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I Wanted To Know

Copyright 1996 by Lace All Rights Reserved. Please do not repost this story or
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explicit permission.

This story contains material of a sexual nature that is inappropriate for
minors and which may be controversial and/or offensive to some adults. Please
don't read it if you have not reached the age of majority, or the laws in your
state or local province prohibit the viewing and/or use of this type of

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I Always Wanted to Know
threeseome M/F/F, anal, cons

It was September and hot as hell outside. I should have known better than to
choose a college in the south to study at, but it was one of the most
prestigious colleges around.

I spent the day at the pool. I sported my tight little ass in a thong bikini and
tried to stay cool. An older man, sitting next to me, kept peeking at my tits.
Every time I bent over to put on sun block, I made sure he got a nice view of my
rounded mounds. His wife didn't seem too happy about it. She gave me a hateful
stare. It was time for the pool to close for the day. I gave them a little wave
and said, "Bye now."

I reached my apartment door and listened. I heard moaning coming from inside.
Damn. I told my roommate, Tracy, the pool closed at seven. She must have lost
track of the time. With a hunk for a boyfriend like hers fucking her brains out,
who wouldn't? Well, there weren't too many places I could go dressed in a thong.
I didn't take any other clothing to the pool with me. I would just tip toe in,
get what I needed, and leave.

I unlocked the door and stepped inside. The moaning got louder and Tracy cried,
"Fuck me, baby. Fuck me harder."

My pussy responded with wetness. I sneaked down the hall and opened my bedroom
door. Oops! Tracy and Mike were going at it, doggie style, on my bed. She looked
up at me. My nipples hardened and poked through the spandex material. She licked
her lips as she stared at the nubs. "Come over here, Emily, and take off your

I did as she commanded. I never had a sexual encounter with her before. I
usually jerked off with a dildo when I heard her and Mike screwing in the other
room. Now they were in my room. I wasn't going to jerk off this time. I wanted
to participate. I watched Mike slowly slide in and out of her ass. His strokes
were smooth matching the rhythm of the dildo that Tracy slid in and out of her

As I watched, my pussy burned and ached for action. I sat down on the bed
directly in front of Tracy. I spread my legs wide exposing my juicy shaved pussy
to her waiting lips. My clit swelled from the anticipation. "Eat me," I said.

She licked my labia with the tip of her tongue. She started at my asshole and
teasingly worked her way up to my protruding clit. She spread my pussy lips open
with her free hand. Her mouth enclosed the nub and gently sucked on it. She
brought me to the edge of orgasm.

"Oh yes," I moaned. "Eat my pussy you little slut." I looked at Mike. He thrust
faster in and out of Tracy's ass. As she became more excited, she sucked harder
on my clit. She let go and moved down to my vagina hole. She stuck her tongue in
deep and fucked me as fast as she could with it. I wanted to come. I held her
head and ground my cunt into her face.

Mike moaned and pumped harder. I wandered if he felt like he was fucking a
virgin, because of the tightness of the asshole. His body shuddered as he let
his load loose in Tracy's ass. She arched it higher and jabbed herself harder
with the dildo. As she came her asshole squeezed the cum from
Mike's cock. "Oh yeah! That's it, baby," Mike panted. "Squeeze it all out."

She pulled the soaking wet dildo out of her cunt and slid it into mine. Mike
leaned against her back, drained of all his energy.

Tracy thrust it in and out of my pussy with expert hands, applying the right
pressure when needed. At the same time she licked and sucked my clit. She licked
her thumb and stuck it in my ass. This new sensation made me come.It was
amazing. I had two orgasms at the same time. "Oh my God," I yelled."That's

"I always wanted to know what anal sex was like," I said.

"I always wanted to eat your pussy," Tracy responded.

Mike added, "I always wanted a threesome, but next time I get to fuck both the

We all laughed and collapsed on the bed.


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