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IFKNEW sucked harder and all could


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

******* NEW NEW NEW **********
I've decided to include the index listing at the top of stories for those
of you that stumble on them from other places than the index.

If You Only Knew- (ifknew.txt)- Emily Munn considers hers a normal
life. Perhaps it is more normal than she knows. We follow the attractive
wife and mother for a day and find out what the men around her are
thinking. M/F (m/F) oral, anal, lite bond.

If You Only Knew
Jesus, Mrs. Munn, you're fresh from the shower. I bet you're
naked under that bathrobe.
Emily looked up and waved at Jimmy. He was certainly quite a
dependable paper boy. Every morning on the dot as she got out of the
shower, he was bringing the paper.

{"Oh Jimmy I need you to fix something and you have to come
inside," she said.
She couldn't wait for him to come all the way into the house. She
was untying the robe as he crossed the threshold. Two steps down the
hall and she was revealed to him in all her naked glory. She looked
just like Miss June.
"I can't hide it any longer! I love you and I have to have you!"
she said desperately, "Make love to me Jimmy. Make love to me right
Her hands flew as fast as they could opening his jeans and
pushing them out of the way so she could pull out his huge
chunk of man-meat. She stroked it with the light of wonder in her eyes.
"I've never seen one so big, Jimmy," she purred, "You have to
put it in my vagina right now!"
Right there on the table. Laying there naked with Jimmy fucking
her right there. Yeah. Right there. Right there on the table...}

Emily picked up the paper Jimmy had left and put it with her
things. She would try to read it when she got to the office.
She had some rumors of people interested in selling their
homes that she wanted to check out. It never hurt to call and see if
they'd like her to be their agent.
She smiled at Greg as she went to her desk. If Greg spent more
time picking up the little tricks rather than dreaming, he could be
a good agent, she thought.

{She's fighting it, yes she is, but we both know she can't hold
out very much longer. There, she's shooting those glances at me. Uh-oh,
here she comes!
"Greg, you animal, you know how your cologne affects me," Emily
says as she stands by my desk and rips open her blouse.
Hmm, sexy black lace bra. She must have been thinking about me
when she dressed.
She sits in my lap and pulls my face in between those luscious
mounds. As she is lowering the straps to give me her nipples to suck,
her bottom is moving across my lap with an irresistible stimulation
of my cock.
"I know we promised that we would only think of work, but I
can't! I can't live without you- without it!" she gasps.
She feels it now. My cock is unmistakable pressing up into her
bottom. She has to get to it. She slithers out of the chair and onto
her knees between my legs.
"I have to taste it again. You have to let me suck it," she begs.
How can I refuse. And I don't have to. She takes my least
hesitation as an agreement and nearly rips my slacks in her hurry
to get my cock out.
"I always think it will choke me because it is so much bigger
than an average man's, but I have decided that it is my chosen way
to die," she says dramatically before she plunges that hot mouth
over my cock.
She is very eager and very skilled, but she can't hold back her
own emotions to finish the job. It's rude the way she hops up, but her
invitation makes me forgive her.
"Oh please I have to have it in me! I have to feel it hurt me
again! Rip me open with your unnaturally large cock," she begs as she
bends over my desk- right there- and pulls her skirt up and her
panties down.
She has obviously omitted pantyhose just for this reason. I
can't let the poor girl suffer so I have to stand and push my cock
into the warm heaven of her pussy.
"Oh yes! I'm stuffed with your huge cock!" she gasps when I'm
only half-way in.
She deserves a little lesson for not keeping our agreement about
office demeanor. I shove the rest of my cock into her with one push
and make her squeak.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she comes just from having all my huge cock
inside her, "Don't show me any mercy! Fuck my naughty pussy now!"
She is good and tight. It's just business that I've tried to talk
her into having restraint. She is so eager that it almost seems cruel
to deny her the cock she loves so much.
Yes! I'll give in this time! Oh yes! You can take it! Oh God!
Yes, baby! Take it!!}

Emily looked at the clock. She had let the time slip away while
she worked. Now she had barely enough time to get to her showing. She
took the time to remember her fact sheets and the key to the lock box
so it would not be a wasted trip.
She had been a bit of a hurry. It would teach her that haste
makes waste.
"May I see your driver's license and registration, please?"
the officer asked.
"What seems to be the problem, officer?" she asked as she
produced the requested documents.
"I clocked you going 40 in a 25 mile an hour zone," he said.

{"Oh officer, my driving record is a mess and I can't have any
more citations," Emily Munn bats her eyes, "Isn't there something I
can do so you'll let me off with a warning?"
"Are you suggesting some sort of sexual barter?" the stern
officer asks.
"Oh officer, I'll do anything to not get a ticket!" the lusty
blonde smiles.
"That sounds like attempted bribery, m'am," the officer is not
swayed, "Please step out of the car."
She trembles at the masterful sound of the officer's voice. She
feels compelled to obey that voice.
"Please turn around and place your hands behind you," the officer
commands the compliant young morsel.
He can feel her tremble as he handcuffs her, but his keen
instincts tell him to observe her breathing. It is shallow and rapid
as if she is feeling excitement mixed with her fear of this powerful
figure of a man.
"I'm going to have to search you, m'am. It's department policy.
Please bend over the hood," the officer in charge commands.
She complies without realizing the subtle change overtaking the
officer. She has unwittingly placed her fate in the hands of The Rogue
Cop. His sickness comes over him like a hot wave of passion. He reaches
up to begin the search.
"Oh my! must you squeeze my breasts so hard to search me?" she
In the trance of his delirium, the officer remains silent.
"Oh no, please! no man has ever seen that part of me! I swear
I am concealing nothing there!" she begs, but the officer robotically
lifts her dress and pulls down her underwear.
She shudders as she realizes she is at the mercy of this man.
This man, who has for the first time seen the delight of her sexual
parts, has free rein over her. She is both afraid and excited by this.
He is about to release his cock and violate her when he pauses
and pulls her to her knees in front of him. She gasps as the sight of
his manhood.
"I have heard the preacher preach about the perversion it seems
you wish from me, but that is all I know of it," she pleads, "I've
never. I don't know how."
The officer ignores her protests and pulls her head forward onto
his cock. Whatever her experience, her eagerness, when released from
the constraints of guilt, makes it quite a satisfying experience.
The officer pulls her head back and then again lifts her over
the hood of the car.
"My jaw hurts from being opened so wide by your very large
penis," the victim complains.
That is nothing compared to fitting his huge cock in the tiny
opening of her pussy. She screams at first, but soon her forbidden
lust is triggered by this decisive man fucking her over the hood of
her own car.
"Oh yes! Make me obey the law! Give it to me and make me a
law-abiding citizen!" she screeches as he fucks her.
"Yes! Take it you criminal! Take it you perpetrator!! Take it!
Take it! Take it!....}

Emily realized that she did deserve the ticket for being
careless of her speed and the limits in the neighborhoods she was
driving through. She just hoped it would not make her too late to meet
Mr. Jergens.
Fortunately his car was still in the driveway of the property.
"I'd wait a long time for a woman as lovely as you," he said.
It was nice of him to flirt, as long as he stopped with that.
Emily made it a point to get to business and give him no reason to
think she returned his naughty thoughts.

{"Since we're in the bedroom, I think it's the right time for me
to tell you about the special offer that comes with this house," the
sleek real estate agent said as she toyed with a bow on her blouse.
She pulled it and a hidden seam opened to let the blouse fall away.
She was wearing the sexiest red underwear he had ever seen.
She dropped the blouse and then put her hands to the waist of her
skirt to tease him by showing an inch and then hiding it again. She
eventually dropped it too and continued the hot strip tease.
Completely naked, she rolled back on the bed and crooked her
finger for him to join her.
"You've seen what the house has to offer. Now let me show you
what we mean by a full-service agent," she said huskily.
She encouraged him to straddle her head as she sucked his cock
and then had him fall forward onto his hands to fuck into her face
like it was a cunt.
She stopped him only to slide him down so he could fuck her cunt.
When he was a second away from cumming in the active grip of her
hot, tight, eager cunt, she stopped him again and pushed him to his
knees. She got on all fours in front of him and looked back over her
shoulder with a lusty look.
"You have the largest cock I have seen in my life and I want you
to fuck my virgin asshole with it," she instructed.
"But your anus is completely dry and we have no lubrication of
any sort," he demurs gallantly.
"Consider it a token of what I'm willing to go through for a
client," she said panting. "Put it in now. Put it in hard. Put it all
the way in and fuck me!"
The hole is almost painfully tight and he knows it can only be
worse for her. But she pushes back against him with a need to have his
huge cock rip her anus open.
"It does hurt! It does hurt! But I want it! I want your wonderful
cock in my ass! It's a special place for just you! Fuck my ass, my
only assfucking lover!" she squeals.
"Oh yes! Service me!" he groans. "Take my big dick! Take it in the
ass! Take it! Take it!...}

Mr. Jergens had seemed interested. He had paid attention to her
every word. She thought he was a good prospect to make an offer.
All this running had left her with little time to attend to the
necessary details of being a working mom. She would have to make
something special from leftovers tonight because there was no time to
stop at the store. She would have to stop for gas, however, or she
might not make it home at all.
"Fill it, please," she said to the attendant.
"Sure thing, check your oil?" the boy asked.

{She was a hot one. He could always tell. As he was cleaning the
windshield she proved he was right.
She was grinning an evil grin as she pulled open her blouse
so he could see all the way down inside as he leaned over to squeegee
the windows dry. She had a great set and it made his dick hard looking.
"Could you open the hood, m'am," he asked.
"Oh dear, how do I do that?" she played dumb.
All she wanted was to get him near the window. As he came to
point to the button she should press, she grabbed the bulge in his
"I've decided I want to check your oil instead," she said as she
reached inside to pull his cock out.
"My goodness, I didn't believe it when I saw the bulge, but this
is the largest cock I've ever seen and a hot chick like me sees most
of them," she told him. "It's probably the biggest in the whole USA."
"Thank you m'am, now I need to get back to work," he said.
"No, no, no, this is a filling station and I want to be filled,"
she told him.
She struggled to get her mouth over his cock, but she was
persistent and soon had more cock than he thought possible in her
mouth. It was hard work to suck a big one like his, but she seemed
driven by a deep need to make it the best ever for him.
He heard the pump dinging at the moment his jizm was rising and
he was helpless to stop the flow of gas or cum into their different
"It's overflowing!" he gasped, meaning the gas tank, but she
thought he meant the way the flood of his cum squirted out the
corners of her mouth despite her best efforts.
She sucked harder and all he could do was moan: "Fill'er up!
High test! High test! High test!!}

It had been a busy, but rather ordinary day for Emily. She was
home with her family and all that was left was to get the kids off to
bed and then spend some private time with Harry.
The deliciously naughty thought that Mr. Jergens was attracted
to her made her want to do something special. Of course his feelings
were probably only her fantasy and they were going to stay that way
in any case, but she did feel kittenish tonight.
She was hoping that Harry would be in the mood to do some
necking on the couch like they did before they were married.

{"Honey, all I want is for you to put it in and fuck me."
"I'll sleep on the couch tonight, but I'll come up and suck
your morning erection if you'll do me that favor."
"And I won't be bothering you with your promotion or how I make
more money any more. You're the man honey and I'll take my place where
I belong."
"Just don't forget. Put it right in and then don't try to hold
back. Fuck me and get it over with and then I'll leave you alone."}


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