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I 103 JENNYt


Peter, Jenny ... and Victor, Their Black Live-In Friend

By Jenny

I know it wasn't my husband Peter who put me in my present condition,
but it was he who made it all possible.

It was Peter who insisted we take in a lodger to help with the mortgage,
and insisted on it being a male. Our lodger turned out to be an
eighteen-year-old, black African named Victor, who was an exchange student
at the local school It was also Peter who decided to have a vasectomy two
years before. Otherwise, I would have been on the Pill.

It all started when Peter came dashing down the stairs one morning,
blurting out, "God! You should have seen what I've just seen! He's the
answer to a nymphomaniac's prayers!" Peter went on to tell me that he'd
just seen Victor naked in the bathroom. Peter said that Vic had the
biggest cock he'd ever seen. "I bet he'd make you eyes water!" said Peter.
"He'd have you on your knees begging for more." Little did he know just how
prophetic he was.

Peter had often said how much he'd like to see me being fucked by
another man. I'd never thought he was serious before, but when he said
he'd get a pack of condoms, he had me worried, concerned... and curious.
I'm twenty-five with two children. We've been married seven years. It was
a shotgun wedding. In that time, I could have given Peter his wish many
times, as I'd had lots of offers. I have nice long legs, and a good figure
(37-25-36), and my breasts are so firm that I don't need to wear a bra.
But despite all temptations, I stayed faithful.

Peter decided we should have a party for some of our friends, to
introduce Vic... and wanted me dressed to attract and arouse. He took me
shopping and bought me a tight, black, mini-skirt and a fancy see-through
blouse. He also insisted on buying sheer, black-seamed stockings, tiny
black briefs, and one of those fancy black garter belts. Then it was off
to buy a pair of four inch, stiletto-heeled shoes. Later, Peter went to
the drugstore and bought a pack of condoms.

On the way home, Peter told me that he'd overheard Vic telling his
fiends that he wouldn't mind screwing his sexy landlady and described how
he wanted to wrap her long legs around his back. My juices started to flow
at the thought.

The party was a great success, and I really enjoyed it. The boys, much
to the girls' dismay, kept ogling me, getting me all hot and horny.
Whether I walked or sat, my legs and tits were on constant display. I
enjoyed being stared at and being the center of attention for all those
handsome young men.

At the end of the evening, Peter offered to drive home those who lived
furthest away. Peter whispered to me, "I'll stay away as long as you want,
just leave the bedroom light on so I know he's with you. That way I won't
disturb you while you're doing it. The rubbers are beside the bed. Don't
forget them." Then he walked out, leaving me alone with Vic. My mind was
in a whirl.

Vic helped me tidy up, then I went to my bedroom. Sure enough, there
beside the bed was the pack of condoms with a note saying "Go on Jenny,
enjoy yourself." That was my moment of truth. All kinds of thoughts raced
through my head as I picked up that little carton. Could I make love to
Vic? Would I? What would it feel like having another man fuck me, and a
black man at that! I'd heard all the usual stuff about the enormous size
of black men's cocks. Was it true?

I'd been faithful to Peter for seven years -- surely one little fling
wouldn't hurt; after all, Peter wanted me to commit adultery. I finally
decided: No, I must remain faithful. It was a close call, and my body
trembled with the thought of what might have been: Vic between my legs with
his gigantic cock deep in my cunt. I put the condoms away, sat on the bed,
and unbuttoned my blouse. I had so nearly succumbed to my husband's
wishes... I felt queasy.

Just then, Vic knocked on the door. He had a very sad look, and so I
asked him what was wrong. He said his girlfriend left with another man that night. Not even thinking about my own partially-bare breasts, I made
him sit beside me and tried to comfort him. My motherly instincts took
over, and I cuddled him close. That was my downfall. I remember all that
Peter had said about Vic's big cock, and I turned to jelly between my legs,
flooding my panties with love-juices. The heat of Vic's body turned me on
even more, and I put my lips to his, pushing my tongue into his mouth and
halfway down his throat.

His hands went into my partially-open blouse, and I felt him fondle my
bare tits. I knew I was very close to finding out about his cock. My
stomach turned over as his hand went up my skirt. I could feel the juices
flooding out of my cunt and down my crotch. My tummy knotted up as his
hand gently eased my legs apart. His fingers slid inside my panties...
and onto my very, very wet pussy.

Vic lowered his lips to one of my bare breasts, sucking an erect nipple
into his mouth and gently chewing it. I felt myself cumming already. I
moaned and clutched his head as I parted my legs for him. He frantically
pulled my panties off and then kissed me on the lips, his eager tongue
twisting around mine. I could feel him taking his trousers off. As he
bunched my skirt up around my waist, I looked down and nearly fainted. He
wasn’t wearing any underwear!

His huge, black cock reared up with its gleaming knob poking from its
foreskin. I must admit that all thoughts of using a condom had flown from
my mind as he laid me back on the bed. I reached down, feeling his length,
and I eased back his foreskin. He was enormous -- I couldn't get my
fingers around its girth. "God!" I thought, "what have I got myself into

Victor guided his cock in between my quivering cunt lips. I trembled as
he pushed the fat knob into me. I raised my legs above his back as he sunk
in, stretching my cunt lips apart, already reaching places no man had ever
been before. He thrust in and out, sinking deeper into my pussy with every
push until finally his entire nine and a half inches (a fact that I learned
later) was in... to the hilt. Above the noise of my sobbing and
whimpering I could hear Vic grunting and groaning. His cock was sliding
smoothly in and out of my wet slit.

I exploded in a mind-boggling orgasm... as I felt his huge club pushing
deep towards my womb. What a climax that was as I writhed under Vic's
onslaught. Stars flashed before my eyes. I gasped and squealed as Vic
lifted my legs over his broad shoulders. I was panting as he heaved
himself against me, bucking with the pure pleasure his cock was giving me.

It was fantastic having such a large, powerful cock inside me, and I
felt a second climax building up in my stomach. When it hit me, I screamed
and clawed at Vic's back. It felt as if the whole world was spinning
round. It was SO wonderful. Even my nipples felt as if they were on fire.

Vic's thrusting got faster; jerkier and more violent. I was sliding up
and down the bed under his relentless pounding. Then his monstrous cock
started to throb and jump inside me, and I knew that he was about to come.
He plunged hard into me, and I came again as I felt his hot spunk pumping
out and going up into my womb.

He continued to deposit his virile seed deep inside me for what seemed
like several minutes. When he finally stopped pumping, I could feel his
heavy balls resting against the back of my thighs. It was then I
remembered about the condoms, but it was far too late to worry by that
point. And anyway, it had been a greater turn-on for me, to know that I
could get pregnant!

We lay together, his semi-hard cock still inside me. I had my legs
spread wide apart. I felt warm and satisfied as Vic ran his hands over my
thighs and stocking-tops. Our lips joined, and I sucked eagerly on his
tongue as my fingers twisted through his curly hair. I felt his cock
getting iron-hard inside me. It was frightening to feel the power in his
cock as he stared humping into me again, driving the breath from by body
with the force of his thrusts. I sobbed and sighed as I came again, my
whole body throbbing and tingling as I gave myself to him totally and
unconditionally. God, it was good!

Then my heart skipped a beat. We were no longer alone. Peter was
standing in the doorway, his eyes bulging as he took in the scene, his hand
a blur as he jerked-off his stiff cock. He had a dreamy look on his silly
face. I could see he was quite happy with the situation.

Vic rolled me over onto my knees and positioned my ass in the air.
Then, as a squelch escaped my lips, he drove his cock into my oozing cunt.
He'd seen Peter, and smiled back at him... seemingly not concerned about
Peter's presence. He didn't pause a bit as he drove hard into my
smoldering depths, making me gasp and arch my back. I don't think Peter
noticed that Vic wasn't wearing a rubber. Peter dropped to his knees and
kept right on jerking-off as he watched Vic's' cock thrusting in and out of
my gapping pussy. Vic reached around and felt my swinging tits, gently
rolling and squeezing my nipples between this fingers. I howled to another
orgasm as he stiffened against me, his spunk filling my overflowing cunt again. It made a sucking, squelching noise as he rocked to and fro, his
cock pistoning in and out, lubricated with our cum.

We collapsed on the bed... my cunt muscles involuntary contracting
around his wilting shaft, milking him to the last drop. We rolled over,
writhing together as we kissed. Vic's cock disengaged from me with a
liquid popping noise. He lay beside me, gasping. My hand went to his
limp, sticky cock, trying to coax it back to life. I looked over at Peter,
who was kneeling there with his eyes half closed and a blissful smile on
his face. He was holding his limp cock, and his spunk was running down
over his fingers. He'd seen everything, and had obviously enjoyed it
almost as much as Vic and I had.

"That was great, darling. Did you enjoy it?" Peter asked with a wink. I
winked back at him, then bent down to lick Vic's soft cock until it stared
to grow again. The knob end looked raw and angry, and, soon it burgeoned
into its full-blown glory yet again. I felt joyful in the knowledge that I
was to get even more of this cock. I was already addicted.

Suddenly, Peter cried out in dismay. He had finally noticed that Vic
wasn't wearing a condom. I'll always remember the expression on Peter's
face as he stared at Vic's naked cock, which was slimy with our combined
juices. I'm sure it will haunt Peter for some time, but it's his own
fault... he was the one who wanted to see Vic fucking me. He ran out of
the room for a few minutes to regain his composure.

With my body still filled with the passion of the moment, I lifted my
hips and arched my back to accept Vic's cock back into my cunt again. At
that point, I felt too good to care about anything else as he sank his full
length into me. As we fucked, I saw Peter come back in, and I knew
everything would be all right. He had a wild look in his eyes as he jerked
himself off in time with Vic's thrusts.

Vic and I fucked through the night, and I didn't even notice that Peter
had left us alone. The next morning on my way to the bathroom, I found
Peter in the spare room, nursing a raging hard-on. I took pity on him by
giving him a handjob as he fingered my oozing cunt. While holding Peter's
cock in my hand, I thought to myself how unfortunate it was that after
seven years of fucking Peter, I never experienced a cock bigger than his
slim six inches. But now, after fucking Vic, Peter's cock seemed rather
small and thin. Then, during the days ahead, I began to realize that each
guy's cock had it's own unique characteristics and benefits.

I never told Peter, but up to this time, his cock never even came close
to giving me the kind of pleasure that I had experienced with Vic's. On
the spur of the moment, I turned around and plopped my sore, sperm-filled
pussy on his face, smothering him with Vic's and my combined juices.
Almost immediately, he began spunking all over my hand. I continued to rub
my crotch all over Peter's face, and didn't dismount until he licked me
entirely clean... something he'd do many times in the coming months.

Peter and I talked it over, and we agreed that if I was pregnant, I
would have the baby. We never told Vic about our plans. Then I asked
Peter if he minded me continuing to fuck Vic until he left to return to his
country. Peter agreed, knowing he couldn't very well deny me the pleasure
of continuing to enjoy Vic's super-sized cock at this point. Peter asked
if he could watch and maybe even take a few photos with his Polaroid. I
said he could if he wanted... and if he kept the photos only between us.

Vic slept with me almost every night for the next six months, and it was
the happiest time of my life. Peter and I would usually fuck during the
afternoon after he got home from work Then Vic and I would head for bed
after dinner. Several times Peter joined us so he could watch Vic's giant
cock slide in and out of my pussy. On those nights, Peter would often hold
and cuddle me, and we would neck as Vic drove deep inside me.

Peter would usually jerk-off while Vic fucked me to a mutual orgasm...
and then Peter would eat my pussy while Vic rested, before moving me to
another position to fuck me again. Peter never complained. He knew this
was a very special pleasure I was enjoying. Sometimes I would reward Peter
by sucking him deep down my throat and milking his cock with my lips,
tongue and throat muscles as Vic drove his pole in and out of my pussy.
Other times Peter would eat me while I ate Vic.

Vic's cock was so large that I would never allow him to try entering my
ass. However, one time after I was VERY well lubricated by an hour or more
of fucking Vic, I invited Peter to lay behind me and drive his cock up my
ass. Then I invited Vic to lay facing me, and I guided his super-sized
tool back into my pussy. They made a "pressed-meat" sandwich out of me as
they eagerly began to press their groins against me and drive their cocks
into me in different rhythms, and I began gyrating my hips back and
forth... driving first one cock deeply into me, and then the other.

GAWD what a fantastic sensation to feel SO FULL as their two cocks
simultaneously slid in and out of my body. Our bodies began to sweat
heavily as Vic pressed his tongue deep in my mouth and sucked my lips to
his... and Peter reached around and played with my breasts while kissing
the back of my neck. When we finally all three came, it was like rocket
fire. Their two cocks expanded within me, driving me over the edge, and
generating a heat in my pussy that caused them to both explode nearly
simultaneously. After that, we just collapsed on the bed as we recovered
our breath.

When it was finally time for Vic to go back home, my stomach was swollen
with his child. It was a very tearful parting for me, but we hope Vic will
visit us again in the future. I'm looking forward to Vic's return... so I
can once again enjoy that extra large, iron-hard cock I've come to love so

In the mean time, Peter and I have begun to realize that my sex drive
requires the variety and intensity of being pleasured by multiple cocks.
Even in these last three months of my pregnancy, Peter has invited several
different guys to join him in fucking me to high levels of sexual

I am thankful that Peter has not suddenly reversed himself and become
jealous or something. He has told me that the first few days after we knew
I was pregnant, he began having self-doubts... knowing that Vic's
super-sized cock was pleasuring me so much, and knowing that our life had
surly changed. However, now that Vic is gone, Peter knows that he now
gives me pleasure in two ways... by regularly fucking and eating my pussy as we recall our times with Vic... and by "multiplying" my pleasure by
bringing extra guys for me to experience. Thus, Peter is again the center
of all my sexual fulfillment.

I love Peter very much. We may have some explaining to do in the years
ahead (with a black child in our family), but we are going to work it
through together. I have come to find special pleasure laying on my
husband's chest... running my tongue over his ears and down his throat as
another guy stands at the end of our bed and drives his cock into my
upturned pussy. I love having Peter's arms wrapped around me as I cum, and
as I feel the other guy explode inside of me.

Naturally we have to be gentle and careful during this stage of my
pregnancy, but at least we don't have to worry about rubbers during this
period. Several of the guys have said they had never before been allowed
to fuck the pussy of a pregnant woman... and it has been a special turn-on
for them. They love to feel my belly, and they tell me the inside of my
pussy feels pleasantly full.

Sometimes Peter lays next to me on the bed as I am sandwiched between
him and another guy... and the other guy gently fucks my pussy from behind
as Peter nibbles on my clit and tongues my pussy around the other guy's
entering and withdrawing cock. We always have a prolonged, slow, gentle
time of very satisfying sex after the other guy leaves. By this time I
usually have experienced several body-contracting orgasms... and am ready
for a gentler pace.


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