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INDEX stories here are condensed



Directory Filename Size Description
- --------- -------- ---- -----------
Adventures willyt.txt 1k Celeste's Review of Adventure one 222k "The Adventures of Willy Tamarack" -
Adventures 1-13 zipped
willy00.txt 11k A synopsis of the "Adventures"
willy01.txt 30k "The Afternoon Feast"
willy02.txt 31k "Evening Delight"
willy03a.txt 31k "A Surfin' Safari" part one
willy03b.txt 37k "A Surfin' Safari" part two
willy04.txt 36k "It's a Hopping at red Rock"
willy05.txt 35k "The Visit"
willy06.txt 37k "The Party"
willy07.txt 41k "The Police Officer, the Hot tub and the
Real Estate Agent"
willy08a.txt 26k "Mexico, Si" part one
willy08b.txt 34k "Mexico, Si" part two
willy09.txt 45k "The Hero and the peeping Neighbor"
willy10.txt 46k "A visit to the Dentist and Prom Night"
willy11.txt 44k "A Busy Weekend"
willy12.txt 35k "The Cabin"
willy13.txt 38k "The End, My Friend"
Back_Yard Backyard.txt 1k Dart's Review of "In the Backyards"
Baseball.txt 1k Celeste's Review of "Finding My Baseball
BKYD01.txt 10k "Finding My Baseball Cards"
BKYD02.txt 9k "In the Backyards"
BKYD03.txt 6k "The Shower"
Candy candy.txt 372k "If Candy is Dandy..." 133k "If Candy is Dandy..."
Fantasy review.txt 3k Sandman's Review of "Fantasy" 135k "Every Man's Fantasy"
fantasy.txt 389k "Every Man's Fantasy"
Miscellaneous bowl.txt 78k "The Super Bowl" 28k "The Super Bowl"
seasons.txt 47k "Four Seasons" 17k "Four Seasons"
poll.txt 31k "The Poll" 12k "The Poll"
theway.txt 125k "The Way it Should Have Been" 47k "The Way it Should Have Been"
g&g.txt 137k "The Goose and the Gander"
g& 51k "The Goose and the Gander"
Shack_Lead sl.txt 1k Celeste's Review of "Shack, Lead !"
War.txt 543k "Shack, Lead !" - Chapters 1-15 189k "Shack, Lead !" - Chapters 1-15
The_Stories Story01.txt 134k "Settling Down" 50k "Settling Down"
story02.txt 115k "The House Warming(s)" 43k "The House Warming(s)"
Story03.txt 149k "Revenge" 56k "Revenge"
Story04.txt 135k "Wedding Bells" 50k "Wedding Bells"
Story05.txt 116k "Makin' Movies" 45k "Makin' Movies"
Story06.txt 117k "You a Wise Guy ?" 45k "You a Wise Guy ?"
Story07.txt 137k "The Shit Hits the Fan" 53k "The Shit Hits the Fan"
Story08.txt "Yamashita's Gold" "Yamashita's Gold"
Tales tale01.txt 58k "Long, Long Ago....." 22k "Long, Long Ago....."
tale02.txt 30k "Death Valley" 12k "Death Valley"
tale03.txt 43k "Pageant" 17k "Pageant"
tale04.txt 16k "The Softball Tournament" 7k "The Softball Tournament"
tale05.txt 40k "Summer Time, Summer Time" 15k "Summer Time, Summer Time"
tale07.txt 32k "Balboa" 13k "Balboa"
tale08.txt 40k "High School was so Long Ago..." 16k "High School was so Long Ago..."
tale10.txt 63k "Poetic Justice" 23k "Poetic Justice"
tale11.txt 100k "A Peak into the Future" 37k "A Peak into the Future"
Travels 364k "The Travels of Willy Tamarack" - Trips
1-13 zipped
trip00.txt 9k A synopsis of "The Travels"
trip01.txt 40k "Betrayed"
trip02.txt 31k "On the Run Again"
trip03.txt 30k "The Big 'C'"
trip04.txt 39k "The Big 'J'"
trip05a.txt 31k "Let's Do a Dope Deal" part one
trip05b.txt 39k "Let's Do a Dope Deal" part two
trip06a.txt 40k "Layin' Low and Gettin' High" part one
trip06b.txt 40k "Layin' Low and Gettin' High" part two
trip06c.txt 30k "Layin' Low and Gettin' High" part three
trip07.txt 33k "Ol' Willy Had a Farm"
trip08.txt 31k "Neighbors"
trip09a.txt 36k "Back to School" part one
trip09b.txt 29k "Back to School" part two
trip09c.txt 42k "Back to School" part three
trip10a.txt 37k "Over Here, Over There" part one
trip10b.txt 34k "Over Here, Over There" part two
trip10c.txt 40k "Over Here, Over There" part three
trip11a.txt 37k "Viva ! Las Vegas" part one
trip11b.txt 41k "Viva ! Las Vegas" part two
trip12a.txt 37k "The Operation" part one
trip12b.txt 39k "The Operation" part two
trip13a.txt 39k "To Live is Good" part one
trip13b.txt 38k "To Live is Good" part two
trip13c.txt 30k "To Live is Good" part three
trip13d.txt 39k "To Live is Good" part four

18 December 1999
Probably ought to update this a little more often and probably will when I
sell the series to a major motion picture studio and retire to Mexico. I'm
also including a short synopsis of my entire string of stories...Attempting,
mind you, to mention all the main players and run it off a time line, sort of.
The title is "Who is Willy Tamarack ?" It should appear right where you found
this and is the "who.txt" If you think it sucks please say so. All the
stories here are as condensed as I can get them. Most are without the
disclaimers prior to each section or chapter or whatever. And except for the
"Adventures" and the "Travels" the rest are all zipped and/or text as one
file. As usual...Any problems, complaints or comments, I can be reached at:

- -Surf's Up ! Frederick T.
Version: 5.5.3a



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