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I 125 JANETt

Her story of Her First Sex With A Black Guy

Date: 9/10/00

My entry into the world of sex with a black partner took a while to
happen, but when it finally did....!

My husband Pete and I have been into some swinging for several years.
We'd also included other men in our sexual lives, but none had been black.
We started reading online stuff about white women enjoying sex with black
guys, and I found myself very excited.

I'd fuck my husband's brains out after reading some of the stories -
pretending he was our friend Andy. Andy is a 30-something black man who
lives near us. We were friends from when I was in graduate school.

Andy had periodically visited us to join us and friends in our hot tub.
He usually wore a tiny black Speedo suit that bulged impressively. Once,
when things got a little looser and the suits came off, I saw his big,
black cock - like nothing I'd ever seen before. From that point on, I
worked to sample black sex.

I started to fantasize out loud with Pete about Andy fucking me, and me
sucking his cock. To my surprise, Pete asked: "Would you like to fuck
Andy? I know he's interested in you from the way he oogles you whenever
we're together." I took the risk and said, "Yes!" To my surprise, my
husband was as enthusiastic as I was! Seems he really wanted to see me
fuck a black guy to see if the experience was anything like we'd read.

We set up an evening with Andy and a few other friends to use our hot
tub, and to have a few drinks and to unwind. We let the evening go at its
own pace, but kept the liquor flowing. Finally, we got down to the point
where there were only Pete, Andy, myself... and Alan and Fran.

We'd carefully planned to manipulate things so that only Andy was left.
So, I casually suggested that hot tubing with suits on was like fucking
with a condom - not the real thing! And, I took off my suit. Pete and
Andy followed suit. Fran and Alan decided they'd better leave at that
point, so we were finally alone!

I climbed out to refill everyone's drink, being careful to give Andy a
closeup look at my shaved pussy. While I was gone, Pete was seeing if Andy
was interested in sampling my pussy.

When I returned, I found myself between Pete and Andy. Then I felt a
hand on each thigh, gently pulling my legs open. Peteís hand was one of
them, and my husbandís was the other. I opened my legs and smiled at my
husband. He smiled and nodded, then moved his hand to my tits, playing
with my nipples. That was very exciting to me. I think I moaned.

Then I felt a hand brush my pussy lips, and a finger penetrated me. I
looked at Andy. He leaned forward, and I placed my hand behind his head
and pulled him to my mouth for a deep kiss. Our tongues played with each
other while he stroked my pussy and Pete teased my tits.

With my free hand, I reached for Andy and found that the big cock I'd
glimpsed earlier was bigger than I had thought. Not huge, but about 8" and
thick - I didn't measure it. Andy kissed me deeper, and thrust his hand
into me further - then he just took charge.

Andy said: " Come with me" and led me out of the tub to our family room.
He laid me down on the carpet, and I could see his black snake standing out
from his body like a big black rod. But, Andy wouldn't let me touch him -
he told me to spread my legs - I was going to be loved and fucked and
sucked like I'd never been before. He also told Pete to watch as he showed
us his version of how to pleasure a woman.

Andy then lowered his head to my pussy, and what felt like the widest
tongue passed over my cunt lips. He used that tongue to stroke my cunt lips, and tease my clit and fuck into me. I've never felt a tongue like
that - it was like a big warm soft vibrator, sending shivers through me!

I felt him fingering my ass, and stroking my ass and legs. He teased me
for what seemed like hours, probing my ass with his fingers, stroking my
pussy with his tongue and his hand - I came twice and hadn't even touched
his cock yet.

Then Andy moved to straddle my head, and he fed his big cock to me.
I've never felt such a hard hot cock in my life! It was like it was made
of steel, it was so hard - and it was hot - really hot. I sucked his rod
for dear life - for the first time I started to get an idea of what black
sex is all about.

I was like an animal, thinking of nothing but that cock and my pleasure.
I wanted to empty that cock and taste the sweet cum it produced, but Andy
wouldn't let me. Without becoming dominant, he became very aggressive and
was in total charge of the situation.

He told me to open my legs and get ready to be fucked for real. Then he
put the head of his cock at my pussy opening, and slowly worked its length
in. God - it was big and thick and hot - and I thought it was going to
come out my mouth! Andy fucked me that way for a long time - fast - slow,
soft - hard, long and short strokes - I went off like a rocket - over and

Then Andy told me to get on my knees so he could fuck me deeper! I
could barely support myself. Then I felt a strong hand wrap around my
belly and hold my hips in place while that big cock slid into my cunt again. And it was deeper - as promised.

I couldn't believe the feeling of that big hard cock fucking my pussy -
hard and hot like a poker. I just went off again and again and again. I
think I even lost track of what was happening, because I felt Andy probing
my ass. I'd never let a guy fuck me there, and I tried to pull away. But
that strong arm around my belly wouldn't let me go.

Andy just held me and used my pussy juice to lube my ass. He told me to
be quiet as I started to protest. Then I felt his cock push into me. It
hurt, but he went slow and told me what to do. Finally I had it all in my
ass! For the first time, I was filled with cock there.

Andy leaned over and talked to me quietly, while he started to move
inside my ass. He told me to just relax and I'd feel something I'd never
felt before. At the same time, he was playing with my pussy and clit with
his hand. He was right, after a while it started to feel wonderful - more
stimulating than anything I'd ever felt. I came again ... and he finally
did too.

We went back and soaked in the hot tub for a while. After that, the
night was a blur of more fucking and sucking. Andy's cock tasted
wonderful. I remember that much. And his cum was sweet. My husband often
held me in his arms as Andy fucked me so many times that I almost couldn't
walk - I came so many times I lost count.

What a sexual machine! And the best part was that he wasn't a cold
machine. He was with me all the way - telling me what he was going to do
and what I'd feel and how much he enjoyed me. Pete told me later that he
enjoyed the evening as much as I had, watching Andyís cock repeatedly fill
me, and watching me react and respond.

I'm addicted - if all black men are as aggressive and physical as Andy
and can fuck like he does, I am determined to sample many more black cocks.

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