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I Want To Fuck You


Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood Title: I Want To Fuck You Summary: 'It's
funny, really, because we'd been platonic friends up until that moment in
time ... and now I was hot for him every single moment of every single day
...' (excerpt) Keywords: MF, college
I Want To Fuck You

(MF college)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

March 2002

Note From Chrys:

Have you ever had one of those days where everyone that walks by looks
like a delicious piece of meat that you'd just like to make into your sex
slave? Well, I'm having one of those days.

I can't say that has anything to do with this story, because it doesn't
really. But I can say that there's nothing that I can say about this
story. And that's all there is to say.


The Story:

I had thought about it, planned it, mulled it over in my mind, decided
against it, decided to do it, then decided against it again. I became
worried, excited, enthralled, frightened, and angry all in the same split second. But when the time came for it, the only feeling that coursed
through my veins was pure lust.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I had been away from classes
for exactly four days when it suddenly occurred to me, unprovoked, out of
the wild blue yonder, that I wanted to fuck his brains out.

It's funny, really, because we'd been platonic friends up until that
moment in time. It was a total reversal, what I felt for him. It didn't
come on gradually. I had never entertained the thought before. It hit me
like a wet sock to the back of my head, and I was hot for him every single
moment of every single day until I marched myself back up the steps to my

I wouldn't have even stopped at my room if I hadn't been lugging two
large bags of clothing with me. All I did was unlock the door, throw them
in, and race up the stairs to where he lived as though my life depended
upon it.

When I entered his room, he was lying on his back in bed, reading a
textbook. "Hey there, how was your spring break?" he asked casually,
glancing up from the book.

"It was wonderful," I said, not slowing my gait in the least. I walked
over to his bed, tore the book from his hand, and tossed it to the floor.
The pages made a pleasing *thwap* noise as the book spun through the air
and landed on the floor.

I'd never kissed a surprised person before.

My hand was planted firmly on his chest to hold him down to the bed, and
I could feel his muscles tense up as I leaned my weight on him to plant my
lips firmly on his. His mouth tensed up, then relaxed, and he sucked in a
huge breath of air through his nose. I wasn't sure he was going to kiss me
back for a few terrified milliseconds, and then I felt his tongue slither
into my mouth and it was the most passionate kiss I'd ever experienced.

But this was my idea and we were going to do it my way. My mouth
insisted that his lips slid in and out of mine. I sucked them harder, then
softer, then coaxed his tongue out. I bobbed up and down once or twice,
then licked gently but firmly deep into his throat and back out again. He
struggled to sit up once, but I kept him down, defining the terms. It was
MY idea to see him naked and squirming, and even though he had consented
through his actions, I was still the one that took that leap. Two years of
pent up frustration that we didn't even know existed flowed and ebbed
between our kiss as we moaned into each other's mouths and battled each
other's desires.

I tried pulling back quickly, but my tongue ring snagged on his. For a
moment we were locked in a frightening tangle of mouth and tongue, then we
snapped loose. I instantly wished I was back in there, licking his tongue.

I smiled then and said matter-of-factly, "I want to fuck you." He looked
at me with a stunned, almost dumb-founded expression on his face as I swung
my right leg over his body and sat directly onto his body. His answer
again didn't come in the form of words, but I moaned and wriggled my hips
down against his erection and said, "You want to fuck me." It was not a

He looked like he was about to find his voice, and although I would have
loved to hear the sound of it, I didn't want anything silly to ruin the
moment we were about to partake in. I thought about removing my pants and
scooping his dick out from the folds of clothing, sitting down upon it and
fucking him there, but the past few days had been wreaking havoc on me. It
would be over all too fast and although there was something intensely
erotic about fucking with our clothing on, as though we too desperate even
to disrobe, I needed to see his body underneath me. I wanted to see the
undulations of his muscles and the contortions of his limbs as he tried to
hold onto that semblance of control we all try to hold onto when we're
buried deep inside someone else.

I stood up and my fingers closed around his shirt. "Naked," I said as
way of explanation and there we were, desperately pulling off our clothes.

Before the last sock even hit the floor, he was right in front of me,
and then his lips were on mine, and his hands were on my breasts, and his
dick was probing against my front, sliding down, searching for my entrance.

I wasn't about to let him get away with that. I was dripping and I
could have easily slid over him and let him bounce me up and down to
ecstasy, but I was not ready for climax yet. I wanted more, more yearning,
more teasing.

I tore my lips away from his and grabbed his arm from my breast. I
twisted it around to his back and pinned him like that. He couldn't move
without receiving a sharp pull up, and a pain in his shoulder, and his
knees bowed away from his body. My eyes feasted on his cock, and I wanted
nothing more than to run around front and feast on it until he spurted his
thick come into my mouth, but there were other things in store.

"What are you doing? Ow!" he groaned.

"Lie down on the bed," I commanded, and he had no choice but to obey. I
wasn't strong, but I was in a place of much leverage, and in a few moments,
he was sitting on his knees, then bending over with the right side of his
face balancing against the pillow. "Relax," I moaned into his ear, then
licked it once for good measure. He body began to find a more comfortable
position to settle into, but I kept his arm twisted to keep him from moving
too much in a direction I wasn't happy with.

I stared for a moment at his upturned ass.

I'm not a sadist and he's not a masochist, but I just couldn't help

<P>It started when I grabbed a handful of ass and kneaded it between my
fingers. I knew he wanted to ask what I was doing, but he knew he didn't
have to. The first spank set the flesh jiggling in such a delectable
manner that I had to follow it with a second, a third, a fourth. First on
the left cheek, then on the right, my hand sometimes grabbed the flesh
instead of spanking it, but I didn't relent for nearly half a minute.

There were groans emanating from his mouth, slightly muffled by the
pillow. I knew they were groans of pain, but I was heady with the feeling
of lust and could almost imagine that his shuddering was in ecstasy.

I knew that it wasn't, however, and so I stopped long enough to see that
his erection had lost some of its previous boldness. I slid my hand back
there, caressed his balls momentarily, and then stroked him into hardness
again. This time the moaning was for real, and I decided to whisper, "No
more spankings, I promise."

I looked into his eyes for the first time since I put him into this
position and saw him aching for me.

"You still want to fuck me," and that again wasn't a question. "I'm
going to let go of your arm and I want you to put your arms above your
head, or in the most comfortable position. Keep your legs spread."

"No more spanking," he said, in a stronger voice than I'd imagined.

"No more spanking."

I let go and he stretched his arm out for a moment, before settling into
a more comfortable position. I climbed on the bed, placed my hands on his
inner thighs, and pulled his ass further into the air. I kneaded it
gently, moving my hands in circles up and down, then I stuck out my tongue
and began to bathe his balls.

They felt deliciously naughty in my mouth. I painted my saliva across
his entire sac, then came back, licking and thrusting my tongue gently
against it. I touched the shaft of his penis with the tip of my tongue,
wiggling and teasing, then went back to my ministrations.

I finally worked my way up, pressing my tongue hard against the flesh
right below his asshole, and then I was there.

I made a circle around it once, twice, three times, then began to suck
gently on it. I could hear his moaning, and his body tensed and shifted
away from me, then back onto my face. I pointed my tongue and pressed
gently, trying to gain access inside, but it wasn't working. I pushed
harder and harder, and I could hear him moaning, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," but I
couldn't get inside.

I kissed his left ass cheek gently, momentarily shivering from a wave of
raw desire that washed over me. I sat back and spread my legs then,
keeping one hand on his back to let him know I hadn't left. I reached down
to my cunt, which was positively dripping, and slid a finger inside to
acquire some moisture. I could have easily finger fucked myself to climax,
watching his upturned ass and straining leg muscles, but instead, I
withdrew and slathered his hole in a bath of pussy juices.

It blinked back at me, a brown bud of lewdness, surrounded by a
glistening circle. I touched myself one more time, completely soaking my
finger, then began to work it in.

This was a moan of both pleasure and pain for sure this time, but I
wasn't going to give up. I pushed inside, harder and harder, until finally
I slid in, my finger gently twitching to give him more sensation. I
twisted and moved until his moans got too loud, and I stopped.

"What are you thinking now?" I asked, looking at the scene before me.
If there was any way for me to contort my body so that his slowly darkening
hard on could find its way into me, I would have done so. I would have let
him fuck me with my finger up his ass, and neither of us would have lasted
very long.

"I'm thinking ... that ... I want to ravage you."

An interesting thought. I withdrew my finger and he gasped loudly. I
snatched a small ball point pen from the desk behind us, and quickly stuck
it into me, then stuck it into him. That elicited an even louder gasp,
then a moan.

"I'm free now," I said. "Sit up."

He sat up slowly, the pen making a downward sweep, and his dick making
an upward one. It was so lewd, him sitting there with the writing utensil
shoved into his body.

I got up and quickly came around to the front. I laid down, spread my
legs and grinned.

I could see him surveying my curves, his eyes roaming from my mouth down
to my pussy, which gleamed invitingly. I sat up then, and pulled him down
onto me, this time staring into his eyes before I kissed him passionately.
I moaned, as I thought again about the sensations he must be feeling in his
ass, and mumbled through lips and teeth and tongue, "Fuck me as hard as you
can. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

His dick entered me with a squishing noise and was so swift in finding
the very back recesses of my cunt that it made me shriek out his name. He
withdrew just as quickly and began fucking me with an intensity I'd never
experience from anyone before. He began mumbling his own erotic
incantation, sounding something like, "You're so fucking goddamned hot, I
can't believe my COCK is in your PUSSY, it's so fucking GOOD, I can barely
hold on, fuck, fuck, I'm--I'm--going to--"

But he didn't, not yet. Somehow, he kept going, and I could feel my own
orgasm shuddering around down there, and he tipped his body, and suddenly
my clit was on fire, being stroked into ecstasy, and then somehow, his lips
found mine, and they were gently kissing me, not hard and passionate, but
gentle, and it stirred something as far deep in my body as his cockhead was
plunging, and just then, he finished his sentence with, "--come," and then
I was, too, falling down the delicious slope, accelerating with him into
ecstatic oblivion, the pulses of his body pushing me up into another orgasm
before the first one finished, and then another one, until finally, he
shook erotically as his last drop of come emptied into my body, and we both
sighed and fell into stillness.

I pulled the pen out of his ass as he gasped into my neck, and he said,
"I should probably get my dick out of your cunt."

"It's ok," I said. "Leave it there. It's where it belongs."


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