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I 124 TERRIt


Hooked On Black & Big

Received on 2/9/00

Dear Joan;

I must tell you about last evening. We were having our living room
carpet cleaned. The guy doing it was about 26 or 27 years old... a real
sexy looking black guy. He is about 6’ 2” tall, and maybe 200 pounds...
very good looking, and VERY black.

As I watched him work, I began to wonder what he would be like in bed.
Just then, my husband came home. I greeted him with a long wet kiss, while
rubbing of myself against him. He looked at me, wondering what was going
on. I said, “Go in the living room!” He greeted Gil (the guy cleaning our
carpets), came back with a huge smile and said, “Are you thinking what I
think you are thinking?” I said, “If you don’t mind, I will go upstairs and
change.” I don’t think he believed I would do this.

I came back down wearing a red satin robe that buttons down the front,
and comes to just above my knee. Under that I had on just a pair of
off-black thigh highs, and a pair of 4” open-toed and back-less heels. I
had only the middle button of the robe buttoned, so that when I bent
forward, my tits we plainly visible. And, if I sat and crossed my legs,
the tops of the thigh highs would show, along with a little bit of thigh.

I meet my husband at the bottom of the stairs. He was all smiles, and
said, “I can’t believe it... you are really going to go through with it.”
I said, “Yes, I believe I am really ready.” He asked what he should do. I
told him to come into the living room in a few minutes and sit off to the
side, until I asked him to join us.

I walked over to Gil. He had just finished packing up his machine. I
went right up to him, put my arms around his neck, and kissed him full on
the lips. I think he was in shock. He said, “Lady!!!” I said, “Don’t you
want me?!?” He glanced over to where my husband was sitting. “I said,
“Don’t worry about him... We share.” My husband got up, came over, and
assured Gil that it was OK... that we do indeed share (even though this
was really our first time).

I told my husband to get us some drinks and to put on some nice soft
music, which he did. I said, “Gil... lets sit on the sofa, have our
drinks, and get to know each other.” My husband came back with a bottle of
white wine and three glasses. Tom poured the wine, and I said in a toast,
"Here’s to a new friendship." We clinked glasses and began to enjoy our

I asked Tom if he would mind sitting over in the far corner, while Gil
and I got to know each other. Without any hesitation, my husband moved to
the other side of the room. I asked Gil if he would like to dance with me.
He said, “Sure!” We danced, and I made sure he knew I had nothing on under
my robe. I also began kissing him and letting him feel my tongue. He did
the same. Then I felt his had on my ass, pulling me into him.

I took his hand from my waist and put it inside my robe... on one of my
tits. He smiled and immediately began rolling my nipple between his
fingers. I then opened the last button on my robe. He pulled it open, and
began rubbing both of my tits. Then he reached down and felt my bush
(which is quite thick). I said, “Maybe we would be more comfortable on the
sofa.” We sat back down and continued kissing. He kept one hand on my
nipple and with the other he began searching for my clit. I glanced over
at Tom who by then had his cock out. He was jerking it like mad.

After a few minutes, I suggested to Gil that maybe we should go up to
the bedroom. He agreed. As we walked past Tom, I asked if he was coming.
My husband was up there before Gil and I were! We came into the bedroom
and Tom already had the covers down. I said, “Tom get the chair and sit by
the side of the bed and watch... until I need you.” I removed my robe
completely and knelt in front of Gil. He was sitting on the end of the
bed. I removed his shoes and socks, then had him stand. Then I took off
his shirt, opened his pants, and took them off him.

That’s when I realized how big his cock might be, by the size of the
tent in his jockey shorts. WOW! When I pulled his briefs down, out it
popped. It was easily 10 inches long, and as thick as my own wrist! I
held it in my hand and just admired it for a while. This was the first
cock (other than my husband’s) I had seen in over 20 years, since I met and
married Tom. I was mesmerized. I finally leaned over and kissed the head
of it... and began licking it. I wanted it all in my mouth, but it just
wouldn’t fit. I could only get about two or three inches past the head.

As I was doing this, I heard my husband moaning. I looked over and I
saw him shoot his load all over his hand. Gil was pumping my mouth some,
but I asked him to stop and let me get on the bed. He did... and he
spread my legs and began to kiss and lick my inner thighs until he got real
close to my pussy. Then he just started blowing his hot breath on my cunt.

I reached down and held his head (he was bald, shaved). I moved my
pussy tight against him. He searched my pussy with his tongue, found my
clit, took it between his teeth and bit it a little. I was flowing like a
waterfall by this time. His tongue was going into places where none had
ever been before. He raised my legs over his shoulders and began to lick
my ass (which my husband has done only maybe five times in all our years
together... and I don’t remember the last time).

I must have cum at least three times while he ate me. Finally he
lowered my legs and knelt between them. He began to rub his cock up and
down over my pussy. I asked my husband to undress and to come sit next to
me... and hold my hand... which he did. I asked Gil if he would let Tom
help him put his cock into me. He said, “Sure!” Tom was kinda surprised I
had asked that, but he took hold of Gil's stiff cock and put the head in my
pussy, as Gil used his hands to spread my pussy open.

I never had anything so big in me before! He was quite gentle though.
He gave me a few inches and then partly withdrew. Then he gently pressed
his cock into me... never quite withdrawing all the way. After about five
times, he had it all inside me, and began pumping in a nice slow gentle
way. I felt like my pussy was packed to the limit! I was flowing like a
river. I know I was moaning.

All this time Tom was holding and kissing me, and telling me how much he
loved me. By now I was used to Gil’s size, and I began moving my hips into
him. I guess that was a signal to him. He began fucking me in earnest.
His pumping became harder and faster. I kept up with him, asking for more.
I kept telling him, “Please don’t stop... keep fucking me.”

I heard Tom telling him to give it to me good... to fill my pussy.
That drove me over the edge again, and I felt my whole body shake as I
came. Then I felt Gil stiffen up and pump real hard. I felt his first
spurt splatter inside me. It was so wonderful! He just kept cumming and
cumming. I felt his juices start to leak out of me.

We continued to pump each other for at least five minutes after he came.
He never seemed to lose his stamina. I felt like I was on top of the
world! Finally he pulled out. I told him that I wanted to clean him off. I
raised my head. Tom again took hold of his cock, and this time he placed
it in my mouth. I licked and cleaned all of our mixed juices off his cock.

After my mouth and tongue had worked over his cock for a few minutes, he
said that he would like to take a shower, that he had to leave because of
another appointment. But, he gave us his home number, and his beeper
number, and said he would love to come back again. Needless to say, after
he left Tom and I went at it like two school kids!

Tom couldn’t wait to go down on me and to clean me out before he fucked
me. He must have told me 2000 times how much he loved me for what I had
done. He also said that watching this experience had been really special,
but that I never had to do it again, if I didn’t want too. Is he crazy or
what? I am hooked. I am sure we will be seeing more of Gil REAL SOON!
And, who knows what after that.

Love Terri

Received from Terri on 2/24/00

Hi Joan;

Thanks for the stories you sent. I really enjoyed them. They present
some new ideas. Any time you want to send more, please do. As you know, I
am now addicted to cocks that are black and big!

As to ‘Why Gil,’ well... in our fantasizing about bringing another guy
into our love-making, my husband always brought in the black possibility.
Then when he contacted Gil about cleaning our carpets, he started giving
our fantasy a name and a face. Then he brought home a picture of Gil.
That’s when we decided to really do it. Tom said he would try to get a
look at Gil's cock somehow. He invited Gil to play tennis with him. After
the game they showered, and Tom got a good look at Gil’s cock. When he
came home he told me how big Gil was, and that he would have Gil clean our
carpets... and see what might develop... if I really wanted him to. I
said, “Lets do it.” The rest you know.

As to the next time... it was the following week. Gil asked Tom if we
would be interested in meeting with him and his brother... who by the way
turned out to be just a big as Gil... but at 22 yrs old, he could fuck all
night long.

They arrived about 10 pm on Friday night. I was wearing my thigh highs,
a garter belt, and my four-inch open-toe heels... and a very sheer white
robe. I answered the door, and Gil introduced me to his "baby" brother Roger. As soon as the front door was closed, I went right down on my knees
and opened Roger’s pants. I took out his cock (which was kinda soft at the
time and seemed to be only about 6 inches). I took it in my mouth. The
poor guy didn't know what happened.

While I was blowing him, Gil undressed him the rest of the way. Tom was
videoing the whole scene. We then moved to the den and over to the sofa. I
stayed on my knees and continued sucking Roger. I was amazed at how huge
his cock had grown as I sucked on him. It didn't take much longer until he
filled my mouth with a large load. He came for what seemed like minutes,
but I am sure it wasn't. He really filled my mouth. I tried swallowing it
all, but it was just too much. It dripped down my chin right on to my
tits. I scooped it up anyway. I think I got it all.

I then proceeded to suck Gil who was as hard as a rock from watching us
(and by the way, so was Tom). As I was sucking Gil, I heard Roger moaning.
I looked over and saw Tom, my macho husband, on his knees cleaning Roger’s
cock. That made me all the more horny! I began sucking Gil like I was
possessed. I made him cum in about 2 minutes... and got another big load
in my mouth and across my face.

I moved my husband out of the way and straddled Roger's mammoth cock,
which was sticking straight up. I just sat down and took into me all of
Roger’s cock (which had now grown to about ten inches of thick manhood). I
heard Gil ask Tom if he wanted to clean his dick. I looked over to see my
husband doing just that! I rode Roger’s cock for a good ten minutes, until
I felt another load flood my cunt. (Geez my panties are getting wet
telling you this.)

About this time Gil said, “Lets go to the bedroom.” I needed no
pushing... I may have run. We got on the bed, and in simple
missionary-style, Gil fucked me. His cock went in so easily this time.
Obviously, I was well lubricated by this point! He hit bottom on the first
stroke. I was in heaven. He is so gentle, and he has such staying power.
He must have fucked me for a good twenty minutes before he came.

Then he had me get up, and he asked his brother to lie down on the bed.
Gil had me get on top of Roger. Again, that huge cock slid right in.
Roger was not as gentle as Gil. He quickly began pumping up into me. Gil
told Tom to come over to the bed and to spread my ass cheeks apart, and to
lick my ass hole. When Tom did this, it sent me over the top again for
maybe the 5th time.

When Tom had my ass nice and wet, Gil inserted one of his fingers in and
he began fingering my ass (which by the way hadn’t been fucked in quite a
while). He went from one finger to two... and then told Tom to go find
the KY lub. Gil used it on my hole, and had my husband put the KY all over
his cock. Then he instructed my husband to guide his cock into my ass. I
must say, it hurt like hell! But again, Gil was very gentle.

Meanwhile, Roger was pumping me like mad... until Gil told him to ease
up. Then I felt Gil's cock slide into me... all the way in. He just left
it buried there, until I got used to being so full (Two 10” cocks inside me
at once! I never thought it could be!).

Gil then told Roger to stroke slowly... like he was. Roger followed
his brother’s instructions, and the two guys alternated gentle strokes in
and out of me. They lasted in me for maybe 8 or 10 minutes. Finally Roger
pressed himself deeply up into me... and came with a roar! That set off
both Gil and me. I nearly blacked out as I felt Gil fill my backside.
What a wonderful climax!

At about 1 am, Roger left. Gil and I went back down to the den with
Tom. We drank some wine and had a snack. I asked Gil to stay over night...
and he agreed. I asked Tom to use the guest room. He was a little put out
at first, but he finally agreed... after I sucked him off one more time.

Gil and I went back upstairs to the bedroom and got into bed. We fucked
most of the night. In the morning I heard Tom rattling dishes around
downstairs. I woke Gil by sucking him off. After he came all over my
face, we got into the shower and (while washing) we fucked again right
there in the shower stall with the warm water flowing over us. I got a
robe of Tom's for Gil, and put on my sheer black one.

We went down stairs and found that Tom had prepared a huge breakfast for
us. I thanked my husband with a blow job at the table after breakfast.
With that he told Gil and me that we could go back upstairs and enjoy
ourselves while he cleaned up. He reminded me that he had several things
to do that day, and we should just relax and “enjoy!”

Gil and I spent most of the day in bed... fucking and sucking each
other. Later Tom fixed us a great dinner. Gil left after we had all
eaten... but not until after I rode his magnificent cock one more time


Your Friend (I hope)


PS You have my permission to carry this story in your library for
sending to anyone. Just don’t use my e-mail address.


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