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I Can Handle This The Sequel


Disclaimer: Absolutely no one under the age of eighteen is allowed to read

Special Note: This story is a sequel to "I Can Handle This" by the
author Mmmmn! I highly recommend you read Mmmmn!'s story first in order
for this sequel to make sense. Plus because it's one hot story! This
sequel is my way of saying "thanks".

"I Can Handle This: The Sequel" by JR Parz

I. (One week after Kate disappeared)

"Hi Trish." A soft voice said through the phone.

"Kate! Where have you been?!? What happened to you?!?"

Kate giggled in response. "At my new home...and more happier than I've
ever been in my life."

"Where are you?" Trish asked...still stunned at hearing Kate's voice.

"I'll tell you about it tomorrow."


"Yeah... I'll be at work tomorrow."

"You will!?! You know... Sandra's really pissed. She's been
threatening to fire you all week. How come you didn't call?"

"I'll tell you all about it tomorrow... we'll do lunch."

"Lunch? Yeah... that'd be great but tell me... what happened to you?"

"Let's just say that I met someone who makes me feel like a woman ought
to... all of the time."

"What are you talking about?"

"You'll see."

"Huh? I'll see??? Does this have something to do with your dream?"

"Never mind that now... I'll see you tomorrow."

Trish was about to say something more but the line went dead. Did she
really just have this conversation? This was incredible! Trish remembered
a couple of weeks ago when they 'did' was then that Kate told
her about the sex dreams she'd been having. Trish had felt guilty about
how she had responded... here her friend was confiding in her and she
responded by being cavalier about it. Then there was the phone call from
Jack telling her that Kate was in the hospital and in a coma. And finally
Jack's last call informing her that Kate woke up from her coma and then
left him.

When Kate didn't show up to work she tried desperately to remember
everything that Kate had told her about her dream; "He's pulling me away
from Jack...I think I'm going insane."... "He's fucking me and I can't
resist him."... "He's huge and relentless...and no matter what... I know
he's going to make me cum."... "I think that if I give in to him
anymore...that I'll lose myself. I feel so weak after these dreams...
like I'm not in control. Like I'll do anything." Trish still got a warm
rush every time she remembered those words.

Trish decided to take a bath and after running the water, she stripped
naked before the mirror. Slowly, she brought her hands up and cupped her
breasts... the touch sent a rush of pleasure throughout her... Kate's
dream was obviously playing heavily on her. Trish smiled at her
reflection... she absolutely loved her rather ample tits...and loved how
she felt when she pinched her nipples. She remembered toying with the idea
once of getting implants. Not that she needed them, but after seeing what
they did for the actress Pamela Lee, she knew they'd look awesome on her.
Trish gazed down at her blonde bush below and giggled. She was thinking
about a time when she was bare down there... She had shaven herself on a
dare from one of her former boyfriends. Trish brought her right hand down
to graze just below her bush and gasped at her wetness. She was ready for
a long hard fuck and felt saddened that she was in-between lovers at the

Trish reflected back to when she and Kate had first was in
college. Right from the start they hit it off...and from then on they were
inseparable. It was even rumored at one point that the two of them were
more than *just* friends...but that was only a rumor.

Trish always let Kate lead... Kate being the type that had to be in
control. Her looks...charm...and self-confidence acted as a magnet to
everyone she came in contact with and Trish wasn't immune to it either.
Trish turned to look at her ass... perfect... she loved how her long
blonde hair tickled her cheeks.

Trish slid down into the hot water and sighed. Kate's phone call had
elicited mixed emotions. On one hand she was happy to hear from her best
friend... especially relieved that Kate was all right. But on the other
hand she felt a strange fear...but wasn't sure why.

II. (Kate's new home)

Kate was just finishing up the dishes when Naomi walked in. Quickly she
put the towel down and kneeled down before her. "Serge is ready for you."
Naomi stated in a sweet voice. Kate gushed with pleasure but remained on
her knees. "You may see him."

"Thank you Mistress." Kate replied and quickly got to her feet. Then
she went over and kissed Naomi on the lips before darting off.

Kate couldn't get over how uncomfortable it had been for her... she'd
been squirming the whole time she was doing the dishes. It had been four
hours since she last been filled and she couldn't get up the stairs fast
enough. When Kate entered Serge's room she quickly stripped off her soaked
panties and prostrated herself before him.

"You know Kate... Eventually I'm going to be sending you back to work
and this means that you're going to have to start lasting longer between

"Yes sir." Kate replied...still keeping her face to the floor.

"Once Trish joins us she'll be able to alleviate some of your sexual
tension... but she won't be able to fill your need. It's going to be
difficult for you."

"Yes sir."

"Stand up."

Kate quickly got off her knees and stood up at attention. She wasn't
petite by any means...standing close to 5'7", but Serge had a way of making
her feel so very, very small.

"When you visit Trish tomorrow, make sure you bring back something
personal... like a hairbrush or long as it's

"Yes sir."

"You can get on the bed now."

Kate squealed with joy as she quickly climbed on top of the bed.
Quickly she assumed the position, proudly up thrusting her ass for his
inspection. Kate wiggled it trying desperately to look sexy and enticing.
It didn't matter which hole he filled...just that he did.

III. (TGIF's Restaurant)

"I told her I quit."

"She must have had a heart attack!" exclaimed Trish.

"Well...she wasn't pleased." Kate replied with a smirk.

"So, what are you going to do now?"

"Oh... I'm going to relax for awhile. He doesn't want me to work just

"Kate! Who the hell is this guy!?!"

Kate laughed. "I love your choice of words... just someone who makes
me feel constantly horny. So much so I can't get enough of him."

Trish blushed. "This is so unlike you... what's got into you?"

"Him..." Kate smiled. "And soon you'll meet him."

"I can't wait... when?"


Later on that day Trish discovered her hairbrush missing.

IV. (Inside a special room.)

Serge placed Trish's hairbrush inside the bowl...along with her picture.
Kate had done a good job and he smiled. Considering the climactic battle
of wills she'd undergone just before her submission... which ultimately
landed her in the hospital... she was coming along fine. He didn't like
keeping Kate submerged in her slave mode for too long...but until he was
convinced that she could handle herself, this was where she would stay.
His plan was to surface Kate a little at a time... hoping that her slave
mode would rub off on her.

The one thing that Kate was having an especially hard time dealing with
was her new hunger...and Serge was convinced it was the spell's way of
disciplining her strong personality. His other girls didn't require his
cock for two days before their hunger got the better of them...but in
Kate's case, she wasn't able to last more than five hours.

Kate's difficulties reminded him of how difficult it was for Naomi...
but in Naomi's case, it was his own inexperience that caused her turmoil.
Naomi had undergone her early transformation without the benefit of the
slave mode... something he didn't develop until he added Serena. While in
the slave mode, a girl functioned in her subconscious state.

The addition of Serena also led to him altering the girl's sexual
orientation... this allowed the girls he enslaved to take comfort in their
new bisexuality. Naomi and Serena, who never ever considered a lesbian relationship before, found themselves taking solace and pleasure in each
other's body.

Serge smiled as he reflected back to when he met Kate for the first
time. It was in a business meeting and what struck him the most during
their meeting was how she presented herself. He could tell that she was
used to getting what she wanted...when she wanted it... and her 'I'm all
that' demeanor ended up sealing her fate. The fact that she wore an
engagement ring was trivial and inconsequential as far as he was concerned.

The spell allowed him to enter a girl's dream...even daydreams...and the
closer a girl was to surrendering, the easier it was for him to control
her. Kate proved a rarity in the fact that she took five times longer to
control than either Naomi or Serena. At one point he even thought that
Kate might beat the spell... but when he successfully navigated her
seduction by a complete stranger... he knew he had her. Once a girl submitted totally, she was his to control completely.

Serge was hard by the time he finished the spell...and with a simple
flex of his mind, he sent out a summoning. When he stepped out of the
room, his three lovely slaves were on their knees before him.

V. (Trish's bedroom...Night Time)

Trish was feeling wiped out by the time she went to bed... Kate was
undoubtedly taking a toll on her and when her head hit the pillow that
night, she was fast asleep.

Almost immediately, she knew she was dreaming...but what surprised her
about this dream was how vivid everything appeared. Trish was walking into
a bar... Kate was with her. This scene had played out countless times in
real life, so this didn't surprise her...but what did surprise her was how
every set of eyes turned to gaze at them.

"God Trish... I'm so fucking horny I could fuck the entire room...even
the girls!" Kate stated with a giggle. Trish was shocked at what Kate had
said but then she reminded herself that this was a dream.

"Good evening girls." a tall man said as he suddenly appeared beside
them. Trish jumped in surprise and when she turned to Kate, she saw her
friend gazing up at the man with blatant desire.

"Hi!" Kate responded. Trish just nodded.

"Shall we?" The man asked.

"Please." Kate replied...taking his extended arm.

Then with a blink of an eye...everything changed and Trish found herself
inside a bedroom. The man and Kate were naked on a king-sized bed and
Trish blushed at how incredibly huge he looked... then she looked down at
herself and saw that she too was naked. The thought of covering herself
was there...but for some reason she didn't act on it.

"Come join us Trish... he's big enough for the both of us." Kate stated
with a giggle.

Trish again told herself that this was a dream. "I should leave." she
mumbled, but instead of walking towards the door... she went to the bed to
join them.

"Kate... show Trish our favorite position."

Kate squealed and immediately got on all fours, arched her back and
presented herself.

"Now your turn Trish... just like Kate."

Trish found her body responding despite pleas from her mind to do
otherwise, and soon she was right along side Kate in a 'doggy' position.
"Good girl." she heard the man say to her...and the compliment slid over
her like a caress. Then without intending to, Trish wiggled her tush and
arched her ass up high... more than anything else in the world at the
moment... Trish wanted to be fucked. "Fuck me. Pleassseeeee fuck me."

"Unnngggggghhhhhhhhh!" Trish screamed out as the man penetrated her! A
damn good thing that she was wet and dripping because the man was huge!
Slowly at first, the man moved his cock in and out of her... but then he
moved like a piston and just as she was about to orgasm, her eyes opened...
"Wha..." Trish gasped... suffering a few moments of disorientation.
She was on the middle of her bed... on all fours... and it wasn't the
man's cock that was buried deep inside of was her own fingers!
Trish was about to slide them out when they made contact with her rather
sensitive clit... this led to her playing with her clit... and then to
her orgasm.


Trish woke with a start... "Oh my God!" It all came back to her in a
wave of pleasure. She reached down and touched herself. "I'm so fucking
wet!" she proclaimed.

Trish prepared for work in a daze... never had she ever had a dream
like this and the memory of how she woke up resurfaced what Kate had told
her about her own dream. "Trish... Do you know how I woke up last night?
On my hands and knees!" Trish blushed.

Trish went through her workday like a functional zombie... fortunately,
everybody left her alone. Every time her mind wandered back to her dream,
she relived the moment, and twice had to go to the restroom to relieve
herself! Just as she was about to leave for the day, her phone rang... it
was Kate.

"What are you doing tonight?" Kate asked in an excited tone.

"I don't know... I've really been tired lately... I thought I'd just
stay home and lounge."

"Oh no you don't... be ready at 8:00... I'll swing by... we're going

Trish thought Kate sounded more like her old self. "Okay... I'll see
you then."


Serge smiled. "Good job sweetie."

"Thanks Master." Kate beamed.

Serge was pleased with Kate and decided it was time... so with a flick
of his mind Kate's eyes closed... then moments later, reopened. "Oh my
god." Kate whispered.

Serge watched as Kate looked down at herself... she was naked except
for her panties... and when she finally realized that she wasn't alone she
covered her breasts with her hands. "Don't you think it's a little late
for modesty?" Serge asked.

"Why are you doing this? How could you... this is kidnapping... this
is sick."

Serge smiled. "You appear to be enjoying it."

"That's not me! I'm not like this!" Kate replied in anger.

"Soon Kate... soon it'll be easier for you to accept your new role in
life... and when that time comes, you won't have to be a passenger
anymore... when that time comes, I'll bring you to the surface for good."

"Never! I'll never ever accept this... you sick perverted fuck!"

"Come now Kate... I can smell your arousal from here."

"Fuck you!" Kate replied.

"Tell me Kate... do you remember your dreams?" Serge asked... and then
when he saw Kate's eyes glaze over he added. "Remember how your body felt
every time I thrust into you?"

"No." Kate replied with a whisper... blushing in the process.

"Tonight you're going to seduce your best friend."

"What? Why are you doing this?"

"Well, in your case because I couldn't resist you. You are quite
beautiful you know... and in Trish's case, I'm doing it for you."

"I'm not... we're not lesbians... you can't do this to us."

"Oh don't worry that pretty head of yours... you'll still need and
crave my will Trish...but you'll also have a real passion for one
another... couple that with the love that already exists between you two
and that equals pure bliss.

"Please don't do this to..." Kate started to state before Serge cut her
off... a mere second later she was buried deep beneath the surface again
and giving way to her subconscious 'slave' state.

"How do you feel Kate?"

"I'm so happy Master."

"Good... now go assume our favorite position."

Kate squealed in her usual delightful way.


For reasons Trish didn't stop to consider, she took more time than she
usually did to prepare herself. She opted to wear her sheer black jump
suit that accentuated every curve and crevice of her body... she was
particularly pleased with how the material fit snug around her well-rounded
ass and protruding breasts. When Kate arrived, Trish was absolutely
stunned... Kate was dressed like a high-class call girl...short leather
mini, matching halter-top and the highest pair of high-heeled shoes she'd
ever seen her wear. Both of them gushed at how the other looked and Trish
suddenly started to feel different.

On the way to the club, Trish found herself stealing glances at Kate and
looking at her in ways she'd never looked at her before. Kate oozed
sensuality and Trish found herself responding to it.

When they arrived at the club it was crowded with wall to wall people.
"Let's dance." Kate suggested and then grabbed Trish's hand leading her out
to the dance floor.

Trish was a good dancer...almost as good as Kate, so the pair of them
were drawing a lot of attention. The longer they danced the sexier they
became and their gyrations were creating an arousing atmosphere. During
the height of it, Kate moved in close, lightly grazing her undulating body
and Trish exploded with an orgasm!

"Are you all right?" Kate asked as Trish staggered back a few steps.

"Yesssss. I... I just need to sit down." Trish stammered...not
believing what had just happened. She could feel her cum soak the crotch
of her panties. How was this possible?!? She just experienced an orgasm
on the dance floor and all Kate did was touch her!

Just as Trish was about to leave the floor, the music changed for a slow
dance...and Kate insisted she stay. As their bodies pressed together,
Trish felt Kate's hand slip down between her legs and when Kate pressed
hard against her pelvic and began rubbing her groin area... Trish exploded
with another orgasm!

This time Kate had to hold her up otherwise she would have slid to the
floor... spent and totally exhausted. After a few minutes Kate whispered
"Shall we." and then led her off the dance floor. Trish thanked god she
was wearing black.

Kate must have sensed she wanted to leave, because not only was she
being led off the dance floor, she was following Kate outside the building.
Without saying a word, Kate helped Trish in her car and they were on their
way home. Trish was in a daze and every time she glanced at Kate she
blushed. How did Kate know? The second they entered her apartment, Kate
spun her around and kissed her... Trish kissed back... and seconds later
they were helping each other strip. "I don't believe we're doing this!"
Trish exclaimed... Kate giggled... and they both ran to her bedroom.


Trish was dreaming again...finding herself on her knees. The shock of
finding herself in this position was quickly replaced by the hunger she
felt for the potent smelling cock that stood at attention before her.

"Trish... surrender." The man told her with a smile.

Trish couldn't stop gazing at the man's cock...he was so big... and she
found herself licking her lips in anticipation. Then the next thing she
knew she was licking him like a dog laps water and Trish had never felt as
hungry for something before in her life. She needed him... needed his

Then Trish suddenly found herself on a bed...presenting her ass. Kate
was spread eagle below her, playing with her pussy. "Lick me." Kate
whispered... and Trish moved her head down...and just as her tongue
entered her friend's folds, she felt the man penetrate her!
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed out! Every thrust from the man elicited an orgasm and the last word she heard was "surrender" ... and she


"You did a super job Kate... Serena will be there in a few minutes to
relieve you. As soon as you get back come to me."

"Thank you Master!" Kate exclaimed... it was going on six hours and she
could hardly stand it!


Trish stretched as she slowly woke... Right away she realized something
was different and glanced around her bedroom. There was a young woman...
blonde and beautiful... sitting on a chair beside her. Trish didn't know
her name but she could feel a special bond with her. "Who are you?" Trish

"Hi Trish... I'm Serena. How do you feel?"

"Wonderful... so, so wonderful...but...but there's something missing.
Where's Kate?" She asked, looking around puzzled.

"Oh... she's back home...and soon we'll join her." Serena giggled.

Trish smiled... Serena was so pretty. Slowly she got up, not at all
concerned that she was naked, and walked over to her mirror. Suddenly it
dawned on her what was missing and turned to Serena. "Can we go now?"

Serena nodded her head. "Get dressed... don't worry about showering."

Trish quickly did as she was told and soon they were in Serena's car on
their way. She didn't question where they were going...she knew. Kate
would be there... but more importantly her Master was there...and she felt
a heightened pleasure from knowing that she was his new slave. Trish
giggled drawing Serena's attention... Serena gave her a knowing smile and
giggled along with her.


Serge resurfaced Kate and smiled. "Hi Kate."

"Please stop this." Kate whispered with a sigh.

"Behave yourself... if you do, I'll let you stick around for Trish's

"Why did you turn us into lesbians?"

"Are you kidding... do you realize how beautiful the two of you look

"It's not us... its not us doing that... you turned us into sex

"Only until you embrace your new life... ask Naomi and Serena... they
have never felt happier."

"Does this mean that you aren't ever going to let us go?"

"Trust me... you won't want to."


Kate felt very self-conscious walking around in just her panties... but
she didn't have a choice in the matter. Fortunately, she wasn't the only
one. Kate felt a mixture of feelings but what frightened her more than
anything was *knowing* everything that was going on but not being able to
do anything about it.

When Trish arrived...she ran over to her and they hugged...the affection
she felt for her was real... unfortunately, the passion she felt, felt
real...and soon they were hungrily making out.

When they broke apart... They were breathless and Kate could see the
question in Trish's eyes.

"He's upstairs. The last room down the hallway." Kate whispered. Trish
smiled at her and then bolted up the stairs.

Kate knew what Trish was about to experience...and the thought was
playing on her pleasure centers. Serge had somehow tapped into a power
that could make any girl he wanted crave him... and there wasn't a damn
thing they could do about it.

Kate walked into the living room where Naomi and Serena were on the
couch kissing. If she were in her slave mode, it wouldn't have mattered
but she wasn't so she blushed. "Hi Kate... I see that he's surfaced
you... how do you feel?" Naomi asked with concern.

"Everything is so strange." Kate replied.

Naomi and Serena smiled at her... then Serena added. "Just go with
what feels good."

Kate was about to respond when she suddenly felt a tug from Serge. It
was strange how she just knew he wanted to see her. Naomi noticed the
change in her. "He's summoning you to join him...isn't he?" Naomi asked.

"Yes." Kate beamed.

"Go then."

Kate felt a compulsion to kiss Naomi before leaving but resisted...then
quickly moved up the stairs. When she entered the room, Trish was
completely naked and Serge was behind her, ramming himself in and out of
her. Kate gasped at the sight while she quickly stripped out of her

"Come join us."

"Yes Mas...yes sir." Kate replied...not feeling comfortable with the
master thing just yet.

Kate moved onto the bed and quickly positioned herself underneath Trish.
This would allow Trish access to her wet sex while she scooted as close as
she could to Serge's cock. She could hear Trish's moans and groans and
Serge's grunts and the aroma coming from being this close to their sexual
organs played heavily on her senses. Kate then felt Trish's tongue and
this ignited a hungry passion for more and as Trish swiped against her
clit, she exploded to an incredible orgasm. Kate looked up and saw that
Serge was still pounding in and out of her friend and a very small part of
her addressed how wrong this all was... but the pleasure, desire and love
she felt for Trish and her Master made it feel so, so right. Kate suddenly
realized that she had just addressed Serge as her Master and just as she
was about to get angry with herself, she felt herself explode to another

XIV. (Afterwards...)

"Did you enjoy that Kate?" Serge asked Kate with a smile. It took Kate
a few seconds to answer...but she managed. "Yes Master."

"Good girl."

The End.

I'd love to hear what you thought of this sequel. Email me at



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