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A True story About My Ex-Wife’s First Experience With Two men
This is a true story of my ex-wife's first experience with two men.
Marcie and I were married at the young age of 19. I had my first sex at
the age of 13, and had considerable experience, as well as an active
imagination. Marcie lost her virginity in the back seat of a car in front
of her house to another kid, but really didn't know much about sex.

Marcie has strawberry red hair. When we got married, she looked a bit
like Olivia Newton John did in the late 70's. She had a cute, athletic
body with a firm ass, and small breasts with the largest nipples I've ever
touched. On to the story...

Marcie and I had been married for only three months when I began to ask
her questions about her previous sexual experiences. I became more bold
over time, and finally told her I would like us to have an open marriage...
not for me, but rather... for her. She didn't know quite what to think,
but I was persuasive, and her youth assisted in making her more receptive
to the idea.

One evening, after coming home from a party given by the office where
she worked, a friend of mine from my home town called to say he wanted to
see us. I invited him over and we continued the drinks that Marcie and I
had already begun. My friend, Adam, was a tall, well-build black guy I
used to play basketball with back in high school. I could see that Marcie
was interested in Adam, and I found a way to jokingly suggest that we play
strip poker.

I kept the joke going until it was too late for anyone to stop it. I
admit that I was nervous inside, because it was obvious that Marcie was
willing, as was Adam. I finally pulled out the cards, and we began to
play. We all lost some non-essential clothing, until the moment of truth
when Marcie had to remove her bra. The brazen, nonchalant way she did it,
without coaxing, had me rock-hard and panting for more. Her large nipples
(now quite hard) immediately got Adam’s attention.

Adam was already down to his underwear, and I could see his shorts were
bulging. After Marcie removed her top, Adam stopped talking and started
staring at her hard nipples. I suggested that Marcie "owed" it to Adam to
quit teasing him and show him a good time. She stood up from the floor and
took hold of both Adam's hand and mine, and walked us into our bedroom.
Adam was mildly protesting that it "wasn't right" since we were essentially
newlyweds, but he followed anyway.

Marcie laid us both on the bed and began kissing Adam while rubbing his
erect cock through his briefs. She gave me a few tugs as well, but I moved
down between her legs where I found the wettest pussy I have ever
experienced. You’ve heard the term ‘dripping with desire?’ I promise you,
she had juice running down her legs.

I positioned myself to lick her pussy while she laid on her side facing
Adam, so I had a great view of what she was doing. Soon Adam lifted Marcie
up and he was sucking her left breast with great enthusiasm. I pulled back
to watch. It looked really erotic to see his dark lips wrapped around the
pale skin of my wife’s taut breasts. Marcie was yelling and writhing. I
pulled her down after a few minutes to where her face was near Adam's meat.
She understood what I was suggesting, and quickly removed his shorts to
release a young, thick, black cock that pushed straight up his belly.

I can still remember (12 years later) the incredible feeling I got,
watching her lift his dark cock straight into the air before lowering her
soft lips down to it. Marcie then showed Adam her best skill as she
alternated between sucking his cock and running her lips down the shaft to
his darker balls. Marcie was wonderful at giving head. She didn't stiffly
move her neck/head up and down, but rather she rhythmically moved her head
up and down his ebony dick with an expertise that belied her years and

By now I had my cock in Marcie’s pussy, slowly pumping away. She
stopped her cock service briefly to ask me to inform Adam of her "rule,"
which was that she didn't want to swallow cum (sorry-but this is a true
story). I told Adam to let her know when he was coming so he could pull
out, and he grunted, "OK." After just a few minutes of this, Adam tapped
Marcie's shoulder and she pushed off while jacking his cock with her thin

Adam shot two long streamers over his left shoulder and onto the pillow,
wall, and headboard. Marcie groaned her approval while I adjusted my
position to pound her pussy, which I did with little or no concern for her

No matter though, she orgasmed at least three times in the 45 seconds it
took for me to shoot the biggest load of my life into her. Adam watched,
and after we finished, Marcie began to rub his cock again, and it again
sprang to life.

This time, to my surprise, Marcie looked at me while reaching out for
his stiff member, and informed me (with a question mark in her eyes) that
she would really like to feel Adam’s cock inside her. “Go for it!” I

While I lay beside them and watched, Marcie rolled toward Adam, planted
a kiss on his lips, and then rolled right up on top of his prone body. She
slid down, letting his stiff cock slide against her belly as her body moved
toward the bottom of the bed. Adam told me later that the sliding action
of Marcie’s soft skin almost made him shoot off as she slid down his body.

When Marcie’s head came face-to-face (so to speak) with Adam’s stiff
black cock, she gave it a tender kiss while looking back and forth between
me and Adam. I smiled my approval, and she sat up, straddling his legs,
still playing his manhood.

“Are you sure its OK?” she asked, as she looked directly at me. “Baby,”
I said, “its time you experienced the feel of a good thick, black cock in
that wonderful little pussy of yours.” With a wicked grin on her face, she
slid herself up his legs, raised herself, and positioned her pussy right
over Adam’s cock.

All this time Adam was just laying on his back watching Marcie’s
actions. At this point Adam reached out and cupped one black hand over each
of Marcie’s pale breasts. She sort of leaned her chest into his hands
while supporting herself with her own hands. Her crotch and its strawberry
curls was now positioned just above Adam’s upthrust cock.

“I love you,” I said, to assure her. “I love you too,” she replied, as
she began to let her body weight down so that Adam’s cockhead was right at
the entry to her love channel. At this point I got a quick flash of an
idea. I rolled over and kissed her clit, just above Adam’s cock, and used
my fingers to gently separate Marcie’s pussy lips.

As I held her pussy lips apart, Marcie got the idea, and gently lowered
herself so that I could watch (up close) as Adam’s dark meat began to work
its way into my wife’s lovely body. The sensations of Marcie’s tight warm
pussy walls around the upper part of his cock caused Adam to shudder and
make a slight upward thrust.

As Adam slid more deeply into Marcie, I pulled back and lay next to Adam
to study my wife’s face. Her eyes were closed, and her eyelids were
fluttering. A nearly silent “Ahh” escaped her lips as Adam moved more
deeply into her. I was entranced, watching that black cock of his lose
itself within my receptive wife.

Within moments, Marcie let herself sit totally down on Adam’s crotch,
taking him fully within her. No longer needing her hands to support
herself, Marcie cupped her hands over Adam’s as his thumbs began playing
with her nipples. Marcie began squirming her bottom around Adam’s impaled

Adam responded by giving two quick upward thrusts deeper into her. I
saw Marcie’s body tremble gently. I knew she was having one of the quiet
orgasms she relished. When her body got quiet again, Adam gave her another
few deep thrusts, and her body began quaking again... still with her eyes
closed. He repeated this 3 or 4 times.

At this point, I got up and moved off the bed so I could crouch at the
end of the bed and watch the action between Adam’s spread legs. My wife’s
white bottom was pressed down against Adam’s charcoal-colored nuts, resting
on the dark skin of his legs.

About that time Adam took his hands off Marcie’s breasts and moved them
to her waist. Her white hands still covered his darker hands... and she
was bent slightly over his chest. He lifted her slightly, and for the
first time from my foot-of-the-bed position, I could see Adam’s cock as it
was connected with my wife’s body. His dark shaft was glistening with my
wife’s juices.

As he held her with about half of his cock still in her, he began
thrusting his hips up in fast, staccato strokes, driving his cock in and
out of her. Marcie began to moan. This time her body shook wildly as she
obviously experienced another great orgasm.

Adam let her recover again, and then (while still buried in Marcie’s
pussy, and still holding her by the waist) he leaned around to ask me if
Marcie was on any form of birth control. I assured him that she was on the
pill. Marcie told me later that this question caused her to open her eyes
and to look directly down into Adam’s eyes.

I heard Adam say, “May I?” and I looked up to see my wife’s head shake
in the affirmative. Having seen my wife’s affirmation, Adam began a long
series of measured thrusts up while pulling her ass down against his groin,
driving himself into her as deeply as possible. I knew his “May I” meant
he wanted to shoot his wad into my loving wife’s body. He kept lifting her
by her waist as he pulled back, and then pulling her back down against him
as he thrust up. I had a great view of their coupling... and I was
getting really hot myself, watching what was happening, and knowing what
was about to happen.

Marcie began to moan again... louder this time. Adam gave her a few
more intense thrusts, and then held himself with their crotches tightly
coupled. I knew he was shooting his load into her right then. Marcie
seemed to thrash around on Adam’s lap as he filled her. As their bodies
began to settle down, Marcie leaned forward and gave Adam a kiss. That
caused Adam’s cock to ‘plop’ out of Marcie’s pussy, and I watched as a
white, pearly fluid oozed out and dripped down on Adam’s balls.

That’s when I got another idea. By now Marcie was fully bent over
Adam’s chest, resting her head on his shoulder, with his arms wrapped
around her upper body. “Stay right where you are,” I directed them. I
grabbed each of Adam’s ankles with my hands, and moved them together. Then
I scurried up onto the bed and straddled Adam’s outstretched legs.

It was no surprise that I had a stiff cock all the time I watched Adam
pleasure my wife. I had always wondered what “sloppy seconds” would feel
like. I aimed my raging cock at my wife’s upturned pussy, and startled her
as I entered her to the hilt in one thrust. She started to raise herself
off Adam’s chest in reaction to my entry, but then relaxed and planted
another kiss directly on Adam’s lips as I held myself deep inside her
velvety folds. She was hot in there... I mean REALLY hot, and slippery!
It felt GREAT!

Marcie moved her hands to cradle Adam’s head between them, and I could
tell she was now giving Adam some serious tongue kisses while wiggling her
bottom against my cock. This didn’t last very long. I was already so
turned-on that I exploded inside my wife’s vibrating and extra-moist pussy with just a couple quick thrusts. With that, I fell on the bed beside

Marcie and Adam looked over at me with grins on their faces. “Wham,
Bam, Thank You Ma’am?” my wife said... half question and half smart alec
statement. “I guess so,” I meekly replied. “I just couldn’t hold back.”

We all laughed, and Marcie slid off Adam to lay between us. We talked
about what had just happened, and Marcie gave me an intense kiss before
saying, “Thank you for letting me do this... I love you with all my
heart!” “And I you...” I countered.

Marcie asked Adam if he would like the spend the night with us. He was
hesitant at first, but I assured him I wanted him to stay too. So, we all
got up, took brief showers, and all of us ended up bedding down for the
night in our king-sized bed... with Marcie in the middle.

Surprise, surprise! We didn’t go right to sleep. Marcie was facing me
and necking with me while her upper arm and hand were draped over her side
toward her back... obviously playing with Adam’s cock and balls. I felt
her raise her upper leg slightly, and then felt the bed move as she shoved
her hips back toward Adam... who I knew was on his side facing her. All
this time Marcie and I were kissing and studying each other’s eyes. I saw
her eyes flutter, and then a smile broke across her face. Adam had
obviously entered her pussy from behind.

I reached down and felt between her legs. Sure enough, they were
coupled. Not particularly wanting to play with my male friend’s cock, I
moved my hand up Marcie’s belly slightly, and used my finger tips to play
with her clit as Adam started to stroke in and out of my wife again. By
now, Marcie was playing with my cock under the covers... and I was sucking my wife’s nipples.

This gentle loveplay went on for at least 30 minutes... probably
longer. Finally, Marcie whispered in my ear, “Would you mind if I let Adam
take me ‘doggy-style’?” “Not at all,” I replied. “And,” I added, “maybe I
could lean against the headboard so you could give me one of your fabulous
blowjobs while he takes you that way.”

I could see a devilish grin on my wife’s face in the dim light. She
rolled her upper body toward Adam and said, “Adam, I want you to take me
‘doggy-style’... will you?” “But of course,” was all that Adam said. I
felt the bed move as they uncoupled, and we arranged ourselves with me
leaning against the headboard in the middle of the bed, and Marcie crouched
between my legs with her ass raised in the air.

Marcie and I watched as Adam knelt on the foot of the bed. Even in the
dim light, I could again see Marcie’s juices glistening on Adam’s rigid
rod. His cock seemed even blacker in this dim light. Adam put his knees on
either side of Marcie’s legs, and I felt her body move as he pressed
himself into her pussy from behind. Once they were connected again, Marcie
leaned over my crotch and took my cock between her lips while her hand
fondled my nuts.

It was a prolonged coupling this time. Several times Marcie had to
withdraw her mouth from my cock as she concentrated on pleasureful orgasms
that were washing through her body. Then she resumed sucking my cock. I
could not believe how long Adam held out. Marcie finally elicited a full
eruption from my nut sack... and to my surprise... she held me within her
mouth as my nuts unloaded. This was a first for us!

I am sure my moans let Adam know that I had shot my wad. Shortly after
I finished, Marcie laid her head on my belly and I stroked her hair as Adam
began to increase the intensity of his drives into Marcie’s pussy again.
At one point Marcie dug her fingers into my chest as her body experienced
one more intense orgasm, just before I heard Adam announce that he was
about to come.

I felt Marcie push back against Adam’s invading cock as he pressed as
hard as he could... then they were both motionless as I heard an “Ahhh”
escape Adam’s lips. “Oh Marcie,” Adam finally exclaimed, “that felt so
good!” He slowly pulled out of her, gave her a kiss on her back, and we all
collapsed on the bed... obviously with Marcie again in the middle.

Soon all of us were asleep.

I am an early riser, so I awoke before either of them. I quietly got
out of bed, shaved, showered and dressed for work. When I came back into
the bedroom, Marcie’s eyes were still closed, but there was a broad smile
on her face. Although his eyes were closed too, obviously Adam was awake,
and had inserted his ebony love stick into my wife’s pussy from behind

I just said, “Have a good time. I’m heading for the office. See you
both later,” I said, as I kissed my wife on the forehead, and headed out
the door. Thinking about what had transpired over the previous 10 hours, I
smiled all the way to the office.

At noon I called home. Marcie answered and said Adam had just left.
She assured me she had enjoyed her morning in bed with Adam. That night we
made mad passionate love several times as we talked about what had happened
the night and morning before. Marcie wanted repeated assurances from me
that I was not jealous... and that everything was OK with me. I hugged
and kissed her, and repeatedly assured her of my love

I got a letter from Adam a few days later, thanking me our night with
Marcie, and for allowing him to enjoy my wife’s ‘special charms’ that
night. I showed it to Marcie, and had her respond to it for me. She
thanked him for letting her see how much fun it could be to have two guys give pleasure to her at the same time, and assuring him that I had enjoyed
myself as well.

As we have reflected on that night many times since, Marcie has added
little pieces of information each time. For instance, she told me that
prior to that night she had often secretly wondered what it would be like
to make love to a black man. And, she told me his skin texture was
different than mine, and that the subtle tactile differences made the
experience all the more erotic for her because those touches constantly
reminded her that someone other than me was exploring and filling her body.
Naturally she also liked the extra fullness that his thick cock gave her
pussy, and she said that when he came, the spurts within her were like
quick, searing bursts of a fire hose filled with very hot water.

Needless to say, that session with Adam changed our life together
dramatically. Over the next few years, Marcie met some guys at work, and
we have had other male friends with whom Marcie has gotten lots of
‘extra-guy’ fucking. But, it all started with the strip poker game that
evening with Adam.

Twice since that first night, Adam has visited us for weekend stays.
Marcie took full advantage of both visits. Each time both Adam and I spent
lots of hours in bed with her. I love having her suck me while I watch my
friend give her such pleasure. I really enjoy doing a ‘69’ with Marcie
while Adam fills her from behind. I sort of hold my hand against the
backside of his cock to keep it from springing out and hitting me in the
face during his ‘out-strokes,’ and I nibble, suck and lick Marcie’s clit
while he strokes in and out of her until she writhes in pleasure.

I have always enjoyed sharing Marcie with other guys. Usually I have
been able to be there and screw her while she sucks another guy, or I neck
with her while they drove their cocks into her receptive pussy. Sometimes
I just watch them have fun, and then enjoyed ‘sloppy seconds’ after they
leave. Somehow, a cum-filled pussy is extra erotic to screw...
particularly when it is your own wife, with another guy’s cum coating her
love tunnel.

There have been a few times when Marcie took advantage of our ‘open
marriage’ on her own, without me being there. She has always told me all
the details afterward. That is such a super turn-on for me. It always
leads to some intense love-making between Marcie and me.

Marcie and I learned early on that conventional monogamy was not
sufficiently fulfilling for us. Occasionally Marcie has made it possible
for me to enjoy a new partner too. Marcie likes to sit astride my stiff
up-turned cock while she watches me eat another gal’s pussy... or be eaten
by me while she feels another gal bounce up and down on my cock behind her.
We both agree that these special treats make for a sensually full and
enjoyable life. Three cheers for sex!


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