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I 105 JANEYt


Jungle Fever Threesomes!!!!

By John M.

My wife and I have a very good sex life. The foundation for our
adventurous sex life began just before we got married.

It was several months before our wedding, and we were hanging out pretty
regularly with Ron, a new friend of ours. We live in the Philly area, and
he was about two hours away; so when we saw him, it was usually on the
weekend, and he usually stayed over so we could maximize our time together.

One night, with nothing else to do, we decided to get drunk and watch
porno movies. My wife is a petite little brunette with deep blue eyes.
She has a very curvy figure, with 36" breasts that are accentuated by her
small frame. She has a very narrow waist and wide round hips that are just
amazing to be cradled in.

Anyway, we were drinking along fine, we were all lit up and the XXX
movies were playing on the TV. We were watching the movies in the
bedroom... since that is where our VCR was located... sitting on the bed
with Janey between Ron and me. Things got pretty quiet after a while. We
had stopped making jokes about the absurdity of the movie and I noticed a
few times that Ron's hand had slid onto Janey's legs.

Though she was drunk, she kept her composure and removed his hand very
politely each time. There was no embarrassment, but I noticed what was
going on, and I took Janey out of the room while Ron was switching tapes
and asked her if she wanted to do something 'wild.' She wasn't sure, and,
being drunk, she didn't want to act hastily, so she said that 'no,' she
didn't want to do anything like that (mostly I think she was scared that I
would react poorly if she said yes.)

The night ended uneventfully... but the seed had been planted.

There is a factor I haven't mentioned before... that I probably should.
You see, Ron is a black fellow. This is significant because my wife had
mentioned a couple times that she sort of had the fever and wanted to try
it sometime with a black guy.

The next morning, I woke up, slightly hung over and very very hard.
Janey had my dick in her mouth and was sucking for all she was worth (quite
a lot!). She didn't let me say anything, or do anything. She just kept
sucking and sucking. Bobbing her head up and down on my dick, licking and
stroking the shaft with her tongue. It wasn't long before I was at the
bursting point, and she felt my legs tighten up as I prepared to cum in her
sweet mouth.

An instant later it happened, and I was gushing my hot cream down her
throat... and she was swallowing it all. Janey continued to suck me until
I was completely dry. When she came up from my now limp dick, she planted
a cum-tasting kiss on my lips.

"Do you remember that thing we talked about last night?" she asked...
kissing me again.

"Which thing?" I asked.

"The thing with Ron." Janey replied.

"Yes?" I returned the big smile that was spreading across her face.

"I think I'd like to try it. Maybe later tonight. But I'm not sure."

"Well," I said. "Let me know when you're sure. It doesn't have to be
tonight, but if you want it to be, we can do that."

She kissed me again, and climbed on top of me, rubbing her slick, ready
cunt across my cock until it began to harden. I was surprised at how wet
she was. I slipped inside her and she quietly, slowly rode my cock until
she came.

The rest of the day we just hung out. Ron and I went to the book store.
When we got back in the early evening, Janey had put out a nice dinner for
us, had the music playing, and had the candles lit.

"What's this for?" Ron asked.

"Well," I said. "I think we have something we want to talk to you
about." I was watching Janey as I said this, and her eyes confirmed my

"It's about last night." Janey said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that," Ron said. "I was sort of getting a little
fresh. I shouldn't have been trying to touch you like that."

"Well, actually, I liked it." Janey said, smiling. "And Tom and I were
wondering if maybe the three of us could do a little something together."

"There would be some ground rules though," I said. I wanted to
reinforce my position as the fiancee. "I'm first," I explained. "You are
allowed only after I have." (I would realize later that I preferred it the
other way around, but hell, I was new to this.) We also agreed that I had
the authority to stop the proceedings at any time, and that there would be
no mouth kissing. Basically, we decided it was Janey's fantasy, but I
needed to be able to stop it if it became more than I could handle.

Ron agreed; and after dinner, Janey and I ran to the video store to pick
up some more video tapes with threesomes in them, for background and
possible inspiration.

"Are you going to do both of us at the same time like the girls do in
the movies?" I asked while we were in the car.

"I don't think I can handle that," Janey said. She told me she had
thought about it and would prefer to blow me, then Ron; then fuck me, then
Ron. I told her that was fine with me (I really wasn't going to protest...
I wanted to see this really badly).

When we got back, we found that Ron had showered, and was lying on our
bed in shorts, watching TV. We took his lead, and Janey and I each caught
a quick shower, and donned a few pieces of loose clothing. I had only
shorts on too, and Janey had boxers and a tee on.

We all climbed onto the bed together and started the video tape. We
watched for a few minutes and I noticed Ron rubbing his hand up and down
Janey's thigh. That night though, Janey didn't push his hand away.

Once the scenes on the tv got down to serious screwing, Ron and I both
turned our attention on Janey. We started kissing her face, and rubbing
her legs, me on her right and Ron on her left. She was squirming with
pleasure and was completely turned-on.

I slid my hand up her body and exposed her breasts. They were riding
high on her body and were very full and round though she was lying on her
back. Her nipples were very dark and crinkled hard with excitement and
anticipation. We began rubbing and sucking her tits... both of us at the
same time... and I thought she was going to go out of her mind.

Once both of us had clamped our mouths on a breast and started sucking,
her back arched and her breathing became loud and labored. I was holding
her shirt up, with my free hand and Ron was rubbing her pussy mound through
her boxers. She was getting really worked up. After a few moments I
removed her T-shirt, and Ron removed her boxers.

"Hey, I don't want to be the only one naked here," she said... pouting
a little.

That was our cue. Ron and I each lost our shorts and I was exposed to
the biggest dick I've ever seen. Now, you've got to understand that I come
in under the average mark. I'm nearly... but not quite... six inches. I
make up for it as best I can with stamina, an ability to cum multiple times
a night, and a golden tongue that doesn't tire. But Ron was 100% cock. He
was ten inches if he was one, and thick and wide and... well...
impressive. I don't spend a lot of time around other guys’ dicks, but I
must say, that I liked it instantly. Janey's eyes widened at the sight,
and I knew that she too was pleased.

We continued sucking Janey's beautiful tits and each of us brought a
hand to her swollen, wet, ready pussy. Ron brought his hand down from the
top and began to play with her clit, circling his fingers round and round
and increasing Janey's rate of breathing. I squirmed a hand under her
right leg, which she raised and spread for me, and slid a single finger
into her juicy hot cunt. I began to work it easily in and out of her slick
hole, moving slowly, not wishing to rush the moment.

In response, Janey grabbed each of our cocks and began to lovingly
stroke them, bringing them up to full hardness in just moments. She didn't
move quickly, and the sensation was amazing. I watched her pale white hand
moving up and down on Ron's enormous black cock, and it just made me even

Janey has a skill for not moving quickly, and for postponing her orgasms
as long as possible. Before we could even get her close to orgasming she
stopped us and rolled me onto my back. In an instant my cock was in her
mouth and she was sucking me lavishly. She rode her head up and down
slowly on my cock, savoring the taste and the sensation of having me in her

Ron moved around behind her as she knelt on the bed and began playing
with her pussy. He dipped his head down to start licking her, but she
pulled her face up off my dick and told him to stop. She wanted to do us
one at a time and didn't want to be distracted by anything. Ron agreed and
lay back on the bed, watching Janey's naked body as she returned to the job
of sucking me off. He began to slowly play with his huge cock while Janey
removed her mouth again from my cock.

Just about the best sensation I know is when Janey takes my balls in her
mouth and sucks them. She did this and I let out a low, slow moan and her
warm tongue encircled my testicles, and her lips gently pulled on my hot
ball sack. I was dripping pre-cum from my cock head, and when Janey saw
this, she brought her mouth back up onto my dick and started sucking again.

She was getting determined to get me off, I think she was anxious to get
to Ron's cock. Her pace picked up, and she sucked and licked harder and
faster. She brought her mouth up so just the head was inside and tickled
the underside of my cock head with her tongue. Then she dipped her head
down again and sucked hard. She repeated this motion several times until
she felt my legs starting to tense.

She knew I was starting to get close, and decided not to play around any
more. Janey made a decided effort to suck me clean off, and was bobbing
her sweet oval mouth and hollowed cheeks up and down vigorously on my pole.
She moaned a low hum from the back of her throat and the sensation made me
go wild. I tensed up as Janey continued to suck and I reached that point
where I could hold on no longer. I sent streams of hot cum down her throat
in spurt after spurt. It felt like I would fill her to bursting with my
hot white cream, but moments later I had stopped shooting and lay spent,
having had the wildest blowjob of my life... with my buddy right there

Ron was on his back before Janey had taken me out of her mouth, and he
lay half erect, with his penis up on his belly. Janey climbed over to him,
still on all fours, and without touching his cock with her hand, picked it
up in her beautiful, pouty lips, and sucked it into her mouth.

I had thought I was turned-on before, having a blowjob in front of a
friend, but that was nothing compared to watching Ron's chocolate cock
slide down my sweet baby's throat.

It had never been an issue before, since I am short in the cock
department... but I didn't know how much of him Janey would be able to
handle. My mouth hung open in astonishment and she began to work her way
down the long shaft of Ron's cock to the base where his short wiry pubic
hair was. She moved slowly, extending her lips, then using them to pull
his dick further and further into her mouth.

After about a minute of going a little farther, and then backing off,
and going farther again, she had ALL of Ron's cock in her mouth. I damn
near came just looking at it. She didn't look real comfortable... but she
actually did it. Ron just let out a satisfied sigh and watched Janey as
she came back up off his cock and moved to take his balls in her mouth.

Ron seemed to love this as much as I did, because he moaned again as
Janey nestled his malted milk balls in her mouth. She took them out and
just ran her tongue all over them, then dipped her head below his balls and
licked behind them toward his ass.

Janey rarely went that far with me, and to my asshole on only a few
occasions. But Ron lifted up and I saw her crane her neck for a better
angle as she tongued his dark puckered ass. I knew then that Janey was
really enjoying herself.

She didn't do this too long though... and soon Ron's cock was back in
her mouth and she was sucking him seriously. Her head was moving faster
and faster, up and down she would go, sucking hard on his big black dick,
her cheeks hollow from the suction. Then she'd pull his dick out of her
mouth and slide her tongue up and down the shaft lewdly, catching me out of
the corner of her eye as I played with my cock and watched.

Ron seemed a little embarrassed about cumming in my fiancee's mouth and
was really trying to hold back. But he couldn't hold out forever. After
just a few minutes of really sucking and bobbing, Janey brought Ron off,
and he shot jet after jet of hot semen down her throat.

Janey took her mouth off Ron's hot cock and moved quickly over to me.
She kissed me hard, pushing her cum covered tongue in my mouth before I
could move. I returned her kiss, tasting Ron's semen in her mouth. I was
fully-hard almost instantly, and I rolled her onto her back for a good

This was the point where things got really wild for me. I slipped my
cock into her wet and ready cunt... and started fucking her steadily. She
was giving back as good as she got, and I was pretty pleased with myself
that I was doing a good job. Ron came over at this point, and dangled his
cock above Janey's head. She lifted herself up on one elbow, and with her
other arm pulled Ron's big black dick to her mouth. Her cheeks instantly
hollowed down around his long shaft as she began sucking.

I had remembered what she had said... that she didn't think she would
do both of us at once... and the sight of it drove me out of my mind. I
was fucking her faster and faster as she sucked Ron's hard dick and slurped
her lips up and down the shaft. In just a matter of moments, I was
shooting a full load into her hot pussy, coming as hard as I ever had.
Moments later, I was soft and Ron was taking my place.

Ron didn't want things to be mundane for Janey, so he rolled her over
onto her hands and knees and slid into her from behind; doggy style.

He was going at her real good, when I got an idea. I had them shift
around, so Janey's ass was off the edge of the bed, and I was lying under
her. We were in a perfect sixty-nine position, and Ron was able to stand
at the edge of the bed, come in right behind her, and fuck her pussy from
the rear. Meanwhile, Janey sucked my now-hardening cock again, and I
licked her clitty while Ron pumped her cunt.

This was working out very nicely, and as Janey sucked me off, I started
to feel a little adventurous. I lifted my head up off the bed further and
I let my tongue run along the bottom side of Ron's cock shaft. I was
really turned-on because Janey didn't know that I was doing it, and Ron was
enjoying himself far too much to do say anything. We all went on like this
for some time... Ron fucking, Janey sucking me, and me licking Janey and
Ron both... when it happened.

Ron zigged when he should have zagged and his dick fell right out of
Janey's pussy. I opened my mouth wide and nodded to Ron. He had thought
to put himself right back inside her, but was willing to go along with what
I wanted. A second later, I had Ron's huge black cock sliding down my
throat. I started sucking and trying to keep my teeth off him (ladies I
must bow to your skill at this, I never knew how difficult it was) and I
was slurping like a pig in slop.

When Janey heard this she knew what I was doing, but she didn't stop to
look. She hunkered down on my dick and sucked like an inhuman machine. I
mean it, in all my life I never had my dick sucked so hard or fast. She
was a high RPM engine in the red. I was so turned-on from watching Janey
and Ron fuck, and more so with his dick in my mouth, that combined with her
sucking... I came hard within the next ten seconds. I started to lose
myself and Ron pulled out before I hurt him.

He got back inside Janey and continued fucking her. She had gotten
pretty jazzed out by hearing me suck cock, and not being able to see it,
that she started to come shortly after Ron got back inside her. I don't
know what she was doing with her cunt muscles at this point... but she
milked Ron hard, and soon he was coming too. It was amazing. We all came
within the same minute I think, and afterward we were pretty spent.

I took some time to eat Ron's cum out of Janey's pussy and give her a
pleasant floating orgasm from having my soft tongue instead of a hard cock
massaging her pussy.

We took a break after that for about an hour. We ate, drank a little,
and all took showers again. We went at it again later that evening for
another couple of hours. Fucking and sucking and watching and switching
positions. We all totally enjoyed ourselves... and Janey made it clear
that this was a special experience she WOULD want to enjoy again.

A few months later, Ron was my best man at our wedding. In the past two
years Ron has visited us several times... and we have often repeated the
pleasures of that first encounter.

One time Ron told me he had a friend who he thought Janey would enjoy.
Ron and I made arrangements for Joe... his friend... to join us after Ron
and I had Janey really worked up. We stopped, moved away from her and told
her that this time she would have to wear a blindfold. She was a bit
curious, but agreed to comply. When we were sure the blindfold was
securely tied, Ron excused himself to go to the head... and quietly went
out to get Joe. Ron had Joe strip in the living room, and quietly brought
Joe into our bedroom.

Ron said, "Janey, I have a surprise for you." With that, Joe (without
saying anything) lay down between Janey's legs and started to suck on
Janey's clit. "I really like that Ron," said Janey... as she began to
moan. Meanwhile I was sucking one of her tits and caressing her. Ron
quietly stood off to the side so Janey would not know it was not him
between her legs. Soon Janey clamped her legs around Joe's head and shook
in her first orgasm of the night.

When Janey began to regain her composure, she said, "Ron, your hair
feels different tonight." With that, Ron moved over to the bed while Joe
continued to lick Janey's pussy. Ron bent over and took Janey's other tit
in his mouth. This was Janey's first clue that she actually had three guys giving her attention.

"Who's got my tit in their mouth," she asked. Ron and I both chimed out
together "I do!"

"Then who's doing those wonderful things to my pussy?" she asked.

Joe took his lips away from her pussy long enough to say, "It's me...
Joe!" "But I don't know any Joe," Janey replied. "You do now," I said.
"Do you like what he is doing?"

"YESSS," said Janey, as she relaxed again and began to revel in the
triple attention she was getting. I temporarily moved out of the way and
let Joe lay next to Janey so she could run her hands over his muscular
build, and acquaint herself (the Braille way) with his cock.

Ron moved down and raised her legs over his shoulders, then he gently
slid his cock into her pussy. I took his place sucking the breast which he
had left. Joe moved up so Janey could use her lips and tongue to get to
know his cock better. "I like what I feel," she said... "at both ends!"
Soon she was sucking Joe in earnest as Ron drove his large black cock
deeply into her, and I continued to suckle her breast.

She let go of Joe's cock long enough to let out a loud moan as she went
over the top for a second time... and Ron spilled his first load deep
within her.

After she had regained her composure, she asked if she could see her new
lover. "No," we all three said together. She giggled a bit and said that
if she had to remain blindfolded, could she suck me as Joe introduced his
now-hard cock to her pussy. Quickly Joe complied and moved to the wet spot
between her inviting, outstretched legs. He used Ron's juices to lubricate
himself before sliding in. Meanwhile Janey reached out for my cock and
brought it to her mouth. She sucked me like a wild woman as Joe soon
brought her to a third orgasm.

We all relaxed again for awhile... still not letting Janey remove her
blindfold. Ron had been stroking himself as he lay beside Janey. Finally
Ron asked her to sit on his cock, facing him. For a few minutes she slid
herself up and down on his rod. Then he pulled her toward him and she lay
on his chest with her pretty ass up in the air... still impaled on his
cock. I moved behind her and used her juices to moisten my finger... and
soon had it buried in her ass. She said it felt great... but wondered if
she could take my cock in her ass while she had Ron in her pussy. It
didn't take me long to get the message.

While Janey held herself still... with Ron deep inside her... I
lubricated my cock and started rubbing it up and down the crack between her
ass cheeks until I finally pressed the head of my cock into her back door.
She let out a breath of air as I entered... and then began pushing back on
me... drawing me all the way into her body. What a tight feeling. I
could feel Ron's cock almost next to mine.

"Where's Joe?" said Janey. "Right here," said Joe as he lay back on the
bed with his cock near her face. She leaned her head away from Ron's body
to take Joe's cock into her mouth... and was being serviced by all three
cocks at the same time as Ron and I slowly stroked in and out of her lower

Briefly pulling her head off Joe's cock she said, "God this feels great.
I feel Sooo FULL... and Sooo good." She went back to sucking Joe as Ron
and I increased the tempo of our thrusts. I could feel Ron's cock swell
within Janey's pussy, generating more heat against my cock. All of a
sudden I could feel his cock spasm as he shot into her. That caused Janey
to moan around Joe's cock... and it caused me to speed up my thrusts into
her up-turned ass.

About that time Joe said he was about to come, and Janey reached out to
grasp his balls as she sucked even harder. Joe's body quivered as he shot
his load into Janey's mouth, and Janey let go of his cock and screamed out
that she was coming. Ron's now-somewhat limp cock was still in Janey's
pussy... and starting to come back to life as I felt my own orgasm begin
to hit. Ron thrust up as I pressed down, and Janey was pressed firmly
between us as she and I came together.

Joe slipped out of the room, got dressed and left as we lay on the bed,
recovering from the wild session. By the time we let Janey remove her
blindfold, Joe was gone.

Janey never did meet Joe... but as she says "he sure did a good job
'meating'” her.

She was sore for a few day after that session, and although she said she
totally enjoyed the experience, she says she prefers just having two guys at once. Ron and I (and occasionally me and another one of our male
friends) have continued to periodically fulfill Janey's wishes on this

Most of the time Janey and I have great sex just the two of us
together... often talking about the times with Ron or the other guys...
as an enhancement to our mutual pleasure. However, we have found that
every few months we like to get wild. Janey gets "doubled" attention...
and I get to enjoy watching her and sharing with her as she experiences
heightened levels of sexual fulfillment.

I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that she is being so well
"serviced," getting sexual variety within the context of our marriage, and
knowing that she will shower me with gratitude for weeks to come
(literally), after each such session. Also, I truly enjoy holding her in
my arms, necking with her, and kissing all over her body as Ron or one of
the other guys are buried deep in her pussy, giving her those special
orgasms. When they leave, she cuddles in my arms with a smile of total
satisfaction as we drift off to sleep together.


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