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INSOMNIA sucked down the length


Sleeping is a problem in our household. I am a very light
sleeper from years of working a night job. Even though I don't work
nights anymore, sometimes my body gets confused and thinks four in the
morning is lunchtime. One of my lovers, Diana, is a very light sleeper
to the point that loud wind outside her bedroom window can wake her up.
Our other lover, Claire, has issues from a previous relationship that
can cause her to wake up in a cold sweat, which ruins her night for
sleeping as well. We can be a bloodshot group of cranky people

Last night was my turn to wake up in the darkness of the house.
It can be an odd sensation when you know the house is filled with
people who love you, but you have to leave them alone for their own
good. I went downstairs to the study as quietly as possible. There
are times when I think computer games were invented to just give
insomniacs something to do.

After playing a city building game for an hour, a black scarf
dropped around my eyes. I jumped out of shock but a tender stroke of
my hair calmed me. Burglars don't pet their victims I've heard. The
scarf I recognized as the good one we use for our sexual games. I
relaxed to play with the spirit of the game but my blood was rushing
with curiosity. Which of my lovers was behind me?

Feather light touches on my wrists were an old signal of ours, so
I placed my hands on the arms of the chair and kept them there. I was
wearing headphones for my game and the music for the game stopped. It
was replaced with the sounds of a rain forest, a CD that Diana owned
but Claire was fond of. My eyes blinded, my hands in place and my ears
occupied; I was no closer to a good guess.

The chair is on wheels so it was an easy manner to turn me around
facing away from the desk. A snap of my underwear made my mystery
lover's intentions clear. I lifted my bottom from the chair and my
lover's fingers pulled my underwear off of me. More feather touches on
my thighs told me to spread them and I have to admit my cock was simply
pulsing with the direct simplicity of these activities. My thoughts
turned to Diana with her near raping approach to quickies but yet I
also thought of Claire with her love of control games. A quick kiss on
my lips both dazzled me and perplexed me further. The kiss was so
quick; just a meeting of lips. I nearly moaned with frustration. So
sudden was the kiss, I didn't pay attention to the feeling of any hair
that might have touched my face. My arousal was too intense to let me
think clearly.

A moment of inactivity took place followed by a slow fondling of
my balls. I threw my head back as sounds of the rain forest drowned my
moans. Oh, my lover was being smart tonight for her fingertips were
touching and stroking my scrotum, preventing me from even finding out
how large her hands were. I thought of Claire with her small hands and
Diana with her Amazon fingers and the thought of both of them between
my thighs made me shiver.

After a gentle period of stroking my balls, I felt lips wrap
around the base of my hard manhood. I hissed between clenched teeth as
the lips encircled the shaft of my cock like a flute player. Her
tongue stroked my cock as the lips slowly traveled up and down the
length of my cock. Images leapt to my head of Diana, who started doing
oral sex this way because she was wary of me cumming in her mouth. I
pictured her blonde hair and full lips as the mouth moved to the tip of
my cock. Briefly, the lips surrounded my tip like a conventional
blowjob but then her mouth shifted to slide down my left side. As I
moaned, I remembered that Diana had taught Claire this technique as

Down the mouth slid, gripping my manhood with soft lips. The
fingers returned to my balls and my hands clenched around the arms of
the chair. It was so incomplete. The tip of my cock would brush the
outside of her cheek when she slid down and that tangent touch was
almost more erotic than the rapid flickering of her tongue on my skin.
In this manner, her lips would only touch such a small portion of my
cock at a time, leaving the rest of the cock to merely enjoy the wait
of being licked.

I knew my lover had to be feeling my blood rushing through my
cock. She had to know how badly I needed more from her. This mystery
woman had to know but the way my shaft twitched in her mouth that what
I craved was to be engulfed by her lips. After a long sensuous
torture, I began to plead.

"Please," I hissed, perhaps too loudly since all I could hear was
the sounds of a jungle.

My request was granted and the head of my cock was sucked into
her mouth. My back arched and a greedy smile broke on my face. Once,
twice, three times I felt her tongue lick the tiny opening of my cock
before dropping her mouth further. So wonderfully slowly, her mouth
sucked down the length of my cock. Inch by amazing inch, her lips
descended while my cock went further into the back of her throat. When
by entire cock was between her lips, her fingers stroked my balls in
tight circles almost as if calling on them to explode right now.

Keeping the same slow speed, my lover's lips began to recede from
my cock. For a long eternity of wonderful suction, my lover's mouth
pulled at my cock as her lips rose. The sounds of the forest rang in
my ears as my lover reached the end of my cock only to begin her slow
journey back down.

I laughed nervously for I recognized this technique. How many
times had I slowly entered and withdrawn my cock with Claire and Diana?
How many times did they beg and plead for me to fuck faster only to be
answered with my stubborn smile? Now my lover was getting her revenge
as she did the same punishing slow pace on me. The lack of speed meant
I felt every vein of my cock as her lips brushed past them. It meant I
could feel my blood beat between tight lips as my cock yearned to for
release. It meant my thighs were constantly shaking as her tongue
pressed my cock to the rook of her mouth. It meant that my body was
not my own and completely at the mercy of a lover I trusted with
everything, even when I didn't know who she was.

She descended slowly and I thought of Diana. Perhaps she wore
one of her sports bras so I wouldn't feel her heavy breasts and
recognize her.

She descended slowly and I thought of Claire. Perhaps she had
bound her long red hair in a braid so I wouldn't recognize her when her
silky hair touched my thighs.

She rose slowly and I thought of Diana. Perhaps her gray eyes
were staring at me right now, looking at my face to see if I was as
close as she suspected.

She rose slowly and I thought of Claire. Perhaps her hazel eyes
were glowing with intensity, debating whether to just plunge me into
her sex and forget the mystery.

She descended slowly and I heard the click of a vibrator over the
light sounds of CD. The mouth shifted slightly and I knew my lover was
now pleasing herself as she pleasured me. I saw Diana in my mind,
sinking her toy into her blonde curls.

She descended slowly and I felt a slight moan through her lips.
She was as mad with desire as I was but yet the game continued. I saw
Claire in my mind, her hairless sex surrounding the plastic of a
substitute cock.

She rose slowly and my cock tensed with the coming of a climax.

She rose slowly and the base of my cock tingled with the slow
rising of my seed.

She descended slowly and my manhood was unbearably sensitive as
my cum tried to climb the length of my cock.

She descended slowly and my cock finally released it's long
awaited climax. The build up was slow but the eruption was violent.
My back pressed back against the chair and my hands clawed the
armrests. Although my lover's mouth froze in movement, my cock was
convulsing in wild eruptions that coated her mouth, tongue and throat
with my pleasure.

Fingers wrapped around the base of my cock and slowly stroked me,
encouraging the last of my cum into her lips. I was beyond caring
about guessing her identity. I merely existed for my climax and I only
thought of her again when she finally let my cock slip from her mouth.

I sat and shuddered. Nothing else happened as I slowly regained
control of my body. When my knees could support my weight and the CD
had reached the end of it's tracks, I took the blindfold from my eyes.
I was alone.

It would have been simple to go to the bedrooms and figure out
which of my lovers was responsible for my wonderful time, but then did
it really matter? I decided to start a breakfast for both of them.


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