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I really thought I knew my wife Part 2


My wife Part 2

by Drifter

[reach drifter at]

I had watched that night, at the regular neighbothood party, while a
friend of someone there fucked my wife. And she had been so easy for him,
she didn't resist at all. I knew my wife loved sex but I didn't know she
would be so easy for some strange guy to fuck, and right in front of me. .
After we were home I was still in shock, in a daze. But as she talked and
I listened, I learned my sexy wife had been part of a neighborhood swing
group for a year. How had I missed all that? How could I not have
recognized some kind of sign? But could she do that and still
claim to love me?

Then without asking me, she had called two females in their swing group
and asked them to come over and help her convince me to be part of it.
When the door bell rang at our home, the home we had worked for together,
the home I had thought was near perfect. That was when I seemed to come
awake again. Kay was heading for the bedroom door to go let them in. She
had a confident smile on her face, thinking everything was going to be OK.
That was when I stopped her.

"Kay." she stopped and looked at me waiting, "Tell them to go home. I'm
not ready for this. To tell you the truth I can't believe this isn't some
bizarre nightmare. I am still trying to understand that you could have
done this to me."

I had always been slow to anger and I still wasn't there. I felt no
anger, just shock, and the sense of her betrayal was starting to sink in.

She looked lost, scared suddenly, "Please honey, please Ron, you will
get used to it, and we can have so much fun with the group."

I shook my head and said again, "Tell ... Tell them to go home. I'm
not interested." This time a little more forcibly. She knew that tone.

"OK dear. I will do anything you want. Please don't be angry. I do
love you."

"Then how could you have betrayed me so completely?"

She was the one in shock now. She muttered,

"OK.. I just thought.... this would... make you happy..... I will
tell them to go home ... maybe tomorrow..."

And she went to the front door. Had she really thought I would be so
easy to convince. Or had she ever given it a thought before this night?

I stared out the window as the two of them turned and headed back to
their houses. They both looked up at our bedroom, there was no way they
could see in. I was still staring as they walked away when Kay returned.

She sat on the bed and said,

"What do you want from me? Believe me I am so sorry you are upset."

"I don't know Kay. I am still stunned that you would do this to me. I
need some time. Could you go to your folks for a few days while I try to
see if I can deal with this?"

She looked like I hit her.

"But what can I tell my parents?"

"I don't care Kay, tell them I am angry at you. They don't need to know
any more than that. at least not yet. Where are the tapes you mentioned?"

She disappeared into her walk in closet, we both had one. In a minute
she returned with a box with about a dozen video tapes in it. She quietly
sat it on the bedside table.

"You want me to leave?"

"Yes, I need a few days."

"Days?" she said even mor frightened.


I turned silently to stare out into the night as she dressed and then

"Call me please."

"OK, when I can."

I heard her car pull away and saw it fade into the distance as I stared
blindly. I moved to the box of tapes. They were labeled with dates from a
year previous, to only a few days before. I pulled the most recent one and
pushed it into the video player in our bedroom. We had watched a few porn
movies together. Then enjoyed really hot sex together. They turned us
both on. But this was different.

The tv came alive and there on the screen with no preamble, I saw Kay on
her hands and knees on a big bed, my neighbor Jim was fucking her doc style
as she sucked Bill's big cock, Mary, Jim's sexy wife was sitting beside Kay
playing with my wife's perfect breasts. Kay was loving it. That was
enough. I ejected the tape and turned everything off. I returned the tape
to the box, turned the lights out and flopped on my bed, wondering what I
was going to do.

Then moments later the phone rang, it was Kay's mom, Evelyn,

"Ron, what's going on. Kay would only tell us you were angry at her.
What happened?"

"Not now Ev, it's between Kay and I."

"Ron, I need to know."

"No you don't. Like I told Kay, I need a few days alone." and I hung
the phone up.

Almost as I broke the connection, the phone rang again, it was Mary from
across the street.

"Ron honey, it's Mary. Honey please don't be mad. It was all just fun.
Kay still loves you toally. If you need to think it over, that's cool.
But all of us would love for you to join us. We have been trying to get
Kay to bring you with her ever since it started."

"I guess I missed that invitation Mary, not sure how I did that but I
don't recall anyone saying anything."

"Haven't you ever thought about playing with other couples, you and

"Sure I have thought about that. I have thought about fucking you and
Peggy and most of the wives in the neighborhood. But with me it was just

"Ron, you can have me, us, anytime you feel like it. If you join us you
will have a dozen or more lovely ladies to do your bidding. Sweety I have
wanted you in my bed for sometime. Even before Jim seduced Kay and brought
her into the group. Your lady does love sex. She took all those cocks so
eagerly. But then so do all of us. Think about it. Call me if you want
to talk. I saw Kay leave, honey don't throw away what you have. Now rest
and call me tomorrow if you want anything.... anything."

I finally did sleep. Morning did come as always, I showered, had
breakfast and stared at the back yard, still no idea what I was going to

Some minutes after that I heard a knock on the front door.

I looked out and it was Jim, according to Mary, his wife, he was the one
that first seduced my wife, pulled her into the sex group, destroyed my
marriage. I opened the door, he had this sheepish look on his face. Then
I was angry. Really angry. I had been a place kicker in high school. The
idea and the action hit at about the same time and my foot swung hard and
caught him squarely between his legs. He turned white and then a sickly
yellow as he crumpled with only a


He lay there on my porch moaning and I smiled feeling the first pleasure
since early the night before. Back when I had a wife I dearly loved. I
looked down at him as he writhed in pain and I continued to smile,

"Have a great day Jim, if I see you again it will be a lot worse."

I knew what I was going to do.


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