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IMMIGRANT young girl seventeen from


" Immigrant"

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as all author related information and this paragraph
remain on the copies. I don't mind if you send it along
to a friend, repost it to an appropriate newsgroup, or
post it to your adult-oriented web site, so long as you
don't charge money for any of these activities. No
alteration of the contents is permitted.

I don't even remember what I was looking for when I
went through Joanne's desk that evening. It must have
been a document I needed for a case I was working on.
It seemed important enough at the time that I didn't
want to wait until Joanne came back to the office the
next day.

When I found the photographs in her desk drawer,
though, I forgot all about what I was looking for. They
were naked photos of Joanne. In the pictures, her hands
were tied behind her back and she was blindfolded. In
one picture she was kneeling in front of an oriental
man, with his cock in her mouth. In another, she was
bent over a woman's lap, being spanked. There were at
least a dozen other pictures like those.

There was also a hand written note with the
photographs. The note was in Chinese, so I couldn't
read it.

It couldn't be Joanne, I argued to myself, maybe as
an excuse to scrutinize the pictures more closely. She
seemed like such a sweet girl.

Joanne Wa had been working at our office for a
little over a month. She was recommended to us by a
wealthy client. When we interviewed her, we knew we had
a winner. Not only did she have experience as a legal
secretary, but she was also fluent in both English and
several chinese dialects. Since most of our recent
business had been for chinese immigration hearings, we
jumped at the chance to hire her.

I was glad to have another woman around the office.
Not that I had any problem with the male partners of
the firm, but it did sort of change the atmosphere of
the place to have Joanne around. She was like a breath
of fresh air. She was pleasant, respectful, and a bit
on the shy side. I just plain liked having her around.

So I was totally shocked at the pictures. My hands
were actually shaking. As much as I knew I shouldn't be
looking at the obviously private photos, the voyeur in
me forced me to go through them, one by one. They were
dirty, and exciting, and I had absolutely no right to
be looking at them. It was an intoxicating combination.
I must have spent close to an hour going through them.

The thought of Joanne being dominated by this couple
was making me horny. I had never considered myself a
lesbian, or even very sexually adventurous. There were
fantasies, of course, but nothing I had actually tried
with any of my boyfriends. Unlike those fantasies, the
pictures were real to me, all the more so because I
knew Joanne personally. In the pictures, she allowed
the couple to do all sorts of perverse things to her. I
slid my hand down the front of my panties, and imagined
what it would be like to have Joanne tied up like that.
After I brought myself off, I tucked the pictures back
away, and called it a night.

The next day, I couldn't get the images out of my
head. I found myself looking at Joanne and thinking
about her naked body. I thought about how she would
look bent over her desk, and how it would feel to spank
her with my bare hands. She obviously got off on that
sort of thing. I couldn't wait until everyone went
home, and I could retrieve the pictures again from her

Every day the next week, I asked Joanne to go out
for lunch with me, my treat. I found myself steering
our conversations to more personal subjects, fishing
for information. I was also hanging around her at the
office. If she were a guy, I'd probably call my
behaviour flirting. I don't know what I was trying to
accomplish. Was I trying to seduce her ?

Finally, one day at lunch, she talked to me about
the couple. My heart was in my throat. I tried to act
surprised by what she was saying.

" I must confess to you, Karen, I don't have a
boyfriend, " Joanne confided in me. Her face was going
a bit red. " I do meet with some people to do some...
things. "

She was so embarrassed.

" What kinds of things ? " I pressed.

" I have sex with a married man and his wife. They
make me do things for them, sort of like a servant. "

There was an uncomfortable pause, as I tried to
think of something to say.

" Are you offended by this ? " she asked.

" No, of course not. A lot of people I know do that
sort of thing, " I lied.

" Really ?" Joanne seemed relieved by my reaction.

" Oh yes, in fact, I've had several servants myself.
" I lied again. Anything to keep the conversation

Joanne's eyes went wide.

" When Mrs. Tsay introduced me to it, I thought it
was unusual. They brought over other servants, of
course, but they are all Chinese. I would never have
imagined that you would be interested in this sort of
thing. "

I was soaking up all the new information. Now I knew
the name of the couple, and I knew that there were
other chinese servant girls. My heart was pounding with
excitement. This was better than I had imagined.

Joanne continued to talk for a while about her
experiences with Mr. and Mrs. Tsay. She left out most
of the details, of course, but my mind filled in the
blanks with images from the photographs. When we went
back to work after lunch, I locked the door to my
office, and masturbated right there at my desk.

The next day at lunch, Joanne seemed even more
embarrassed than before. She was hesitant to bring it

" I have been instructed, " she told me, " to invite
you over to meet Mr. and Mrs. Tsay. Upon learning your
interests, they wish to show you the hospitality of
their slaves. "

Their slaves. That had a nice ring to it. This was
my chance.

" Okay, " I said, hoping my nervousness wouldn't
show in my voice. " When shall I be there? "

I had always envied the lifestyle of these wealthy
Hong Kong immigrants. It's not that I didn't make a
good living as a lawyer, but it doesn't compare to kind
of wealth many of my clients had amassed. The sub-urban
area where Mr. and Mrs. Tsay made their home was a
neighbourhood popular amongst these wealthy new
immigrants. I tried to keep my confidence as I walked
up to the front door, and rang the bell.

Joanne answered the door. She was fully dressed, but
she didn't speak, or look me in the eye. She just
motioned for me to follow her. I followed her up the
stairs into the living room. My attention was
immediately drawn to Mrs. Tsay. She was a tall, thin
woman, with an air of authority around her. She said
something in her native language.

" She asks you to have a seat, " translated Joanne.
I did.

There were five people in the room. Aside from
Joanne, and the Tsays, there was one other girl in the
room. I actually recognized her, as we had handled her
immigration at the firm. Her name was Jing, and she was
an exceedingly wealthy young girl of seventeen, from a
family which reportedly had ties to organized crime.
She was on her knees, dressed only in her underwear. I
couldn't believe that a girl as powerful as Jing was a
slave to Mr. and Mrs. Tsay.

" Are you ready to whip the girl ?" Joanne
translated again.

I nodded. My pussy was throbbing. I couldn't take my
eyes off of Jing. Mrs. Tsay brought over a nasty
looking leather whip, and placed it in my hands. I rose
unsteadily, and looked around the room. Everyone was
watching me.

I came up behind Jing. She had such a cute, tight
little ass. More than anything, I just wanted to reach
down and caress it through her silky panties. I raised
the whip, and brought it down tentatively on her
behind. She didn't even flinch.

Mrs. Tsay said something to her husband, and he
laughed. I could tell that they were talking about me.
I looked over to Joanne for translation, but her eyes
were on the floor.

For the second time, I raised the whip, and brought
it down on Jing's backside. It was a bit harder this
time, but a little off target. Mrs. Tsay spoke up
again, this time more harshly. Joanne translated.

" She is not impressed with your skills, Karen. She
says that you have misled us about your experience in
handling slaves. "

I didn't know what to say. Somehow, I really cared
about Mrs. Tsay's opinion of me. I also felt that I was
somehow embarrassing Joanne in front of the Tsays. I
looked over to Mrs. Tsay. She had a very stern
expression on her face. She barked out an order to me.

" She wants you to give her the whip."

Mrs. Tsay approached me. I handed her the whip. She
stood in front of me, and placed her hand under my
chin. I was frozen. I didn't realize she had spoken
again until Joanne translated.

" She will show you how it is done. Remove your
skirt. "

This was humiliating. All of this time I had
envisioned seeing Joanne and other chinese slaves
bowing to my commands, and now I was dropping my skirt
to let this woman whip me.

I dropped my skirt.

" On your knees, " was the next command.

I paused. Mrs. Tsay wrapped her hand into my hair
and pulled me downwards. Jing was standing now, and
watching the action with some amusement. I was so
embarrassed that I couldn't even look to see if Joanne
was watching too. Nonetheless, my pussy was tingling
with excitement.

She landed ten blows on my ass. I yelped with each
crack of the whip, but I made no attempt to move.
Mrs. Tsay made another comment, and her husband laughed

" Mrs. Tsay thinks that you are a pretty girl, but
that you are not obedient enough to serve her. She
thinks you are better suited to serve some weak white

There was something about this woman that made me
want to please her so badly. It felt so right for me to
be on my knees in front of her.

" Please, " I said to her.

" Please what ?" asked Joanne.

" Please let me serve you. "

Joanne relayed my request to the woman. She
consulted her husband.

" You must show your servitude. Place your hands
behind your back. "

I did. I heard a click as someone snapped the cuffs
onto my hands. Another moment later, a blindfold was
tied on my head from behind. Was it Joanne who was
blindfolding me, or maybe Jing ? I knew that Mrs. Tsay
was still standing in front of me. I couldn't believe
that I was now bound the same way that Joanne had been
in all of the pictures. My body was on fire. Someone
was pulling my clothes off.

The rest of the conversation was in Chinese. I
didn't speak any more. Mr. Tsay was behind me. He
pushed his finger into my ass, and began to laugh
again. Someone pulled me forward to allow him better
access. While he played with my ass, lubricating it
with something, one of the women placed her naked pussy
in my face. I licked so eagerly. Who was it, I
wondered. It didn't matter. I'd do anything they said.

Someone else was fingering my pussy. My body rocked
back and forth with the rhythm of her fingers. I felt
the head of Mr. Tsay's cock pushing into my ass. I came
long and hard.

" You will go with Jing to Honk Kong, " it was
Joanne's voice in my ear. I just grunted in response,
as I returned my attention to the pussy in my face. My
ass was full of cock. I felt so very dirty. " It is
quite a novelty there to have a white woman as a slave.
Don't worry, it may take some time and some extra
punishment, but you'll learn enough of the language to
obey Jing and her family eventually."


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