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INT ADV video night couple times



(c) Copyright 1999 by

You are cordially invited to experience an INTIMATE ADVENTURE...

It was a small tent card, parchment-colored, with that intriguing
opening imprinted in flawless calligraphy on the front.

"Look inside," Peg urged, so I flipped the card open and held it so that
Helen could read over my shoulder.

In honor of your anniversary

This card entitles you,

Bob and Helen,

To an introductory program.

It was signed by Larry and Peg. There was another name and a phone
number on the back of the card. Helen and I just looked at each other for
a second, then back at our friends. They were sitting on the edge of their
seats, holding hands, and watching us with ill-concealed excitement.

"Umm, thanks," I finally said. What I was thinking was more like,
"Huh?" Here we were in our favorite Italian restaurant, sipping great wine
while waiting for a mouth- watering dinner to arrive. It was our seventh
anniversary, and our best friends had invited us here to celebrate. We do
something like this for most occasions, but we've always had a rule against
elaborate, expensive gifts. Something told me that this probably broke
that rule. "What exactly is this?"

Larry and Peg exchanged a conspiratorial look before Peg explained -- if
you can call it an explanation. "It's a service. A very unique, inspiring
service. You are in for the most exciting week you've had in years."

"What service?" I asked.

"It's kind of hard to describe in one sentence," Larry answered.

"Take as many as you need."

Larry has a lower bullshit tolerance than anyone I know, so I was
surprised at the way he was dancing around this thing. We first met about
four years ago in a vanpool. There were five of us in the pool, all near
the middle of the GS scale working within a block or two of 7th and D in
Southwest DC. It was a sweet deal. The fleet company provided a nice
passenger van, not fancy but comfortable. We each paid the fleet company a
share to cover the cost of the van, gas, parking and maintenance. We took
turns driving, one week per turn. When people spend 3 hours a day in an
enclosed space, as we generally did, they can get pretty tight. Larry and
I have the same sort of outlook on a lot of things: protesters, Congress,
Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, and of course the ineptitude of the local
government. It made slogging through the District's pathetic streets more
pleasant, that's for sure. By the time the vanpool broke up, Larry and Peg
and Helen and I were like quadruplets. We took vacations together, had
dinners out almost every week, vented our spleens when necessary. Life was
good. It still is. But this card, this 'adventure' thing, seemed out of

Taking a deep breath, Larry tried one more time. "Look, there's a lot
we can't tell you because it would spoil the surprise. Think of it as a
sort of Fantasy Island for the nineties. You tell them what you'd like to
do, and they arrange to make it happen. You don't have to take time off
work or fly to some distant island, they do it right here, worked into your
regular schedule."

Helen stirred behind me. "Like that movie, 'The Game'?"

"Yeah, that's pretty close. Except you and Bob get to decide what the
adventures will be, and you'll experience them together. Trust me, you'll
love it."

"We certainly did," Peg added, giving Larry's hand another squeeze.

"What did you do in your adventures?" Helen asked.

Peg mimed zipping her lips as Larry answered. "We can't tell you yet.
Afterwards, if you still want to, we can talk about it."

Still perplexed, I handed the card to Helen and watched her slip it into
her purse. "This is certainly ... unexpected," she told them. "You
really didn't have to go to this much trouble and expense."

"It was no trouble at all," Peg replied. "You won't believe how much
fun you are going to have."

"And don't worry about the expense," Larry added. "It's a gift, for
Chrissakes. And it's not refundable, so make sure you enjoy it."

Peg elbowed Larry in the ribs, almost causing him to spill his wine. I
wanted to pursue this a little more, but just then the waiter arrived with
our entrees and all non-culinary thoughts were temporarily banished from
our minds.

We had a great meal, slipped over to a nearby bar for some adult
beverages, and called it a night. The subject of our strange gift never
came up again, but I could see Helen puzzling over it the same as I was.
Sure enough, once we were alone in the car she asked me what I thought of

"It sounds kind of wacko to me," I told her. "What are they gonna do,
make us king and queen for a day? What's the point in having adult people
play make-believe?"

"Maybe the point is to have fun," she answered after a minute. "How
long has it been since we did something really crazy, for no other reason
than to laugh about it later?"

"Offhand, I'd say seven years," I replied, twiddling my wedding band.

Helen made a show of looking at her watch. "Seven years, six hours, 42
minutes ... but who's counting?"

I had to smile. "Would you like to have an intimate adventure right
now?" I snuck a hand over and slid it along her thigh suggestively. She
laughed, removed my hand and kissed it.

"That's a little too adventurous for me, thanks."

With a great show of reluctance I took my hand back. Seeing my wounded
puppy-dog look, Helen gave me a sly smile and added, "Let's get home and
see what happens." That's as close as Helen ever gets to an overt sexual
invitation, so I was a pretty happy guy.

The rest of the evening we worked from the script we've been following
for years. When we got home, Helen needed some time alone to unwind so she
went to bed and I went to the study and puttered around on the computer for
an hour. When I came upstairs, she was lying in bed mostly asleep with the
TV tuned to the all weather channel. Helen often uses the tv as a
night-light; I've gotten used to it for her sake.

To wake Helen up a little, I made a bit more noise than was really
necessary as I undressed and took care of business in the bathroom. Sure
enough, when I came out of the bathroom (leaving the bathroom light on so
it would illuminate the bedroom area too) she was stirring a little.
Wearing only my briefs, I crawled into the bed and snuggled right up
against her, planting a lingering kiss on her forehead. "Hi there," I

"Hi there."

Helen was wearing a thick terry cloth bathrobe over a simple cotton
nightgown. Not the most accommodating outfit for what I had in mind; with
the thickness of the robe, I couldn't even tell if she had taken off her
bra. She rolled over towards me, so all I could really do was put my arm
around her and start silently running my hand up and down her back. With
each pass I let my hand wander a little lower, until I was stroking
smoothly from the base of her neck down the spine and around her butt. I'd
linger on the butt cheek for a few seconds, trying to get Helen's libido to
wake up.

After about 10 minutes, my efforts paid off. Helen sighed and snuggled
a little closer, then rolled away from me a bit, undoing the belt that held
her robe together. That gave me a clear path to Tittie City, so I reached
inside the robe and gently cupped one of her tits in my hand.

"No bra," I observed. "Are you trying to seduce somebody?"

"Shhh!" I expected that; Helen was never big on playful banter in bed.

Feeling my way along (pardon the pun), I found a nipple and started
gently teasing it with my fingers. Soon I felt it starting to stick up and
get hard. I switched from just frigging the nipple to cupping the entire
tit in my hand, squeezing the way she likes, and I was pleased to hear her
start breathing more heavily. A couple of long, open-mouthed kisses later
I felt one of her hands trying to get a grip on my cock so I shifted a
little, partly to make it easier for her and partly to make it easier for
me to reach between her legs. We lay there for a little while stroking
each other through our underwear, kissing and fondling and panting. When I
started to reach inside her panties, she stopped, kissed me once more and
said, "I'll be right back" before disappearing into the bathroom.

As usual, I slipped off my briefs and wondered what she was doing in
there. I could hear running water, maybe the faint sound of a toothbrush
against teeth. Why do women have this need to stop and primp in the middle
of sex? (Yeah, I know, a lot of women stop to put in a diaphragm or
something. That's fine, but Helen and I decided a few months ago that it
was time to let nature take its course in that area.) After a few minutes I
noticed my hard-on dwindling so I started picturing Helen naked, stroking
me off while I sucked on her tits. That got my little soldier back to

Just in time, too. I saw the bathroom light go out and the door open. I
could just make out Helen's nude body moving toward the tv before she
turned it off. She slid back in next to me, pulling the sheet up to her
armpits, and snuggled up close. I pulled the extra sheet out from between
us and hugged her to me, kissing her neck up and down and stroking her back
again. She put a leg up over me and pressed her crotch against my cock,
which was once again as hard as when she had stopped earlier. Feeling her
short pussy hairs tickling my cock doesn't do much for me but Helen loves
it so I let her move in and out, rubbing herself against the side of my
shaft. I could tell she was getting into it because her eyes closed and
she started grunting just a little with each breath. I grabbed a handful
of her ass and pulled her tighter against me.

Helen arched her back, giving me easy access to her tits again. I went
to work on them with my lips and tongue, one at a time, getting the nipples
nice and hard, then took turns sucking on them, licking around them,
frigging them with my tongue, listening to Helen's breathing get more
labored. Finally, she grabbed my ass and rolled onto her back, pulling me
along on top of her.

"I want you inside me," she whispered. "Sit up and I'll get you ready."

I assumed the usual position, kneeling on the bed between her legs. She
hooked her legs around my waist and curled forward a little so she could
reach my cock. She used the fingertips of both hands to tease my cock by
running them from base to tip, over and over, several at once. It's a
great technique and never fails to get me ready to fire. After only a few
seconds my hips started pumping all by themselves, and her pussy started
getting closer to the end of my rod. She grabbed my cock one more time and
rubbed the head up and down along her slit a few times, then guided me
straight in.

Here is where things got dicey. Helen has a very long fuse, you see.
Thanks to that hand trick I was ready to pop my cork any time, but if I did
it too early I'd be leaving Helen in the lurch. Instead of pumping in and
out right away, I buried myself as deep into her as I could and then held
still, pulling her into me tight and clenching my groin muscles hard as I
ground my jaw together.

In a moment her hands rose up and pushed mine away from her hips where I
was pulling on her. "Don't grab," she said. God, I hate when she does
that! So I flattened my hands and started rubbing my palms up and down the
sides of her legs. She seemed okay with that and we started moving
together, grinding our hips in and out. The tempo started to pick up
slowly, but I was still too far ahead for safety so I reached forward with
my left hand and started diddling Helen's right tit again, figuring it
should really get her juices flowing. I got three or four good squeezes in
before she lifted my hand off and put it back on her leg. "Just keep your
hand right there," she said. Did I mention that I hate when she does that?
One immediate result of all that was that I no longer had to worry about
coming too soon; instead, I needed to worry about keeping myself hard
enough to do the job. It wasn't easy, because I could feel my knees
slipping backward as Helen pushed into me. Much more and I'd have to
either break stride to get back in position (losing all momentum in the
process) or fall down on top of her. Helen was still panting and pushing,
her face strained, her cheeks puffing with each breath. I held my ground.
Watching her tits bounce around while her chest heaved provided just the
stimulus I needed to stay hard, and it finally seemed as though Helen was
just about ready. Digging my toes into the mattress for support, I pushed
against Helen to get a few deeper thrusts in.

That did the trick. Helen's breathing got super heavy, then after seven
or eight gasping breaths she breathed in sharply, held it for a few
seconds, and collapsed as she let it go. Without Helen's weight pushing
against me anymore I lost my balance and landed on top of her, my face
right between her tits.

Sensing that I wasn't done yet, Helen rolled us both over so that she
was on top of me and slid herself back down onto my cock. Helen sat
straight up on me, eyes closed, face straight ahead. Soon we had
established a rhythm and I could feel myself getting closer to the brink. I
reached a hand up to her breast again. She caught it partway and
interlocked our fingers, leaning forward a little more and putting some
weight on the hand.

"My legs are getting tired," she said, taking my other hand the same

"Sorry!" Having her restrain my hands like that was kind of hot.
Thinking about that and watching her delicious tits bobbing up and down
provided the inspiration I needed. Moments later I felt that growing,
any-second-now feeling and started panting hard myself. Soon after that I
shot my wad, my whole body going tense and then letting go.

Once she was sure I was done, Helen started to climb off me. I've never
understood why, but she always wants a shower right after we have sex. I
wanted her to stay with me for a little bit, so I held onto her hand to
keep her in bed.

"Let me go, please."

"Aw c'mon, just lie here with me for a while," I appealed.

"I'll come back, I promise." I let go and she slipped into the bathroom.
While the shower was running I fixed the covers and located her tv remote.

Helen came out of the bathroom already dressed in her nightgown and
panties. I was disappointed but not surprised. "You got dressed," I
protested gently. "Where's the fun in that?"

"You know I don't like to be naked," she scolded.

"Why not? You look great naked."

"No I don't," she argued. "How much more fun did you want in one

I made an exaggerated pout and Helen chuckled, slipping into bed and
cuddling up against my still-naked body. We kissed and said goodnight. I
was left with a vague, unfulfilled feeling so I got up, put on my briefs
and went downstairs to watch some late- night trash TV. Helen was sound
asleep when I crept back into bed.

The next day was a Friday, hot and humid per the norm. As I sat down to
my Cheerios and juice, I saw Helen holding that strange card from the night
before. "I was thinking I might call the number today and check it out,"
she said.

"Okay. Can't hurt to ask a few questions."

"What if they won't answer questions?"

"Bugger 'em. We'll give the card back to Larry and Peg for Christmas."

Helen didn't comment, but I could tell the discussion was not over.
She'd have me at her mercy soon enough. When the vanpool broke up, I
wangled a transfer from GSA in Southwest to the VA in Northwest, which is
only a few blocks from Helen's office at the World Bank. We tried doing
the mass transit thing for a while, but the only good thing you can say
about the DC Metro system is that it's clean. It's not quick, not all that
reliable, definitely not affordable, but it's clean. Our ride from
suburban Montgomery County, MD cost us $9.60 a day just for subway fare
plus two bucks to park our car at the nearest station, and the total
commute typically takes an hour and 45 minutes from door to door. By
getting a monthly account at a commercial parking garage on H Street and
driving together, we cut our commuting time in half and saved a third of
the cost. It's very convenient, and if one of us has something to discuss
it ensures a captive audience for a while.

Helen waited until I was done merging onto I-270 before taking
advantage. "Bob? Are we okay?"

That surprised me, especially after the previous evening's activities.
"I guess so," I told her. "What do you think?"

"I think we're okay too," she said. "But I also think that maybe we're
getting a little complacent, a little set in our ways. I feel like
sometimes we're just going through the motions."

"Is this about having kids?"

"No, it's not that. I know that will happen sooner or later. It's more
about you and me. We don't really get excited about things anymore."

Grinning, I answered, "We both got pretty excited last night, didn't

Helen blushed a little bit. "That's not what I mean and you know it."

"Then what do you mean?"

"I'm trying to explain, just give me a minute." I could see the gears
turning in Helen's head. "Have you noticed Larry and Peg lately?"

"Well, I noticed we were having dinner with them 12 hours ago." That's
me, master of the obvious.

"You can be such a pain," she admonished. "I mean, have you noticed
anything different about them lately? How they act, how they look at each
other, how they talk to each other. Don't they seem different?"

Different? I thought about it for a few seconds. "I don't know, maybe
they're a little more touchy-feely than normal."

"Exactly." I could see Helen nodding next to me. "There's some kind of
very strong connection between them, something that wasn't always there or
wasn't always that strong. They've been married longer than we have, but
they act like newlyweds. Don't you wonder why?"

"Hadn't really thought about it," I admitted. "I take it you have an

"I'm starting to. Look at us, Bob. When was the last time we just sat
and held hands? Two years ago, in Hawaii. Remember?" I remembered. Ten
days at a Honolulu resort, made possible by five years of clipping coupons
and comparison shopping. After the first few days the crazy urge to see
and do everything wore off and we spent most of the time quietly together,
just soaking up the sun and being a couple. "I think we ... enjoyed each
other more in those 10 days than in the entire previous year."

One of the nice things about I-270 in the morning is that you don't have
to worry if you lose your concentration for a few minutes -- it's hard to
have a wreck when nobody is moving. So I let most of my mind wander back
to the vacation. Yes, I had to agree, we did 'enjoy each other' (which was
Helenese for having sex) almost every day instead of the usual once a week.
It was a lot of fun, and the benefits carried over for a couple of weeks
after we got home.

"That vacation brought us closer together for a while," Helen continued.
"What if this 'Intimate Adventures' program can do the same thing? Larry
and Peg are so excited about it they broke the standing rule on gifts. I
think the least we can do is play along."

"I guess I can't argue with you there," I said.

"Not if you know what's good for you."

I let a lecherous grin form on my face. "I wonder what they mean by

Later that morning, my telephone rang. Seeing Helen's number on the
phone's display, I picked it up right away. "Hi, Hon."

"Hi." She sounded happy enough. "I can't talk long, I have someone on
hold. Can you get loose for an appointment Monday afternoon?"

I checked my calendar. "Looks free. What for?"

"Intimate Adventures. I've got them on the other line; they say we need
to schedule an initial consultation. Can you do Monday at one?"

"Sure. How long will it last?"

"Hold on." I heard silence while she switched lines to consult with the
other caller. "They said plan on it taking up the whole afternoon. Is
that okay?"

"Jeez, should we pack an overnight bag?"

"No, but they do suggest that we eat a substantial lunch."

"Okay, it's on my schedule."

"You're a dear."

Friday afternoon rush hour is the absolute pits, especially in the
summer with people trying to get to the beach. Since I had driven down, it
was Helen's turn to drive back. After the morning's discussion, though, I
thought it might earn me some brownie points if I volunteered.

Helen was strangely quiet on the trip home. I guided us out H Street
past the White House, but instead of joining the paralyzed masses on Canal
Road I opted for 15th Street straight up until it merged with 16th and took
us out of the District. Helen remained silent the whole time, so once I
had I merged onto the Outer Loop and established a devil-may- care 5mph
pace, I tried to get her talking.

"You look unsettled," I told her. "What's wrong? More of what we were
talking about this morning?"

She shook her head slowly. "No, I'm all right."

Okay, I thought, maybe a change of subject will help. "What did you
find out about Intimate Adventures today?"

I could see her mental gears switching a little bit. A puzzled look
came over her, which was a definite improvement. "Not nearly as much as I
wanted to. Mostly they said they would explain everything when we show up
for our appointment. We're supposed to be there at one, have a substantial
lunch before hand, and stay away from caffeine that day."

"Those are strange instructions," I mused. "What are they going to do,
take our blood pressure?"

"Who knows?"

"Is there anything else they want us to do, like take up jogging?"

Helen was struggling with something. "We do have an 'exercise' we are
supposed to do before Monday."

"Let me guess -- one of those idiotic compatibility tests, right?"

"No," she said, still searching for words. "It's a bit more physical
than that. We're supposed to do ... what we did last night."

"You mean fool around?"

She nodded, blushing. "And we're supposed to talk about it afterwards."

I made a series of loud buzzer noises. Looking at Helen beside me, I
realized I was being a jerk and stopped. "Sorry, Hon, but my bullshit
detector is on overload. I can't believe this crap." As apologies go I've
done better, but I was mostly trying to shut the door on a nasty
conversational surprise. There are some subjects that Helen and I just
don't talk about, and I had just blundered into a Big One.

That night we had chinese carryout for dinner. We cleaned up the
kitchen together, started the dishwasher running, and Helen announced that
she was going to bed early.

"Ooh," I said, perking my ears up. "Is that an invitation?"

Helen let out an annoyed-sounding sigh. "I don't know. I need to relax
for a little while, okay?"

"Okay." Since we'd just been together the night before, I didn't really
think she was looking for more already. I got engrossed in an action movie or two on cable and crept quietly into bed at 2:00am without disturbing her
a bit.

Saturday was a busy day for both of us. Larry and I went kayaking up on
the Patuxent while Helen and Peg went on a minor shopping spree. By
dinnertime we were all home and exhausted, so Larry and I grilled up a few
boneless chicken breasts while Peg and Helen whipped up a hearty salad for
four and popped open a can of ready-to-bake biscuits. The four of us sat
around the kitchen table and ate hungrily. Larry and Peg kept looking at
each other and at us, some kind of message passing between them.
"Something up?" I asked, trying to bring it out into the open.

"Not really," Peg answered. "Just wondering if you've contacted
Intimate Adventures yet."

Helen had just taken a big bite, so I answered for her. "Helen called
them yesterday. We're supposed to go out there for some kind of
consultation on Monday."

"Did you get the name of the person you're meeting with?" Larry tried to
sound nonchalant but his eyes, and Peg's excited face, betrayed him.

Forcing the food down her throat quickly, Helen waved a hand. "Somebody
named Madeline."

Larry and Peg exchanged another of those co-conspirator looks. A
spit-eating grin formed on both their faces. This was getting annoying.

"Are you going to share the joke with us?"

"No way, buddy," Larry answered. "Can't do it. Wouldn't even if we
could. You'll understand after you meet with her."

"The payoff had better be worth the hype," I growled.

"It is. And then some."

That night as I crawled into bed, I looked at Helen's sleeping face and
thought about our homework assignment for the weekend. She'd had a couple
of hours to sleep; I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Her back was turned
to me so I nuzzled close behind, kissing the side of her neck and working
my way up to her cheek. When she started to stir, I whispered very quietly
in her ear: "I want you."

Helen rolled partway towards me and looked up at me though half-closed
eyes. "I'm pretty beat," she said. "Can we do this tomorrow night?"

I was crestfallen, but it wouldn't help anything to get into a fight.
"Okay, you've got a date." I kissed her gently and let her go back to

We spent most of Sunday together in the house, just relaxing and killing
time. A couple of times I alluded to our appointment and the homework
assignment, but Helen always changed the subject. She fixed dinner and I
cleaned up after it. She went to bed at nine; X-Files was a rerun so I
joined her about twenty minutes later.

She was lying on her back, on top of the covers. She wore a long, thick cotton gown with about a gajillion little buttons holding it together from
bottom to top. Every single one of them was buttoned, holding the neckline
up to just below her collarbone. The sleeves were long and baggy and
gathered at the wrists. The material was just thin enough that I could
tell she was still wearing a bra underneath. I wasted no time dropping my
clothes and climbing into bed with her.

Helen looked pointedly at my exposed crotch. "Somebody is getting a
little presumptuous," she observed.

"We still haven't done our homework yet. Wouldn't want Miss Madeline to
send us to the principal's office, would we?" She chuckled a little, so I
got bolder. My hand reached over and started undoing buttons, beginning at
the top. Helen doesn't normally let me undress her, but doing it really
turns me on so I tried to distract her with a long, passionate kiss while I
manipulated the buttons.

My tactics didn't work any better than usual. Lifting my hand and
setting it aside, she murmured, "I'll be right back" and escaped into the
bathroom. Several minutes later she crept out of the bathroom, turned off
the tv and came back to bed, tucking herself inside my right arm and
putting her leg across my thighs. Her right hand started stroking my chest
in a gentle arc up and down while her leg worked up and down my thighs.
There was nothing for my right arm to do but hug her to me, so I did. At
the same time, I tried reaching over with my left hand to play with her
tits, but when my hand got close she grabbed it gently and pushed it back
to my side.

Since I couldn't get access to the upper deck, so to speak, I tried
knocking on the dugout. I opened my legs a little so that the right one
pressed up against her mound, while at the same time pushing her into it
with my right arm. She must have liked the extra pressure, because the
hand that had been caressing my chest went directly south. She hooked her
thumb around the base of my cock and used her fingers to play with my
balls. It felt really good for the first few minutes and then she started
doing it faster and harder, making my balls tingle and my cock stand up
like a rocket on the launch pad. When she didn't slow down or stop after a
few seconds I realized what she was doing: she was trying to make me come
without getting inside her. Helen does that sometimes, usually when she
knows I want her but she's too tired, not in the mood, whatever. She knows
that if she can get me off quickly I'll be done for the night and she can
go to sleep. Most of the time I let her get away with it, but that night I
was too horny. Our last encounter, though recent, had been unsatisfying; a
quick jerk-off and goodnight would not be enough.

Scooting myself over a little, I rolled onto my right side and pushed
Helen down onto the bed. Getting up on all fours, I lowered my head down
to one of her tits and sucked gently, working the nipple with my tongue.
My left hand wandered down over her mound and I started running fingers
gently over her slit. She was hardly wet at all. I felt her hand groping
around my lower body. Soon it found my stiff cock and started working it
like a pump action shotgun. I worked my fingers inside of her dry slit,
found the button and just brushed against it a few times. I felt a hitch
in Helen's breath; after a few more light touches I was rewarded with a
flow of moisture. Holding my hand flat against her mound, I worked the
whole thing up and down, letting my fingers smear the fluid around. She
was starting to lubricate seriously now and her lips were parting on their
own, so I reached way down and slid my middle finger right into her box and
reached up as far as it would go. Helen reacted with a strong sigh, so I
pulled out for a second and then stuck the finger back in, again pushing it
in as deep as I could. She was really wet now, juices flowing all over my
hand, and her hand let go of my cock and just fell to the bed. I did
another withdrawal and reentry; this time I not only got the sigh, but her
hand reached down and covered mine, rubbing it hard against the top of her
mound. Her hips started gyrating up and down and her breathing quickened.
I could tell I had her close to her orgasm and a sense of power flooded
through me. Then I felt her free hand lock around my dick again and I knew
that I wouldn't last much longer either.

I pulled my hand out of her box and assumed the kneeling position
between her legs. Putting both hands under her ass, I lifted her up and
pulled her to me, letting Helen guide my rod into the right socket. I had
a pretty decent stance this time, more balanced, so I started pumping away.
I could see Helen was getting into it: her eyes were closed, head tilted
back into the pillows, and she was breathing through her mouth. That's it,
I thought to myself. She's getting closer ... closer ... closer ...

Then I blew it, literally as well as figuratively. I was paying so much
attention to Helen's face and body that I had forgotten to keep tabs on
myself. My cock jerked and spit several long bursts and then started
deflating right away. I ground myself into Helen, hoping to get her off
before she noticed my dwindling member. I saw her face scrunching up and
felt her inside muscles start squeezing on what was left of my rod. Just
when I thought it was hopeless, I felt Helen go into mild spasms and her
breathing switched into the heavy, quick gasps that usually mean she is
coming. Her body clenched and released a few times then relaxed, slipping
off the flaccid remains of my cock and down to the bed.

We both took a few minutes to recoup, and then Helen padded back into
the bathroom for a quick shower. I pulled on my underwear and waited for
her. She came back out shortly, dressed again in the gown of many buttons,
and lay down on her side facing me. "Did you have fun?" she asked me.

"Yes I did," I answered (as if there could be any other answer!). "Did

"It was nice."

"I'm glad you enjoyed."

"Good night, dear."

"Good night."

Helen was a little distracted the next morning. By the time we got onto
270 I had a pretty decent idea what was on her mind, and she soon enough
proved me right. "We didn't really talk much last night," she said.

"Not much," I answered, stalling for time. "Sometimes there isn't a
whole lot to say."

Helen pondered that in silence for a few minutes before continuing.
"Was there one part that was extra good for you?"

Another loaded question. "No, it was good. It was great. You have a
very talented hand."

"I try," she answered, flexing and examining the hand in question.

My turn. "Did I ... take care of you okay?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes. You did fine. You're pretty talented yourself."

"I try." Another awkward silence followed. "Do you think we've done
enough homework now?"

"I think so," she answered.

"Cool." I flipped on the radio and we listened in silence for the rest
of the trip.

Intimate Adventures Part 2

The address that Intimate Adventures had given Helen was in Bethesda, so
we had our choice of about seven thousand restaurants within a few blocks
of their office. We settled on a German place we knew and had a nice
filling lunch -- maybe a little too filling, we were getting a bit sleepy
toward the end of the meal. I wanted to order coffee but we were told no
caffeine before the meeting, so we got up and walked around a little to
wake ourselves up.

At five minutes to one we entered the office of Intimate Adventures,
which was tucked discreetly in the corner of a Wisconsin Avenue office
building. A strikingly pretty young blonde greeted us, took the invitation
and gave us each a clipboard with a multi-page form to complete.

Looking over the form I thought for a second we had wandered into a
medical office by mistake; besides the usual name and address stuff the
form contained questions about height, weight, allergies, medications,
chronic injuries and illnesses, and immediate family medical histories.
Then it moved into lifestyle questions: hobbies, work schedules, food
preferences, friends and neighbors, tv habits, things like that. The last
section had the look of one of those personality assessment tests. It took
forever to finish, and more than once I started to hand it back
uncompleted. Every time, though, I looked at Helen and saw her answering
each question; if she wasn't uncomfortable, I decided I didn't have to be

After a very long twenty minutes we were done with our forms. The
receptionist had left us alone, so I was giving mine the once-over while I
waited for her to return. I heard voices approaching from inside the suite
just as a man and woman came through the door to the inner offices. They
were holding hands and talking softly to each other. The electricity
flowing between them was almost tangible. They saw Helen and me toiling at
our clipboards and smiled at us, then exchanged a knowing look with each
other and walked out.

Shortly after that the receptionist reappeared. We handed our forms
back to her and she accepted them with a dazzling smile and told us to wait
"Just a few more minutes."

She didn't lie. Maybe three minutes later, a woman emerged from the
back depths of the suite and smiled at us both. She was tall and broad
shouldered, white, with dark brown hair to just below the ears framing her
face. I'd guess her age at around 40, certainly not much more. She wore a
navy blue suit with an all-business, slightly masculine cut but it couldn't
completely hide the fact that it enclosed a curvaceous female body. "Bob
and Helen?" We looked up and nodded, and that's when I first noticed her
eyes. Big, clear, sky blue eyes, the kind of eyes that command immediate
attention. "My name is Madeline. Will you come back to my office please?"

We stood up and shook Madeline's hand, then followed her into one of the
back offices. Hers was very elegantly made, furnished with a natural
cherry desk, credenza, and a very nice set of barrister's bookcases.
Opposite the bookcases was a daybed, also in cherry, with an assortment of
pillows. Instead of standard office chairs she ushered us into deep,
high-backed easy chairs that seemed to conform immediately to our bodies.
On the wall behind her desk was a series of official-looking framed
documents; I couldn't make out all the fancy writing at that distance but
it looked like Madeline had multiple college degrees and a state-issued
license or two. Madeline encouraged us to sit back and relax as she walked
around to her side of the desk. There was a folder of papers on the desk,
and though I couldn't see anything specific I assumed our questionnaires
were inside it.

"You've been married seven years, right?" She had a great voice -- deep,
resonating, clear.

"That's right," Helen said.

"No children?"

"Not yet," Helen answered and looked at me.

"And you were referred to us by Larry and Peg, yes?"

"Yes. They gave us that gift card for our anniversary."

"Okay. Before we go any further, I want you both to know that
everything we say in this room stays in this room. Nothing will be
recorded and a bare minimum will be written down. You have my personal
guarantee of complete privacy whether you choose to enter the program or

Helen and I looked at each other, then nodded our understanding.

"Good. Why don't you tell me about yourselves?"

"Isn't that what the questionnaire is for?" I asked.

"Partially," she answered. "But I'd like to hear how you describe
yourselves. This way is so much more interesting than reading a
standardized form."

"Okay. I'm 34, I'm a procurement officer at the VA downtown." Madeline
looked as if she was waiting to hear more, but I didn't quite know where to
go so I let it be.

Helen broke the pause for me for by chiming in. "I'm 32, and a manager
in the telecom offices of the World Bank. I'm originally from western
Pennsylvania. I'm an only child, and my parents are retired and living in
Arizona. We don't have much contact with either of them aside from the
occasional phone call or letter. There's no friction, we've just grown
apart somewhat."

Seeing Madeline's approving smile, I decided to extend my own remarks.
"I'm the oldest of four, most of whom still live in or near Pittsburgh. We
go up there for a couple of days every summer and catch up, no big deal. I
met Helen during college."

"Which college was that?"

"St. Francis."

Madeline looked mildly surprised; she opened the folder again and leafed
through the papers. "That's a Catholic college, isn't it?"


"But you listed your religion as 'None' on the form." The arch in her
eyebrows made the question clear.

"I was raised Catholic," I explained. "Catholic grade school, Catholic
high school. St. Frances was my folks' choice, not mine. By the time I
got out of there I'd had Catholicism in my face for 20-plus years and I was
sick of it. I guess I'm technically still a Catholic but I don't go to
church unless somebody I know is getting married or buried."

"Is there something in particular about the Church that bothered you?"
Madeline's voice stayed even, but her eyes said that she really wanted to
know. I was finding her very easy to talk to.

"No one huge thing," I answered. "There was a growing discomfort with
the people I'd come to associate with the Church. They seemed a little out
of touch with the real world. And despite being force fed the doctrine for
my entire young life, I never really accepted it all. My folks were, and
still are, very devout so I went through the motions to please them, but
once I was on my own I stopped pretending."

"I see," she replied. "Helen, you listed yourself as Catholic. Do you
still practice?"

"No," she said, shaking her head slowly. "I never had a big problem
with the basic teachings of the Church. I still carry most of the Catholic
values, as does Bob." I nodded agreement. "By the time I met Bob I had
already become uncomfortable with the Church as an organization. It had
become so political, so intent of trying to force some of its doctrines
into laws that would then affect everyone whether they believed or not.
That just felt wrong to me, so I sort of dropped out."

"Were your parents angry about that?" Madeline was looking at Helen when
she asked, so I stayed quiet.

"At first. But when I explained how I felt, they were very
understanding. I think they're still a little disappointed that I don't go
to church, but they like Bob and they know that we both try our best to be
good people."

"Mine were pretty steamed," I volunteered. "They stopped talking to me
for a few weeks, but their parish pastor convinced them that Helen and I
might come around in time if they would show us a good example of Christian
love and forgiveness."

Madeline kept nodding. Behind the blue eyes I could see her digesting
the information and filing it away. "Let's talk about your relationship,"
she said to both of us.

Helen and I looked at each other, silently debating who would begin. I
volunteered. "We get along fine most of the time. We work near each
other, so we carpool every day. That gives is us more time together than a
lot of couples have."

"We share the housework pretty evenly," Helen added. "Bob and I both
cook and clean, but we do eat out a lot because it's so late when we get
home most of the time that neither of us wants to spend an hour fixing
dinner. Larry and Peg are our best friends and we do something together
with them almost every week."

"How about the sexual part of your relationship?" Madeline asked without
batting an eye.

Helen's face froze instantly, and the sense of comfort I'd been riding
on was suddenly pulled out from under me. "Pretty much normal," I ventured
after a very long pause. "Once a week or so, on average. Nothing kinky."
Madeline looked over to Helen, but no way was Helen going to step into that
bear trap.

"Did you have sex over the weekend?" Madeline continued, her voice still
smooth and casual. Helen's face turned beet red and I felt the heat rising
in my own cheeks too.

"Last night," Helen allowed

"That's good," Madeline replied. "Did you talk about it afterwards?"

We both sort of shrugged our answer, knowing we had copped out on the
conversation. I think we also knew that she wasn't going to leave it that

"Why don't you tell me about it?" she asked us both.

Helen started to stammer: "Well ... I mean ... we—" but I interrupted

"I think we'd rather not," I said, in a tone designed to shut down that
line of questioning entirely. "There are some things that decent people
just don't talk about in public." Helen nodded her agreement.

"I'm sorry, I was not trying to offend you." Madeline made a
conciliatory gesture, then changed the subject. "Any trouble in the
relationship? Recent arguments, disagreements, anything like that?"

Puzzled, I shook my head. Helen met Madeline's gaze directly and said,
"No. Nothing important, anyway. Where are you going with these questions?
Why do you need to know all the things in that questionnaire we filled

"Most of that you can blame directly on the lawyers. You know how
ridiculous they can get. With what we do here, we need to cover all sorts
of possibilities."

"And what exactly do you do here?" Helen had shifted forward in her
chair, but it wasn't really made to be perched on that way. Out of the
corner of my eye I saw her give up and sit back again as Madeline answered.

"Intimate Adventures is a very unique kind of counseling service. Our
clients are all couples who are in strong, committed relationships and who
are looking to take their relationship to a deeper, more satisfying level.
We help them to do that by arranging safe opportunities for them to have
new and exciting romantic experiences."

My bullshit detector was starting up again. "What kind of new and
exciting experiences?"

"Whatever you and Helen would like," she answered. "If you decide to
enter the program, we will spend the afternoon discussing your relationship
in detail. We'll talk about your feelings for each other, your likes and
dislikes, your sexual habits and boundaries, your dreams, your fantasies.
That information will be used to script several encounters that you will
both enjoy and that will help draw you closer together."

"What makes you think we need drawing together?" I challenged.

Madeline closed the file folder and set it aside. "At this point, Bob,
nothing other than the fact that you are here with me. Nobody is
suggesting that there is anything wrong with you, with Helen, or with your
marriage. Larry and Peg have been through the program, and they clearly
believe that we have something to offer to you. Our program works best
when the relationship is strong and stable, like yours appears to be, and
just needs an extra spark."

"We've been together seven years," I argued. "Nobody can be like
newlyweds all the time. People grow and change; naturally the excitement
level drops a bit along the way."

"You're absolutely right, Bob. In a successful, long-term relationship
it is very normal for a couple to start out very hot, very romantic, and
then to cool down over time. At one time or another almost every couple
experiences a period of ennui. Maybe you and Helen are having one now,
maybe not. If so, then I believe that I can help you to overcome that in a
way that will permanently enrich your relationship. If not, I'll shred
your file and arrange a refund."

The word 'ennui' struck a chord in me. Yes, that was a pretty good word
for what Helen and I were having. Nothing was exactly going sour between
us, but we were definitely in a rut. We'd certainly been going through the
motions in bed recently.

While I pondered that Helen raised a question of her own. "What is your
role in all of this, Madeline?"

"I'm your facilitator," she answered. "Together we will talk about your
deepest desires, fantasies, hopes and dreams, both romantic and sexual, in
explicit detail. Armed with that insight, I will then script and
facilitate encounters that will let you explore some of those fantasies in
a safe, controlled environment."

"Why all the secrecy? Why not just advertise yourselves as marriage

I could see an extra gleam come to the facilitator's eyes as she
answered. "Marriage counselors are professionals who take troubled
relationships and help to repair them. There's nothing wrong with that;
I've done quite a lot of it myself. But at Intimate Adventures we take
good relationships and work to improve them. We take normal people and
talk very frankly, sometimes clinically, about habits and desires and
feelings that most people don't even discuss with their partners. Our
clients have to know that all of their dealings with us are absolutely
private; therefore we don't advertise, we don't sell our client list, and
we keep very few records. If you choose to continue with us, you too will
appreciate that."

Helen's face took on a nervous look as she asked, "What if we're not
comfortable talking clinically about our private thoughts?"

Madeline gave us both a reassuring smile before answering. "I
understand completely. Most people are shy about what really turns them
on. Sometimes they are afraid they will scare off their partner by seeming
too sleazy, sometimes they are just generally insecure. It's perfectly
normal and perfectly okay to be like that."

Helen wasn't giving up. "How do you get around it, though?"

"Hypnosis," she answered casually, sitting back in her chair. "All of
our facilitators undergo hypnosis training so that they can put clients
completely at ease. I happen to be a licensed clinical hypnotherapist. If
you and Bob decide you want to enter the program, I will place you both
under hypnosis. While you are hypnotized, I will ask you a series of
questions about your life, your relationship, your sexual needs and
boundaries, favorite erotic fantasies, and secret desires. I will also
implant into your subconscious a number of carefully designed posthypnotic
suggestions that will cause you to act out some of those fantasies in a
safe way. To avoid spoiling the surprise, neither of you will remember
exactly what fantasies we discussed or what the subconscious triggers are.
A week from now you will have done some things that will amaze and delight
you both."

At the word "hypnosis," Helen's eyes got wide. "So you take control of
people's minds?"

"No, but that's a common misconception." Those incredible eyes were
warm, smiling. I had no trouble believing she could put people into a
trance. "Being hypnotized does not mean giving up control. If I were to
hypnotize you right now and command you to commit a felony you would wake
up immediately and tell me off. No hypnotist can make you do something
that is against your personal morals and beliefs. What hypnosis can do,
what we do here, is to temporarily relieve some of your natural inhibitions
so that you and Bob can explore your erotic boundaries a little.

"That's why we only work with couples, Helen. Couples with a stable
relationship enjoy our program so much that their referrals keep us in
business. No couple has ever left my office unhappy." Then she turned to
me. "What do you think about all this, Bob?"

I couldn't answer right away. Mostly I'd been thinking about the idea
of watching this woman hypnotize Helen, or better yet having her do it to
me. I felt the beginnings of a hard-on stirring in my groin and wasn't
sure how to hide it. Madeline just waited, an enigmatic smile on her face.
"I've never been hypnotized before," I finally said. "I'm not sure I can

"How about you, Helen?"

"Once," she responded. "Ages ago. When I turned 19 some friends took
me to a hypnotist show. I was watching from the audience and then I sort
of faded out. When I woke up I was on stage and everyone was laughing and
clapping. My friends told me I did some strange things, but all I remember
is how good I felt afterwards."

"You must have been in a very deep trance. It's a very useful ability
to have, Helen, don't be ashamed of it. Are you willing to let me
hypnotize you today and talk about your private thoughts?"

Helen considered. "Does it have to be in front of Bob?"

"Huh?" I started to protest, but Madeline motioned for me to stay quiet.

"Does that make you uncomfortable?" Madeline's manner stayed smooth and
unsurprised, like a practiced shrink. "In order to completely enjoy the
adventure, you have to trust one another. Having you here together while
we talk is an important step in building that trust. It's natural to be
uneasy about how Bob might react, especially knowing that we will be
discussing your sex life with him in great detail. Is there something more
than that troubling you, Helen?"

Helen thought about it a little before answering. "No, that's pretty
much it."

"Then relax, Helen, and don't worry about it. Bob will be here, and Bob
will witness everything we talk about, just as you will be here and witness
everything that Bob and I talk about. But by the time you leave here today
neither of you will remember any of those discussions. You have my solemn
word on that. Remember, satisfaction is guaranteed."

"Okay, I can accept that."

Madeline nodded approvingly. "Very good. Bob, are you willing to let
me hypnotize you today, in front of Helen, and talk about your most
intimate fantasies and thoughts?"

Putting on a brave front for Helen's benefit, I answered without
hesitation: "Absolutely."

"Very well, then. Why don't you both use the rest room while I get some
final paperwork together? We'll begin in about 15 minutes."

Helen looked at me sheepishly as she emerged from the ladies' room.
"Are you upset with me for not wanting you there?"

"It surprised me," I admitted. "I still don't quite get it."

She nodded. "When we go back in there, Madeline is going to start
asking me frank, intimate questions about our life and I won't be able to
do anything but answer honestly. We don't talk about ... bedroom things
... very often, and I'm afraid that you might find some of those answers a
little disturbing."

"Is there something wrong? Something we need to talk about?" An icy
chill ran up my spine.

"No no no," she replied at once, grasping my hand in hers. "Nothing
wrong. It's hard to explain. I really don't want to try to explain it in
a public place, if that's okay."

"It's okay, I can wait. But understand this, Helen: you are my wife, my
lover, and my best friend. If you confess to a closet desire for a big,
strong guy in a leather mask to handcuff you to the bed and screw your
brains out, I promise I won't think any less of you."

That got her smiling again. "You wish."

When we returned to Madeline's office, she handed each of us another
clipboard. "One more piece of paperwork before we start," she explained.
"This is a standard release form. In simple English, it says that you
consent to being hypnotized, that while under hypnosis you will answer
questions of a frank and intimate nature, and that you will be given
sexually explicit suggestions while under hypnosis that will compel you to
perform sexual acts. We guarantee to keep all information we gather about
you confidential, and you agree not to hold us responsible for any
accidental injury, illness or pregnancy that might result."

"More weasel words from the lawyers?" I asked.

"No, this one was my idea. I've found that a client's subconscious is
even more cooperative if the client has already consciously agreed. In
your mind, you are giving me permission to hypnotize you and prime your
subconscious with erotic suggestions. That permission helps to break down
any low-level resistance or fear you may still have."

I just had to ask: "Has anyone actually gotten pregnant doing this?"

Madeline favored me with another delicious smile. "Only once that we
know of. One of my colleagues had a couple conceive during their program.
They named the baby after him." We all chuckled at that one.

Helen and I signed our forms and handed them back to Madeline. Setting
the clipboards aside, she continued. "Okay, let's try a little test. I
want both of you to listen closely and do what I say. This will help me to
gauge how good your imaginations are and how best to help you enter the
deepest trance states.

"First, I want you to hold your arms straight out in front of you.
Don't clench them, just extend them forward and leave them as relaxed as
you can." I extended my arms forward, seeing Helen do the same. "Good.
Now I want you to close your eyes. I am going to count to five. With each
count, I will say the word 'in' and when I say 'in' I want you to take a
nice, slow, easy, deep breath. You will hold that breath until I say
'out'. When I say 'out' I want you to slowly, easily, gently exhale and
feel your body relaxing and settling into the chair. Ready?"

"Ready," we said.

"One. In ..." I inhaled slowly and deliberately until my lungs felt
full. "... Out ..." I loosened my jaw and let the air escape through my
lips. I think I heard Helen doing the same. Madeline praised our early
efforts. "Very good, both of you. Now two, in ... out ... Fine, now
three, in ... out ... just letting yourself settle a little further into
the chair. Four, in ... out ... your mind should be clearing and feeling
quiet. Five, in ... out ... excellent, both of you.

"Now for an imagination exercise. I want you to imagine that I have
placed the handle of an empty bucket in your left hand, allowing the bucket
to hang down below that hand. The bucket can be metal, plastic, wood,
whatever you want it to be. It can be shiny or dirty, old or new, your
choice. Now, I want you to imagine that I have tied a string loosely
around your right wrist. Just an ordinary, everyday piece of household
string, like kite string or package string. It's soft and not too tight.
See it in your mind. Do you see the bucket and the string? Nod when you
see them."

I felt myself nodding. Yes, I could see them. The bucket was a simple
metal pail with a wooden grip in the middle of a simple wire handle. The
string looked exactly like a kite string, strong but soft on the hands, and
it was looped gently around my wrist.

"You are both doing very well. Now please imagine that I have placed a
brick inside the bucket. A big, heavy brick like you'd find in a chimney
or a fireplace. You can hear the 'thunk' as the brick lands in the bottom
of your bucket. ... Good, you are starting to feel the weight of the brick
in the bucket. Now I am going to add five more bricks, each one making the
bucket heavier and heavier. One ... Two ... Three, feeling the bucket
get so heavy, your left arm feeling the strain from holding up so many
heavy bricks ... Four ... Five. There are now six heavy, solid bricks in
your bucket. You can feel the great weight of all those bricks pulling
down, pulling down against your hand as you struggle to hold onto the
handle. Don't let the bucket fall. Hold those bricks as long as you can."
This was getting strange. I knew it was just an imagination exercise,
but I really did feel a huge, heavy weight pulling down on my hand, just as
if I really was holding a bucket of bricks. With my eyes closed it was
tough to be sure, but I thought I could feel my arm slowly starting to sink
down, pulled down by the weight I was holding.

"Wonderful, Bob. Wonderful, Helen. You are both doing so well, you
should be very pleased. Now, while you continue to hold your bucket of
bricks, I want you to turn your attention to your right arm. The string is
still loosely tied to your right wrist and now you can see what is at the
other end. You see a balloon, big and round and brightly colored, attached
to the end of the string. It is a helium-filled balloon. I now release
the balloon and you can see it rising into the air until the string around
your wrist stops it from rising further. Watch the balloon as it tugs
gently on the string, trying to pull your arm upward ever so slightly. Now
imagine that as you watch the balloon, it begins to grow. Bigger and
bigger, the balloon fills with more and more helium. The bigger it grows,
the more it wants to fly away, the more it tugs on your wrist. Keep
watching the balloon, watching as it get bigger and lighter. Feel it
pulling up on your arm as it strains to break free."

There was silence for a few moments while I watched my balloon do what
Madeline had described. The string around my wrist went tight, and I
started to feel a strong pull upward as the balloon got bigger.

"Very good, both of you. Now you can open your eyes and see the results
of your work."

I opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times. My arms were still
outstretched in front of me, but my left arm had dropped almost to my lap
and my right had risen so that hand was just above eye level. "Cool!" I
remarked, putting them both back on the armrests of my chair. Then I
looked over at Helen. Her left arm was pointing almost straight down,
having missed the armrest. I could see her fingers trembling as if from
heavy exertion as they remained hooked around empty space. At the same
time, her right arm was pointing at the ceiling, the hand bent at the wrist
as if held up by wires. Her face looked strained, uncomfortable, and she
was looking pointedly at Madeline. "This is getting very uncomfortable,
and I can't seem to stop."

Madeline beamed. "I'm sorry Helen, I didn't mean to cause you
discomfort. Please let go of the bucket, let it fall to the ground and
roll away. On the count of three the string tied to your right arm will
break and the balloon will float off on its own. One, two, three."

It was amazing. Helen's right arm dropped like a stone on the count of
three. Her left arm relaxed, then she slowly brought it up before herself
and flexed the hand a few times, like you would do if you had just put down
a heavy load.

"Did we pass the test?" I asked. For some reason it seemed important to
get Madeline's approval.

"You did," she answered. "Both of you will have no difficulty entering
a deep trance. In fact, you were both in a moderate trance during the
test, which is why your bodies reacted so well. You are very hypnotizable.
Who would like to go first?"

Helen put her hand up right away. "I will."

"Are you sure?" I asked, remembering her reservations about having me

Helen nodded firmly. "I'm sure. I trust you."

Madeline nodded. "Then let's begin." She rose from her chair, came
around the desk and sat down on a short upholstered stool with ball
casters. Rolling up close to Helen's face, she lowered her voice and
started talking. "Watch Helen's face very closely, Bob. She is about to
enter a deep hypnotic sleep and you need to be able to recognize the signs
that she has done this."

I scooted my chair around a little to get a better viewing angle on
Helen. Her face looked a little uneasy, but not too scared. I saw
Madeline hold up the first two fingers on her right hand in a V and point
them toward her own face.

"Helen, I want you to look right here. Don't take your eyes from mine.
Don't move or speak or nod your head or make any sound unless I ask you to.
I know that you hear and understand me just as you know it. If you follow
my simple instructions, there is nothing that can keep you from entering a
very deep, pleasant state of hypnosis in just a fraction of a second. Take
a deep breath now and fill up your lungs." I noted the slow rise of Helen's
chest, even as my eyes remained locked on her face. As Helen inhaled, I
also noticed Madeline's right hand moving upward. "Now exhale." Helen's
lips parted and she exhaled as Madeline's hand slowly sunk back down. As
Helen let the breath go her face started becoming softer, more relaxed,
like when she is asleep. They repeated the cycle of inhale and exhale
several more times. On the second exhale, Helen's eyes went glassy like
she had stopped focusing, although they were still pointing right at
Madeline's face. A couple more breaths and they started tearing and
blinking more frequently.

Then I started to notice things about myself. My own breathing had
begun to follow Helen's and Madeline's, slowly inhaling and exhaling on her
command. And as I watched Helen and realized that she was really falling
so easily under Madeline's spell, a raging hard-on took hold of me. I
shifted involuntarily, trying to make room in my pants for it.

"Very good, Helen. You are relaxed, you are feeling wonderfully drowsy,
ready to enter a deep, satisfying state of hypnosis." Madeline raised her
hand well above Helen's head level, but far enough in front that Helen's
peripheral vision could probably pick it up. "Now, I'm going to count from
five down to one. As I count down, your eyelids grow heavy, droopy,
drowsy, and sleepy. By the time I reach the count of one, they close right
down and you go deep in hypnotic sleep, deeper than you've ever gone
before. All right, five ..." Helen's eyes reacted exactly as she was told,
I could see her struggling to hold them up. Madeline's hand moved slowly
downward as she continued counting. "Four: eyelids heavy, droopy, drowsy,
sleepy ... Three: Eyelids getting heavier and heavier, ready to close and
relax completely ... Two: They begin closing, closing, closing, closing,
closing ... One. Sleep now, Helen."

All through the count I could see wrinkles forming on Helen's forehead
as she fought to keep her dazed, empty eyes open. The second Madeline said
'One', something snapped and Helen's face went totally slack. Her whole
body just slumped down in the chair like a rag doll. I had to bite my lip
to keep from coming in my pants.

Madeline shifted and looked back at me, pointedly observing the tent
pole trying to push through my zipper. "What's your first impression of
hypnosis, Bob?"

No point in denying it, the physical evidence was too obvious. "I've
never seen anything so hot in my life," I told her. Suddenly I wondered
what I would feel when it was my turn with Helen watching, and my cock got
even stiffer.

"I thought you might like that induction. You'll enjoy it even more
when your turn comes, I assure you."

I just gulped and stared into those powerful eyes, still painfully hard
and closer to an embarrassing solo orgasm than I ever thought possible.

Madeline's voice brought me back to the here and now. "Bob, I'm going
to spend some time on deepening Helen's trance state. This would be a good
opportunity for you to get up, stretch, walk around a little, have some
water if you like. Come back in about ten minutes."

She didn't have to tell me twice. I got up and hustled to the bathroom
like a little kid at the end of a long drive. Once there, I started
splashing cold water on my face and commanded my cock to stand down. It
took most of my ten minutes and lots of cold water, but I did manage to get
hold of myself, figuratively speaking. Fortunately for me, nobody else
came in during that time. (Had I known that I would have the restroom to
myself for that long, I probably would have jerked off into the commode

When I returned to Madeline's office I was surprised to see that Helen
had moved. She was now lying prone on the daybed, a body-length pillow
underneath her. Except for the fact that she was fully clothed (other than
her shoes, which I saw on the floor near her feet), she looked like someone
about to get a massage. Her face was beautiful, completely loose and at
rest. Even asleep, Helen didn't usually look this relaxed. Then I
realized she was talking, slowly and deliberately. "... My brakes were
wet and I couldn't stop in time. I ended up hitting the car in front of
me. The driver came running back toward me and I thought he was going to
start yelling at me, but all he did was ask if I was all right. He was so

"Luckiest accident I've ever been in," I added, but Helen paid no

"He used his auto club card to get a tow truck for my little car and
drove me home. He kept asking me if I was all right, and I kept telling
him I didn't know. A few days later we had our first date."

Madeline had been listening intently, as if making mental notes. She
looked up at me with approval in her eyes. "Thank you, Helen. Please
relax, let your mind wander for a while, until I touch your leg. While you
are wandering, pay no attention to anything you might think you hear. When
I touch your leg that means it is time to continue our conversation."

She turned to me. "Were you really upset with her?"

"I was pretty pissed," I answered truthfully. "By the time I got close
enough to see her, I knew she was embarrassed and upset already. I
figured, why be an asshole?" She wrote a little more. "I see you've
started the Q and A without me," I observed.

"Not really. I just moved her to a more comfortable position and asked
about how you first met, mostly to get her used to the idea of answering my
questions while still in hypnosis. Now that you're back, we can begin in
earnest." She reached over and touched Helen on the back of her leg. Helen
didn't move a muscle. "Helen, it is time for me to ask you some very
personal questions. Bob is here with me, but neither you nor he will
remember anything we say. You will want to answer me as honestly and
completely as you can so that I can help you, do you understand?"

"Yes, Madeline."

The question and answer session went on for over an hour. I was
completely awake during the whole time, but for the life of me I can't
remember a damn thing either woman said. I do remember an emotional thrill
ride that had me constantly switching between surprise, shock, arousal, and

In hindsight, I have a pretty good general idea what information
Madeline was gathering. Some of the questions had to involve Helen's
feelings about sex: preferred locations and positions, where and how she
likes to be touched, orgasms, taboos, things like that. Fantasies, of
course. There also had to have been a few questions about how she and I
were getting along and what our schedules for the coming week looked like.
She planted at least one posthypnotic trigger, which she would demonstrate

The next thing I remember clearly is Madeline telling Helen to wake up.
Helen's eyes popped open, blinked heavily a couple times, then opened wide
as she took a good look around. "I seem to have been transplanted," she

"The chair wasn't supporting your head and neck very well," Madeline
explained. "It seemed uncomfortable and was interfering with your
breathing a little, so I had you move."

Then I saw she was looking at me. "Bob, honey? Are you okay?"

I remember a strange, disturbed feeling. After all, at that point I
hadn't been hypnotized yet. Whatever Helen had said in her trance, I had
witnessed it and still remembered everything. I remember putting on a
smile mask and telling her I was fine. She didn't seem convinced, but
Madeline came to my aid.

"He's having a very intense emotional reaction, Helen," she explained.
"He has heard a lot of things in the past hour, and some of them were very
surprising to him. What's important for you to realize is that he listened
to everything and that he still loves you, despite what you feared."

I made good strong eye contact with Helen, whose face was flushed again.
"She's right," I told her. "Some of the things you said surprised me.
Some of them excited me. All of them are your thoughts and your ideas, and
none of them have made me love you any less. Besides, in another hour or
so I won't remember any of it, so don't worry."

Helen rose off the daybed and met me in the middle of the room for a
long, warm hug and kiss. Madeline let it go on for several minutes before
suggesting that we take our seats and continue. She had us turn our chairs
toward each other more to improve Helen's view, then rolled her little
stool over next to me.

Making a V with her fingers, she pointed them at her own eyes. "Bob, I
want you to look right here. Don't take your eyes from mine. Don't move
or speak or nod your head or make any sound unless I ask you to. I know
that you hear and understand me just as you know it. If you follow my
simple instructions, there is nothing that can keep you from entering a
very deep, pleasant state of hypnosis in just a fraction of a second. Take
a deep breath now and fill up your lungs. ... "

Just like Helen I woke up prone on the daybed, fully clothed except for
my shoes. It was a very strange sensation -- one second I was in a chair
taking that first deep breath, the next I was in a different place and
position entirely. As my head cleared I became aware of Helen staring at
me, her face a mixture of puzzlement, fear and wonder. Much like mine must
have looked to her when she woke up, I thought.

Madeline's voice asked, "How do you feel, Bob?"

"Good." Even as I said that I was double-checking and discovering that
good was an understatement. I felt positively radiant.

"I'm glad. Bob, can you please tell me some of the things you heard
Helen say under hypnosis today?"

"Sure. Let's see, there was ... she said ... I think ..." It was the
damnedest thing.

"It's okay, Bob," Madeline assured me. "You don't have to remember.
You will never need to remember anything that you heard during Helen's
trance, or anything we talked about during your trance." That was a relief.
"Helen, why don't you sit down next to Bob and we'll try another exercise?"

Helen muttered a subdued "okay" and joined me on the daybed. We sat
facing each other, arms touching at the back but with enough space between
our bodies for a third person as Madeline continued. "I want you to watch
each other very closely. We are now going to practice a simple suggestion
that I gave to each of you. Helen, I want you to start reciting the
alphabet to Bob. Do it slowly and maintain eye contact."

Our eyes locked together, Helen began saying the letters. When she
reached 'E' I heard Madeline's voice say "Helen, sleep now." She never made
it to 'F' -- instead, her eyes turned glassy and rolled back into her head,
her mouth dropped open and she melted into the cushions around her. One
second she was there, the next she was gone. I remembered the time she had
an outpatient surgery and the anesthesiologist let me stay with her to keep
her calm; I saw him insert a hypodermic needle in her IV tube, and within
five seconds Helen went from being a nervous wreck to a peaceful, sleeping
angel. The strange mixture of memory and reality was getting me hard again
as I heard Madeline say, "Helen, wake up."

Helen awoke with a start, looking around, then sat straight up again.
"F ... G ..."

"You can stop now," Madeline said. "Quickly, though, look at Bob.
Watch Bob."

Helen's eyes locked on mine again as Madeline spoke: "Bob, sleep now."
Something grabbed onto my eyelids and dragged them down, and my body went
totally limp. So this is what it feels like, I thought as I let go to the
fog engulfing my mind.

Madeline kept doing it to us in turns, putting us under with a word and
then waking us up again. I lost count of how many times we repeated the
cycle, but I did notice that waking up seemed to be getting more difficult
with each try.

"This is called fractionation," Madeline explained. "A series of rapid
reinductions helps your mind get used to going into deeper and deeper
trance states quickly."

"Wonderful," I said sarcastically. I was starting to wonder if this was
really such a good idea; the power this stranger now had over us was
unnerving. "How many more rides on this elevator?"

"Just one, I think. Bob and Helen, sleep now..."

"... Fully awake now, refreshed and alert." And just that easily we
were, although it took me a few minutes to be sure we would stay that way.
Helen and I were still on the daybed, but now we were sitting closely
together, arms intertwined across the back edge. I felt great. Helen's
face had a glow that I hadn't seen in a long time. The watch on her wrist
read 5:40, but somehow that didn't surprise me.

Madeline offered us each her hand. "That concludes this session," she
said. "I must say I'm looking forward to working with you both. You are a
very special couple."

"What happens next?" Helen asked.

"Next, I take everything we discussed here and work up a plan for your

"Can you give us a hint?"

Madeline gave us a thoughtful look. "It's a little too early to say. I
can make a few general observations if you want."

"Please," we said together, bringing a broad smile to Madeline's face.

"Very well. Like many couples in long-term relationships, you two have
defined roles for yourselves which feel safe and comfortable, but which are
also very confining. You are both strong personalities accustomed to being
in control; that leads to unwitting power struggles in the bedroom while
you each try to ensure that the other is satisfied, with the unintended
result of less enjoyable sex for both of you. Finally, you are also both
very shy about discussing your sexual needs and feelings with each other,
not just during sex but in general. These are things we will work on early
and often throughout the program."

"What about the fantasies?" Helen asked anxiously.

"You both have some very interesting fantasies," she answered. "Not
surprisingly, control figures prominently in them. Each of you has
fantasies in which you are completely in control, and also in which you are
completely out of control. We should be able to give you each an
opportunity to experience both while hopefully fulfilling some other
desires. I still need to sketch out the details, but you have my word you
will enjoy it."

"What will you do, call us or something?"

"I'll be calling you both often," Madeline assured us. "Most of the
time you won't remember it, but we'll be in frequent contact." She pressed
a button on her phone, and right away the cute blonde receptionist poked
her head in the door. "Kym, I want you to meet Bob and Helen. Kym will be
assisting me with your program."

"Hi," Kym said, coming forward with a hand extended. At close range I
confirmed my initial assessment: twenty-something, very pretty, with fine
blonde hair so pale that the fluorescent lights in the office made it seem
almost white. Like Madeline she was dressed in simple business attire, but
her jacket and skirt were clearly designed to highlight, rather than mask,
her feminine charms. We shook hands politely.

Madeline asked Kym to show us out, so she led us into the hallway,
closing Madeline's door behind her. Once clear of the office, she bent
toward us and in a low voice said, "That was a very long appointment.
Madeline must like you a lot."

"Is that good?" Helen asked.

"It's great," the girl answered. "I mean, don't get me wrong. Madeline
is a professional; she always does her best for each couple she sees. But
when she really likes a couple, her creativity just soars. You two are in
for a wild ride."

Something in her face aroused my curiosity. "Has Madeline ever
hypnotized you?"

Kym nodded, flashing a dazzling smile. "Oh, yes. More often than I
realize, I'm sure. Madeline is training me to be a facilitator myself. I
just hope I can be half as good at it as she is."

Ushering us out the door, the girl bid us goodnight. I heard the turn
of the lock as she closed the door behind us.

Intimate Adventures Part 3

We were quiet on the way home from Bethesda. I think we were both
trying to digest everything we had been told about ourselves.

It didn't take long for me to realize that Madeline had me pegged. I do
have a thing about being in control, I always have. That's why it drives
me nuts when I try to do something for Helen in bed and she stops me. As
you can probably guess from my background, talking about sex was a big
taboo in my family. Most of my sexual education came from
antiseptic-looking men in lab coats giving "Family Life" lectures at
school. I knew I was pretty square, maybe even uptight, but so was everyone
else in my circle. By the time I met Helen I had found a system that
worked -- get her wet, hide the salami, make sure she comes first -- and I
was afraid to try much of anything else. Helen seemed to like my technique
enough; she never suggested anything different, anyway. There was that one
time she surprised me by taking my cock into her mouth for a few seconds.
It felt so good that I almost came right in her mouth, but I was afraid of
grossing her out so I asked her to stop. Later I tried to go down on her,
but the strong smell and the fluids everywhere made me gag (not real
romantic) and I had no idea what to do down there, so I gave up. From that
point on we stuck with good old-fashioned boning, and I figured we were
okay as long as I made sure Helen was satisfied.

That's not to say I didn't have fantasies. Sure, sometimes I'd get all
hot and bothered thinking about Helen tying me up and having her way with
me, or about Helen seducing me in a strange or public place, or about me
slowly undressing Helen and driving her wild. But if Madeline thought a
few suggestions were going to turn this square into a swinger, I figured
Larry would be getting his refund after all.

After overindulging at lunch neither of us felt like a big dinner, so we
just pulled out some leftovers and ate off paper plates. Helen was still
pretty much silent, looking thoughtful and a little bit distant as she ate.
Madeline had more or less said we should try to talk more, so I figured it
couldn't hurt to try. "Penny for your thoughts?" I offered.

Helen smiled a distant smile. "Nickel for yours."

"I asked you first," I countered, and resolved to wait quietly until she
was ready. She only kept me waiting a few seconds.

"I was thinking about Madeline, and about us," she explained. "How we
do seem to have fallen into habits that maybe aren't working as well for us
as they used to. How we don't try new things any more. How we don't
really talk about things -- not just bedroom things, but feelings in

"Same here. That lady has our number, all right." A lot of my
insecurities came flooding up, and I added: "Is there anything you'd like
me to do for you? In bed, I mean?"

She gave me a sad smile and took my hand in hers. "I honestly don't
know, dear. Why don't we just see what happens this week and take it from

I was going to say "I can do that," but it came out "I love you." That
works too, I decided.

"I love you too."

That night when Helen went to bed I flipped on the computer for a little
recreational surfing. The plan was to read up on hypnosis, but for some
reason my heart wasn't in it. I could hear Helen moving around in the
bedroom and half my brain kept picturing her up there getting changed,
brushing her teeth, climbing into bed. I decided to shut off the computer
and go to bed myself. As soon as I walked into the bedroom, I began to
feel strange. My body started its usual routine of undressing, but it felt
different somehow.

"You're up early," Helen observed as I started taking my shirt off.

"Yeah, I know."

"Any particular reason?" Helen had the strangest expression on her face,
a kind of nagging puzzlement that looked a lot like what I was experiencing
as my body continued stripping almost by itself. I decided to stop and
think about it, but my body paid no attention -- it just kept peeling off

"I don't think so. Do you mind?"

"Not at all." Something was up -- Helen had seen me strip almost daily
for years, but tonight she seemed to be really watching as my pants dropped
to the floor. I saw that her eyes were aimed straight at my crotch. Then
I noticed her bare shoulders above the edge of the sheet. Helen doesn't
own any sleepwear that doesn't cover the shoulders (she doesn't even own a
strapless bra); that meant she was topless at least. I was so surprised I
barely noticed that I had dropped my briefs into the dirty clothes pile
instead of wearing them to bed as I usually do.

She scooted closer to the middle of the bed as I approached it, lifting
the sheets to allow me to slide in underneath them. I caught just a
glimpse of her body as she held up the sheets, and even in the murky light
of the tv I could tell she was naked. Right about then I realized that I
was too, naked and starting to get hard.

I let Helen pull me closer as she draped the sheets over me and slid an
arm under her head to hug back. Our mouths locked together in a long,
delicious kiss. We kept kissing and I felt my cock rising and stiffening
even more under the sheet. Helen's hand slid down my belly and found the
proof of my arousal. I drew in a sharp breath and heard myself moan when
her hand started to caress its length.

Things got really strange at that point. Part of me knew that I was
getting too excited too soon and wanted Helen to stop so I could work on
her first. But my body wouldn't respond to that part; instead, the more
Helen stroked me the heavier my limbs felt and the lighter my head felt. I
couldn't speak and I couldn't move, not even to try and return the favor; I
was overcome by the heaviness. It was very similar to what I'd felt in
Madeline's office as she sent me off to sleep; I felt a creeping anxiety,
just as I had felt in Madeline's office, as I realized how completely
powerless I was. At the same time, I became totally fixated on the
sensations in my cock and then in my balls as Helen continued to stroke and
fondle me. All my nerves were tingling where she touched me; soon my fears
were drowned in growing ecstasy as I moaned uncontrollably with every move
she made. My cock felt longer than a baseball bat and harder than an iron
spike, and then in a flash I realized it was about to explode. I took a
deep breath and groaned loudly as I felt myself fly over the edge. My cock
kept pumping and pumping for longer than I'd ever imagined possible. I was
so absorbed in the pleasure of the physical release that it seemed like
ages before my cock finally went still and my breathing began to return to

Helen's arms were around me, her head resting on my shoulder and her leg
draped over mine. I found that I could move again; the heaviness had
lifted sometime during my orgasm. Then I realized what I had just done --
I'd violated my sexual prime directive by not bringing Helen to orgasm with
me. Saddened and a little ashamed for not trying harder to please her, I
kissed the top of Helen's head. "I'm sorry, honey," I began.

Helen's face tilted up toward mine. She locked her eyes on mine and
asked, "Why?"

"Because I didn't ... I mean, you didn't ..." She put two fingers over
my mouth to silence me.

"I got what I wanted," she said.

"I love you," I said as I pulled her up on top of me for another deep
kiss. We held that position for several minutes, kissing hungrily, until I
noticed that her nipples felt hard against my chest. Holding her to me, I
rolled us both over and slid down to take a nipple into my mouth. Her hand
started to pull my head away but I resisted and in a moment I felt her
muscles relaxing under me. I looked up and saw a blissful expression on
her face and realized she must be experiencing what I had felt earlier.
While still sucking and teasing one nipple, I reached down between her legs
and started massaging her mound. Helen's breathing became faster and more
labored as I worked, even though her other muscles were limp. I kept
working on her, stroking and licking and sucking, until I realized that I
had a hard-on again. I've never been hard again that soon after coming,
but I wasn't about to question my good fortune just then. Instead, I got
up on top of Helen and worked the tip of my stiff cock up and down her slit
a few times. A sound I'd never heard before started coming out of Helen's
mouth -- she was moaning with pleasure. With a sense of wonder, I did a
few more up and down strokes and then buried my rod inside her. She gasped
when she felt me penetrating and her hips began flexing up and down
automatically. I stayed low and well balanced, keeping my weight evenly
distributed, and adapted quickly to her rhythm. Soon I felt the muscles in
her groin clench as Helen burst into orgasm. I kept thrusting into her,
watching her face, then was surprised to feel a surge in my balls as I came
again, filling her with what little seed I had left. When we were both
done I slipped down next to Helen and held her tightly against me while our
breathing returned to normal. I was almost asleep when I felt her get up,
kiss my forehead, and head for the bathroom.

When the alarm clock woke me up Tuesday morning I was still on my back,
still naked, with a sticky bed sheet over me to let me know it wasn't just
a dream. Helen stirred next to me, back in her customary nightgown. "You
can shower first," she told me and dropped back into sleep.

While Helen finished getting ready for work, I made us each a bagel with
cream cheese and a travel mug of coffee. We were running a little bit late
and needed to make up some time. By the time we made it to the highway our
breakfast was done and we had time to talk.

"How do you feel?" I asked as a general opening. I was thinking about
what Madeline had said, about how we have trouble discussing intimate
things. Would Helen keep it general, or was she thinking the same way I

"I feel good," she answered. "About last night..."

"Yes?" I did my best to sound encouraging.

"Did that feel ... strange ... to you?" she asked, looking around as
if for hidden microphones.

"Strange doesn't cover it," I replied. "I wasn't even thinking about
doing anything when I came upstairs, but once I got into the bedroom
something came over me. I saw how you were looking at me, and that you
weren't wearing a gown, and before I knew it my clothes were on the floor
and I was trying to jump your bones."

Helen was nodding. "I went upstairs to go to sleep, but when I got my
regular clothes off I just didn't want to put anything else on so I got in
bed naked. Then, when you came up, I couldn't stop watching you. The more
clothes you took off, the more I wanted to, well, have you."

"And you did," I replied. "That really spooked me at first, not being
able to move or do anything for you. I can't believe how fast you finished
me off."

"I was just glad to see you relax and let me do things for you," she
said. "I would have been perfectly happy if we had just gone to sleep
after you ... finished."

I kissed her hand. "I know. But as soon as I could move again, all I
wanted was to return the favor. Did you get that dreamy, heavy feeling

"Oh, yes. The more excited I got, the more I seemed to melt into the
bed. I'm sure we can attribute that to Madeline's influence."

"I guess that's one way to avoid bedroom power struggles," I mused.

We let that soak in for a while. Afterwards Helen kissed me on the
cheek and turned on the radio. As usual, the traffic reports were too late
to help us and the news was lame, but that morning it didn't bother me at

Our next contact from Madeline was a UPS package waiting for us when we
got home that afternoon. Inside we found a vhs tape and a handwritten

Dear Bob and Helen,

The enclosed tape is part of your adventure. It contains a number of
hypnotic suggestions that will shape some of your experiences over the next
few days. You should view it together at least once a day, or more often
if you have the time. Choose a time when you can be alone and

Your adventure begins now.


The tape was clearly labeled "View Daily" in the same flowing script.
We set it aside in the living room and put together a simple dinner. We
were both curious about the tape, so we wasted no time getting things put
away. By about seven thirty we had waited as long as we could stand.
Helen locked up the house while I turned on the answering machine, setting
the volume low. I grabbed a couple of extra pillows for the sofa and
settled in to wait for Helen.

"Should we make popcorn?" I quipped as she took a seat beside me.

"Somehow I don't think it's that kind of movie," she answered.

Picking up the remote, she pushed the Play button. A few seconds of
snow gave way to a black screen. The lights came up and there was
Madeline, sitting at her desk, just as we had left her the previous day.
The camera zoomed in tight as Madeline looked straight at us and began

"Bob and Helen, this tape is a very important part of your program. It
contains erotic suggestions that you will act on at appropriate times. I'm
going to ask you to view this tape together at least once per day. The
program lasts about 90 minutes; if you are not together and in a place
where you will not be interrupted for at least that long, then please stop
the tape now and begin again when you can pay complete attention. Do not
start or stop the tape partway through, the sequence is important. Either
one of you can view the tape alone if you have to, but I'd prefer you do it
together. I'll pause 30 seconds while you decide whether this is a good
time or not."

Helen and I just looked at each other and shrugged. Sure, we had an
hour and a half to kill.

"Good. From this point, I'll assume that you are watching and that you
are in a safe place, together, with no interruptions. Please make
yourselves as comfortable as possible. Grab an extra pillow or a footrest,
so that your whole body is supported. If you need more time to prepare,
just pause the tape here."

We were pretty well nested in the sofa already, and starting to realize
what was likely to happen to us in a few seconds. My cock swelled in

"Clear your minds of every thought, please. Bob and Helen, sleep now

The familiar haze descended over my brain. I felt my body let go and
melt into the sofa. All I remember is Madeline's voice, smooth and
powerful, speaking directly into my mind. I had no idea what she was
saying, but some part of me was paying attention and kept thinking, "Yes."
Time has very little meaning in that state, but it felt as if I stayed
under for a very long while. At one point I was dimly aware of something
heavy landing on my lap. Eventually the voice stopped and I felt myself
rising up from the depths again. I opened my eyes in time to see Helen
start to sit up -- she had fallen over and her head had landed in my lap.
Then Madeline's voice spoke and we were plunged down into trance again,
even deeper than before. Fractionation, I remembered she called it. We
fractionated until I lost count of how many times, and then did it some
more. Finally we came up to stay and found the VCR already rewinding.

Helen rose slowly, pushing herself up with her arms. One hand
inadvertently landed right on the bulge occupied by my throbbing cock. "So
that's what kept poking me in the head!" she remarked. "Somebody has been
enjoying the movie a little too much." She rubbed me gently up and down
through the pants. "Let's see if you saved anything for the encore." Still
stroking my cock, she rose up and locked her lips around mine in a kiss
that had to be rated NC-17. I was thrilled, but also confused -- Helen
never makes love anywhere but the bedroom. Every time I try to start
something in a different location, she always retreats to the bedroom
before things get very far. But here she was, reaching in through my
zipper on the living room sofa. I couldn't reach her tits the way she was
sitting, so I reached up under her skirt and pulled her underwear down to
her knees, our tongues dueling in our mouths the whole time. I heard a
click and a few mechanical noises, but I was so engaged in trying to get my
hand between Helen's thighs that it didn't register right away. We shifted
position a little so that I was lying on my back with Helen perched above
me. Her face looked like that of a predator in the moments before a kill
-- an expression of intense concentration, excitement and unadulterated
hunger. Somewhere in the background Madeline started to speak, but neither
of us paid any attention. Helen lifted herself up, shifted forward, and
pounced on my rock-hard cock, gasping as she squeezed down. She rode me up
and down twice, eyes locked on mine. Then, all of a sudden, her face went
blank. I saw her start to fall over on top of me, but my own eyes were
closing too...

And so we spent another 90 minutes, bodies still joined, while Madeline
took us through the program once again. During the fractionating part we
barely had time to realize we were still coupled before passing out again
on command. Finally we awoke once again to the sound of the tape
rewinding. My cock was still hard and still buried in Helen's box. "I've
heard of coitus interruptus," I joked, "but this is ridiculous."

Shaking the sleep from her head, she glared back at me and squeezed me
with her legs. "How long do you think we've got?" she asked, the look on
her face rapidly changing from NC-17 to XXX.

"Probably 3 or 4 minutes before it starts running again."

Helen looked at the tv and appeared to make a decision. "Time enough."
She resumed riding my cock, sliding up and down on it and squeezing hard
while she arched her back. I took the opportunity to quickly separate her
from her blouse and undo the front clasp on her bra, then took one tit in
each hand and went to town on them. Helen shuddered and gasped and rode
harder and faster until I couldn't stand it anymore. I heard the VCR
click, and the idea of what might happen if we didn't hurry up pushed me
over the edge. I came like a fire hose, seeing spots before my eyes while
my body jerked and fired. At almost the same time, Helen started to twitch
and her pussy alternately clenched and released, milking me as she came
too. As we lay together trying to catch our breath, we heard Madeline begin
speaking again, giving us 30 seconds to decide whether we had time for the
video or not.

"See?" Helen said, still panting heavily. "We made it."

"We sure did," I agreed. "Where's the remote?"

Helen gave me a wide-eyed 'oh shit' look. "I thought you had it!"

"Not me." Wasting no time, we started probing between the couch
cushions. I thought about getting up and hitting the stop button on the
VCR, but with Helen on top of me it would take more time than we probably
had. When we still hadn't found it at the end of our 30 seconds, I gave
up. "Screw it," I said, pulling Helen back down to my chest. "We can look
... for it ..." The darkness washed over me before I could finish the

It was after midnight when we woke up again to the sound of the VCR on
rewind. This time we found the VCR remote -- on top of the VCR. Neither
of us knew how it had gotten there, but the possibilities were pretty
limited. Very sneaky, Madeline, I thought.

"So," Helen asked me in the morning as we joined the masses on the
highway. "Whose fantasy was that last night -- yours?"

"I guess so," I answered, thinking it over. "I've had some pretty hot
dreams where we start spontaneously doing it in various places other than
the bedroom. Last night was the first time we've actually done it,

"You're right," she agreed. "Normally if we started getting frisky I'd
lead you back to the bedroom before we started taking things off."

"Why is that?" I asked, surprising myself a little. She thought about
it before answering.

"I can't think of a single good reason," she told me. "I guess I just
feel like that is the appropriate place for adults to make love."

"Did it bother you, doing that in the living room?"

"No, it didn't. I wasn't really thinking about where we were, just
about how randy I was feeling after watching the video." When I didn't say
anything more, she steered the talk in a different direction. "I remember
feeling this hard lump poking my head when I fell over into your lap.
Hypnosis is a major turn-on for you, isn't it?"

No point denying it, especially not with my cock starting to swell just
from thinking about it again. "Yes, it is. Watching you go under was the
hottest thing I've ever seen."

"What about going under hypnosis yourself?"

I had to think about that one a minute. "That was good too, but I think
I enjoyed watching more. She put me out so fast I barely realized she was
doing it and of course I don't remember a thing. With you, I could see you
going deeper and deeper and obeying her every command. I almost lost it
right there in the office. And the longer we talk about it the harder it
is to drive, if you get my drift."

Taking a long, obvious look at the pup tent in my lap, she chuckled.
"Wouldn't want to cause an accident, would we?" We practiced thinking pure
thoughts for the rest of the trip.

Wednesday evening after dinner we sat back to watch our video. I woke
up with a hard on again, but we did not have a repeat of Tuesday night's
fireworks. As soon as I was awake I picked up the remote and turned off
the VCR. I was almost out of the room before I realized the anomaly.

"Hey," I remarked out loud. "Did you see that?"

"See what?" Helen asked, coming back out from the kitchen.

"The VCR remote. It was right there between us."


"So last night it magically moved itself to on top of the VCR."

"I wouldn't worry about it too much," she said. "All sorts of strange
things seem to be happening this week. I'm going to bed now."

"Okay," I replied, kissing her goodnight. "I've got some work to catch
up on, I'll be along later. If you need anything I'll be in the study."

My study is more of a playroom than a working room. Occupying one
corner of an otherwise unfinished basement, it is a quiet place where I can
read, think, or mess about on the computer. Sometimes, like that day, I
bring some paperwork home and do it in there. I have a simple desk, which
I made myself by laying a plain interior door on top of two cheap 2-drawer
filing cabinets. One wall is covered with bookshelves, mostly full, from
floor to ceiling. I have a nice adjustable office chair for the desk and a
convertible sleeper sofa for company under the small hatch window.

I was just finishing up with my paperwork when Helen came down.

"I thought you were going to bed," I remarked, noticing that she was
still fully dressed.

"I am," she replied. "But I think I need your help." She looked really

"What can I do?"

"I can't seem to remember how to take these clothes off."

"Say what?"

"It's the oddest thing," she continued, her face showing clearly how
puzzling this was to her. "I've been upstairs for almost an hour, and I
just can't seem to remember how to get undressed. My hands don't know what
to do."

"No problem, honey." I took a long look at her outfit: dark green skirt
just above the knees, hose, and simple low-rise shoes on her feet. Above
the skirt was a plain white button-down shirt, short sleeved with a
neckline that plunged just enough to show she had breasts. She was wearing
a jade necklace and matching bracelet that I'd given her for a birthday
long ago. Yes Helen, I thought, I'll be happy to help you with your
problem. "Why don't we start with the shoes?"

I had Helen lift her left foot and demonstrated for her how to remove a
shoe. Then she switched, raising her right foot. Her arm reached down
toward the shoe, but stopped part way. "I can't seem to do this," she
said. "It just won't work."

So I reached over and took the shoe off for her. That earned me a
grateful look. "What next?" she asked.

"Let's get rid of the skirt."

"Okay." Helen turned her back to me and lifted her arms, allowing me to
unzip the skirt at the rear and let it drop. Once it was on the floor she
had no difficulty kicking it aside.

"Those panty hose look uncomfortable, let's do them next." Helen turned
to face me and I gently rolled the panty hose down over her hips and pushed
them toward her feet. My face came very close to Helen's crotch and I
caught a strong scent of sexual excitement. This was getting to be fun.

The blouse came next, unbuttoning easily and sliding off Helen's
shoulders. She was wearing an off-white lace-trimmed bra and matching hip
hugger panties. I could see both nipples clearly outlined in the soft
fabric of the bra cups. I stood up, and Helen turned her back to me to
give me easier access to the back closure on her bra. When she did the
slick smoothness of her panties brushed sweetly against my crotch. I undid
the hooks and then put my hands on the straps, pulling them off Helen's
shoulders and down her arms. When my hands reached the level of her tits I
let go of the bra and cupped one hand around each tit. The nipples were
hard already, and she moaned when I started to knead them. Her head lolled
back and I started planting gentle kisses up and down the side of her neck.
The moaning picked up and I knew she was ready to finish.

"Sit down on the couch," I suggested to her, "and raise your hips." She
obeyed. The dazed, aroused look on her face and the sight of her hard
nipples distracted me for a moment, but I soon grabbed onto the waistband
of her panties and pulled them off, savoring the strong smell of the juices
they were steeped in. Putting my hands under her ass I pulled her up to me
and started kissing her on the mound, on the thighs, inside the thighs. I
hadn't tried eating Helen since that first disastrous effort some years
before, but I decided then to give it another try. I took a deep breath
and started to move my face into position, but I just couldn't quite do it.
I didn't gag, but the feeling of helplessness, of not knowing what to do,
was still there and I couldn't shake it off. Frustrated, I became
determined to make it up to her. Already on my knees, I pushed my own
pants and underwear down to the floor, straightened up, and guided Helen
down onto my loaded barrel. The height of the couch was just perfect for
this position, letting Helen's weight rest against me without pushing me
over. I could tell I was penetrating way deeper than normal and Helen
confirmed that by clutching and moaning. After a thrust or two I felt a
warm spot pressing against the top of my cock; every time I brushed against
it Helen would gasp sharply. It didn't take long before the gasping gave
way to shuddering as Helen came, moaning and squeezing me between her legs.
Once I knew she was coming I relaxed and in a few moments enjoyed my own
release. Our bodies twitched and rocked together as we lost ourselves in
the sensations.

Afterwards she slid off the couch and we ended up sitting on the floor
in a knot made of arms and legs, our backs resting against the couch. We
sat there for quite a while, still panting from the exertion.

"That was really good," Helen said, surprise in her voice.

"You're damn right that was good," I agreed. "Boy was that good."

Another deep sigh or two followed, then Helen made a tentative sound.


"It's okay that you didn't ... with your mouth."

She had noticed. "Guess I've still got a few inhibitions to work on.
I'll get there someday."

"It's okay," she repeated. "I don't want you to feel like you have to."

"Do you like being ... done ... that way?"

"I don't know," she answered. "I've never really had it but once or
twice, and I don't think he was especially good at it. I don't miss it,
but sometimes I do wonder about it."

"I understand."

"But it's not that important," she added sternly. "If we never do that,
I'll still be happy with what we have. Never forget that, Bob."

"I won't," I promised, but silently vowed that somehow, someday I would
figure out how to do it and do it well. We sat quietly for a while, then
went to bed tired but happy.

"That must have been a strange feeling," I remarked to Helen the next
morning as we inched our way down the highway. "Not being able to do
something so simple."

"Very strange," Helen agreed. "It was like that part of my brain just
short-circuited. I was fine in every other way, but I just couldn't figure
out how to get my clothes off. After a while it just sort of hit me that
the answer was to get you to do it for me."

"Any time you need that kind of help, I'm your guy."

"Why does that turn you on so much?" she asked. "What difference does
it make who undresses whom?" Her tone conveyed sincere curiosity rather
than recrimination.

"I'm not 100 percent sure," I told her, still thinking. "Part of the
fun is in the feeling that I am seducing you in stages, getting both of us
more excited with everything that comes off. Another part is probably just
the thrill of doing something you don't usually let me do."

"That's true," she mused, "I usually just get naked and jump right into

"But sometimes it's more fun to go slowly," I said. "A slow undressing
helps to set the mood. It's a chance to touch and to be touched, and not
just in those couple of hot spots. Does that make sense?"

"I think it does. It was really nice feeling your hands run down my
legs and over my shoulders. It was very ... arousing." She turned just a
little pink as the last word came out.

"It would be really hot if we were to try undressing each other."

"We'll have to do that some time soon," Helen agreed. I looked over,
amused but not surprised to see a wistful smile on her face.

Intimate Adventures Part 4

I knew Thursday was going to be a slow day. One of the bigger liberal
interest groups was planning a rally and demonstration downtown. The
group's spokespeople had the local news stations predicting half a million
protesters and all kinds of major traffic problems. For most people with
any seniority, it was a good time to take a day of leave. For the rest of
us, it was a good time to catch up on backed-up paperwork.

To my mind it was a great day for a protest: 96 degrees, 95 percent
humidity. There's no worse place to be than in DC on a day like that. We
left the house a little earlier than normal to allow some extra time, but
it turned out to be unnecessary; despite the fact that Helen's office is
only about 3 blocks from the White House and mine is right across the
street from it, we had no problem getting around.

As I suspected, there was very little intelligent life in my building. I
spent the entire morning and early afternoon hip-deep in the endless
administrative minutiae of government processes. If I ever meet one of the
bastards who passed the so-called Paperwork Reduction Act I'll personally
stuff a wad of new forms up his pigeonhole. Anyway, by 2:30 I could see a
light at the end of the inbox. The phone rang; Helen's number came up on
the display, so I answered quickly. "Hi, Honey. What's up?"

"Nothing yet," she answered. "Anything happening on your side?"

"Nope," I replied, looking out the window. "Maybe they got a taste of
the weather and wimped out."

"No meetings or anything this afternoon?"

"No such luck. Even that would be better than facing this pile of dead

She chuckled softly. "Poor baby. I was just thinking about how great
it would feel to impale myself on your thick, hard cock."

BAM! Like a Mike Tyson uppercut, Helen's comment came from nowhere and
knocked me senseless. I was shocked to hear Helen actually say the word
'cock', let alone use it in a sentence, let alone in that sentence, let
alone on the telephone. At the same time I felt an immediate, powerful
jolt in my groin, and before I could draw breath my cock was indeed thick and hard and aching to bury itself in Helen's pussy.

Helen's voice took on a sense of urgency. "Wouldn't that feel just
incredible, lover, to pound that massive cock of yours into me right now?
Over and over, harder and faster, getting hotter and hotter as we go?"
Still too stunned to speak, now I found my imagination running wild with
visions of me and Helen locked together at the hips. "Feel your hands
squeezing my breasts, making me so excited, so wet, so hungry for your
body. Feel my hands tickling up and down your immense shaft, making you so
ready you just know you're going to explode any second. Feel the pressure
building, building, building ..."

As Helen talked, the sensations in my crotch got more and more powerful
and after a few moments I realized that I really was feeling things as if
she was right there with me, giving me the screwing of a lifetime. I could
feel her wet pussy squeezing down on my dick, see her nipples pointing
straight out as she rocked up and down. I started to shake my head, trying
to clear it, but quickly saw it was useless. Instead I just let go to my
wife's voice, my hips starting to flex in rhythm as she kept talking to me.

"Oh, Bob, this is so incredible. I feel SO good with your big dick
inside me, it's so HUGE, so HOT. I think it's going to make me COME any
second." A series of progressively louder moans filled my ears and my
brain; for a few seconds she was really there on top of me in all her naked
glory, jamming herself down on my cock over and over and coming loudly. I
felt the heaviness start creeping into me again and knew what was about to
happen, so I just took a deep breath and relaxed with it. Almost
immediately my cock jerked and fired round after round of semen, soaking my
underwear and causing a sticky wet spot to form in the front of my pants. I
sat there and rode it out, still clutching the phone to my ear, groaning
every breath.

Before I could assemble a coherent sentence, I heard Helen smooch the
phone. "Thanks for coming, lover," she purred. "I'll see you after work."
Then the line went dead.

I think I sat there for 20 minutes with the idle phone in my hand,
staring into space and wondering what the aliens had done with my wife.
The image of Madeline as a mad scientist, controlling our minds and
altering our personalities, filled my senses. The idea was both
frightening and arousing -- enough so that I felt my dick starting to press
against the soggy front of my pants again. I looked at the stain and shook
my head ruefully; it looked like I'd be spending the afternoon right behind
that desk.

Thanks to the high absentee rate and my dark blue pants, I was able to
escape the office with my dignity intact. I made for the parking garage
with head held high and briefcase held low, arriving in time to see Helen
tip the attendant and slip behind the wheel. She waved at me with a big,
loving smile on her face.

Once we were on the road, Helen's hand reached over and lightly held
mine. It felt nice, so I gave hers a little squeeze. "So," Helen began to
ask, "How was your afternoon?" Her face was all sweetness.

I made a show of thinking about it before answering. "Pretty boring,
really. Except for when some lust-crazed woman mistook my office number
for a phone sex hotline."

Helen shrugged. "An honest mistake, I'm sure." For a split second I
thought she didn't remember the phone call, but the gleam in her eye told
me she was pulling my leg.

"Oh, yes. Perfectly natural. So many nubile women call me to fulfill
their sexual needs."

"Maybe she was trying to fulfill your sexual needs," Helen countered.

"Maybe indeed, but why over the phone? The hands-on approach has been
working so well lately."

Helen's face took on a curious look, like she was asking herself that
very question and wasn't sure of the answer. "I don't know," she finally
concluded. "Things were a little slow, and I kept thinking about what's
happened this week. All week we've been doing things I never thought we'd
do, saying things I never thought I'd have the nerve to say."

"It is pretty amazing," I agreed. "What prompted you to take it that

"I really don't know. It was a normal day up to then; at one point I
found myself dialing the phone and just went for it. I've always wanted to
try something like that with you, but I was always afraid you'd think it
was too kinky."

"Before this week, I probably would have."

"And now?" Her face looked a little nervous.

I took an extra deep breath and let it out slowly. "I started out in
shock, but I have to admit it grew on me. Let's try it again the next time
one of us goes out of town."

"Count on it," she replied with a wicked grin.

It was the kind of day when air conditioners were so overworked that you
didn't dare cook in the kitchen, so we stopped for some Italian carryout on
the way home. Helen set the table while I got cleaned up from my afternoon

After dinner we retired to the living room and put on the Madeline
video. It knocked us out cold after the 30-second warning and kept us that
way until the tape started to rewind itself. Something didn't feel quite
right, though. I looked at my watch. "Are you sure that's the same tape
we've been using, Helen?"

She looked at me curiously. "It's the only one we have, isn't it?

"Something strange. I didn't check the time when we started, but it
doesn't feel like we were out of it for an hour and a half."

"What time is it now?"

"My watch says 7:44."

"Why don't we find out?" Instead of pushing the Eject button on the VCR
she hit Play, then scuttled back to the couch and snuggled against me. The
fog descended and we let ourselves drift away.

As soon as I realized we were awake, I checked my watch again. "8:19,"
I observed. "Barely 35 minutes. The original tape was an hour and a

"Maybe she has us fast-forwarding through some of it now," Helen

"Or maybe someone is changing the tape for us."

I went up to bed at the same time as Helen for a change, slipping off my
clothes as usual while she was using the bathroom. By the time I was down
to my briefs I was feeling randy; I could hear Helen brushing her teeth, so
I dropped my drawers and joined her in the bathroom. She had already
changed into a cotton granny gown and panties. As soon as she put her
toothbrush and cup down I put my arms around her from behind and started
kissing the nape of her neck.

"Didn't you get enough this afternoon?" she asked, laughing and smiling

"It was kind of one-sided, wasn't it?"

"Not entirely," she replied.

"Oh?" That was a surprise. "You mean you ... came?"

Helen giggled. "No. I just got really, really hot listening to you."

"Then I owe you one." Suddenly an idea struck me; I put my mouth right
next to Helen's ear and whispered, "Relax." As if I'd thrown a switch,
Helen let out a blissful sigh and collapsed into my waiting arms. Her legs
just folded and her head fell back on me. Thanks to the position I had it
was easy to catch her, but I was still surprised at how heavy she felt. I
assumed from the dead weight that she was unconscious. As gently as I
could, I carried her over to the bed and laid her down. She wasn't asleep,
I discovered, just dazed. Her eyes were open and staring straight up at
nothing in particular.

"Payback time, lover," I told her. Her granny gown had large soft
buttons running down the entire length of the front. I started at the hem
and worked my way up, undoing the buttons. When I had the last one undone
I gently laid the gown open and stopped to admire my work. Helen's nipples
were already erect and her breathing had deepened; I took that as a sign
that I was on the right track. As gently as I could, I slipped my hands
inside the waistband of her hip huggers and worked them down her legs and
off. It was harder than on recent nights because Helen couldn't help me,
but I managed well enough. The crotch of the panties was damp to the

"Close your eyes and just feel," I said to Helen, and her eyes fluttered
shut. Kneeling on the floor beside her, I opened up my right hand and laid
it palm down on her abdomen. Slowly, deliberately, I started to move my
hand in a circular motion, just a little at first, and I heard Helen sigh
and her breathing become slower and easier. Gradually I let the circle get
larger and larger, letting my hand brush ever so lightly against the
bottoms of her tits and the top of her thatch. Helen's nipples grew stiff
and hard and I could smell the juices flowing between her thighs. I
decided to have another try at going down on her.

Parting her thighs with great care, I maneuvered myself onto the bed
from the foot end and eased my way up to her slit. I got my nose right in
there and took a deep breath; her scent was strong, but sweet and inviting.
There was no hint of the unpleasant reaction I'd previously had.
Tentatively, I reached out with the tip of my tongue until it made contact
with a coarse, curled pubic hair. What are you doing? I asked myself.
The truth was, I didn't know. I pulled my head back and looked closely at
Helen's pussy, half hoping for some kind of 'Lick Here' sign. There wasn't
one, of course. How was I supposed to figure this out?

Just being there was a victory, so I accepted that much and opted for a
more familiar technique. I went back to my kneeling position next to her,
put my right hand over her pussy and started to massage it slowly. I put a
little extra pressure on the mound, and Helen started to moan her
appreciation. With my left hand I started working on her nearest tit,
squeezing and kneading, pinching the nipple gently between my fingers.
When Helen's moans had gotten nice and loud and deep, I leaned over and put
my mouth where my left hand had been, sucking hard on her tit, letting my
tongue flick the nipple around. Helen's throat opened and each breath
became an "Oohhhh", getting higher- pitched and faster the more I worked.
When she sounded about ready to burst I slipped my middle finger straight
into her slot and pressed in hard, reaching for that spot near the top. I
pegged it the first time and Helen climaxed, crying out loudly again and
again. After three or four cries I was startled to feel a surge in my
balls and suddenly my cock unloaded, spewing semen into the bedspread while
I clung to Helen's body to keep my balance. I felt the muscles in my groin
clench in sync with Helen's panting, slowing gradually until we were both
limp and still. I was about to get up when I heard Helen speak.

"That was intense," she said, turning her head to face me.

"For me too," I replied truthfully. I still couldn't believe I'd come
all over the side of the bed.

Helen's face took on an expression of wonder. "Can you do that again?"

Why not? "Sure, honey. Relax."

Helen's face blanked as her head dropped back to the bed, and I happily
performed an encore for her. This time I brought her right to the edge and
then slipped my revived cock into her at the last moment, thrusting deep
while she shuddered and came again. I rode her until she stilled, having a
second small orgasm of my own in the process. When we were both finished,
I flopped my exhausted body down next to Helen and snuggled against her.

"Do you have any idea how that felt?" Helen asked after a while, her
voice quiet and full of wonder.

"Maybe a slight one. Why don't you tell me?"

She blew a long sigh up toward the ceiling. "It was like Monday night,
but even more so. I couldn't move a muscle, not for anything. My whole
body just turned to jelly. My mind got lost in this wonderful, warm fog. I
knew what was going on, but I couldn't do anything about it if I'd wanted
to. And then when you touched me ..."


"It was like nothing else existed except my body and your hands. I was
so tuned in I didn't hear anything or see anything or think anything except
about how good your hands felt on my body. I've never felt like that
before." Turning her head weakly, she gave me a loving smile. "Thank you."

I returned the look gladly. "Thank you too." We went to sleep in each
other's arms.

Friday was another slow day, which isn't unusual for the summer. The
mass migration to the beach usually begins Thursday night, so the Friday
traffic was about half normal. Taking advantage of the light workload, I
called up Helen and persuaded her to meet me for lunch at the Bottom Line,
a cozy little restaurant and bar on I Street. I had a Texas Chicken
sandwich, which is excellent there, and some fries; Helen went for the
French onion soup and a hearty salad. We lingered over our iced tea after
the dishes were cleared away, just holding hands and talking about nothing
in particular.

"This is nice," I said at one point. "We should do things like this

"Mm hm. The way we went to sleep last night was good too. I felt so
comfortable, so safe. I didn't miss my nightgown at all."

"Me neither. I like going to sleep in your arms. It makes me feel very
loved and wanted."

Helen's face lit up in a broad smile. "Will you just listen to us?" We
started laughing at ourselves.

Friday evening was video night. A couple of times a month Helen and I
get together with Larry and Peg; one couple acts as hosts, the other brings
a rented movie or two. It's a cheap night out that doesn't put a lot of
pressure on anybody to be sociable.

Helen and I stopped at the video outlet on the way home and cruised the
aisle in and around the New Releases section. Helen seized a tape almost
immediately and held it out to me: "Look Bob -- Titanic."

I feigned retching for a few seconds and she took pity on me, returning
the godawful thing to its undeserved place on the shelf. "We've had chick
flicks a couple times in a row now," I complained. "Let's get something
with some action, some suspense. A dead body or two would be nice."

"Not to mention gratuitous nudity and sex?"

"Only if it's in good taste," I insisted playfully. Another new
release, Kiss the Girls, caught my eye. "How about this one? It's got
Morgan Freeman." I've been a Morgan Freeman fan ever since he was E. Z.
Reader on 'The Electric Company', a short-lived PBS program. (Out of
respect for Mr. Freeman I won't tell you exactly how long ago that was.)
After seeing The Shawshank Redemption Helen became a Freeman fan too.

"That's almost too perfect," she remarked. There was a bit of a line at
the checkout counter, so I decided to go start the car and get the AC
working. I was about to summon up a search party when she finally emerged,
looking furtively each way before crossing the street. She tossed the bag
into the back seat.

By 6:45 we had finished a light dinner at home, which was normal for
movie night. Show time is usually 8:00 and it takes about 10 minutes to
get to Larry and Peg's from our place. I thought we were getting ready to
go, but then Helen plopped down on the couch and motioned for me to join

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"We need to watch our Madeline video," she answered.

I pointed to the wall clock over the TV. "We don't have time now, we'll
be late."

She looked up at me with a hurt expression. "If we wait until we get
home we'll be too tired. Are you coming?" She started the tape without me,
which meant I had something like 30 seconds to either join her or get out
of earshot. I opted to join her, making my way to the couch just in time
to feel the world go spinning away.

"Hey," I remarked while the VCR rewound. "It's 7:40. The tape got
longer again."

"It did?" Helen responded, still blinking the sleep out of her eyes.
"We still have time, though."

We zipped off to the bedroom to change. I put on a pair of casual
slacks, walking shoes, and a pocket tee; no undershirt, it was a very hot
and sticky evening. Helen changed into a bright yellow tube top and cutoff
denim shorts, an outfit she usually reserves strictly for inside the house
on the hottest of days. She used a lightweight button-down shirt to cover
her arms and shoulders, tucking it in at the waste but not buttoning any

"That's a pretty sexy outfit," I observed.

"Do you think so?" She looked herself over in the dressing mirror from a
couple of angles. "It's so hot out that I don't want to have too much on.
Does it look too trampy?"

"No way. It looks cool and comfortable, and easy to take off."

That brought a smile to her face. "Maybe later," she said.

It was 7:55 when we rang the bell at Larry and Peg's place with our
video bag in hand. Larry was dressed much like I was, ready for a casual
evening's entertainment. Peg looked admiringly at Helen's outfit. "I
can't believe how good you look," she told Helen. "I tried a tube once,
but I kept popping out of it."

"You have a lot more up front than I do," Helen answered. That was
true. Helen is right about average, each tit measuring a little bigger than
a handful. Peg is a breast lover's delight; she must be at least a DD cup
with hips to match. "It makes a difference. See?" Helen tugged a few
times at the front of the tube top. It stretched suggestively but didn't
fall. I felt the first stirrings of arousal in my groin.

Larry cleared his throat elaborately. "I hate to interrupt this
titillating conversation," he began, giving us a moment to express our
collective agony at his choice of words, "but I believe we have a schedule
to keep."

It took us until 8:10 or so to grab some pretzels and drinks and settle
down in the living room. Larry and Peg have one of those big L-shaped pit
group sofas, so Helen and I sat together on one side and they took the
other. The video equipment was in a freestanding armoire turned diagonally
in the opposite corner, which made for great viewing angles from anywhere
you could sit.

"I'll do the honors," Helen volunteered, grabbing the bag from the video store. She stepped quickly up to the VCR, took a tape out of the bag and
pushed it in. Larry hit Play on the remote while Helen sat back down.

"So what are we watching tonight, Helen?" Larry asked.

"It's a surprise," she said. "I hope you like it."

We all kept talking while the standard FBI warning filled the screen.
Eventually the preliminaries ended and the screen picture changed to an
aerial view of a major highway. As it zoomed down, it centered on a small
sports car with a very cute redhead in a tight leotard at the wheel. She
was bopping to loud music from her stereo. Suddenly she looked back and
saw a police car behind her with lights and siren blazing. She pulled over
and the cop car stopped behind her. She rolled down her window as a
highway patrolman approached the car.

"License and registration please, Miss," the officer deadpanned.

The redhead looked scared as she handed over the documents. "Was I
doing something wrong, officer?"

The cop consulted her license. "Miss Burton, do you know the speed
limit on this highway?"

"Sixty-five?" She had a hopeful look on her face, but it dissolved into
dread as the officer shook his head slowly.

"No, Miss Burton, the 65 mile an hour zone ended when you got within the
city limits. The speed limit on this part of the highway is 55. I clocked
you at 72."

The redhead broke into tears. "Oh please, Officer, please don't give me
another ticket. If I get another ticket I'm going to lose my license, and
if I lose my license I'll lose my job, and then my apartment, and
everything. I'll do anything if you would just let me go without a

The camera zoomed in on the cop's face, the redhead's terrified
expression mirrored in his reflective sunglasses. "I'm not in position to
offer you any leniency, Miss, but things may go easier for you if you'll
just talk to the judge."

The girl started crying and pleading even louder, and the cop hushed
her. "Allow me to introduce His Honor."

The cop's hand went down to his belt. After opening his zipper, he
pulled out a really impressive-looking erect cock and aimed it right
through the window. The redhead's face took on a look of wonder, then her
lips formed an O and she took the entire length into her mouth. The camera cut back to an aerial shot and we heard a series of muffled moans and gasps
of increasing intensity. Finally a big musical chord was struck, and the
word "LAWMEN" appeared in huge yellow letters.

"That was not Morgan Freeman," Helen observed, but she made no effort to
get up and correct the mistake. I looked over at Larry and Peg, expecting
shock and maybe annoyance. Instead they were watching intently as the
opening credits rolled down the screen. From their expressions you'd think
they were watching a Disney film. I thought briefly about getting up
myself to change the tape, but it just never translated into action.

The film turned out to be a series of loosely connected incidents
similar to the opening sequence. There were so many lurid sex scenes that
it's hard to remember exactly what happened and in what order, but rest
assured that no avenue of intercourse that I'd ever heard of was left
unexplored. Hardcore porn like that usually does nothing for me, and at
first this was no exception.

About halfway through the movie, though, I felt Helen shift in the seat
next to me. She leaned forward a little and pulled off her shirt, fanning
herself with it and blotting up little bits of sweat from her upper chest
before setting it aside. She also scooted closer to me and snuggled up
against my side, pulling my right arm around her. My hand was right there
at the top edge of her tube, tantalizingly close to the swell of her
breast. I didn't do anything about it right away but I was definitely
getting ideas.

Another scene began, this one involving three cops and a prostitute.
The hooker took one cop in her mouth, another in her box and had the third
one rubbing his cock between her tits. The coarse, unreal stupidity of it
all didn't impress me, but with Helen's scantily clad body up against me I
was starting to get seriously worked up. Then Helen's hand found the
beginnings of an erection in my pants and she rubbed on it, slowly and
smoothly, getting me hard as a fencepost. I looked over at Larry and Peg
apprehensively, but they were intent on watching the movie.

As Helen kept rubbing my cock I found myself growing more and more
aroused. I bit my lip, thought about baseball, all those things that guys do to try and control their hormones, but none of them worked. I imagined
how Larry and Peg might react if they looked over and saw what we were
doing, and instead of helping that made things worse; I felt the growing
sexual need overpowering my growing fears, just as it had on Monday night.
Helen's free hand took mine and guided it straight to the bulge in her tube
top. When I felt the swell of her breast under my hand, I think my cock
grew an inch and suddenly I didn't care who else was in the room or what
they might see or do. In fact, in a few seconds I switched from fondling
her through the tube to sliding my hand inside the tube, feeling her up
with the same intensity she was using on me. She responded by pulling down
my zipper and reaching through, parting the cloth panels in front of my
briefs to get a direct grip on my shaft. God, that felt good! I undid the
clasp at the waist to give her more maneuvering room down there and she
took full advantage right away.

I had her tube top pushed completely out of the way now and was fondling
her tits with both hands. A sense of great urgency and desire took over me
and I lowered one hand to Helen's shorts, undoing the snap and working the
zipper so I could snake my hand inside her. The hand on my cock clamped
down hard; I felt her hips rise and before I knew it her shorts and
underwear were down around her ankles. That gave me a clear and easy angle
so I took it, sliding my fingers right down her slit and in. We both
started moaning, but still Larry and Peg didn't notice.

The fist locked around my cock was really getting to me, so I cast aside
my last shreds of humility and lifted my butt. Helen stopped stroking long
enough to help me get my pants and underwear down, then she pulled my hand
out of her box and stood up, glaring down at me with more lust in her face
than I ever thought possible. She crept forward again, kneeling astride me
on the couch, and pulled my head forward until I had a mouthful of breast.
I sucked and licked and teased, listening to Helen's moans get louder and
faster and feeling the juices running down her legs onto mine. After a
while she rose up and dropped herself down hard on my lightning rod,
shivering as it seated deep inside her. Our hips started rocking in
unison, slow at first but growing faster and faster. All that stroking had
made me so hot there was no way I could have held out very long; I
shuddered and let fly with a long, sustained series of spasms. Helen was
right with me, twitching and groaning loudly with her own climax as she
pumped me dry.

It took me a few minutes to regain awareness of our surroundings. Helen
was slumped over me, still panting as she came back to earth. My dick was
still in her but had resumed 'at ease' status. Her underpants and shorts
were caught around one ankle, and her tube top was a yellow band around her

The movie was still going on. Our heroes had busted a drug lab and were
hip-deep (literally) in teenage girls, mostly from the rear. Clouds of
white powder filled the air as they swept the packages aside to make more
room on the tables for the girls. Larry and Peg continued to watch
intently, from all appearances completely unaware of what Helen and I had
been doing.

I felt Helen stir and joined her for a deep, satisfying kiss. "Wow,"
she sighed.

After a minute or so, we both got up to fix our clothing. There was a
big wet spot on the couch where we had been; we cleaned up the couch and
ourselves as best we could using washcloths and water from the powder room.
We returned to our seats fully dressed just in time for the closing

At the end of the credits the tape ended abruptly. Larry and Peg jerked
back to awareness at the snap of the auto-rewind kicking in. Shaking their
heads as if to clear them, they looked over at us with mild awe.

"That was a very ... interesting movie," Peg offered, in a tone that
made the most of the word 'interesting'. She didn't seem offended, just

"Definitely," Larry agreed. "Crude, vulgar, sick, but somehow
fascinating. I couldn't take my eyes off it."

Helen and I exchanged a knowing look and decided it was time to go home.
We hadn't made any specific plans, but when Helen climbed into bed naked
again I decided to follow suit. We scooted close together and held each
other, letting our bodies touch from head to toe like we had before. I
didn't feel any burning need to start anything and apparently neither did
Helen, so we just cuddled together and luxuriated in the skin-to- skin

"So when did you become a fan of porno?" I asked, keeping my tone of
voice light.

"I didn't," she answered. "I thought I was putting on Kiss the Girls.
That's what the box said it was. Somebody must have accidentally switched
the boxes."

That didn't sound very likely to me, but I could easily imagine why
Helen might believe it. "I wonder if Madeline was in the video store."

"We'd remember seeing her, wouldn't we?"

"Not necessarily." I remembered the receptionist's answer when I asked
if Madeline had hypnotized her: Probably more often than I realize.

"It surprised me how much I got turned on watching that movie," Helen
continued. "What little porno I'd seen before tonight always left me
wanting a shower to wash off the slime."

"Same here. What surprised me even more, though, was when your hand
landed in my lap. What were you thinking?"

Helen took a deep breath before answering. "I wasn't thinking, not
really. I was warm, so I took off the top shirt. Then I wanted you to
hold me, so I snuggled in. I wasn't really paying attention to my hands
until I suddenly became aware that we were fondling each other. After a
while I got so stirred up that I just forgot there were two other people in
the room. I completely lost control."

"Me too," I replied. "It was scary at first, but you got me so turned
on that eventually I just didn't care. Larry and Peg could have been
staring right at us and holding a camcorder, it wouldn't have stopped

"I hope we didn't freak them out too much."

"I'm not sure they even realized what we were doing." I wondered if
Madeline had worked with Larry and Peg too.

Saturday is shopping and errand day for us, as it seems to be for
everyone in the Washington metro area. It was my turn to do the running
around, but for some reason I asked Helen if she'd like to come along. To
my surprise, she agreed immediately.

So we cruised up and down the Rockville Pike together, holding hands a
lot and enjoying each other's company. We took my watch to the jeweler for
cleaning, had the oil changed in the car, returned our rented video, then
headed for the big Giant Food off Randolph Road. Normally the grocery
stores are jam packed on a Saturday, but on that day things were not really
all that busy. Maybe a lot of people went to the beach for the weekend.

We started out in the produce section. There were enough people in the
aisle to make it difficult to move the cart through, so Helen had me wait
in one place while she picked out some apples, carrots and bananas. She
came back with three neatly tied plastic bags. "Who was that?"

"Who was who?" I replied, confused.

"The woman you were just talking to," she explained. "The blonde in the
wind suit. She was right here with you a minute ago, then she went over
toward the next aisle."

This wasn't helping. "I don't remember any woman," I said truthfully.

Helen's eyes blanked for a heartbeat or so. "No, of course not. My
mistake." A quick shake of the head brought the sharp focus back. "Let's
see, lettuce ... we need some fresh lettuce." The crowd had thinned a
little, so I followed her to the lettuce bin.

Helen is a very picky shopper. The lettuce bin was full of fresh heads
of lettuce, all of which looked fine to me, but she took her time picking
through several before deciding to go for one on the upper deck of the
display area. Helen was dressed very casually in white running shorts and
a bright red halter top, and I found myself enjoying the view of as she
stretched to reach a head of lettuce down from the top of the pile.
Looking it over carefully, she nodded her approval and turned to show me
her prize.

Without thinking, my mouth opened and I heard my own voice: "Have I
mentioned to you lately that you have a delicious-looking ass?"

Helen's reaction was immediate and powerful. With a sharp intake of
breath, I saw her face change from innocent pleasure to shock and surprise,
which in a second or two gave way to something else entirely. Her skin
flushed, her mouth fell open a little, and her eyes locked themselves onto
mine. Then they started to smolder. Moving like a huntress, she placed
the lettuce in the shopping cart and walked around it slowly to where I
stood. Looping her right arm around my neck, she pressed her body tightly
against mine and pulled my face down to hers. Her lips parted on contact
and I felt her tongue exploring my mouth. After getting over the initial
shock of such a hot kiss in such a public place, I returned the embrace.
Without breaking the kiss, she reached back with her left hand, took hold
of my right, and moved it from the small of her back to right under her
ass, then wiggled it up and down. Afraid of drawing an audience, I took
back my hand and with no small effort managed to disengage myself from her

"Take me now," she demanded, backing me up against the produce bin.

"Easy, girl," I replied. "Save some of that for at home."

"I can't save it. I don't want to save it. I want you."

"Do you want to get arrested? Come on, we're almost done here." I made
a determined show of grabbing the shopping cart handle firmly and heading
for the meat department, hoping the cart would conceal my hard-on. Helen
hesitated for a moment, looking around at the other shoppers in the area
(who in turn were trying not to look as though they had been watching us).
I made it as far as the poultry case before she caught up with me.

"You don't understand," she insisted, cupping her hand over my package.
"I need this inside me now. Not tonight, not when we get home, right now."
My cock didn't help things any; at Helen's touch it snapped to attention.
"If you don't find us a broom closet or something in the next few seconds
I'll rip my clothes off and jump you right here."

My mind flashed back to the night before, when we had been overcome with
lust at Larry and Peg's house. My brain sputtered trying to come up with
an idea as Helen pressed her body against me and openly stroked my cock. I
could feel myself responding to her and knew there was no way I was going
to keep this under control. Just as Helen started pulling at the waistband
of her shorts, my eye fell on the unmarked doorway at the back of the meat
section and I remembered what was behind it. Grabbing my wife by both
wrists, I led her quickly through the doorway like a child with a potty
emergency (which it was, in a manner of speaking). Fingers crossed, I
bowled through the door marked "Men" with Helen right behind me.

The bathroom was fairly small, with two stalls and a urinal against one
side and a double sink and mirror opposite. Fortunately for us it was
unoccupied at the moment. Turning her back to the mirror, Helen pulled me
close and started feverishly fumbling with my pants. No sooner did they
hit the floor than I felt one of her hands lock around my cock in a death
grip and start pumping. Helen's sudden fury was amazing and arousing -- I
was rock hard already and nothing mattered anymore except getting my dick
into Helen immediately. I helped her push her shorts down, followed
closely by her underwear. The panties left a wet smear along the insides
of her thighs on the way down.

She squatted down and turned her attention to my briefs, pulling them
roughly down to my knees. Pulling herself tightly against me she slowly
stood up, kissing and licking my thigh. For a second I thought she might
take me into her mouth, but she passed over my cock and kept licking and
kissing up my belly and chest as she rose. It was probably just as well;
Helen's condition had me so hot I probably would have lost it right then if
she had sucked me.

Once she was standing up again she guided my right hand to the back of
her neck and squeezed on it. Taking my cue, I grabbed her by the nape of
the neck and pulled her face up to me for a strong, open-mouthed kiss. Her
face melted into mine and she let out a deep, stirring, whole body sigh. I
started to ease off, thinking I was getting too rough, but she pressed even
harder against me in protest. Turning my own head sideways, she placed her
mouth right over my ear and whispered, "Take me from behind."

My inner voice cried out, "Do what?!" but there was no time for
discussion as Helen had already spun around and was leaning over the sink,
pressing her ass against me and rubbing herself on my shaft. Reaching
between her legs, she guided my cock into her slit and pushed back more,
burying my sword to the hilt.

She kept thrusting harder and faster, balancing on the edge of the sink
with both hands and hooking her feet behind my calves. I had one hand on
the counter myself for support but the other was free, so I reached around
and up inside her halter top and squeezed a handful of tit. I heard a raw,
animal type noise and realized that Helen was starting to moan loudly. I
let go of her tit and clamped my free hand over her mouth, worried that the
noise would draw attention to us. That seemed to turn her on even more;
she continued moaning even more lustily into my hand.

Five or six strokes later, the moans turned into a series of muffled
squeals as Helen came, squeezing my shaft with all her might and biting at
my palm. Pulling her to me out of some animal instinct, I thrust into her
one more time and exploded, pulsing with each squirt between her trembling

We had maybe ten seconds to recover when I heard a single loud knock on
the door, followed shortly by male voice coming from outside: "It's right
here, Jason, let's hurry up." Helen dropped off the counter and together we
grabbed our discarded clothes and bolted for the handicapped stall. We
were just in time -- the door opened and we heard a man and a young boy enter the rest room. We sat together on the commode, Helen on my lap,
trying to be silent but betrayed by our still-heavy breathing. The guy
must have heard us, because he rushed the kid through a quick pee and
practically dragged him out again without even washing his hands.

Helen and I looked at each other and broke into uncontrollable laughter,
holding each other for support. When the giddiness passed, we put our
clothes back on and made a discreet exit. Our shopping cart was still
where we had left it.

The afternoon was uneventful, even a little boring. I spent most of it
outside picking up the yard while Helen caught up on cleaning inside the
house. We were planning a cookout and pool party Sunday with Larry and Peg
and a few neighbors, so we wanted the place to look good.

After a shower and a simple dinner of cold cuts and salad, I plopped
onto the sofa and grabbed the tv Guide, looking to see if there were any
interesting movies on cable. Being a Saturday night, I had my pick of
several action films or the usual lame sitcoms on network TV. I settled on
a Steven Seagal flick; I forget the name but let's face it, they're all
pretty much interchangeable. Seagal had just finished beating the crap out
of a bar full of thugs when Helen came quietly over and sat down next to
me. She snuggled in close, lifting my right arm and draping it over her
shoulders while resting her head on my chest. I gave her a light squeeze
and asked, "To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?"

Her arms snaked around me in a gentle hug. "Just an impulse."

"I like this impulse," I said honestly. It felt good to just sit there
with her. We stayed quiet for a while, enjoying each other's company.
Helen eventually broke the silence.

"You were very understanding at the grocery store today," she said.

Ah, yes. "What exactly happened there, anyway?'

"More hypnotic voodoo, I think. One second I was all right, bringing
back the lettuce. Then you said something and it was like I'd put my
finger in a socket. My thinking brain just shut down and I was left with
this sudden overwhelming need to have sex. Nothing else mattered, not
where we were or who would be watching or anything. If you hadn't gotten
me into that bathroom, I honestly think I would have dropped my drawers in
the aisle."

"Same here," I concurred. "I tried to steer us to someplace reasonably
safe, but I couldn't have held out much longer either. It was pretty

"It was. Terrifying. And exhilarating. The more I thought about the
possible consequences, the more I needed to do it anyway. I was totally
out of control, but I never doubted that somehow you would keep me safe.
And you did."

"Just lucky, I guess."

We sat together in silence for a little longer, and then Helen held up
the VCR remote. "Ready to do our homework?" she asked.

"Might as well," I answered. Helen hit the Play button. Madeline's
voice spoke and the world stopped turning, at least as far as we were

Intimate Adventures Part 5

Sunday was another typical summer day in the Washington area. By 9:30
in the morning the temperature was 85 degrees and the humidity was 97
percent. You get used to it when you live here long enough, but that
doesn't mean you ever get to like it. We were prepared, though. We had
two huge coolers full of iced down beer and sodas ready to go, and the pool
was freshly cleaned. We knew we'd be using it extensively that day.

The cookout was a lunch affair. Guests started arriving around 11:00,
most of them in bathing suits already, and hit the pool in short order.
Helen and I prepared food and set up a self-service buffet table, then
changed into our own bathing suits for a sociable dip.

By two o'clock the afternoon sun and the near toxic air quality were
getting to people, and the party had dwindled down to just Helen, Larry,
Peg and me. We were beating the worst of the heat by staying mostly
underwater. Our pool is an odd style, almost like a hotel pool. There is
a big kidney-shaped section deep enough for adults to swim and dive in, and
set into the bend is a smaller, shallow part that was designed to be a
kiddy pool but works equally well as a sitting-around tub for adults.
There are no jets like a real spa would have, but the recirculating pump
does generate a soothing current. A brick patio surrounds the pool on all
sides, and a redwood privacy fence around the whole back yard gives the
pool area an open but intimate feel.

The four of us were sitting in the shallow part, talking and joking and
sipping beer, when the doorbell rang. Not wanting to slog sopping wet
through the house, I climbed out of the pool and went to the front most
corner of the fence. "Come on around to the right," I told the unseen
caller. "We're in back."

"Coming." The voice was female, young and familiar but I couldn't quite
place it. Then I saw a blonde head following the fence and I knew who it
had to be.

"Hi, Kym," I greeted her as I opened the gate. She was dressed in a
simple white dress and boat shoes. "Glad you could make it."

She smiled that beautiful smile of hers. "Me too. I'm sorry I'm late."

"No problem. To tell the truth, I'd forgotten that we invited you.
We've already put the leftover food away, but if you're hungry we can fix
you up in no time."

Larry and Peg stood up when we turned the corner to the pool area. Peg
looked at Kym curiously. "Have we met somewhere?" she asked.

"Allow me," I said. "Larry and Peg, this is Kym. She works at Intimate

"Oh, of course," Larry replied. "No wonder you looked so familiar.
You're the receptionist, aren't you?"

"That's me," Kym confirmed. Just then Helen came out from the kitchen
and greeted Kym with a cold beer and a sandwich, which she accepted
gratefully. "I have something for you too, Helen." She produced a small,
shiny gift bag tied shut with a sparkling ribbon.

Helen's face lit up. "Oooh. Can I open it now?"

"Go ahead."

Helen carefully untied the shiny ribbon and reached into the bag,
pulling out a wad of white tissue paper. Then she took a long look inside
and squealed with glee. "Oh my god, I can't believe it."

"What is it?" I asked, but instead of answering me she clutched the bag
to her chest and retreated into the house with it. I turned to Kym and
repeated the question.

"You'll find out in a few minutes," she assured me. The rest of us
stayed in the pool while Kym ate her sandwich, waiting for Helen to come
back out. I was starting to wonder where she was when I heard her voice
from inside the house.

"Ready or not, here I come!" The patio curtain moved and there was Helen
standing in the doorway. She wore only a gleaming white string bikini,
tied in bows at the sides with a triangle top that clung provocatively to
her tits. Seeing that she had our complete attention, she turned around
and showed us the narrow strip of fabric covering her crack. Looking over
her shoulder, she asked, "Well? What do you think?"

Despite having a really nice body, Helen has always tended toward
modest, one-piece suits. Standing there in that skimpy little bikini,
though, she looked damn good to me. "You look great, honey. Two thumbs
way, way up."

"Hey, that's not your thumb!" Larry joked, pointing to my swim trunks.
No, I didn't have a lump in my shorts, but I knew if Helen wore that suit
into the water I would. Every time Helen moved the tiny patches of cloth
would shimmer, drawing my eye back to her body. Not just my eye either,
although Peg didn't seem to mind how Larry watched.

Helen stopped posing and turned back to Kym. "Can I actually swim in
it?" she asked.

Kym nodded. "Oh, definitely. I've got one just like it and I've never
had a problem with it. In fact, I'm wearing it now." That was when I
realized that what had looked to me like a dress was actually a cover-up.
Kym reached into the deep front pocket of her outfit, pulled out a rubber
band, and proceeded to bind her long platinum hair into a tight cluster
that sat just off her neck. Then she popped the snaps on the front of her
wrap and slipped it off, revealing a magnificent young body in a powder
blue bikini exactly the same style as Helen's. "See? We're even the same
size." They were, for the most part, but Kym has slightly bigger tits than
Helen does. From our vantage point in the smaller pool we could see the
bottom curves of Kym's tits as they strained against the fabric.

All three of us stared shamelessly as Helen and Kym shed their footwear
and dove into the large pool. Kym was a natural swimmer, fast and
graceful, switching smoothly from breaststroke to backstroke to butterfly.
Helen circled the pool with a lazy backstroke, letting the sun sparkle off
her wet skin and watching me with a lusty look. We continued to ogle in
silence until the girls swam up to the partition dividing the small wading
pool from the big one. In one joint motion they dipped down to the neck
and then pushed up, clearing the water and deftly swinging their legs over
the partition to land sitting on its top edge. The sight of all that water
sliding off all that exposed skin was almost a religious experience. I was
glad the swirling water made it difficult to get a good look at my swim
trunks, because they were tenting badly.

"Did you miss me?" Helen asked sweetly, sliding off the divider into the
wading pool and snuggling up to me. Her hand quietly reached down and
squeezed my cock through the baggy shorts, but she didn't say anything.

I was going to answer, but my brain vapor-locked when I noticed that
instead of joining us in the wading pool, Kym was crawling along the top of
the divider and around the edge of the pool. Even Helen stopped talking
and watched the girl in silent appreciation. When she reached where Larry
and Peg were sitting, Kym placed her head between them and whispered
something. My friends' faces blanked for a split second, then they nodded
and seemed to be fine. Seeming satisfied, Kym slid into the space between
me and Larry, then crossed the pool. She sat facing us, letting her head
fall back and stretching her arms out along the divider, which afforded us
guys an irresistible view of her rack. "You have a wonderful house, Bob.
So quiet and private. You and Helen must be very happy here."

"Those are the benefits of an older neighborhood," I explained. "The
houses in this neighborhood are on much bigger lots than they use nowadays.
It's easy to have quiet when your neighbor's house is 50 feet away instead
of 10. And it's a lot easier to relax in your back yard when it isn't
butted up against someone else's front yard."

"Truly spoken," Larry chimed in. He and Peg had lived in a flag lot in
one of those modern cramped developments for eight years and had the devil
of a time getting rid of the place when they couldn't take it anymore.
Anyone who has ever lived in a place where the main view out the front
window is someone else's back window understands how great it is to have
some land around your house.

"This pool is unbelievable," Kym continued. "It must have cost a

"Actually, we lucked out," I said. "The previous owners had it built,
and then got transferred and had to sell. There was a major drought that
year, and the pool ended up dragging down the sale price instead of holding
it up. Upkeep isn't too bad as long as we keep it covered in the off

Larry stirred. "Speaking of homes ..."

Peg finished the thought: "... We probably ought to get back to ours.
It was great meeting you, Kym."

Larry and Peg dried off and changed, then we said our goodbyes on the
back porch and they left through the gate. When I got back to the pool
area Helen and Kym were sitting together in the shallow part looking thick as thieves. "What are you two planning?" I asked with mock suspicion.

"Just a little good clean fun," Helen answered. "Why don't you come
here and help us up?"

They didn't need my help to climb out of the pool, but both women were
holding up their hands, so I went along with it. Grabbing each by a
forearm, I gave them a good strong tug to help them bound out of the pool,
once again getting a generous eyeful of glistening wet skin for my trouble.
To my great surprise, the girls didn't let go of my hands once they were
clear of the pool. Instead, they each grabbed me high on the arms and
started dragging me backward. I started to protest, backpedaling
frantically in an attempt to keep my balance. "What's going on here? What
are you doing?"

"You'll find out soon enough," Kym promised. My heels struck a metal
object -- the foot bar of a chaise lounge. We have a pair of them; big,
sturdy pieces of furniture with tubular steel frames and thick cushions of
dense foam. Still holding me by the elbows and armpits, the girls hoisted
me up easily and set me down on the lounge. I didn't know what to say, so
I said nothing. The girls exchanged a look and then, in perfect unison,
reached behind them and pulled out the knots on their bikini tops at the
back and the neck. Without hesitation they picked up the upper strings and
pulled the tops away from their bodies, leaving me with the very difficult
choice of which set of tits to gawk at first. I started with Helen's but
moved quickly to Kym's since they were a new sight to me. God, were they
nice. Teardrop shape, full but in exact proportion to her shoulders and
waist, perfect as only nature can do. Both sets of nipples were engorged
and standing proud.

While I was sitting passively admiring the display, the girls were busy.
Before I knew what was happening, each had wound her bikini top around one
of my wrists and tied a quick knot to hold it. They leaned over me
together, each one pressing a tit into a side of my face, as they lifted my
arms straight up. Suddenly I realized what they were doing -- in five
seconds flat my hands were securely tied to the top of the chaise lounge's
steel frame. The wet bikini straps worked as well as any twine or cord
would have, with the added advantage of keeping me distracted until it was
too late to escape. "Hey!" I shouted, but those delicious pillows in my
face muffled the sound.

After making sure I couldn't free my arms, the girls stepped back to the
foot of the lounge. Still moving as one, they tugged at the strings on
their bikini bottoms, catching them as they tried to fall to the deck. Not
saying a word, they each bent over a foot and used the bottoms to secure my
ankles to the lounge frame. Once satisfied that I was thoroughly bound,
they stopped to admire their handiwork.

Kym nodded approvingly. "Nicely done, Helen."

"Why thank you, Kym," my wife answered with exaggerated courtesy. "Is
it just me, or is something still wrong with this picture?" They both
studied me, looking up and down my body repeatedly. I'd had fantasies
about something like this happening, but the reality was frightening. The
more they looked, the more afraid I became. I knew Helen wouldn't do
anything to hurt or humiliate me, but Kym was an unknown factor. How far
would she go, and would Helen go along?

"I know what it is," Helen concluded. "He's overdressed."

"I believe you're right." They each grabbed a leg of my swim trunks and
tried to pull them down, but they were wet and tended to cling. The
eight-inch trailer hitch in front didn't help things either. After
struggling with them for a minute, Helen had an idea and sprinted back into
the house. She emerged again a few seconds later, still stark naked, and
held up a long, gleaming pair of sewing scissors. Grinning wickedly, she
slid the open scissors up the leg of my trunks, deliberately letting the
lower jaw rub against my leg. In three quick strokes she had cut
completely through the side seam of my suit, including the elastic

"Don't worry, honey," Helen told me. "You needed new trunks anyway."
She handed the scissors to Kym, who repeated the cut on the other side.
Grasping the loose front fabric, they pulled together and the trunks came
off as easily as a disposable diaper, releasing my cock to sway in the

Kym whistled softly and pointed to my cock. "Very impressive, Bob.
Why, that looks good enough to eat."


"It really does, doesn't it?" Helen mused, studying my cock. "It's been
a long time since I've tried that, though."

Kym seemed surprised. "Really? Why?"

"He doesn't really like it that much," Helen answered.

"Say what?" I exclaimed.

"Well, you've never asked for it," Helen retorted. "The one time I
started to give you head you asked me to stop right away."

I opened my mouth to answer, but I really had no idea what to say. The
truth was I never asked her to go down on me because I knew I wasn't
prepared to do the same for her. I ended up stammering, "Yeah, I did ...
but ... I mean ... well ... never mind."

Kym let out an exaggerated laugh. "Well, he's at our mercy now. Let's
blow his mind wide open, shall we?" Kym's remark caused a lump to rise in
my throat. Then I was startled to recognize that underneath the fear
lurked a small but growing sense of anticipation. Was I starting to get
off on this?

Helen started forward, but hesitated. "I'm a little rusty," she
admitted tentatively.

"Would you like me to start? Maybe give you some pointers?"

"That would be great!"

"My pleasure."

Grabbing a nearby towel, Kym folded it neatly and dropped it on the
brick floor, using it as a cushion as she knelt down by the side of the
chaise lounge. She took on the persona of an X-rated Martha Stewart,
addressing Helen in a friendly, professional tone.

"Most of the fun with this dish is in the preparation," she began.
"Here we have an excellent specimen. You can see here that you have plenty
of extension," she continued, running a fingertip up my twitching shaft,
"and very impressive thickness." Wiping her finger on the very tip of my
cock, she picked up a drop of oozing fluid and tasted it. "Nice flavor and
consistency, too." Helen was nodding and watching calmly, as if it was the
most normal thing in the world to have a strange woman playing with her
husband's cock.

"Now how you approach this depends on what you are looking to get out of
it," Kym continued. "If you just want a quick snack you can skip most of
the preparation and go straight for the payoff, like this." Forming her
lips into a big O, she rose up and then dove down into my lap, taking about
two thirds of my length into her mouth. Her lips closed on the shaft and
she sucked hard, stroking the underside of my shaft with her tongue. I let
out an involuntary groan as Kym pulled off. "The important thing is to
keep your throat relaxed and take it easy," she instructed. "The more you
relax your throat, the more you can take at one time. Why don't you try it

"Okay." Putting down a towel as Kym had done, Helen kneeled on the other
side of the lounge. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and plunged
it down over my rod, getting a little less than half way down.

Kym was ready to provide coaching. "Good, Helen. Now make believe it's
a giant drinking straw sticking out of a milkshake and suck. You have to
suck really, really hard to get the ice cream to come through." Helen was
an apt pupil; she sucked fiercely, sending shivers up and down my body.
"Very good, Helen, you are a natural at this. Try running your tongue
along the bottom a little bit while you work." Oh my god, she's doing it I
thought, reeling from the sensation. I couldn't move my limbs much, but my
pelvis was free enough to start rising up to meet Helen, a sure sign that I
was about to come. Touching my wife on the shoulder, Kym quickly
interceded. "That's enough, Helen. It's time to learn another important
technique -- how to keep the juice from squirting out too early. Watch."
Making an 'OK' sign with her left hand, she pushed down firmly at the base
of my cock and held it there. In a few seconds that any-moment- now
feeling subsided and my hips became still again. The girl knows more about
dicks than I do, I said to myself. "Why don't you practice that a couple
of times, Helen? Try some more sucking. When you feel his hips flexing or
when he starts to twitch, pull off and press down like I did for about ten
seconds. If you do it well, it'll drive him bonkers."

Helen went down on me again, this time taking me a little deeper into
her mouth, and started sucking and running her tongue along my shaft. I
felt the tide rising again and so did she, pulling off at the last second
and pressing down on the base of my cock the way Kym had, pulling me back
from the edge. All I could do was groan in frustration while she repeated
the sequence time after time. Somewhere along the line my fear vanished
only to be replaced by a raw animal hunger; all of my thought processes
shut down while wave after wave of intense sexual pleasure pulsed through
me. At first my arms and legs strained against the restraints, but I
quickly discovered that every proof of my helplessness only inflamed me
more. Eventually I abandoned all resistance and just surrendered to the
sweet agony.

"Okay, Helen, I think you've mastered that approach. What shall we do

"Hmm," Helen replied, thinking. "Why don't you show me the sensitive

"Certainly," the younger girl replied. "First, of course, is the top.
This whole area here is very sensitive, especially right on the tip." As
she explained, she traced the outline of my throbbing head with a
fingertip. "Also along the edges here. There's a line running down the
underside of the stalk, right here, which is also very sensitive." She
wasn't kidding. More groans escaped my lips as I felt her fingernail
raking down the underside of the shaft. "There is a similar but even more
sensitive seam right down here, in the middle of the root ball." I twitched
and strained as Kym's fingernail traced the centerline between my balls,
prompting her to press against my groin again to keep me from coming.
"Notice how far back that goes, Helen? The further back you touch it, the
more sensitive it is. And if you really want to drive him wild, apply just
a little bit of pressure right here."

I'm still not sure what she touched, but I felt it from head to toe.
Forget moaning, I howled in ecstasy. This time Kym held her fingers
against the base of my rod for almost a full minute, giving me plenty of
time to calm down again before Helen took her turn.

"He seems to like this," Helen observed, watching my face while she
traced the edges of my head. "What if I do this?" Making a circle with her
thumb and forefinger, she encircled my cock at the head and ran the circle
up and down it a couple of times, which brought forth several more gasps
from me. "That's a keeper. Oh, have you tried this one?" Looking up at
Kym, Helen started running her fingertips from base to tip the way she
does, sending exquisite shivers through my body.

"Very creative," Kym noted with approval. "Do you mind if I try that

"Please, be my guest." A few seconds to cool off, and then Kym's
fingernails were dragging across my aching cock. I thought for sure I was
going to go into orbit.

"So," Kym asked, "Would you care to finish him off?"

"Not just yet," Helen answered. "I want to play with him some more

"Do I get a vote in this?" I interjected. They ignored me.

Kym turned back to Helen. "What's his specialty?"

Hefting her tits in both hands, Helen answered right away. "Boobs.
He's great with boobs. He can take you to heaven without ever touching you
below the waist. Bob, show Kym how well you handle boobs."

I pulled at my bonds but they still wouldn't budge. "That's going to be
difficult," I pointed out. Kym responded by standing up and moving toward
the back of the chaise lounge, putting her tit neatly in the palm of my
hand. What else could I do? I went to work on the offered tit, squeezing
and stroking and frigging the nipple as much as my bonds would allow. I
got quite a reaction from Kym. She relaxed and sighed, then started to
hum. "Mmmmm ... mmmmm ... that's so nice ... you are so right, Helen, he
really does have great hands."

"He uses his mouth well too," Helen added. "Try it."

Kym leaned over a little more and put a hard, erect nipple into my
mouth. I sucked gently and tickled the tip with my tongue while I listened
to Kym's hums turn into soft moans. The smell of her arousal was strong,
sweetening every breath I took. I knew I was getting to her, and that
knowledge started having an increasingly powerful effect on me. From
somewhere behind Kym, I heard Helen's voice. "I think I'm ready to finish
him off now."

"I'll get out of your way, then." With a sense of reluctance, Kym pulled
her tit away from my face.

"Nonsense," Helen corrected. "As you were, please."

"Don't mind if I do." Kym leaned over me and put her nipple back in my
mouth, pulling my head to her with her left hand. Her chest blocked my
view of Helen, but when I felt a warm, soft pair of lips close around my
cock I knew what she was up to. All I could do was keep sucking and hang
on as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft, sending shivers up my
spine. Kym pressed me closer and I picked up the pace as I felt my own
pulse racing, teasing Kym's nipple while I sucked harder on her breast.
Kym and I were both moaning freely, and I guess Helen would have been too
but her mouth was full. My cock, having endured a good half hour or more
of repeated teasing by these women, felt like it was four feet long and
solid steel. I felt fingers running up and down my balls, tracing the
seam, and then suddenly I saw stars. My whole body tensed with the power
of the orgasm. I tried to breathe but my mouth was full of Kym's tit so I
ended up sucking even harder, hard enough to make her gasp. Helen's mouth
stayed locked around my twitching shaft, draining me. I zoned out for a
few seconds -- or maybe it was a few minutes -- and came back just in time
to see Helen standing over me, wiping her mouth.

"Tasty, too," she said in her best Lucille Ball voice. "Just like

I was too exhausted to laugh. Kym laughed enough for both of us, then
started walking around me toward Helen. I could see the glint of moisture
running down the inside of the girl's thighs.

"What shall we do next?" Helen asked.

"A little surprise for you, I think." Kym stood behind Helen, snaked her
arms inside of Helen's and held firm. She placed her mouth near Helen's
right ear and whispered something. Instantly I saw Helen's eyes go blank
and slam shut. Her head fell back onto Kym's shoulder as the rest of her
body sagged. Kym held Helen up and carefully eased her limp body onto the
other chaise lounge.

"You look like you've had some practice handling unconscious people," I
remarked. Sure, it was lame, but I couldn't think of anything better.

"Just a bit," she agreed. There was an extra sway in her hips as she
approached me again. Something about that sway, and the way she had
rendered Helen unconscious with just a word, brought my cock back to life.

"What happens now?" I asked nervously, knowing she could do anything she
wanted to with me, part of me hoping she would.

For answer, she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, then whispered
something that put my lights out. The last sensation I remember was the
feel of something wet, warm, and strong pressing down over my cock.

When I opened my eyes again, Kym was gone. Helen was still asleep in
the other lounge. My hands and feet were free. The two bikinis had been
left on a patio table between the chairs, but the white cover-up and boat
shoes were gone. Looking at the bikinis gave me an idea...

"Wake up, Helen."

My wife's eyes fluttered open and focused slowly on my face. She
noticed right away that her arms were up over her head and tried to put
them down. It only took her a second to realize why they wouldn't move.

"You didn't!"

"Of course I did. Turnabout is fair play."

Grimacing, Helen pulled hard trying to slip out of the bonds. I'd taken
the precaution of wetting the bikini parts before using them again, though,
so they were not about to slide by. Trying her level best to project calm,
she looked right at me and said, "Okay, you've made your point. Now let me

"Sure thing," I replied with an evil glint in my eye. "But let's have a
little fun first, shall we?" Helen strained against the bonds again, which
put a really nice arc in her back; her tits stood out beautifully, just
begging to be handled. The nipples were already hard, too. I grabbed one
tit in each hand and just gave a good squeeze. Helen threw her head back
and groaned.

"Do you want me to stop?" I teased, squeezing them again.


"Can I really send you to heaven without touching you below the waist?"

"Yes ..." she gasped. I gave her a few more squeezes, then rolled the
nipples between my fingers. "Yes ... YES ... YOU'RE DOING IT ...
NOWWWW!" Her whole body tensed and tried to rise off the chaise lounge as
she climaxed; I thought for a second that she might hurt herself and made a
move toward the bonds on her wrists. Helen saw me and breathed out, "No
... it's okay ... don't ..." She was still riding the tail end of her
orgasm. Finally her body relaxed, although she continued to breathe

"Was that good?" I asked, gently stroking her body with my hand. She
was too out of breath to answer, but she did give me a blissful nod.
"Let's see what else we can do."

Moving to the foot end of the lounge, I parted Helen's legs and nudged
them aside. I hadn't tied her at the ankles, only the wrists, but her body
was so spent she made no effort to stop me. I crawled forward into
position, stalking my prey. At just above the knee, I started planting
little kisses on the inside of her left leg, working my way up the thigh.
Each kiss got me a moan from Helen, and as I moved higher she opened her
legs more to make room for me.

For the third time that week I had my face within striking distance of
Helen's pussy. This time I felt no uncertainty, no reluctance. She was
already dripping in juices; I swabbed some up with my finger and tasted it.
The taste and the smell combined to get me seriously aroused. Pushing my
face further into the sweetness, I traced the outer edges of her slit with
my tongue and felt Helen shudder and gasp. I changed directions and got
the same reaction. Emboldened, I started working the inner lips, then
turned my attention to the middle. Putting my tongue between the inner
lips, I worked straight down until I felt the little nub I was looking for.
The second I touched it Helen howled with delight; I felt her powerful
thighs tightening around my head. My tongue started circling the button
and Helen went over the edge into another full-body orgasm. I held on for
the ride, trying to keep my tongue on the button, continuing to stimulate
her. I wanted to see how long we could keep it up. At some point I became
dimly aware that I was having another orgasm myself, shooting semen all
over the vinyl cushion.

An eternity later, I finally pulled back and let Helen come back to
Earth. She clenched and released a few more times and then crumpled. She
was barely conscious of me as I untied her wrists and massaged the chafed

I picked up a damp towel to clean my face and a small plastic bottle
fell off the table. It was sunscreen, SPF 50, but it wasn't our brand.
Left nothing to chance, did you Kym? I thought.

We retired to the house for a good long nap and had leftover party food
for dinner. After dinner we watched the Madeline tape one last time,
sitting naked on the sofa. When it was over we just sat there and cuddled,
amazed to find ourselves so comfortable with the bizarre events of the day.

Intimate Adventures Part 6

Our closing interview with Madeline was scheduled for 9:00am Monday. We
both took the day off so we could enjoy each other's company afterwards.

Madeline was waiting to greet us when we showed up at her office. We
passed over the offered easy chairs and went straight to the daybed, where
we sat together hand in hand. Madeline nodded approvingly and turned one
of the easy chairs to face us before sitting down in it.

"If you don't mind," she said, "I'd like to have Kym sit in with us.
She played a very active role in your program, as you now know."

Helen and I looked at each other but didn't need to think. "Sure," we
said in unison.

Kym grinned at us both again as she adjusted the other chair and sat
down. "So," Madeline began. "Why don't you tell me about your week?"

Helen and I took turns telling the story, starting with the evening
after our first meeting. We went over every detail: every thought, every
feeling, every desire and action. Madeline listened intently the whole
time, making encouraging sounds, but seldom interrupted. We talked for a
very long time. After a long while, Kym left us briefly and returned with
a pitcher of ice water and four glasses. By the time we finished the
story, the pitcher was almost empty and morning was nearer to midday.

When we were done, Madeline spent a few minutes digesting what we had
told her. She hadn't taken a single written note, but I had no doubt that
she had every detail in her head. We found ourselves waiting silently for
her response. Turning to Helen, Madeline asked: "Do you think you've
changed any this past week?"

"Absolutely," Helen answered right away.

"How so?"

"Hmm ..." she mused. "For one thing, I feel more confident in myself. I
also seem to relax more when I'm with Bob."

"Same here," I added. "I feel like a few walls have been knocked down
and we have all this new space to live in."

"That's wonderful," Madeline replied. "You are both learning how to
relax and enjoy each other instead of vying for control."

"Is that what the program was really about?" Helen asked.

"Your program was based on several goals," Madeline explained.
"Definitely, one was to get both of you used to the idea of releasing
control, giving in to your own feelings instead of trying to engineer each
other's orgasms. Great sex comes easily if you are both willing to just
let it happen."

"Those tapes didn't hurt either," I remarked. "You sure loosened some
of my knots with those. What was in them?"

"General suggestions similar to ones I gave you in this office. They
were designed to increase your sexual confidence, promote a more positive
self-image, increase your libido, and foster a desire to talk with each
other about your experiences. The first one included a fractionation
exercise to reinforce your training and some specific suggestions that
would cause you to physically relax when you became aroused. There was a
new tape every day which repeated the basics and also set up the

"Yes, the encounters," Helen said. "Where did you get the ideas for

"Mostly from you and Bob, by way of your fantasies. While under
hypnosis, you described scenes in which you were overcome with passion, or
instilled that passion in Bob through the telephone. Your fantasies, like
Bob's, revolved largely around either taking control or surrendering
control to someone else, usually Bob. Based on that, I scripted encounters
that would help you push your boundaries a little."

"You mean, like having sex in a public bathroom?"

"Certainly. You also got opportunities to let Bob bring you to multiple
orgasms, which is something both of you wanted but which you had been
reluctant to allow for fear of seeming too demanding."

"What about me?" I prompted as Helen digested the information.

"Your fantasies were also very interesting," she continued. "Especially
in the way that they dovetailed so nicely with Helen's. Helen dreamed of
being more open sexually, and you dreamed about having sex with her in
unusual places. You described several different bondage fantasies
involving Helen and sometimes a second woman tying you up and taking their
time with you, and you also expressed a strong desire to have Helen let you
undress her. Most of these things were easy enough to arrange. As with
Helen, the important part was to get you to open up to her, to let yourself
enjoy the sex without thinking too much about the nuts and bolts. I
especially wanted you to realize that even if you do orgasm earlier than
you'd like, you can still please Helen in other equally effective ways."

"I think we both got that," I said. "Some of those night sessions were

"They certainly were," Helen agreed. "That first night, when Bob came
so fast, it amazed me how good I felt for being able to please him so much.
Then, when he started on me, I just blissed out. I'd never felt anything
like that before."

Madeline nodded. "Did you find that it got easier to release control as
the week progressed?"

"Yes, I think so. Mind you, a lot of the time I didn't really have a
choice. When Bob snuck up behind me on Thursday and turned me into a rag
doll I pretty much had to do whatever he wanted."

"Did that frighten you as much as the first night?"

Helen thought it over. "No, I'd have to say it didn't. It was a lot
like the Monday night, only more so. I felt like a queen letting Bob
service me like that."

"It was my pleasure," I interjected. "A pleasure that you took plenty
of opportunities to return, I'll point out. Like that phone call, for
instance. I was the one out of control for that one."

"That's right," Madeline agreed. "That was one of Helen's fantasies.
It dovetailed nicely with some of your fantasies about being seduced by
Helen in unusual places."

"Unusual places. You mean, like Larry and Peg's house? I still can't
believe we got away with that one."

"I wouldn't have tried it if Larry and Peg hadn't been clients
recently," Madeline assured us. "I had Kym pay them a brief visit before
you two arrived. All they remember is that you did some pretty heavy
necking during the movie."

"About that movie," Helen said. "How did I end up with that tape? And
why did it affect us that way when we were never into that sort of thing

Now it was Kym's turn to blush. "I was waiting for you in the video store. After suggesting to Bob that he go to the car alone, I got behind
you in line and switched your tape for one I'd taken from the adult room."

"And then made us both forget seeing you, is that it?"

The girl nodded, smiling. "We did a similar thing at the Giant on
Saturday. I gave Bob a trigger and walked away, but he didn't remember
seeing me. Then I watched from a safe distance while the scene developed."

"It worked," I replied. "I don't remember you at all. I just remember
saying something about Helen having a nice ass, and then she went nympho on
me. I tried to deal with it, but seeing her in a frenzy like that put me
out of control too."

"It was a different kind of control fantasy," Madeline explained.
"Being swept up by a grand passion, as the novelists say. With both of you
out of control, it adds an element of risk that you both had ideas of

"It scared the hell out of me," I replied. "I thought for sure we were
going to get busted."

"It scared me too," Helen interjected. "My body was going nuts and I
couldn't stop it. Bob saved me."

"Your trust in Bob is what saved you," Madeline corrected. "You looked
to him for help, and he did the best he could for you. Remember that."

"When I heard that guy coming with his kid my whole life flashed before
my eyes," I complained.

Kym looked back at me sheepishly. "I'm sorry about that. As soon as
you two bolted into the bathroom I hung an 'Out of Order' sign on the door
and stood guard just in case. I would have left it up longer, but that
poor little boy was in such dire need. I couldn't make him suffer, so I
knocked once to warn you and ducked out of sight."

Okay, I could forgive her for that one. "If we go back there and find
extra security posted near the restrooms, we'll know why," I joked. "I
guess that brings us to the pool party. We didn't really invite you, did

Kym giggled. "Of course you did. Right here in this room."

Madeline took over. "When you told me about the party you were
planning, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to end the week on a high
note. Helen got an opportunity to be openly sexual while still feeling
safe and among friends. It also proved the effectiveness of the program at
strengthening her overall sense of self. Helen, I'm extremely proud of you
-- it takes a lot of self-confidence for a 32-year-old woman to put on a
string bikini and stand next to someone like Kym."

"And even more to take it off," Kym added. "I was feeling a little
insecure myself about then."

"I'd never thought of myself as being very sexy," Helen mused. "Not
until this past week anyway. You don't mind if I keep the bikini, do you?"

"Keep them both," Kym told her. "I bought them just for that occasion."

I had one more question for the younger girl. "After you put me to
sleep by the pool, Kym, did you give me any extra suggestions?"

"Like what?" she asked innocently.

"Like Oral Sex 101."

Everyone started laughing, including me. "Yes," she finally answered,
"I did. You were trying so hard, but you really needed someone to teach
you the basics."

"Whose basics did you teach me with?"

A sly grin crossed her face for a moment. "Helen's, of course."

Madeline cleared her throat. "Normally we don't go to quite those
lengths with our encounters," she explained. "I agreed to the threesome in
your case because Kym volunteered the idea herself, and because it fit in
so closely with fantasies both of you described."

"You taught him well," Helen said to Kym. "You taught me well also;
thank you for that. I'm sure we'll be using our new skills frequently."

We were silent for a few moments, sensing the meeting's end but not
wanting to part company just yet. Madeline gave us both a pleased look and
asked one final question: "Now that you know how the magic was done, how do
you feel about it?"

Helen answered first. "I feel great," she said with authority. "I feel
sexy and attractive, and able to enjoy things I couldn't let myself do or
feel before. I've never been more in love with this guy than I am right
now." She gave me a big squeeze as she finished.

"Same here," I added. "You've lifted a couple of big weights off my
shoulders that had been holding me down for years. My only regret is that
I didn't have experiences like this long ago; if I had, maybe I wouldn't
have developed those hang-ups in the first place."

"The past is done," Madeline replied. "The important thing now is what
you make of your relationship in the present and future. I am truly happy
to see how you have grown so much closer together in this past week. Going
forward, I want you to think about this: many of the physical responses you
went through this past week were scripted; however, the emotions you
experienced together did not come from anything we said to you in this
office or on tape. You had them within you all the time. You will
continue to have them as long as you believe in and cherish each other."

We ended the meeting in a group hug. Madeline assured us we could
always come back if we wanted to, and we made sure to take her card and a
fee schedule with us. Suddenly I had a thought. "Madeline, could I ask
you for a special favor?"

"What did you have in mind?"

When I told her, all three women's eyes lit up and broad smiles graced
their faces. "It would be my pleasure," Madeline answered.

On our way back through the lobby we saw a man and woman about our age,
sitting near each other, squinting quizzically at clipboards containing the
IA questionnaire. Helen and I exchanged a knowing look and beamed smiles
at the couple on our way out the door.

Two weeks later, it was our turn to host video night. We got the house
together and fixed up an assortment of the usual snacks and drinks. Larry
and Peg arrived promptly at 7:45, so we got to talk and munch a little
before the movie. At 8:00 I rose and walked to the VCR.

"What's the feature tonight?" Larry asked.

"It's a surprise," I said, remembering Helen's answer to that same
question at their house. "I hope you like it."

"'Debbie Does Dallas'?" Larry guessed, eliciting laughs from all of us.

"Just watch," I told him as I rejoined Helen on the sofa. My arm around
her shoulders, I pressed the Play button on the remote.

In a few seconds, Madeline's face appeared on the screen. "Good
evening, Larry and Peg," she began. "This tape is a gift to you from Bob
and Helen and can be used as often as you wish." I heard gasps and turned
to see Larry and Peg staring open-mouthed at the TV, like kids getting
their first peek at the goodies on Christmas morning. Before they could
get a word in, Madeline's voice said, "Larry and Peg, sleep now." Their
faces went blank and their bodies melted into their respective chairs.
Helen and I tiptoed to our bedroom, leaving the door open just a crack.

"This was an ingenious idea," Helen said, hugging me tightly.

"What better way to thank them?" I replied, returning the embrace.

We waited in silence for a little while. From upstairs we could hear
Madeline's voice but couldn't make out the words. After fifteen or twenty
minutes her voice stopped. It was soon replaced by the unmistakable sound
of moans, both male and female. The moaning got louder and faster as it
continued. I felt my body responding to the passionate noises, and one
look at Helen told me hers was doing the same. We stripped quickly and
made love, adding our own joyful sounds to the mix.


It was a cold, rainy day in early April. The clock on the wall said
4:00am, but I didn't care. I kept my place next to Helen, holding her
hand, talking to her, helping to keep her relaxed and disassociated from
the pain. The fetal monitor kept up its steady rhythms, letting us know
that our baby was doing fine.

Dr. Agnes Kennesaw came in, as she had been doing about every 20
minutes for the past 16 hours. It took a lot of searching to find an
OB/GYN willing to work with deep hypnosis for anesthesia, but Helen and I
both knew it was worth it. Dr. Kennesaw checked Helen's cervix one last
time and pronounced her ready to start pushing.

I took Helen deeper into trance, telling her that her work was almost
done. "Now you can relax, Helen, relax and breathe deeply, gathering your
strength for the last effort. Pay close attention to your cervix and
pelvic muscles, Helen. Feel them relaxing, relaxing, stretching, opening
wider and wider to allow the baby to pass without pain, without injury to
you. Relax, let go, and enjoy." I kept up that patter as the
hypno-anesthetist had taught me, then coached Helen through a series of
hard, short pushes designed to pop the baby out without tearing Helen's

Four pushes were enough to clear the baby's head and shoulders. Dr.
Kennesaw took it from there, gently pulling the baby free with gloved
hands. A nurse quickly came up and clamped the umbilical cord while another
wrapped the baby in a blanket for warmth. Dr. Kennesaw offered me a pair
of surgical scissors. With tears in my eyes, I cut neatly through the

"Do you have a name for her?" Dr. Kennesaw asked.

"Yes. Welcome to life, Madeline."

-wg 8/15/99


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