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A HUSBAND'S revenge by Headhunter
I couldn't believe it. After 24 years of marriage, two wonderful
boys, both doing very well in college, a colleague of mine at work
was sitting in my office telling me that I better pay more attention
to my home life. "Listen Bill", he said, " my wife and I have gone
through some tough times too. You are 46 years old, your wife is 45,
its natural for some boredom to set in. There might not be anything
to it . Its just that, as a friend, I thought you should know that
last Thursday night when you were out of town, I saw Sally leaving
the Hilton Hotel at midnight on the arm of some guy."

I was thunderstruck. I had the all-American life. Great wife, great
kids, good jobs, upscale house; the whole ball of wax. Sally and I
had never even looked at other people. We had created a wonderful
home for our family and had spent the last 24 years building
something that all of our friends were envious of. Sally and I kept
in shape and I thought we were more in love than ever. Of course we
had a few arguments, but they were few and far between. Sometimes we
had spent a lot of time with the kids and with our jobs, but I
thought that's what we wanted to do for the future, to ensure the
good life.

I had called her at dinner time last Thursday night from the road and
she said she was going to curl up with a good book for the evening.

The rest of the morning I couldn't get the thought of Sally screwing
another man out of my mine. It made me physically sick. I started to
review the last year in my mind. Thinking if there had been any
change in her attitude, or when she might have had the opportunity to
have an affair.

I couldn't think of anything. She had been working harder the last
three months, but that was because her company was being reorganized
and she had a new boss. Come to think of it the frequency of our own
sex had dropped during the last three months. Down from three times a
week to once a week or even once every two weeks in some cases. I
hadn't even realized it. Damn I guess we were getting comfortable.

I went to my friends office and asked if he would recognize the man.
He said he thought he would. I asked if he would go to lunch with me.
On the way we would stop by Sally's company and he could see if he
spotted the man. He reluctantly agreed and a few minute before noon
we were driving across town. We entered Sally's building and stood at
the elevators. The doors opened and getting off was Sally and a fit
looking man in his late thirties. "Bill," she stammered turning red,
"What are you doing here. I was just going to lunch with Mr. Bates my
new boss. I've told you about him."

I shook hands with Sally's boss and introduced my friend. I turned to
Sally and said, "we were in the area and just though I'd stop by to
say hello and give you a kiss!" With that I put my arms around Sally
and tried to kiss her, but she turned her head at the last minute and
I kissed her cheek.

Sally said, " We have to go to a lunch meeting, thanks for stopping
by, I'll see you at home tonight honey."

Minutes later, back in the car, my friend said that Sally's boss was
the man he had seen her with. I watched to see what kind of car Sally
and her Boss got in to, then purposely drove away before them.
Looking in the rearview mirror I saw their car pulling out in the
other direction. I told my friend thanks for going with me and took
him back to our office building. After letting him out I drove to the
Hilton Hotel to look in the parking lot. Sure enough! the fancy Lexus
that Sally had gotten in, was parked on the top level of the parking
garage at the Hilton.

Now I didn't know what to think. There was a good restaurant in the
Hilton. They could have a legitimate business luncheon there. But the
seed of doubt had been planted, actually it wasn't a seed it was a
huge Oak Tree of doubt. .

I thought all afternoon. I decided that I didn't want to throw away
the life I had built. I wouldn't confront Sally. I would make greater
efforts to be a better husband, and ask her if everything was all
right. However, I would also keep my eyes and ears open for any lies
she might tell.

I couldn't believe this. The person I loved most in the world. The
person I would trust my life with. The person I wanted to grow old
and die with. Now I was going to try and catch my darling Sally in a

Over the next month I was especially attentive to Sally. I brought
her flowers, took her out to romantic dinners when our schedules
permitted, even drove the two hours to our sons college and spent the
weekend doing family things with them. I hoped that all of this would
rekindle a spark in her. I hugged her more often, held her hand and
generally acted as if I was courting her all over again. Nothing
seemed to change. She was often quiet and distant. Sometimes she had
a look of guilt on her face.

Our love making continued to drop in frequency. Part of that was
because I couldn't get the vision of her rolling around naked with a
very well endowed Mr. Bates out of my mind. These unwanted visions
were very graphic and included Sally on her knees licking the length
of his engorged cock while he smiled down at her and caressed her
hair; another vision included Sally on her hands and knees breasts
swinging like two pendulums as her boss steadily stroked his 9 inches
in and out of her while she grunted obscenities; the worst dream
showed Mr. Bates and Sally on their sides in a sixty nine position
Sally deep-throating his massive prick, fondling his hairy balls with
one hand while she stroked his ass hole with the fingers of her other
hand, at the same time Mr. Bates was sucking her prominent and erect
clit, finger fucking her with three fingers of one hand while he
buried the middle finger of his other hand in her ass hole up to the
last knuckle.

To make matters worse, those times I did make romantic overtures,
Sally just didn't seem interested in sex. She even stopped wearing
nightgowns to bed in favor of ugly flannel pajamas.

I even had a terrible thought while visiting our sons at college. Our
first boy looked a lot like me. He was dark haired and tall with a
slender build. Our second son, three years younger, now 19, was short
and blond with the build of a wrestler. Could our whole 24 year
marriage be a sham? Had I been raising someone else's bastard child?
I loved my boys with all of my heart. I would do anything for them.
But the doubts continued to grow.

Finally, six weeks after my friend had told me to be careful, I
decided I had to find out the truth. That night I asked Sally if she
were OK? Was there anything that she wanted to talk about? I felt
that she was becoming distant and I loved her with all my heart. I
didn't want to lose her. If she would talk to me I would do anything
for her.

She got that guilty look on her face, but quickly covered it up and
said that everything was fine. She went on to say that our life was
good, it was just that she was working hard and missed having the
boys at home. But she never said she loved me. I hugged her to me and
whispered my love for her. She sat woodenly, never said a word and
pretended that she didn't see the tear in my eyes. I had given her a
chance to be honest. To build on my 24 years of trust.

I decided that I would pretend to have a three night business trip. I
had been sticking close to Sally during non-working hours, so she
hadn't had a chance to get out without me. I was sure that if I was
being cuckolded she would take advantage of my absence to put more
horns on my head.

The next week I left home on Tuesday morning telling Sally I would
see her on Friday. I worked all day. At lunch I rented a small car
that no one would recognize, I even got tinted windows in the rental
so that I could drive around town without being recognized. I also
drove by the Hilton Hotel, but neither her car nor her bosses car was
in the lot. That gave me hope that nothing was going on. I decided to
rent a room at he Hilton but didn't check in. I thought I'd wait.

Six O'clock found me parked in my rental car down the block from my
house. Shortly after six Sally pulled into our driveway and went in.
Nothing happened for the next two hours. Everything was just as it
should be.

Just after eight o'clock Mr. Bate's Lexus pulled into my driveway. He
walked up the steps and walked right in my front door without even
ringing the bell or knocking. My heart was breaking. I loved Sally
more than anything. I was devoted to her. I tried to convince myself
that this was an innocent business meeting and that Mr. Bates would
leave in a couple of minutes. 5 minutes later my front door opened
and my heart jumped for joy, only to sink again as Sally followed Mr.
Bates out the door and locked it behind her. She was dressed in a
short black cocktail dress that I had bought her the month before
while trying to romance her. I wondered if she had on the matching
black panties, bra and stockings that I had bought with the dress.
Sally had happily accepted the gift, but had never worn it for me.

I followed them right to the Hilton Hotel. Bates went to the check in
desk and I could see Sally go into the lounge/bar. After doing his
business at the front desk Bates followed Sally into the lounge. I
slipped into the lobby and cautiously peered into the lounge seated
across the lounge in a booth was Sally and Bates, their arms around
each other talking to a waitress. I went into the men's room in the
lobby for about 10 minutes, then peered around the corner into the
lounge again. The table was empty except for two half finished
drinks. I surveyed the dark lounge and spotted Sally and Bates
dancing on the small dance floor. They were dancing very close his
hands caressing her buttocks as she ground her crotch on his thigh
and planted a wet sloppy kiss on his grinning face. My heart broke. A
rage filled my soul. I thought about rushing into the lounge and
punching Sally's boss in the face. But I stopped myself. I felt sick.
I ran out of the Hotel and sat in my car. I buried my face in my
hands and began to sob.

After I composed myself I began watching the area between the lounge
and the elevators. I could see easily through the glass lobby. About
30 minutes later I saw Bates and Sally, arms around each other,
walking to the elevator. They got on and I could see the indicators
light blink 6 times before it stopped.

I went back into the Hotel, and asked the desk clerk if I could have
a room on the sixth floor. He said he only had one left at the end of
the hall. He laughed and said that the sixth floor is where he put
his regulars. " I'll bet those two who just walked through here
groping each other are regulars", I commented. He smiled and
whispered, "Yea!, they are in here once or twice a week always
hanging all over each other and always get the same corner room with
a jacuzzi and great view of both the river and the park. I quickly
looked at the floor plan that was posted by the desk and realized
that he had to be talking about room 607. "What room is left on 6."
The desk clerk replied, "609". Looking at the floor plan I saw that
it was next to 607. "I'll take it", I replied.

I found myself sitting in the dark in room 609 straining my ears to
hear what was going on through the wall. Using the old glass against
the wall trick I could occasionally pick up a bit of conversation and
noise from the room next door.

"Take it off... .
... mmmm... ...
... that's nice... ...
... .harder, harder...
... thattt's iiittt...
oh god! Oh god! Oh god!...
Arrgggggggg!!... ...

After 15 minutes of this the room got quiet. After a few minutes I
could hear Bates dial the phone. I couldn't hear much but I could
make out the words "room service".

I cracked my door and waited for the bell boy. About 10 minutes later
I saw the bell boy rolling a cart down the hall he knocked on the
door of 607. The door opened and the young black boy pushed the cart
in. I stood by the door and as the bell boy left the room I entered
the hall and began walking beside him towards the elevators.

I looked at him and said, "maybe they will be quiet now that they
have some food."

The Bellboy grinned at me and said, "I'll bet they get noisy. The
woman was sitting in the jacuzzi when I went in. Nice looking wool
for a middle-aged bitch. I've been delivering strawberries and
champagne to them for the last couple of months. The man always tips
good. I think he likes showing off his side woman to someone who
don't know who either one of them is. That's a classic screwing
around on their spouses couple. I can always tell. It happens a lot
around here."

As we rode on the elevator together to the lobby he said, "Yea! they
will be leaving here around midnight. They always do. She will go
home to her husband and he will go home to his wife. I wonder if they
knock off another piece when they get home. Lucky guy, stickin' it in
two different cunts on the same night. Of course she gets to ride two
different poles. I wonder if her husband can tell she's full of
somebody else's come when she gets home. I ain't never seen no
rubbers in that room."

I got in my car and drove aimlessly around town. Strawberries and
Champagne had been Sally's and my special treat on our honeymoon. It
was a special event with us that was a part of our closest moments.
She was sharing it with her lover. Mocking me. I wondered if I ever
had been second in line when I made love to her. I couldn't remember
anything unusual about her when we made love, although there were a
few nights when she would be extra wet.

I found myself in front of my own home. I glanced at my watch and saw
that it was about 10:30. If they stayed until midnight I would have
some time. I went into my own home and did not turn on any lights. I
decided to see if I could find anything incriminating. I searched
Sally's desk, her dresser and her closet. I was shocked to find some
very sexy lingerie that I didn't know she owned, at the bottom of her
drawers. Also, I found some charge slips for hotel rooms I didn't
know about. Finally I checked in the garage storage area and
discovered a wealth of stuff at the bottom of a box labeled "Sally's
Old Clothes".

I sat in the garage with a flash light and my whole life went down
the drain. In the box I found love letters to Sally from three
different men including Mr. Bates. I also found some pictures. old
Polaroid's that were turning yellow from age. One showed Sally in
Bikini bottoms only, water dripping from her hair and breasts,
standing on a boat next to a completely naked, stocky, blond man. She
had a wide grin as she held his substantial erect penis in one hand
and a can of beer in the other. The man had a look of pure lust on
his face. I glanced at the back of the photo. In pencil was written,
"On Frank's boat, Aug. 1978" . Based on Sally's youthful look the
date seemed about right. It was between the birth of our first and
second son. That explained the size of Sally's breasts. They were
huge, with dark brown nipples. She would have still been nursing our
oldest. I remembered that Frank had been a manager where Sally worked
then. It seemed she had a thing for her bosses. But what was worse
was that Frank was a dead ringer for my second son.

There were other pictures of Frank and Sally obviously taken with a
camera timer. Some innocent tourist type shots at the lake, at a
restaurant. But then there were some of the two of them naked.
Several in a motel room, where there were shots of them performing
oral sex on each other, one of Frank fucking Sally doggy-style and
two with Sally riding on top of Frank while he laid on his back
smiling at the camera. There was even a close up of a cock entering a
pussy, but it was a close-up and you couldn't tell who the genitalia
belonged to. The last picture of this group showed Sally's face being
blasted with come from a large penis that had blond pubic hair. The
come was in her eye, dripping off of her nose and landing on her
outstretched tongue.

There was another set of pictures and letters with another man. Based
on the notes written on the back of the pictures, this affair had
taken place about 7 years ago. I recognized the man, not as one of
Sally's bosses, but as a salesman in her company. I had met him at
some business social events. I remembered that he had been
transferred across the country about 5 years ago. These pictures were
like the others. Some were innocent and some were graphic. One of the
ones that bothered me the most showed Sally in a snap crotch Teddy
that I had bought her for our anniversary. She had his penis deep-
throated so her nose was buried in his dark pubic hair while the man
plunged what looked like a dildo into her splayed pussy.

I looked at my watch and realized that it was almost midnight. I
quickly put the letters and pictures back in their hiding place and
went out to my rental car to wait. At about 12:30 the Lexus pulled
up. Both Sally and Bates went into the house. Ten minutes later he
came out and I followed him across the city to an upscale residential
area he pulled his car into the garage and went inside.

I went back to the Hotel and spent a sleepless night deciding what to

I wanted to kill both of them. I wanted a divorce. I wanted to make
her pay for making a joke of my life and my emotions.

A plan formulated in my mind. If she wanted to fuck other men then I
would make sure that she got all she could handle and then some. At
the same time I would make sure that I could get a divorce and keep
all the possessions and money I had worked for. And I would destroy
Sally and as many of the men who had been with her as I could!!!

The next morning, eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep, I went to my
office and found the man that would be key to making my plan work.

My office had hired an ex-con to work in the maintenance department.
He was a 30 year old black man who had spent 5 years in jail for
assault and battery as well as some drug charges. Anthony was trying
to straighten out his life, but I knew that he was having a hard time
making ends meet. I was about to help him with that problem and he
was about to help me with Sally. Although if my plan worked, I'm sure
that he would enjoy it.

First thing in the morning I asked Anthony into my office. I asked
him if he would like to make an enjoyable $500. He immediately got
suspicious. "I can't risk going back to jail", he said. I told him
that while some of what I wanted to do was illegal there wasn't much
chance of him getting into trouble. After I described the plan he
agreed and said he would be ready that night.

That night, as I watched from my rental car, the plan unfolded
perfectly. Bates picked up Sally at 8:00 and drove to the Hilton. I
had called at 7:00 to tell her I loved her and essentially give her
one more chance to be honest, but she acted as if nothing was
unusual, even after some prodding about what she was going to do that
evening. She said she was going to visit some girl friends. I told
her I'd see her the next evening after "I got back from my trip." I
followed them and watched as they went into the lounge for a dance
and a drink. They didn't realize it but they were followed by two
black men and one white man. Anthony and two of his friends from
prison. I entered the lobby went to the pay phones and dialed Bates
beeper number using his bosses work number as the call back number,
followed by 911 indicating that it was important. He came out of the
lounge tried to call the number. When there was no answer he went
back into the lounge apparently telling Sally that he had to check
on something at work. A minute later he came out and went to his car.
I had kept my face hidden by a newspaper.

Next I peeked into the lounge and saw that Anthony and his friends
had moved right in on Sally. They were sitting on each side of her at
her booth table, trapping her. She had a nervous look on her face, I
could hear the men talking about how "fine" she was and didn't she
want to party with them. Sally sipped her drink and asked them to
leave. They didn't and it was already to late. The Rohypnol (date
rape drug) was already slipped into her drink and within three
minutes she appeared out of it. Anthony grabbed Sally by the hand
when he heard a slow number on the jukebox. He had to almost carry
her to the dance floor. He put her arms around his neck and held her
up with one of his strong black arms around her waist. The other two
men watched from the booth as Anthony placed Sally's lolling head on
his chest and used his free hand to begin kneading her ass as they
swayed to the music. The white guy at the booth took the hand held
video camera I had given Anthony earlier in the day from this jacket
pocket and began filming. Each of the men danced with Sally. They all
fondled her ass and tits as much as possible. One of the men had gone
through Sally's purse and found the plastic room key card. After
several dances the three men, holding Sally between them, walked her
out of the Lounge and to the elevator. Her dress was wrinkled and
unbuttoned below her bra. That was the last I saw of my wife until
the next evening when I supposedly got home from my trip.

I had mixed emotions. I had loved Sally for 24 years. But she had
fucked me over and now I was going to take her down. Over the next
few days Sally's life would be turned upside down just like mine had.

I waited outside for about 45 minutes. I saw Bates enter the Hotel,
check the lounge then get on the elevator. He came back down the
elevator 5 minutes later as pale as a ghost. He got in his car and
roared away. I calmly when to my house to retrieve the photos and
letters that Sally had hidden.

I went to work the next morning after a sleepless night with my
emotions swinging between guilt and rage. It was about 10 am when
Anthony finally showed up at work. He came right to my office after
clocking in. He shut the door to my office, handed me a video tape,
and sat down to tell me about what had happened last night.

I didn't have a video player in my office, so I told Anthony to tell
me every detail. The following is what he said!

"Man, you may be getting a phone call in a few minutes. Last time I
saw your wife was 3 hours ago. She was naked and being dragged out of
a downtown alley by the cops. She was under arrest for drug
paraphernalia charges and prostitution."

"She be calling you to make bail!"

I knew that Sally wouldn't call me, she would call a girlfriend,
probably Ann Richards. She wouldn't want me to know of her secret

"It was a wild night man. That woman got more cock stuck in her last
night than any whore I know. Funny thing about it is, I think she was
enjoying it, at least right up to the part in the alley."

"Hank, the white guy, and Billy, my bro cellmate, started tak'in
your old ladies clothes off right in the elevator. She was messed up
big time. Could hardly stand. Just kept mumbling about needing to
wait for Bates. We left her dress in the elevator and walked her down
the hall to her room in her bra, panties, garter and stockings.
Shocked several old white ladies in the hall. They was nice undies.
Hope you don't mind man, I kept them to give to my girlfriend, I hope
her pussy looks as good in them as your wife's did. Course nothing
looks as good as white pussy in black undies, except maybe white
pussy wrapped around my hairy black cock. I got to see a lot of that
last night."

Once we were in the suite Billy and I stripped her down while Hank
filmed. Put her on her back on the bed. We all got naked and started
feeling her up, playing with her titties, spreading her legs and
fingering her pussy. She started moaning. Hank had brought some KY
jelly. We figured that we better lube her up before we got it on.
Billy shoved the tube in her cunt and squeezed out about half. The
girl was so wet after that you could drive a truck up her box. She
just laid there moaning. I told the boys that since I set this up, I
wanted to go first. I hopped on and fucked her for about 10 minutes.
Man I was stroking her deep. Just lay'in my pipe to her. But it
wasn't no good. She just laid there moaning like a dead fish, I
didn't even finish. I got off and Billy got on he fucked her for
about 10 minutes, and climbed off without finishing too. Hank got on,
and just like a white guy, pumped her for a couple of minutes and
filled her up with his cum. Billy and I were mad cause now we be
hav'in sloppy seconds. We made Hank get a wash cloth and clean her
pussy out. We squirted some more KY into her cunt and climbed on

"Billy and I took turns, stopping before we came. After about the
third switch, Hank said that the booze and the roofie were
depressants and had her too low. So he got some angeldust from his
stash in his wallet and held it under her nose. It took a couple of
minutes, but when we covered her mouth that dust went right in her
nose. Shit, it didn't take 30 seconds before she was screaming and
thrashing around on the bed. I climbed right on that fine white pussy
and she 'bout squeezed me to death. This was more like it. I don't
know if it was the drugs or my dick but she put moves on me I ain't
never seen. She rolled her hips and contracted her pussy in a way
that milked my cock like a farmer pulling on a cows udder. I lasted
about two minutes. Best of all Hank said that the dust would make her
suggestible. He whispered in her ear and she would say whatever she
heard. Hank say "Fuck me hard," She scream, "FUCK ME HARD!!". Man, he
had her saying all kind of nasty shit about sucking cock and filling
my slut hole with cum. You be able to hear it all on the tape."

"It got real interesting after that. I climbed off, watched my cum
run out of her cunt for a minute, and then Billy climbed on top of
her started screwing with long slow deep strokes, inching it in a
little at a time. That boy got himself one hell of a piece of meat
between his legs. When he got his cock balls deep, your old lady went
crazy. He grabbed her tits and hung on for dear life. She got some
scratches and bruises on her tits from Billy hanging on so tight. He
was squeezing her tits so hard it looked like her nipples would pop.
Hank was filming the action when the room door opened up and the
white dude she had been with in the bar came walking in. He stopped
dead in his tracks when he saw the three of us naked guys, with Billy
just hanging on to your bucking old lady. Hank turned the camera on
him and asked if he wanted to get in line. He also said we
appreciated him sharing his hot piece with us. That Bates fella'
really looked confused. He stood there staring at your wife. He
looked scared to death of me. A naked big black man, coming towards
him. He backed up and ran out the door. That was the last we saw of

I did what you asked and called room service for champagne and
strawberries. When the room service boy got there Billy was just
cumming in your wife. He climbed off and I asked if the room service
boy wanted a piece. He stripped down in a flash, and said he had been
want'in a piece of this bitch for months. He flipped her on her
stomach with her legs hanging off the bed and sank his ebony rod into
her in one thrust. She had settled down some so he had a nice
leisurely fuck. She had her first orgasm with him that I could tell,
the drugs were wearing off. By the time he finished your old lady was
moaning like she was really enjoying the action. When he pulled his
black cock out of her the come was running from her pussy like a
river. He asked if he could come back later for some more when he got
off work, I said sure, us black stallions have to share the wealth. "

"None of us wanted to fuck her being as sloppy as she was, so we put
her in the hot tub and aimed one of the jets at her cunt to clean her
up. Hank held her head above water so she wouldn't drown. Billy asked
if when she was cleaned out if we could shave her pussy. He said he
always wanted to fuck a bald white cunt. We lifted her onto the side
of the hot tub and got the complementary razor and shave cream from
the bathroom. She just laid there while Billy soaped her up and
shaved all the hair from her crotch. We shaved her pussy clean, but
had a hard time getting all the hair from around her asshole, but by
the time we were done it was pretty bare. We got some good film of
all three of us shaving her. Of course we all dipped a finger or two
into her. Hank even stuck his middle finger up her ass. She really
wiggled when he did that, had her titties dancing all over her chest,
nipples were as hard as rocks.

By then we all had hard-ons again so we started on her again right on
the floor. I went first and slowly worked my cock into her. We didn't
use no lubricant this time. But by the time I got my chocolate stick
all the way in she was juicing herself up good, she was nice and wet
naturally. I think by now she knew what was going on. She wasn't
say'in nothing, but I could tell that her eyes were focusing on us.
She sure didn't say nothing about stopping, she just wrapped her legs
around my black ass and started moving to my rhythm. I want to thank
you man. That time with your wife was one of the best fucks I ever
had in my life. Watching my cock slid in and out of her hairless
white pussy really did it for me. I wanted to make it last forever. I
screwed her a couple of more time later on, but that time was the
best. I wanted to take your wife home and keep her. I actually got a
little jealous when I came and Billy climbed on and started screwing
her. I know she had a couple of orgasm with me and Billy said she had
a couple with him. Hank said she was calm enough now that he thought
he could get a blow-job without gett'in his dick bit off. So while
Billy was stroking her, Hank hung his cock in her face. He was right,
she lifted her head up and started sucking him off like a $10 hooker.
I filmed her getting it from both ends. After awhile Billy got her on
her hands and knees, told Hank to fuck her and he stuck his cock in
her face. Hank rammed right into her, but when she saw Billy's meat
hanging in front of her face she really made love to it. She licked
the shaft up one side and down the other, she took his hairy balls in
her mouth and gently rolled them around with her tongue. Billy even
turned around at one point and she started licking his asshole. They
finally both came and she swallowed every bit of Billy's cum. After
that it went on all night. The room service boy came back, and she
fucked and sucked us all night long. Some times on the bed, sometimes
on the floor, once we hung her over the back of the coach and lined
up. I would deep stoke her 4 or 5 times, then Billy 4 or 5 times,
then Hank, then the room service boy. She seemed to really like
having the four cocks stuck up her, one after another, and we all
lasted a long time. We got breaks but she fucked that way for over an
hour solid. At one point we had to lube her up some more with the KY,
cause she was flat out of juice. She never ever said a word to us
just moaned and occasionally screamed out "Oh! God" or "Fuck". I
ain't never seen no woman have that much non-stop fucking in my life.
Man you wife really is a major slut. I think all she needed was an
excuse to let go. We took turns with her all night long. Sometimes
she would be double teamed at each end, sometimes just straight
fucking, in the hot tub or the bed. At about 5:30 this morning we
laid her on the bed, on her back, with her head hanging off the edge.
This opened up her throat. So we lined up again and each took a turn
slipping our roots into her mouth. When Hank got his cock down her
throat far enough so that his hairy balls were resting on her nose,
she couldn't breath. So he held his balls up with one hand while he
squeezed her tits with the other. Billy was doing some coke and he
dropped a line in your wife's nose. She had to breath through her
nose cause her mouth was full of cock. She got high again, bout bit
Hank's cock in two. Left teeth mark on his shaft.

"After that we quit. I wrapped her in a sheet and the Bell boy and I
took her down the service elevator into an alley. We laid her naked
on a cardboard box next to a dumpster. A cop car saw us and when the
cops walked into the alley we got scared. She was out of it so we
told the cops that this white whore had been propositioning us then
she passed out. I had left Billie's small empty coke vial next to
her. Like I said, last I saw her, the cops was dragging her limp body
down the alley towards their police car reading her, her rights."

I sat there behind my desk holding the video tape not knowing what to
think. My plan had worked even better than expected. But I felt
unfulfilled. I had wanted revenge. Now Anthony told me she had
enjoyed it. I thanked Anthony, gave him is money and told him I might
need him again. He just said "I like gettin' paid to fuck good
looking white pussy. I'll hammer your old lady for free if you want.
In fact, I was hope'in that you let me take her to my place for a few
days." I said that I'd think about it and sent him back to work.

I was a jumble of emotions. I had dedicated myself to my wife for 24
years. Now I was the person getting her gang-banged and arrested. But
she deserved it, the Bitch. She had made our whole life a lie by have
a few affairs. She hadn't paid nearly enough yet. She had enjoyed it,
she hadn't paid at all yet. She really was just a slut. I was really
going to make her pay for her infidelity now. I wanted her to hurt as
much as she hurt me. I was going to make everyone in her life hate
her. Then throw her away like the whore she was.

Quickly I formulated an additional plan. I called my wife's office
and asked for her. I was told by the receptionist that she hadn't
come in this morning. Then I asked for Mr. Bates. When he came on the
line I asked where my wife was. He stuttered that he didn't know. I
said I understand you know exactly where she spends her evenings, and
he better see me at lunch or I would visit his wife with quite a
story. He said I didn't know what I was talking about. I simply said,
"lets meet at the Hilton in the restaurant rather than in Room 607."
When he heard that he shut up and said that he would meet me at noon.

Next, I left my office and took the tape to a video editing company.
This was a place where you could go in and edit you home movies and
family tapes. I rented a booth and began editing the tape. I started
with the title "Sally the Housewife Gets Ganged". Not very creative,
but it got your attention. Then using a microphone and a lot of
reverb (so you couldn't recognize my voice) I recorded an opening
over the title. I said, "Sally is a bored housewife out for a good
time. She got a real good time. What would her husband and children
think if they could see her getting Gang-banged. This is Sally's

I edited about 1 and a half hours of the action that Anthony had
described. I started with her dancing in the lounge, walking down the
hall in her bra and panties, getting her pussy fondled and shaved and
finally all kinds of oral, and fucking action including several
double penetrations. I made 10 copies of the video tape. I went to a
copy shop and had a label made that said "Sally the Housewife Gets
Ganged." I put the labels on the tapes and headed to the video
stores. I found that it is really easy to smuggle tapes into a video
store. I went to stores around our home and Sally's office, and
secretly left a tape in the adult section of each store. I didn't
think that the stores would notice an extra tape and I was sure that
they would rent them like any other tape. I was sure that "Sally the
Housewife Gets Ganged" would be an instant hit. On my way across town
I stopped at the Post Office and mailed a copy of the tape to my
son's fraternity, addressed to the entertainment chairman, (my boys
had confided in me that it was the entertainment chairman's job to
get the porno movies for the fraternity poker nights); and another
copy to one of the salesmen at sally's Company. He was a big, loud,
obnoxious party guy . I knew that all of her co-workers and her sons
would soon see what a slut Sally was. I was destroying her life, just
like she had destroyed mine. Finally I went to the Hilton to meet
with Bates.

I walked into the restaurant at the Hilton and sat down with Bates at
a small table. I said, "you son of a Bitch, you have been shagging my
wife since you came to town, now I'm going to make you pay."

He answered that he didn't know what I was talking about. I pulled
out his love letters and some of the Polaroids that Sally had kept.
"I guess I'll just have to take these to your house and show them to
your wife. I'll bet she will clean you out in a divorce settlement
especially with you caught with your pants down so to speak", I said.
He tuned pale, as the color drained from his face, and he asked me
what I wanted.

"Its very simple, I want you to apologize to me, promise you will
never break up anybody's marriage again and tell me what you saw last
night. After you do that I'll ask you to do one more thing. Then you
can walk away from this mess. I'll keep the pictures just in case you
try to screw me over, but I promise that they will never see the
light of day. Unless... ." , I said leaving the last word hanging.

He apologized to me, but said that Sally had initiated the affair by
making a pass at him. He promised that he was going to stay at home
from now on. He really loved his wife and kids and this was scaring
any desire to fool around on the side right out of him. Finally, he
told me the story of last night. I knew most of it, but I had him
describe in detail what he saw when he entered the room. He said that
when he went in the room he saw a black man fucking the daylights out
of Sally. He said Sally looked like she was covered in cum and seemed
to be enjoying the stroking. He said the black guy would pull his
cock all the way out of her stretched cunt so just the purple tip was
resting on her bright red pussy lips, she would squirm around try to
get the hard member back inside her, finally he would slam home so
his fat balls bounced against her ass, then she would let out a
whimper and groan. He said he saw naked white guy standing next to
the bed, with what looked like a wet freshly fucked cock hanging
between his legs, videoing the action; and another naked big black
man coming towards him. He said he ran out the door and was very
happy to get home to his boring wife. He said he had already made up
his mind to end it with Sally. He was afraid that if she was that big
of a slut, that he might catch a disease from her. He said he was
surprised that she would do a group of men. While their sex had been
good he said Sally didn't seem that wild. She had told him she loved
her family but just wanted a little excitement in her life. Bates
felt that she enjoyed the thrill of sneaking around and doing
something forbidden as much as the sex itself.

As we finished lunch I told him that I had just discovered that Sally
was a slut. I told him that one of the men who had been their last
night was trying to blackmail me with the tape. I told him I wasn't
going to pay. Sally had done this to herself and I was going to get a
divorce. Finally, I told Bates my last condition. "I want you to call
Sally. I want you to tell her that you never want to see a slut like
her again. Tell her what you saw last night. Tell her you never
really liked her, she was just an easy piece of ass. In fact, she
probably couldn't get another guy in bed with her and the only way
she could attract anyone was to gangbang a bunch of niggers because
you only fucked her because you felt sorry for her. Finally, tell her
you know she was arrested, and because of that she is fired from her
job immediately. And with an arrest on her record she shouldn't ask
for a recommendation. Bates thought it over and made me promise again
to keep the pictures of him confidential, then he said that he would
make the call. I followed him to the pay phones and he dialed my home
number. I assumed that Sally would have gotten out of lock up by now.
As the phone was ringing I reminded him that if Sally ever found out
about this conversation or even that Bates had seen me, I would send
the pictures of him to his wife. He immediately promised.

Bates began talking after several rings. He even went farther than I
told him. He called her a no good slut who didn't care about anything
other than a hard cock in her cunt or mouth. He asked her if nigger
cum tasted good and said that he had never seen a bigger whore than
her. He said she wasn't worth the time it took him to fuck her.
Finally he fired her and told her he never wanted to see her cum bag
body again. In a way I think he was as hurt by her too.

I could hear Sally crying and trying to explain as Bates slammed the
phone down in its cradle. He looked at me and said I'll keep up my
end of the deal, you do the same. With that he walked out of the
Hotel, not even looking. back. I followed him out and went to turn in
my rental car. I picked up my car and drove home as if I was
returning from my trip. I was anxious to see what I would find.

When I unlocked the front door to my house, all was quiet. I went to
the bed room and found Sally curled in a ball in the bed. I asked if
she were all right. Her answer, I'm not feeling well, I must have
caught something." Yea! I thought to myself, she caught 4 stiff
pricks and about a quart of jism.

I acted as if I was returning from my trip and told her I would make
her some soup. I told her to rest and when she was feeling better to
come downstairs and we'll talk. Sally didn't move or respond, but I
heard her crying softly into her pillow.

I went down stairs and immediately looked in Sally's day purse. I
found a yellow copy of her bail document. Bail had been $500 for the
charges of prostitution and public intoxication. I guess they didn't
have enough evidence for drug possession charges. From reading the
document I could see that her friend had put up the money. Also, if
she didn't appear in court it would be handled like a traffic ticket.
The bail would become the fine, and an automatic plea of guilty would
be entered.

I put some soup on and sat in the kitchen reading the paper. I was
wondering if Sally would admit everything or try to lie her way out.
Sally finally walked slowly into the kitchen. She was wearing an old
oversized terry cloth robe that covered her from her neck to the
floor. She looked terrible. I said, "you look like you were rode hard
and put up wet." Sally's eyes flashed at the joke. I guess the old
joke wasn't too subtle. As I looked at her, all I could imagine were
all of her lovers in bed with her. As she slowly slurped her hot soup
she said, " I quit my job today." I turned to her and said, " That's
a surprise, I thought you really liked your boss. What's his name?
Mr. Bates." Sally ran from the room saying that she couldn't talk now
and didn't feel well. I followed her up to the room and said, as I
stood in the doorway, "If there is anything I can do just let me
know. I'll sleep in the spare room tonight so you can get have some
rest and get better." Actually I had no desire for my whore, slut,
cock hound of a wife to be anywhere near me. But I continued to play
the role of the concerned husband.

Later that night, I decided that Sally had gotten off too easy. Sure
her friends, co-workers and children would soon know what a
unfaithful sleaze she was, but I had watched the tape, and I think
she did enjoy her gang-bang. I wanted the sex she seemed to want so
much, to become a nightmare for her.

From the kitchen I called Anthony at home and told him my new plan.
He said that he would do what I asked, if I would cover for him at
work. What I wanted him to do was dangerous for him because of his
prison probation, so I offered to pay him another $200. The money
plus the opportunity to "hump the shit" out of Sally again was all he
needed to agree to my plan. Because of how fast thing would fall
apart for her once the tapes were received, Anthony agreed that he
would be at my house right after I left in the morning. Before he
hung up he said, "are you sure you want to do this? When my buddies
and I fucked your wife we didn't do anything that would really hurt
her. I'm sure that she is sore, but she will be OK after a while.
What you want now is different, I won't be around to protect her,
couldn't if I wanted to. These are some real bad people. They won't
kill her or anything but, she might not ever be the same." I said
that I understood and I wanted the slut to pay for what she had done
to me." Anthony just replied, "man, I hope you don't ever get pissed
off at me."

I tried to talk with Sally the next morning at breakfast. It was
Friday, I was dressed for work and Sally sat drinking coffee in the
same bathrobe. She looked better. Her shoulder length brown hair was
brushed. She even had a little makeup on. She said that she was going
to relax today and that after the weekend she would think about
another job or maybe she would stay home for a while and take a rest
from work. I smiled and said ,"you know I have always supported you
no matter what you want to do. Have a good day." I then left my house
to go to work. In the front bushes next to the front door I dropped
my last tape so Anthony could pick it up in a few minutes.

I went to work and called Anthony' boss telling him that Anthony was
doing some business errands for me this morning.

Just before lunch time Anthony came into my office. I had him sit
down and shut my office door. "I did it, now give me my $200", he
smiled. I gave him the money and asked him to tell me what had
happened. "I want to know everything", I told him.

"I was waiting down the street for you to leave. When I saw you drive
away I went up to the house and knocked on the door. Your wife opened
the door and I just walked in like I owned the place. I could tell
she recognized me. I asked her if she remembered me from the night
before. She said the she did, I could see her tremble a little. She
said that last night had been fun, but she wanted me to leave because
her husband might be home at any minute. I told her that was OK with
me and that her husband and I would have a nice conversation about
how much she liked my ebony johnson . She got a real worried look on
her face. I told her not to worry, that nobody would find out about
anything if she kept being real nice to me and my 9 inches of black
steel. I told her that she had the sweetest bald white pussy I had
ever seen and we were going to party some more today. "

"She said no! That her husband would never believe it, and it would
be my word against hers. All I did then was to walk into your living
room and pop the tape in the VCR. I started it in the middle of the
tape which showed some action with me and Hank where her face showed
real clear. She slumped in a chair and asked what I wanted."

"I took her hand and led her upstairs. I said that I wanted to fuck
her in the bed she shared with her husband. She just stood there as I
took off her robe and pulled her nightgown over her head. I stripped
down and laid on the bed with my arms behind my head, my big hard-on
waving in the air. I told her, "I want you to take care of me like
the slut you are, then I'll give you the tape. You better be good and
make it last. I want to enjoy your lily white body."

She went to work on me. She knelt between my legs and started licking
my shaft like a lollipop, up one side down the other. Finally she put
the head in her mouth and started swirling it around with her tongue.
I pulled her sideways so I could reach her pussy and began to tease
her clit with my fingers. It didn't take long for her hole to start
juicing up, so I slid first one then two fingers into her shaved
cunt. She started squirming, and when I said it seemed like she was
enjoying herself she grunted "ah huh" around my pole I knew she
really was just a cheap slut, who wanted an excuse to fuck anything
with a prick. You really are going to be better off without her. She
sucked my dick like she had had plenty of practice. Somebody has
taught her how to please a man. I told her to slow down and after a
while she lifted her face off of my wet cock with a pop and said, "I
have got to have this black beauty inside my love box, until last
night I had never been fucked by a black man." She threw one leg over
my hips, grabbed my cock in one hand, spread her puffy cunt lips with
the fingers of the other hand; and sat right down on my cock till her
clean-shaven pussy was rubbing my curly black pubic hair. She threw
back her head and laughed that if she had known that shaving her
pussy would make it easier to slip a dick into her, she would have
shaved herself a long time ago. She even said, "I'll bet my husband
will like my new look."

She rode me like a champ, sometimes with fast short strokes,
sometimes with long slow strokes, milking my stem with her cunt
muscles. All the while she held my hands to her tits. Her nipples
were so hard and hot I thought they would burn my palms. Occasionally
she reached back to play with my nut sack. She would roll my nuts
around in her fingers like a bag of marbles. Finally, I blasted my
load deep inside her. She must have had two or three orgasms during
this time. My cock was coated with her love juice. After we rested
she asked if I could get it up again. I wanted to see how nasty she
would be, so I said sure if she would do something special for me. I
got on my hands and knees and told her to lick my asshole while she
reached around and stroked my dangling cock. Damn if she didn't do
it. Started running her tongue up and down my ass crack. Finally,
when my pole started to revive, she stabbed her velvet tongue right
into my sphincter muscle. Shit! I got hard again in her hand in about
two seconds. I rolled her over, put her legs over my shoulder and
jammed myself into her. She looked up at me and asked me what my name
was. I told her I was her candy man. As I was stroking her I reached
down into the pocket of my pants and got out a vial of coke. She was
stroking me hard and the next time I bottomed out in her cunt she
took breath and I dropped a pile of coke in her nose. She went crazy,
I think she had one long orgasm for about 5 minutes while I just kept
stroking deep into her.

"I had given her a pretty big hit, so after I came again and climbed
off of her, she just laid there with her eyes glazed over."

Anthony asked me if Sally had every done drugs. I told him not to my
knowledge, except booze and some marijuana back in her college days.
But, I couldn't be sure, after all I never thought that she would
screw around with other men. Anthony went on to say that he looked
through her clothes and found some sexy red underwear. The panties
were a thong and the bra was one of those Wonderbra types that made
her breasts almost spill out of the cups.

He managed to put her limb body into the bra and panties, then
wrapped the bathrobe around her. Anthony half walked, half carried
her to her car that was parked in our attached garage. He found her
keys hanging on the hook next to the garage door, pushed her into the
passenger seat, and got behind the wheel. He clicked the automatic
garage door opener. Soon he was driving my wife away from her home of
18 years, towards the wrong side of the city.

Anthony told me he was scared driving her around. He was breaking his
parole by having the drugs, and where he was going to would also be
considered a parole violation. He said that he was afraid that if
someone saw a black man driving a white woman around that he might
get stopped. But nobody stopped him. As he drove deeper into a slum
area of the city he relaxed.

He finally made it to an abandoned house in a run down warehouse area
of the city. The windows were boarded up and what yard there was, was
overgrown. He parked Sally's car in front of a closed gas station
next door and after taking the car keys off Sally's key ring and
checking the glove box for papers with our address on them, he walked
Sally up to the wreck of a house.

He knocked on the door and a huge black man let him in. Anthony told
me that the house was run by "Big Willy" , a local drug dealer. He
would open up a crack house, run it for a week or two, then move to a
new location before the cops busted him. Willy was bad news. He had
homemade tattoos on his arms and naked barrel chest. He stood at the
door in a pair of sweat pants. His legs were so big the fabric was
stretched to its limit. He knew Anthony from a stint he did in jail,
so Anthony was able to enter this secret world.

Anthony told Willy that the white woman he brought with him used to
be his number one lady, but that she had been cheating on him with
other men. Anthony pointed out Sally's car and he could have the car
if he kept Sally in the Crack house for a while. Anthony told Big
Willy that the car ought to pay for whatever drugs you give her, and
you can pimp her out as far as I'm concerned. With that he pulled off
Sally's robe displaying her to Willy's wide eyes!

Willy asked if the car was hot. Anthony said that it wouldn't be
reported missing until tonight. Willy said it would be stripped and
sold for parts in an hour. Willy agreed to keep Sally in the crack
house, but told Anthony that he was closing this house down on
Sunday, his informants with the cops told him it would be raided
Sunday afternoon. Anthony said just leave Sally in the crack house,
with enough drugs around to get her busted for possession. The cops
will like busting somebody and not just finding an empty house. Maybe
it will take some heat off your operation. Willy laughed and said it
was good business for the cops to arrest somebody every once in a
while. It made the cops feel like they were accomplishing something.
He looked down at Sally. She had fallen onto a very dirty, smelly
mattress laying on the garbage strewn floor of the crack house. "We
don't get good looking white women in here. The only white women I've
seen in one of my crack houses are old bag ladies. Usually the white
boyfriend buys the crack or coke at the door and get the hell out of
here as fast as possible. White folks usually party at their own
place. I'll be sure that this little lady gets to meet all my regular
customers, " smirked Big Willy.

Anthony tossed Willy the keys to the car. As Anthony walked out of
the crack house he saw Willy unzip his pants and pull out a chocolate
brown cock that was the size of a salami and walk over to Sally.

Back in my office, Anthony ended his story and looked at me. "Man,
you can kiss your old lady goodbye. You don't know what goes on in
those crack houses, by tomorrow she will be a real crack whore. A
couple of hundred people will go through that house this weekend. The
dirtiest, nastiest, drugged up, worthless people in the world. Your
old lady is sitting naked right in the middle of it. By the time the
cops raid that place on Sunday, your wife will be glad they arrested

I smiled to myself. Later that night, when I got home to my empty
house, I called the police and reported my wife missing. The police
said I would have to wait until the next day. A person had to be
missing 24 hours before the police could get involved. I was sure
that the next 24 hours were going to be interesting for Sally.

Do you want to hear more about Sallly, and her husband's revenge?


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