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I 106 MARYt


Can My Husband Watch?

This is a true story that contains accounts of interracial sex. If you

under 21 years of age, and/or if contents of the above mentioned nature

offend you; please do not read this account.

"Can my husband watch?" That was the question she asked after I said
that I would be more than happy to fuck what she had described as her
“tight, shaved pussy.”

We had met through a computer bulletin board, online. When I checked my
e-mail one afternoon, there was a note from Mary. It simply said, "I need
sex, e-mail me." Not wanting to be too hasty, I checked her profile. She
described her self as a married blonde who was bi-, and loved to fuck black

Needlessly to say my cock jumped at the thought of getting into her
tight little blonde snatch. In answering her e-mail, I replied "Name the
time and place." After a couple of days and e-mail exchanges, we met online
and agreed to meet in person at her apartment. My dick was rock hard, when
she asked if her husband could watch me fuck her. I readily agreed, and
left for her apartment.

Mary met me at the door wearing only a robe. She was a sexy-looking
little blonde with a cute face and nice body. Moments later, her husband
Bob entered... and she introduced us. She immediately begin to kiss me,
and said that her pussy was ready for some black cock. She took off her
robe to reveal that she was totally nude underneath.

The first thing that I noticed was that her snatch was shaved. I took
off my clothes and begin to suck on her sweet nipples. I took the left
breast and Bob took the right one. Soon Mary was begging me to sink my big
black cock in her tight cunt. Her pussy looked so delicious. The lips
flared out like flower petals.

Mary lay out on the sofa, and I placed the fat head of my cock at the
opening of her pussy and begin to rub her clit and pussy lips with it. Bob
continued to play with her breasts while stroking his hard cock. Her pussy was soaking wet, and she begged for my stiff black meat.

I lifted her hips off the sofa. She took the head of my dick into her
pussy and screamed for me press it all in... and to fuck her. My long
black pipe was rock hard... and I used my own spittle to lubricate the
shaft... and begin to slowly pump it into her. Her pussy was tight, and
it took several minutes for me to work the entire length of my cock into
her. Bob was enjoying the whole scene, and was slowly stroking his cock
while I eased my black cock into his wife's tight pale pussy.

Finally I had my meat completely inside her pussy... and I began to
fuck her hard and fast. Mary told me she liked being fucked hard... so I
kept ramming her tight, white pussy until the sofa began to squeak loudly.
Bob encouraged me to fuck her good as he rubbed his cock and stroked her

Finally Mary began to cum. She screamed so loud that I was afraid that
she would bring her neighbors running to her door. As she was cumming, she
told me that she wanted my cum inside her. She said, "I need the cum from
your big black cock inside my pussy." Not wanting to displease the lady, I
let go a blast of cum, spraying the insides of her tight pussy. I pumped
my cum deep inside of her. As she felt my dick pumping it's load into her;
she began to cum again. Her pussy seemed to clench even more tightly
around my cock as I kept squirting inside her hot box.

Mary kept screaming, "Don't stop! Fuck me. Don't stop." She was so hot
and sexy. Since my dick was staying hard, I continued to fuck that tight,
white hole as long as I could. Her hot little hands were all over my black
body, urging me on... as she screamed through several more orgasms.

About 25 minutes after I first sank my cock into her sweet, bald snatch,
I let her have a second load of cum from my ebony balls. Her cunt was
soaked with her juices and my cum... and I was dripping with sweat from
fucking so hard and long.

After cumming a second time, I pumped her cunt for several more minutes
and coaxed another orgasm out of her. By this time we were both exhausted
and it was time for me to leave. I got dressed, and Bob shook my hand and
thanked me. Mary gave me a deep, passionate kiss, squeezed my cock through
my pants, and told me that she felt truly fucked.

Later she sent me an e-mail and told me that after I left, she let Bob
eat my cum out of her soaked cunt, and she had three more orgasms. I can't
wait for our next meeting. She is going to try to arrange a threesome with
one of her female friends.

I hope you enjoyed this account of my real-life experience.


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