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I Wish You Well

I Wish You Well
By MrGrey

My friend Melissa and I are planning a study session at my house tonight.
We have a test in senior lit tomorrow. I'm not worried about it though; it's Melissa
I'm worried about. She always tries too hard and ends up choking on the test.
I've tried to get her to take it easy, buy she's such an overachiever.

I know she's worried about me as well. My problem involves the opposite
sex. But I know I have to concentrate tonight on this test, not boys. It's just hard,
though. I know we're going to start gossiping. Melissa always tells me, "Sarah,
our test isn't on boys" but I don't care. I have to keep my mind relaxed or I'll
forget everything I've learned. I only wish Melissa would learn to relax.

We're both just average schoolgirls. Even though I think of boys 24-7, it
doesn't mean they actually want me. I guess that's why my heads always in the
clouds. Melissa was the same why, but I guess she just gave up on impressing
them. There are much prettier girls at school than us anyways.

At seven o'clock, Melissa knocks on my door. "It's me," she says. I let her
in, we hug, compliment each other's hair . . . you know, just normal high school
girl stuff. The TV's on some sitcom, but it gets turned off as we prepare our
notes and books. "This test is gonna be so brutal tomorrow," she says nervously.

"No, it's not. You'll do fine," I try to comfort her, but I can see it's not doing
any good. She fidgets around on the floor trying to get comfortable. "Beside, it's
just lit. Just read the story. No dates or formulas, easy stuff."

"That's easy for you to say, you actually understand this Shakespeare
stuff. I just wish I could be as smart as you."

"Trust me, I'm not that smart. I'm just not as nervous as you. You're
problem is that you're trying too hard."

"Yeah, well, not all of us can get A's just by staring at guys in class. Some
of us actually have to pay attention and take notes."

I smiled at her observation. It was true I guess. But it's hard to keep
focused if you're surrounded by cute guys. "Well, I don't see how you can keep
you're eyes off them."

She looked back at her notes. "There are other things in the world than

"Just like there are other things in the world than senior lit," she looked up
at me and I winked at her. She laughed it off and we began reading.

The night went on as planned. Occasionally looking at Melissa, I could
see that she was getting frustrated. "What's wrong?" I asked, putting my book

She threw her pen on the carpet and dropped her head into her hands, "I
just hate this stuff."

Suddenly, our papers began rustling. It was like a storm was blowing
through. I looked at my window only to find it closed. "What the hell," I said.
Melissa began to get worried, "What's going on?"

"I don't know."

Our questions were answered when a woman wearing a gray robe
appeared beside the window. She had black hair and very pale skin. We each
jumped off the floor and backed away from her. "Wh-who are you?" I stuttered.

The woman smiled as the wind calmed down and everything became very
still. She gracefully glided over to us and spoke, "My name is Linda. I am a

Melissa and I exchanged glances. "What do you mean "a witch"?" Melissa

Linda looked at her, "I grant wishes. I understand you both have wishes
for each other?"

We didn't understand at first. "No. I don't think so," I told her.

Linda smiled at us, "Melissa, you want what's best for your friend don't
you?" Melissa nodded. "Sarah, you want what's best for Melissa here don't

"Wait, how do you know our na-"

"Answer the question," she said sternly.

"Yeah, of course I do." Melissa and I exchanged smiles.

Linda the Witch turned around and walked back towards the window. She
stopped and spun around, "Well, here's your chance. You each have been given
the chance to have three wishes granted."

We couldn't believe this! How exciting! Three whole wishes. I calmed
myself down. I know the typical wish story. They never go as planned. I just
needed to be careful.

"Now girls, these wishes cannot be reversed. Once granted, they are
permanent. All of reality will shift to match your wish, even your minds. So be
careful what you wish for, you just might "

"Yeah, yeah, we've heard it," Melissa interrupted, "Can I go first?"

"Hold on, eager one. There's a catch."

We both sighed. Of course, there was. I knew this was too good to be
true. "What's the catch?"

"Well . . . your wishes can only be for each other."

Melissa looked at me, a confused look on her face. She looked back a
Linda, "What do you mean?"

"Your wish must for something that will benefit Sarah. And Sarah will wish
for something for you."

We each shrugged and nodded our heads. "Yeah, that's sounds fair," I
said. Unfortunately, we didn't notice Linda grinning devilishly to herself, as if she
knew something we didn't.

"Good. We can begin now." She walked up to Melissa, "You may go

"Ok," Melissa turned back toward me and said, "I wish . . . I wish . . . I
wish that Sarah was the prettiest girl in the school!"

A tingle began spreading through my body as a felt my once average
looking self began to transform into that of a beauty queen. My clothes morphed
from my t-shirt and jeans to a dress shirt and skirt. My frizzy brown hair grew into
perfectly styled, straight blonde hair. I felt my breasts growing to a much more
voluptuous size and my waist getting slimmer. My nose shrunk a bit, my
eyebrows thinned, and my lips filled out. Make-up appeared on my face as the
final changes in my body finished.

My room then began to fill with beauty magazines and pictures of me in
beauty pageants holding a bouquet of roses. I heard a shuffling in my closet as
my old clothes transformed into clothes matching the outfit I was now wearing.
When everything finished, I looked and felt like a supermodel. In fact, this
is how I've always felt, so why am I thinking about it? Oh well. I looked at
Melissa and asked her, "Why did you wish that? I mean, how much prettier can I
possibly get?"

Melissa was just as confused with herself. "I really don't know. I guess I
forgot you already were the prettiest girl in the school."

"Obviously," I said, still I little peeved that she wasted a wish on something
I already had. "Ok, is it my turn Linda?" Linda was laughing about something,
but managed to stop to tell me that it was. I flipped my beautiful hair to the side
and looked over my best friend. Hmmmm . . . what could she possibly need?
Ever since middle school, she'd been picked on because of her almost flat chest.
Maybe she'd like an enhancement. She always seemed to envy my perfect tits.
"I wish that Melissa had bigger boobs."

I watched as my best friend's tits expanded outward. The buttons on her
shirt strained against the sudden growth beneath them. Melissa looked scared,
but soon calmed down after her chest stopped growing, leaving her with tits even
bigger than mine. "Sarah!? What are you thinking? As if my tits aren't big
enough? You know the guys have always picked on my unusually big chest, and
now you want them bigger? I can't believe you!"

I was confused. I could have sworn a moment ago that I had a reason for
wishing that. But she was right, her tits were fine. Oh well.

Linda looked at us both, smiling still, "Well well, one wish down for each of
you. Looks have been improved, surely there's other things about each other
that you'd like to see done?"

Looks have been improved? We both look the same as we always have,
don't we?

"Melissa, it's your turn again," Linda said. I started to think that this witch
was not a good witch. Maybe our looks have been improved, but I just can't
remember. I had to stop Melissa before she does something drastic.

Melissa looked at me with an evil stare. I think I made her mad. "I wish
Sarah wasn't so interested in guys."

My eyes grew wide. Oh no! I know what's coming. I have to stop this! I
have to remember the truth! I like boys! I like boys! I like . . . umm . . . I . . . I . . .
I can't believe how hot Melissa looks in that shirt. I try to tell her that those big
beautiful tits of hers are just gonna burst out wearing tight shirts like that, but,
then again, that would be fine with me. This witch lady was kinda hot too. Not
really my taste though. I'm not into the whole goth scene.

"Well, Sarah, how do you feel?"

I looked up at Linda, "Uh, fine I guess. Not really any different. I was sure
that Melissa knew that I wasn't . . . into . . . guys." I looked at Melissa. Damn
she is hot! She seemed confused.

"No, I do know about your . . . secret. I guess I just forgot."

"That's ok, baby. I can't stay mad at a hot little thing like you." Over the
years, Melissa had learned to live with my constant comments about her. "I
guess it's my turn now huh?"

Linda nodded, laughing at something, "Yep."

Hmmmm . . . what does Melissa need? I tried to think. She did seem
awfully lonely all the time. Maybe if she was more popular with the guys she'd be
happier. "I wish Melissa was loved by every guy in school."

I watched as Melissa's normal clothes changed into something more sexy.
Her shirt became a bright red halter-top and her jeans became a black latex mini-
skirt. Her tennis shoes morphed into a pair of six-inch high heels. Her make-up
then became thicker and thicker until she was made-up like a cheap whore.

Linda snickered and looked at her, "Melissa, how do you feel?"

She was about to answer when a cell phone went off. Melissa wiggled
over to her purse, which matched her skirt and pulled out a flashing phone.
"Hello? . . . Hey baby . . . yeah I'm studying . . . I told you that . . . well your dick
will just have to wait until tomorrow . . . I know . . . you'll get your damn BJ I
promise, look, I gotta go . . . wait, is this Steve? . . . Ryan? . . . Oh! Mike! Ha ha
sorry . . . ok really have to go now, I'm kinda in the middle of something . . . Ok
bye!" She hung up the phone and bent over to put it back in her purse. I could
see that she still wasn't wearing any underwear. I told her before that she would
get into trouble about that someday, but she doesn't listen. All she's ever cared
about was fucking guys. I almost couldn't even think of such a thing.

Melissa walked back over to me and Linda, "Alright, sorry, where were

Linda answered, "Well, it's your turn to wish."

Melissa didn't seem too thrilled about this wish thing anymore. All we ever
wish about is stuff we already have. She seemed to be thinking of the perfect
wish. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as if she had it. She looked at me, "I wish Sarah
wasn't smarter than me anymore."

Gasp! I couldn't believe her! After all the things we've been through!
Well . . . we weren't really that good of friends. After all, like, how could I be such
good friends with such a slutty girl? Like, why is my mind feeling so fuzzy? I
started to try to figure it out. But I just got confused. I no like getting conf- um,
con like, nevermind. Melissa is looking at me now. She pretty! I wish I could
see her boobies. I bet they're nice and big and soft and cool and neat. Linda
and Melissa are looking at me now. The witch girl looks mad about something.

"I said, how do you feel?"

Sarah no know what she means. Feel? Sarah wants to feel Melissa's
boobies! Sarah wants to see Melissa's big boobies. Witch lady is laughing at me
now. Sarah no like getting laughed at. Maybe something funny happened. I
laugh with her. "Hee hee hee! Like, funny!" Sarah hopes Melissa don't laugh at
her, Sarah like Melissa . . . Witch lady tells me it's my wish turn now or
something. "I wish Melissa would, like, show her boobies more!"

A noise goes through the room. It's that cell thingy again. Melissa walks
over to it and answers, "Hello? . . . (sigh) . . . alright, fine . . . I'm on my way there
. . . I better be getting extra on this!" She hung up the phone. "Alright guys, we
gotta wrap this up soon. That was the club, Candy can't make it in, so I have to
dance in her place." Melissa's such a good dancer. I looooove her boobies!

Then, Melissa thinks about her wish for me! Sarah can't wait to, like,
know what it is! Then she says, "Actually, I wish Sarah would be more like me."

My head feels funny again. Sarah hope she's not getting a headache. I
have to dance tonight! Sarah loooves showing her boobies to everyone. men
and women! Also, I get to, like, look at the other boobies backstage! Witch lady
looks over at me and says, "Last one is you. What's it gonna be?" Too many
words!! I no understand her! Last one what?

"Wish, stupid!" Melissa yells.

Oh yeah! Wish! Hee hee, Sarah forgot. Melissa's always looking out for
me. Sarah loves her, I wonder if she loves me? "I wish Melissa was, like, my
girlfriend!" I giggle and giggle as Melissa walks over to me and takes my hand.
She looks at the witch lady and waves bye-bye. She tells me to wave too, so I
do. Witch lady laughs and laughs, but I don't know what about. Then she
disappears! It was cool.

Melissa helps me change my clothes, like she always does. They can
confuse Sarah sometimes. There are books and papers and stuff all over the
floor. I look at them while Melissa happily fixes my hair. But they're only
scribbles on the page.

"Melissa! Like, what does this say?"

She looks at it and tells me, "Something about Shakespeare, sweetie. Do
you know who he was?"

I shake my head, "Chake-pear?"

She tells me about him, but I lose attention and stare off into space while
she makes my hair really big and poofy! She says boys and girls like poofy hair.
She's sooooo smart, so Sarah does everything she says. She puts lots and lots
and lots of make-up on me and then we are ready! She drives us both to the
dance place and leads me inside. I start to pull my boobies out, but Melissa
stops me.

"Honey, what have I told you about that? Wait til you get on stage."

"Hee hee, like, sorry."

When I finally get on stage, I happily shake my titties for everyone. They
start giving me those green papers, but Melissa always gets them for me. She
says someday she'll teach me what they mean. But Sarah no care about that.
All I know is that I loooove showing my boobies!!!


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