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I really thought I knew my wife Part 3


My wife Part 3

by Drifter

[reach drifter at]

What do you do with a sexy, beautiful woman, that you had loved so
dearly, once you find she is one of the neighborhood sluts? That was what
I was pondering. She had been clear last night, said she still loved only
me, but wanted to continue fucking anyone she wished, and she wanted me to
join the group and enjoy all the women too. Hell I'm not crazy, that had a
lot of appeal. If it weren't my wife, that I had loved so deeply, that had
been cheating on me and fucking God knows how many others behind my back
for a year, it would have been easier. How do I shift her from being my
true love, the woman I had made up my mind was my woman for life, to
someone I didn't care about, didn't care what she did? Well I guess I
could do that if I was prepared to share her with whoever comes along like
that Richard at the party. I could do that if I forgot about the love and
respect I had held for her and her alone. And indeed now all that was
history. But it hurt.

The rest of that morning I watched the balance of the porn movies of Kay
and the others. They were hot. I had an erection all morning, along with
a sick stomach. The stomach over the loss of my one time love, the cause
of the erection was pretty obvious, those tapes were hot.. I began to
think of them as porn stars. That was where my head was. I no longer had
a wife. She had opened that door and stepped through it. Her choice. As
I watched her fuck a number of other guys and several of the wives on the
tapes, I began to slowly shift her from my wife to a convenient slut. She
was damn good and everyone loved the unbridled sex with her. I wanted her
badly. I was dying to fuck her and her friends, at least the female ones.
But it still hurt. If she had just once said anything about what was
coming. I had shared a couple of girls in college. It might have worked.
But I don't think so.

I still couldn't get over the betrayal. I had walked around with my
"friends" in the neighborhood for a year while they were all fucking my
wife behind my back. I had been fishing with Jim and Bill and Dan a number
of times, to ball games, hanging around the neighborhood. I wondered how
many times we went out the day after they had fucked my wife. How many
times I was out with one of them while the others fucked Kay in my bed.
And Kay, my former beloved wife, what was she thinking? Did she get a kick
out of putting horns on me?

Then I had had enough. Knew what I was going to do. I spent the
afternoon working. Hell I didn't need much. I made short clips of
selected portions. I filed the rest in a safe place. Someday I would
enjoy looking at these again, maybe. Just not very soon. I started
packaging the rest.

It was easy, we had names and adresses of everyone in the neighborhood,
including their parents and their office addresses. Somebody's kid made
spare money putting those together one Christmas. I thought, how bad do I
want to hurt them? Did they ask that question about me? I drove to the
post office and posted the tapes. It would be two or three days before
they were mailed. I swung by the realtor's office and a couple of more
stops, then I called Kay and asked her to come home.

Fifteen minutes lated she came rushing in eager to fix everything. How
well I knew her. When she saw me she stopped and tried to assess what
world I was in. She sensed no anger and so smiled seductively.

"Baby, are you ok now? Tell me you love me. Tell me everything is
going to be ok."

I nodded and gave her a tentative smile, "Yeah Kay, I think things are
going to be fine."

That was enough for her. I didn't realize she was so eager to accept
that as the truth. How could anyone in our situation think things could be
ok so damned easily?

She pressed her sexy body up against me and hugged me tight.

"Oh Ron, you scared me. I know I was bad, I didn't mean to hurt you but
I guess I did. I am sorry for that. Please try to forgive me. I will do
anything you want."


"Yes, I have a lot to make up to you. Come to bed with me now and let
me start. Later Mary and the others would love to spend some time with you
if you like. There is another party next week end. Everyone will love to
see you there and to enjoy what you have for them."

I let her lead me to our bed. She was removing clothes rapidly and soon
had both of us stripped. She knelt in front of me and inhaled my cock
deeply. I am almost 8 inches long and that took some doing. Of course she
had lots of practice in the last year.

After a very pleasant few minutes I pulled out and lay back on the bed
and said,

"Kay, mount that thing and show me how you fucked the others."

She grinned, "You want to hear about the parties, would you like to hear
how it all started? I bet you loved all the movies we made."

She had straddled me and eased down, I sighed, she did have a great
pussy and knew how to use it sooooo well..

"Tell me how Jim first seduced you."

She was easing slowly up and down my pole and I knew it wasn't going to
get any better than this.

She told me how I had been out of town a lot, that Jim started hanging
around, they would enjoy a few drinks together. On one of those nights,
she had had a few too many drinks, had been in a very horny mood, and was
dressed pretty casually, revealing a lot. When Jim had kissed her she made
her decision. She told me,

"Honey I knew I wanted to see what it would be like to have another guy
fuck me. I am sorry. I didn't love him, it was just going to be sex this
one time. Jim was cute and from the look of his pants, had a nice cock. I
let him kiss me, fondle me, strip my clothes and fuck me. What I learned
is I loved it. Loved the strange cock, loved cheating on you, loved the
sex. As soon as it was over I knew I wanted more. I loved you and the sex
with you was great, but at that moment I knew I didn't want to stop, I knew
I would let others fuck me too. Jim spent the night with me and we fucked
all night. He had called Mary but I didn't care what he told her as long
as he stayed."

Kay was really getting into the sex now with me, at least she still
enjoyed sex with her husband too. She was writhing and twisting on my cock
as she banged herself up and down on it. She came but hardly paused until
she was off pumping again for the next one. Then I blew as hard as I could
ever remember in that tight well that I had adored and admired. They
hadn't worn it out yet. We lay there resting still joined as I asked her
what happened next.

"Ron, I am so glad you like my story. It gets hotter and hotter. Jim
came back regularly. When you were at work, at ball games with the other
guys, fishing, I would fuck him and then fuck you when you got home. You
were delighted to always have me ready to fuck.. I was loving it and never
had enough. I mentioned to Jim I seem to always want more cock. He
suggested he bring Bill along with him, then Dan. Sometimes they took
turns keeping you busy away while the others fucked me. I knew you loved
to fish and go to the ball games so I didn't feel too bad. They explored
with me and I loved that too. You had never fucked me in the ass and I
learned I loved it. After that, two of them frequently double poled me. I
was beginning to think there was nothing I wouldn't try."

I was hard again and rolled her on her back and surprised her as I
guided my cock into her ass. It was amazingly easy to get into. I guess
it had been much traveled.

She continued,

"Then one day Mary came with Jim. I thought we were in trouble but Jim
explained their open marriage, that Mary fucked whoever she pleased too.
But that they had something new to teach me.. Oh Ron, I turned out to be a
natural pussy eater. Mary and I played almost as much as Jim and I did
after that. That was when Mary started to try and get me to get you to
join us. I thought it was a great idea but I was afraid you would be mad
and never forgive me. I wasn't sure if you would understand how I still
loved you only, yet still fucked all the others. So I told them you said
no and forgot about it. The parties started after that, 10 or 12 people.
Always when you were out of town. I drug home the morning after those and
slept all day, so satisfied."

Now I was getting close to coming again, I pulled out and told her to
finish me in her mouth. She quickly complied and swallowed every drop.
Practice practice practice.

She smiled and lay beside me.

"Baby I am so glad you have changed your mind. Maybe I could arrange a
small party for you tomorrow night. Jim and Mary, Bill and Peggy can come,
I called just in case you were interested. Jim is a little pissed at you
still for kicking him, but he understood how shook up you were. I went by
to see him last night and Mary and I made it up to him, Maybe you can talk
to him and tell him you appreciate him bringing me out like he did. If it
weren't for Jim I guess I would still be your faithful, boring little

I almost choked at that one and just told her she was probably right,
that I owed Jim.

Well the party took place and it was an educaton for this country boy.
Mary and Peggy were as sweet to fuck as my wife. It was something to see
the live sex show as my wife got double fucked by Bill and Jim. Two girls together was damned interesting to watch. But soon it was Monday and Kay
and I walked home near sunup with Kay talking about the next party and how
she was sure while I was gone it would be ok for her to play, that one of
Mary's old friends was coming and Mary said he was so big. Then she kissed
my cheek tenderly,

"Ron, thank you for understanding. I know I sure played on you a lot
but I do know I need you. I would be so lost if you were out of my life.
Hurry back from this trip this week. Other than the sex I want no one but
you in my life."

Part of me was sad. Having three sexy women to enjoy anytime, anyway
was certainly special. I was gonna miss that. Yet when I showered and
dressed and packed my bag for yet another extended trip, I didn't think
they would be too happy with me in the future, when the house went up for
sale. . The house had been mine when I got married and was excluded from
community property like most of the furniture. She had brought her own car
and clothes with her into the marriage, and I guessed that was what she
would leave with. I had transfered most of the checking and savings into
hidden accounts. The swinging tapes went into a safety deposit box Kay
knew nothing about. Oh don't let me forget, I also mailed very approprite
snippets of video tape to all of their parents, their employers and anyone
else I thought appropriate in the address book like the neighborhood
gossip. And one last thing to pay Jim what I owed him, I also mailed the
one tape of Jim with that neighborhood 12 year old to the police.

Since that time I always wondered if I should have just joined them?


The end


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