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INN sucked his tongue stroked upward


"Inn" {Pendragon} (MF cons)

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All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly

# # # #

by Uther Pendragon
"Welcome to Chamber's Inn, ma'am," the waitress's voice said.
'My breasts are both large and firm,' her face said, 'not droopy
like yours.' "The last table was just taken, it will be a few
minutes wait for the next one," her voice said. 'My face is this
smooth when I wash it; even your creams and powders can't hide
your wrinkles,' her smile said. "Would you like to wait in the
bar?" her voice asked. 'I'm sexy, and pretty, and *young*,' her
eyes said. 'You're *old*.'

"I don't think so. Maybe this gentleman would allow me to share
a table."

"I would be honored," he said. He rose to hold her chair.

"Ma'am, I don't think ..." the girl said.

"That's sad, dear, but not my business. Could I have a menu?"

"Really, ma'am," the girl said, "this isn't ..."

"You're holding some menus," he said. "Would you be so kind as
to give one of them to the lady?"

The girl looked baffled, and then gave her a menu. "Why thank
you, sir. I'm Gretchen."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Gretchen. I'm Walter." He
helped her off with her coat before he sat back down. She didn't
remove her gloves, though, until they were ordering. The sight
of her wedding ring seemed to bother the waitress.

The fake-pastoral ambience of the decor didn't extend to the
cuisine. She ordered boef bourguignon; he ordered a steak and a
bottle of burgundy. "With two glasses," he added.

Their conversation centered on the weather. "I don't like
driving in this snow," he said. "I've lived my entire life in
this area, and I don't think that I've ever seen snow this deep."

"It's been a while since I learned to drive," she said, "but I
learned in Pennsylvania. We got snow every year, and the hills
were steeper. You don't forget those lessons. What I don't
understand is why people still believe in global warming after
this cold snap."

"It doesn't work that way. The sun delivers a certain amount of
radiation to earth. What isn't reflected has to be reradiated,
or we warm up. Some of the heat is shipped all over earth before
it is reradiated. Our weather pattern does the shipping. With a
warmer ground necessary for reradiation, one would expect that
the weather pattern would shift; we just don't know how it will
shift. We do know that it will result in higher *average*

"I think that this explanation could explain anything," she said.
"A wise man once told me that an explanation that could explain
anything was valueless for explaining a particular thing."

"He was a very wise man," he said. "You should follow all of his
advice. But this explanation only predicts two things: higher
*average* temperatures, and a *change* in the weather pattern.
You can hardly fault it because there was a change in the weather
pattern. Oh well, are you enjoying your food?"

"Very much. This is a delightful meal in delightful company."

"And I'm having a lovely meal," he said, "in lovely company."

When they had both refused dessert, the waitress brought them two
checks on two little trays. He put both checks and his credit
card on one of the trays. "Will there be anything else?" the
waitress asked when she brought back his card.

"Just some information," she answered. "You call this an inn; is
there some way that a couple could take a room here?"

"The registration desk is out that way, ma'am," the girl seemed
to be having some trouble answering. "Go past the door where you
came in. I don't know if they'll take you without a

"Why don't I check on that while you finish the wine?" Walter
offered. He went in that direction. She finished the wine while
the girl cleared around her. She left a ten under her saucer.

He was waiting for her with a key card, and they rode up together
in silence. Indeed, everything that needed to be said seemed to
have been said already.

He hung up their coats in the closet before they embraced, but
then the hug was a hungry one. His hands roved over her back
while she held his face in her hands. Their tongues dueled, and
then his explored her mouth.

He helped her off with her clothes, no longer bothering with the
closet, but just draping them over a chair. He punctuated this
with kisses to each newly-bared area. When her brassiere had
been tossed on the pile, he spent a long time on her breasts,
kissing them all over before he came to her nipples. He
alternated on these until her arousal was apparent.

"This is fun," she said, "but you need to deal with your clothes,
too." They separated. She was in bed by the time he had his
shoes off.

When he joined her, lying to her right, he started over with a
deep kiss. While his tongue explored her mouth, his hand passed
over her breast and belly and thigh. She put both hands on his
face to hold him in the kiss, then her tongue played with his.
It followed his back into his mouth and he sucked it. When that
stopped, she licked all around the inside of his lips.

He responded by stroking the inside of her thighs. When she
sucked his tongue, he stroked upward until he reached her vulva.

She spread her legs. Ignoring the invitation, he played with her
outer lips until her hips moved of their own accord. He broke
the kiss to look at her more closely. She knew that he could see
her desire in her face and her hard nipples. Yet it was the
underside of her left breast that he chose to kiss. He kissed up
that slope to its aching peak before finally parting her labia.
Almost immediately, though, he slipped a finger deep into her
tunnel. He moved this in a circular motion, pressing against
each wall in turn, while his lips and tongue played with her

When he stopped his gentle play to suck directly, he withdrew the
finger and immediately inserted two. She raised her knees as he
plumbed her depths. He sucked as much of her breast into his
mouth as it could hold, then let it all slip out. She held his
head against her with her right hand while stroking his side with
her left. All that time, his fingers were wiggling and stroking
within her. He teased her nipple with his tongue again until she
stiffened. Then he sucked more strongly while his fingers
increased their pace.

She dropped her hands to the bed and clawed the sheets as the
flood of feeling roared through her. She panted, gasped, and
moaned. As it passed, he abandoned her breast to gaze down at
her. She knew he was seeing a grimace on her face and the flush
on her chest and breasts. She couldn't worry about how she
looked now, though; she was too concerned with how she felt.

Before she had any chance to catch her breath, before the last
aftershock hit her, he turned his hand. His thumb touched her
clitoris, the first time it had been touched directly since they
had climbed into bed. He rubbed around it, barely touched it,
rubbed around it, stroked it more directly. His mouth moved to
her other breast, inhaling the nipple immediately and sucking and
tonguing like a baby. She felt herself climbing again,
tightening again.

She sobbed as she teetered on the edge, then moaned aloud as she
tumbled over. He stroked her while she spasmed around his
fingers, sucked her breast while she twisted and moaned in agony
and glory.

Even when she collapsed, he stopped only briefly. He kissed her
belly once before returning to her breast. This time he kissed
up her right breast while his fingers wiggled deep inside her,
stroking the top of her tunnel. When she tensed again from that,
he stopped that motion. He licked her nipple while his thumb
stroked around and over her again-sensitive clitoris. She tried
to keep her hips still, but she couldn't. Immediately, he
removed his thumb. Again his fingers wiggled deep inside her.

She didn't even try to control her hips now. Her body was
unbearably tense, and that motion was the only relief that she
had. She could hear herself gasp, and an especially hard suck on
her nipple made her moan. His fingers stilled immediately. His
thumb resumed its strokes, and his sucking became more insistent.
The tension increased to the point of pain, she didn't think that
she could go on like this. She was moaning louder with every
breath now.

His fingers resumed their work without his thumb stopping. He
opened his mouth to include all of her areola and sucked until
she was almost in pain. Then he abandoned her breast to kiss her
mouth. Fingers and thumb were moving faster and faster. She
inhaled his air and moaned into his mouth. Then she screamed
into his mouth repeatedly as the passion took her, and shook her,
and rolled through her for aeons.

And then it was past. She sprawled on the bed while he kissed
her damp face. Avoiding her mouth so she could breathe, he went
on to scatter kisses on her heaving, mottled, chest.

As she slowly recovered, his kisses returned to her breasts.
Then they strayed lower. She pulled the covers over her
perspiration-soaked body when he stopped to clamber between her
legs. He kissed her thighs until she spread them wide. Then she
rested her hands on his head while he kissed her outer lips. He
licked his way to her valley. Once there, his tongue lapped up
her juices and teased her until more poured out.

He snaked his hands up to hold her breasts when she stiffened
once more. He licked her over the edge, and then sucked her
while she writhed under his mouth. This time, she had nothing to
mute her moans. She pulled on his upper arms, but he didn't
respond until she finally stopped writhing.

Then he moved rapidly. He pulled his hands back from under her
legs and then brushed the covers far aside. He balanced on his
left hand while he moved up her body. Then, looming above her,
he used his right to open her and fit himself. She greeted his
entering thrust with a minor tremor. Soon her tunnel was
clutching around his driving member as spasmodically as her hands
were clutching at his arms.

He moved more and more rapidly through those spasms until his
grunts answered her moans and his own release throbbed in time
with hers. A moment later, he fell sidewise. They lay panting
together until she summoned the strength to pull the covers over
them both again.

The light from the window was noticeably dimmer when her bladder
forced her awake. He stirred when she eased back in the bed, and
then he needed to make his own trip to the bathroom. They
snuggled when he got back.

"Happy birthday, darling," he said.

"Walt," she replied, "I love you dearly, and I am certainly
enjoying this weekend. But there is no! such! thing! as a happy
fortieth birthday."

"I really think that you are taking this in quite the wrong way,
Gretch. That poor waitress, for example. What did she do to
earn your anger?"

"Be born."

"And when," he asked "did that become a crime?"

"In 1971."

He couldn't help laughing at that. "Have it your way," he said,
"but I didn't carry on like this when I turned forty."

"Yes, dear. Although I remember your angst about the big three-
O. You didn't carry on like this, but you're not a woman."

"Aren't you glad?"

"Very!" She snuggled closer.

"Let me take a rain check on that," he said. "I have to go get
the luggage in a minute. Where did you park the car, anyway?"
The End
Uther Pendragon

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