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I 129 SARA


Sara, Steve And Her Black Lovers

From Sara March, 2001

Dear Joan, My husband and I are also most interested in the sort of
experiences you have enjoyed.

I'm 40, Ivy-educated, and have had other lovers almost constantly during
our marriage. My husband is a big, handsome guy, a college athlete, who
first started sharing other girlfriends with guys when he was in college.

Over the years, we have evolved into a situation where he loves taking a
backseat to my lovers, and helping out however directed. This is so
erotic. And our special turn-on is younger, hip, take-charge black guys.

We would love to read your stories, particularly those with husbands who
clean up, black lovers and elegant, upscale couples who are into this
lifestyle. We have discovered that a great treat is to take one of my
younger lovers with us to Europe for a couple of weeks. That‘s so hot. We
are renting a house this summer in the south of France, and one of my
lovers will join for a month or so.

4/3/01 From Sara

Hey Joan,

How nice to find your letter on my computer!

Steve and I both find that writing about these adventures is both sexy
and self-revealing, in the sense that we sort out our feelings by writing
about them.

The big "arc," as it were, in our relationship has been Steve's
evolution into a more submissive role. He is a big, athletic guy, college athlete (now tri-athlete of some note), very assertive normally, but now he
has discovered, or we have discovered, how much he enjoys taking a back
seat to my lovers.

And to me. It's not a classic dom/sub, slave type thing at all. It‘s
more subtle, just the way he enjoys me focusing on a guy when we are out
around town, the way he loves having to wait his turn when I'm with a
guy... or not being allowed to fuck me at all when a lover is spending the
night. This turn of events with a guy who was famed for his girlfriends in
college and after… girlfriends who would do anything to please him,
anything for a chance to be with him and please him.

We have a couple of girlfriends who we adore, and his more dom side
still comes out with them. They tend to be younger, and they still end up
on their knees begging for his cock, getting slapped with his cock, asking
for permission to bury their tongues in his ass -- the kind of thing I
first did when Steve and I were first together. But I really think he gets
the hottest when I am sucking a big cock and pull him down for a taste.

Here is a story by Steve about the first time I broke two barriers --
fucking a former student (I taught for years) and fucking a black guy.

Kisses, Sara

FROM Steve

I thought I'd tell you about the first time Sara ever took on a black
cock. Well, for a number of years, Sara taught at a small liberal arts
college. As you can imagine, it was very common for the male students to
fall madly in lust with her. She has an amazing body and these guys used
to come around our house, hopelessly hot for her.

When I would work out in the weight room of the school, on more than one
occasion I heard some of the football studs talking about how hot she was,
and how they would give anything to fuck her. (They had no idea who I was,
or that I knew they were talking about a teacher.)

Sara was always very careful not to encourage them or actually do
anything with them -- until she quit teaching. There were a few guys who
had graduated who had kept in touch with her. They were the cream of the
crop, the guys good looking enough to have the confidence to think, if only
in their wildest dreams, that they might someday have a relationship -- or
even a conversation -- with an older woman like Sara.

Not surprisingly several of her ex-students called Sara from time to
time. Sara usually doesn't return their calls, but then one night she
decided what the hell, and called up Ted, who was one of her favorites.
He's about 6'2" and is handsome enough to do a good bit of print modeling.
He rowed in prep school and is in very good shape -- a very big, handsome
guy who is also black.

Sara called him one night after we'd had a little champagne, and they
agreed to meet for a drink in our neighborhood that night. As you can
imagine, she was both nervous and very hot at the thought. I helped her
dress -- stockings, no panties, a black mini with cowboy boots and a lace
top over a corset. She looked unbelievably hot.

She wasn't sure she wanted to do anything with him -- or at least so she
said. She knew that she had no interest in going back to his apartment. I
offered to leave, but we agreed that if she came back with him, she would
ring the bell and I would stay in the bedroom. Her plan was to tell him
that a girlfriend was staying over, and was asleep in the bedroom, and that
they could play in the living room.

You can imagine how hot I was waiting for her to return -- with or
without him. I tried to work, but it was hard to concentrate. Finally
about 2 am, the buzzer rang.

I was almost trembling as I turned out the lights in the bedroom and all
the lights in the living room except for a few soft ones. I moved into the
bedroom just as they came in the front door. The bedroom is situated so
that if the door is open just a crack, you can have a great view of the
living room. As you can imagine, I was looking.

They were laughing when they entered. Sara went into the kitchen and
came back with a bottle of champagne. Ted took a seat on the couch and
Sara poured them both glasses. She remained standing, looking down at him.
He started to make small talk -- the weather or whatever -- but she didn't
say anything. She just kept looking down at him, sipping her champagne.
The sexual tension was incredible. I knew she was rolling over in her mind
if she wanted to do anything or not.

"What do you want?" she finally whispered.

He stared at her and I could see his hand shaking. "You," he said.

Sara didn't say anything, and I knew he was wondering if he had made a
mistake. But she put down her glass and in one movement, pulled her dress
over her head.

I could hear his breath sucking in all the way in the bedroom.

Sara stood there before him, an awesome sight. She was in her cowboy boots, stockings -- and nothing else. Her very large, firm breasts pointed
above him. Her pussy with its bare lips was at eye level with him.

"Well, Ted," she said, "is this what you've been thinking about?"

Before he could answer, she was on her knees and pulling his cock out. I
had just a glimpse of it -- huge and throbbing -- before it disappeared
into her mouth. She has this way of sucking a cock all the way down to the
base -- classic deep throat. I don't think Ted had ever felt anything like
it -- certainly not from a former teacher.

Ted gasped and spilt champagne all over the couch. His hands fluttered
out to the side. She worked his cock for several minutes and then she
pulled off it and looked up at him, right in the eye. "Ted," she said,
"you can do whatever you want to me. Whatever the fuck you've been
thinking of."

His eyes grew huge. She poured him another glass of champagne. He
drank it down in one gulp. "All of me, Ted. Whatever you want." He moaned
and then exploded, grabbing her and throwing her down on the couch. He
ripped off his clothes and it was then you had a sense of what a really big
fellow he was -- heavy muscles, large arms (Sort of like me, actually… Sara
likes that). He lifted up her legs and poised above her. His cock was so
hard it looked like it was going to explode. She reached up for it and
then he thrust all at once, burying his cock in her cunt. They both

He fucked her like a madman for about ten minutes. I could hear Sara
whispering to him, telling him what a hot stud he was and how tonight he
could have everything he had been wanting. She told him he could have her
mouth, her cunt, her ass -- whatever he wanted.

When Sara reached around his heaving ass and slipped one of her delicate
fingers inside his ass, he moaned like crazy and screamed that he was
coming. The muscles in his ass were pumping as he unloaded into her tight,
pink cunt. He pumped and pumped, moaning and moaning. "That's it, baby,"
Sara cooed, "give me all that good cum. That's it..."

He finally collapsed on top of her like he had been shot. Sara slipped
out from under him, whispering that she was going to slip into the
bathroom. He groaned and lay there, his face buried in the couch.

Instead of the bathroom, Sara slipped into the bedroom where I was
waiting, trembling. I didn't say a word. "Lie down, honey," she
whispered, "I've only got a second." Of course I did what she said. I lay
down on the flor and she knelt directly over my mouth. "Tongue," she said,
or instructed, to be precise. I stuck out my tongue and she lowered her
cunt downward.

It was incredible. She was dripping hot cum -- unbelievable amounts of
hot cum. "Clean me, darling," she whispered. "Clean it all and I'll go
and get some more for you." I licked and licked, sucking it all in. "Good,
baby," she cooed and stood up and slipped out the door, leaving me there on
the floor, my mouth wet with their juices.

I crawled over the door just in time to see an incredible sight. Ted
was still lying face down on the couch and Sara, after downing a quick
glass of champagne, got behind him and pulled his ass apart. Then with a
quick look at the bedroom door where she knew I would be waiting, lowered
her mouth and began to lick his ass.

Ted groaned like he had been stuck with a rod. The sight, combined with
what I had just been through, had cum leaking from my cock. I thought I
might cum without evening touching it, something that has never happened to

Sara pulled Ted up on his knees, so she could work his cock and tongue
his ass at the same time. He looked up and I could see the look of sheer
amazement and lust on his face. Sara reached around and had him suck one
of her fingers then she took that finger and slipped it into his ass along
with her tongue. His cock sprang to full hardness.

Sara moved around from behind him to stand in front of him at the end of
the couch, her ass facing him. "Wet it, Teddy. Wet it for a special
treat." He hesitated and I imagine he had never licked a girl's ass before.
But soon his tongue was deep in her ass, or so it looked from the
expression that came over her face. She rotated her ass slowly, rubbing
her clit with one hand. In a moment she was shuddering in orgasm, her

She pulled away and told Ted to stand up. He did, wiping at his mouth,
as if he were embarrassed. Sara lay down on the couch and lifted her legs
high. "Kneel," she told him and he did. His height put his cock almost
level with her ass. "Slide it in, sweetie, nice and slow. But get it in."
He did what he was told, while she rubbed her clit furiously. She came
twice before he had worked his massive dick all the way into her cunt. He
kept looking down at her, not believing, I'm sure, the sight before him --
his favorite teacher, object of his lust for years, shaking in orgasm as
she fingered her clit and his cock disappeared into her pussy.

Once he had it all the way in, he started fucking her slowly at first
but then she looked up at him and whispered, "It's okay, Teddy. You can
let go." And he did. Soon he was ramming into her like some kind of
machine. She was shaking and crying -- literally crying. This freaked him
out a little but she told him to keep going. In his frenzy, he picked her
up and carried her around the living room, bouncing her on his cock. Sara
screamed. He finally put her down in front of the window. Standing behind
her with a view out the window, he fucked her steadily though not as hard
and now he was letting go, no longer just the student but a big guy fucking
a woman who had wanted to fuck him for a long time. He took charge,
telling her to move her ass, to tell him what a slut she was, to tell him
how much she loved his cock. She did it all, of course, and meant every
word. He made her promise that she would fuck him again, that she would
fuck anybody he wanted her to. She promised.

Finally he brought her over to the couch and pulled his cock out and
made her sit on the couch. She could hardly stand, her legs were trembling
so much, and she collapsed down on the couch.

"Open your mouth," he told her and she did. He was standing over,
stroking his cock. In a moment he had come, shooting the cum right in her
open mouth, a few drops hitting her beautiful face. He moaned and came
some more, then fell back into one of the chairs near the couch. He closed
his eyes and shuddered.

With shaky legs, Sara got up from the couch and slipped once more into
the bedroom. Without saying a word she motioned for me to lie down. I
did. By now I was naked, having stripped off my clothes while Ted was
carrying her around the living room. She kneeled over me and then I found
out why she hadn't said a word -- her mouth was still full of cum. She
dribbled some on my near bursting cock and using it as a lubricant, began
to jack me off.

I raised up, staring at her, our eyes burning into each other. She
pulled me close and slipped her tongue into my mouth -- I could taste the
last of his cum and then she squeezed my cock and I came, shooting upward,
my cum mixing with Ted's. She smiled and then did a very naughty thing --
she squeezed my balls in a quick burst, forcing out even more cum in a
quick burst of pain and pleasure. She left me there and went back into the
living room.

I fell asleep on the floor and woke up around 7am. Light was streaming
in the windows and when I looked in the living room, Ted was dressed and
standing over Sara, who was still nude and asleep on the couch. He started
to leave but came back, took out his cock, and played with it until it was
hard. Then he knelt behind her and slipped it inside her cunt. He fucked
her in very hard, quick thrust. She had been asleep but her hand went to
her clit almost auTomatically. He came in about two minutes, shooting
inside her.

She got up and, without saying anything, let him out. She walked into
the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. I was still on the floor but I
pulled myself up and slid my hard cock into her pussy, working it around in
his cum. She looked totally fucked out. I soon came in her cunt, adding
my own cum to hers and Ted's. We fell asleep together and slept most of
the day.

So there you have it -- Sara had finally broken the ice and fucked a
black guy and one of her ex-students.

We'd love to hear from like couples who share our pleasures.


I love nothing more that going to a mostly black dance club with a young black guy I'm really into, and my husband, and letting my black lover
really show me off. We live in Manhattan and there's a club on the West
Side called Shadow which we go to fairly often.

Sometimes we go just the two of us (my darling husband and I), and other
times we go with another couple who are into the same thing, and with one
of my lovers. The other night I danced with six different guys, and one
guy even made me cum in a dark corner of the club. I was wearing a tight,
tiny black dress. I didn't bring him home or actually have sex with him
(we're pretty careful, you know) but it was so hot.

Anyway, I had to tell you about this past weekend which I spent with
Will, who has a website called DFWknight. We had chatted before but we met
this weekend when my husband and I were in Texas. Will was just delicious.
Funny, smart, great eyes... and God, you would not believe his cock and
body. His cock was the biggest, most gorgeous cock I'd ever seen. Ever.
He slept with me and my husband, me in the middle of course, and kept
waking me up all night with his fat cock.

He has a nice way of taking charge and being somewhat demanding without
being overboard with any of the silly dom/sub stuff I'm just not into.
It's more like 'I want you so bad, I know you will do this'... you know?
And I loved pleasing him. I let him cum inside me, and he just kept cuming
and cuming.

My husband is gorgeous, very athletic, but it takes a guy of 28 or so,
and a rare one at that, to cum like four or five times a night.

Kisses... Sara

BY STEVE: Our Week At The Ski Resort a This being the skiing season, I
thought I'd share a wild week my wife Sara and I recently had skiing.

Now you may not think of black sexing and skiing going together, but
there is a very large g roup of black skiers known as the Brotherhood of
Skiing. Apparently they meet once or twice a year and spend a week at
different resorts skiing. They are a great group, fun, affluent, and run
the gamut from 25 to 75.

Sara and I are avid skiers and we were staying at a resort where we
discovered that the Brothers of Skiing was also centering their events at
this resort. It was obvious. I mean, how often do you see a resort full
of black skiers? We immediately liked the spirit of the group, and enjoyed
their presence at the resort.

The second afternoon, after skiing, we met a group of three guys, all
about 30, when we were hanging out in the outdoor heated pool. They had
just finished med school and their first year of residency, and were
celebrating. Two of them, John and Howard, were about my height, 5'11".
But one, Richard, was a massive guy, about 6'5". They were all great guys,
and we hit it off. They were clearly taken with Sara in her bikini, but
everyone was very casual and while there was some sexual tension, it was no
big deal.

By the way, Sara is 39, gorgeous, with a showgirl's body and an Ivy
League background. She is very outgoing, but not immediately sexual or
flirtatious. That really has to develop, depending on the mood and scene.
Like a lot of husbands probably, I often wish she would be more routinely
slutty, but then I end up being simply amazed at how sexual she can be when
so moved.

After hanging out in the pool with these guys, Sara and I had very hot
sex, talking about how good looking they were, teasing each other with the
possibilities, which we never thought would really happen.

Anyway, the next afternoon, we ran into them again in the pool, and
ended up having dinner with them and then dancing. We were all drinking,
and Sara who loves to dance, was having a great time with the guys. But
they were still very respectful, almost too much so.

Richard, the really big guy who seemed to be their defacto leader, and I
were watching Sara dance with his two pals when I finally just came out and
told him that Sara and I enjoyed her playing with other guys, and if stuff
developed, that was fine by me. He was almost embarrassed at first, but
when it cam time to drive back to the lodge, he asked if Sara could ride
with him and the other guys, "Just so we won't look like the gay brothers
of skiing, you know?"

I followed, and I could see through the light snow that Richard was
kissing Sara. It was incredibly hot. I followed them to the condo where
they were staying, which was part of the resort. Sara and I were staying
in the main lodge, a short walk away. "Let's get a drink inside," one of
the guys said, and they started to go inside. I told them I wanted to get
some champagne from our room and would catch up with them in a minute.

As other husbands in this situation can imagine, the twenty or so
minutes I waited, going back to our room and just hanging out (of course I
had done this deliberately) were incredibly sweet, tense and exciting. I
didn't know for sure anything was happening but then again...

When I walked back to their condo, I paused before the door. I listened
and then I heard a low moan and a giggle that clearly was from from Sara.
My heart started racing. I knocked gently on the door. In a minute,
Howard came to the door. He looked embarrassed, but I handed him the
bottle of champagne and said, "Looks like a good party so in the making."
He smiled and opened the door.

Sara was on the couch, her tight black pants lying on the floor, and
Richard was between her legs, eating her. She smiled at me and didn't say
a word. I went into the kitchen and opened the champagne and then took
each of the three guys and Sara a glass. Richard looked up at me from
between Sara's legs when I gave him the glass and in that instant,
something communicated between us. He understood, or began to understood,
what I liked, what role I liked to play, and what could happen. He took
the champagne, pointed to a chair and told me in a nice but assertive voice
to take a seat.

For the next two hours, the guys and Sara did everything imaginable.
They started to use condoms, but Sara just laughed and said as med
students, did they trust themselves? So she took them all bare. They of
them each came three times. What do you expect, they were young and had
been working their asses off for the last couple of years, without a lot of
time for girls.

John and Howard had average-sized cocks, but Richard was huge. Huge.
When he stood up over Sara and she unzipped his jeans and took his cock
out, she just murmured, "Oh my God. Jesus..." Then leaned forward to take
as much of it into her mouth as she could.

When they finally were all fucked-out, Sara was lying back on the couch
and motioned for me to join her. John and Howard had gone to bed, and
Richard was lying back in front of the fire, looking dead to the world.
Sara knew what I wanted. I buried my head in her sweet pussy and went to
work cleaning her up. It was soooo hot. I had been at it for about five
minutes, and Sara was building to another climax when Richard, who we both
thought was asleep, spoke up and said, "Get it all, now." That was all he
said, but it was clear he understood.

Sara and I went back to our room and slept wonderfully, wrapped in each
others' arms. For the next five days, we hung out with these guys and
every night, and each night Sara enjoyed at least one of them.

The second night, she offered to cook for them in their condo, and it
was incredibly sexy. They all kidded her into taking off everything but a
ski waxing apron that one of them had, and as she was cooking, each of them
came up behind her and slide their cock into her. They were gentle, but

Richard took her last, sliding up behind her as she held on the counter,
trying to get her self together after the first two guys. He handed her a
glass of red wine, and then slid his huge cock inside her. She gasped at
every stroke, spilling the wine all over her breasts. I came around to
lick some of it off, and she took my hand and pushed it down between her
legs, telling me to rub her clit. I did.

My heart was racing while Richard towered over her, slowing driving his
cock inside her. Our eyes met and Richard smiled. Then he did an amazing
thing. He pulled his cock out and held just at the entrance of her pussy.
He didn't say a word but just looked at me. Sara moaned, frustrated. I
paused, then moved my hand from her clit to his cock and pulled him inside
Sara. I was shaking. This was incredible!

That night, Sara invited Richard back to our room at the lodge and she
slept between us. I woke up once in the middle of the night and he was
sliding inside her. Not pounding, but just moving with real force. He was
a huge guy. He spent the next five nights with us.

Do you have any idea of what it is like to come back from the lobby with
morning coffee and find your gorgeous, elegant, highly-educated wife, lying
on her stomach with a pillow stuffed in her mouth to muffle her screams
while a guy twice her size slides his cock in and out of her ass? Then how
it feels when they have finished to hand them their coffee and see them
snuggling next to each other, his cock still so large, hanging on his leg
and her breasts flushed with her morning work-out?

Such a week....


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