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Humiliating Porky


NOT FOR SHORT PEOPLE(kids under 18)
IF YOUR UNDER AGE (actually even if you're not)
SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOU !!! It's a sick sad
depressing story.still here? cool. read on...

by cowgirl

the two girls sat across from me in the library.they were in their
late teens, but were about as mature as a couple of eight year
olds! they whispered and giggeled looking in my direction, but i
know how bratty kids can be at that age, looking to bug an older girl like me (I'm 24)! so i ignored them, returning to my book. it
was dificult, as every sound they made was clearly an attempt to
get my attention!

suddenely,I felt tiny spit-balls of rolled up paper ploping onto my
book pages! I glared toward them, seeing their smug little faces
grining in triumph! the whole thing brought me back to grade
school,where kids like this always seemed to know how to press
my buttons !!!

back then i was always a bit of a bookworm, and painfully aware
of being slightly flat chested & always being teased about my
modest plain jane looks, and, though i still look the same,I'm older now, and if these bratts didn't knock it off, i might just call a
librarian....and have them thrown out! I angrly returned to my

after a while, both of them waved me over ! though still angry, I
admit i was impressed by their sheer nerve! ok ! here's where i let
them have-it! really chew them out!!! as i walk up to their table,
but for some reason,i'm have difficulty focusing on what i'm going
to say! I greet them with a insipid grin on my face instead. I stand
there as the girls look me over, feeling silly.

"you don't look like a six. are you a six?"the blond one smiled up
at me. I had no idea...

"oh, right like SHE gets a vote!" at this they both laughed. the
little brunette broke in-

"ok, let's start over! her face?"

"hmmm......i'd say a......two."

"a TWO!!! wow. really?oh, c'mon she's not that bad!" "I don't like
her nose .it's too puged. and her cheeks are too.....round. she
looks like.....porky pig!" this really busted them up.

i've never liked my round cheeks or pugged nose either,and was
afraid they made me look fatter than i really was, but these brats
were talking like i WASN'T EVEN THERE !!! though unable to
speak, i was really getting pissed!!!

"yeah, but i still say her face is above a TWO......i'll give her a
four." I felt relief that the brunette liked me... .....but suddenly
stupid for even caring!

"yer NUTS !!! a fours just below "average". there's no way she's
THAT good looking !" right,sweetie?"the little blond girl asked me
in a mocking tone.

my gut screamed that they were BOTH uglier than me.but that
didn't seem to matter. it wasn't THEM who are on display here...
they seemed to notice that i couldn't say what i want, and that i
WOULDN'T say what they want! maybe i couldn't talk back, but i
wasn't going to AGREE that i'm not pretty! the conflict in my face
seemed to tickle them to no end.

"ok, let's just call her a three, and move on!"


blondie turned to me. "although we both know THAT'S way too
generos, don't we ?"

"oh, she's not talking to US,remember?"

"okay, well just have to take your silence as a YES. "

"say, what's your name anyways?"blondie demanded.

"porky remember ?"

this brought new rounds of laughter, mostly because my face
BURNED in shame as i stood there and participated in my own
abasement by agreeing with my SILENCE !

"boobs?"the brunette squeeked.

the twelve year old blond eyed my small chest carefully... i began
to sweat! i've always felt embarressed by my small breasts,and i
knew the would pick up on this...

"well,she couldn't be more than a "B"...

"oh,she's at least a "C" don't you think?"

" a "C"? not with masqueto bites like those! show 'em to us
porky." i looked in disbeilief at her partner, who agreed! "go on!
lift up your top real quick, so we can get a peek! do it NOW,

i hated my new "name",but responded to it
non-the-less,trembeling with fear and excitement at the possibily
being caught exposing myself to two minors like this in PUBLIC !!!
when no one was looking, i reached down and pulled my sweater
above my chest, giving them full veiw of my bra ! strangely, i was
getting excited by this !!!

"i dunno.i can't tell how big they really ARE, unless... show
us your boobs too." blondie smirked.

"she's right, pull up the cups, and.............make 'em wiggle, 'kay?"
the brunette gigeled.

i inwardly cringed, and my eyes watered, but did as they said, and
pulled up my bra for the little weasels to see, desperatly hoping
no one would round the corner and CATCH MY LITTLE SHOW as i
held my sweater up, and bounced up & down on my legs a
little,geting my breasts to "wiggle" for my pre-pubesant little
angels, i wonder if i'd lost my mind !!!

"how do you feel?"the brunette looked at me,smugly. her
question threw me.this wasn't supose to be about how i feel! i
was tring to shut off my feelings just to get THROUGH this !!! i felt
more invaded by this personal question than the little
bouncie-boobie-show i was being forced to perform!

"i....i feel....."

"c'mon, be a good little porky, bounce your tittys around and tell
us your deepest feelings"

the cruel little brunette knew she was on to a soft spot. i was
reluctant to tell them, but somhow they made me speak....

"li'l porky feels like an idiot, because she doesn't know WHY she's
doing these dedrading things in front of a couple of young little
girls !!! their making porky's cunt drip !!!!! it was true. somehow,
degrading myself in frot of them like this did it!

"porky was always desperatly ashamed of her little fried egg tits & washed out fat pasty looking face !"

i alternatly pushed my tits from one girl face to the next, getting
hotter at my lurid degrading display !!!

"she trys to pretend she's older, and such things don't matter, but
she KNOWS she'll always be that pathetic little loser in school that
it makes everyone sick just looking at her!" thier trowing more
spit-balls at me now... i sadly except it!

"so how do you feel about yourself RIGHT NOW, porky pig, huh?"
blondie asks.

"porky pig HATES HERSELF!!!!!!!" i blabber,tears spilling onto my
shirt,as i continue bouncing my small boobs,hoping desperatly for
their aproval!!! with that i have the most POWERFUL ORGASAM of
my 24 teen year old life!!!!!!!!!

but before i come down, i see a clicking & FLASHING before my
eyes! i madly blink, trying to see!

i hear the little brunette's voice next laughing at me... "smile



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