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INHERITA thick cum ran down hand


Story codes: fdom f+M bd

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
copy of this story to newsgroups or on websites is
permitted as long as no money is charged for access and
as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

Amanda was always stopping in to the office
unannounced. Not that I minded. I was a bit of a
pushover for the girl. Whenever she wanted anything,
however trivial, she could usually find a way to
convince me to release the funds for it.
She could be a real brat. A sweet little brat, but a
brat nonetheless.
There was a certain look that she would give me that
always made me melt. No, not a pleading sort of look. A
girl like Amanda didn't have to play for sympathy. It
was a confident, cocky look that said unmistakably,
'you know I'm going to get my way, so don't even
I always ended up signing the cheque.
When I joined the law firm, just over a year ago, it
was the first file they dumped on me. I was eager to
please the partners, but this wasn't what I expected. I
was itching to sink my teeth into some juicy bit of
corporate law. Instead, what I got was a glorified baby
sitting job. Whether I liked it or not, my
responsibility was to make sure that Amanda, and her
little sister Cassy, got the money they needed. Or, in
Amanda's case, a fair bit more than she needed.
No harm done, I figured. Amanda would be nineteen in
a couple of years anyhow, and would be able to spend
her share of the trust fund any way she wanted.
On this day, she was here to ask me to hire a new
" What happened to Maggie ?"
" Oh, she left last night. I'm not sure why... " She
was giving me a devilish little smile. I wouldn't get a
straight answer from her. The brat !
It had happened the same way several times since I
took over the file. Amanda would show up at the office
unannounced, flirt for a while with some of the
lawyers, and then come into my office to let me know
that the housekeeper quit.
Amanda sat there silently while I called the agency.
She was wearing a low cut summer dress which showed off
her figure admirably. She was turning out to be a sexy
girl, and she knew it. I tried not to stare, but she
knew I was looking.
I begged with the woman at the agency. I pleaded. I
grovelled. No dice.
" Well, Amanda. It looks like you two are on your
own until I can find someone. "
There was a glint in her eyes.
" Whatever it is that you're planning, forget it, "
I told her. " I'm going to come by every evening and
make sure that you're behaving. "
Even my strictest tone didn't seem to affect her.
" Now, Jason, what makes you think I was planning
something ?"

It was around eight o'clock when I pulled up the
long driveway leading to the manor. My car was a piece
of crap, and looked terribly out of place when I parked
beside Amanda's corvette. Hell, I'd still be making
student loan payments by the time Amanda turned
nineteen and inherited her millions. It hardly seemed
The lights were on in the house, but no one answered
the door. I tried the handle. Locked.
It wasn't going to be that easy to get rid of me. I
had my own set of keys.
This was my first time inside of the large manor. It
was hard for me to imagine that the two young girls
could live in this massive house alone, housekeeper or
not. It just seemed, well, excessive.
" Hello, " I called out. No answer.
A quick tour of the lower floor confirmed that it
was empty. When I returned to the front hallway, I
thought that I heard a noise coming from upstairs. I
climbed the grand staircase to the upstairs rooms.
The lights were only on in one room, at the other
end of the hallway. As I walked down the hall, I looked
in each other room briefly. All empty. There was only
one room left. I stepped up to the doorway.
I couldn't believe what I saw next.
Cassy was laying face down on her bed. Her jeans and
panties were pulled down to her knees, and she had a
couple of pillows stacked under her pelvis, pushing her
ass up into the air. Her hands were tied to the bed
posts with a thin black rope, and her eyes were
blindfolded. Something was stuffed in her mouth, and
was held there by another length of the thin black rope
tied around the back of her head.
I was mesmerized. Despite the fact that the girl was
only fifteen years old, I couldn't take my eyes off of
her. Like her sister, Cassy was a cute girl. Her firm
little ass was a picture of perfection.
A quick glance around the room confirmed that no one
else was around. This was too bizarre. Too sexy. My
heart was pounding, and my cock was throbbing. Whatever
Cassy was doing there, I shouldn't have been seeing it.
But here I was, and it was the sexiest thing I had
ever seen.
Ever so quietly, I unzipped the front of my pants.
She couldn't see me. No one else was around. What harm
could it do ?
I began to stroke myself, my eyes locked on the
beautifully displayed ass of the teenager. I had never
looked at Cassy like that before. Amanda, yes, but not
Cassy. She was still a little girl in a lot of ways. It
felt so wrong to be standing there, stroking off while
looking at her.
" Do you like them that young ?"
My heart stopped. I froze in position. It was
Amanda. She must have been hiding in one of the dark
rooms of the hallway.
What could I say ? I was standing in the door of her
sister's room, jerking off.
" Shhh... " she whispered. " She still doesn't know
that you're here. "
Cassy still hadn't moved.
Amanda had that devilish little smile. She knew that
I was caught in her trap.
" Keep on stroking, " she told me. Amanda had
manipulated me before, but never so directly. I found
myself following her command, and beginning to jerk
myself off again. It was so embarrassing. My eyes
returned, almost instinctively, to her little sister's
" Cassy and I play these games sometimes. She really
likes it when I spank her ass. Would you like to see me
do it ?"
Why was I going along with this ?
I nodded my head.
Amanda went into the room, and sat on the edge of
the bed. Cassy reacted by raising her ass, ever so
slightly, for her sister. It was an incredible sight.
Amanda was looking me straight in the eyes as she
raised her hand and swatted her little sister's behind.
I was stroking furiously now, no longer caring about
how I looked. Amanda stared at me, watching my cock
twitch with excitement while she administered the
My knees almost buckled when I came. Rope after rope
of my thick cum ran down my hand. I had to try hard not
to make any noise as the orgasm ripped through me.
Amanda watched the cum drip down my hand, with that
smug ' I always get my way ' smile that she had
perfected with me.
She rose from the bed, and walked over to me. She
kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear.
" I'll see you tomorrow night. "

All day at the office, I couldn't get the image of
Cassy out of my head.
She's only fifteen, I reprimanded myself silently.
It was wrong of me to lust after a girl that young,
but the her little body was so very perfect. I wondered
how far Amanda would go. Would she let me spank Cassy ?
My mind couldn't help but go a step further. Would she
make Cassy suck me off ? The thought of those cute
little lips wrapped around my cock... god, it made me
By five o'clock, I couldn't stand the anticipation.
I had to see what Amanda had planned.
The door was locked again. I turned my key, and
entered. The house was as empty as the previous
evening. This time, I went directly up the stairs. I
couldn't wait to see Cassy's little body again.
The hallway was the same. Which one of these rooms,
I wondered, was Amanda hiding in. They were all dark
except the one at the end of the hall.
I stepped into the doorway, and looked directly to
the bed.
Well, not quite. The pillows were still there,
stacked one on the other. There was a loop of the thin
black rope tied to each of the bed posts. But there was
no Cassy.
Instinctively, I knew what Amanda wanted. She wanted
me to lay down on the bed, with my ass up. She wanted
my hands in that loop of rope. Amanda wanted to spank
me. She was probably in the next room, just waiting to
see what I would do.
It was all too weird. With my heart in my throat, I
began to unbuckle my belt. How on earth did she know
that I would react this way ?
I stepped forward and crawled onto the bed. I
couldn't believe how horny this was making me. I
wondered if Amanda would let me see Cassy again if I
co-operated. With some slight hesitation, I dropped by
pants to my knees and pulled down my boxers.
Face down on the bed, with my ass elevated, I felt
so exposed. There was no room for modesty. I placed
each of my hands through one of the loops of rope.
Silence. I couldn't see the doorway from my position
on the bed. I had no way of knowing whether she was at
the doorway, looking at me. I could imagine the
devilish little grin that would cross her face, seeing
me here like this.
Three more minutes of silence.
" Open your mouth, " she told me. I had no idea how
she had come that close without me hearing.
I opened. She pushed a pair of panties into my mouth
to gag me. I wondered if they were hers or Cassy's.
Either one turned me on. Then she tied the black rope
around my head to keep the panties in my mouth.
The blindfold came next.
Now I was exactly the way Cassy was when I first saw
her through the doorway the previous night, and Amanda
was sitting on the bed beside me. She must be loving
this, I thought. I was totally submitting myself to
her. But why wasn't she spanking me ? What more did she
want ?
Then I remembered the way that Cassy had raised her
ass, ever so slightly, just before Amanda began to
spank her.
To my humiliation, I found myself doing the same
thing. Ever so slightly, I pushed my ass further into
the air for her. God, I was begging for it. My cock was
so hard.
I heard a giggle from the doorway. Was that Cassy ?
Was she seeing me humiliate myself this way ?
Amanda's hand came down on my rear.
" You'll come back tomorrow night, " Amanda said.
Her hand came down again. " We'll make just a little
bit of progress every night. "
I stuck my ass up for more.

The next day at the office, I swore that I wouldn't
go back to Amanda, but some part of me knew that I
would. It was just so degrading. Here I was, a bright
young lawyer in a prestigious law firm, and I was
learning, each night, to take orders from a teenager. I
was like a new toy for her.
I didn't delay this time. Amanda told me to take off
all of my clothes and assume the position. After I was
down, she punished my ass with a paddle. The pain was
more intense than before, but still bearable. She
pounded my ass for a good fifteen minutes, on and off.
" Mmm, your cheeks are nice and red. I'm going to
take you for a little walk. Your ass will look so nice
when you crawl for me."
Amanda untied my hands from the bed posts, and took
off my blindfold. Around my neck, she snapped on a dog
collar, and a little leash.
" Come on, " she slapped her thigh, and led me off
the bed.
My eyes rose to the doorway. I half expected to see
Cassy standing there, but the hall was empty.
She walked me up and down the hall, and then down
the stairs. I could only imagine what I looked like,
crawling like a dog at her heel, naked. My cock stuck
out lewdly beneath me. I knew that my ass must have
been bright red from the paddle.
She walked me into the living room. The room had a
large window to the front of the house, and there were
no curtains covering it. Anyone outside would have a
perfect view of my submission to the girl.
" Oh, what's this, " she was looking at my rigid
cock. " Does the bad little doggy have a boner ?"
She was smiling so smugly. My eyes must have told
her that I was concerned about the window, because she
walked me in that direction, and then stopped right in
front of the window.
" Sit pretty for me, " she tugged on my leash so
that I was kneeling. As nervous as my position in front
of the window made me, I was desperate for her to allow
me to cum.
" Do you want to cum for me ? " she teased me.
I nodded.
She came around behind me, and untied the rope from
around my face. I was able to push the panties out of
my mouth with my tongue. She picked them up from the
" Did you like having little Cassy's panties in your
mouth ?"
" Yes. "
" So you like little girls panties ?"
I blushed.
" Come on. I know you like little girls panties. "
" Yes. " I would have said anything.
She knelt in front of me, and held the panties out
in front of my cock. The panties were white cotton,
with little red hearts printed all over them.
" Jerk off onto them for me. "
I began to stroke my cock. Pre-cum was dribbling
from the tip of my tool. All I could think about was
Cassy, wearing these cute little panties. They seemed
too childish, too small, for a girl of fifteen. God,
her bare ass had been beautiful.
" Come on, Jason, jerk off for me, " she urged into
my ear. " I know you want to cum on these little girl
panties for me. Do you want to taste little girl pussy
too ? Oh, I'll bet that you'd do just about anything
for a taste of Cassy's little pussy. "
" Yes, oh god, yes " I told her. Cassy's pussy,
Amanda's pussy, any pussy would do. I couldn't hold off
any longer. My cock exploded all over the little
panties in Amanda's hand. I covered the entire crotch
with a thick layer of my cream. My body shook as I
milked the last few drops out onto the moist cotton.
My cock was flagging now, and my attention returned
to the large window in front of me. I thought I saw
something moving out there. God, I hoped that no one
had seen that.
Amanda wasn't quite done yet. She lifted the panties
towards my face. I could see the pool of my own cum
drizzling down the crotch of the little panties.
" Clean them with your tongue " she ordered.
To my disgust, I did.

I waited in the upstairs room. I could hear the
girls downstairs. Not just Amanda and Cassy, but other
girls too. That made me very, very nervous. Amanda had
never had me over while other people were around.
Over the past couple of weeks, she had continued
with our little training sessions. First, we graduated
to small whips, and then to larger ones. Amanda had
punishing my ass down to a fine art. Tonight I was also
wearing a butt-plug. Amanda told me that she just liked
the way it looked when I crawled on my leash.
She also trained me, to my delight, to lick her
pussy on command. I loved the taste of her.
Anything she wanted, I was willing to do for her.
Sometimes it was just a foot rub, or applying nail
polish, or rubbing her back. Whatever her whim, I was
there to please her. Often, that meant that I would
bring her extra money from the trust fund. She was
getting some very expensive tastes.
Only at the end of our sessions, after I served her
for hours, would she allow me to orgasm. Every time she
allowed me to jerk off, though, she made me clean up
after myself with my tongue. She even had me trained to
beg for it. That was the worst part. I don't know why I
let her do it to me.
Amanda came into the room.
" Well, it looks like Cassy is having a little
sleep-over. I think that we should go down and say
hello. "
This wasn't happening, I told myself. Amanda
couldn't expect me to go down there.
She untied my hands, and put on my leash.
" Come on, heel boy. "
My cock throbbed with excitement. Sometimes when
Amanda had been training me, I thought that Cassy might
be watching, but I never knew for certain. There was
something about the idea that always turned me on.
Now, on the end of Amanda's leash, I was going to
crawl into a room with Cassy and her sleep-over
friends. Amanda tugged hard on my leash, and I
Coming down the stairs, I could hear the girls
laughing and talking. The talking stopped when Amanda
walked into the room, with me crawling behind her.
There must have been a half dozen girls aside from
Amanda and Cassy, ranging in age from possibly thirteen
to sixteen. They all stopped dead in the middle of
their conversations, and watched me crawl in. I lowered
my eyes to the floor.
" Everyone, this is the guy I told you about. His
name is Jason, and he's a lawyer. I've been training
him for the last two weeks, and as you can see, he's
quite obedient. "
The girls were definitely surprised. I could hear
them whispering to each other, and giggling nervously.
Whatever Amanda had told these girls, it hadn't
prepared them to see me crawl into the room naked on my
hands and knees.
" How do you make him do that ?" one of the younger
girls asked.
" Oh, he likes to do what I tell him. Look at how
hard this is making his cock. He really enjoys it when
girls tell him what to do. You can try it if you'd
like. "
I looked up at the girl. She was maybe fourteen
years old, and a bit on the plain side. I doubt she had
much experience with guys, and with the way she was
staring at my cock, it was probably the first she had
seen up close.
The humiliation was overwhelming. Not only was I a
play toy for Amanda's whims, but now she was parading
me in front of Cassy and her friends as entertainment
for their sleep-over party. The awkward teenage girl in
front of me was considering what she wanted me to do
for her, and to my shame, I knew that I would obey.
" Lick my toes, " Cassy's friend commanded.
I crawled over to the girl. Her feet were bare, and
she was dressed in a pink night gown. I lowered my face
to her feet.
" Ewww !" one of the nearby girls said. " He's
really sucking Tracy's toes. Look at the way his bum is
sticking up. What's that thing in his bum hole,
" That's his butt plug, " Amanda explained, to the
laughter of the girls in the room. " It shows how
obedient he is, that he's willing to take it in the ass
for me. It's very embarrassing for a guy to show that
he's willing to be fucked in the ass with a butt-plug."
The girls were really getting into it now. One of
them reached out and rubbed my bare ass, and then gave
a little tug to my butt-plug. To their amusement, I
gave a little groan of pleasure from the sensation.
" This is really cool, " said Tracy, still enjoying
my tongue in her toes. " What else does he do ?"
Amanda was in her glory. The young girls idolized
" He'll do anything. Most guys don't like to perform
oral sex on girls, but I've trained Jason to do it on
command. "
One of the older girls spoke up. " You're totally
right. My boyfriend thinks it's gross. He won't even
use his fingers on me. "
" Why don't you try it out, Sandra ? " Amanda
" I don't know, I'd be embarrassed."
" You don't have to go naked, " Amanda urged. " Just
let him stick his head up your night gown. "
The other girls chimed in now. They urged her to do
it. The room was full of teenage sexual energy. You
could almost smell it.
" Okay, " Sandra relented. She displaced Tracy in
front of me now. My body was shaking in anticipation.
My humiliation at being displayed to the group of teens
only sharpened my excitement. I couldn't wait to feel
her pussy against my lips.
She squirmed a bit, with her hand under her gown,
and then I saw her panties drop around her ankles. I
could feel the eyes of the other girls on me as I
eagerly pushed my head up the front of Sandra's night
" Oh my god, it's wonderful, " Sandra told her
friends, as my tongue began to explore her pussy. I
couldn't believe how hot and wet the teenager was
Without warning, I felt the familiar sting of
Amanda's paddle on my ass. The girls thought that it
was the coolest thing, that I would let Amanda spank
" Let me try, " one of the girls, said. And then
another. They all took turns beating on my ass while I
worked my tongue around Sandra's sensitive pussy. I
could feel her hands holding the back of my head
through the thin material of her night gown. The juices
of her pussy ran down my chin she approached her
" Ung, ung, aah, it's so damned good, " she cried,
more to her friends than to me. Her legs shook beneath
her as she insistently pushed her pussy forward into my
mouth. I could feel her muscles contracting against my
tongue as she lost control. " Mmmm... don't stop, I'm
cumming. "
I continued to lick eagerly while the tremors of
orgasm worked their way through her body. My mouth was
full of the taste of the girl, and I couldn't get
enough. When she finally pulled away, I stayed in
position, hoping that another of the girls might want
to try it.
" Can I go next ? " one girl asked.
" Will he jerk off for us ? " another wanted to
" Do you think he's let my boyfriend fuck his ass...
Alex is always bugging me to do that. "
The questions were all coming at once. I was
quivering with sexual anticipation. Amanda had a sly
tone in her voice, once again.
" I don't know, girls. It all depends on Cassy. "
Cassy ? What did she have to do with it ?
" Please... come on... " the room full of girls
begged Cassy. Now that they had started using me, their
enthusiasm was growing. Cassy was going to a very
popular girl from now on.
" What do you say, Cassy ? Is it a deal ? " asked
A pause.
" It's a deal, " replied her little sister.
I was being traded. What for ? I wasn't sure. Maybe
it was for a portion of the inheritance. Maybe it was
something even more trivial. Whatever it was, both
girls seemed happy with their end of the bargain. Now
that the trade was sealed, Amanda was more anxious than
ever to show of my training.
" Does anyone want to see him lick up his own cum ?"


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