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I 102 JULIEt


Julie Gets Her First Black Cock

Linda slowly stroked my now-deflated cock as we lay in bed following
what had been a very lively, and very pleasant bout of fucking. Her small,
soft, white hands felt wonderful as she rubbed and stroked my black dick
and balls.

As she ran her hot hands over my body, she whispered that she wanted me
to fuck her cousin. It seems that her cousin was curious about black men,
and Linda felt that I would be the ideal black man to show her the joy and
pleasure of interracial fucking.

Before I could answer, she slid down and engulfed my rapidly-hardening
member in her hot mouth. As her tongue worked it's magic on my now-turgid
tool, I hurriedly answered that I would do it. With that she let my dick
pop out of her mouth, and promised me that I would not be sorry.

Once again taking my now throbbing meat into that sweet mouth, she
quickly brought me to a shuddering climax. As my balls emptied their load
into her mouth, she stroked them with her finger nails and greedily
swallowed my entire load.

Exactly one week after I agreed to fuck her cousin, Linda called and
asked me to come to her apartment. When I arrived, she greeted me at the
door and quickly led me into the bedroom where she introduced me to Julie.
Julie was lying on the bed, wearing only a bra, panties... and a wide
smile. My dick began to rise at the sight of such a sexy body, and I
couldn't wait to get my hands and mouth on her.

Linda introduced us. Julie got up, walked over, gave me a deep kiss,
reached into my pants and grabbed my dick... which by now was ready to
plow into her tight, white pussy. However, Linda's next statement
instantly caused my dick to go down like a flat tire. She told me that
Julie was fifteen years old.

I zipped-up my pants and quickly replied that there was no way that I
would fuck a fifteen-year-old girl. Visions of jail and lynching popped
into my head. The thought of a thirty-two-year old black man fucking a
fifteen-year-old white girl, was too much for me. I turned to leave, but
Linda grabbed me and began to re-unzip my pants. By the time she had my
dick in her mouth, my resistance was gone.

When Julie walked over to where I stood, Linda offered her my hot
throbbing cock. Julie knelt before me and took me into her mouth. The
feel of Julie's hot young mouth on my dick convinced me that I needed to
fuck this hot little vixen.

The two of them quickly disrobed me and led me to the bed. There they
took turns stroking and sucking my cock and balls until I was ready to
explode. Julie removed her bra and panties, allowing me to gaze at her
teenage tits and cunt. Her tits were like small oranges, with pretty
little nipples, and her cunt was covered with sparse blonde hair.

She offered me her tits, and I greedily began to suck on them while
fingering her rapidly moistening pussy. Julie said that she was ready to
fuck. She told me that she couldn't wait to feel my "big black dick
plowing into her" tight blonde fuckhole. She lay down and spread her young thighs for me... however Linda had other ideas.

Linda said that she didn't think that Julie was quite ready for my cock,
and she wanted to make sure that Julie was wet enough before I fucked her.
Lying between Julie's legs, Linda began to hungrily eat the teenager's hot
little pussy. As Linda's tongue snaked deep inside of her cunt, Julie's
body started to convulse... and she began to cum. She rapidly came two
times, and then begged me to slide my "hard black pole" into her.

Linda slowly removed her tongue and mouth from Julie's cunt and then
took my dick into her mouth to wet it. Once the head and shaft were slick,
she took my cock in her hand and guided me towards Julie's waiting pussy.

She placed the head of my eager cock near Julie's hole and then began to
simultaneously massage my nuts and Julie's fat little clit. Taking my dick
in my hand, I ran the head up and down the cleft of the teenager's leaking
pussy. The young girl was lifting her hips off the bed, trying to impale
herself on my rather-sizable black cock. Slowly I began to feed the hot
little vixen her first black dick.

As I slipped my cock head inside of her cunt, she gasped. Stopping for
a moment, I allowed her cunt to adjust to my size before easing another
inch of black pipe inside of her. For a moment, she wasn't so eager to
have my dick inside of her. As my big dick stretched her tender little
white pussy, she asked me to take it out.

Not wanting to make her first black fuck a bad one, I backed out until
only my cock head was inside Julie's young body. Once a smile had returned
to her cute face, I began to slowly stroke my cock head in and out of her,
while kissing her sweet lips. "I think it feel's better now," Julie
whispered into my ear. During this time Linda was fingering Julie's
asshole and telling her how wonderful it would feel when my cock was fully
buried inside of her tight hole.

The combination of my slow stroking and Linda's finger in her ass,
caused Julie to relax. "I want to feel more of you inside me," whispered
Julie into my ear as she nibbled it. I slowly slid about three more inches
of cock into her cunt. Then I stopped all movement and allowed her to
adjust to being so full of dick. Soon she began to grind and pump her
hips. I took this as my signal, and slid the final four inches of my dick
into her. Her eyes rolled back and a sensual "Ahhh" escaped her lips.

Once again I stopped moving and waited for her to adjust to being
stuffed. Linda told her that she now had eight inches of black cock buried
deep inside of her pussy, and Julie went wild. Thrilled at being able to
take so much cock, she began to fuck like a madwoman.

As her hips raised off the bed, I began to pump her cunt hard and fast.
Pulling her legs over my shoulders, I plowed deeply into her tight young pussy. When she felt my cock head hit her cervix, her body trembled and
she began to cum. Screaming for me to fuck her harder and faster, she
raised her hips up... meeting each of my thrusts.

Linda was now busy fingering her own sopping cunt. She told me not to
cum in Julie, because Julie wasn't using any type of protection. Besides,
she said she wanted my hot cum in her cunt. Julie had about five orgasms,
before she asked me to stop. Her pussy was sore and swollen from the
pounding of my sizable manhood.

Reluctantly, I eased my cock out of her teenage snatch, and quickly
buried it inside of Linda's quivering quim. Linda began to cum as soon as
my dick struck bottom. As she came, she screamed for me to fill her cunt with my jizz.

By this time, my nuts were tight and full, and I started pumping my
cream into her gripping hole. As the first squirts hit the back walls of
her cunt, she climaxed again. spurt after spurt splashed into her tight
hole, until finally I was drained, and I slowly withdrew my softening dick
from her cunt. As soon as I was out, Julie and Linda stretched out on
either side of me, their heads by my crotch... and they licked my cock
clean as I played with their pussies. Their cleaning tasks done, they
turned around and cuddled on either side of me as my arms held each of them
close to my chest... their firm breasts pressing into my sides.

As we lay together holding each other, I thanked the girls for taking
such good care of me. Julie grinned up at me, stretched upward to give me
a kiss... and thanked me for allowing her to sample black cock for the
first time.

Although Linda and I continued to fuck on a regular basis, this was the
only time that I fucked Julie, and I never saw her again.


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