger earlier. "Sheryl offered herself to me many
times, she wants... she wants me. Tonight at ten o'clock my best
friend will be seated before her computer shoving this", I stuck the
lipstick case beneath the older womans nose, in and out of her cunt."
I stuck the lipstick into my bag and continued, "I will be watching
from my window", I could see into my best friends room and could see
everything when she was at her desk and computer.

"Is that proof enough for you?" I snapped.

Finally, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Doing what? That I find you sexy and think about being with you all
the time? Is that so wrong?" A blatant lie by the way.

She stopped before my house and I opened the door to leave but paused
for one more comment, "Sheryl wants me Violet, she wants me bad. If I
don't hear from you before Friday", two days away, "then I will ask
Sheryl to do this for me." As a parting malicious snap I offered,
"Maybe I'll even let you watch."

The door slammed behind me.

Violet now knew I was playing for keeps and was a very dangerous


Violet's face appeared between the closed curtains of the main floor,
looking up to my window. She seemed to be stricken when she saw my
malicious smile and eventual wave toward her. I returned my gaze to
the lighted room across from my own - Sheryl's.

As part of the plan I sat and watched as my best friend slipped the
dark lipstick case in and out of her body, her mouth open and her
naked breasts heaving. I knew she was adding a few sounds for effect
- and wondered, as Sheryl must be, if Violet was on the other side of
her daughter's bedroom door... listening.


The lipstick was left on the dash of Violet's Mercedes the next
morning, as planned. I wasn't witness to the discovery, but Sheryl
assured me that anyone would know where that cylinder had been hours

The call came after supper on Friday, my mom handed me the phone with
a frown. She had listened to her lover and her daughter plan on
seducing another woman - and I knew she disapproved but could say
nothing. Years before, when mom was still married to my father,
Violet and her had been friends. When the former became a single
person, that friendship dried up. As far as I understood, there was
no negative feelings from either.

"I will do it." It was Violet of course.

"Do what?" I was pushing, wanting to humiliate her to the point of

"As we talked about, helping you?" She was whispering nervously.

"Is Sheryl there Violet?"


"Give her the phone please."

I could hear the suppressed amusement in Sheryl's voice when she said,
"Hello?" No doubt her mother was standing nearby listening.

"It worked."


I assured Violet that what I wanted from her was a small thing - her
tongue between my legs. And I assured her, with a straight face, that
it would not make her a 'lesbian' - only her heart could do that.

I lay naked in my house on the kitchen table, upon a large bath towel.
Strangely calm at what was about to happen. A pillow had been placed
at the foot of the table, below my hanging feet. The lights were low
and the shelves next to the table held three dozen lit candles.
Somber music could barely be heard from the living room.

This was how Sheryl's mom found me. Her face was pale and her eyelids
kept blinking with fear. She had worn very old ugly sweats and a big
dirty sweater but it didn't matter.

I motioned to the pillow on the floor, its intent obvious. She simply
came forwards and knelt between my knees, her eyes now locked to my
sparse red pubic hair and the glistening lips beneath. It was why she
was here... what she feared most.

Without any foreplay or words, Violet closed her eyes and moved her
faced forwards into my sex. I'm sure she was anxious to finish with
her task I guessed.

It was a fumbling awkward few minutes as she moved her lips and tongue
about my nether region - while I fondly remembered the delight I had
found with mother in the same place. Violet would need a lot more
practise to give me the pleasure I had received at the last woman to
lick me!

"Stop fucking around and lick my cunt!"

Sheryl had told me to use profanity, to demean her mother... Violet
would either rebel, which I doubted as this would put her daughter in
a similar position within hours as she believed, or submit.

Like a dog would lick its paw, Violet began to lap at my crack without

Time for more drastic measures. I grasped the thick blonde pony-tail
and shoved it hard so as to properly position her. "Use your fingers
to spread my lips slut!" A brief hesitation and then she did as
commanded. "Now stick your tongue inside me." I felt her long meaty
tongue press into my virgin hole and let out my first sigh of delight.

"That's good... lick inside me... yes...!" I pushed her by her hair
down lower, "Lick my ass slut...!" She seemed more enthusiastic about
this as I felt her gently rim my clean butt hole slowly. After a
minute of this her tongue had hardened and was pressing firmly into my
anal ring to my delightful surprise, it felt wonderful.

This went on for some time, tongue fucking my vagina to rimming my ass
hole expertly, before I suddenly yanked her head up and grunted out,
"My clit... suck my fucking clit...!"

When her lips encircled my clitoris, I began to orgasm with a wave of
electric pleasure through my body and a squeal of delight.

It lasted for a long while and opened my eyes to look at her staring
up my body almost innocently. "Can I leave now Linda?"

Her voice even had a new tone that reminded me of mothers, submissive,
and I broke out laughing happily.

"Yes." She jumped up to escape. "Tomorrow I want you naked when you
lick me off. You can use your big nipples to rub my clit!" Her eyes
dropped to the floor and she shuffled her way out of my home.

Violet was trapped.


"Well, are you enjoying it?"

It was a strange question coming from Sheryl. Hadn't I admitted that
her mother was not allowed to stop licking me till I orgasmed? But I
was enjoying it wasn't I?

I was forcing a woman to do something she thought was wrong and was
probably disgusted her as well. Yet I loved forcing Violet to do
something for me, something past what she would consider the limit of
her sexuality.

But I knew it was something else - I was learning to control Violet so
that, if the chance presents itself, I may have the one I truly desire
under my power.

Its been three weeks since that first time I forced Sheryl's mom to
lick me. In that time she had done the same at least once per day.
While I have slowly also explored more of her body - so far only
ordering her to touch herself while I watched.

I've had time to wonder why my mother submitted, because I doubt she
had to be forced as Violet had, she had been seduced. I no longer
thought she wanted to do many of the things Sheryl ordered her to do -
doubt she ever did. I guessed what she wanted was to give up, submit,
her sexuality to another person.

To give such a power to another is going to a level of trust I did not
have - could never do. That anyone could amazed me - that mother did,
was incredible.

Was that what Sheryl wanted with me? She had made it obvious these
last couple of weeks that she was available for me at any time. Did
she want us to have a relationship as she had with my mother - whom
would be the 'top'?

I told her the truth, "I'm enjoying it very much."

Sheryl knows every detail of what went on between her mother and I -
it was her price for helping me succeed in this quest. And I knew it
excited her, after every talk she would disappear with my mother.

"I think its time for a double date."

Sheryl looked up with pleasure, "Oh yes, I'd like that very much." As
much surprised at the original idea or that I had suggested it.


It was the last drive-in theatre in our town - and it showed five
movies, one after the other, each weekend night, for the price of one.

My mom and Sheryl sat in the front seat while Violet and I in the
back. It was very quiet through that first movie.

As previously arranged, Sheryl was to wait for me to make the first
move. But I could see the anxious horny look whenever she turned her
head to silently plead with me to start.

As you could guess we were not here to watch the movie.

My mother, Beth, knew the truth and she was scared - submitting to her
neighbours daughter when that woman was seated behind her. I knew by
instinct that mother felt an added measure of humiliation seated
waiting for Sheryl's command.

Violet was puzzled and I guessed her to think this was just an
innocent girls night out to the movies, like she had told her husband.
She sat pressed against the far car door and had her arms crossed over
her ample chest just in case she was wrong.

My nod finally came and Violet nodded her chin toward her daughter and
my mother in the front seat. All that I was requesting was for her to
come closer to me and I felt that flow of power ride through my veins
as I realized more persuasion was needed.

"Come on closer Violet."

My mother looked over her shoulder and the two older ladies eyes meet,
mother had a sad look and Violet had a fearful gaze. When my mothers
eyes returned to the movie, Violet shuffled silently toward me
reluctantly on the bench seat. I had to motion her two more times
till our hips touched through our clothing.

Sheryl look back to me and I nodded to her - the signal.

Without a word my best friend reached over and grabbed the back of my
mothers head and gently guided her across the bucket seats.

I turned to Violet and saw her eyes widen as my mothers head
disappeared before her daughter, my mom practically laying across the
parking brake. Sheryl shuffled in her seat and then she leaned down
between her legs and then tossed her white cotton panty behind her.

It landed in her mothers lap.

In the front seat Sheryl sighed and lay back. My mothers short red hair was moving about between those pale white thighs with little
familiar movements and neither Violet or myself could mistake what was
happening before us.

I took my best friends panty and lifted it to my nose - she had been
wet enough to soil herself as she had waited for this moment. I
considered giving Violet a sniff of her daughter, but knew that was
too much too quickly. So it was forgotten on the seat next to me.

My hand now moved to Violet's lap and I roughly spread her legs. We
were both wearing skirts and panty hose. Her gaze forced from the
sight in the front seat and seemed to be pleading with me - while her
body was compliant.

There was no escape for her, not now, she was too deep into my
clutches. "Take your panty hose and panties off Violet."

Almost as if her hands were under my command while her face was not,
she awkwardly pushed her hips from the seat and tugged her
undergarments down to her knees. I reached down and helped her remove
one leg from its bindings while leaving the other with the hose and
panty for effect.

Violet had to be humiliated and dominated for this to work.

In the front seat her daughters sighs were getting louder and a
noticeable liquid sound was echoing from between her spread thighs.
My mother was working her oral magic yet again, 'tongue-slave' indeed.

Violet's face was horror-filled as I grabbed her blond pony-tail
roughly. She seemed willing to be forced to lay upon her stomach on
the bench seat - and I guessed her wanting to have her face plastered
between my thighs so as not to witness the debauchery in the front
seat. It obviously no longer matter if the two in the front seat knew
of our relationship or not.

Her eyes told the tale, it was obvious to her now that it all had been
a ruse - that she had been used not only by me, but also by her
daughter. All for our selfish pleasure she must guess.

She was not far off from the truth.

I hefted my skirt and placed one leg over onto Violet's back, this
left my sex within licking distance. Unlike Violet and her daughter,
I had not worn panties this evening and the nylons were thigh high - a
white pair of my mothers.

Violet did not hesitate and she began to use her mouth on me.

Over the last weeks the middle aged woman had gotten better at licking
a woman - though her expertise seemed to be orally pleasing my ass as
she seemed partial to that region.

My hand slipped down and I slipped it beneath the woollen gray skirt
to grasp her big wide sexy ass. The middle aged woman moaned and
arched her back so that her big butt was in easier reach for me.

Though it may seem that I have ignored Violet's pleasure in our
coupling to date - I had in fact been conservative when and how I
touched her. If I squeezed her breast, she would swoon, when I
grabbed her ass cheeks she would get weak in the knees and when my
fingers fucked into her own big wet cunt she was powerless to the raw
erotic emotions that flowed through her. It was according to plan, to
educate the older woman to enjoy any form of attention from me - to
crave it while delivering whatever is required.

My hand slipped between the cheeks of her big white ass and my middle
finger found her wrinkled ass hole. Her tongue suddenly became
inflamed and began to aggressively lick my clitoris and flowered open
inner labia. This was to be expected - as I have frigged her ass hole in the past and received the same response.

So as not to end this pleasure, I began to finger bang her ass hole to
both of our delights, as she aggressively used her tongue to give me
the exquisite orgasm that I craved.

My heavy breathing seemed to echo about the car, and I was ignorant of
anything but my own pleasure. Soon gasps of my pleasure accompanied
the sounds and I could hear Violet gasping for breath infrequently
between my legs.

My orgasm came quickly, possibly due to the erotic nature of the
evening, and Violet did not seem to want to stop once I was done.
Perhaps she feared looking up and facing the witnesses to our

I opened my eyes to see Sheryl and my mom watching us.

Sheryl whispered, "I finished long ago." Her eyes could not seem to
decide if they wanted to watch the back of her mothers head between my
legs or my hand upon that generous round ass and how it moved up and
down deliciously. She reminded me of that first time I had watched
her fist fuck my own mom - and it amused me. Mother, on the other
hand, only watched me - watched my face. Surprise and passion was
contained in that gaze... and perhaps a little envious lust.


I lead Violet into my house by her ass hole, two of my fingers still
submerged inside her. Sheryl and my mom followed after they parked
the car in the garage.

When they came in they found me seated in the living room with Violet
panting on her hands and knees before me, pushing her ass back so that
my friggin fingers could give her more pleasure.

Sheryl held a bag and smiled at me knowing what was next for our

She grunted for mother to get naked, while she did the same. I
watched the two of them disrobe till only my mom wore white stockings,
her only other pair. Now each mother-daughter duo looked even more
similar - the tall redhead thin girls and the short big breasted
blonde babes.

My mom gasped when Sheryl lifted two obscene objects from the bag,
obviously recognizing them immediately - Violet was too far gone in
her pleasure to care, she never even looked up from the carpet. They
were eight inch cocks attached to a leather harness. Sheryl said she
had to blow the cashier at the smut store for him to sell these to her
- an underage teenager. I was sceptical at the time but seeing
mothers fear and lust in her eyes, I foresaw the pleasures soon to be
had from them - no matter how they were acquired.

My mother stood shivering as she watched her lover strap the
contraption about her waist, the thrusting cock looking so lifelike
and huge in the dim light. Its intent obvious.

"On your knees next to my mom Beth." My mother did not hesitate and
was hip and shoulder against Violet in seconds.

I pulled my fingers from the older woman's sexy ass hole - much to her
displeasure - and awkwardly strapped the other cock about my waist
after disrobing.

Violet was hiding her face in her hands, not willing to face the stark
reality of now. At some point she must have looked up at the young girls and their new huge cocks.

"Here it comes Beth!" Sheryl pressed the head of that fat cock into
mothers wet sex and was rewarded with a scream of pleasure that hurt my ears. When she had the dick seated inside the thin body of my
mother, she grabbed her hips and began to earnestly fuck into her

Returning to my seat on the couch, I watched the debauchery with
pleasure. Violet had opened her eyes at the lewd sounds and was
looking in horror at the fat cock moving in and out of her neighbour.

I kicked her in the leg with my toe to get her attention, "Your turn
slut." Violet noticed that I also wore one of the large fat cocks
about my waist, it pointing obscenely to the ceiling before me. "Get

With slow resolved movements she watched the bobbing prick between my
legs as she pulled her wrinkled clothing from her body - the last to
do so. When finally her huge breasts fell from the confinement of her
bra, I calmly ordered, "Climb on Violet."

It was as if she didn't hear, or maybe didn't want to hear. Up to
this day our coupling had been fingers and tongues. Innocent pleasure
upon the surface of her body - this thing thrusting up before me was
more than that, it would take her and force her to realize what she
was doing. It would invade both her body and her soul - knowing that
she would remember the feel of that large fat cock inside her years
after first feeling it.

Slowly as if her body and limbs were encumbered, Violet climbed up to
straddle my slim thighs. Without helping or moving I said, "Put it

She watched my eyes as her hand slipped past her soft stomach down to
her hairy blonde beaver to grasp that cool flesh-coloured dick. I saw
in her gaze when it pierced her body and began to fill her. It was
obvious - pleasure and pain mingled as she lowered herself toward my
lap. The cock was fat, so much so that I could not get my fist about,
and longer then two of my hand-widths - no doubt she could feel every

I could see that she loved it - needed this penetration to find her
ultimate pleasure. The cock bigger than her husbands by half as much,
I never asked Sheryl how she knew this information - fearful for an
answer. Violet's hands white-knuckled the couch to either side of my
shoulder as our eyes were locked. My hands came up to lift both of
those 'D' cup breasts so I need not move to suck upon either of the
wide dark nipples.

Then she began to move upon me, upon that cock, and I wondered not for
the first time what it must feel like. Violet certainly seemed to
enjoy it. Her body was slapping against my own but it was the loud
echoing of her sloppy wet cunt that caught my ear.

I knew her orgasm was fast approaching and was anticipating the visual
pleasure from it when I saw Sheryl's wide grin over her mothers
shoulder. Looking past Violet's hip, I saw my mother flat upon the
floor in a sweaty exhausted mess - her eyes cloudy and looking into my
own. How she got like that obvious.

Grasping Violet by her wide soft hips was easy, getting her to still
her rapid violent movements was much more difficult - so impassioned
was she. Violet looked at me in surprise not understanding why I had
stopped that fast approaching orgasm to bring her much needed relief.
Then I saw her eyes widen in surprise and humiliation when she gasped
and hissed when her daughter ordered, "Don't move mom."

I knew it when I felt the strange contortions that Violets muscles
seemed to do, the look in her eyes as it became like a wild desperate
animal. Sheryl was buggering her own mother as I had my own cock in
the womans cunt. Violet was getting the double banging of a lifetime
and all I could see in her eyes was bliss. The humiliation and the
fear was gone and pleasure remained.

When she again started to move, in tiny tentative jerks, she began to
groan out the pleasure she had to be feeling. It sounded like some
animal and no longer the prim business-woman and mother.

I felt lips touch my cheek and turned in surprise to find mother looking feverish at me. Our lips met and I felt her tongue slip into
my mouth. Her hands found the closest breast and squeezed
delightfully. The other hand slipped down between the couch and my
body to find and tease my slick tight ass ring.

In response, I slipped my hand down before her body to slip two
fingers into her hot wet vagina. This only seemed to inflame her more
and she moved her lips down to replace her hand at my breast as she
kissed and sucked me. I slipped another finger into her - knowing her
loose cunt could devour all that I could give.

Mother had pressed her digit into my rectum to the second knuckle and
I was surprised at how much it had hurt at first - the pain subsiding
quickly to leave a cloud of pleasure. The mixed juices and sweat
lubricated me enough to allow her to slowly and expertly frig my ass
to the movements of Violet above me.

This all happened in the minute before Violet began to scream and
thrash between her daughters and my body as her orgasm burst inside
her. I would latter learn that it was the first orgasm in her life,
as startling as that seemed. And it lasted at least another minute.
Her dam had broke - taken by a demanding teenage dominant girl.

The exhausted voluptuous woman slide off me and onto the floor at my
feet. Sheryl and I shared a look at the insanity of this drama that
we had arranged. Both of us sporting wide smiles and sparkling eyes.

I for one loved it.

I lifted mothers face from my chest, "Lick me clean and then help me
get this dick off me." mom eagerly slipped her face down to my waist
and engulfed half the penis in her experienced mouth - bobbing up and
down a dozen times with hunger before disengaging and licking the
reminder with her extended tongue. The leather harness came off soon

I looked down at see that Sheryl had moved her mother onto her back
and spread her fat thighs - and was now moving her cock in and out of
her mothers cunt. I would have thought it impossible after the orgasm
she had just finished but Violet had locked her ankles behind her
daughters waist and was holding her breasts up and together so her
daughter and lick two nipples effortlessly. Her eyes now help that
submissive happy haze - as if there was no place or person she would
rather be with.

I knew how she felt - I think we all did.

They fornicated with relish and abandon - their neighbours forgotten
as they looked into each others eyes feverishly.

Mother was watching me silently, waiting submissively for my command.
I could see the hunger in her gaze and knew she was mine for ever
more. I had earned my passage by taking Violet and using her for my
pleasure - giving it judiciously. mother had been a silent party to
it all and had not wanted this life for her daughter, I guessed, yet
came to realize the potential in a relationship with me.

With a simple nod she crawled over between my thighs and pressed her
kinky red bush against my own. Her lips found mine and I began to
press myself into her body with a wonderful effect. We fit together
perfectly like a puzzle - her lips molding to my own like we had been
kissing passionately for years.


The sun woke me up before mother and I slipped from our bed. Her thin
naked body looking rather delicious in the bright light. The juices
and evidence of our pleasure hours before gone except for the
lingering smell.

I slipped silently to the bathroom and a long hot bath.

Mother was mine now - though Sheryl and I never said a word - Violet
belonging to her daughter. Life was different, better. I rarely
found the need to humiliate or force my mom to get her to submit - she
naturally succumbed to my dominance with eagerness. Though when
Sheryl and Violet came over, I still found pleasure in pushing that
woman past her comfort level.

When Violet's dam had burst it was discovered by all of us that she
was the perfect foil to her daughters kinky nature. She often had to
be reminded whom she belonged to - Sheryl relishing the forced mastery
over her parent.

For me, a dam had broken when I first watched my mother silently
spread the cheeks of her ass upon command. Discovering that what I
most desired was the taboo relationship with my own parent - not only
to have sex with her but to have her act as she had done that first
time. It was the dominant lifestyle that I continue to learn - what I
had to learn to achieve what I desired. Violet was only a stepping
stone to my mom.

For my mom, her first lesbian lover, Sheryl, had drawn out her
submissive passion - much to her surprise. She craved the intimate
moments when she was powerless and trusting for her mistress to give
and take pleasure. So much so that she found herself willing to be
powerless to any suggestion or command by her 'top' - it was how she
ended up being fist-fucked before her own daughter. She learnt that I
was more patient and trusting than her previous mistress and the
pleasure received in our relationship had no comparison to any time in
her prior life.

My mother was mine for as long as I wanted her.

The water was very hot and seemed to comfort and ease my tired limbs.
Normally mother bathed with me in the morning, washing me lovingly -
perhaps doing me if I so wished. Not today, I needed my thoughts.

Was I a lesbian?

Crazy question, of course I was.

I craved cock - yes, its true - but only the fat perpetually hard dick
of a dildo or a vibrator. But it was mother that I always found the
most pleasure in - her tongue could turn me to jelly in seconds.

It could not be duplicated - or could it?

Mother had a sister, my aunt, a little older and had been recently


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