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IN OUT thick hunk man get her


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

In-out in-out -(In-out.txt) - A lonely date night becomes a
gang-bang because Christi is such a nice girl and has such nice
friends. M,M,M,M/F
In-out In-out
"Come on, Carrie, are you going to hog the shower all night?"
Christi yelled as she jerked open the door, "..and Matt's dick?"
She shut the door before she could hear the reaction from
either of them. She heard Carrie giggling as she stepped back.
She could hang up any thoughts of warm water. The dorm had a
huge boiler, but she didn't think it could survive until Matt was
done with Carrie.
"Christ, Harriet! Is it everybody but me?" Christi said as she
opened and then rapidly closed her neighbor's door.
She was still rattled by the sight of some man's buttocks
rising and falling between Harriet's thighs as she walked into her
own room. She threw he towel on the floor and then heard, "mmmmmm".
She shrieked and jumped behind her closet door. She peeked
around the door as saw Shawna, her roomate, and Chuck sitting on
Shawna's bed. At least they weren't fucking, Christi thought.
"We stopped in so I could change clothes," Shawna said.
"Then change and give Chuck somebody else to look at," Christi
"Already did," Shawna said, "Are you getting ready to go out?"
She sounded hopeful. It would be such a shame if her roomate
didn't have somewhere to fuck like a mink. But Christi had no such
"I've got nowhere to go and Carrie is hogging the shower,"
Christi poured out her troubles. "I'm going to study."
Christi stayed hidden behind her closet door until Shawna
escorted Chuck out of the room. Then she kicked her towel and dropped
down on her bed still naked. This sucked.

Next door, Fred was sitting up in bed frowning at Harriet.
"Yeah, I feel real sorry for her too, but what am I supposed to
do about it?" he asked.
"You wait here and I'll tell you when I come back," Harriet said.
"Hey!" Fred protested, "I thought... I thought we might..."
"I know what you thought," Harriet laughed, "Better wish me luck
because if what I think is going to happen happens, you will."
She met Carrie coming down the hall, Matt in tow. They had
finally run out of hot water.
"I hope you didn't keep him in there until his thing shriveled,"
Harriet said, reaching for Matt's towel.
Carrie slapped her hand, "You mind your own business."
"This is kind of business," Harriet said. "You saw Christi
eariler. She's having a rough time since she broke up with Jim..."
"And you're suggesting I donate some of Matt's sperm- in the
original container?" Carrie arched an eyebrow.
She's been so lonely..." Harriet trailed off.
She went up and down the floor to everyone that didn't absolutely
hate Christi and got the same incredulous response. She pleaded. She
pointed out kindnesses Christi had done them.
She went back to her room knowing it was going to have to be

"Christi?" Harriet called as she opened the door.
Christi had put on a robe and was sitting at her desk reading.
She looked over her shoulder at Harriet.
"I feel terrible about you being all alone tonight," Harriet
"Thanks for the thought, but it doesn't change anything," Christi
said a little peevishly.
Then Harriet was behind Christi, rubbing her shoulders.
"I think I know something that could," she said softly.
Christi suddenly felt funny in her stomach. She wasn't sure
what Harriet was talking about. Still ambivalent, she let her
neighbor help her up and walk her to the bed.
Christi surrendered. She was so mixed up she didn't know which
way to turn. She was ready to give women a try. That was what she
thought as Harriet laid her down on her own bed.
"Now just relax and lay back, I'll take care of everything,"
Harriet soothed.
There was a gentle touch opening her robe. A hand went in and
gathered up her breast ahd held it. Lips ran down her throat. The
mouth met the hand and sent the hand to wander.
Her nipple was sucked between the lips. The hand swept the curve of her buttock and then crawled across her belly to slip down between her legs. Her breasts and her tummy felt the wet flutter of kisses as the fingers worked in her crotch.
Christi's first lesbian encounter was interrupted in what
Christi thought was the middle by a cock Harriet seemed to have
sprouted. She had been ready to surrender everything. Harriet (Fred)
had made her so aroused.
But this cock changed everything. Her eyes popped open and she
saw Harriet looking down at her from far away. Then the cock slipped
inside her and she closed her eyes again.
She'd figure it all out in a minute. Right now she was being
fucked and it felt SOOO good. That empty feeling and the itch had been
terrible since she dumped Jim. Now she had a nice, warm, hard cock in
her and she didn't care whose it was.
"Christi?" Carrie said as she stuck her head in the door of the
Harriet's finger jumped to her lips in a sign to shush. She
pushed Carrie back into the hall.
"I thought you didn't care if Christi suffered," Harriet accused.
"Well, that was part of it," Carrie said. "And then Matt started
saying how important friendship is... and, you know..."
"He wanted to do her like King Kong and Faye Wray," summed up
"Well, yeah," Carrie said.
Harriet looked over at Matt. There was already a bulge in his
"Then I say, let's charge her up for a while. Give her something
to tide her over until she meets someone new," Harriet said.
"You mean Matt should do her too?" Carrie asked.
"I say, try and stop him," Harriet said.

They got back in the room just in time to see Fred slam hard
into Christi for a while and then lunge forward and cum. Christi
didn't look like she was feeling any pain either.
"Hi guys," she said as she looked through them through eyes open
slits, "I just got laid but I can't figure out by who. Harriet's way
over there."
Carrie was a cum laude. She caught on in a wink. She gave
Christi the wink.
"And she said you were the best," Carrie bent down to Christi
and let her see her face. "Now I've got to have some of that."
Matt didn't need any preliminaries and fortunately neither did
Christi. Matt slid into Fred's place and shoved his cock into Christi
with a groan. Christi tipped her head back and closed her eyes again.
"Another one! Oh god girls, aren't cocks great!" Christi sighed.
Now obviously she wasn't getting fucked by the girls. She wasn't
delusional, but somehow they were there and that made it okay. It was
a sanctioned fucking, whoever the cocks belonged to.
And Christi wasn't interested in solving riddles while this new
cock took over and made her juices flow again. She wanted to move her
hips to the new beat and let this thick hunk of man get her off again.
Matt fucked her into cumming and then kept on fucking. He took
his time anyway, but he figured he wasn't ever going to have a shot a
Christi again and he wanted to make it last.
He was still humping the moaning mass when the door opened and
Shawna walked in. There was her roommate getting the blocks put to her
while a naked man and two women watched. It was a bit crowded in the
"I thought she was going to study," Shawna said.
Harriet looked past Shawna to Chuck. He looked interested.
"Come on Chuck, get your clothes off, you're next," she told him.
"What?!" Shawna squawked.
Harriet pulled her out in the hall as Chuck began throwing his
clothes around the room. He was waiting anxiously by Christi's bed
when Harriet and a still skeptical Shawna returned.
"Look at him," Harriet said, "This is better than letting him
fuck you in the ass. He'll owe you forever."

"Okay. What's going on?" Christi was lucid again. "I don't even
dream about three guys one after the other."
Chuck had just taken his place and pushed his cock into her. He
froze to wait for someone to bail him out.
"You deserve this," Harriet said. "All the girls love you and
they hate you feel so lonely. They just all picked tonight."
"Okay. Just so you're not trying to play a joke on me or
something," Christi said.
"That feel like joking?" Shawna asked as Chuck started to fuck
Christi. "What's the punchline?"
Christi kept her eyes closed so it would remain a dream. But it
was an exhausting dream. She had already cum three times and the new
cock was banging at her harder than the first two. Her legs were
getting tired too.

When Chuck finally rolled off, she held up her hand.
"Now wait- now wait. Are there more?" she asked.
The first of the girls down the hall had arrived with the same
'she's done so much for me' sob story Carrie had told. The second
arrived before Harriet could answer.
"It looks like there's plenty more. You need some lube?" Harriet
"God no, my pussy is lke a swamp," Christi said. "Just let me
get up on my knees. I'm getting bed sores in this position."
Chsristi didn't know why girls didn't like this position. She
could put her head down on her pillow and let the guy pump away and
do all the work. And it felt like it went so deep this way.
She thought of it as the guy taking a break for a second every
time a new boy slipped in place of the last. This fantasy man did
last forever with those little breaks. After a while it was too much
bother to even moan as little sparks of orgasm tingled through her.
They came and went so often.
The crowd overflowed into the hall. By Harriet's count, Christi
took on eight men that night. She had to drag Fred away before he made
it first and ninth.

"But you said..." Fred protested when they were back in Harriet's
"I said you might and you said you thought," Harriet said as she
pulled her sweater over her head and dropped her skirt. "Think you
Fred didn't think. He did. He loved it when Harriet was as hot
for him as he was for her. Their grunts and moans floated out into the
hall. they joined the other contented sighs coming from rooms up and
down the hall.

Next door Chuck was giving Shawna a command performance. She
demanded something for being so understanding and Chuck needed it to
work off watching the next five guys pump Christi from behind.
He attacked Shawna with his usual enthusiasm, but no matter how
hard he fucked her, the sounds of their flesh slapping together didn't
reach Christi.
She was many clouds away drifting in a compilation of afterglows
that left her unaware and uncaring what Shawna and Chuck here doing.
Christi slept on her belly for the first time in years. She was
too tired to worry about her tits and her pussy was too sore to put
anywhere but up in the air anyway.
She was as contented as she could ever remember being. It felt
good to be happy.


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