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Title: I Did It All For You Dear
Keywords: mF, inc, mdom, teen, bond, mom, son
Author: Caesar

The nipples of Sarah Sarong
When excited are twelve inches long
This embarassed her lover
Who was pained to discover
She expected no less of his dong

I Did It All For You Dear!

by Caesar, copyright 2000-2002

$Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:24 $

Throughout my senior year at school, I have been having problems. Its
not my grades that I'm having troubles with - in fact I barely do any
effort and get honours for all of my classes. No - its that I have
absolutely no one to talk with, at home or school. I'm not kidding!

At home, my mom and I used to be close, doing things on the weekends,
going out nights for supper - but it seems like she is purposely
avoiding me.

At school, the guys that used to be my friends all seemed to be
embarrased to be around me. And everywhere I went, it felt like all
the other kids eyes were on me, laughing behind my back.

I'm going nuts right? That's what I thought.

There is only one person that I have a normal conversation with - its
Mr. Gerald, my math teacher. I don't mean we are friends or anything,
but he seems immune to the snickers of my peers or the distant looks
from my other teachers. At first I thought Mr. Gerald was gay, but
soon came to realize that he had no designs upon my skinny teenage
body. Thank god, is all I have to say on that!

Yet, he often stopped in the hallway between classes to ask me how I
was doing - if I saw some show the other evening or even if everything
was all right. I was actually looking forwards to Mr. Gerald's couple
of minutes of conversation per day - that was how desperate I have

So, other than that one adult that talked to me infrequently, I had
absolutely no one to talk with. And I mean no one!

I would come home from school - make supper for mom and I, though she
would most often come home late and take her supper into her room with
barely a word of thanks, sit down to do my home work, and then crash
and watch television. Oh, months ago I would have tried to call up a
buddy, that I've probably known since we were kids, but I don't bother
anymore. No one wanted to talk with me or be around me.

Maybe I smell? That was supposed to be a joke - sure its not very
funny, but there had to be some reason why I'm an outcast within a
town of only thirty thousand.

Mom came speeding down the stairs, as I sat watching some stupid
sitcom, after a call five minutes before, and mumbled something about
problems at work and being late as she rushed out of the house. I
didn't even get a chance to lift my head from the pillow or to say
goodbye. And this was not an unusual occurrence, mother often worked
extensive hours - which I thought she used as a refuge to hide from
her only son.

None of it made sense, but then I have stopped trying to figure it out
- though I have yet to accept it, else I may go made with frustration.

When I finally got my ass off the couch, it was to get a glass of milk
from the kitchen. I saw mom's dirty dishes by the sink and sighed,
more fucking dishes to do before bed time. Once I rebelled by not
cleaning up after mom and I - but when I woke the next mornings after
being a pig, the kitchen was back in order - she had come down from
her room to clean up while I slept.

What the hell was wrong with me any ways?

I went to my room, thinking about searching the net for some porn -
I'm still a teenage guy after all! With every girl at school
snickering and ignoring me, all I had was my hand and the smut from
the Internet.

Mom had rushed out of the house so fast that she had left the door to
her room partially open - something she never did. Her room, as was
my own, was her sanctuary - and we respected each others privacy. I
didn't immediately think about it, till I was laying back in my bed
catching my breath from the hasty orgasm that a series of pictures of
some big titted blonde babe had given me. I zipped my jeans back up
and was going to return to the family room for more stupid television,
when I noticed the door yet again.

I know what mom's room looked like, of course, but for some reason I
looked in. She had a large room, with a queen sized bed as its centre
piece - the desk with a laptop and books beneath the large window
towards the backyard. The other side of the room had another window,
always shaded, which faced the front of the house, and had a large
walk in closet next to it.

It was a little messy, yesterdays skirt and blouse still at the base
of the bed, white cotton soiled panties by the door to her private
bathroom. The bed unmade. The walk in closet door was open and the
light was still on. Her briefcase open with books and papers half
organized about her desk and the floor around the chair. The dresser,
by the hallway door, had the usual assortment of feminine articles,
brushes and jewelry, freshly clean panties and bras. It also had that
smell - mom's scent, perfume and dust. She barely ever cleaned in
here, I should guess.

It was all so unexceptional and I was about to return to the
television when I realized her laptop was still turned on. The
back-light had turned the monitor off but I saw the tiny amber
indicator revealing that it was still on. mother was crazy about her
laptop - telling me it held confidential documents for work, and she
could be fired and sued if any of its contents ever leaked out. If
she was fanatical about anything at all in life, it was that damn
laptop, she never went to work without it and I was forbidden to even
talk with her when she sat before it.

You see, another method for her to ignore me - open up the laptop and
by her rules, I had to keep out of the same room as her.

I'm not fucking crazy I swear to you... but it sure started to feel
like it.

I then broke mothers cardinal rule and touched the shift button upon
the laptops keyboard. Confidential or not, who could I tell - no one
will talk to me!

Her screen flashed on and I saw that her mail client was open, an
email centred on the screen.

Big deal. I was just about to turn about to again return to my boring
and lonely life when I noticed only one word in the email body,


I leaned over to read the small text more clearly. "'...wear black
stockings slut. I will call you tonight around six thirty and tell
you where to go.'"

"'Slut'"! Slut?

Who would call my mother such a thing? Hadn't there been a call, just
before mom ran out of here... around six or six thirty I think?

It was all that was shown on the screen - the email was not even
signed. I scrolled up to the head of the message. "'You are a good
girl Teri,'" my mothers first name, "'all the boys enjoyed you very
much. I have another appointment for you whore - two girls that
you've partied with before want an encore. They want you to...'"!

What did all this mean - was my mother a hooker or something? No!
What about her job as a manager at the government small business
development bank - she had worked so hard to excel in the job. I know
she worked there - I had to drop off a request form from school to her
only last week. Then maybe mother was a part-time hooker? It was
within the realm of possibility, though incredulous.


You think you know someone...! No, this just wasn't possible - my mom selling her body. "'... all the boys...two girls...'"? She was doing
orgies and lesbian stuff too? No way!

I sat down when I realized my heart was pounding very fast.

Mother was forty years old this year and though she was well
preserved, she did not look like a teenager any longer. She looked
like a uptight middle-aged professional woman. Hell - she never even
dressed provocatively! Sure I noticed that her breasts were rather on
the large side, her ass, though generous, was very nice, her legs
shapely and still appealing especially when wearing nylons and her
face normally very pleasant - I'm a teenage guy for fucks sake!

Mother had been gone nearly every night - working late she said,
working on what she didn't add. Most often I was asleep when she got
home, and if I wasn't, I knew she would come home and immediately head
to her room and have a long hot shower. Not reappearing till she
dressed and ran from the house to get to work, at the government, the
very next morning.

Mom was a hooker? Couldn't be - I could not place any of the common
things I assumed about a whores life into my own mother. Hell, she
was well paid at work, why would she need to supplement it from
selling her body?

Fuck - what a thought. Could she really be doing such a thing?

I mean the email stated that the 'guys' enjoyed her - more than one!
Two or three? More? And two other 'girls' wanted an 'encore', which
meant she had met them previously. Could she do those things? You
know what I'm talking about ... those, sex things?

I stood up and moved to her walk in closet, several days worth of
clothing lay upon the floor, including the outfit that she had worn
when she came home today. That means she changed into something else
before rushing out of here. 'Stockings' maybe?

Mother in stockings - thigh high, and 'black' - it would indeed look
good on her shapely legs.

I looked around some more - her normal skirts and blouses, rows of
many different types of shoes. Then I realized, no pants - jeans,
sweats let alone work slacks. None. Only dresses. Though I remember
her often wearing jeans about the house, I haven't seen her do this
for a very long time.

Quickly withdrawing from the closet I pulled open the top drawer of
her dresser and saw two untidy piles of panties, all cotton but of
variety of colours, and the other of socks. The next drawer had waist
high nylons and bras. Nothing too outrageous, though I didn't look
too thoroughly.

The next one had a denim bag that barely fit in the drawer - it was
well worn, probably before I was born. Inside I found an assortment
of panties, stockings and other female lingerie that I had no idea
what they were for - and they were either new, and still in the
original store package, or barely worn. There was only two colours,
black and white - some with lace some without. I couldn't actually
imagine what she looked like in any one garment in that bag - it just
wasn't my perception of mother.

I'm not certain of the extent of it - but mother had a secret life
that I had known absolutely nothing about!

I stood there looking about her room and began to think - if this was
my room and I wanted to hide my dirty magazines, where would I do it.
Under the bed of course - she had a large hard wood framed bed, that
appeared to sit upon the floor - but didn't. It had these short inch
high legs that held the solid wood from the floor but gave the
appearance of laying flat. It would be the perfect spot to hide
something from prying eyes.

I knelt down upon the floor and placed my cheek on the hard wood to
peer under the inch gap - there was several things beneath there,
which I couldn't make out.

Mother wasn't a big woman, and wasn't strong enough to lift the bed so
there had to be another way under it. Feeling around, I felt it - the
board for the frame that sat closest to the wall behind was missing -
it left a wide gap beneath the bed. It was invisible from nearly any
angle within the room - good hiding spot.

Reaching beneath the bed, my long arm could reach everything that she
had hidden there - I felt a couple of large envelopes and a small
cardboard box. I pulled the box out first.

I sat there with the dusty brown shoe box on my lap, moms messy bed
about me, suddenly wondering if I wanted to know more about her
private life than I had already discovered. It was certainly a shock
- but it was still her private life, none of my business.

Then I remembered when I held up that lace patterned white stocking and thought that mom's leg would look very sexy in it - I knew that
something inside me was different. Gone was the guilt when I caught
myself watching her breasts or staring at her ass as she bent over -
now, I wanted to look upon her to see her in a more sexy light.
That's right, for the first time, mother was not the woman who gave
birth to me and whom I should respect and honour, but a mature sexy
woman whom I suddenly discovered within my own home.

Did any of that make sense?

No? Then try this, I suddenly felt lust for my very own mother. Most
certainly a distant innocent lust - I simply wanted to peek into an
attractive woman's sexual life.

Sick - maybe there is something wrong with me, perhaps that's why I
don't have any friends any more?

Fuck it. I yanked off the lid and threw it behind me. Inside was an
assortment of objects, some had obvious usage, others I had no idea.
The most obvious was a six inch long tube that was shaped like a guys dick - it was made of some type of rubber or composite and had an
obvious use. Handcuffs? A single ping pong paddle! Six one inch
balls all tied to the same long thread. More... stranger items if you
can believe that.

I dropped the box and rushed to reach for the envelops beneath the
bed, there were several so I only brought out three.

Each was stapled shut but I could care less and ripped them open, one
at a time.

If there was any doubt of my mothers alter life it was gone when I
looked upon the first picture. Then the next and the next, dozens in
that first envelope. It was of her and another woman, much younger -
hell maybe even my own age, and some older guy. mother wore nothing,
not even a smile I realized. She sucked the guy's cock, licked the
girls pussy, fingered her own hairless cunt and licked the guys come
off the girls near-flat chest. The girl was a senior in my school -
Melissa something - popular and a certified bitch. The guy never
showed his face.

The next envelope was mostly of mom getting fucked, from several
angles and from at least seven different dicks. No guys faces, only
mom. The last pictures were of her kneeling inside a circle of cocks
as the guys stroked themselves to orgasm upon my mothers face. She
wore sheer white stockings that were soiled by the end of the photo
shoot and I realized that those two stockings were also in the
envelope - and obviously still soiled. I could not bear to touched

The next envelope didn't contain any sex, but of my mother collared
and leashed being lead around someones house. Pictures of her licking
from a water bowl on the floor to being curled up next to a large dog outside, it was dark out by the way. It showed her peeing in the
corner of a large yard as a faceless man and the same dog watched from
the edge of the picture. It also showed mom getting spanked over a
guys lap, her ass bright red and her face pain-filled with
tear-stained cheeks. The leash and collar were also within the

It was all strewn about moms messy bed - evidence of her demented
alter-lifestyle. Oh sure, I checked out pictures on the net of babes
licking other babes, guys getting their dicks sucked off by some big
titted babe and even of teenage girls showing pink - but I've never
seen stuff like I saw in the pictures with mom.

It was all so... base. The lowest... that was my mother. Maybe she
was a 'whore' but something was certain, she was a 'slut' for sure!

There were other envelopes, but I didn't even bother.

What guys had she been fucking - what girls? She had been having sex
with a schoolmate in one set of pictures - did she fuck anything?

I sat for hours in her room, looking through those three sets of
pictures again and again. Dumping the contents of her lingerie back
on the bed and looking at each garment individually, imagining her
wearing these items for someone. Those sex toys didn't look new, and
I studied even the ones I didn't understand - she had used these,
probably orgasmed with them inside her body. They had no smell, as
they had been washed - I wasn't even ashamed to admit I smelt the
dildo and the balls-on-a-string.

My mind was a blur.

I read through her email - not finding another message from the
anonymous email account. I then searched her hard drive and found
nearly three hundred images - each of her doing some act with a cock,
a dildo or a cunt. I stopped after the fortieth picture. Did I
really need to see more?

What was wrong with me anyway - I'm a virtual outcast to the rest of
the town and my own mother was a slut. Was it something that I did or
didn't do?

How long has this been going on?

I lay back on the bed, all the evidence of her base behaviour about
and beneath me. How long I stared at the ceiling, I have no idea -
but I closed my eyes for only a moment, I swear.

"Oh my god!" I had fallen asleep!


I bolted upright, suddenly deathly ashamed and embarrased. My mom stood just inside her doorway starring aghast at the scene before her.

"Mom... I can explain!"

She didn't even hear me, but instead was staring at the objects and
pictures upon the bed. Then I did something that was immature of me,
I bolted past her out of the room and into my own.

I lay in bed, barely breathing as I attempted to listen to her
movements. I could hear nothing till her private shower started - and
it never stopped for over thirty minutes. Looking at the clock, I'm
amazed that it was already midnight.

A knock at my door - soft and barely noticeable!

"Danny? Please honey?" The second knock is louder.

I just sit and watch it, my limbs not moving. Did I even want to talk
with her - who had ignored me for months and whom I thought I knew
until tonight?

A third knock and then the door slowly opens and mom sticks her head
in, "Dear?"

Mother was an attractive woman, short stylish red hair (not natural),
with petite and pleasant facial features - but right now I saw that
her eyes were puffy and blurred. I knew she had been crying quite a
lot since she had gotten home.

"Can I come in Danny?" It was politely asked, but I knew better than
to tell her to leave. Not only did I want to know why she did those
things in the photos, I wanted simply to talk with someone -
loneliness is a terrible thing.

The nod was enough and she slipped into my room, wearing her large
comfortable old white bathrobe and slippers. She pulled my desk chair
about and sat in it - facing me.

Neither of us spoke for some time, and I never looked above her feet.

"I never wanted you to find out honey."

Find out? That she was a fucking slut! My very own mother, could she
not wait a couple more years till I left for college before she
succumbed to whatever urges sluts have...?

She started to cry with big sobs and hands over her face. I looked up
at her and saw that she was truly distressed.

She gasped between sobs, "I never wanted it to end like this!"

What to end?

I again felt great guilt - I had invaded mothers private space, broken
her rules, and in the process, found out something about her that I
should never have known. If there was anyone at fault, it was me.
Was it my business if mom was a slut or even a whore or not? And my
inquisitiveness at peeking into her sexuality was gone - I had been a
voyeur and I just didn't like how it made me feel right now.

"I'm sorry mom."

That brought a single tear red eye from between her fingers - "Sorry?"

Yea, sorry.

I simply sat there and let her cry for several more minutes till the
tears all but dried up. Though I felt like shedding my own at that

When the silence was again thick, "Are you a hooker mom?"

She laughed softly, surprise in her eyes, and with no humour, "Oh my
god honey... no I am not!"

For some reason that made me feel better - that she should spread her
legs for pleasure and not for money. Strange isn't it?

"Then you do work downtown..."?

"...for the BDC, yes dear I do."

It was all turning out so civil... while it was all so awkward.

I remembered the sound of the shower and then the email that I had
read, she had been out on a date (or whatever you call it) earlier and
needed to clean herself before coming to talk with me. I remember a
brief glimpse of her messy hair and weary shocked face as I had rushed
past her earlier.

"How did you find the stuff under my bed honey?"

"The door was open mom - and there was a message still on your
laptop...!" I just admitted that I broke her cardinal rule - never to
touch her laptop.

She never even lifted an eyebrow, which surprised me.

We sat there, across from each other, not knowing what to say but
feeling like something should be said. I wondered what could be said
between us - maybe, "I'm a slut honey and I hope your okay with that?"
I doubt it.

Her eyes began to again water, "I am so ashamed. What must you think
of me Danny?"

I think your a slut mother. I just had to ask though, "Why are you
ashamed mom?" It came out as barely a whisper.

She looked amazed at me then in an angry voice said, "Because of what
that pig makes me do!"

Mom must seen the confusion in my eyes and we both realized at the
same moment that neither of us understood what the other was talking
about. "You really don't know Danny?" Her eyes watered like a
fountain yet again, "Then you thought I was just a ...?"

If you are not a slut, that's what its called mother, then what the
hell is going on? "What didn't I know mom?" I realized my voice had
come out a little harsh. "What 'pig'?"

Her hands again hid her face as the crying turned to sobs and she
waled out, "I did it all for you dear!"

She spread her legs for me - that is absurd! Then maybe for this
'pig' guy then?

I noticed the robe had parted a little I saw the flesh of her pale
white legs to mid thigh - for some reason it bothered me. But why
should it, I had studied photos of mothers naked body and loins only a
couple of hours before?

Another five minutes she again dropped her hands to her lap, noticing
the open robe but not closing it I realized, and looked back into my
eyes. She forced her breathing to settle down before she again spoke,
"George Gerald is forcing me to do things." I saw what type of
'things' she meant - there had been stockings soiled and saved in one
of the envelopes that revealed what type of 'things' she had been

That was the name of my teacher - the only person in the world that
would even talk with me. I had to have heard incorrectly!

"He asked me out about four months ago and it was nice", mother was
always a prude even after so blatant evidence to the contrary, "but I
told him it had to end." She took a deep breath before continuing - I
knew this is where it was going to get graphic and mother needed some
inner strength to reveal it to her only child. "I told him at a
barbecue at his house and he just smiled and handed me a glass of iced
tea... then I woke up tied to his bed and he was raping me."

Mothers eyes began to water yet again.

Was this all true?

Of course it had to be - why else would all of these be so absurd to
me if she had not been forced to change her lifestyle. It painted a
picture of reality to what I have learned this evening.

"He took pictures and laughed when he kicked me out of his house.
Then I received an email with one of the pictures, it was very
graphic." I saw mother was white-knuckled as she clenched her thighs.
"He promised that he would make sure you would find out what a slut
your mother was if I didn't keep seeing him." Another deep breath.
"I only went back to his house to break it off for good and to
threaten him with a lawsuit, but he beat me that afternoon - raping me
again and forcing me to take even more pictures."

The tears were gone and mothers head was high, her eyes though spoke
of her humiliation and subjugation by my teacher, the final part came
out, "At first it was just him, then he forced me to have sex with
other people, many of them his students. He made rules up as he felt
like it and threatened that you would find out about it if I didn't go
along willingly."

It made sense. Even my loneliness these last months made sense;
mother had been too humiliated to be around me and the other kids at
school, many of whom had probably had sex with my own mother, were
laughing and talking about it behind my back.

I had to test her I'm sorry to admit, "Was there a rule about pants?"
I remembered this from my first inspection into mothers closet.

She nodded, "I was always to wear skirts or dresses, no pants or
leggings of any kind."

"And Tommy Gennings?" My best friend since grade three, one of the
many people that now treated me like a leper.

She nodded and her eyes again watered up, "Tommy and his brother...".

"This evening?"

"Lisa Blair and two others." Lisa was in my school, my math class
with Mr. Gerald actually. A stuck up bitch if I remembered correctly.

Let me get this straight, "Mr. Gerald blackmails you into fucking him
and whoever he tells you too?"


"And if you don't he will tell me everything?"

"As well as make public everything else - I would probably go to jail
too." I suppose she might - sex with minors, indecency and who knows
what other humiliating acts that I didn't even know about. Perhaps I
shouldn't know about, I reminded myself. Gone was the voyeur urge
from earlier.

"Was Mr. Gerald with you and Lisa tonight?"

"Yes." She was only whispering, and I could feel her awkwardness
about revealing the details of her indiscretions, forced or otherwise.

"Why would he want you to have sex with teenage girls?"

She shrugged and thought for a brief moment then added, "I think he
does it for power... but all of them must agree to having sex with him
as well. I don't think I'm the only one he has blackmailed."

I couldn't imagine my friend Tommy having sex with Mr. Gerald - yuck!

"So now its all over." It had to be right - I now knew all about
mother and Mr. Gerald.

She started to cry yet again, and I was getting tired of her tears and
the fact that I had been made a fool of for so many months. "He might
still send everything to the police." He might.

I knew he wouldn't though - I had seen enough in the photos to know
that he liked his little self-made world of his, who wouldn't, and if
he wanted to use another woman as he used mother, there was at least a
half a dozen other girls and women in those photos that could be
blackmailed. Besides, mother was certainly right - she was most
probably not the only one in his stable.

"No he won't." I really did feel as resolved as I sounded, mother looked at me with a new hope. "I will talk with him tomorrow - he
will never bother you again mother."

Her eyes radiated, holding only a small spark of doubt - she needed
for her son to say these things, perhaps to claim that I forgive her
in committing those acts. It had been against her will hadn't it?

Then something else hit upon me - that look in mothers eyes and my
bold words had sparked a change in our relationship. No longer was I
the little boy - I had been rudely introduced to a nasty adult world
by the secrets my mother had hidden from me. And at the same time she
had been lain bare, to her very soul. Even as I stepped forwards,
with my firm words, she had looked at me not as a mother but as a man.
It felt strange, different... good.

I met her gaze boldly and assured her with stern words, "You do not
need to worry about Mr. Gerald mother." A small thankful, almost
embarrased, smile appeared upon her lips and within her eyes.

Her hand reached out and grasped my knee to squeeze it, "Thank you
dear." After a lengthy pause, which our eyes were glued together, she
suddenly stood and moved to leave my room. Was that it?

So much had happened to me this evening and my emotions were going
rampant - yet I blurted out, "Wait mom...?"

She stopped just inside my bedroom door and looked over her shoulder
back towards me, her eyes again looking stern and maternal.

I didn't like it, I wanted that thankful gaze... I imagined it to be
like a young virgin girl being told not to be scared of monsters in
the dark. Trust - it had certainly held plenty of that.

I didn't know what I wanted to say or do, but blurted out, "What now

She turned about but didn't come any closer, while cocking her head to
the side as if to ask me what I meant.

"What... is it all over... are you just going to pretend all of that
didn't happen?"

Mother turned bright red in the face and looked frustrated, and just a
little angry, "What would you have me do Danny?"

It was a loaded question, but believe it or not, it never hit me like

"Why did you keep the envelopes mom?"

I didn't think it was possible, but her blush deepened, "I was ordered

She looked defiant, and I realized my own emotions were starting to
rage. I countered, though I knew the answer already, "And the

"I wasn't allowed to wear pants." Still stern but with less resolve.

"Or he would reveal to me how much of a slut you were?"

The word 'slut' seemed to hit her physically and she sucked in her
breath as if struck. Nor did she answer.

After a anxious pause, I hit her again, "I suppose you had to wear the
butt plug for him too?"

A whisper, "Danny?"

Maliciously, "Those balls on a string, are those for your asshole or
cunt mother?"

That did it - my raped and humiliated mother broke down and cried.
Standing inside my bedroom door, she hid her face in both hands and
sobbed loudly.

For some reason I was disgusted rather than sympathetic towards my
parent - and rolled off my bed and took the three strides to stand
before her. Even as she cried, the tears dripping from between her
fingers, I brought both hands up towards her chest.

She couldn't see me but her sobs, and even her breathing, froze when
she felt the front of her old white bath robe part.

I had seen her pale large breasts in several photos but it was nothing
compared to the reality before me. They were white, lighter than the
skin of her face, with little stretch marks above the nipples. They
hung low, age I assumed, but looked delicious. The nipples were wide,
five centimetres at least.

My eyes moved back up to find that her hands had dropped to her sides,
and I was looking into her horror-filled gaze. I smiled at her misery
and moved my hands down to the belt of her robe.

Mother never moved as the knot came undone and I pushed the robe fully
open and looked down at her Venus mound. As had her breasts, the
sight of her hairless slit had a very profound affect upon me,
regardless of the photos I had seen of her earlier.

Mom could not pretend to be a woman in her teens any longer, let alone
in her twenties - and though I have never taken into account mature women before as possible targets for my pleasure, I was astonished at
my reaction to the sight of her.

Still she didn't move when my hands came up to push the robe off her
shoulders, nor did she resist as it fell to the floor about her
slipper clad feet. mother just looked at me with a look that
resembled the one in the photos - distant, as if a part of her was

"Turn around so I can see your ass." I was surprised at how dry my
throat was, and suddenly had second thoughts about what I was doing.

Then she turned.

Now I've said mother isn't a teenager any longer, nor is she a skinny
aged crone - instead she was a full figured mature woman and her ass
reflected this. Fleshy and round, jutting out from her back and legs,
with a long crack that disappeared in shadow between her thighs.

I fell in lust with her ass in that first second. In fact I have
little doubt that my resolve would have ended if not for the sight of
her long smooth back, shapely hips and then her flaring hips and ass.
Oh certainly she had light stretch marks upon her hips and her
generous ass hung less firm that I'm sure it did years gone by, but it
didn't matter to this horny teen.

Then I asked something that I wanted to know since I first saw the
photos, but hadn't the guts, "Did you enjoy it mom?"

Moms head hung down and she finally answered, "I did all that was
asked of me Danny."

Mothers ass was so tempting, and I haven't yet touched her, but I
remembered a photo that I've seen earlier in the evening. My hand
whipped out and struck her right buttock with a very loud splat. mom jerked in surprise, but otherwise didn't move. Hurriedly she blurted
out, "Sometimes... yes." I could actually see the shape of my hand
upon her white skin, in glowing red.


I didn't even wait as long as I had previously when the same hand
again spanked her other cheek and again reverberating about my room
with the sounds of her submission.

"I... hated what I was forced to do... !"

Too long a pause and I hit her harder upon the first cheek, she
screamed out in pain this time, though she hadn't moved from her
position. Again upon the other - which left her ass cheeks a glowing
bright red that only made them look sexier.

"... sometimes, after being forced to do ... things... I found myself
enjoying it."

"Turn around and face me mom." She quickly shuffled about, a mere
foot before me. mom couldn't meet my eyes and looked down - was she
looking at my crotch I wondered? "And your cunt gets wet when you
enjoyed it right mom?"


Then that fateful question, "Is your cunt wet right now mom?"

She didn't move - nor did she say a word, she only stared below my

Those wide nipples beckoned and I thought about twisting one to get my
answer - but of course there is a much better way! My hand slipped
forwards between her white smooth thighs, palm upwards, and lifted
into her crotch.

What I found surprised me - and would prove the most decisive moment
of both of us this very day. Her well groomed smooth skin was very
warm - hot even, to my touch. From her thighs, which were indeed
warm, and soft, to that within my palm which felt like it came from an
oven very recently. The heel of my hand must have been pressed into
the top of her slit and I thought I felt her push her mound back
against me. My middle finger was laying along the length of mother erotic crack, and the small fold of wrinkled pink inner labia peeking
out - what amazed me most was how wet that small amount of skin was.
With only a little pressure it pressed into the groove and was
enveloped in an extreme warm wetness. The end of that same finger was
at the entrance of that wonderful spot - and I knew there would be no
resistance if I wished to completely submerge any part of me into it.

I looked at mother's face in surprise - this was why Mr. Gerald had
dominated and controlled her. It was the focal point of her sexual
being, it drew me soul and body towards having this woman for my very
own. I would be the extreme bastard as my teacher had, if only to be
able to use, and perhaps abuse, this woman at my discretion.

I think mother knew this - felt our spirits mingle, her submissive
drawing my virgin dominance out.

My hand withdrew from her body and I lifted it up between our faces -
met my gaze across my soiled very wet hand. The evidence was there,
mother did indeed enjoy this. She again turned bright red.

Then I wiped my fingers upon one of her nipples, till it was
glistening with her spend. With another dip into her groove of love,
I was able to apply even more to the other nipple.

Mother was watching my face now - wearing the same stone gaze.

The next application was higher up, as I smeared it upon her lips -
till those full red cunt-wet lips caused the most painful of erections
to remind me of its bondage. She only watched me.

Mother and I looked down at the front of my jeans at the same time -
my painful hard on was pressing firmly out towards my parent.

If this was to proceed I knew that I would have to tell her what to do
- it was how mother was... submissive.

I looked over my shoulder at my small bed, knowing she was watching
and understanding what was in my mind. "Lets go to your room mom." I
almost said 'our' room, but these little changes in our lives should
not happen all at the same time, I'll tell her tomorrow after school.

Mother simply turned and walked slowly down the hall, as if going to
her execution. I knew different, and I could see the small wet
evidence upon the inside of her white thighs.

Perhaps she did not enjoy this - but her sexuality did. Don't you
think she only had to say 'no' at any one point and her son would
return to be the introverted teenager that she had known all her life?

Her ass wiggled deliciously and her breasts swayed to the sides as she
went the few feet to her room. The mess was as I had left it - the
bed piled with evidence of her non-consensual submission. That was
how I thought of it, as I didn't think of it as rape any longer. If
it had been, wouldn't what I was doing now be considered 'rape' -
something I could never imagine myself doing to my own mother, let
alone anyone else.

I took a white stocking from bed and grunted, "Stand still mom." With
her back to me, I tied it over her eyes - blinding her. I may sound
and was acting like a dominant strong man - but I am only a horny
uncertain teenager, a virgin at that! Of course I knew what I wanted,
but I didn't want to have to worry about what mother thought of the
sight of my naked body - but rather concentrate upon what was really
important, our mutual pleasure.

"Go over and stand next to the bed." She stumbled forwards, nearly
tripping on some discarded clothing upon her floor. I watched her
while my hands moved to remove my clothing - I simply added to the
piles of soiled laundry upon the floor.

She stood facing her bed, her knees touching the edge of the mattress.
I saw that she wore her old white slippers still, "Loose the slippers
mom." It was her last article of clothing and they ended up in the

I would expect mother to be nervous, scared even - as I certainly was.
But she simply stood there, hands clenching her thighs and waiting for
me to direct her.

My hand encircled my hard cock and hissed, "God I am hard!" It wasn't
a planned statement but mother's knees buckled a little and she nearly
fell. It happened so quickly that she was back in the same position
in only a couple of seconds. I walked towards her, my dick pointing
forwards in my hand, nearly touching her fleshy ass. I'm sure my
heavy breathing was striking her shoulders as they broke out in tiny
goose bumps as the seconds went by.

There on the bed before her, us, was an assortment of items and
pictures - and I saw one that struck my fancy. Reaching past mom, I
grasped the six inch oval object in my hand and turned it on with the
other. It loudly vibrated in the silent room, rocking my hand about
in its rhythmic motions.

Mother gasped when she heard the familiar vibrator turn on - and I saw
her ass clench. I leaned forwards and whispered in her ear, "Have you
ever put this in your pussy mom?"

She nodded, but I was anxious for a verbal response to moved down and
firmly bit the skin of her shoulder - it left teeth marks and I could
the tension within mother as my lips had touched her bare skin.

"Yes." I came out more of a croak than a word.

"In your asshole mom?"


"And do you lick it clean after its been inside you?" That image, one
that I've picked up from Internet stories over the years, was very
graphic to me - a woman that would clean her own spend, and even
enjoyed it.


I meant to reach up to lick her ear but before that happened my cock
brushed against the tense skin of her lower ass cheek. Instead of
tensing up, mother gasped but her previously tense cheeks relaxed. I
looked down and moved forwards purposely. My cock touched the crack
of her ass and with a little pressure angled downwards to slip into
the gully of her thighs and crotch. That familiar heat was being
transferred to my delighted dick and the moisture had an excited
phallus to coat generously.

"Hands to the top of your head slut." She crossed her wrists above
her head and it gave me another thought - retrieving that soiled
stocking from the envelope of photos, I bound mothers wrists securely.
All the while, my cock had stayed between her thighs but had moved
about generously, allowing it to press upwards into the groove of my
own parents vagina. Though I doubt she minded - as mother was gasping
and breathing heavily now, as was I.

Still vibrating, I pressed the hard plastic dick against the side of
her neck - her body rocked violently in surprised. I held it there
only a second.

"Licked some pussy tonight mom?"

A whisper, "Yes." It made me hot to think of mom licking between Lisa
Blair's sexy trim thighs.

Turning off the vibrator, I set it on the on the table beside her bed
- I had an urge to watch mother masturbate herself with it... later.
To me, this was not a one night thing, I had consciously chosen to
take the place of Mr. Gerald in mothers life - to be her dominant.

Both my hands came around her body and grasped a full white breast in
each, I could feel her hard nipples poking into my palm.

"I love your big tits mom. Lean forwards a little." She did, which
caused them to hang a little more and it did something else that I
hadn't thought of, it angled her pelvis enough so that my cock was
perfectly positioned along the length of her vagina.

I thrust forwards and was pleased when I heard her grunt as I imagined
the head of my dick hit her clitoris. "Rub yourself on me slut!"
Mother understood and I felt her hips move only slightly, but mostly
felt that slick valley move back and forth deliciously along the
length of my teenage cock.

Her sighs and breathing accelerated, as did the movement of her hips.
No longer was it a tiny slow glide but a fast back and forth thrust of
her hips. I merely fondled her large breasts while watching all this.

In only minutes mother's body was a movement of flesh with sexy
feminine grunts of pleasure. My hands, still overflowing with tit
flesh were twisting and squeezing generously - and I simply watched
her movements amazed. mother was so energized by what was going on
between us that I do believe she was about to orgasm right there with
my dick between her thighs.

It happened suddenly, her body froze up while individual muscles
throughout were quivering. mother squealed and held her position for
nearly thirty seconds - then she fell forwards upon the messy bed.

My hands having been forced from her warm inviting flesh and my
dripping pussy-wet dick now waving lonely before me - I wanted
more... for me this time!

Mother, Teri, was laying upon the photos of her wearing a collar and a
leash, her body crushing the pictures against her sweaty flesh. She
gasped when my hands roughly pulled up on her hips, "On your knees
Teri!" I felt in a panic, rushed to finally consummate this whole
sordid evening... to introduce the both of use into our future

With tired movements she climbed up to her knees, her face and
shoulders lost within the messy bed, her bound hands still above her
head also on the bed. I pulled her back so her ass hung over the edge
of the bed and her kicked her feet so they were wide enough to stand

Rushing with trembling hands, I poked around mothers hairless sex -
right in that glowing wet flowered pinkness. She was too high and I
spanked her ass and hit the inside of her thighs to get her to spread
her legs farther apart.

Then it happened - we joined suddenly and without ceremony.

I felt her buttocks press against my hips and stomach - my cock fully
submerged in her body. It was so hot that I imagined it like sticking
my dick into a furnace - a sloppy wet furnace at that!

One odd thing that I thought of at time - though I had no idea what to
expect, I had always imagined a woman's vagina being tighter than
this, my first. Mother's sex was certainly very wet, sloppy even, it
was dripping down the front of my thighs and the back of hers. Yet,
other than a slight hot wet encirclement about my prick, I felt little

Now, don't interpret that to mean I was disappointed as I held upon
her hips, holding us together. I was savouring this moment to the
fullest - it was so wild, I was actually inside a woman... my own god
damned mother at that!

Since she was not very tight and I had energy to burn, I squeezed her
hips to hold her in place and then began to move my hips in a rapid
and aggressive manner. Her leaking moisture caused our slapping skin
to reverberate louder and sloppier. Even her super wet sex was
sloshing and frothing at my movements.

Mother, who had been exhausted moments before, became more animated
and bit into her blanket as she squealed in pleasure. Even with my
firm grasp, she was able to move her hips back to meet my own as I

It was nirvana and I was hooked!

Don't think this lasted long - need I remind you yet again that I'm a
horny virgin teenager? Sure I had masturbated hours before - but did
that really matter to a teenage boy?

It felt like a litre of sperm leave my balls through my shaft to fill
mothers already sloppy sex cavern. And with all the screams coming
from her, I think she enjoyed it as well - hell, I think she had
another orgasm!

Minutes later I opened my eyes and saw the profile of mother's face -
she was breathing heavily through her mouth while licking her lips
infrequently. I was laying upon her now prone body, my softened cock
still inside her cunt. It was over - I had done something that a son
should never do with his mother, right? I mean its incest. I fucked
my parent!

I rolled off, my cock slipping from that liquid cavern leaving a trail
across the back of her legs, and lay face up next to her. The crunch
of photos beneath me and the odd object in my ribs, irritated me - but
not enough to remove them.

My body was exhausted but my mind relived this evening. The horrific
finding of mothers other life, her admission that it was all true but
she had done it for me, and that single moment when I lost my
virginity and sat still within her body. My love for mother blossomed
into something new, something mingled with lust and domination. I
have no doubt that I may indeed be as evil as Mr. Gerald - taking
mother without her consent in this way - but it just didn't matter to

Teri again licked her lips to moisten them and I remembered that I had
coated them with her own female grease. My imagination twisted the
sight and what normally would only be a fantasy could now be
considered a possible reality.

"Lick my cock clean mom." It was spoken softly, mostly because I was
so tired, but my words had the desired effect. mother moved upon
tired limbs and fumbled blindly till she was inverted to me, her face
moving towards my groin.

Even with bound wrists, she was able to angle herself so that she lay
upon her stomach, her arms beneath her chest. And she didn't need her
eyes to accomplish what her son had ordered. I'm sure she was very
familiar with the male sex organ!

I felt the first tentative lick, tiny and very light. Then the next,
harder this time. Then, knowing the layout of the terrain, used her
tongue to lift my soft organ and her lips to suck me into her mouth
with a sudden practised movement.

This wasn't lick clean but she firmly sucked her spend from my cock -
her head bobbing delightfully up and down.

As pleasurable as this was I noticed that mothers buttocks were
clenching and pressing into the bed, she still had more sexual energy
within her. I was amazed, but delighted. I'm a teenager with a teens
libido, my cock reflected this and grew as a Phoenix reborn.

My hand slipped to her thighs, forcing my fingers to the junction of
her ass and legs. Easily this time, I found and submerged two digits
within her sex. mother gasped even with her mouthful of cock, and
lifted her hips from the bed a few centimetres to give me better
access. I used three fingers now, plunging in and out of her sloppy
hot hole. My hand was already coated to the wrist with our mingled
spend. No doubt my mother could take my fist if I attempted it - and
perhaps then it would fill that sexy cavern.

She never took her mouth from cock as I pulled from her vagina and
fumbled with her ass, well lubricated from our earlier endeavours, and
one finger forced inwards.

I knew her ass had seen a mans attentions, hell I think there was a
photo under my left arm to prove it, but I was delighted to discover
how tight it was. "You have a tight ass mom." I then alternated in a
triple finger fuck of her cunt and a double finger fuck of her ass
hole. mother was starting to go wild, her screams muffled upon my
dick which vibrated it wonderfully.

The passion was building within me once again, so I yanked her from my
dick by pulling roughly on her hair. I pushed her onto her back,
unbound her wrists and grunted loudly, "Hold you legs back slut!"
Mother grasped her legs behind the knees pulling them back almost to
her chest.

I knelt below and held my missile of love. This time, though agitated
to again use mothers body for my selfish pleasure, I was more certain
and less nervous about accomplishing it. The cock that suck into her
over heated wet hole was rock hard and familiar. I fucked in and out
for a dozen thrusts before disengaging and aiming it delicately.

My dick would not go in at first, at least till I pressed firmly
forwards and the head of my cock slipped past her anal ring. mother hissed and bite the bottom of her lip as I slowly submerged myself
into this new entrance to our incestuous pleasure. This was as tight
as I had always imagined, nearly as hot as her cunt, though much less

I was only half ways in and simply sat on my heels looking down at
mother. "Take your blindfold off mom." Quickly with one hand she
did, her eyes quickly finding my own. They contained only love, lust
and perhaps a hint of the submissive.

The first time I had been in mothers body, it had been magical - a
wrong mixed with overwhelming lust. Now with her looking at me that
way, her hands again holding her legs back, her toes pointed towards
the ceiling, my cock hard and prepared for a lengthy shag of this
tight hole... I knew that I was in the right. That my loneliness and
her forced submissions forced us together seemed obvious and it
rectified so much in both of our lives by simply being together.

"I love you mom."

Mothers eyes softened, and though I would not have thought it
possible, she echoed, "I love you my darling."

Her ass hole clenched which caused my dick to jump and then this
caused her to gasp out with surprise, close her eyes in pleasure, and
then sigh with pleasure. I moaned out my own pleasure.

Mother was now mine - I would never share her with others... well
maybe another woman, of course... and she need never worry about the
man who had forced her to this moment, my teacher.

"I'm going to fuck your ass and then come on your face Teri."

She met my eyes and smiled gently, "I know you will darling." Till
this evening I had never used her first name - but now it just seemed
like an added illicit feature on top of the mountain wrongs - it added
to the excitement.

"And when I wake up tomorrow, you are going to suck me off before I
have to go to school." I saw her bed side clock read two in the
morning - I would not have to wait long.

"I am looking forwards to it my love." Still smiling contentedly.
Even with deep love?

"From now on you are my slave okay mom?" She nodded and her smile
widened, I think she was truly happy. "No more parties or orders from
that prick of a teacher." And I need never be lonely again - mother would see to that.

Her eyes watered up again, but this time it was in happiness I was
sure. "Yes... master!"


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